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Friday, January 25, 2013

Wake the Fock Up, Everyboody

There's been a lot going on since I took a mini-vacation. I'm still off the unpaid clock but have noticed a flurry of posts by CryingWolfeBlog exposing further Neal Rauhauser's criminal activity. Yes, cybersmearing/stalking is criminal.

Ron's also been on a roll lately actually doing a decent job keeping folks up to date on the Barrett Brown big picture. He's a nutjob. But he's our nutjob.

Anyway, the other day I visited the Lizzie Borden house. That would be a fun story to write on a bit.

I also saw a new invention has emerged, is almost available, and cars are now able to run on air!

I'm curious how much press that is getting. If true, then that is historic. If true and such info is being suppressed, there's more solid proof that this world is run by selfish numbnuts.


Anonymous said...

I'm awake but somewhat resting on my laurels as most all of my predictions (starting with the re-election of Obama made in 2011) regarding the compleat failure and befuddlement of fake left loosers has been achieved.

I did finally drop a couple a comments at pffugee camp t'other day.

Beyond that and some very brief skimming of like three blogs (FDL, Pffugee and Lenin) I've been focussed on real life activities.

I'm happy to report that my son won two gold medals, a silver and a bronze at his regional academic competition and is now headed to the state competition.

So there is that. I'm hoping to convince him that the type of dedication and commitment that he made for reaching this goal is not something that he, at the tender young age, should consider a one off and then rest on his laurels for the remainder of a subssequently wasted life [projection alert].

It's too late for me, I will tell him, but now is the time for him to step up permanently and totally or resign himself to a lifetime of looserdom.

In all categories. He now can pinpoint his own decision from his own actions and the results obtained therein.

Of course, Frau Tale is the actual brains and moral courage behind this effort on my part, as I embody everything I am advising him to look beyond into the realm of self-actualisation.

Frau being Korean Buddhist, and all, and his seeing the plainly obvious fact that Koreans excel in all phases of the academic game (including this current competition), she groks what it takes and that what it takes is as available to lazy, whiny white loosers [projection alert] as it is to hard working immigrants.

Anonymous said...

And of course, I skim this one too, but after all it is now my home blog.

FWIW, I also occasionally skim my back pages of the prior 1-2 years and as usual, I am dumbstruck by my own casual, offhanded brilliance.

And mean with a tremedouse sense of humility.

Anonymous said...

er, ah, whatever. This a perfect example. Even when I'm wong I'm wite.

"And mean with a tremedouse sense of humility."

[This concludes today's bonus stat padding segment. We now return you to your regularly scheduled nothingness]

socrates said...

Hiya, Duderino!

I finished up my unpaid vacation from this unpaid gig a few days ago. But then my internet service went out.

Now obviously it is back on. Though I can't decide what my next move is.

I must decide between a coffee refill or a nap.

socrates said...

I liked this comment you made:

See, this, seemingly your only point, that the rich rule the world and the system is by and for the rich...

Mostly because you mentioned myself. Thanks bro just don't tase me.

socrates said...

haha I was one minute off 24 hours from my previous comment. ... Omg, it's amost noon and I've yet to have a cup of coffee.

You should really check out Twitter. Especially the recent stuff between Stack and Brynaert.

It looks like I was prescient. I don't know what that word means, but it might be a good one.

Anonymous said...


I think that means you are correct in the way people could still be considered correct before there was science to validate their correctness.

Anonymous said...

I did hear someting about Rondo going down.

I always thought he was gay but it turns out he's just a math genius, huh?

Married with kids, too.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

socrates said...

The best thing I ever did was take a week or two off from full internet activities.

Like you told fakeleft at Pffugee and stolen from Meatballs, to paraphrase, "It just doesn't matter."

I was prescient then but I'd have to look for junk I qualified as imho to find a socratisation in that genre.

I tweeted pretty good, I must say, the last couple days.

