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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Miss Teen Delware USA Escorts

God,  do I love women.

Not only for what they can and often do for us abject loosers on the other downward trending end of the great genitalia divide, but also for the way they can and often do backhand each other with such slyly quiet delight in the manner that the average dumbass dude [projection alert] rarely even takes notice of the cat furr flying much less recognises how much he is being pwned each and every day of his wretched pain wracked existence by these wondrous, superiour beings.

[run-on sentence alert]

It is not too surprising that a young beauty queen aspirant circa 2013, who is obviously very ambitious, only sorta above average cute looking in the rather generic way of postmodern teenaged femaleness (IE, so many are above average goodlooking that they are all average looking), and who is very quickly clearly distinguishing herslef as a supreme ironist of the first rank, [allegedly] decides to make an amateur porn video simply to earn a few bucks upon turning 18.

I mean, jeesh, you only live once! Give the grrl a brake, ladeez.

(And yes, I will interrupt here to confirm that I am a true lefty in more than one sense of the word, if you are scoring at home)

No, this fact seems rather totally typically on topic for where the conjunction of the infoboobtubes, celebrity and capitalism is leading our children (and grandchildren!) as we trip the light fantastic through the bowels of the 21st Century.

Nay, what truly truly cracked me up is this little concern trolling hit piece in what just happens to be the number one or two widely read print medium of record in the US of A-holes.

Uhhmm, I'm also pretty sure the DC print medium of record is fairly popular in nearby, uhmmm, Delaware, too, isn't it, Ms. 'We the Sheeple'?

As for Melissa King, I am certain she has many strengths and that her hard work and thoughtfulness helped get her the temporary tiara. (“Melissa began volunteering in her 8th grade year and fell in love with the joy of helping others!”) She will now have ample opportunity to hone those qualities as she prepares for her adult life. (As Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor might have told her “being princess is not a career.”)  
Happily-ever-after takes a lot of work. 
If it was the beauty queen having sex on camera, it was a bad idea — but she can still have a satisfying and productive life. I hope for King that it will unfold in many surprising and wondrous ways, and I wish her good luck.

Ah, yes, thanks for those nobly uplifting sentiments there, grandmama...

I'm also picturing in my mind (for I don't watch TV) all the clucking and twittering by all of those cable news infobabes (who got to their stations in life through their Murrow-like journalistic abilities, no doubt) over this little story.

These buds're for you, Miss [former] Delaware Teen USA....I'm sure that we will be hearing more, a lot more, from you in the very near future.

Self-promotional genius like yours doesn't grow on trees.

Not anymore, anyway.


donkeytale said...

Took a little hiatus over to Pffugeecamp to get my sadistic kicks on the dumbass Failreft.

I know howmuch you hate being sodomised and I was in a rather ugly mood.

This masterpiece shows I still have what it takes to be a creative visonary leader of the whiteysphere.

donkeytale said...

BTW, that Palooka Warriour schtick you had truly truly cracked me up.

Did you check that dude's IP address?

Smelled like a hoaxer to me.

Either that or he was that heap big Native American Medicine man who kept appearing in Jim Morrison's dreams during Oliver Stone's laughably hairlarious Doors biopic....

Just wanted to say also, I've blocked myslef on Twitter.

donkeytale said...

Linky thingie:

socrates said...

I don't check ip's.

I thought what was important with the exchange was confirmation Hans "Cold Spy" "Meno Argenti" Mundt was the hoaxer.

I was more than correct about internet cointelpro. I was prescient.

donkeytale said...

This story seems to have a pleasing symmetry to it. If only QT would sprinkle some of this into his scripts...

Miss [Former] Delaware Teen USA is wanted in......Maryland!


donkeytale said...

Linky thingie:

" Melissa King, who resigned her Miss Delaware Teen USA crown Tuesday after facing questions about an online sex video that claims to star her, is wanted on two warrants in Maryland for failing to appear in court.

The Bethany Beach-area teen was charged with stealing money from the town of Ocean City, Md., on June 7 -- around the time the sex video starring a woman who looks and sounds like her was shot. King also was charged on Aug. 2 with possession of alcohol by a person under the age of 21."

socrates said...

