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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Shame On You, Jane Hamsher

Update: Yikes, a few years back Jane pulled a Ladd Ehlinger. I'm not sure why Hamsher felt this was a good photo-shop to add to a Huffington Post entry. Her apology/retraction was also quite lame. She seemed to only be upset that she had stepped in some doodoo. There was no contrition. Or maybe I missed that post.

About That Graphic…

She's definitely another destiny stealer. True internet talent is being suppressed.

Hamsher approved racism

Once a limousine liberal, always one. Hmmph! Dumbass hack.

[end of mailed-in update] ***

Jane Hamsher, the owner of, is despicable. She's been raking it in as a fake lefty. It turns out she's actually a right wing tool. Remember when her friend Markos Moulitsas called the CIA a liberal institution with its heart in the right place? Did you know Brad Friedman used to adore Pat Buchanan or that Jane worked for BP Oil?

Media Types: Don’t Call Someone Who Works for Republicans a Disaffected Progressive

OMG! Perhaps Jane Hamsher is the historic supertroll. Her CommonSense Media did contract work for BP Oil, for crying out loud.

No one would have ever heard of her if she and a friend hadn't purchased Tarentino's Natural Born Killers. In 1997, she wrote an "Inside Hollywood" type trash book related to her experiences producing that flick. Isn't America wonderful? A no-talented hack such as Jane Hamsher was able to buy fame and fortune for pennies on the dollar. Then she proceeded to throw Oliver Stone and Tarentino under the bus.

Stone is painted as a hard-partying womanizer who pits his underlings against each other and plays mind games. Take this description of how he worked his charms on NBK's second screenwriter, Dave Veloz. ''It only took two weeks for Oliver Stone to reduce Dave Veloz from a stable, reliable churchgoing Mormon,'' Hamsher writes, ''to a borderline psychotic Pepsi-swilling mess, rolling around the floor in his boxer shorts and wondering if he'd ever be able to do anything right again for the rest of his life.''

Tarantino gets off less easily. Hamsher charges that he betrayed her and Murphy by going behind their backs to keep them from making Natural Born Killers. She also calls Tarantino a ''one-trick pony,'' a wildly overrated director. ''Anything he said brought down the house,'' Hamsher describes Tarantino's appearance at the 1992 Sundance Film Festival for Reservoir Dogs: ''He could've said 'shoehorn' and the agents I was sitting amidst would've crippled themselves laughing. I could only imagine what kind of effect this would have on a guy like Quentin, a geek from the Valley who'd never had much attention for doing much of anything.''
Listen to yourself, Jane! You basically called one of the modern Hollywood greats a hack. No one would even know who you are unless you had taken advantage of Tarantino before he hit it big.

Here's the basic plot line for The Jane Hamsher Story. I'm submitting this to ABC's Movie of the Week. Hopefully they still do those. Unlike Jane, I rely on talent and skill. I don't have the moolah to buy up some nice story, make millions off of it for "producing" it, then defecate over the original writer for a follow up bestseller.

*** attained film degree
*** without creative talent bought rights to the fine story written by then unknown Quentin Tarantino. Later writes tell all book not worthy of wrapping fish.
*** became a leading, fake left blogger!
*** made $$$ off of Republicans, a polluting oil company, and even the DNC while her dumbass donating herd never knew a thing.

There's not much on Jane's IMDB biography. I did find this delightful comment thread.
Jane is a catty shrew by Mindywuzrobbed

Her venomous attacks against Caroline Kennedy for no apparent reason have caused her to lose all of her credibility as a serious liberal blogger. Thank you very much Jane, for enforcing the negative stereotypes about women!!!

Re: Jane is a catty shrew by m_riley

Yeah, she's a jackass.

Re: Jane is a catty shrew by rtucker7

While I agree with her basic politics, I also completely agree with the original poster. She is an awful, hateful person. No wonder she's had cancer like seven times, she is filled with bile. DFQ2: That was inappropriate.

Re: Jane is a catty shrew by tylerbeach2002

I've heard horrible things about her by people that worked with her. She's apparently not a great human being which is an understatement.
If that didn't satisfy your Jane thirst, check out Jane Hamsher Unplugged (And Unhinged): Dare To Criticize Hamsher’s Appalling Labor Record, And This Is What You’ll Get.


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