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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Brothers Tsarnaev by Fyodor Predostoericity

Omg, mailing in entries is not as easy as it used to be. I wanted to juxtapose the two crucial factors in what added up to the horror in Beantown, Massachusetts. You had old-school terrorism, which yours truly was right on top of. Then you have revisionist, infoboobtubist donkeytale claiming he pinned it as death by internet. He didn't use that exact phrase. He often steals from my schtick, though not that time. But I digress.

So I googled "marathon bombers internet" and it's a lot of pudding and crackers, not this main topic. We at DFQ2 strive to bring you higher thoughts.... literally we wish to give you a buzz or cause the munchies...

Hmmm, I guess they don't make amateur internet sleuths like they used to and websites like Reddit perhaps didn't come out good on this one.

I will not comment on 4chan or Anonymous. I would like to stay neutral with them or they become my personal army; for legal activities of course, Mr. Fed. I will not be your next Barrett Brown. When it's said I am now the unofficial official spokesperson for Anonymous, the emphasis is on unofficial, ya numbnuts!

Omg, I have digressed so much, I don't have a fricken clue what we were talking about..... Aaah, yes.

Look, I don't have the time to socratise this. But we the internet addicts must come together to figure out wtf happened in Boston. I'm not talking about coming back 0-3 against the Stankees in 2004. That will never make sense. We loved it but don't expect an explanation.

So this is a work in progress. Let's quantify to the best of our sociological imaginations what % the dumbass kids were old-school terrorists in contradistinction to how much this was death by internet related.

Afterwards, cheese and whine will be provided.

God Bless the Audience!

*** Important Update ***

There will be bonus points for the use of any solid college words. Spelling mistakes will be docked except for the case of misspellicisms, that style of writing which originated from an obscure, 21st Century historic troll going by the pseudonym of donkeybreath.

I will note that the bombers appeared to be trying to shatter people's legs. That is horrific. Oh, another thought. Massachusetts is anti-death penalty. The Federal govt. is not. I am not sure if that issue will be a factor.

Let the kid live out his life. We could learn from his experience. Or just do to him what you claim was so evil he did to others. Sheesh.

And let's not jump to any Alex Jonesian, idiotic conclusions. Let's keep it real.

And let's finish this blog entry before I start talking about Mayor Menino's accent. Didja know we ye here in Boston call him Mumbles? Or that Opie and Anthony (famous now in NY or wtf) started in Boston and got fired after doing an April Fool's joke on there said aforeclaimed Mr. Mumbles?

now you know the rest of the story


donkeytale said...


I'll have you know I've trending to number 2 on the DFQ2 pop charts with my mailed-in Hamsher fluff piece and even my freaking golfing entry has charted.

So there.

This is perhaps the mailed in entry of the century, a definite winner in that it asks the audience, which consists entirely of me, to comment on something that has already been commented upon ad nauseum by your audience, which again, consistes of me. Well except for the lurkers.

And the Palooka Warriour.

donkeytale said...

What have you against pffugee?

The Dave comparison with FSZ is inapt.

Dave was singled out for punishment at FSZ (as were Eric, Byron, noom, you and I, for that matter) while you have treated with the same lack of respect as everyone else at pffugee.

WTF? You are demanding appearnace fees and a larger dressing room now?

donkeytale said...

Oh yes, and duly noted that you swiped my "Brothers Taranzov" schtick which I swiped from some MSM article.

This concludes today's inside the beltway Democratic Leadership Council Agit Prop.

Go, Hilliary, go. I truly believe it will be well worth it to have Big Bill back as First Lady. The schticking potential of that eventuality is literally endless...

socrates said...

Ok, it looks like we need to stop and smell the coffee, i.e. correct your litany of preconceptions.

You're only charting because that's where our comments are piling up. People have to click on the entries to get to mine. Yours are there too, but they probably scroll past those quickly to get to mine.

It's the way it goes when you're a Smitty to my moonshining Robert McCain. I actually think you're Pete Best. You have some skills, but your ego is preventing you from fitting in with the other lads.

