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Friday, November 30, 2012

Two Blog Entries in One: *** Donkeytale Shut Down; Free Movie - The Naked Kiss ***

I feel sorry for Donkeytale. He appears finished as a blogger. He appears to be hanging on by a thread. He's got nowhere to go now for an audience. He is at a crossroad.


Check this out courtesy of CryingWolfe Who Was Ron’s Secret Source?
From: Michael Stack
To: Ron Brynaert
Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2012 4:14 PM
Subject: Peace?
Peace, till tomorrow???

From: Ron Brynaert
To: Michael Stack
Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2012 4:29 PM
Subject: Re: Peace?

I’m not at war with you, Mike.

I like you a lot, consider you a friend, and am willing to be a witness in your hearing. And you are defending a sock in an unreasonable manner. You act like it’s your girlfriend or mom and you get all bent out of shape just because I’m asking questions. That’s what I do.

If I knew of one way this person helped you then maybe I could see the loyalty. But I think this person just injects confusion….and you refuse to accept the fact that her comments make your blog look wacky and she has done a lot to keep you away from me like Dustin and Socrates and LC.

Do all your friends like each other? I’m not sure why you get so uptight about this person which sounded to me like they were liberal and acted really weird… But I liked her and didn’t have a falling out with her. She has just been playing games with me…which you refuse to see.

And I need to see this person’s tweets.
Also, I don’t understand about Breitbart.

why you don’t see how he played you by ducking all your questions and asking you for favors instead…why should you do him a favor when he didn’t do shit for you….i don’t understand why you refuse to see the obvious.

Do you think Pollack and Nagy and Frey and Stranahan hoaxed Breitbart? No way. For one thing, remember the Sherrod deposition by O’Keefe showed that Breitbart had lied about ACORN videos. He met with O’keefe months before and plotted it out….which Breitbart lied about for two years and mandy and patterico and stranahan defended him on.Breitbart wasn’t your friend when he was alive and he ain’t your friend wherever he is now…he only talked to you after ducking you so that he could charm you. Which he clearly did.

Sean Tompkins and Doug both wanted to speak to me to convince me that they were legit….and they talk like real people. Michelle does not. Her reasons for avoiding me make no sense at all.

If I’m wrong then she’s in the clear like Sean and Doug…but if I’m right it breaks open the the same way that you listened to me about Patterico and Liberty Chick. Anyway, I’m still completely in your corner. I just want to talk to Doug and see if he will agree with me.

From: Michael Stack
To: Ron Brynaert
Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2012 4:31 PM
Subject: Re: Peace?

you got it…tomorrow we shall resume.

From: Ron Brynaert
To: Michael Stack
Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2012 4:48 PM
Subject: Re: Peace?

wow my sercret source is calling me all kinds of names…. i think im gonna be going public about him tonight……
aaron better get popcorn

From: Michael Stack
To: Ron Brynaert
Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2012 5:07 PM
Subject: Re: Peace?

tip me off when its gonna start

From: Ron Brynaert
To: Michael Stack
Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2012 6:41 PM
Subject: Re: Peace?

im giving him another 24 hours
he’s not gonna give me shit

i think im gonna pretend to calm down tomorrow and see if i can regain his confidence…his hamartia is hubris…it’s why he doesn’t hire lawyers….he got rid of the lawyers that got his first two trials hung because he was mad they wouldn’t listen to him more he gave me a sob story about going to hospital today, too

he wont respond to my specific complaint..he lied about 9 guards pulling Aaron off…says it’s quibbling.….it’s possible that he’s just being menaced by aaron , socrates, liberty chic, breitbart, patterico and neal is working with them

but i very much doubt it… anyway…

your story is much better…let’s not mix up the plots…i was shocked you published that…..i’m not sure what you’re hoping to accomplish by blogging it………you should be talking to your lawyer, police and fbi in my opinon..but it’s too late now


Anonymous said...

You need to dump this nested comment thread. It doesn't allow me to comment from my cell phone, which is where I am most of the week.

