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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Assange Inducts Snowden into the 'Useful Idiot' Hall of Fame

Julian Assange has a habit of stepping on his own dick [projection alert]. Now, it appears he has branched out and is stepping on someone elses, too. A lover of the media spotlight, Assange garnered most all of the props after Bradley Manning made him a superstar on the infotainment scene by secretly downloading a bunch of US government documents marked less than "Top Secret" to the Wikileaks website. As you may have heard, Manning himself perhaps chafing at the other fellow's acclaim based on his exploits, revealed the leak online to a federal snitch named Adrian Lamo and now stands to spend much of the rest of his life in the stockade. Meanwhile, Assange took his newfound rockstardom and ran with it all the way to Sweden, where he promptly butchered two casually awkward groupie assignations. Somehow these alleged miscues magically transformed into rape charges that have forced him to hide, perhaps for the rest of his life, inside the London embassy of a heretofore unknown country called 'Ecuador.'
That evening, Miss A held a party at her flat. One of her friends, "Monica", later told police that during the party Miss A had told her about the ripped condom and unprotected sex. Another friend told police that during the evening Miss A told her she had had "the worst sex ever" with Assange: "Not only had it been the world's worst screw, it had also been violent."
Assange's back-to-back poor performances were not a surprising circumstance. As everybody knows, Assange belongs to the exulted club of teh Asperger. People with high functioning autism are uniformly brilliant geniuses of the first rank, but they seem to have issues with social relationships. Don't ever fall in heated forms of like with one of these creatures. It will end badly. Bet on it. Ask Joan Baez or Sarah Dylan.
Dylan is known, of course, for being short on charm - as scores of abruptly discarded lovers and musicians will tell you. Ruth Tyrangiel, his common-law wife for 17 years, said that in all their time together his only gifts to her were a tangerine and a rose.
Or ask any of my three wives and countless lovers, for that matter. There is a very, very heavy price to pay for genius, as Bob and I both know so well.
Her account to police, which Assange disputes, stated that he began stroking her leg as they drank tea, before he pulled off her clothes and snapped a necklace that she was wearing. According to her statement she "tried to put on some articles of clothing as it was going too quickly and uncomfortably but Assange ripped them off again". Miss A told police that she didn't want to go any further "but that it was too late to stop Assange as she had gone along with it so far", and so she allowed him to undress her. According to the statement, Miss A then realised he was trying to have unprotected sex with her. She told police that she had tried a number of times to reach for a condom but Assange had stopped her by holding her arms and pinning her legs. The statement records Miss A describing how Assange then released her arms and agreed to use a condom, but she told the police that at some stage Assange had "done something" with the condom that resulted in it becoming ripped, and ejaculated without withdrawing.
Edward Snowden may or may not be an aspie. We have no idea if his girlfriend dumped him before or after he dumped government documents to the media. We cannot confirm at this time whether he is an expert in the sack [projection alert] or a sexual doof. But we do know he ain't heading to Ecuador anytime soon. And for that it appears he can thank one 'Julian Assange.' And the Russians, not to mention the Chinese, are loving every vindictive second of Snowden's efforts which may not have been done intentionally for their benefit. Well, uhh, y'know, ahhm, he just happened to flee to Hong Kong and then to Moscow...and as we espionage professionals know well from reading John Le Carre and Len Deighton religiously as teenagers, there are no such things as "coincidence" or "happenstance" in the spy business. Or in conspiracy theories, either...which are even more pervasive than spooking on the internet, and thats saying something in a post-Snowden world. Glenn Greenwald, care to reveal your paystubs now?
But on Wednesday the Kremlin apparently decided to hastily arrange two hourlong talk shows devoted to the case. Each focused less on Mr. Snowden himself than on the flaws of the United States and the threat posed by its intelligence apparatus. Aleksandr I. Shumilin, a political analyst who was invited to appear, said he had turned down the request, sensing that the result would be a “mighty propagandistic blow: not a shot from a pistol, but a shot from a cannon.”
Say, whatever happened to that Bradley Manning character anyway?


Bill Schmalfeldt said...

I'll ask once more. Are you interested in helping to bring Aaron Worthing to justice? If not, that's fine. You've been through enough. If you are, I've given you ways to contact me. Be well, be happy.

socrates said...