Dude, there's also no reason to make fun of Tomas El Patuca de Libertad. He wasn't a contra. I was wong. He is a conspiracy theorist of the highest order. I do worry about the kid taking this new world order thingie a bit too seriously.

As for the Brothers Karamazov schtick, I missed you using that. Mine was actually a satire of a lampoon on that very schtick. That is where the originality occurred.

Now if you have a problem with that, take it up with the DFQ2 creative arts committee, by which I am also a member. Maybe the only member. Ok, I make stuff up and it gets goofy.

You just have to accept your weather is no good for baseball. That is why you will never win a World Series. You should grow up and accept that.

If it were camels playing the game and not dumbass rednecks who got lucky, then Texas for baseball would make sense.

Or fricken carry on the way you are. Heck, build a hockey arena and bring in an NHL team. Yeah that would make a lot of sense. Not. Wow.

socrates said...

This is awful. This is the worst from the internet. Did Reddit kill this person?

Body of missing college student Sunil Tripathi falsely accused of being the Boston Marathon bomber found

socrates said...

This one you might want to donkratise. A source of mine has informed me that kid's been missing for a month. There could be a lot of openings there to be prescient.

Quite the coincidence or something.

I have been busy with real life, for crying out loud. I thought this was kinda sorta not mailed in but a bit humorous. Or hummus. You ever try that? The best is falafel. They are like meatballs for the vegetarian.

donkeytale said...

I loves me some hummus.

Almost as much as I loves me a hummer.

I believe we should have two sub charts
one for alltime masterpieces and another for mailed in entries. This would be akin to having a classic rock chart next to metal, or wtf.

You dominate the masterpiece theatrics. O/T but did you see that Sybil Edmonds has ridden the false flag schtick back to te top?

Hey now.

Led Zeppelin didn't write songs that everyone liked Garth. They left that to the BeeGees.

donkeytale said...

No doubt the secret to our recent success lies in our threadwork.

We are master debaters fer shure.

donkeytale said...

Not to shock you or anything by actually going on topic but I blieve I did read somewhere that the federales do often take local rules into consideration when trying capital crimes. I have a sneaking suspicion that djoker may get life if he cops a plea and acts winsome and forgivable in the process. Especially if no foreign jihadi connections are established or they find out he's really black or Mexican, in which case he fries.

socrates said...

I dominate the masterpieces only because this is the internet. In college those essays would be lucky to garner a C+. Ok,maybe they are better than that. I darn well know fr sure without beinng a conceited ass, the shite I've blogged has been sorta kinda interesting.

That's all supertrolls like us were trying to do. We are not criminals. We are not total creepazoids.

We are obnoxious. We do make love to the mirror on more than a couple occasions. Sometimes we are annoying in a contrarian way. But that's the ticket, i.e. the stuff,the keep your shirt on stuff, the we are not the enemy stuff, the actual stuff stuff. The real stuff. Picture Ed Grimley making a funny face. That's what I'm talking about.

We now pause for a moment, as I wake and bake. Haha! ..........

Baking coffee. Not sure what ye were thinking,why I oughta a wise guy youse better listen to me, Edith!

I present a stream of consciousness which is above being a waste of time but below being high quality comedy. It is what it is.

There's just something about us, where people get jealous.... Or they think being a herd and attacking us is some kind of funny honour.

But we are still standing. Our detractors have either conceded they were wrong or no one hears from them anymore.

Speaking of Sybel, no I didn't hear she is back at the conspiracy trovel. That was bizarre her ending up as a regular at Brad Blog.

Dude, it's not that it was rocket science to figure out the Brads and Bretts. The puzzle was solving how to beat them.

I took a few head shots, will not deny that. But I am still standing. I continue to come straight out and tell the world Brad Friedman is a con artist. Because he is. Because that's factual.

If I'm forced to cough up who told me he was a wild drug addict which explained why he was so fried for internet stuff, then so be it. I didn't make that up. A somewhat prominent election integrity activist Brad Friedman also smeared told me he had/has some major drug problems.

