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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

This is My New Blog Entry

elusive autograph of notorious, signing grinch Patrick Ewing

I now see my buddy Pat is against giving his signature to fans. I don't blame him. The memorabilia industry is part and parcel of an America gone cold. Sports used to be about innocence. Any of us could have taken a crack at it. Then it became all about the money.

I loved basketball. I knew Ewing was gonna make it big. Cambridge Rindge and Latin's record with him was amazing. They didn't lose many games.

(on edit: Somehow I went on a digression. Yeah, big surprise. The following is superfluous to this entry and needn't be read. Something got mailed into the mailed-in entry. Sorry for any inconvenience... It's about doing the right thing on every issue. That means drastic cuts in the corrupt Military Industrial Complex. It's that simple. Jobs. Environment. Housing, health care, and food for all. It could be done very easily.)

Anyway, Ewing's autograph sells for big bucks. Mine appears to be the only personalised one. Or maybe there are some others out there. I doubt there are more than a relative few. Or I bet they were signed because he got paid. I bumped into him randomly. I asked and received. I must have been a very cute kid.

Mine was also obtained when he was 18. It could be the oldest Ewing autograph of all time!

And check it out. He wrote it fluently like he cared. The next year or two when he went to Georgetown he gave up on signing because no one was asking for his teammates'. I know it's in pencil and on a scrap of paper, but for crying out loud, Ewing wrote down the date! I was a smart bugger for 14, I must say. Maybe this thingie is worth five grand. Or maybe not. It could be worth five hundred, if I can only figure out a buyer. How does one figure out the value of such a thing?

Seriously, go to google images and plug in for his autograph. Good luck finding any besides the ones he'd do for say his sneakers or some rare sittings. Google Ewing something for autographs. He is being blasted across the blogospheric board for not giving them. I could use the money, if someone knows who to contact. Authenticating it is not a problem. I was there. Signature experts will confirm it is Ewing's writing.

myself from a few months ago. obviously a nice, good guy

This is wicked awesome no longer being internet addicted. That means I can kick back and write anything I want or nothing at all. There's plenty of good stuff in the archives, that if so desired, I could retire from blogging at an early age. That was a joke. Haha. uh uhm

I noticed a few referrals. They are not always spam bots. Some website named linked to us in a thread on Alex Jones. It linked to the Rivero Exposed as right woos left Joo hater or something entry. That person has been banned. I googled some more and anyone interested can read what a different bloke wrote.

Op-Ed: The hijacking of 12160

He too was banned.

I also saw that Mike Rivero is a member of that oddly numbered website url. I don't know wtf is going on. The Last Name Left has been missing in action for quite a while. He would probably be able to explain. He was the go-to expert for Rivero/Jones milieu analysis and zeitgeist conjecture. He and I struck a mutual chord in regards to right woos left. A note also finally picked up on by "el talent" donkeytale.

And for the rest of you still reading this, the four or five of you, here are the demographics from this last week's visitors to DFQ2.

United States: 675
France: 154
Russia: 89
Germany: 65
Indonesia: 54
Canada: 51
Poland: 30
United Kingdom: 27
Hong Kong: 13
Latvia: 10

Here's my Johnny Cash to Neal Rauhauser. I've led a good, decent life as a regular guy. I look good. You are some form of slimy freak.


socrates said...

For some odd reason I am thinking of the movie line, "My name is Sam."

socrates said...

I used to look like Michael J. Fox. Now I look like Curt Schilling. That thought makes me sad. Point to Rauhauser.

donkeytale said...

My guess is we are popular among the chicks in France, Russia, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

Pretty much dudes elsewhere.

But printinting actual pix of yurslef:

not sure that will excite the masses.

And so, you are pushing 50, is that it?

RIOTOUSE! You dont look a day over 43.

donkeytale said...

Also I stole yur right/left, woos schtick here:

Maybe this will help your comeback in the hits dept.

Looks like I've been mostly hauling the freight this year...