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Thursday, November 15, 2012

What Truly Matters

misunderstood socialite or fruitcake?

Jill Kelley is the woman at the center of the Petraeus scandal. I have come very late to this party. An anonymous source has filled me in and the following is based on that information.

This is the latest. There is word of phony charities, a set of evil twins, shirtless FBI agents, generals, and CIA involvement. Oh my, this is getting very juicy!

One would have to do a lot of research in order to give it blog justice. This is so convoluted, it's ridiculous. One could spend hours and hours reading on it and still be wondering wtf.

The original title for this mailed in entry was This Is Either Very Good Or Idiotic. I am betting big money on the latter.

Here's what we've got so far. Of the Lebanese twins, Kelley is apparently delusional and thinks she's a diplomat. My source also says she's in thick with Republicans. Unfortunately, Soc-donk Autopilot II is undergoing maintenance, so we will not be able to offer much political insight on that.

Basically, Miss Kelley had been hosting tons of parties for the Republicans in Tampa during the convention. This source has informed DFQ2 that in addition to bourbon and sweet tea, on offer were frosty, refreshing sasparillas. But we digress.

Jill's twin has been in big with the Democrats. She's been buddies with John Kerry and some others. Apparently she has even been taking huge loans from a Democratic campaign fund. My source says this can be neither confirmed nor denied since only one source was read with that mentioned. I can neither confirm nor deny that either since because I'm donkeytale, I am part and parcel of the DLC. You can't expect me to throw my own people under the bus.

This has to be the biggest twin story in the news since Arthur Fonzarelli dated the Polaskey twins.

We've even got the FBI doing illegal hacking jobs into US citizens' emails. According to Glenn Greenwald, what truly matters in this scandal is how out of control the spy factory is. Donkeytale, however, might counter that Glenn Greenwald is a Cato Institute graduate and as much a tool of the state apparatus as anyone.

Are the twins creepy nuts who have had the military, FBI, and CIA eating out of their hands? Do the American people have what it takes to ask what truly matters? I'm not so sure.

I've seen this over and over with the new "big story." The media and public eat it up. OJ. The missing chick in Aruba. The Nanny. Who's gonna win on Dancing with the Stars. I have yet to see many big time stories catch traction which should. Like stopping illegal wars. Like let's drastically cut the military-industrial complex and put that money into developing a bright, utopian future. On how we have become a police state. On how there is so much inequality. You know, things that truly matter to leftier than thous such as myself.

Is Jill Kelley nuts? Does she run some high powered hooker outfit? Is she a spy? It's endless. And of course it will all boil down to what Nancy Grace and Anderson Cooper think. That's how these marbles roll.

Of course there is an entertainment value to all of this. Kelley called 911 all day long. During one of her calls she told the dispatcher she needed diplomatic protection. RIOTOUS!

My favourite radio DJ Charles was talking about the scandal. I agree with his schtick. This is all about sex combined with fruitcake. It's really no one's business. Just as none of us needed to know about Clinton and Lewinsky.

This isn't a spy novel or a security risk. This is about sex, period. Or is it?

Should civilians be allowed to give lavish parties for the highest ranking military officials? Could that be a potential security risk?

Ok, let's move on to some more potential food for thought.

Those blokes were way too happy to be doing favours for that woman. A judge in the custody battle between the twin sister and her husband thought Jill Kelley was mentally unbalanced.

Apparently she conned Petraeus and Allen into writing letters of recommendation so her sister could get custody of her kid back. Wtf? Can you imagine the look on that judge's face when he opened those letters? Probably WTF! I think it was a huge lapse in judgment for them to be writing those letters.

Yes, I don't believe they are spies. They are too stupid for that.

However, if the highest ranking military people can be corrupted by two evil twins, they could be taken in by spies very easily. Not that I care. Just saying.

What in the hell did these women have on those men to make them do the things they did?

Jill Kelley and her oncologist husband set up a non-profit charity that was supposed to grant dying cancer patients a last wish. They had an anonymous person seed it with $150,000. Then they spent it all on entertainment and not one cent went to help any cancer patient? Who knows how much money was funnelled through that fund.

Hollywood couldn't even make up this crap! It's a comedy of errors. Not to mention that these twins are completely broke and I think one of them is 3.6 million dollars in debt and seeking bankruptcy.

I've also heard that Tampa is quite the "swinging" sex community. An FBI agent Jill talked to sent her a shirtless photo of himself? It's hilarious. Though I still think there is a lot of stuff that doesn't make sense.

Poor Paula Broadwell is looking like a saint in comparison. She's the one who had the affair with Petraeus. Yet, she was going to Harvard and working on a PhD.

My opinion is that she sent the anonymous emails to Jill Kelley to protect Peaches. Then the true nutjob started pestering an FBI friend to find out where they came from. Little did she know that her whirlwind, military social life would soon be cut short.

Jillybean thought she was really powerful. I would bet $50 not one of her high-ranking friends is returning her calls today. In fact, I would bet that there are a whole bunch of hard drives being replaced in Washington.


Anonymous said...

"What in the hell did these women have on those men to make them do the things they did?"

I have two words for you:

"internet porn"

"phone sex"

"blow job"

"Alla d'above"

"Mailed-in classic"

"Anonymous source"

"Ron Brynaert?"

"cross post"

"My FDL"


"I'm done"

"I'm done"

socrates said...