What's Edmonds' excuse? Who the f*** is she and why should we care? What about Valerie Plame and Joey Wilson? They have been buddies with Jason Leopold and subsequently tied into that garbage milieu.

Ron needs to wake up and start kissing my pimply ass more for what I did. I was prescient. Not to mention precious and adorable. And humble. What was the question?

socrates said...

I took your advice to heart. Scroll down to bottom of right margin. Maybe we should add a couple more categories. So far we have Masterpieces and Mailed-In. We could perhaps have a Bwad-Bwett section. Fricken I don't know. This is too much work.

socrates said...

Aaah, I'll turn this into a hobby. Over time every entry will be placed into a category. Then the old-school archive can either be deleted or dropped to the bottom of that exciting, right margin section.

donkeytale said...

Iust searched Alexa and this blog is killing Pffugee. DFQ2 is 6.9 million ranked blog while pffugee is 10.4 million.

Some of this has to do with your interest on the right where I believe there a larger number of smaller yet relevant blogs that network together, which adds to incoming audience.

The left tends naturally to fewer but larger more monolithic blogging experiences. The kind we tend to get banned from.

Plus you are pulling eyeballs from your twitter feed.

Or maybe those are spam bots.

donkeytale said...

The Sybil thingie is called or wtf.

Sorry my linking is off this week as I am doing this schtick from blackberry and never figured out how to embed links from that piece of crap phone.


donkeytale said...

I must confess she's pretty hot, which is the only reason I have any interest whatsoever.

SOmebody somewhere, like at FDL is pimping her schtick. Maybe. I disremember where I ran across her.

socrates said...

Alexa is very unreliable.... We have hit some good #'s recently with about 250 page views a day. If we improved our act, the next hurdle would be 10,000 views per month.

donkeytale said...

This more or less ends this weeks spamming of DFQ2 by yurs twuly.

I did also read somewhere that some mama just got indicted for pimping a donation scam about her 9year old kid having cancer.

Again, no linky thingie. SOrry.

socrates said...

Yes, she has her boiling frog thingie, but it's also true she was a so-called Bwad-Blogger.

Her schtick originally had great traction. She was hot, but besides that as a translator for FBI she fricken reeked of a sweetie-pie whistleblower. I think she even got pimped out by Sixty Minutes. That's good stuff, cheap.

donkeytale said...

I agree that at one time we both had superiour acts.

However, I'm pretty much forced into mailed-in entry mode these days.

But thats life in this internet addiction we call the whiteysphere

socrates said...

I'll also add Googler is very strict for page views. Same as Youtube which is now google. Though even before the merge whatnot, YT was very strict also for that. So page views could be one cheetoh-breath clicking a million pages. I don't know. I don't mean to imply you eat cheetohs while black berrying.

socrates said...

Hmmm. I've been thinking of dropping a dime on that sort of cancer scam. That's the kind of shite that people from both sides of the political aisle can agree on; Lock 'em up and throw away the key.

donkeytale said...

I dont thinks. I've followed the stats and I believe the page views are unique users. Perhaps if you used Thor or wtf, you could trick it up, but whose got the time for that BS?

socrates said...

People think we can roll out of bed and churn out masterpieces. Perhaps once the new playlist is completed, it will be an easier blog to navigate.

socrates said...

Oops, I meant you'd need a lot of cheetoh eaters reading every entry, every day to skew the stats. I'm not sure how they are with spiders and robots. Clearly real people are reading this. Twitter is a form of reader magnet.

But beware the ides of Triple F. What is the end game? Perhaps we have completed it and these are our glorious Bill Russell days interviewing Kevin Garnett and whatnot.

socrates said...

I'm not out to cheat stats. A small blog seems to be able to get 200 views by showing up with a minimum of quality. I guess Pffugee can't even generate that.

socrates said...

The problem was Laurajohn couldn't keep it real like Peeder did. She contaminated the free speech process.

You have to have the generic good easthetic. Rotate all the posts and stuff in a communistic manner.

You also have to be vigilant as a King Solomon power that is.