You were prescient when you spoke of myself a the top of the zeitgeist. It even got mentioned by the star of this stuff. We agree on that. It's the dude who was on tv decades ago saying he sold weed to Dan Quayle.

I forgot his name. It was so long ago. Doonesbury drew something up.

It's fascinating. It's... I'm done. I'm done.

socrates said...

I thought I'd bring back that basketball thread. For myself, I love some chaos basketball. I am old-school. The game has gotten so formulatic over the years, Billy Bob head coach of the Middle School Wolverines could coach this team to a #3 seed.

Oh well, it'll be interesting to see what the Celtics do. As long as the Lakers don't win it all, everythin is fine. I don't know why they get to count those five titles from Minnesota, but cest no la vie no comprendo.

socrates said...

Haha, I trollbusted Patrick Minnis of NASA, so Ron and anyone else stealing my destiny can expect a visit from new buddy, ghost Lizzie Borden. She told me it was for the money and that hatchets were simply the weapon of choice back then and that people need to get a life and leave her the fvck alone. I'm done.

Anonymous said...

Basketball has become more like old school football, a bruising defensive ugly game (especially in the playoffs)played by very large (not just tall and skinny) men.

while football has become more like old school NBA, wide open run n gun that always comes down to whom has the ball last....except maybe in the playoffs where defense still matters.

I blame both sports' aesthetic declines on the juicing. Dudes are too big to be that fast naturally.

As for the other, yeah, it's always been about you, dude.

No doubt.

socrates said...

The page hits exploded yesterday after a lull. It's because I was all over Twitter.

This takes a lot of effort to maintain an audience. And then what's the point?

Haha, I mentioned how I trollbusted Patrick Minnis of NASA years ago, and a post here on those funny trails is getting major hits.

What they don't realise is that the Minnis stuff is on that other blog.

I was a trollbuster.

BK and Neal were simply two of them.

This is what dumbasses who smear me cannot suppress for truth. I wrote too much and too extensively to be playing sock puppet troll games.

Seriously, Brad Friedman got in some yucks at my expense, but he's finished for credibility. That was me who done that, not Al Franken.

socrates said...

I stayed up late and just finished Cassavetes' Faces. WOW!!!!!!

Wicked Awesome. Classic. A Masterpiece.

John Cassavetes was the original supertroll. And I mean that with the deepest respect. Hollywood sucks.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, have always loved Cassavettes myslef and saw many of his films on the big screen during an Hollywood tribute festival back in the 80s that ran for months at (I think) the Wiltern Theatre.

A great alcoholic of the first rank, for sure.

It would be interesting to come up with a series of "Original Supertrolls" by category. Hollywood, rock n roll, Western Civ., the whiteysphere, NBA, so on and so forth ad nausem.

You might find a superlong list of nominees in each. The arguments could go for ever and ever.


So I had the post-victory analysis w my son and he thinks the State Competition is more like a fun reward for winning the regionals.

I'm like dude, you won in what you called the toughest region in the sate (more teams qualifie for state from his than any other although Houston also fields some superiour teams).

I'm like, what makes you think you can't compete at state level.

He passed off some mumbo jumbo about historical stats of this event.

I sent an email to the coach: Dude, if this is the attitude, WTF?

He might as well stay home and go back to working parttime.

socrates said...

We are such absolute dickheads collectively as a country, it's simply cool beans that we had one of the best directors of all-time, anywhere, imho.

Welles had more technical skills. Fricken Hitchcock had that suspense twisted english muffin schtick. Who else? I don't know. I do think it shows Scorcese is full of shit for being overrated.

Welles' big excuse was the Hollywoodsystem wouldn't back him. Cassavetes mortgaged his house, put up his own money to get things produced, which he fricken wrote, directed, hired his best friends (also talented actors).

I understand now the uproar now over Eastwood giving that talentless blonde woman those major roles.

Rowlands had major skills. I'm thinking there was some kind of genius meets genius thing going on between them. They were sweeties, and somehow she is still kicking those hot legs and getting parts.

socrates said...

