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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wow, Just Wow

*** 2nd Even More Important Update ***

Ramsey did not lie. Ramsey is a hero. I was wrong and got confused. I'm sorry, Mr. Ramsey. Ye gotta listen to his 911 call. Again, what's up with the fricken cops? I guess it will all come out in the wash. And will Jodi Arias get the death penalty? I hope not. She is pretty nutty and must stay in prison forever.

*** Important Update ***

I have cropped out the little girl from the picture. Also, breaking news is that the dude who spoke to Anderson Cooper and was given hero love by the masses was an outright liar. It was a low key Hispanic fella who broke in the front part of a double door letting Amanda crawl out with the kid.

The cops, meanwhile, are doing their usual yeah we are liars but most people are as stupid as us and love us silly, wave the flag, eat cheetohs, etc.. Pervert dude was confronted in gas station by donut eater and should have been arrested but wasn't. It's kind of a tangent. I definitely don't hear much on witnesses saying shithead asswipe was leading girls around in the backyard by a leash and that they reported it.

Just think of how much of a creep the dispatcher was. Police and law enforcement in America are dreadfully vile and menacing. And that is a story too.


It's innocent until proven guilty for the three brothers accused of kidnapping three girls and holding them for ten years in Cleveland. Though it's difficult to believe one person could have pulled that off. We are basically in a wait and see mode until all the facts emerge.

This one evokes all of the emotions. There is joy that the young women have been saved. Kudos of course go to the dude/bro who took the initiative to check out the screams for help from Amanda. No kudos go to the dumbass dispatcher who seemed to think the whole thing was a prank call. No kudos go to the mass media who will milk this one for all it's worth. They must be salivating, as now they don't have to worry about what to do next since the Jodi Arias story is winding down.

The big question, imho, is how much of this is going on? We all know there are psychotics. A whole country called Germany went mobster crazy back in the 1930s and 1940s. There will be nothing new under the sun discussing why anyone would have done this.

That's about it. I have a real life to lead. I am no longer internet addicted. Ye won't see me pounding out stuff like I've done in the past. You might not see me at Twitter ever again except to link to new blog entries.

I had something new on the back burner, but it doesn't seem doable for an entry after all.

I used to be on the net as a form of life. Ruts are not easy to escape. I have gotten very lucky the last couple months. I am not going to give the details. I'll just say that of all the people who can be linked to internet convolution in regards to Brett Kimberlin, the Breitbart cult, and Weinergate, I am the only good person with a clear head on his or her shoulders. The rest are not people one would want to break bread with.

I put up my bio a while back. I had to. I had to explain my side of things. I done good. The rest of the people are garbage. The only thing one can say about them, including 100% dirtbag Neal Rauhauser and cybersmearer Ron Brynaert, is that they didn't kidnap three girls and hold them for ten years. Brett Kimberlin, however, is a whole other story; one I made sure would become well known. I'm talking about both his past and the internet hoaxing. I made sure that he wouldn't get away with nothing from nobody.

Mandy Nagy, Patrick Frey, Brad Friedman, even freaks like Lane "Qritiq" Lipton, can kiss my ass. And so can Speedway Bomber Bwett!


donkeytale said...

I think a little Johnny Cash is definitely caled for here.

donkeytale said...

HahaI seet what youi did.

My latest mailed in entry topped your Fyodor fluff piece so you decided to post this.....can this even be considered mailed in?

More like one tomate can with string that you forgot to connect to the tomato can on the other end.

Haha; just kidding.

We havent been fighting enough lately. You been crushing to hard on Ron. I'm getting a wee bit jealous with all the love yur serving him on Twitter.

Great way to go out though, 165 consecutive tweets rehashing every single grudge you hold against him...

socrates said...

The only thing more dumbass than Twitter are those cell phones that let you make posts. You'd have to have the fingers of a baby to be able to type without typos.