For those interested, myself and Bill had an exchange through Twitter this morning.

socrates said...

Hey donkeytale, thanks for posting this. I haven't read it yet but look forward to doing so.

We have already had a full day of page hits and it's just after 10 a.m.. 229 views.

donkeytale said...

Must be spyder bots or Grouchie brought his fan base with him.

Maybe the NR/BBLOL mentions did the trick....if so, we are generating advance gate for your eagerly awaited socratisation, which like Godot never seems to appear...

Yes, this a mailed-in masterpiece.

Be sure to click all the links people....

donkeytale said...

I'm moving the convo to a new thread, following the excellent example of our friend (haha I almost didnt type the 'r' by accident).

Ok, there is actually quite a lot of reportage about Brown, especially locally in the GOP Dallas Morning News and the GOP lite Dallas Observer.

Plus reams of other online content.

I think you can chock much of his dilemma up to internet hubris. This is a familiar saga to those of us who have been unfairly banned. The difference here of course is that he went after the ultimate blog hosts--the federales-- and he did so in an extremely ridiculous manner on youtube.

The only part that really plays for me is the extent that he's being punished for linkage to Anonymous.

He claimed insider status, or at least implied it, or was given it by the media.

That would take more exploration than I can afford at the moment.

I did find out where he's locked up. I very well may reach out to him after I read your forthcoming opus d opie.

donkeytale said...

He seems to acknowledge as much.

Assuming the Feds have a weak case in the serious aspects of the charges beyond the stupid threat youtubes, I might advise him to take the course of contrition that he penned in his missive from jail:

"I shudder when I look back on some of the things I wrote or said when I got my first real taste of power at the dawn of 2011, and I continue to bring shame upon myself and upon my family and work by some of the things I say even lately. ... I am humiliated at not being able to protect my own mother from the FBI, or to shield my own girlfriend from watching heavily-armed men step on my spine as I scream in pain. I cannot forget how my mom cried on March 6th after the FBI had left with my equipment and hers, and how she whispered through tears that she wanted to be able to protect me from prison but couldn't; I will never forget the look on Jenna's face as the federal thugs swept through my efficiency apartment with guns drawn and safeties off, in search of hidden assailants and non-existent weapons. That these things are unjust and increasingly insane does not change the fact that they are the result of my own behavior, my own miscalculations, my own choices."

I'm guessing he might get a year, perhaps two on the threats. We'll have to see what else they got.

But continuing to play the threatened journalist rights schtick seems pretty limp considering the level of his own excess.

Sorry to say.

donkeytale said...

He may also not have written that comment. It sounds like something a lawyer would pen.

He should listen to his lawyer and stfu in public for the time being.

As for Snowden, he gives the appearance of being a naif somewhat in over his head at the geopolitical level. OTOH, hs is a spook and looks are almost always deceiving at both the geoplitiical and spook levels.

I'm not ruling out anything at this point. The Russians and Chinese are playing him like a fiddle. But he did go to them...either before or after the fact almost doesnt matter at this point.

He no longer serves the intent of his original leak very well.

Greenwald gets a home run. That much is sure.

socrates said...

I was just being nice to our fiendly guest out of necessity. I'm a regular guy. My story was something in itself which should have ended after The Thrilla in Vanilla.

The best way to stop banging my head against the wall was to back away. That's why the switch was made to the real life schtick.

There's something way off here. I'm not conceding FilmLadd(ie) was correct I'm susceptible to the Stockholm Syndrome schtick.

I did get something out of the trade. One of Barrett's last dairies at DKos was basically a copy and paste of the Grouch Master.

It took Bill a while to remember, but he had posted an entry on the Frey-Brown exchange thingie that Barrett found delightful. So that explains that.

It was surreal to see how nice he was to me on Twitter yesterday. He said I have been through enough. Of course he didn't apologise for his part in any of that.

Speaking of internet convolution, breaking news has filtered into the DFQ2 Action News tip line. Your buddy Greenie's newspaper has pulled an article they put up the last day or two. Her you go:

Revealed: secret European deals to hand over private data to America, which according to The Guardian "has been taken down pending an investigation."

Semi-famous nutjob Little Green Football dude has the coverage with a screenshot:

Guardian/Observer Publishes, Then Pulls New NSA Bombshell Story Featuring Birther Wayne Madsen

That needs to be socratised. I'm squinting my eyes and see it was written by Jamie Doward.