I am now reflecting on that Georgia Peach who mistook me for the Breitbart poodle.

Isn't her name Mellississippi or something? I know she's a ringer for that chick from Designing Women.

socrates said...

Delaware isn't even a real state. It's a chunk of water with a toll booth.

donkeytale said...

You need to mail-in part III of your incredibly boring cut n paste retweet extravaganza to knock my latest masterpiece off the front page.

I note however that it is now on your "most looked at" list.

Must be some horny bot programs out there.


socrates said...

Yet here we are due to widgets you decry.... I like mixing it up with that right side. You gotta admit blogger's ok.

The top rated post widget could also be using a funny algorithm.

socrates said...

I guess Jerome Armstrong got caught with his hand in cookie jar. But you also get paid to post, no? heh

donkeytale said...

I should get paid to post. Thanks for the compliment. I take it to mean that I am writing at a professional level.

And without an editor!

But, yr excellency, I just noticed in your tweet thread the feature about Nadia Naffe and yourself in the Boston Phoenix. Isn't that MSM name recognition? True, it wasn't your best photo but hey pub is pub.

Its pffunny because noom was showing off how they mentioned his name on DKOS the other day. I gave him his props but then quietly let him know that he (and I) are decided small fry compared with the grate Socrates!


That was an awesome read. And you are trying to sue and/or indict the writer?

You crack me up, dude.

donkeytale said...

I do not knw this Armstrong character.

Isn't he part of the early MAMZ milieu?

socrates said...

He ran MyDD. He was the dumbass involved in the Townhouse Kos scandal. Wow! You've a bad memory.

I liked reading archives, cleaning up the mess after the sandstorm had abated.

That's a stretched out driver's license. Looks not much like me.

socrates said...

Blog court is idiotic. There's no honour in it. Just more lies and smears.

It's pretty bizarre how big the attack is. It's truly an E-Brownshirt KosKopGate.

donkeytale said...

Yes, I do have a very bad memory, except I can vividly recall all of my bad memories and only kinda sorta recall the good one. Maybe because the good ones usually involved a heightened state of chemically induced lack of awareness.

But I think he was involved with MAMZ too in the early daze. I remember MAMZ used to talk about and link to him back when ypu thought I was the reincarnation of Petey.

He was also involved in some SEC contretemps regarding stock pimping if I remember accurately. I better google it to make sure before he threatens to sue me...

AH yes, here we go.

Also this:

"Along with business partner Markos Moulitsas, Armstrong helped spark the netroots movement, an Internet-fueled effort to elect Democrats and counter conservative success in other media. Moulitsas credits him with the inspiration to created Daily Kos."

socrates said...

Starve the oxygen. That's what they do. That's why they don't care how retarded they appear. They are raising the static to signal ratio. See sand in ump's eyes. That's a good analogy.

socrates said...

What's missing is a good expose of the Connell hoax. I think I am the only one who tried to piece it together and did. That was the biggie. That was the turning point.

See zeitgeist, toast/top of

socrates said...

I mean those were crazy times and such juicy hoax to put together. That was pure socratisation. Bet on it.

They can only steal the destiny if the coverup is complete. One day there will be a Howard Zinn type People's History of the United Blogs.

They'll mention myself. Noom won't even be mentioned by name. Will Shadowthief? Talk about a here today gone to good luck googling this crap.

One man's spam is another's pile of data. *dork smiley*

donkeytale said...

Well, I found the article useful if for no reason than I got to skip having to methodically stitch this story together across 12 bazillion nonsensical tweets from a million loosers over the prior what, 2 freaking years now?

For instance, I had heard the name Nadia Naffe but had no clue what she was about.

I may have confused her with that Weinergate black chick from Seattle or wtf?

The latter was much hotter than the former, BTW. Not that it matters.

As the wise man once said, I wouldn't throw either one of them out of bed for eating soda crackers.

socrates said...

It's more than simply such and such people think you were Petey. The schticks were far too similar. The dates add up. So you're DLC? No big surprise.

socrates said...