What gets me most about this story is how do three brothers decide this is ok for being in cahoots? I could see robbing a bank, fricken going to a baseball game, etc.. Not so much like hey guys, how would you feel if we kidnap three young girls, lock them in a basement, and have them mother us some kids?

Uhm, I might have more to say on the other thread with another of your recent comments. It is simply feeling like a good time to quit Twitter. As I also feel it is the right time to say, I do declare I am finally over my obssessione with whatnot and stuff.

It was a good run. We done good. I climbed up the zeitgeist ladder. You did too by becoming a Pulitzer Prize winning author of the Troll Wars series. I'm not saying it's fair I get most of the glory over yourself.

I think of it more like we are #3 and #4 hitters. One of us hits for average, while the other clears the bases. Both hitters are needed to protect the other or the opposing pitcher can pitch around us.

socrates said...

Now I'm getting confused. Piers Morgan and John Walsh are saying if the cop had arrested him at the gas station, the whole house of cards would have been uncovered. Not sure I understand that.

Earlier analysis said it was good he wasn't arrested, so baby wouldn't starve of whatnot.

Now I am hearing Castro beat his wife severely but somehow the cops didn't arrest him for that.

Bizarre. There's a lot going on with this one.

socrates said...

Sorry for bad grammar/writing here and there. It's usually because I was in a rush and obviously didn't proofread.

donkeytale said...

Methinks the typos add sommething to the mix, I'm just not sure what. Its like Shakespeare's wherefore art leftier than thou, the archaic English is what makes it Shakespeare or the King James version of the Bible where you just can't sub "you family of snakes" for "you brood of vipers" and receive that same feeling of divine benediction in the solar nexus.

The typos are an essential component of the donkeytale exerience. Will future scholars ponder the significance of mispellicism? Eh, probably not.

However, who woulda thunk then that some unknown Dutch madman whose simplistic canvases seemed rendered by a paint huffing third grader with severe schizophrenia would now be considered a Clean up hitter in everyone's fantasy artworld beisbol team?

Fame after death seems so 19th century. Since art is dead and replaced by the massive churning of mailed in entries I suspect we will be forgotten the instant we croak.

If not sooner.

And that's probably a net gain for the Universe on the intergalactic Karma scAle

donkeytale said...

Didn't I see where 2 of the 3 Castro Bros were cut loose for non involvement. I bin scarcely following this story except as a run of the mill horrified father and grandfather of females of the species.

I must also confess to once having a sex slave of mine own (her idea as a consenting adult) for a time. So, yes I am a sadist. Or was, for that short period, less than a year. And therein lies the problem with the sexual perversity lifestyle. You are drawn like a moth (one with an immense boner) to a flame that and "normal" is never quite the same.

You either marry her or the lifestyle or chain yourself to the memory, which is both titillating and vaguely nauseating in equal measure. And outside of the sexual attraction we had nothing. Or maybe if we possibly did we were too busy extinguishing ourselves in our mutual obsession to ever explore the social side of our relationship.

Abandon all hope ye who mail in entries here.

socrates said...

Yesterday I went minimalist with the right side. Then remarkably a headache cleared.

The recent comments schtick seems superfluous. It's basically us right now on this thread after the last one and so on and so on and so on.

I socratised that. It was originally spouted by Horatio Wigglehorn in Shakespeare's in his now forgotten Hither Gone Wild in Crumpetville; a schtick I might add that was lifted by not only some shampoo ad, but some dude who suckers young chicks into revealing their boobs. You can see them blocked out on late night infomercials.

Ok, I made up that last paragraph.

You nailed it. It's a yin-yang. We've been programmed to think there are two sets of babes. There are the ones we want Momma to meet. Then there are the ones like you say either them or us is getting our butts whacked by a feather duster.

Haha, both thrilling and nauseating for the latter. That's vewy twue.

Hopefully the youngins realise that is a myth and do not have to make appointments to Dr. Wuth for std's.

The 80's man and AIDS changed it all. It was the equivalent of Woodstock or Altamont after the party ended. It seemed like a good idea at the time....