Interestingly enough, Joe Lauria vouched for Wayne Madsen in our phone thingie from a few years back. Lauria's the dude who told Mark Singer of The New Yorker I had become a player.

Lauria said Wayne Madsen lives in a disheveled apartment, stuff like that. That he's forced to write up some hogwash to pay the rent. That basically he's got to do what he has to do. Perhaps. Madsen is "former" NSA though, so he can go move into his local flop house for all I care.

I find it very curiouser how such a loser could have found his way into one of the only papers not suitable to wrap fish.

Here's the link to Brown's entry connected to Grouch:

Obama had a 16-year-old American murdered, but was Arab so it's ok

I think that is further blog court evidence Neal Rauhauser was yanking Brown's chain.

In my sincere non-kooky opinion, it is more than obvious Neal Rauhauser works for the Spy Factory.

Brown was entrapped.

socrates said...

I'm on Greenwald's Twitter page. I don't see the tweets Charles Johnson claims Greenwald made.

socrates said...

I found one of them. I hate Twitter for trying to move around and see wtf is going on. I tweeted Greenwald. I doubt he responds.

donkeytale said...

I'm wondering today if Snowden isn't already fish wrapped and stuffed into a Siberian gulag?

Nah, that couldn't be, could it?

Surely, he's at HQ being grilled for everything he has hidden in his underwear.

I am getting an ominous feeling that things are not going to sort out well for him in the long run, unless he actually does defect.

The more I read on Brown the more convinced I become that this is a nasty little sideshow.

I saw the Brown Dkos piece, an LMAO on his treatment by the Kos Kops.


Good to se eyou doing your homework for a change. Will await the Godot blockbuster. Ties demonstrated to Rauhauser and Lamo will of course return you to the the Big Leagues staright from AA.

donkeytale said...

Greenwald's a pretty communicative sort. You probably will hear from him, my guess, especially if he finds possible substance to the dialogue.

socrates said...

You have made good points on Barrett Brown. I agree. I am hoping since he was obviously not in his right mind (drug addiction) and I assume has a clean record, he should be let out on some form of probation. Like get him into rehab for half a year.

But they are trying to make an example out of him. Do the right thing is perhaps merely doublespeak coined by gifted Knicks fan Spike Lee.

socrates said...

It's not conducive to my personality type (INFP) to feel pressured into doing anything including blogging.

I have my own methodology for cranking out posts. It is a mosaic full of prose and self-indulgent pontificating rather than a linear sawdust approach. I own that.

It means anyone who reads my schtick is best served by keeping that in mind. But they should also be aware that I do have the academic gravitas along with regular guy status to ensure I am not making anything up and do play devil's advocate with myself.

There's no point in constantly having to admit one was wong. I will always admit when that happens. Which thankfully is quite rare or at most medium rare. And vegetarian.

socrates said...

I think you're correctamundo the Marathon Bombing idea I got into the last week (on my own not here) should be put on the back burner compared to what you are curious about.

Like how Brett Kimberlin was the only reason my story could have ever made it into mainstream consciousness, which it didn't.

Barrett Brown is now the key. He is directly tied to the convolution of our milieu. One in which you are tied into too since you came up with your Troll Wars series.

socrates said...

I think Snowden encrypted the stuff and handed off copies to other people just in case if US or Ruskie Sopranos bump him off or go the Siberian camp route you imply.

Bob Kraft's buddy Putin is in a quandary. He wants the data but he can't push this story too much. He is "former" KGB and has his own spy factory schtick.

He doesn't want his regular guy citizens getting any ideas. Yet he would love to stick it to Uncle Sammy Not Malone.

It's like how a Boston Celtic fan would have felt if the Lakers were playing the Heat in the Finals. Who the F is the lesser of two evils in that batch?

socrates said...

I have trouble enough expressing meself in the open range of blogging. So I've no clue how to get a response out of Greenie with only 140 characters to work with. Did I mention that Twitter sucks? You were prescient with that.

Haha, you might have missed it but I tweeted your dogbroth schtick how I was proud to be in a select group including Obama, Lohan I believe, maybe Tarrantino, and Ron.

I didn't start realising you were correct until the shine faded off of my Breitbart poodle status.

donkeytale said...