Sorry for the typos and the general mediocrity of my last comment.

It's not time to make the donuts, but rather the coffee.

Yeah that was a reference to the Dunkin Donuts dude from te past.

I still can't believe the rest of the country goes goo-goo gaga for that stuff. It's ok. I'm not gionna say it's that wonderful because they started in Boston.

We have them on every street corner just about. It's ridiculous.

Your son will be fine. Just tell him to do the opposite of everything you do.

Haha, just kidding.

I guess just brace him for eventual hardships, bad outcomes (eg chicks or work, etc..).

That's what parents should really do for their job. Prepare the buggers for disappointments. Not that they are set in Oliver Stone, but they do happen, and ya gotta roll with punches sometimes.

socrates said...

That is a great idea, a supertroll series devoted to various genres.

I'm pretty much sick of Twitter and wish the real Anonymlous would shut it down. It's simply stupid.

Some chick wanted me to show proof the US has bombed countries without evidence or whatnot to do so.

I mentioned Vietnam, Iraq, and Iran-Contra. I'm not sure why right wingers tend to be so stupid, but they are.

I believe the true thinkers and progressives want nothing to do with blogging because it's idiotic.

socrates said...

You can see it. I provided answers and links to the wingnuts. All they had were troll tweets. They are a total waste of time. They don't even try to debate.

Not to sound like a pompous, ex-academic know-it-all, but there are rules of procedure for applying brain to social reality.

We're basically as a whole stupid fVcks. We are not worthy of the Cassavetes. He had every right to make us cringe and feellike shit. That's what true masterpieces do.

socrates said...

Maybe your son has what it takes. Tell him about Flutie or other magical outcomes no one ever though possible.

But maybe he'd rather play the violin and you're being Mr. Macho. Like Lawrence Tierney as Pops.

No son of mine is gonna play some fruity instrument

socrates said...

Ice cold typos here. Get you ice cold typos.

It's tough. I love basketball over baseball but am tired of the cold.

Oh great quote from Doc Rivers. New players asked him what to do, what plays. He said, "I don't know."

Like you crazy kids have fun. When we had Rondo, I had him waste twenty seconds off the clock before dishing off to Pierce or KG to try a tough shot.

What Doc should do after he leaves the Celtics is not rejoin tv telecasts.

He should run a carnival. The main feature could be Doc's Snake Oil. Fricken blind squirrels and acorns dude was that one title he won.

Get us a real Celtic to coach. That's when this team lost its magic. Rick Pitino now Rivers.

I say give Antoine Walker the reins. It'd also help him pay off his gambling debts. A win-win. Though you'd probably see a lot of threes jacked up. We need Bird or McHale to join forces with Ainge. Ugh. That won't happen either.

I guess we had such a drought because of Bias and Lewis, there's no one left young enough to coach the team who is a true Celtic.

Seriously, Doc Rivers is awful, and now all these people are coming out of the woodwork to say so. When a few of us have been pointing it out for YEARS. (sorry for cap lock- it's for added emphasis)

Anonymous said...

Well of course he has what it takes and actually he knows already that if he does the opposite of me he will be fine.

I may have overreacted a bit. I'm thinking he was just trying to blow off the pressure for awhile but when he gets back to training he will get revved up. I don't know. I guess I'm more of a stage mother than I thought.

Don't look now but the Celts are 4-0 without Rondo. Maybe he's overrated?

Nicholas Ray is the great American filmmaker, hands down.

Followed closely by Arthur Penn.

His Alice's Restaurant was the alltime classic.


socrates said...

I've been resting on my laurels too as you mentioned youse self in the first post.

I was sick. I was tired. But then I became sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I stole that from an old school ad they'd put on the telly for trucker school. Now why the fvck do I remember shite like that?

I've a new shtick too where I say the F word but sub a V for the U. It's classy, imho.

What else can I say? Oh yeah, all that Kimberlin/SWATgate has morphed into Woodchippergate. It's riotous. The FBI is shitting their drawers, bunching up panties on how embarrassing their "citizen" spy network is making them look.