Some of don't have the luxury of a trust fund that allows us to mail-in entries at our leisure. Wendy asks $.64 cent question.

"wendydavis November 30th, 2012 at 7:09 pm 1

I dunno about the moisture levels in Austin, but here it’s so dry that dust is everywhere, and can play havoc with your breathing (and skin, and mental outlook, and…) ;o)

I was wondering if you might confirm that Donkeytale and Socrates have been banned. A few days ago I clicked on Donkey’s current diary, and was sent to the spam page, and his archives seem to be gone. Later I thought to look for Socrates, and his dashboard’s gone as well. There hasn’t been a watercooler posted since that day."

Ironically, my final masterpiece there was meant as a GBCW. I had lost interest in nailing that clownshow anyway. Too easy. Too easy.

I was getting an ominous feeling because I had gained a following and they were speaking up on my behalf, even my detractors.

I'm done. I'm done.

Anonymous said...

And of course, I didn't save a copy of my masterpiece. If you can fish it out of Google cache it would make a nice mailed-in entry here.

even by my inflated ego, it was pretty good work. Reached the top of the recc list too, which is another reason I knew I was cooked.

socrates said...

Since it's all about the consumer, nested comments have been removed. It's all part of the DFQ2 process, by which and aformentioned, we always strive to make this a most delightful and mutually, satisfying experience for not only authors but also for the 12 people who actually visit.

There are a few other duties to get out of the way before we can resume witty repartee. A working 'recent comments' widget has been added. As the kids would say, "Yay!"

I'm somewhat happy with the minimalist yet efficient layout of the front page. There is yet another invite to post, donkeytale. I know. This is about the fourth or fifth time for that.

I do feel bad about what happened to you at FireDogLake. I think you got the axe ultimately because of myself. You've been pulling the same sort of schtick for years and only have gotten pseudo-banned here and there. Between the two of us, I am obviously more despised by fake lefties.

Whose presence triggered one of your banishments from MLW? That was me. Who was permabanned and reported as a stalker to the FBI by Maryscott O'Connor? Myself again. Not you. You can go back any time you like, albeit with a fresh username. Let's say donkeytale5. Who got demonised by MattyJack at FSZ in a permanent way? Was it you? No, it was myself and Lord Byron.

My both sides suck schtick has destroyed the narratives coming out from both Breitnuts and numbnuts.

You are not good for details. So here is the bottom line. Rauhauser is supported by douche products such as Osborne Ink, Liberal Grouch, and now some other turd named Karoli. That produces a direct line to TBogg. This is not far-fetched. TBogg is the only FDL hack who has covered anything on the Troll Wars.

My last entry outed TBogg's buddies as being frauds. He couldn't have that, could he? It's not like TBogg believes in democracy or fair play. He's a thug and all in with other thugs, period.

It's the same old, same old.

Meanwhile, Rauhauser has shut down his retarded blog while his sock puppet Occupy Rebellion has also privatised at Twitter. Something's up.

I'm glad you haven't quit blogging, that your absence was due to the nested comment feature. Phew!

The best thing about blogger is these pages will never be deleted. I hope Google never changes that policy.

I'll try to fish your last FDL entry out of cache. I do recall your title was a variation on Hamsher's Thanksgiving theme. The comments were lively. I'll see what I can do.

I admit this diary has to be the most mailed-in entry I've ever posted. It was more a love siren than true entry.

socrates said...

That water cooler post from last night only has three comments and nothing in response to Wendy.

I see that David Swanson is a front pager. He's also got direct ties to BK.

Our best revenge will be seeing that blog continue to spiral into insignificance. It will probably stay afloat better than O'Connor's MLW. But that's not saying much.

I'm sorry but I'm not seeing your latest entry as being available through cache. That's truly disgusting that FDL is redirecting all of our diaries to a generic spam page.

Democratic Underground did the same thing to me in late 2008/early 2009. I was fed up with the kooky Karl Rove blackbox fraud hoax. That forced me to go to Daily Kos.

The internet is clearly rigged.