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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

We Have Tweets Part 2

Jaimie Cochran and Jen Emick might as well be called informants. It's all leading to Spy Factory anyway. @FoolishReporter

I notice journo @kurteichenwald can't come up with top five list for Bush administration policies. Was there even one? They were pure evil.

Paid informant? InfinitySnake (Emick?) attacking #Anonymous?

I think he and Uber are working a script, @sealystar. BK can't help himself. Neal, on other hand, puts on an act. The question is why.

Spy factory watches both right & left, @sealystar. Anonymous & OWS lean left. Neal as strawman draws the right's ire while tainting left.

Neal is Hal Turner of the left, @sealystar. He fits model of agent provocateur. Neal as Dr. Mabuse comp. genius doesn't pass stink test.

Tom Ryan is part & parcel of spy factory, @sealystar. I don't buy that the conversation was leaked but rather deliberately disseminated.

.@sealystar, ZAPEM's plausible deniability is that she's a kook. I'm not buying that either. She is third wheel to cover "Tea Party" right.

To answer these questions as best as we can, we'd have to treat ARG surrealism as factual. Meanwhile, Barrett rots in prison. @sealystar

Manning is also victim of spy factory shenanigans. Bet on it. It seems half million had access to stuff. He exposed war crimes. @sealystar

I finally saw your show, @mindykaling. It was delightful. Unfortunately, you seem to have jumped the shawk in episode two.

Not true. After I won in Nov. to end it, you freaked out over name being outed. RT @AaronWorthing I became a target bc I helped a liberal

.@AaronWorthing put in 200 page kook motion for dumbass appeal I didn't even attend because it was over. Judge Rupp saw BK was full of it.

Judge Rupp almost threw @AaronWorthing out of hearing. Transcripts at my blog also contain proof Brett Kimberlin is delusional.

Says dumbass who ruined his life propping up Breitbart. RT @AaronWorthing it's not really about politics. That's just what they hide behind.

On phone claimed civil ct. would find @ronbryn guilty. RT @AaronWorthing well I am not ready to publicly accuse #BrettKimberlin of [SWATs].

Do you realise that yourself & @kennethlipp give off an Al Giordano aroma? @sabzbrach

Al Giordano of Narco News had a conniption because I am leftier than thou, or at least him.

Here's another one on fake leftist @markos's buddy being socratised. Al Giordano of Narco News P*wned!

It appears @markos had '06 interview with Commonwealth Club scrubbed. He claimed CIA as liberal institution he'd have no qualms working for.

Thanks to, one can listen to interview fake leftist @markos would rather folks not know about.

Dave Weintraub Versus @markos Moulitsass: One respected the other not so much. (scroll down a bit)

.@markos orders Townhouse KosKops starve oxygen from payola type scandal. "THE BLOGOSPHERE'S SMOKE-FILLED BACKROOM:"

.@Markos Moulitsas of Daily Kos Is Not A Progressive:

Not much is worse than people falsely portraying themselves in pursuit of profit. Mainly for this reason is why the internet truly sucks.

1st amdt rights to freedom of speech & assn are at risk due to the net. It is currently a false steering device for positive social change.

Oh yes, major props to Francis L. Holland, another person driven off of Daily Kos. @FoolishReporter @markos @fieldnegro

I guess it's possible interview with @markos by Commonwealth Club was moved. Sorry if I have my doubts about that. @FoolishReporter

Hey dude, check your mentions. You've gotten away with nothing. @markos Moulitsass

It's basically an absurd joke for one to claim @Markos represents the left. Same goes for Neal Rauhauser as rep for #Anonymous or #OWS

mollycrabapple @mollycrabapple 26 Feb
Greece has hired Blackwater to help contain civil unrest, according to recently retired diplomat-
Retweeted by socrates

Tweetledee or tweetledum? RT @FoolishReporter tweet

Looks like bad guys tried to hack my email. From a "Mike Stack" I doubt was him. @FoolishReporter

.@rsmccain said Brown needed FBI probe, then he's an informant, to now what? RU a journo? Is The Washington Times a real paper? @ronbryn

I fell for one of those Twitter dm phishes. Thankfully followers cut me a break. This one was different. @FoolishReporter