Nadia Naffe is obviously hoaxing it up. Maybe she is deluded and believes lies supplied by you know who.

You're thinking of Gennette. She got tweeted by Anthony Weiner. They used to abuse her at Patterico's. There was also a lot of very odd Ron stuff. Extremely bizarre two way crazies.

donkeytale said...

Such and such people?

You're adding 2+2 as intelligently as Fairleft now. Congratulations.

Yes I'm DLC. You busted me. What a fabulous, fabulous cybersleuth you are.

"Dick Longest Club."

donkeytale said...

Shadowthief did have his own wikipedia page for awhile and he was ascribed to being us as I recall. Then someone deleted the page. Too bad. Shadowthief ruled. Probably still does.

I'm mentioned in the Urban Dictionary, that's good enough for me.

In the early daze of Twitter some people used to have long 140 character limited back and forth convos about my relative brilliance and latest hijinks.

I never was sure who that was but I stumbled on it googling myslef. Something I havent done since Troll Wars. I google you all the time tho.

Im done Im done

socrates said...

If we could track ip's, it'd be interesting to see if Jane Hamsher has been reading these very pages.

Haha, I got into it a bit with Roseanne. Maybe you missed that.

donkeytale said...

You mean you sexed her up?

"I got into it a bit with Roseanne"

Why the hell not? Yur in the news more than she is for goodness sake.

socrates said...

She's heavy into satanic panic hysteria. No one in her family can corroborate the abuse claims. You know, it only took 16 psychiatrists to generate the vast bulk of satanic panic related "multi-personality" cases.

I guess I'm doomed to remain on the sidelines. She can keep yukking it up with Lee.

Oh man, imagine a debate between those two.

I still can't believe how much of a fake Ayn Rand turned out to be. My socratisation on that had a Wizard of Oz big finish. Hers was a schtick based on fascistic and ultimately, idiotic roots.

That's what Lee and Roseanne are. Ayn Rand wannabe's. They don't even realise it.

socrates said...

I see I was prescient in that meta popolloza thing. If one scrolls down, I mention Joshua Trevino connection to Daily Kos and Red State. Now I guess he and Armstrong are up against some sorts of pay for play astroturf. But I was just a kook. Those were crazy days.

donkeytale said...

Well, for me, I'm a huge Roseanne fan always was since her standup days and never missed her TV show. That was the last era for me watching much television. There was Roseanne and there was Moonlighting.

Irecall Lonesome Dovefrom that era too.

One thing about Roseanne I always admired was she gave a gig to Bonnie Bramlett(the washed out blonde waitress at the diner) who had been half of the legendary Delaney & Bonnie blue eyed soul band of the 60s, from whence sprang the also legendary Leon Russell.

I loved that band. Roseanne's show was fantastic the perfect antidote to the antiseptic Cosby thingie and your favourite, the Michael J Fox vehicle. Oh and Cheers was pretty good too. Never cared much for MASH, however, especially post-McLean Stevenson. Harry Morgan didn't do it for me and Alan Alda got on my nerves with that fake Groucho schtick.

donkeytale said...

Yes, no question, you nailed the Whiteysphere cold.

I sorta wish you'd get off that Classic rock radio schtick tho and attempt to record a new LP.

I'm sick of listening to your repeated version of the Eagles greatest hits.

The whole deal is now overdone and overcooked.

Spooks everywhere.

Same as it ever was. I don't blame you for staying with it exactly, I guess you are a victm of your own success too, and it won't let you go either.

Plus, Twitter sucks. I cant go there. Boring.

socrates said...

She called me a pedophile apologist. My article is in the archives. She needs to be deprogrammed or something. That's the title.

It's got facts in it.

Yes I am card carrying member of anti-satanic panic. It was akin to Orson Welles' Mars Attack schtick.

Svengali... a mediocre movie if I may add.

I'm reading the leaked/hacked? emails between Hallisey and Rauhauser. If true, he is describing his position as internet cointelpro.

But Hallisey seems to be doing the same thing or giving it a pass.

How does Rauhauser come out and declare Brandon Darby as the SWATter?