The thing about the Cleveland story is this. It couldn't just be those few imho. But as dickhead Dershowitz said, you can't have cops coming into every home to check for it. Something about our freedoms. He was referencing the lockdown whatnot in Boston and Watertown Masahujets.

Remember how GW said they hate us for our freedom? That we can't let them change our way of life? Two words: Patriot Act.

Or Spy Factory.

I was pwescient. I was a pwoggie twying to make a dwifference.

Perhaps the bottom line is don't mail in current events until they are outside of the rear view mirror. Otherwise, you'll be making a million updates saying I'm sowwy, the media done got it wong. So I am making a cowwection.

That wabbit.

Anyhoo, yeah, it looks like the two other brothers had nothing to do with it. But since cops lie, maybe they just said that. Folks can google cops lie. It's true. It's systematic.

There is a reason most people like weed while dislike the police/Feds/the man. This is snot not some fairleftian, crazy nutter stereotype.

If multiple witnesses report naked girls are being led by a leash, then you use your Judges to get in that house. One cop or spokesturd was trying to blame the people reporting it. Oh, the powice follow pwotocols and when people report things, they give wrong addresses or don't get their facts stwaight.

Same shite Cardinal Law used to say about the Church pedophile scandal, until he got his ass kicked to the curb many years after the molestations.

I don't know how that dude survives prison. There's a code of ethics even for them. It's like I sold coke or robbed a bank or killed someone out of passion. But I'd never do THAT (in italics). Some lifer with nothing to lose will get rid of him, no? Didn't that happen to Dahmer?

donkeytale said...

Actually, there is a stronger ethical code in the slammer than outside. In fact, there are no ethics outside at all, Just as there's only justice in the halls.

Yeah, that dude is going to have some problems unless he can get isolation from teh population.

Yes, I think Dahmer was knifed in the Men's Room (redundancy alert) while washing his hands after taking a huge dump.

I believe Dahmer was also a white upper middle class privileged scion who had a particular taste for Asian boys.

Just to counterbalance the sure to come tea bagger/fairleft cries to end immigration of poor Messkins because of this crime.

Even if this guy is a Rican. I dont think Ricans as they hail from a US colony can ever be considered illegal immigrants can they, even tho I heard some typically dumbassed newsbabe wondering aloud if the Bros were illegal?

donkeytale said...

Eh, maybe time for some NBA talk. Pretty interesting. If somehow you could eliminate San Antonio and Miama you could have you a very refreshing playoffs. As it is, all series are knotted at a game a piece and GS everbohdee's favourite dark horse (racial slur alert) would be 2 zip in a mo betta woild.

How about tht Curry kid? Talk about from downtown. Jeesh, he's ringing 3's from the exurbs.

And I always like Jackson as a playa and a commenter its no wonder he's the new Doc on the bloc.

Haha kidding.

Rivers is only my third fave, after Mickey and Mississippi, respectively. But hey, he went to Marquette, so give the guy a brake.

Not his fault the Celts are done. I mean c'mon, Rondo went down and they played as well w/o him as w him.

Still, it probably is time for a change at the helm and they shoukld probably show Ainge the door as well.

I always hated that punk for some reason.

socrates said...

Yeah, he's Puerto Rican and we have a nasty history shitting on their parades. I think they'd like to become a state but haven't even mailed in a looksie.

I know there was a fake assassination attempt on FDR. Dude's just wanted The Man's attention. Wasn't no Unabomber or Timothy McVeigh nutjob manifesto blow it up sctickie.

There's much debate on what was up with the dude who aimed higher and nailed McKinley.

It was a political assassination, imho. I'm not condoning it or nothing, but I doubt he was a madman.

Jodi Arias is a mad woman. She's also set the clock back for seeking out vixens. Loreena Bobbit could be thought of as a fluke. But this other chick makes Rauhauser look like a choir boy.

socrates said...

Or maybe it was Truman. I can't remember.

socrates said...