That's what Rauhauser is and that stuff. It was that thingie from years back where they'd say we have volunteers and comps pouring through open source info to stop the terrorists who are trying to change our way of life. You know, you're either them or against tem.

I say fvck you to both sides and every agle to the yin-yang.

John Lennon said imagine this and that. Some other dude said come on bros and gals come together love one another right now. Of course J Geils said love stinks, but I digress.

So anyway, yeah, it looks like with Brown in the slammer I have become the de facto spokesman for Anonymous. Just look at who you are posting as on this very blog.

They are now my personal army. Some of them are bad news. Some of them are FBI informants. Those aren't the ones I'm talking about.

Anyway, back to Rondo. Don't blame the kid for what the coach designs.

You don't see this team year in year out like us local wankers. Doc Rivers is the most overrated coach since Jimmy "The Jimmy" McCain led the Syracuse Buffalos to the title in '02. If you don't believe me, it's in Wikipedia.

Speaking of which, so like a chump I'm there reading up on something Celtic related. And they fricken whitewashed what happened to Reggie Lewis. Now we know why it took so long for there to be a BK entry. Wikipedia is a bunch of pussies when it comes to subjects still alive.

It wasn't some grand conspiracy theory. Though there was a bit of your great divide theory on partisanship. A little bit. But mostly Wikipedia was a good idea in theory but in reality they svck.

Where were we?

Oh yeah, I think I saw Alice's Restaurant if you mean the one which ended up the tv show with Alice, Flo, and Mel. But the movie was classier with even your boy was in that, Kris Kristofferson.

Jeepers, I never understand why a parent would name their kid with the last name. It happened with that dude who used to own that radio station. Have you ever heard of Jimmy James? It's the same name. Jimmy is a nickname for James.

Anywho, that's great stuff your little baby boy is finally becoming a man. I've seen this happen with other families where even though the dad was obnoxious and ego-pinheaded, the kids went the opposite way! I mean that in the nicest way.

So somehow for all your mistakes, you can't be that bad a dude and ultimately deserve credit for your munchkin turning into a mensch. Good job, Bro!

My mom was pretty cool. My dad was a dick. I don't mean his name was Richard.

Anyway, my point is, and with due respect to my real mumsies, if I could have pre-picked my parents for the kind of person I am, John Cassavetes and Gena Rowlands would have been darn swell to have been raised by. A couple of sweeties. But also smart, good, clever, funny, sophisticated, and when needed, a bit goofy.

By the way, through the grapevine is word Mandy Nagy is soon gonna be exposed further for the manipulative, internet fake (hack) she is.

God bless the audience

Anonymous said...

Jimmy James is Jimi Hendrix, I believe.

And yes, both my kids actually go about life differently and are much the better for it.

I blame it all on my parents.

Not really. It was the LSD.

So James Brown is back in prison?

I think all of Cassavetes kids linked hands and jumped off the roof of the Chateaue Marmont with Paul Newman's kids.

Not really. I haven't the foggiest idea about any of them, except I can say definitively that I am not one.

Isnt Michael Douglas's kid in the slammer?

Generally speaking, I hate people who have two first names. Ron Paul. Jimmy Dean.

Seth ah, nevermind.


socrates said...

I did LSD twice. It was simply too long a buzz. Plus it's synthetic. Magic mushrooms on the other hand, like weed, are organic.

I don't regret tripping. Though I have no desire to do it again. People need to be very careful. Like in the Woodstock video, didn't someone come out on the loudspeaker and warn of the brown or purple tabs as bad and to stay away from them?

I think tripping should not be done too often if at all.

On a related note, I updated the "Legalise Marijuana" entry from August. Some kid in Texas almost died from smoking synthetic marijuana. People should not smoke so-called Spice/K2. It actually backs up what I said, the precientness of the entry, that we wouldn't have to worry about such a thing if weed was simply legalised. And I think we're moving in that direction.