Yes, this could be a prime candidate for a cross-post.

I will probably change the title to, "Does Jane Hamsher Even Know I Exist part 2."

Yup of course the little heads were leading the big heads. The anonymous source actually came up with about 85% of the material for this entry. I had to mush it, sautee, marinate, toss the salad, dice onions, etc. to make it work.

It's obvious which parts are mine. I've read about half an article on this story. I'm glad someone else was able to fill me in. Then I was able to fill in ye out there who wish you had understood wtf was going on before reading this masterpiece.

socrates said...

Oopsies, forgot my new signature. Old-timers will know the quote.

back in bowl

socrates said...

It's now cross-posted at FDL. I even added in a link to that DJ's diary of a psychotic radio blogger page.

god bless the audience

socrates said...

An FDL mod changed it back to the original title. I don't mind. And someone named doremus35 showed up to imply I am a worthless human being.

I checked out his comment history. He hasn't written even one diary. What a petty, little troll. He sounds kind of familiar, like he might be the historic troll bushwa from the Randi Rhodes message board and I think MadEm or something at Democratic Underground. Fricken makes us look like sweeties. Biggest crime of his is probably he's so boring. I'm done.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I'm late.

Just another mad mad day on the road.

Went over and checked and I thot you made another excellent showing. You're getting the hang of this creating the environment where-in people simply show their boorishness and lack of class.

It's endemic on that blog, although confined merely to a handful, but it seems to have tripled down following the Obama re-election.

I was going to pop in but then I remembered I'm on hiatus.

I couldn't tell if Chebetts was trying to express something positive about me. I think he has in the past. FDL is one of the worst for crowding out anyone who might be sympatico. They will quickly be heaped with abuse too.

To befair, Doremus is a troll's trooll, he goes after those who deserve it and those who don't fairly equally.

Well done, Socrates, well done.

Two winners in a row!

You seem to be making a stirring comeback, like a classic Celtics fourth quarter stampeded.

Anonymous said...

linky thingie:

socrates said...

Yeah I think a couple dudes or gals couldn't tell by their names were supportive. But they had some over-educated schtick working. Took a number of reads to understand.

That dude doremus35 is a troll's troll. We are not trolls in comparison.

And while socratising it, I stumbled across the thread where Hamsher without mentioning you admitted you were someone they protected from the herd from trying to flag you to be sent to a blog in Siberia.

Have you heard the new Sones' tune? I thought it was awful but after successive listenings, it's actually pretty good.

Comeback's are nice. Some like Aerosmith don't count on it. And didn't that dude give up drugs a while back? I'm gonna be getting baked til my lungs say no more, hombre. Then I'll bake it into some oatmeal or whatever's healthy for an older disgestive tract.

I want to live forever. As long as I'm not in chronic, horrid pain. Life's pretty good.

socrates said...

Forgot to thank you for the kind thoughts. At this point I can't not be goofy. Maybe I'll try to write a "serious" piece. It just seems to be a waste of time. Are we trying to show how good we can write? How smart we are? Forums should be where people are themselves and shoot the shit. You know, there really was an episode of Happy Days where Fonzie dated twins. I had to google to find the name. So putting up his photo wasn't that funny. It was a knuckleball.

socrates said...

Oh now I see the Celtics played on national tv. It thought that was tomorrow and napped through it. Which is good. I would have gotten annoyed.

The Celtics are not that good. They play too small. If you can't rebound and defend the bucket, give it up. They're done.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad it's you wrote them off early, since they've been done ever since the year a few back where they almost gutted one out against the Lakers before faslling in game 7.

A very good though not great team. Like all Celtics teams they played smart inside a team concept which seems to have been lost on everyone else except the Spurs who also outperform their aging talent year in and year out.

Gregg Popovich, the Red Auerbach of our era.

I never understood the Perkins trade.

By the way, I think the moderators did you a favour changing your title. Second time wasn't very charming.

Great dairy, tho, and I see currently riding third on the hits list...good show!

Anonymous said...

I think the weed has something to do with the goffiness quotient, but if I were you I'd stick to the whimsical vein.

Goofy is an effective strategy. And silly is often the only way to communicate seriously uncomfortable truths to the delusiona. (SEE "Fool, King Lear" for d-tales)

On the rare occasion when you do produce the serious masterpiece like your Alexandrovna smack down on Daily Kos, it attains even more force and effect in contrast with your humourous pieces.

I wouldn't over due them, however, and you probably ought to let me guide you as to which ones will work on FDL.


Anonymous said...

As for the Stones, no, they're dead to me.

Too old to rock n roll. They just look silly trying. I like it OK when Jagger and Richards team up with others for the odd offbeat blues project but as "The Stones" perfectly awful.

The period from roughly Beggars Banquet through Exile on Main Street is how I want to remember the Stones.

Ditto, Aerosmith (always highly overrated to me, one good album Toys in the Attic and they were done), Bruce, U2, Clapton, McCartney, Elton, et al.

Those guys simply need to hang it up.

George went out on top.

Anonymous said...

Last stat padder of the day then I gots to run:

Mick Taylor, who replaced Brian Jones, was a fookin genius guitar player. Probably still is.

Jones also added something ineffable to their sound until he became too drugged/eg tripped out

[Porjection alert].

Once Taylor left and Ronnie Wood came in the Stones were lost. Wood is a good guitar player but he just adds another layer of Keith.