I love the Palestinians as much as anyone. I hate the imperial nature of our beloved America, minus Texas, arizona, and Utah. Uhm. I'm done.

socrates said...

I mean, Pffugee flunks out. Like when the antiwar movement against Iraq War got turned into cointelpro styled Free Palestine schtuff. I know. I blogged it. Just me memory ain't so good. Oh alas to the days of whipper snapper -ness.

donkeytale said...

I think Alexa ranks are based on blogs linking in, not page views per se.

For instance MKW, which is essentially dead still ranks higher way higher because MSOC assiduously courted the other loosers in her milieu.

MLW ranks an unbelieveable 728,000!

And they get like three comments a month.

Pffugee courts nobody and doesnt play with SEO schtick like google does and you have done.

Also your rightwing fame and Twitter has helped.

That said I agree with you on PFF and Laura's stupiddity. Its obvious. Matty jack was a much better pseudo Peeder, in fact.

Laura killed the zeitgeist by ramming Fairleft bullcrap down verybody' throat to the point we couldnt take it anymore.

Even Byron gave up on FL's schtick.

I'm done.

You dunn good.

donkeytale said...

all that schtcik categorised on the right side and I get 1, just one, entry? And really not a great effort, either.


At least my teen porn classic is holding onto to number 2 on the top of the pops.

Ther's no telling where it would be had I actually embedded the vid at the top instead of hdidng behind a subtle, non-telegraphed 'a href' linky thingie.

But that's me. Didnt want to offend the delicate sensibilities so much that I gave up a sure decade or so at numero uno.

donkeytale said...

If only Peg Entwhistle had been named Barbara Stanwyck her lonelyheart wouldn't be relegated to nowhere. Poor dear cant even crack the lower rungs of the top last 7 days. Did she make any porn videos before she off'd herslf?

'Toot my End whistle, Meg'

Funny, no one remembers John Entwhistle anymore either.

donkeytale said...

She's probably looking down from heaben (or up from the other place if she was a catilick) and LHAO being stuck w 2 loosers on the 6.9 millionth ranked blog in the whiteysphere and her story cant even grab a whiff of the hit list.

Hopefully enough people will read this schtick and go over and give Peg a roll.

The least they could do is get her charted.

Just so long as she doesnt displace my Miss Teen Delaware hottie

donkeytale said...

In fact, I think it would good for our readers to peruse the Porn entry and then the Peg entry.

Would seem rather invigourating, like jumping naked from a swedish sauna into a snowbank.

Im done.

donkeytale said...

OK, I cannot tell a lie.

(Mainly because I'm an anonymouse coward)

I skipped the snow bank and took two turns in the sauna.


donkeytale said...

Hey, Lydia Rodriguez in the casa.

Peg was pretty hot, actually, altho she wasnt really photogenic. Maybe if you had been around then you could teach her how to make love to the mirror and perhaps she could then have transfrred those talents to the camera. HOLLYWOODLAND is the cruelest town.

She needed to lose the hat.

donkeytale said...

And she charted!

This buds for you Miss Entwhistle, God rest your tortured soul. Save a warm spot for me.

If you see my mommy tell her how much I miss her and sorry for all the disappointment and heartache I caused her.

Come to think, dont sweat it about that spare seat.

One more heartache for mommy and me / separated for e-tern=i-tee

donkeytale said...

That concludes todaz pat stadding and diary pimping

socrates said...

I'm not sure about the new right side schtick. It takes time to put together.

We are not the 9 millionth or whatever blog. Unless you pay money to get stats or are a big website, you do no not matter even when you do.

We do alright. And if you ever write something of historic value, you too will chart google quite well, Jimmy. Let me get you your milk and cookies....

So, do you think I should scrap this new project or carry on? It might look good at the end, but that could take a chunk of life to organise, maybe time better spent trying to hook up with Peggy Entwistle via a ouija board or whatnot.

You act like that story was no big deal, but her stepson was Uncle Bill from Family Affair whose dad abused her. If my memory is correct. I write these beauts then forget about them.