Yeah, I agree first names should never be last names. My family from way back changed it to the name which should not be mentioned so they wouldn't get any anti-semitic backlash. Which is a shame. I like ethnic sounding last names.

You also make a good point about some children of stars going down bad roads. Didn't Brando's kid go nuts or something. I'm sure there are other examples too which defy statistical normality.

On the other hand, the kid Kurt and Courtney had seems to have turned out perfect.

But yeah, back to the main point of this discussion. When people have two first names for their names it does get confusing. Is he Ron, Paul or Paul, Ron and to go even further with this highbrow discussion we have developed, shouldn't acclaimed internet journalist Ron Brynaert's Twitter name be @BrynRon? And to go even further, Ron gave a GBCW Tweet. He says he's only going to tweet his articles. He's going to let his journalism do the talking from now on like he did before 2011.

I'm happy Brynaert, Ron has finally taken my advice to get back to Loretta (see Beatles, The).


Anonymous said...

Back in the day there was a lengthy period when weed (IE, Mexican) was scarce because the pigs were jamming it up at the border, so naturally things like acid and mescaline took its place, much of which was bad and/or fake.

I learned very late in the game (too late, probably) that all you need to do to is wait unti the tripping phase ends and pop like 20 mils of valium (4 yellow or 2 blues) and you will be sound asleep and happily ever after within a half hour to an hour.

I can't tell you how many mushrooms and cactus I ingested waiting for the high that never came.

I can tell you how much cheap speed I did (crossroads or "whites" as we used to call them). Bought them in rolls 10 for a dollah and two were enough to keep you up all night.

Seconals (or "reds") came in capsules 4 for a dollah and were the drop of choice for the Lowrider contingent. They made you feel pretty damn good but also hornier than a hound dog at the APSCA and meaner than a junkyard dog if you didn't find a bitch (canine terminology alert) immedjiately after getting high.

I'm guessing more murders in the 1960s were the result of seconal anger reaction than anyone will ever care to admit.

Ron is happily ensconsed for now over at Pffugeecamp where I have been adssiduously name dropping you into the filmic conversation just in case you are lurking.

Anonymous said...

And never ever never mix alcohol with downers or tranks, boys and girls.

I could tell you about many of the horror stories resulting from doing so, if I could remember any of them...let's just say its not a very pleasurable experience to wake up anywhere, most especially behind bars, and have zero recollection of how/why you got there....

Weed back in the day was $10 per lid (1 oz) of varying qualities from no high to pretty decent.

A fresher greener variety known colloquially as "Oaxacan" (pronounced whoa-hock-in) would set you back $15-25 per lid or approximately one full day's wages for the non-union blue collar looser.

The buds that we today know and routinely love came tied one at a time to little tooth pick thingies and were known as "Thai sticks" costing $25-35 per stick, prohibitively expensive of course.

Actually, I have stopped all aspects of marijuana and most alcohol useage during the past year or so and can now report (after only 40 some odd years) that both are evil, with weed being worse because you self-deceptively think its somehow good for you.

socrates said...

Thanks for that Cheech and Chong novelette converted into the drama genre.

Weed is NOT worse than alcohol. Bite your tongue, Laddie. Though not too hard. It'll bleed.

You're probably old enough to be the younger brother of my mom. I sense a 15 year difference between us. Though I am kind of like a woman and please don't ask my age. Nor late for dinner.

Yeah you know me with my GBCW's. They are as reliable as an Antoine Walker three or a Chuck Knoblauch toss over to first from five feet. Omg, wtf was up with that? Talk about a nutjob. Maybe he is a normal guy in real life but he can't throw a baseball five or ten feet?

We had a dude on the Sox. I think his name was Eisenreich or close to that. He had some sort of internal nerve situation. Not exactly Jimmy Piersall I'm gonna go nuts.

Oh man I am the human tangent digression machine.

Hmmm. I see you writing dllar as dollah.