A week or so ago I got an email with an attachment from "Mike Stack." I didn't open it. Two arrived today.... @FoolishReporter

I don't think this was some random spammer fishing through my contact list. They were again from "Mike Stack." .... @FoolishReporter

Why especially for the sleazebag? Why protect Jen's image? Are there Emick posts admitting to being an HB Gary snitch? @FoolishReporter

I don't care if they are FBI or FBI snitch or Infraguard. It's all the same thing imho. People who should not be trusted. @sealystar

Yeah fascinating, and there she is all buddies with @rsmccain and Mike Stack. Jen Emick is a rat. @sealystar

We're in a legitimation crisis. Why can govt. spy on us, but we can't return the offer? Some should not be created more equal than others.

Where is Jen Emick @Asherahresearch now? I would type her name no mention, she'd still troll me. Has she ever admitted to the HB Gary job?

I forwarded the two emails to FBI Boston & specificly Special Agent involved with famous art heist schtick. @FoolishReporter

Next on the socratisation docket is Skippy Stalin.

If Tom Ryan is right wing rah rah security but in the open, whatever that means, that is a crew collision. @FoolishReporter

Net fake @AsherahResearch has me blocked. She's a rat fink who worked for HB Gary. So when she claims to be far left or left, she's lying.

She posts a dubious link pimping herself as anti-ratfink. Yet where is any mention of when she emerged from sewer rat closet?

Where are Emick's links explaining her job at HB Gary? There are none, because this shows she's an internet fake.

So why should anyone care what she thinks or believe any of it? @FoolishReporter

Aaah, not to put words in your mouth.... So this is old news & Jaime Cochran as rat is so-called breaking news? @FoolishReporter

It's very confusing. I don't trust any of them. I wish there were posts that explain with proof the wtf's. @FoolishReporter @SealyStar

Ahhh a parody account. Youse guys crack me up but don't realise this adds to socratisation (unpaid) workload. @AsherasResearch

Let me find the link. She doesn't deny/dispute interview description of herself as HB Gary Jen Emick type. @FoolishReporter

Brynaert should realise entries need 2B written at 10th grade level. This is convoluted stuff. Don't expect folks to easily understand it.

Jen Emick, UR a net fake period! You were paid by HB Gary to spy on Anonymous. It's over, sweetie. Go back to sock puppets let adults speak.

Anonymous is only a word. I used to be anonymous. I was never anonymous anonymous. Maybe I was annoymynous.

This one. Jaime Cochran admits to being co-chair of Rustle League AND online security professional. @FoolishReporter

Ok guys, here's the plan. Emick, slide into Ryan's role. Tom, stay off Twitter & pump out socks. ... Oopsies I just outed myself as kingpin.

Thanks Jen Emick for making it clear people can make a difference & expose stuff.

Jen hon @asherahresearch, I can respond to ur blocked tweets through Twitiq. Tell us where you've posted before on HB Gary job of yours.

Das Beet RT @Mededitor The Omega-3 Man #healthnutfilms

Emick setup Brown? So fight between her & Rauhauser is rigged? Hat tip to intrepid internet journalist @ronbryn sr.

How stupid can one be to own co-chair of Rustle League and title of online security professional? This is more outrageous than Chuck Barris.

.@asherahresearch, own up to your numbnut-ness. Tell about HB Gary days. Could be treason by you, miss cockroach blogger. @ronbryn

One more lying cybersmearer on block.

I heard about Raytheon going for a piece of spy factory ARG pie. Karoli is one blocked. I could sue some people for defamation. @sealystar

Can you please explain what those names mean, @sealystar?

Sorry, what video? Link @sealystar @sealystar

.@sealystar Oops thought I had please in there.

Thanks, @sealystar. The Guardian is a classy paper.

.@sealystar Sounds retarded.

There seems to be a crew. @sealystar

They are paid internet fakes, no doubt in my mind. @sealystar

Why, @sealystar? Where did you get the screenshots?