This is what I'm talking about. It'd be nice to have a big, lefty forum where it wasn't all this inane political chatter. It's the meaning of life stuff we should be after. You brainwash masses of people to ensure social and environmental justice.

The key is to avoid snoozing and let the commies take over.

As the libertarian than thou must defend from falling into the clutches of fascism. And on that note, I'm done, I'm done.

socrates said...

It seems a foregone conclusion Miami will win it. The only chance a team has is if they go big on them.

LeBroid bought a championship. At least Ainge wheeled and dealed for his money bags title.

King James could have made a lot more money and showed compassion and loyalty to Cleveland. He grew up in Ohio, for crying out loud.

Yeah, Rondo went down and the team actually got better for a while. Doc is clueless on offense. On defense, he goes too small ball and bans almost any attempt at an offensive rebound.

He's not too innovative, just for out of bound plays. Doc Rivers is the teflon coach. He's got a Ronald Reagan thingie going.

A few of us could see Doc was lousy years before anyone else. You don't know, because you don't watch every game.

socrates said...

You can click on the email follow-up option below and be notified of any new DFQ2 posts. That doesn't help lurkers of course.

socrates said...

You have to do that for each thread.

donkeytale said...

Yeah, I havent watched an entire basketball game, or any sporting event at all, really, from start to finish on TV for at least a few years now.

Probably the last was the year the packers won the SB...the older I get the more I realise time wasting should be interactive.

Plus, me wife is always riding me about this schtick. She doesn't get my grateness at all whatsoever. Imagine that. She actually thinks I'm rather stupid and lazy and focused on the wrong things in life, and of course she is correct.

To her credit, she also now believes Koreans have also succumbed to the American forms of decadence and in many ways is more critical of them for being soooo materialistic.

I try to tell her that you cant really blame them, since it wasn't all that long ago that Korea was a poverty stricken little backwater dependent primarily on horny GIs for foreign exchange but then I stop and think, oh yeah. She already knows that.

Why do we tell people shiite we know they already know, and then repeat it 3-400 times?

I dont really blame James for taking his talents to Miami, but obviously he gets no props for the move either. And unless and until he carries a team on his back to the title without a player of Wade's stature on the floor with him, his skins on the wall will always be a bit weak for me.

I always find him a rather sympathetic figure. I mean, he seems like a nice enough kid, not terribly bright but authentic enough.

But I think the Bron bashing is a bit overdone meself.

I'll be rootin for Golden State. I still recall the year in the 70s when I lived in SF riveted to my little protable B&W in the kitchen of me roach (both cock and weed) infested apt in the Haight. Even tho I lived just down the hill from the big TV antenna on Mt Sutro the reception sucked so badly it strained my eyes.

The Warriours were coached by Al Attles, rhymed with Battles, who was a sturdy little point guard in his playing days and a really good coach.

They had the player everyone loved to hate, the Danny Ainge of his era but a much, much better player, Rick Barry at small forward, rook of the year Jamaal "Silk" Wilks, who was also a small forward now that I think about it. I see on the wikipod he actually played power forward at like 6'5" and really no inside game at all. One of them must have played 2 guard on that team. A very average guard tandem in Butch Beard and Charles Johnson both of whom I vaguely remember playing over their heads on a hot streak and at center defensive specialist/rebounder also a rookie Clifford Ray.

they were a solid team oriented team, Celtic like in many ways, good helping defense, fast breaking, dependable outside shotmaking.

They came back against the heavily favoured Chicago Bulls to win the Western Conf in 7 games and then throttled the even heavier favoured Bullets of Wes Unseld and Elvin Hayes, unbelievably in 4 straight.

Inspiring. I loved me some Keith Wilks both at UCLA with Walton and on the Warriours.

A few years later he would star on the mighty Magic Showtime in LA coming as free agent, Le Bron like.

Man he was good. had that unorthodox jumper where he seemed to wrap the ball back around his head and fire a rainbow out of the deep corner. Very consistent big game player and perhaps the fastest wing man on the break of that era, at least until James Worthy came along and replaced him in later years. Worthy was bigger, even faster and much quicker with that short turn around jumper.

