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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sadistic, Deranged Internet Predator Neal Rauhauser's New Hoax

Lovely and talented Rebecca Schoenkopf of apparently got the scoop. No one does snark better than her.

I won't go into details of what the hoax was since that is readily available. I will say it has all the stink of the election fraud hoaxes Brad Friedman has been pumping out since late 2004.

BradBlog has been the public face and co-founder of Brett Kimberlin's Velvet Revolution. Anything put out by VR is thus owned by Brad and not simply by the man who lied over and over again at my hearing in November 2011. Rauhauser has been an associate of Kimberlin's for quite some time. It was bad enough he smeared me as probably being the infamous "Dan Wolfe" of Weinergate. He and Brett hoaxed it up that I was a dangerous criminal. I have a clean record, assholes. I've never been convicted of any crimes.

Neal Rauhauser co-opted Anonymous. One Twitter account many believe is Neal is @AnonyOps. As I pen the roughdraft for this mailed-in entry, that username has 187,940 followers. It has on many occasions backed Rauhauser's agenda. Many months ago it was having cordial chit chat with Ali Akbar pimping that I was using crazy sock puppets at Neal's Breitbart Unmasked smear rag. In recent days @AnonyOps has pimped Neal's "Rove Orca-Romney the fix was in Anonymous prevented it" bullshite.

What was his motive for such a retarded undertaking?

Basically, it was meant to help rebuild Velvet Revolution's image as being part and parcel of Anonymous and OWS. Another reason behind it was to rehabilitate Velvet Revolution's forever tarnished image of being an authentic, election fraud whistleblower.

Two words: Epic fail! As anyone can now read, Neal himself is backing away from the idiocy he produced.
None of what I received in September mentioned ORCA at all, so I am waiting for The Protectors to produce something concrete there. The first I ever heard the name was when I saw the Anon Rove Letter.

The Rove freakout after the poll closure? Called in advance. The timing, the very same minute as the Ohio 2004 system crash? I assume that was adding insult to injury.

So why is ORCA mentioned? It’s either real, and something will be forthcoming, or it was thrown in at the last minute because it was notable. Who ever did these things is a card shark. If Rove & Co. deny they had any trouble, this will inflame their paranoid, conspiratorial followers who are already spinning wild conspiracy theories. If they agree, the investigation finds what it finds, and that gets ugly really fast...
Translation: It would take too much effort to bring this one up a notch like done with my Weinergate hoax. Not only that, respected blogger Rebecca Schoenkopf has already mocked the f&$% out of this. My friends and sock puppets at Democratic Underground, Daily Kos, and elsewhere are no longer believable. In my own deranged mind, I thought this one would work. Too bad Ron, socrates, and donkeytale make me look like the loser I am. Darn, I wish I could time travel and have never attached my predator name to this hoax. Yeah, this one was too retarded to ever pass muster. What was I thinking? I can't even use the lulz defense. I will simply attempt to make it seem I got hoodwinked.

Meanwhile, Brett Kimberlin and Brad Friedman have been busy pimping this one over at their Velvet Revolution website. Here are the two money quotes:
[in reference to the "Michael Connell threatened by Karl Rove" hoax] Karl Rove has a history of rigging elections going back several decades, including in 2004 when he orchestrated a man-in-the-middle attack to change the votes from Ohio....

Based on our experience and the supporting evidence, we take the letter from “The Protectors” at face value. Karl Rove had the means, motive, experience and opportunity to do whatever it took to win the election for his clients. If he, in fact, intended to use improper and illegal means to digitally manipulate the election, and white hat cyber sleuths who stopped it discovered that, then that is a good thing. We hope that those cyber sleuths will provide that evidence to the FBI, post it publicly or send it to us to do so.
I refuse to link to internet predator Rauhauser's website. I will say that recently he has been plugging the Connell hoax. Brynaert meanwhile has been posting that all I have ever done is call Brad Friedman a con artist without proving it. Ron says that while making the claim that he is the true talent who has critiqued Friedman in fifty ways and whatnot. We will be waiting until Hell freezes over for Brynaert's proof he has done any work at all exposing VR's multiple hoaxing. It makes no sense why Ron continues to downgrade and smear my accomplishments while propping himself up as having done the work I did. I am very curious why Ron thinks he can post such lies when there is a ton of evidence on DFQ2 proving otherwise.