Wow, what an embarrassment for the Grauniad going with Wayne Madsen.

Major setback there, and the spy factory will rush through that small opening in their credibility and drive a tank through it.

Putin has very few problems as I see it. He holds the canary in the cage and so has total control.

The bottom line is this isn't a big deal for the poltical leadership of either country, unless it sparks outrage among the plebes, which doesnt seem to be happening except in comment threads and blogs.

So Putin and the Chinese get in a few digs and plays it down, while Obama says little except he too plays it down.

At the end of the day, both sides suck. Hopefully, the fake left will come to realise they gain nothing but contempt acting as fan bois to the criminal enterprise formerly known as the USSR.

So, Pierce and Garnett got traded? Missed that in all the hubbub at waiting for Godot dot com.

socrates said...

For crying out loud! You're hounding me for a new entry, not that I'm not flattered, but I don't have a million free hours to google acronyms.


Aaah. same as it ever was.

Ok, it only took twenty seconds to figure that out. It would have only been five, but I put in a typo into the search engine.

donkeytale said...

My correctness generally doesnt dawn on you until much later.

Someday you will admit that I am a sheer genius. Hope its not my obit, but I have long since resigned myslef to being a Van Gogh-like artiste who will not be appreciated by the masses until at least a few decades after I croak.

if then. Ehh, so, it's been a good run either way and I'll be swapping tails with Satan, in any event, so will be too het up to notice.

I think you should tie NR to Lamo and provide some linkage. Greenwald doesnt react to speculation. He wants evidence. Lawyerly schtick and all that.

Maybe yoy should also reveal that you are the infamous S**h A***n and not just another anonymous coward.

The added gravitas might help.

donkeytale said...

Not hounding, motivating.

I'm the Billy martin of the Whiteysphere in more ways than one.

Yes I drive cars into walls while drunk, scream and kick dirt on umpires (well, my wife anyway) but I also guide teams to championships.

socrates said...

I'm not sure how you misspelled Guardian as Grauniad. It seems a bit off for your misspellicism schtick. The conspiracy theorists will have a field day with stuff like that if you're not careful.

I am also getting a bit nervous about my schtick schtick. And also the done done schtick schtick.

There is a delicate balance between being the best thing since sliced bread or becoming a form of pigeon feed.

Yes, again you have displayed why you are one of the best bloggers. Putin, Obama, even Greenwald to an extent need nothing from nobody regular guys.

Unless it filters down to masses of people and starts to take cuts into the big time non-regular guys schtick.

And for anyone out there who still believes I'm a kook, have I ever once used the word illuminati?

socrates said...

Using my real name could backfire. There are some who don't trust folks with two first names.

socrates said...

The best was Earl Weaver. And he was prescient that a good three run tater usually decides most games.

I thought Bobby Valentine would work out for the Red Sox. He's got good entertainment value in the Billy Martin style. Aaah, I admit I haven't watched much beisbol since the Bambino got his ass kicked in 2004.

It does take me a while to figure out stuff. During the height of my internet addiction, often times my best ideas would come to me during sleep. Yes, I used to blog even then.

socrates said...

Off-topic warning.... I want that shirt/suit Bob Marley's wearing. And am I seeing things, or is he popping a zit on his chin?

donkeytale said...

Let me hasten to explain that "Grauniad" is their schtick, not mine.

It's an Brit version of mispellicism poking fun at the newspaper's rather weak proofreeding dept.

socrates said...

Thank you. Whenever there is a spill in aisle 666, you want to have it cleaned up before someone does a variation of the banana peel schtick.

socrates said...

Hey, I have to get off the net soon but will try to add a screenshot to this new entry.

socrates said...

I just linked this diary over at Twitter. We should be getting another bump in stats from spam trolls. They probably love Twitter.

socrates said...

Hey, it just dawned on me that David Byron is Bill Grouchie. David Byron wascode for Lord Byron. Grouch is the Lord of Satire. It's thus the same dude. [:0

donkeytale said...

Thanks for adding the pic of me cousin there. Yes, good to get off the net.

Weaver's tater rule made perfect sense in the juice ball era but now and prior, not so much.

Weaver won because his pitching staffs kicked ass. He also had a dink hitting SS and centerfielders with gold gloves.