Jones and Taylor brought something else to the table that contrasted with Keith and built some melodic tension into the rhythmic thrash.

[Fake music critic alert]

This comment intended more for your musicologist girlfriend.

socrates said...

I don't have a clue how the FDL bestsellers list works. At Pffugee, one recommend would push you to the top. So of the seven members still posting at the time, you needed to kiss only one ass to survive.

Could Jane Hamsher be the vote which put me over the top? I got this email yesterday:

From our site rules:

"Refrain from calling out other site users, including commenters, in the diary title."

You may review them here:

Please refrain from doing this again.

My FDL Editor

Since I've been in George Harrison mode circa November 2011, I responded:

I'm sorry for breaking that rule. I was just trying to be funny and have nothing but respect for Ms. Hamsher. Thanks for changing the title. Take care, Seth from Boston

I should've posted the link where Jane rsponded one needn't look very far to see an example of an FDL'er saved from the auto-"community smackdown."

Of course she meant you. Your post and hers were touching. You were funny in response. You wrote, "RIOTOUS!" Most people think I coined that but it was you. Bet on it.

I remember when she and maybe a couple others were pretty much just starting out or you know, picture a famous pizzeria chain when it still had only one oven and location. I remember Jane pimping her schtick at HuffPo. I could tell she was a sweetie from her avatar alone.

She's come quite a way.It must be a tough racket running a mega-blog. Especially if you don't want to repeat the mistakes of a dickhead like Moulitsas.

Knuckeleballers like us are one thing to wonder about. But there are always gonna be blokes like that other chap running his cleats into the second baseman's shins. A troll's troll, as you put it. Which was a funny, clever twist of wordplay on a man's man... which today we now realise is a valet or perhaps a butler. Now I'm confused. But you get the point.

FDL might mess up here and there but don't throw the baby out with the bath water. Though it would be justified to give doremus35 the heave-ho. It might even help morale.

There aren't many comments on my thread. So I'm not sure how it found its way onto the recommended list. It wasn't there yesterday.

and now you know the rest of the story

socrates said...

The new computer has finally arrived. If folks could see the piece of junk I've been operating on, they'd know I've been the internet version of the Celtics. Total patchwork.

If only Shaq had made it through his year with the C's, Boston would have won it easily. Same with my blogging the last year. I would've dominated. Keys were popping out left and right. Pages were freezing. Some websites I couldn't even access, like that scribd thingie which contains documents.

Maybe I'll continue blogging the way I have with short jabs. Those wear down the cynical readers. They think it's nothing but fluff but then by round five their eyes are all puffy.

Then I go with the uppercut or anchor punch.

Less is more.

Unfortunately, by the time I had learned being prolific was counter-productive to a trollbuster's effeciency quotient, I no longer had the computer equipment to partake in even modest brynaertisations.

Yep, that's what happened. Socratisation became brynaertising.

That needs to be stopped. Or maybe myself and Ron can be on the same team, akin to a twin towers. You might even join us. We'd be the new Big Three.

I agree with you on the music thingie. Most of them need to retire.

Actually though, ZZ Top seems to be bringing it. Maybe you were thinking of them when you wrote, "I gots to run."

Their new tune I gots to get paid is pretty, darn solid, I must say. Which reminds me. I gots to take a dump.

Anonymous said...

It's a Texas thang. The ZZ boys are natives, y'know. I'm not but I like it here fine. The people ate actually very laid back and unpretentious, friendly and open, including the chicks, who also rate very favourably on the average hotness scale.

To be honest, I have no real clue abt FDL's backstory. I think it used to be larger and better known for its big league content but seems to have slipped as the minour league spin-off grew more polarised and repetitive. The flagging comments thingie is dumb. Banning people is dumber.
Yes, props for the override but why bother with all these reules in the furst place?

I think the comment levels and participation are down post election. But the content hasn't changed. Aging white third party progressives.

Do I know how to nail a zeitgeist or what?

No wonder I'm loathed. Doremus has left some excellent comments in my threads. He didn't know your mum has passed and seemed sincerely contrite after you well played the guilt card on him.

I like trolls as you know and embrace my own trollicity.

socrates said...

Texas overall sucks and you know it. Somehow Massachusetts has lost its way and it too now sucks. This whole country is garbage. Doremus35 is the norm, believe it or not.

People are simply smart in their vileness and don't open their yappers like he does. Or like him, they do it as anonymous cowards hiding behind keyboards. Otherwise we know what would eventually happen to such frauds. They'd get beaten up.

You are wrong to put down any sincere peacenik. You do it primarily to get your rocks off. Sure some of them like fairleft are very retarded and deserve it.

I haven't checked back on that thread since putting the sadist in his place.

We all have our moments. I too have been a jerk at times.

Others like doremus never stop.

What truly matters was put in the middle of that entry. Period. It's stuff I've mentioned before. It's bottom line social reality.

Others can call it utopian rubbish, but it's still the hardline truth.

If you don't believe me, then read Erich Fromm, Marcuse, Alice Miller, tons of greats.

I am a regular guy nobody. I've never made any claim otherwise. But such truths transcend anyone making the statements. War is evil. The social structure of this country is insane.

Truth is truth.

By the way, Ron Brynaert has yet again shown why he is oftentimes an irrelevant hypocrite. He says Manning did good by leaking the video, but that since he shirked his duty, he needs to be held accountable. Uhm okaaayy, Ronny. That doesn't make sense.