The hacked exchange of Jen Emick working at HB Gary is the equivalent of a paystub. Shouldn't she be upfront about her job? @sealystar

It boils down to chasing convoluted shadows. It becomes pointless. @sealystar

She doesn't seem to be the type to get her arm cointelpro squeezed for crime. @sealystar

You're saying you have to break the law to get an FBI C.I. job? @sealystar

I'll have to google that. @sealystar

Though there is always the saying, "Convicted? Never convicted." @sealystar

Wow, this is from June 2012. I've been way behind the curve. @sealystar

Haha, Starsky and Hutch is old-school. @sealystar

That article even calls her a rat. So she is off-base to say there isn't a problem here. @sealystar

What is going on with this render64 and Jester characters? @sealystar

Emick is HB Gary. That seals her reputation. Next. @sealystar

Who is this Jester and why should anyone care? @sealystar

Are they mere "good guys" in a script or are they "good good" guys? And what is the proof? @sealystar

Swann de Whatever @SwannEsq 28 Feb>br /> RT @sillycheese76: Being popular on Twitter is like sitting at the cool table in the cafeteria at a mental hospital
Retweeted by socrates

MT @ronbryn ... against informants spying on Americans on behalf of sketchy security firms & federal agencies 4 profit, revenge/lulz.

Maybe you'll care if you end up in court for defamation. @Fara1

I get harassed in clear cyber sunlight by @NadiaNaffe Leiderman, Neal Brett, @Fara1 @BostonPhoenix & others, there's never any truth.

.@RonBryn, of course I had nothing to do with any of that. I'm just a blogger. The following have wronged me.. @Fara1 @BostonPhoenix

Transcripts show what happened in MD. You @Fara1 & @BostonPhoenix have no right to publish defamation.

You have cybersmeared me, @Fara1 & @BostonPhoenix. I was regular guy, wrote articles on Kimberlin over two years before Nagy stole story.

A wild conspiracy created by Kimberlin & Rauhauser revolved around me. I had exposed Velvet Revolution for hoaxing. @Fara1 & @BostonPhoenix

Sorry to burst your bubbles, @Fara1 & @BostonPhoenix, but you need to clean this up or expect a lawsuit.

With your defamation @Fara1 & @BostonPhoenix, you have contributed to cyberstalking/smearing campaign by internet predator Neal Rauhauser.

For someone acting all know-it-all, @milowent, you have a lot of nerve including me in a tweet with a cybersmearer. #blocked

The block button is nice.

.@AsherahResearch is still standing? Sure, as a blogger participating under false pretense while collecting informant pay. @FoolishReporter

You fucking piece of shit lying smearer. When you least expect it, it will happen. @Fara1

I'm suing you and @BostonPhoenix, @Fara1. You will not get away with this. You are going to court for defamation.

Chris Faraone @Fara1 of @BostonPhoenix writes lies & will be sued. You will be sued also Boston Phoenix. You can't defame people like that.

all cybersmearers and harassers will be blocked.

Not only are @BostonPhoenix & @fara1 facing defamation lawsuit, I am planning on making a criminal complaint for conspiracy to harass.

Where are "free speech" hypocrites like @MarcRandazza when you really need them?

Oopsies on that one. It's @marcorandazza. After long talk he referred me to lawyer asking for 45 G & most of that upfront. @Mededitor

I have to figure out how criminal complaints are made. This harassment has gone too far and in broad daylight. @Mededitor @marcorandazza

.@Fara1 & @BostonPhoenix smear me with defamation, yet you call him a reporter with a real job? @sealystar

Chris @Fara1 Faraone & @BostonPhoenix commit defamation. U lowlifes will pay for publishing lies. @NadiaNaffe U2 can expect blowback.

Despicable @Fara1 @BostonPhoenix @NadiaNaffe & Neal Rauhauser have criminally cybersmeared me and will pay for it.

You @FoolishReporter continue to plug HB Gary's Jen Emick, yet when I am cybersmeared by Boston Phoenix, you lend no support.

This is sickening. "Bullied boy dies a day after turning 12" by Christian Science Monitor

It used to be a decent alternative paper, but @BostonPhoenix has since turned into a rag with escort section, ads, etc.. @FoolishReporter

A certain section of Netroots corruption didn't like being exposed. The truth actually fits neither narrative. @FoolishReporter

There was no paper chain to O'Keefe emails or anything like that. Kimberlin tried, but it never went that far. @FoolishReporter

I try to ignore the cybersmears, @FoolishReporter.