The Rauhauser Hoax in a Nutshell as Pertaining to Myself

There was a hack and subsequent uploading by Anonymous close to a few years back of internal documents of Aaron Barr and his HBGary people. That's when Neal's Team Breitbart nonsense was transformed into the Kookpocalyse hoax.

To paraphrase, one thing Barr wrote was, "Let's look into this Brett Kimberlin person. We could do a lot with that."

Rauhauser's cheesy hoax claimed that myself, Mandy Nagy, and Patrick Frey et al were the descendants of Barr's "Team Themis." Rauhauser and Kimberlin have wanted folks to believe they are a big opposition against Breitbart people, HBGary and are part and parcel of Anonymous and Occupy Wall Street. However, VR has tried but ultimately failed to portray itself as the protector of election integrity. That is because of myself and a few others. Brynaert has had nothing to do with that. Brynaert's contribution was to smear myself as a supertroll who used sock puppetry in order to menace Brett Kimberlin. While I do not believe Ron has worked for BK, I used to think there was the possibility based on many good reasons already discussed. Now I believe Ron simply f&$%ed up by going after me due to human error. Yesterday he couldn't even get Michael Connell's name correct. He called him McConnell or Colonel McNugget. I don't remember. Wow.

This new hoax has basically claimed that Anonymous prevented Karl Rove from stealing the election from Obama. The hoax letter was directed to the "good people of the Velvet Revolution."

One of my big schticks pertained to exposing the "Michael Connell threatened by Karl Rove" hoax for the fiction it was. Connell died in an unfortunate, small airplane crash attributed to inclement weather. He was GW's IT guy. That wasn't all I blogged on that upset Bwett. Another thing I did was ensure exposure of his double secret exoneration lie. Not only that, I also blogged on many other related nuggets which can be read here and at my other blog in the Astroturfing section.

For having done so, I was included in the Weinergate scam and subsequent incarnations of the let's call it the "Team Breitbart Sucks" project. Of course Breitbart people suck. Nonetheless, sometimes both sides suck. For simply being an honest blogger with academic credentials, I was cybersmeared and terrorised. Since Ron Brynaert did little more than smear me, I say to him, "Thanks for nothing. Shame. On. You."

Brad Friedman: A Stupid Con Artist

Let's check out the following to wrap up this mailed-in entry. From the comment section of this BradBlog thread:

For crying out loud, the first link is a cross-post of the garbage written by Velvet Revolution. Brad Friedman is part and parcel of Velvet Revolution. Creepy asshole.



socrates said...

I am no fan of Aaron Walker, his attorney Dan Backer, or the person who writes at this link.

However, the court documents shown there seem to indicate that Ron Brynaert and Neal Rauhauser are about to receive a default judgment against them.

It also appears that Neal Rauhauser lives in his mom's basement. Really. If so, then sometimes stereotypes ring true.

Anonymous said...

I'm reading this with two minds, so bare with me.

1. As a mailed in entry it is an instant masterpiece. It contains all the hallmarks of the best socratisations: personally vindictive yet universally timeless, an inside look at the festering sewer that is the internet as told by one of those wading through the muck.

2. As an FDL crosspost, an edited version focusing on Rauhauser exclusively would be a winner. But as it is, too insiderish beisbol for wide circulation.

You would have to pull it back out of the mailbox and rework it less about you and more about Neal, especially the news about the default judgment and living in his mom's basement, especially. Now, that's a story if you really have one there.

I know it's impossible for you to write about anyone or thing in this milieu without your making it about tou but I'm a glutton for punishment, a masosadichist, so to speak.

And don't get me wong, I'm really, really into the gonzo aspects of injecting yourself into your own story, but for FDL and anyone not following your saga closely these incidents featured in this dairy aren't really about you and dragging yourself back into it just feels forced, clutters and distracts from the story---again, for the mass audience---it's perfectly acceptable as a DFQ2 entry...

socrates said...