That's deja vu for when Brynaert in so-called support of Cindy Sheehan used to claim that all parents of soldiers needed to be heard, even those who are pro-war. Another ridiculous proposition. He's a fricken kinder and gentler Fox News fair and balanced numbnut when claiming crap like that.

Brynaert trolled me period. I was one of the first to show that Raw Story has been pure crap. He claimed I was a multipersonality supertroll. He did that with no proof. There's a good reason why he isn't a real journalist. He doesn't have the best filters for his writings.

I don't know what the heck he thinks he is accomplishing. He's running around like a chicken with its head chopped off. I've said that before but it's the truth. He needs to get off the internet and get a life.

And there was Lipton "Qritiq" Lane linking to one of her old threads where she was the only dumbass not realising internet predator Neal Rauhauser was all over her blog. And so was cybersmearer kid kenoma. Who by the way used to troll this blog incessantly. And there was Ron Brynaert hanging out with all that scum and even praised it recently on Twitter.

They are all full of shite. Even Brynaert. Perhaps especially Brynaert and Qritiq. All of them suck. Kimberlin and Rauhauser on one side, Breitbart tools on the other. And also the Qritiqs and Brynaerts who stuck their fricken dirty paws into things that were none of their business.

I do not forget that Brynaert trolled and smeared me when I was in the middle of my problems. I do not forget that he ran interference for Brett Kimberlin.

They all stink. Every single one of them.

Anonymous said...

Ok, whatever. Nice rant. Devoid of logic but the sentiment seems real enough.

You know more than I do about Texas than I do yet I've lived here quite happily for 20 years and you've never set foot here probably.

Look, there's assholes everywhere and they come in all shapes sizes and flavours. Polittical leanings and assholishness have zero correlation.

In Texas we have more space in between each asshole and that is a huge advantage over say Mass. Where the subway smells like a dirty asshole because it's filled to the brim with them all day every day.

In Texas everything smells like freshly rinsed pussy. Shaved pussy.

Haha. Just kidding. Relax dude. Remember?

None of this matters. What matters is linguine and clam sauce.

Actually what Brynaert said about Manning does make sense. You may not like it, but that's a different matter.

Manning did an extremely courageous thing but he also broke his code of conduct, his agreement with the Miitary. He's undoubtedly guilty, as even he has admitted. Now, I don't like that fact but it is fact. You are not reality based here. The sad thing is Manning would never have been caughtbif he'd remainned an anonymous coward. Another case of death by internet. I don't think they'll throw the book at him bur I think he pulls serious time. And I'm amazed at his courage and grateful for his service but he was a soldier. He is going to pull hard time. Hopefully, not too much more than time served but I think he's not going to walk. Bettonit

Anonymous said...

Your masterpiece found its way onto the rec list because it got recs.


On FDL you can rec your own dairy. That gets you on for a brief spell but no higher than 4 from the bottom, and if no one else recs you you'll fall off soon enough.

If you get other recs you'll likely rise to the top three maybe number 1.

There's nt much traffic there lately and they've reintroduced one one of those cliche morning diner schticks no doubt to "heal" the community that just got its ass kicked six ways to Sunday on Novermber 6.

The group illusion of a third party that matters, badly shaken before the election by people who have some intelligence and insight into political reality, and who can easily poke holes in juvenile nonsense, needs to be repaired, so we will see a circling of wagons and licking of wounds the bnext year and a half or so, while people come up with even more reasons, newer and better, to justify their blog stances but no nothing substantive in the world of political reality.

Wendy Davis typifies this stance, "we are changing the world consciousness through blogging."

Yeah, right. Watch it change in a way that ignores you, whitey.

But I digress. Your diary held steady in the top half of the list meaning you probably received I'm guessing 4-6 recs, although 1-2 of them may have been mine and yours.

Why so touchy all of a sudden? Chick leave you again?

socrates said...

A few things were annoying me yesterday. I was on a walk. Some loser suburbanite thought he owned the road and called the police. Think about that. Some creep who thinks his life matters called the cops because someone had the gall to walk on his street.

I had a bit of post-traumatic stress disorder. It felt like I was in Texas where capital punishment is no big deal. You passed off on what kind of fascist state you live in and in a very sexist manner too, I must say. If it makes you feel better, Arizona and Utah are obviously worse.

I was also a bit nudgy because I was an hour or two into using my new computer. My last one was over ten years old. Yeah, I am a minimalist who has been using an obsolete machine. So the crankiness was a bit of getting out the kinks of using a new browser and whatnot.

Manning broke his code of conduct? What he did was courageous and moral yet he still needs to be punished? What kind of twisted logic is that?

Two words. Grow up!

I thought your top post here was quite delightful. Lists are fun. You don't think George Carlin was funny but he could certainly bring it with lists.

Now I'm off to a delightful webinar with Lee Stranahan covering the proper use of commas. I used to get an A+ for grammar back in the day. Now I'm a bit confused. But you don't care. You misspell stuff on purpose and never use commas for contractions and possessives. You oughta feel ashamed.

Oh yeah I almost forgot. You are clearly overplaying this FDL card. I see what's going on with your third parties stink schtick. There are a few numbnuts over there for sure. But those are limited numbers. Those are the same people every time.

On the other hand, there is yourself who loves to placate your ego by going up against such a small herd.

