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Friday, January 25, 2013

Wake the Fock Up, Everyboody

There's been a lot going on since I took a mini-vacation. I'm still off the unpaid clock but have noticed a flurry of posts by CryingWolfeBlog exposing further Neal Rauhauser's criminal activity. Yes, cybersmearing/stalking is criminal.

Ron's also been on a roll lately actually doing a decent job keeping folks up to date on the Barrett Brown big picture. He's a nutjob. But he's our nutjob.

Anyway, the other day I visited the Lizzie Borden house. That would be a fun story to write on a bit.

I also saw a new invention has emerged, is almost available, and cars are now able to run on air!

I'm curious how much press that is getting. If true, then that is historic. If true and such info is being suppressed, there's more solid proof that this world is run by selfish numbnuts.