But Wilks was a great, somewhat underrated player because he played alongside some giants of the game.

donkeytale said...

OK, they were actually the 1 seed in the west that year, but it was wide open, they had only 48 wins, maybe what I recall is Chicago going up 3-2 in the series and outplaying GS badly in games 4 and 5.

donkeytale said...

Hard to argue with Barry's stat line:

30.6 points per game, led the league in steals and FT percentage, 6th in assists.

Finals MVP.

But OMFG, he was a conceited dick.

donkeytale said...

In an interview with the New York Post in 1985 and in several public speaking engagements, legendary coach Wooden stated, when asked to describe his ideal player: “I would have the player be a good student, polite, courteous, a good team player, a good defensive player and rebounder, a good inside player and outside shooter. Why not just take Jamaal Wilkes and let it go at that."

socrates said...

Rick Barry is a rednecked, cracker peckerwood, period. What the hell was he smoking to believe it was ok to mention to Bill Russell on tv his "watermelon smile?"

Those are the kinds of Americans who need to be collected by the spy factory and dumped off in Nazi Germany. Yup, I believe in time travel. Ok, I don't. I just got nothing to say on basketball from the 1890's. I was trying to engage you on current events.

It almost happened. But you are so averse to that kind of blog chattah, you'd rather have some clam chowdah.

socrates said...

That's a myth BronBron has something to prove because he plays with D-Wade.

Nope. I can count the number of NBA teams who won it with one star or less as approaching close to nil.

It's because the NBA has a star system. It is a microcosm of the real world where the common Joe will most likely never advance.

Did Larry Bird and Magic Johnson lead any teams to titles with no other real champion/star help?

I doubt it.

Just look at Barkley or Steve Carlton, from the Phillies that one year, for crying out loud. Or the juice from his Buffalo days. No man is an island.

donkeytale said...

Well, yeah of course. What I'm sayin is Lebron needs to win one where he is the clearcut star,its his team pyrriod, head and shoulders above the rest to get that alltime respect.

Like Kobe had to win one without Shaq where he was the clear team leader.

Alls I'm sayin.

Probably the only one star team to win in my recollection would be Walton's Portland team. His second banana was Maurice Lucas, a good but not great power forward, certainly as a player nowhere near the level of Dwayne Wade, who also won a title in 2006 with Shaq, but Wade oretty carried that team on his back to the title that year.

The Barry Waariours in 75 were a fairly innocuous group. Wilkes was never truly considered a star in the league.

donkeytale said...

Barry was a true shit. But he was a great team guy on the floor.

Like Havlicek he elevated the team by doing the things you needed to do to win games. I read somehere there is a stat about how every team Barry joined immediately added like 15-20 wins per year over the year before.

He joined the Warriours who were terrible and just his second year lead them all the way to the finals where they lost in six bruising games to mighty Sixers team, probaly the most talented top to bottom group in league history. The Warrious gave the 76s quite a battle after they had trounced Boston in the semis.

donkeytale said...

This just in tothe DFQ2 news desk.

Firedoglake is offline due to a "power outage" at the hosting service site.

Power outage...maybe the power went out because Jane couldnt pay her her utility bill?

Internet donations schemes just don't pay anymore.

More evidence that polarisation chases away billfolds.

The 60+ demographic probably doesn't help either.

The late great Chuck Muncie (aged 60) is non-living proof of the fail placing your eggs in that basket.

socrates said...

The best part of the emerging 60+ demographic is that a lot of them don't have a pencil lodged up their butts in regards to weed and other schtuff/schticks.

I heard the Bruins had an amazing hockey comeback. I ass-u-me(d) they were out of the fight for Lord Stanley's Cup.

Legend has it the locals back in 18th Century Saskatchewan used it as a makeshift latrine and their spirits laugh derisively at all the loooosers who get near it.