What you don't understand is that most leftier than thous can see that both sides suck. You're a contrarian most of the time simply for the heck of it. You admitted so in early days at DKos.

What's my point? You don't seem to bring much to the table other than calling crackers to the floor and advocating prison reform. Those are good things. But let's not go crazy. You're no Rosie O'Donnell.

More often than not you are supporting wars and continued inequality through your silence and by wasting so much time railing against the Naders and Steins. Thanks for chirping in on Manning. It helps to show how much of a tool of the state apparatus you can be at times. Bradley Manning should not only be let out immediately, he should become co-host for a week with Ellen Degeneres. That's what I think. I don't do wishy-washy flippity flops like you and Ron. I do the hippety hop for social and environmental justice. Leftier. Than. Thou.

You think he should be let out with time served, maybe tack on six more months. What kind of bullsit is that?

You can stuff it with that "politics is the art of the possible" rhetoric. Sure I am in total agreement that all this blogging is meaningless. At most we have had some touches with greatness. Say e.g., Keith Olbermann has seen our schtick and had a chuckle or two and roots for us.

That might not be far-fetched. It looks like Jane knows who you are, and if so, she might know who I am. Ugh, what was my point? It's that you keep avoiding harsh realities because you have more fun making fun of dumbasses taking themselves too seriously rather than go after the true guilty.

You are no different from Whitey S. Phere And neither am I. Okay, I am. But that will have to be addressed in a separate blog post.

I promise I won't be the Greta Garbo of the bloogersphere. I too like you are a blog sinner and internet addict.


socrates said...

This new comp, by the way, is very sweet. It's like riding in a limousine. Smooth as butter. Or something. And cheap. I can't believe how inexpensive yet improved computers have become.

This is an example of how the culture industry operates. They keep us in line by affording us a few gadgets. Thosed used to be a tv and toaster. Now it's this.

And oh my I do feel guilty. Some Chinaman probably sweated his ass off making this for the equivalent of a week's supply of riceballs. Then he slept like a Chinaman.

Was that racist? I like China. I like Asians. Japanese movies are very good. But I digress.

donkeytale said...

So what yur sayin is Mass is the lesser of two evils? Maybe so but our assholes don't call the cops on you for walking the streets.

As for Manning I pointed out over two years ago that he was the one putting his ass on the line. Oddly, both self created their legal troubles.

But when you conclude that Ron and I are not thinking logically you exhibit a rather fairleftian polarised non-intellectual stance. Nowhere did I say I don't support Manning. I said he was courageous. I notice Ron went to his rally.

But the Honest truth is Bradley is the tool of the state. He signed up for it thererore subjecting himself to military law. He's already admitted his guilt except for the ridiculous charge of aiding the enemy or treason. That's heinous.

You aren't really leftier than thou you are about middle of the polarised road if you can't think this thru any more clearly than Fairleft.

What a stupid attack on Ron and myself who are supporters of Manning but honest enough to admit he cooked his own goose and legally will not walk.

If you are angry at Ron or jealous (wtf?) Because some semi-nobody blog owner reads my schtick just remember this: she only read it because I got flagged to the gates of banhammerdom by the mobs so the mods probably had her review and of course she saw I was arguing facts and logic and the flaggers were weirdly thinking emotions and castigating obtusely w out regard to facts...just as you are here, Mr Pwoggier than Thou.

socrates said...

Whatever, dude. You're more stale than week old toast with equating people to fakeleft. I've never come near the kind of crap he's posted. You're the one who has admitted to being blue dog in many ways.

I see you have posted the soc-donk autopilot schtick at FDL. They have blocked it from receiving comments. Methinks they are trying to nip some bud from your buzz.

Dude, what Manning did cannot be both whistleblowing and subject to penalty. At a minimum he should be let out asap for time served like you said, especially if he was subject to torture or whatever has been rumoured or proven.

I'm not jealous of anyone. What Ron is up to now is simply sad. He needs to get off the net more.

Anonymous said...

This was written to you, Fairleft and the progressive echo chamber:

"Liberals north and west of me — people who consider themselves educated and learned — are the very ones who seem to make the most ill-informed statements (often in a bad attempt at humor) about the region’s politics. As someone I follow on Twitter posted: “I’m liberal. I live in the South. Your jokes are not funny.” I have no idea to what he was responding, but I can sympathize.

To my chagrin, liberals living outside the South deny our existence, lump us all together by using rhetoric about the Confederacy and heap pity on us with a little condescension thrown in for good measure. They also seem to be unaware of nuance.

The fact is, liberals everywhere live among people who don’t share their views. Are you listening Wisconsin, Arizona, Indiana and, yes, New York? Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond are long dead. Michele Bachmann, Scott Walker and other Tea Party darlings are alive and well, and they aren’t all whistling Dixie."

Very good article. Too bad its on the NYT. The thundering herd will ignore it.

At your own peril, perfessers.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what you mean about Ron.

You got any specifics about his sadness.

I checked his twitter feed and his blog and he seemed to be doing fine.

I even dropped a comment on his latest entry to advise him to crosspost it at FDL. Many other real journos and whatnot post there to increase their audience. I think Ron just needs to circulate his work a bit more and he'll be a household name again.

Ron rocks. He hasn't just blow hot and cold on people depending on whatever has your goat by the scrote.

I figured a new comp might improve yur mude but hasn't seem to done so.