Maybe the real SWATter isn't charged, because there is a connection between him/"them" and FEDs?

socrates said...

Oops, her name is spelled Hallissey. A couple doubles unless Jim Rice can grab it off wall and throw out runner at second.

That made no sense. It's very early. Even the roosters are still in bed.

socrates said...

The Green Monster. That's what it's called. I wish baseball would go back to old-school parks. Talk about boring.

This is why I like Fenway. You have to hit a monster of a tater to clear center. Right field, unless drawn in, is not a freebie. Unless you can hit or wrap it around pole.

The Wall is something special. You have to definitely elevate the hit to clear it. You might get a few cheap warning track flies that clear it.

The corners on both sides and the triangle in center cause havoc of their own. It is not impossible to hit an inside the park home run with a bit of luck.

Haha, now if that hasn't alienated the readers, nothing will.

donkeytale said...

A pedophile apologist?

The Nancy Grace/Marisacat of the whiteysphere?

Apparently Roseanne is completely unfamiliar with your oeuvre. Ah, well, her loss. She probably hears mostly only her own noise at this stage of her career. She had to have made so much money it scarcely matters what she says or does. Maybe you can sue her and grab a piece.

It wasn't that long ago that you were calling me a pervert for admitting something as normal that nearly every dude does but seldom admits unless he is an anonymous coward:

pubescent homosapien experimentation.

donkeytale said...



I know that in your heart of hearts you long to be one, if not both.

Hosting your own blog crime show and your own high toned blog salon filled with extremely neurotic and cynical yet repsectful banter about the Important Topics of the Day

socrates said...

The satanic panic schtick is not widely known. Thus, Roseanne is probably immune to any outing of herself as part and parcel of it.

She's a loud mouth. She's a troll. The only differencebetween her and many is she became rich and famous.

She represents everything that is wrong with most of American society.... A bloated ego and stomach.

You can keep pushing that most guys have done experimentation. I will continue to disagree.

The irony is you blast Michael Jackson without proof he molested any child. Based on some of your blogging, one could argue it's surprising you didn't fight for his honour during all those smears.

I supported Michael because he was a good dude. Sure nutty but nice and he'd never hurt a kid. Bet on it.

DFQ2 might move to podcasts. We'll call it Spittle on the Microphone.

socrates said...

Grouchie's show is called Blood on the Microphone. Now talk about a pure blog meltdown. Talk about cringe worthy.

donkeytale said...

Hmmm. Michael jackson was a good dude? Can you define that term in context?

Not sure what that means. Its pretty clear that at the very least MJ was a plastic surgery freak who admitted taking an 11 yr old boy who was not his son to bed with him.

He died from an overdose of heavy anesthesia that he paid a doctor mucho dinero to administer to him.

It is a known fact that he paid a large settlement ($25 million I read) to keep confidential the specific nature of his relationship with another young boy.

Maybe he wasnt a "bad dude" but "good dude" seems to be a stretch.

"Pathetic" I might buy. "Pervert" works, whether "sexual" or "plastic surgeried" or both. I'll let the reader decide.

As for Grouchie, uhmmm, who cares?

Srsly. Not I.

socrates said...

The Michael Jackson debate has become stale. Mea culpa with regurgitating it.

Yes, Grouchie is pretty lame at this point. Buutttttttt....

Now we know through his big mouth that BK has been Breitbart UnMasked. Apparently that has become conspiracy fact.

And you have to be living on an island, if you missed all the happenings today. Very crazy stuff with more scenes for the star BK.

Grouch may be lame, but knock on wood he is turning out to be a conduit to getting after said big cheese.

It helped to be in the courtroom and witness his thought process. I do understand how that dude thinks. Picture eating cheetohs on lsd.

That being said, one can read through transcripts and get much of the gist. Even Marcy Wheeler seems to realise this is a pony to disembark. Yet Karoli Kuns continues to look like an idiot backing the wrong horse. There's that other jerk named Matt Osborne. We're talking very creepy people.

I had come to accept your prescient take that this is all mumbo jumbo civil court nonsense.