I'm not talking about Mr. French. This was actually Uncle Bill. And even Bette Davis was enamoured with Miss Peggy's acting chops.

So in conclusion, GROW UP!

socrates said...

I think you wrote one of the ones in the satanic panic folder.

socrates said...

Maybe I should make a Bwad & Bwett section. That would fricken take up most of it. Or perhaps I should simply rename the blog, All Entries Are Mailed In. Thus there would be no need for the right side margin project. Then I could get on with my internet life.

donkeytale said...

Her lack of photogeneity was the problem.

Uncle Bill was an obvious alkie. In that show it always seemed that he was pained to be doing TV playing second banana to a kiddie act. But the older niece? Hey now...

Funny story, but as a kid my folks would do weird things in the heat of summer like drive us a few miles from home to spend the weekend at a dingy motor motel by the San Bernardino Freeway so we could frolic in the swimming pool.

I remember going there twice and both times running into Mr. French hisself going into an out of one of the rooms followed by a much younger man.

Now recall that we lived in the smogbound working class Mexican section about 10 miles east of downtown, nowhere near Hollyweird.

This place was a dump even by our town's standards.

I remember my parents looking at each other in amazment and arching their eyebrows. This was I believe just a few short years before Family Affair.

The second time I think my dad, who was a cocky little bantam rooster of a Cagneyesque tough guy (and still going strong at 86) actually engaged French in a brief convo.

"He says he owns the place and the other guy works for him" he reported back to mummy with a snort. It was probably true and all, but WTF?

donkeytale said...

I understand if the work effort is too daunting. I just couldn't sleep last night so was ripping up the jernt while you were no doubt twittering about smartly.

Why not just run a few selected oldies but goodies from time to time, say 3-4 obvious rotating classics? But, y'know, give me, Rowan to your Martin, a bit of a roll in there too...

Dont get me wrong, I love all your schtick and the threads of course are generally sublime works of art in themselves.

And yes for sheer eyeballs you can never go wrong with the Bwett,I'm not sure that Bwad means that much to the rightysphere. He seems to be your personal nemesis more than anything.

I just find him boring. Bwett's actually a much more historical, colourful character who has struck a chord among the wingnutters.

Who are definitely good for business. I'm sure a steady diet of schtick about them would drive this place thru the clouds.

I don't think you have much game left is the problem. HOF skills remain for the occasional triple double in the playoffs, but not the energy to wade thru an 82 game regular season to nab a top seed necessary to regain the crown.

You are kinda the Paul Pierce of the whiteysphere.

donkeytale said...

OK, I did some voluminous research (AKA briefly scanning the Wikipod) and Brian Keith was only related to Entwhistle for like 2 years.

Keith also killed hisself shortly after his daughter also killed herself.

He suffered from lung cancer, same as me hardliving mumma.

Why people smoke ciggies I'll never understand. Actually I do understand why having smoked a bit here and there myslef in younger daze but today with so much cheap generic drugs available like Xanax, cheaper than cigs actually, and relatively harmless if you dont overdue it or mix with teh alcohol (oh baby, dont ever do that, trust me) you can remain calm and whole seeming without resorting to poisoning yourslef and yur immediate surroundings.

I've actually had a late life turnabout on teh weed, btw.

I think it is much worse for you mentally/emotionally than generally is believed because the effects are so subtle and some are actually good for you, especially the heightened sensitivity.

But clearly, without teh weed I am a much better all around human bean. No doubt about it.

Crappier blogger tho.

donkeytale said...

Entwhistle it says here was actually a famous Broadway actress who just didnt quite make the transition to the talkies.

So it wasnt like she was a disillusioned starving nobody. She had depression during the depression. Befor anyone really understood depression.

Again, the movies require a certain look that you dont need to get on the stage because no one in the audience can get as close as the camera does.

I loves me sum good stagecraft actually more than the movies.

People killing themselves is always an interesting moral and philo dilemma. I totally understand it tho especially if you are wracked with terminal,painfulillness such as lung cancer.

What a way to go.