Again, I ask...chick problems?

Me too, but that merely serves as an insiration for some of my finest work.


socrates said...

Dude, you look stupid lumping everyone into the same pool. Fairleft has sided with Holocaust deniers, Huey Long, Richard Nixon, anti-immigration, etc., so forth, and whatnot. Just stop it. Stop. It.

You're exaggerating my previous rant. Texas is the fricken death penalty capital. Yes, you were correct people are people. There is truth to what both of us wrote.

We should be able to agree that Arizona and Utah suck.

I'm not saying Ron is sad. I'm saying his situation is sad. You gave him good advice to get over to FDL. He should do what I do. This blog and that. Though I am probably not gonna post there too often. We shall see. That they shut down your soc-donk autopilot vacation entry should tell you they want you to grow up and stop.

Which is fine with me. Especially if by the small chance Jane is looking for a pool boy. I never heard back from Miss Couric.

And as for my personal life, back the triple f off. Things are fine there. Exceptional. But uhm I'm better off not blogging on that. So be a nice fella and please leave that be.

I said my peace about Ron smearing me back in the day. I've cleared a lot of air on that to the best of my abilities. It's not my problem you, like Ronald Reagan, are not a detail man.

I have a new entry in the works. Rauhauser was obviously behind the recent Anonymous hoax concerning Karl Rove and election fraud.

You probably missed it. It's the latest hoax being soaked in by either pwoggies or sock puppets posing as such.

I'll try to make it half-decent with links, so you can check it out if interested.

Wonkette gets the hat tip. She by the way favourited a tweet from me some months back.

Yes, the new computer is wicked awesome. Unfortunately, the Celtics suck. But I have been soaking in some movies I couldn't watch previously. Been catching up on other things. I was a fool to wait so long to get this new one.

The one I had was close to ten years old!

Later dude.

I. Am. Not. The. Enemy.

Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention that, although the cat has been let out of the bag on Rauhauser.

Brynaert beat you to the punch on his blog..

There is a dairy at FDL pimping the Rover Anonymous hoax as we speak. Its by some guy named Edward Teller, soory no linkie thingie. I gotta go.

So hurry up and lick the envelope and trot down to the post office ex-post haste...I think you have another winner in the making. That'll be three straight.

You can deny all you want but there is a large part of you, 3/8s or so, that fits right into the Emo Prgressivism that reules that silly blog.

If Ron won't take my advice and post his masterpiece there the least you can do is link to his piece in your debunkment and prominently feature his schtick within yours.

It'll be good for both of you. Trust me, if I know anything at all it is how the whiteyspheric zeitgeist works.

I was going to right something up but since we are doing it under yur name it will save me som time.

Glad to hear this latest tantric tantrum was just yur usual menstrual cycle and not hers.

I wasn't that serious about it either. Yes, Texas is the death penalty capital of the US. That's obviously enough to condemn 22 million people, Mr. D-Tale Man.

And, uhm, that comments turned off thingie at FDL is automatic. If no one comments after a couple days they shut the thread down. Have no idea why, except that FDL is also part of the police state apparatus as much as you are and Texas is.


Looking forward to your Rauhauser Rove Hoax Classic.

Anonymous said...

Please stop smearing me and lying about me, just because you have thin skin.

Your last tweet is an out-and-out lie. I've never once criticized you - online or off - for going after The Brad Blog.

I've actually advised you to do some real reporting on hoaxes and bogus stories by The Brad Blog, instead of the countless ad hominem attacks you've made against them. I provided you lots of research to continue your McConnell stories, but you complained about the weather and ignored it.

You have an article claiming I am a nominee for Supertroll of the year, while you pretend that you have never trolled and never used socks. You didn't start using your real name until 2012, so while some socks may have unfairly attached to you, there is no doubt that you have used many, many aliases to criticize people who use their real names.

I still kind of like you even though you keep smearing me, but I blocked you because you have been acting like a hypocrite and a troll, ever since I pointed out to you that Mark Singer is not the great journalist you pretend he is.

Please delete your tweet which falsely claims that I have smeared you for years on behalf of The Brad Blog. I've probably criticized Brad Friedman 50 times in 50 different ways at my blogs and Twitter, while all you do is call him a con artist, and you ignore that you spent a lot of time defending him at other websites before you turned against him.

Please publish this comment...and don't delete it...and please delete your last tweet which is an utter lie.

It's really ridiculous the way you always attack me and donkeytale. You need thicker skin. I considered you a friend, but you are helping my enemies, just because you lost an argument.

I deleted the picture of you from my blog, and I still link to you at Twitter when I use stuff you exclusively report. But I stand by my reporting on you, since you act like a troll and used fake names to smear people. And you write racist stuff about "chinamen" and blog about women bloggers in a sexist manner. The very fact that you put Jane Hamsher's name in your Firedoglake diary shows and proves that you often act like a troll, when you have the talent and intelligence to do real reporting instead.

Anonymous said...

Jane Hamsher ducks my questions, refuses to say how Neal Rauhauser and Chet Uber deleted their diaries, and is friends with many frauds on the left. She pretends to be "leftier than thou" but is tied to the same Democratic machine that everyone else in the liberal blogsophere belongs to.

Plus her former co-blogger EmptyWheel punk'd me into thinking I was hacked and is pals with Jason Leopold and Brad Blog. I'd rather work for then post diaries at Firedoglake. That site is just like Daily Kos, people there don't follow links and act like lemmings, and hero worship the bloggers who run the site.