But with risk to jinxing anything, today felt different. If you're a notorious 20th Century criminal, I can only advise it's in his best interests not to be stalking the people he cybersmears.

These people are definitely clever. But they have blind spots. Perhaps it is arrogance combined with delusion. We'll see what happens next when Grouchie faces off against a real prosecutor next month.

donkeytale said...

I guess I must be on an island because I haven't the faintest idea wht yur talkin bout, Willis.

I must say w/o a single link or any context it sounds like more of same blogdrama pimping I've been reading on both sides, now including from yu, for the past I don't know how long, 2 1/2 years?

Srsly? I'm on an island?

Please enlighten me with some dtales and prove me wong.

socrates said...

Hey, I finally read an article on this diary topic. Slow down, Horatio.

socrates said...

I won't go into everything or even that much, because I do understand how much of a garbage nature this whole thingie represents.

Basically Liberal Grouch could be in some deep doodoo. To the naked eye, he has committed criminal harassment against Stranahan. I think the first hearing is in late April. A state prosecutor has been assigned the case.

You might find this recent Aaron entry interesting:

Exclusive: How Brett Kimberlin Stalked my Wife

Anyhoo, I'm like you and for the most part have moved on. I ass-u-me (d) you had been following this even just a teensy bit. I was wong.

I apologise for my pretty much taking a blogging hiatus the last couple months while pursuing a degree in Twitterology.

Despite our ups and downs over the years, of my 12 readers, you are still my favourite.

donkeytale said...

See, I'm relying on you to follw this stuff because I srsly dont have much blogtime these days.

Twitter is incomprehensible to the man on the street. You have to follow it too closely.

A nice blog post about the Grouch/Stranahan harrassment case would seem to be right up your alley, or at least a link to another one that encapsulates it.

Twitter might be good for somethings but for the average reader even a mailed in blog entry is much more useful.

Thanks for the nice words. I am proud to be your Tonto, keemosabe.

If only I could fake that Palooka Warriour schtick we'd have it down.

All we need is someone to play Silver. Maybe [former] Miss Delaware Teen USA is available?

She seems to be extremely rideable.

socrates said...

You'd be the age of her grandfather give or take a decade.

That Tomas dude is for real. I've seen his videos. He's the Aaron Worthing of the jungle; A blogging, Tarzanic feed the poor I still get rich dude. You don't attack Blues as much as this guy. He was one degree away from cointelpro in Meno. Yet you push him away.

Twitter's pretty cool in its own right but has limitations for old-school bloggers such as ourselves. Agreed.

donkeytale said...

OK, read the Worthing link and it sounds like more of the same blogwash to me, dude.

Maybe I'm missing the criminal part. Yeah, its creepy and strange...but criminal?

Stretch. Worthing is much too much more a drama queen than a lawyer.

socrates said...

Here's a ticket for the clue train. Hit conversation on Twitter to read the whole dialogue. Grow up.

donkeytale said...

I could be her grandfather I suppose its a biological possibility.

I meant you ride her, not me.

I don't even remember if Tonto had a horse. I think he walked everywhere.

donkeytale said...

As for Palooka, no, no. I liked his schtick. I just found it rather arch and pretentious but thoroughly enjoyable.

Cointelpro has been a known fact like forever. I'm not sure why it is treated like some revelation of the internet age....

socrates said...

Yes, Aaron is not the story. That is entertaining for convolution. Bomber circling Mrs. Aaron. A lot of this has been quite humorous. But Grouch crossed the line. He said the penalty was 90 days.

Aaron is definitely deluded in how far he thinks he can pick off the numbnuts.

We shall see. Maybe he will prove me wong. Yes, you are correct this is still in a holding pattern. Wake us up when something really happens.

donkeytale said...

I've done that, it still makes lttle sense unless you spend large amounts of time following everybody.

See, you and Ron dont have this thing they call a "job."

Twitter is best for the unemployed.

One can only wonder if its a chicken/egg thing.

socrates said...

No, you are missing the point. Grouch crossed the line into criminal harassment of Stranahan. Granted it does feel like a 90 day Andy Taylor/Fife arrangement for the risky outcome.