Or maybe that's the Blarney Stone. This is the internet. You can say whatever you want. You can even make up stuff.

Then you can go on Twitter and blah blah some more.

The internet sucks.

And that too is a blog entry.

socrates said...

You gotta figure either the Bruins and/or the Red Sox will win it all based on Boston Pride or whatnot from what happened at the marathon.

Consider what happened in 2001. Was a team called the Patriots going to lose in the months following September 11th? If we had been the N.E. Giants with New York being the Patriots, they would have won it all. That's how things work in this universe.

The Celtics simply didn't have the juice to see it through. But they did have that amazing fourth quarter run and put the fear of goddess into the Knicks. That was because of the bombings.

I have statistical analysis that proves this. But I am very busy and may not be able to post that documentation.

donkeytale said...

I'm going to predict here and now that no Boston teams will win championships during the next 12 months.

I state this without any knowledge of any of these teams, their relative standing within their respective sports or even who plays for them, outside of the Celts and Brady, plus Ortiz.

I'm just playin the averages.

Especially, I have no clue about the NBA playoff contenders, none seem particularly strong teams exceting the Heat.

I guess at this stage, if GS falls to the ancient Spurs I'll back whomever comes out of the Memphis-OKC thingies, which at this point appears to be Memphis. I couldnt name a single player on that team if my life depended on it.

donkeytale said...

Altho I guess a Spurs-Heat final could draw a few heightened eyebros, what with the ancients Duncan, Parker and Ginobili long past their primes trying to gut it out against a vastly more talented and athletic team.

Popovich the coach of the century to date, unless you must go conventional wisdom and take Jackson. Boring. Popp is a keeper.

The problem is I don't see SA getting past the Western final and maybe not even the semi.

If perchance they do limp their tired asses into My jammy this has all the makings of a broom series.

And no, I won't be paying attention either.

donkeytale said...

I created a brand new blogging new genre by taking a potential masterpiece and hastily modifying it into a mailed-in entry called Assad's Gotterdammerung.

oh wait, that's your standard schtick...darn, busted again.

Eh well, I'm too lazy even to cross post it here, besides its not SEO friendly enough to gain much traction and I sense you wont let me live down any flops now that you've consolidated your hold over Aleppo, er I mean the right side of the front page.

socrates said...

Your blogging downfall was a result of not realising most of us find political chatter extremely boring.

You are holding onto a part of the net which disintegrated back in 2006.

It's good that firedoglake has hit rock bottom. Now you might be able to move on with your life.

donkeytale said...

My blogging downfall was when I began to blog in 2004 on Daily Kos.

If only I'd logged into Democratic Underground instead, everything would have been different and I would be writing a regular political column today for the NY Times.

Bet on it.

donkeytale said...

I spent the weekend reading a few of our old threads and there can be doubt about it.

Our schtick is timeless.

Sure, we keep getting better and better with our banter, but let us face the unvarnished truth.

We are good.

No wonder we are the 6,711,383rd rated blog in the Whiteysphere.

We earned it.

donkeytale said...

LMAO with our 2010 NBA thread where I went on and on about the Mavericks and Dirk not being the right team concept to win an NBA title.


They won the NBA title in 2011.

In fact that may be the team that won a title with only one superstar.

I suppose you could count JKidd but the dude was like 40 and really it was an unheralded JJ Barea who led them in the backcourt.

But what a stunning victory against the hated Heat.

Cuban then promptly let Barea get away in free agency (I havent a clue where he went or what he's done since) but he was money against the Heat from the point guard slot, especially going to the hole.

Inexplicably, Cubes also let Tyson Chandler walk to the Knicks.

Gutting the team basically meant wasting the last few good years Dirk has left on a rebuilding effort.

If it werent for Jerry Jones, the man who epitomises the 8-8 record year in and year out, Mark Cuban would be the worst owner in Dallas.

They say he's become to enamored of his reality TV show, wtf it is.

donkeytale said...

Mainly I just logged in to check the stats.

I'm done.