Thanks for the advice, but the best place to promote your work is on Twitter, not at bogus so-called community blogs. I get most of my traffic from Twitter and when others link to me at Facebook. It's 2012, more people use social networking, and my audience are people that complain about both sides, and there is no website that targets that audience anymore. I did my best to make RAW STORY a non-partisan website, but now it's one-sided propaganda mostly.

socrates said...

I deleted that tweet, Ron. It did feel a bit off when I wrote it. The other two below I'll note you didn't request deletion.

You're flat out wrong that, "[I] pretend that [I] have never trolled and never used socks," and that, "so while some socks may have [been] unfairly attached to [me], there is no doubt that [I] have used many, many aliases to criticize people who use their real names."

There is no doubt that sock puppets have been applied to me. One who pushed that was Kid Kenoma who you recently gave a hat tip to. That creep has been menacing me for years.

I don't use sock puppets. That's bullshit for you to make that claim. I have used zombies. Big fricken difference. When one is unfairly banned from shitholes like DU and DKos, there is no other alternative. And whenever I did that, I was the one outing myself through my first blog. So you need to stfu about myself using sock puppets.

Sure I like you even though you trolled me unfairly last year at Twitter and hung out at places cybersmearing me.

Others have been calling out Raw Story for years. I was one of them. I was just about the only one calling out Brad Friedman and Brett Kimberlin for their wild hoaxes leading to massive donations from gullible but good-hearted wealthy women. For yourself, we have to take your word for it you fought against the tinfoil.

You were recently posting for Brad Friedman. One of your entries was a tinfoil theory on the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, if I'm not mistaken.

You called me a 9/11 truther when I've never been. I had questions but didn't get too into it. I became close to a blogger from Wales who debunked it. As for so-called "chemtrails," I've yet to see anyone have the guts to debunk what I came up on those with other than snide ad hominems.

I did not menace Brett Kimberlin. The dude was pushing the idea he was a political prisoner exonerated for the bombings who won a huge settlement. I was up alone against Larisa and MajorFlaw at Daily Kos.

Your response last year was to on the one hand dismiss the fact Kimberlin lied multiple times at my hearing and on the other made light of his conviction for the bombings.


socrates said...

You didn't have to go there. And that you were using BK and Rauhauser as sources for a time had to be one of the silliest decisions you've ever made.

Ron says, "I've probably criticized Brad Friedman 50 times in 50 different ways at my blogs and Twitter, while all you do is call him a con artist, and you ignore that you spent a lot of time defending him at other websites before you turned against him."

That's rubbish. I've written tons of stuff on Brad explaining his con artistry and how he was letting anti-semites dominate his blog. For all these things, I have every right to point out how you have degraded me.

Of course I used to support him. I was a BradBlogger. That ended over four years ago. You were blogging on his front page much more recently than that. And I've yet to see one little bit from you exposing Brad and his Velvet Revolution hoaxing or how it led to fleeced money from ladies such as Lori Grace.

For crying out loud you can't even get Michael Connell's name correct. That's cringe worthy.

This new Rauhauser Anonymous Karl Rove hoax is obviously a pitiful attempt to restore the dead gravitas of the "good people of the Velvet Revolution."

But you feel free to keep deluding yourself that you haven't smeared me and distorted what I did. I never used sock puppets. I'm not the one who tweeted that court police had to drag Walker off of Kimberlin.

You own up to the truth and maybe I'll trust you.

I'm not into debating as sport and sophistry such as the anonymous coward donkeytale does it. I'm not gonna get into it with you simply because you f***ed up big time concerning myself.

As for the Chinaman statement, if that's racist, I apologise. I thought it meant they are laid back, which they are due to Eastern Philosophy. I even asked if it was racist. And there's no way I was sexist towards Jane Hamsher. You throw around the politically incorrect card more than anyone I've ever seen. Oh how sexist! That's gay baiting! Yeah, in your anal retentive universe.

socrates said...

Geesus, I wasn't saying you smeared me on behalf of Bradblog. Now I regret deleting that tweet. Especially after seeing you twist the fact that I have been the one trollbusting Brad Friedman, while you've done next to squat.

Anonymous said...

You're lying that I ever used Neal Rauhauser as a source.

You're continuing to lie that I defended Kimberlin, when I've always called him a hoaxer. I've defended Stranahan and Patterico when I felt they were unfairly smeared, and I've even done the same for Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin. But people like you pretend that when I did it for Kimberlin regarding certain accusations that makes me his shill.

Thanks for deleting that tweet, which was an out-and-out lie, as opposed to other ones which skirt the truth.

You often act like a troll, you used sock puppets since you didn't blog under your name, you often tweet sexist and racist and childish garbage, when you can do so much better.

You make strawman arguments, often. Just because I didn't ask you to tweet multiple tweets, doesn't mean I am calling them truthful. Just that one tweet which was an out-and-out lie bugged me. Thanks for doing the right thing and deleting it.

Grow the fuck up, and stop smearing me because you lost a few arguments. I'd like to unblock you and comment here from time-to-time but you keep acting like a childish troll, and smearing me when your feelings are hurt. I'm not going to waste time refuting all the falsehoods you push. And that don't make them true.

Anonymous said...