Lee flew to Maryland and filed a complaint. A prosecutor has been assigned. I'm sure he'll be investigating.

I'll let you know if anything happens. I'll keep it brief.

donkeytale said...

Great. I'd follow along and Im sure others would too if someone somewhere with talent would report and comment upon it from an objective basis.

You and/or Ron seem made for this stuff.

That guy on the Phenix I thought did it justice too although it still seems a bit too insiderish beisbol like to truly touch a nerve in the absence of any clarifying event such as real harm done to real people in reality that can be pinned on a perp.

socrates said...

Your downplaying of Spy Factory internet shenanigans is noted. Your posts show your ignorance on this amazing and important topic.

That money could be going to building hospitals and schools.

socrates said...

Listen, I'm not saying Twitter is God's gift to anything....

Every entry doesn't have to be a masterpiece for the masses. You are the historic troll of projections. You have to be the most arrogant fv(k on the internet. [:0>

donkeytale said...

Nah, I'm sure Twitter is a great and useful tool for the time killing set,of which I am a charter member.

Twitter's relationship to blogging is like crack's relationship to cocaine.

Neither is good for you, they both have nasty side effects and will ruin your life.

Trust me, I know.

As for the internet Spy Factory shenanigans, I'm guessing that it is very very cost effective on the internet. I mean, they know who we are and where we are at all times as long as we are logged in.

The internet has made the police state cheaper and easier to create and maintain than ever before.

Someday we will be forced into home detention instead of prison and our punishment will be forced online attendance at MLW. Mary Scott Oconnor our blogwarden.

socrates said...

By chance, I checked out MLW and there's a new MSOC rant.

donkeytale said...

Nice catch. Posted 9 days ago and receives 3 whole commenters....sad.

Plus she is completely pwned by the one in her rant and the one at the end of her blog piece.

The end of the fake left is drawing nigh....the trolls, like cock roaches will be the only ones to survive Armageddon.

socrates said...

Yes, how the mighty have fallen. God bless, Tinkerbell!

donkeytale said...

You might also enjoy the fact that I'm going toe to toe with the mighty Glenn Greenwald in his comment thread today.


socrates said...

I found Greenwald at The Guardian. We're supposed to wade through 400 posts? How about a link, for crying out loud?

donkeytale said...

Eh, its really nothing. Same ol same ol. Actually. He's pretty runof the mill fake leftist troll.

Credit where due at least he pitches into his threads and argues with the plebes.

They have a search button on the top right hand corner. You can search "user comments." I was able to get donkeytale userid.

donkeytale said...

Ok maybe its not that easy.

Here is the sum total of my contribution:

14 March 2013 8:36pm

@024601 -
I'm open to criticism of my criticism when it actually, y'know, contains some criticism.
See my fucked up "rebuttal" (sic) to Glenn. Note that it contains words, ideas and examples.
Then try again yourself.
Or go light another candle for Glenn...

14 March 2013 10:41pm

@donkeytale -
Only thing I'll light for Mr. Greenwald is a bong. He can handle the candles on his own. Sorry your rebuttal sucked so hard, bro. You'll figure it out eventually.

14 March 2013 11:09pm

@024601 -
Persverate much, "0" ?

continued below

donkeytale said...

14 March 2013 5:25pm

Nice article Glenn. But shouldn't you now retract your previous blanket statements that Democrats blindly agree with Obama's policies where they criticized Bush for the same policies?
And admit that you have a tendency to pull "facts" out yer ass that are subsequently reversed by reality, such as here?
Your own credibility is at stake as much as liberal Democrats and Obama.

14 March 2013 5:43pm

@donkeytale -
"shouldn't you now retract your previous blanket statements that Democrats blindly agree with Obama's policies where they criticized Bush for the same policies?"

I never made any such "blanket statement". To the contrary, I've repeatedly highlighted Democrats' criticism of Obama, including in articles like this, which says the exact opposite of what you're attributing to me.

Here's how things work: if you want to claim someone made a false statement that merits a retraction, you have to identify that statement specifically - by quoting it, linking to it, etc.