See my "Unbearable Triteness of Blogging" masterpiece which of course should find a home somewhere on the right side of DFQ2 in the best of the best section.

Not that I'm complainin or anyting like dat...


socrates said...

I don't know. It sounds like too good a story. I'm not so quick to even believe it was the actual Frenchy.

You're just making up crap to justify quitting weed. The problem now is the weed is too good. I just want to get baked not whacked out.

The side panel is a work in progress. It could take months to pull it off. I think everything should eventually be linked. Then put the old school archives at the end.

All these things can be tweaked.

I'd say if she hadn't jumped from the sign, the story never would have been known.

I think you're onto something about Hollywood requiring a certain look. She was too real. Like a method actress before her time. Maybe if she'd been born Frenchy, it would have worked out with her opposite Jean Gabin or wtf.

A lot of stuff has been going on. Yeah, if I came up with a rare triple double, we'd get a boost... but then there'd be a market correction.

donkeytale said...

That one was true. Celebrity sightings in LA are pretty common but that was a weird one because of the place and part of town. And looking back it was more my parents suggesting French was gay. He probably did own the place and the guy did work for him and they were simply holding a meeting.

But there was no mistaking Mr. French. He was a unique presence and all over the TV in those days.

OK, I did see the mailed-in entry I made. That was also a strange relationship, knowing a guy who knew one of the accused McMartin preschool workers and immediately calling BS on it.

Like everyon else around I was easily swayed into believing the story too. But my colleague was very convincing and angry about the story, which was all the rage in LA during those days. He had grown up with this chick. They were family friends all their lives. He was like, there is no way any of this stuff is true. Its insanity. Ray Buckey is being railroaded for nothing, its pointless. I think he'd already been in jail several months at that point.

He was totally, immoveably convinces while all this fake media schtick was building a huge artifice around a myth.

That totally ruined several people's lives.

This blog sure could use some Bob and TLNL. They are both definitely the ying to our yang.

donkeytale said...

One of my all time fave celebrity bits was at Santa Anita racetrack, a place I spent far too much of my wayward youth playing the ponies, even as I had so little money in those daze it was easy for me to hit the track and evade another boring day.

My dad did gardening and landscaping in and around Arcadia where SA sits, a beautiful art deco jewel set amidst the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains. Arcadia, Pasadena, Sierra Madre, all fairly wealthy burbs of LA and also only 15 min by fwy from our barrio casa. My dad had another layabout who worked for him and every day of racing season we would study the Pasadena Star News track section, the Daily Racing Form beginning at breakfast and thru each of our numerous coffee breaks thru the morning coming up with 2-3 daily double selections each.

Normally, we placed our bets thru a bookie who was a friend of my dad's, a barber who also owned a pizza joint but on this day he happened to be in jail for fencing stolen propertyor wtf. That dude dabbled in everything. He was an Italian and clearly had mob connections looking back. My dad was always sort of on the outskirts of that milieu, he definitely had also received some stolen goods from time to time too.

Anyway, Joe the Barber was incapacitated and since w were near the track it was decided that I would go over, place the bets and hand around through the second race in case one or more of us got lucky.

And as usual, we all whiffed on the first race which meant there was no reason to stay for the second. So I exited the building and headed dejectedly for the truck in the back of the parking lot, which was filled with cars but devoid of people, since the day's card had just started. Off in the distance I see someone rushing up between the rows of autos heading toward me. I instinctively braced myself as he rushed up.

"Has the second gone off yet?"


"Who won the first race?"

"Yola's Dadjoe."

The man nodded and hurried off toward the clubhouse entrance.

Agent 86, Maxwell Smart!

donkeytale said...

And see, check this out, oh skeptical one.

"The reason that Bill Dana starred in “Ice Station Siegfried” is that Don Adams had a terrible gambling habit, lost his ass in Vegas, and had to perform there for two weeks FREE for “the boys” or they might get angry. So the producers excused him for two weeks (one was a hiatus week anyhow) and Bill showed up, and all we had to do was change "86" to "Agent Quigley" or whatever his name became in the script."