Thanks, I appreciate it. Also about how to tweak it for the FDL audience.

That shouldn't be too difficult an undertaking.

You wouldn't believe how easy it was to crank this one out via the new computer equipment. I even made that BradBlog snake oil mash up at the bottom.

Yes, you make some very nice points.

Perhaps in the future I should follow this policy recommendation of yours and create two versions. Like how movies for television have been historically pared down to abide to FCC standards.

Oh, and I had to remove the recent comment widget. It's not working right now. I do like that feature.

I got rid of the popular post one because it became a self-fulfilling prophecy where people would click on those thus cementing their place in the all-star category. Kind of similar to how aging athletes keep making all-star teams, even when it's been far time for some youngin' to replace him.

socrates said...

Yikes my grammar was off in the last sentence. I should really proofread these suckers more often before hitting "publish your comment."

Anonymous said...

OK, I read the link looking for the Rauhauser lives in his mom's basement scoop but instead found a Walker files for a default judgment schtick instead.

is this his $600 trillion dollar lawsuit because he was outed?

I forget....and anyway, the Neal's Basement Tapes are much more intereresting, if you catch my drift.

Also, disappointed you didn't comment on my latest neologism, "masosadichist".

I'm sure I stole that from somebody, probably thou.

Anonymous said...

Haha, life is so ironic.

I googled my new word and sure enough, someone beat me to it, and only one, but on a K-Pop blog of all places.

RIOTOUS! Freaking Koreans....

"[official] So Yi Jeong & Chu Ga Eul - Page 207 - soompi › ... › k-entertainment general discussionYAY! And I'm a little giddy because I think the PDs doing a really good job of giving us the Korean drama formula/angst for this couple! I'm a maso-sadi-chist like ..."

socrates said...

Yeah sorry for not supplying some of the usual give and take witticisms our audience of twelve has come to expect and enjoy.

I am busy trying to put together the cross-post version. FDL is very anal retentive with only allowing us a total of two images/videos per diary. So I've been trying to splice and dice to fit in as much as I can into two screenshots.

As for Neal's living with his mom, that was mentioned in those court docs in regards to how they served him process.

I actually don't think there's anything wrong with someone living with family. For all we know, the bugger is actually doing one positive thing with his life by taking care of her.

I just couldn't resist throwing in the troll living in mom's basement schtick. I do regret not sneaking in some cheetohs.

I have to go for my walk. I'm not sure where Neal got that I weigh 200 or 250 pounds. I could lose about 20 if that.

He's definitely a sadist and makes you look like a goody two shoes.

I'm not sure when I'll get this posted. Hopefully by tonight some time. I will probably be a dick and recommend it myself. It's allowed from what I've seen. I'll also add in a comment. Hopefully you can chip in some too. I'd hate for it to be closed up like what happened to the soc-donk autopilot masterpiece.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, there's nothing wrong with a bit of ironic blog humour.

And of course I didn't read the legal docs, so you need to make reference to it and cut n paste in your FDL version. This also allows you a chance at a gratuitous cheap shot----which the anal retentives normally won't take well, but if you link to Neal's deleted Project Vigilant diary and perhaps even Chet Uber's deleted Project Vigilant diary you will probably find the anals on your side of the Neal ledger, since they obviously hated him as bad or worse than they hate moi....and, btw, this exercise in editing may help you tighten up your schtick in general for the better.

Not that there is anything wroong with your loose schtick...

socrates said...

There's nothing like fresh air. Unfortunately, it's not 1820.

I tweeted Wonkette and she responded. She's a natural at ironic blog humour. Here's the link.

That's some darn good advice you piled onto the previus goodies.

Just please don't blame me for it's going to be mailed-in for the most part. I'm definitely including the photoshop of BradBlog. That's blog comedy gold, I must say.

socrates said...

I'm so tired. I think you'll be pleased, donkeytale. I kept the personal schtick to a minimum. It was classic Hemingway iceberg lettuce.


socrates said...

Oh, and it's presently sitting at #2 on the rec list. Wendy Davis must be seething.

socrates said...

I plugged your schtick too. I even plugged Ron. I can live with keeping that dirty laundry here.