Pitching and defense up the middle is forever the name of the game in beisbol.

bet on it.

donkeytale said...

Recently I waded thru some back issues and I was struck once again by the intelligence and erudition of the great davidbyron.

To the best of my knowledge (admittedly a weak suit) he is a math perfesser somewhere in Alabama, as well as British emigre.

socrates said...

Yeah the O's had that one year with four or five pitchers winning 20 each. I was a tater tot at the time.

Yaz did the plate thingie once too. The crowd erupted.

Then there was Red Auerbach who apparently would strategically throw in a hissy fit during a rough game, get tossed, the C's would come back and win, and Red was probably chomping on a cigar listening to Johnny Most.

Byron wasn't so bad. He did have a strange schtick thrown into his version of leftier than thouism. Oh alas we men are so victimised by matriarchy.

There was also Canadian Bob here who knew his stuff in regards to the satanic panic and obviously leaned left. Yet his even bigger campaign was smoking rights. I'm not talking weed but the other ones, the bad ones.

Hey is it my imagination but has Pffugee Camp ever been slower?

And props go out to my boy Danny Ainge for being the same annoying but successful dude as GM that he was as a player. No, he couldn't hit his weight at baseball. But Red bailed him out with an offer he couldn't refuse.

I thought Ainge was going senile, but he can still clock out near 100 mph. He also added a knuckleball, so he could definitely be around for quite a number of more years.

By the way, Pierce was always my favourite. He has been a smaller version of Larry Bird. You need those types to win it all. They have their own skills and they know how to make their teammates better.

I'll root for the Nets unless one of those draft picks are for next year.

Ainge is insane in a good way. Just saying.

socrates said...

More proof cops suck:

Girl buys water, spends night in jail

The top Yahoo comment has 2,300 thumbs up to 17 thumbs down.

"These "agents" need to be fired. As a former Military Police Officer I have to ask who in the bluest of blue he lls pulls a gun over an alcohol purchase?"

socrates said...

Omg, donkeytale. This has gotten soooo bizarre. Snowden is as kooky as it gets. Snowden Twitter Page

socrates said...

Aaah, fake account.

donkeytale said...

Not sure what you mean about Snowden, other than you seem to be retracting his "regular guy" status?

There seems yo be an anaysis that says he was a naive dupe played by the internet schtick of such fake lefties as Greenwald. One thing is clear, his fear of prison is based largely on lack of internet access. That says it all.

This list of key words that he posted to Twitter definitely confirms that we are among the watched.

I wonder what the watchers think of our schtick? Probably not much since latest Alexa finds us dropping like a rock in the ratings and maybe even below Pffugee which does seem to have been abandoned. I posted this schtick there to see if anything moves.

Byron's anti-feminism is interesting and I'm sympathetic in the sense that a feminised society is decadent in herstorical terms (see West, Decline of the, for dtales). Yes, women should have equal rights. Yes, the internet age favours innate female skillset advantages in the work place.

But why does this latest generation of dudes have to talk like they are chicks? I hate that question mark at the end of every declarative statement? Know what I mean?

The jury is way out on Ainge. I hated him as a player, he was a vicious dirty little punk who overshot the ball.

One might be tempted to say that the Celts should have been blown up after they lost to the Lakers in the finals a few years back.

And if not blown up, why did they then trade both of their big men and what did they get in exchange? It seems they didnt have the oomph to get through the East without a wide body clogging up the lane.

donkeytale said...

One could also compare the Muslim world, which is decidedly NOT feminised with the West.

Isn't one of the major fault lines between them and us the status of wimmen.

I'm not saying wimmen arent war-like, in fact the war making by Obama in Afghnaistan and Libya was more or less pushed aggressively by the females in his administration.

Its not that wimmen want peace and love necessarily (haha!) its that they make war for different reasons, moral equivalency reasons, which don't always add up to necessity or smart geopolitics, if the recent experiences since Obama came in make any sense.

donkeytale said...

I'm still wondering about Rondo, too. Why didnt teh Celtics fall off the cliff after he went down?

And why did Rivers hate him?

socrates said...

You don't know what I mean because you didn't click on those two links.

There's another "Rauhauser" operation with a fake Snowden account. It's off the wall kooky.

It blew me away. But after an hour or so I was reading that it is one of complex fake accounts meant to make him and the internet look bad.