You don't just get to fabricate claims, falsely attribute them to someone, and then demand a retraction.

donkeytale said...

14 March 2013 7:11pm

@GlennGreenwald -
OK, here is not only a blanket statement by you but also a very misleading one.If I jad your way with hyperbole I might term it deeply disturbing propaganda:

"All of this put Democrats - who spent eight years flamboyantly pretending to be champions of due process and opponents of mass secrecy and executive power abuses - in a very uncomfortable position.

The politician who took such a unique stand in defense of these principles was not merely a Republican but a leading member of its dreaded Tea Party wing, while the actor most responsible for the extremist theories of power being protested was their own beloved leader and his political party.
Some Democrats, to their credit, publicly supported Paul, including Sen. Ron Wyden, who went to the Senate floor to assist the filibuster. Sens. Jeff Merkley, Pat Leahy and (independent) Bernie Sanders all voted against Brennan's confirmation, citing many of the same concerns raised by Paul. Some prominent progressive commentators praised Paul's filibuster as well: on CNN, Van Jones - while vowing that "I love this president" - said "Sen. Rand Paul was a hero for civil liberties" and that "liberals and progressives should be ashamed."

But most Democratic Senators ran away as fast as possible from having anything to do with the debate: see here for the pitifully hilarious excuses they offered for not supporting the filibuster while claiming to support Paul's general cause. All of those Democratic Senators other than Merkley and Leahy (and Sanders) voted to confirm the torture-advocating, secrecy-loving, drone-embracing Brennan as CIA chief."

Sure, you give some credit where due buried under the overall histrionics of your manufactured point, but the third paragraph contains the statement "most Democrats" with a link to the supposedly patheric excuses for not backing Paul's filibuster.

However, upon inspection the link actually finds about as many Dem Senators interviewed as agreeing with Paul's sentiments that Obama's secret projects need oversight. Heck, even Dianne Feinstein already came out in favour of oversight.
"Most" Democratic Senators may not have even been in the building that day for whatever reason, not necessarily as you state that they were running and hiding from the great Rand Paul Filibuster.

Playing stupid pet blogger tricks such as characterising the contents of links as something different than they actually read because you know most people don't click the links is borderline dishonest and definitely amateurish.

Now, I agree wholeheartedly with your stance vis a vis drones, secrecy and Manning as well as many other points but find you discrediting your own position more often than not. You seem to try very hard at times to create an arranged reality. This may satisfy a handful of acolytes but propaganda is propaganda.

14 March 2013 7:50pm

@GlennGreenwald - Hence the name "donkeytale" I though I would put that in for you Glen.

14 March 2013 8:22pm

@OurPlanet -
Thanks for illustrating my point about "acolytes," acolyte.

14 March 2013 8:29pm

@donkeytale -
Oh baby you fucked that rebuttal up immensely. Try again. This time with feeling.

donkeytale said...

14 March 2013 11:44pm

@GlennGreenwald -
And as blanket generalisations go, this one from your recent Bob Woodward piece is fairly breathtaking:

"Yet here is Bob Woodward, with one rant, expressing the core values of America's media class."

That is, the media believes, apparently like "most Democrats," that Obama should not be constrained by law.

Srsly? A core value of America's media class?

Have you taken a poll of America's media class to validate this statement?

socrates said...

He downplays the CATO connection like Kos does his CIA schtick. They are both right wing. It's all an act.

Nikita Arora said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
donkeytale said...

Ahoy, there Nikita and thank you for visiting this humble blog. I see the page views for this mailed in entry have boomed since your appearance.

Please be advised that if I ever have the opportunity to visit Delhi I will surely look you up.

Thanks again


donkeytale said...

And since this dairy is trending near the top thanks to a nice little bump from Ms. Arora, I thought I would update the readers on the progress of Melissa King as she ventures forth into the wide(r) world of sports.

Ms. King is doing very well for herself, thank you very much.

Student at Arizona State University, one of the pre-eminent American institutions of higher learning (ASU is perennially ranked at or near the top of all reputable "top party school" listings) and she is gainfully employed as well!

It's kids like Melissa King who make me feel good all over for this godforsaken country's future.