Anonymous said...

Yes, well played except for feeling the need to blame me because one commenter defended Friedman, or wtf.

I dropped a final comment in your thread. A little fake controversy among sock puppets can never hurt the gate.

Traffic there is light these days and probably to a standstill for the holidays.

You really take this chit too seriously dude.


socrates said...

There's close to 300 page views here so far today.

Anonymous said...

There was nothing about Neal living in his mom's basement. It was mentioned that they sent service to her house. The Post Master for the area said she probably knows where he is but is refusing his mail.

BTW, did you catch the podcast where he got his ass handed to him? Freaking hysterical. I don't think he is used to people just sitting back and making fun of him to his face.

Anonymous said...

Excellent. I declare your third straight mailed-in masterpiece another winner.

My latest meditation:

socrates said...

I listened to it. Neal is a pitiful cockroach of a human being.

Speaking of mediation, myself and Ron have apparently patched things up. On Twitter. Without actually speaking to one another. It was like we each knocked down a mosquito troll for the other.

The dude with the tweet saying count himself in corner with those thinking Ron is unhinged was the looooser who spinned that pro-hoax yarn at DKos.

Meanwhile Ron called out the Rauhauser slime for smearing me simply because I nailed this story especially with the BradBlog connection.

Eventually people will figure out the inside baseball. It took you a long time to figure out Colonel McNugget and why he was caught in the dining room with the candlestick. What was the question?

same as it ever was

socrates said...

I had to fish one of those comments out of spam. It's always recommended folks sign in with their google accounts.

An anonymous source told me Hillary Clinton got it done with the middle east.

She might be the next president. If so, maybe soc-donk autopilot will be dusted off and one of the reasons for such a pleasant result.

Ralph Nader will probably be too old at that point to run.

Anonymous said...

That anonymous wasn't me.

I probably would have figured it out sooner if you'd described it better.

Its all about the audience and your need to do our our homework for us and "cause us to care".

socrates said...

I should not be expected to know which anonymous is which if there are more than one of you.

That's simply pure laziness. It takes 10 seconds to log in.

That podcast is easy to find. It's by Vince in the Bay. It was pretty cool to see Neal Rauhauser being told directly that he is a stalker and deadbeat and that everyone knows it.

socrates said...

Ok, I think I know what happened there.

It also doesn't help with all these cross-posts. It's tough to remember what was said by who, when, what, and why. Ultimately this is why I forgive Ron for his human failings and send out this love siren.

I done good by him.

I do think he's wrong about Mike Stack. Just because he has some lunatic, dodgy friends doesn't mean he's been in on it.

Why would Mike have turned his life upside down for some idiotic hoax? Unlike Neal, he appears to be a regular guy. His friends Zapem, Stewart, and Emick are whole other enchiladas.

socrates said...

That other anonymous wasn't who I thought it was nor donkeytale. Hmmm. Perhaps I have taken over for Barrett Brown while he cuts a deal with the Feds?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of love sirens

Now's your chance to converse with Jane.

Just don't act lame and say "donkeytale told me to come over and tell you I that I'm not really lame or a stalker or anything."


socrates said...

I just left Jane some witty repartee. She's a sweetie. Oops, there's a penalty for using the retired "sweetie" schtick. Mea culpa.

How'd you know what I was originally planning to post? Are you psychic? I always thought you were a sicket.

Anonymous said...

A little Frankie in the night...

These two about my home town milieu.

(original vocals by Ray Collins)

(sung by Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan AKA 'The Turtles')

Anonymous said...

Ah, here's the original 'The Air' vocal by Ray Collins. Sublime.

Uncle Meat, my favourite Zappa

socrates said...

Recent comments are still not available. But I figured out how we can nest comments. Our readership will probably receive a bump from 12 to 15.

I'm fairly sure Jane Hamsher is now an avid reader of DFQ2. The wind was hitting the corn on my big toe a certain way and I had a premonition.

socrates said...

Paul Lemmen showed up on the previous thread using his avatar. I don't understand what kind of shenanigans you think you're getting away with. Being "anonymous" on a blogger thread doesn't equate to being a member of Anonymous.

Grow up!