It's preserved at DKos & my two blogs, If anything, Patterico was my pet poodle for blogging. They were 28 months behind. @FoolishReporter.

It's in case records somewhere. .. I think there was a neo-nazi blogger named Socrates. I don't know about the other one. @FoolishReporter

The multipersonality sock puppet angle has been overused in this cybersmearing. I'm tired of the smears. It's not fair. @FoolishReporter

I must take a look. I alluded to Armstrong in some tweets. I'm either psychic or it was a coincidence. @FoolishReporter

Each side attacks. Breitbarts completely ignore Nagy stealing story. I actually exposed real fraud not terrorist schtick. @FoolishReporter

I'm reading ... Very interesting. Reminds me of a couple lads who were quite vocal during Honduras' troubles.

I gave you a plug, @FoolishReporter.

Yeah, it was pretty bad. I could sue them or something. I bet I could file charges against Neal Rauhauser at a minimum. @sealystar

Well, it is very embarrassing @FoolishReporter was/is buddies with Brooks Bayne & also sticks up for HB Gary rat Jen Emick. @sealystar

Fake journalist Ron Brynaert made the same attacks on me the Boston Phoenix did. Cause everyone including Ron is full of shit.

Brynaert's a paid troll imho: "I don't agree the #1 target for everyone at Occupy was banks. #1 target for Netroots & Dems was Tea Party."

Ron Brynaert is paid to post. That's how he rolls. No one could make the mistakes he did and not be an internet fake.

I won't be taking action in blog court. @sealystar

Ok fine. So you dm me the articles but make no public tweet against smears on me. Gotcha. @FoolishReporter

.@AaronWorthing always gets his hands in the cookie jar, no? Same as Lee @Stranahan. Meanwhile, Grouch's cry me river act is getting stale.

Colonel Grouchie retreats to his bunker. Like some cheese with that whine? Vile and menacing indeed.

@ LiberalGrouch is on a rampage. What does this mean? Is he nuts and off to prison?

I've given Grouch advice to stop. He can't help himself. This is all very sad.

People mocking LiberalGrouch are no better. It's ugly all the way around.

There's no part to anything. I have nothing to do with anything from Breitbarts to Naffe to Rauhauser/Kimberlin.

That's just another troll like Brynaert, Emick, Qritiq or any other asshole putting hand in cookie jar. @FoolishReporter

Change profile to full of shit working internet convolution teamed up with obvious bad guys not much to offer. @FoolishReporter

UR well aware of things. Yet when it happens in real time, you show zero support. Yet you do for internet slime Jen Emick.@FoolishReporter

McCain mentioned how much Rauhauser lies. Brynaert turned that into McCain projecting. I still wonder why Brynaert worked for Kimberlin.

Brynaert promotes Lane Lipton who promotes Rauhauser. Ron is a full of shit supertroll. Probably makes a good chunk working for FBI.

Brynaert needs to get off internet. He either finds real journalism job or is an internet addict nutjob or FBI informant. One or the other.

Of course anonyops is a net fake. Real Anonymous does not pimp Neal Rauhauser related hoax garbage. Anyone near that id cannot be trusted.

and don't think I've forgotten smear merchant Skippy Stalin

Anyone caught with fingers in cookie jar, pretty much everyone except me, it's all shady tunes.

Now Ron's pandering to Breitbart crowd. He needs to start at bottom at local paper work way up to real paper. Or his schtick is shady.

Haha @FoolishReporter with 142,241 tweets. Kissing Mitt's ass. Cochran's, VITB's, Emick's.. As in look at me a rw into cool security stuff.

He's praising Darby. Toolish has no answer to ending up with Brooks Bayne & all these others yet should be taken seriously. @FoolishReporter

Even though drone strikes are not legal on US soil, right woos left on internet continues to push the very idea as fact.

.@rsmccain has can't vouch for RJ/Sock story disclaimer but forgot to do same when pushing Kimberlin SWATGate angle.

In March 2011 internet enigma Ron Brynaert guest blogged for con artist Brad Friedman of BradBlog. Conspiracy Fact.

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