And I don't know why you keep mentioning Alexa. They are not accurate and I don't care.

Did it ever dawn on you that I don't need e-fame and am simply sending out truth and warnings all these years?

By the way, The Last Name Left wasn't too fond of you. I think that's why he stopped posting here. You subverted the natural flow of my blog.

Also without much doubt you were Petey at Daily Kos just like Noom was Keith Moon. You already admitted a long time ago you were Pete Richards or whatever the name was for that fictitious name you had at Booman Tribune.

I had every right to believe you were a political operative.

I don't now, based on the fact that these forums do not get much readers. They get some though. I have done modestly well for a nobody blogger.

I'm tired of this. You can go off on me for this post. I don't care.

donkeytale said...

I clicked the links but didn't have time to read between the lines. Are you saying NR posted the fake Snowden twitter account?

Hopefully you have more proof of that than you do about my being "Petey" on DK ten years ago or wtf.

Barrett Brown has a piece in today's Grauniad. Not sure what it adds, it seems to be an uneventful rehash of the same NSA schtick of recent days and he's not much of a writer either. I guess its good that he remains in public but he seems more skilled as a youtube ranter.

TLNL also wrote with ? After every statement?

Did I force him off his own blog too or was that Larry?

What about Bob?

socrates said...

I apologise. I woke up with a bad headache and took it out on you.

I didn't make up the idea about you and Petey. And you did admit to being Pete Richards, playing a 20 year old at Booman. Once you pulled something like that, it was difficult to not believe you were doing it elsewhere.

If it was a coincidence he had the same schtick as yourself and Pete Richards, then so be it. There's a reason why movies put in the disclaimer don't blame us for any coincidences in similarities to real life regular guys.

Anyway, I will vouch for you that I believe you've never been paid to post.

Yes I drove Bob off the blog. I own it.

You did piss off TLNL in regards for our stuff on Michael Rivero of What Really Happened.

But you are also correct he has disappeared. Though I did notice him at youtube months back. He probably saw what happened to me and how things got scrubbed and said life is too short.

Thankfully I was able to put back mostly everything including many of his comments.

I doubt Larry drove him off. It's possible. I got the feeling TLNL had fun picking at that dude's craziness.

I am sticking with the life's too short theory.

Yeah I saw Barrett's new entry. It was nice to see he sounded so clear and backed up his schtick with excellent factoids.

He's a young enough guy to survive this, imho.

I put Rauhauser in parentheses. I do believe he was involved. But it's not just Rauhauser. He is not a lone wolf troll. The proof was definitely solid he was behind that Anonymous-Karl Rove hoax however, the one the Wonkette lady covered.

Haha yeah I hear you on that question mark annoyance for definitive statements. TLNL took it to another level?

In that fake Snowden account was a reference to Maryland. He also kept putting in that TCOT hashtag, top conservative on twitter.

It was the kind of dull snark one would see in the Daily Kos peanut gallery. That stuff went ballistic in volume as soon as Markos Moulitsass put in a ban on "conspiracy banter."

Dave Weintraub had a good idea for that. He was going to have one day a week where people could post whatever conspiracy stuff they could.

Too bad he died. It was a double whammy like Lenny Bias. First and foremost they both died so young. Then there is the selfish aspect where one asks how good the team could have been if they hadn't. One can only imagine how Dave Weintraub would have evolved.

He spoke of creating a superforum. Let's say a form of Peeder as benevolent dictator. He also mentioned the idea of running for NYC mayor.

He was definitely the form of blogger you couldn't say was lost in the ennui of fake internet activism. He walked the walk and had his eye on the grand prize of making a difference in real life. He done good.

socrates said...

From what I see, this Snowden in purgatory is all on Putin. I believe Ecuador is willing to take him into the family.

Putin is playing the he has no passport card. Wtf? It's just a piece of paper, for crying out loud.

I will stick with what I said earlier. I agree with the source I forget which that Putin doesn't want his own useful idiots getting any ideas.

He is the Dick Cheney of Russia. And I will say right now that is an original phrase.....

Omg, I googled "Putin is the Dick Cheney of Russia" and the third result is a NY Times article titled, "Putin versus Cheney."

The first sentence reads, "In many ways, Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney are rather similar characters. Both are highly intelligent, but both see the world above all through the restrictive prisms of security and national power."

