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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Jane Hamsher & FireDogLake Recipients of Prestigious Stalin Award™

This is what the fake, leftist totalitarians would like you to believe was the reason for my banishment from FDL. I basically linked to this tweet on a donkeytale diary.

Which resulted in this:

Jane certainly wasn't upset with myself days earlier as shown with this lovely repartee shared on Thanksgiving.

I'll tell you why I was truly banned. It was because of my expose on pond scum blogger Brad Friedman's one degree of separation from internet predator and prolific hoax producer Neal Rauhauser. One of the main writers at FDL is some asshat named TBogg. He is a garden variety supertroll. He once deleted a whole Troll Wars installment simply because donkeytale had the nerve to wonder what it will take to cross the great divide?

Tbogg is tied in with Kos Kops, period. There is a dirtbag named Karoli who recently pimped the insanity which is Neal Rauhauser. A quick socratisation shows that TBogg and Karoli are tighter than a mosquito's arse.

That's only the tip of the iceberg.

Scumbag political operatives and/or dumbass, fake lefties continue to dominate so-called lefty blogs.

Meanwhile, Fatterico continues to pimp the idea that Ron Brynaert was behind the SWATs.

Both sides truly suck. Both are full of hypocrites and dirty, rotten scoundrels.

TBogg can keep censoring like the coward he is. As for Jane Hamsher, I can't believe she is that dense to not be able to vet out a scumbag like TBogg and his associates.

el fin


Anonymous said...


That wasn't your comment.

That was my diary.

I be banned, I guess because that one reached the top of the charts.

socrates said...

It looks like both of us were banned. How rude! Meanwhile, anti-social looosers like Fakeleft and doremus35 don't get banned for supertroll activities yet we do even when we are being good kids. I actually think it's due to Tbogg's pro-Rauhauser associations.

Anonymous said...

It could have come from such a complaint.

Or maybe the PTB were sick of me rubbing their faces in dog dirt.

Whatever. Its always good to go out on top.

socrates said...

I think that's it. TBogg is a blog nazi in cahoots with the fake lefties exposed. Michael Connell was never threatened by Karl Rove. He wasn't killed. There's no proof black box voting flipped the 2004 election. You were collateral damage.

socrates said...

I have a roughdraft cooking for something on Hamsher. There's a lot of good, juicy dirt out there. She's basically a deleted expletive.