Not everyone in the world is Kid Kenoma. You have thin skin. You mock and harass nearly everyone, but can't take your own medicine.

Grow up.

If we were in a bar watching Knicks vs. Celtics and you used the word "chinaman" or harassed a woman based on her cleavage, I'd probably show you what happens in real life - as opposed to the Internet - when you act like a racist, sexist supertroll. It's not politically incorrect to say vile shit like that, it's racist and sexist.

Until you grow the fuck up, I'm done with you. That one tweet bugged me since it was an out-and-out lie. Thanks for deleting it.

socrates said...

Dude, it wasn't an outright lie. You are lying with sophist tricks. I never tweeted you smeared me on behalf of Brad.

I never used sock puppets. Using anonymous usernames is not sock puppetry. Having more than one username at the same website and in same threads is sock puppetry. So stop with your lying smear jobs.

You backed Kimberlin in many ways when there was no point to.

Is chinaman racist? I will google that since you don't explain it.

And where did I comment on a woman's cleavage, you twisting liar?

I now see Chinaman is not a good word to use. Merriam-Webster says it is often offensive. I did not know that.

You are unhinged. You're on twitter all day long out of control. You think people care but they don't.

Who told you nine court officers or whatnot had to pull off Aaron Walker? Come on big tough guy who says he'd assault someone for saying Chinaman or cleavage, the latter I never even mentioned.

You got a problem with cleavage?

Oh and look at big internet tough guy telling others how to blog. Listen to yourself! What the hell happened to you??? Everyone else sucks and you're God's gift to journalism. Yeah, that's why you are unemployed and go off on rages in pubic.

Why don't you just go away? Seriously, I am a regular guy and you are some kind of freak show. I like a lot of what you come up with. But your unhinged side makes it impossible to remain anywhere near you. Your lying smears on me the last year were disgusting. And you continue to show up here and lie.

socrates said...

Look at Ron lying that all I've done is call Brad Friedman a con artist when there are tons of posts on this very blog proving he is one. While Ron's the one who wrote for him up until very recently. Liar liar pants on fire.

socrates said...

Ron expects people to read through his 20,000 tweets and locate all his exceptional journalism exposing Brad Friedman. He called Michael Connell McConnell. I've seen nothing from Ron exposing the Michael Connell hoax or any of the other hoaxes Brad has pumped out. What a liar.

socrates said...

He said Aaron Walker committed physical assault and needed nine officers to pull him off. Yeah, he's so trustworthy! Not!

socrates said...

He'll come back and say well he did grab the i-pad bomb. Yeah but that's not what he was saying before. And Ron went way out of his way to support the idea Brett didn't set the bmbs. Ron trolled the one person in me who made sure that dumbass double secret exoneration hoax was exposed. Bravo Ron for putting my supertrollness in the sunlight, you internet addicted hack. Get off the net, get some anger management counseling, and apply to a small town paper and start over. Cause it's not working for you, buddy.

socrates said...

Come on Ronb, while you were working for Brad Friedman, that Michael Connell hoax was still blooming. Who but me not only exposed it but got the details and applied it to Brad, Brett, Arnebeck, your former co-worker Larisa? You sure as heck have done squat to expose Brad Friedman. Yet there you were trolling me, aiding my enemies. You're a twisted, hypocritical wackadoo.

socrates said...

As I rattled out these posts, Ron just made another tweet 10 seconds ago. He's been on there six straight hours. Fatterico has Blog Court. Ron has Twitter Meet the Press.

socrates said...

Yikes, public not pubic above. Not sure how that happened. It definitely wasn't gay baiting which Ron will probably accuse me of.

socrates said...

Oh, I guess it was sexist of me to write ooh la la under Jane Hamsher's name. Nope, couldn't have been a joke or harmless flirting. Must have been sexist. Just like you pointed out all I've done mostly in the past is accuse lefties. I remember that one. Yup, that's why I have pimped for Erich Fromm, railed against wars, called for equality, etc.. All as a front so I could take down true lefties like Moulitsas and your former buddy Larisa Alexandrovna. You got me, Ron. You're clearly not the historic wackadoo I mistakenly thought you were. How Mark Singer writes for The New Yorker and you don't is one of the greatest mysteries of journalism. HA!

socrates said...

New tweet from Ron: Rauhauser is a lying scoundrel who has smeared me for 17 months. Conservatives pretend I work with him; liberals expunge me from narrative.

Ha! That's what he did to me. Ron didn't do squat but smear me, when it turned out Kimberlin was the liar not me.

Liberals expunge you? Who would those be? No one gives a triple f about any of this but dumbasses on both sides of the aisle. Normal conservatives and liberals know both sides suck with you as the freakshow reporter.

socrates said...

Oh no wonny bwocked me fwom twitter. Whoa is me. I'm gonna cwy.

socrates said...

Mike Stack nailed it. "You are not the SWATter, asshole."

Paul Lemmen said...

Heh. Those of us that live in Tampa Bay have been aware of the twins and their social climbing and fake charities. It was only a matter of time until they overplayed their pair of deuces.

socrates said...

Wow, here's someone who actually logs in with a username rather than playing Anonymous.

A big reason why I've discarded the "sweetie" schtick was probably because of those two.

The coolest part might be how one evil twin is Democrat and the other Republican. Perhaps the silver lining in this story is how both parties can come together and agree that those two ladies are no ladies!

Thanks for the post, Paul.