So I get the Hindus were correct that every event and conversation has already taken place, some form of nothing new under the sun schtick.

They probably stole that from Atlantis or Plato. I don't know.

Ok, buddy? We all good again?

You can be McCain and I Smitty as penance. Or if you like, which I wouldn't, you get to be Fatterico while I play Nagy. It'll suck, but I deserve it after a rather disgraceful earlier post. I have sinned.

socrates said...

The next sentence was even better.

"Both are patriots, but - like so many leaders - with a tendency to see national power and their own power as one and the same thing."

I would have written, "Both are asswipes, yet - like with so many criminal leaders - possess a propensity to see national totalitarianism and their own douchebaggery as part and parcel"

donkeytale said...

I know that we should go WWF on each other and have a good fake battle to regain our ratings vigour but my dad's still sick in hospital and my Sister is performing yeoman service as she did with me mum under similar trying circumstances.

So, regrettably, I'll take a knee and head to the locker room.

4kdtongue answered a love siren and showed up in the pffugee version of this masterwork to trash my Obamabottery. A wave of warm wave of nostalgia rolled over me. I always liked that guy. He could dish it and take it well, which was a skill that not all possess.

Damn good writer when he set his mind to it. A bit too fried in the long run but who wasn't? Besides thou and moi, that is. We are still banging the boards and digging pucks out of the corners, eh, Soc?

socrates said...

It's odd you use a hockey reference. I did too at Twitter only minutes ago. And it was about how Boston was an original six but we could never beat the Canadiens.

Those Don Cherry teams. They were all about dumping and flushing.

That's the equivalento fo playing slots. Duh, time to push the lever again and hope. I'm not bwight enough to figure pokah or bwack jack.

Maybe I am not so pushed to post anything new, because we do get such low ratings.

Hey, I sometimes tweet your name at Twittah. I said the race is on to see which of us is more prescient.

You came close with Ecuador. I might be going through the lineup in one inning for a comeback to Bolivia.

Bottom line is Snowden is the man. He is the opposite of every fake lefty or righty blogger who actually thinks they are making a difference. He got it done.

Oh yeah before I forget. The C's did go on a nice winning streak as soon as Rondo went down. But that was only because the team went with no point guard. They kept passing it. The other team had no clue until they could get enough of a sample size for scouting.

Think of how scrubs get called up from AA because a team is out of pitchers (injuries or whatnot) and the other team has never seen their junk and somehow the kid is a phenom for one day.

Even the best get back beaten. Some like Clemens were forced to hit the juice, otherwise Gorman or Duqette, I forget which one, would have been prescient for saying Rog was in the twilight of his career.

By the way, you are the blogging equivalent of Dan Duqette except you are not boring. He had rough edges too but arguably is the reason we won it all in 2004.

Omg, Greatest. Baseball. Playoffs. Evah!!!!!! Yay!!! Havlicek stole the ball! Havlicek stole the ball!!!

But I digress.

socrates said...

By the way I just got an email from a sweetie named Aisha Gaddafi.


Hello Dearest One,

I am Miss.Aisha Gaddafi, one of the daughters of the embattled president of Libya, I am currently residing in one of the African Countries, unfortunately as a refugee. At the meantime,my family is the target of Western nations led by Nato who wants to destroy my father at all costs. Our investments and bank accounts in several countries are their targets to freeze.

I have been commissioned to contact an interested foreign
investor/partner who will be able to take absolute control of part of the vast cash available to private account with my late brother who was killed by NATO air strike, for a possible investment in your country.If this transaction interest you, please you don’t have to disclose it to any body because of what is going with my entire family, if the united nation happens to know this account, they will freezing it as they freeze others so keep this transaction for yourself only until we finalize it.I want to transfer this money into your account immediately for onward investment in your country because I don’t want the united nation to know about this account that deposited in my father bank will BIB which(8.4) Eight Millions Four Hundred Thousand Dollars!

Therefore if you are capable of running an establishment and can
maintain the high level of secrecy required in this project, kindly respond with the following information for more details of about the project.!

1. Your full names and address
2. Your private telephone and fax numbers
3. Your private email address
4. Age and profession

Best Regard

Aisha Gaddafi.

