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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Andrew Breitbart Notified Of Situation Early February 2011

I'm doing great. Thanks for asking.

I am pounding out a quickie, so ye will know I haven't given up on this blog.

Here is proof media whore Andrew Breitbart was apprised of my troubles with the Speedway Bomber from at least early February 2011 yet did nothing.

Anyone jonesing for some socratisation can check out my schtick at Twitter. I'm basically driving the bus.

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Apologies if that busts out the margins and also for my goofy email pseudonym of Truth Seeker. This is what it reads as:
Fwd: Yahoo! Notice of Subpoena (Internal Reference No. 170918) ...... Thu, Feb 3, 2011 at 11:36 AM

From: Patrick Frey
To: Andrew Breitbart
CC: Truth Seeker

Andrew: this is the fellow I told you about. All I ask is that y'all keep in mind that if a litigation fund is established, I may need to be a part of it if (as I expect) Kimberlin sues me too.


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The forwarded part not included was an email from Yahoo's legal department informing me they had been subpoenaed by Kimberlin for my personal info. I mistakenly thought that meant he'd be given access to actual emails. Mine below were sent to Patterico on February 1st and the 3rd. Pat's middle response was sent on the 2nd.
Hi Patrick, I just got this email from yahoo. It doesn't seem fair that Kimberlin can read my personal letters. If Andrew can help to put a stop to all this, it'd be appreciated. I would have difficulty getting down to Maryland to fight this nonsense. I'm surprised the Court hasn't looked into who this Kimberlin is and drop the thing. Maybe Kimberlin can be counter-sued for harrassment? Thanks, Seth

Talk to Andrew Breitbart. E-mail him at and tell him you're the person that Patrick Frey talked to him about. He may be able to help. Be sure to tell him about this newest development.


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Thanks Patrick, I very much appreciate this. Seth


MA Angelbasher said...

I was floored this morning, when on break I picked up a free paper outside of Dunkin' Donuts.
When I say paper, maybe I am being a little nostalgic for a media outlet I once subscribed to. In the past it was an edgy paper with fantastic stories on local events, arts, Music...etc. I can honestly say that if it weren't for this paper I would not be married to my wife, nor would i have my two wonderful children. I can't quite recall when the paper became a free of charge publication, but I can recall, from that point on... it became just another trash rag stuffed with commercials. The only thing worth reading is the upcoming music events, which is why I grabbed a copy on my coffee break.
While I was skimming through some idiot story about some idiot lady who was being taken advantage of by some other idiots who were dressing up as hookers and pimps and.... yawn... flip, flip, flip....Bang! I am stopped dead in my tracks by an inset in the story... A small little red light flashed and I read the insert.

And then I went to google...
and then I went back to work.

Once I got home I read the story in full ... I have to say it might be one of the longest articles I have ever seen in that paper.... (I keep saying paper when it's really nothing more than one of those annoying coupon flyers you get stuffed in your mailbox)
Anyway's .... What still strikes me as odd, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out, is ....
Of all the degenerate people (there are many in this story: the heroine of the story is a liar, as well as her cohorts), when such deviant character flaws are rewarded with sympathy and all the crooked dealings going on are dealt with in a shrug of the shoulders sort of way, why does the only sub-story in this mind-numbing 9 page ramble, seem intent on debasing two of the victims in the story?

And then it dawns on me.



socrates said...

It's surreal that a newspaper can publish lies and smears so easily.