I went kinded retarded on Twitter yesterday even today. My best one was that the only thing keeping me in Beantown is the addictive Boston accent.

And what about the word retarded? Can I use that without threatening my leftier than thou status?

I guess I shouldn't. Because even if people who are actually mentally challenged are not reading here, I man it's doubtful, others who have kids or relatives or whatnot like that are offended. So I apologise. I was wong.

But then saying wong, is that some sleight on Asians? You can't win in this world, buddy.

Haha, I'm probably part of the .44% who got your Jim Croce reference.

I lurked a bit at Pffugee. But not much was going on. But if Ron's back, that could be some good crack.

Crack means something different across the pond. That's the definition to be used for that reference.

Hmmm, what else....

Oh yeah, I have a new schtick which I actually stole from some right wing nutbar who used to supertroll Huffington Post when it first opened.

I'm driving the bus!

And I recall all that weed stuff. I remember the Feds (i.e. dickweeds) sprayed a lot of it with paraquat. I remember how easily available it was. The thai-stick, I think you're confusing that with the new weed of today. I tried that once. It's weed dunked in opium.

The best bet for a good deal on wheaties was finding high school kids who weren't going to force one to take out a mortgage to get a baggie.

I've always been a weed man. I did drink a bit like a fish here and there in Ireland. But I'm pretty much off of that juice. And to reveal more of my pretty girly side, if I do drink now, I'd like it to be one of those Mike's lemonades or other sweetie drinks.

Tequila shots were fun. The salt, lemon, shot schtick.

Haha, one day in Eire I was so hungover I took half a bottle of Irish whiskey, tossed it down the drain, and said never again. But that was equivalent to one of my GBCW posts. Not reliable.

I really think you should tweet a little bit. That would be a fair deal. I'll Pffugee if you tweet. I almost tweeted you yesterday. You're following five people: Me, Ron, Obama, Tarantulatino, and Lindsay Lohan. I like being in that group. It's a select group.

Haha, I almost tweeted Obama or I was gonna tweet Roseanne with a follow back for DM. Kind of a jokeypoo cause those people get a million tweets and people look idiotic tweeting them as if they will read it.

Haha I tweeted some Jester fraud who's probably Noom and cc'ed it to Ron Paul. I noticed there was a stink up over Paul's comments. Then when I saw it, I thought right on, Bro. And Jester dude was mad at Paul for saying obvious and also digged into him with wingnut idea that sniper dude was protecting us. Oh yes, God bless the American Military or otherwise we'd be speaking German, Ruskie, or Arabic at this point.

God Bless America... la di da di da

socrates said...

Geepers H. Cristmas McGillicuddy. I hate it when I leave that space between the final word and the timestamp thingie that pops up automatically. It's more fodder for all those bloggers with tremendous credibility claiming we are the same person.

socrates said...

Hey, that old-school <0)~ smiley is my Hitchcock schtick. Do doo de wop da di da dee do

socrates said...

Man, there's nothing better than cranking out posts and not proofreading them. That's freedom, dude. I sez to ya.

socrates said...

Haha, I told Ron to not post here but that's an unenforceable blog court law. I just want him to be nice to me. I want him to admit he wonged me. I'm very sensitive.

socrates said...

Now I better jump the number of recent comments to 25, or else it will look like that Alone Again tune by Gilbert O'Sullivan. Oh my, what a catchy tune that was. Haha, the twelve readers will have that in their head for the rest of the day.

DFQ2 Disclaimer: "Oh my" was a catchphrase coined by American sportscaster Dick Enberg and not to be confused with Keith Jackson's Whoa Nellie.


Read my comment on your March 31.2010 post...
From your supposed uncovering spies in Honduras lol...
You have no clue who I am..
To defame me the way you did is illegal...
And proves you are a fraud...
You have zero proof to say what you said with your Anon cohort..

socrates said...

Dude, I responded to you on the thread in question to exactly what your complaint was. It's pretty lame of you to come on this thread and ignore the other.