End of quote

I want to help her out, but I don't want to get onto the NSA's radar for communicating with someone outside of perhaps our Nazi in Arms, England.

nuke bomb anonymous terror i'm guessing those words johnny cash timothy mcveigh captain stubing yankees suck go RED sox

socrates said...

Someone has lifted your mispellicism schtick.

Spelling error catching drivers' eyes

donkeytale said...

Events are spinning out of control so fast with Le Affaire Snowden that this dairy, which was meant as outlandish, exaggerated parody of the infotainment industrial complex (sorry BBLOL but your 'cyber industrial complex' thingie is missing the main point of the internet: pleasurable time wasting for the masses) has been officially rendered tame by comparison.

Even Putin's confirming my prescience with his wise crack about the UUSR/US of A-holes partnership is now yesterday's fish wrap.

Of course, as 4kd tongue stated at pffugee, we should be concerning ourselves with the trillions of stored phone calls, emails, comment threads, amateur pron videos, and TED Talks that the govt is rounding up to hold against us.

But, how can that be made interesting to the reader compared to the human interest angle?

As the prescient Talking Heads song went "we dont want justice, we dont want freedom, we just want someone to love,"

Even then, we only love them as long as they remain an abstraction and even then only as long as it takes for their celebrity to start getting on our nerves.

Snowden unfortunately has a pretty short shelf life in that regard. He comes across as relentlessly tedious in his tendentiousness. A bit of humour always works.

Manning wears much better. Assange--forget it,

BBLOL, the jury is still out on him (haha-get it?).

He is a handsome young man, although his byline pic in the Guardian does him no justice.

And I realise he was penning his article from the pen, but it clearly did not signify a great writing ability.

At the end of the day he needs to cop a plea and hopefully get time served and something close to it.

Linking to stolen credit card numbers is pretty well defined as a criminal act. I believe the legal term is "caveat linkor."

Mark from Ireland explained all this to the plebes at FDL. You have to be careful with such blogging dtales as linking and blockquoting or you can be easily construed to be committing offenses against the police state. Hamsher's acolytes in the proofreading room were always on the lookout and deleting such items that might be used by a vicious democratic regime to shut down the great green machine.

Well-played with your Bolivia selection. It seems to be standing the test of the time. I guess there is really some substance to the term "emo leftist" after all.

Funny as hell if Snowden walks down the ramp at the la Paz Airport smiling and waiving to the throng of reporters I mean infotainers who will no doubt be waiting the Presidential jet's arrival on the tarmac.

Ah, well, we can dream can't we?

I have an idea for ana rticle that I dont have time to write. Maybe I can get it to BBLOL for a treatment.

I have a title too: "Clapper in the Crapper?"

socrates said...

Yes, things are escalating. I also for some reason am in your corner that Greenwald is a self-serving ass.

Yet Snowden was clever to go with him. I'll concede that.

The Guardian is prestigious. And Snowden was also clever to go to the Washington Post. He picked the top two. And I guess he must have also sent the data whatnot to the German paper.

What haven't we learned yet that has our govt. wetting their pants? That's what I want to know.

It's too easy to say they are making an example of him. That they are basically doing their damage control duties.

Europe is in an uproar. We had Morales' plane basically seized. If this wasn't a big deal, I doubt such a move would have been made. They want Snowden. They want to be able to shut him up. They know those newspapers aren't gonna publish a lot of it just basics. Just the stuff where we will ask didn't we already know they were up to that?

I agree Brown has asked for a prison sentence. But both of us know it should only be a year or whatever and not this trumped up espionage domestic terrorism stuff.

He is being singled out for that link thingie when apparently 100's were doing the same. There is also the question of entrapment. The FBI is full of shit and I will get to that in the entry which may or may not appear before Godot.

Someone at Twitter asked what Emo means? Is that something similar to my roots of leftier than thouism schtick?

I'm thinking another route might be to pound out shorter entries but more often. They will end up with no or few comments. But it may entice people to understand that we are regular guys tweeting top-notch analysis in our own minds this current revolution.

Yeah, I think it's possible what is going on now in 100 or 200 years or even 50 will be seen as some kinda sorta historic era. Like the Enlightenment. Or the French and US Revolutions.

I was discussing this stuff with a friend. We ended up agreeing that Obama is not asbright as he appears. I tried googling for Clinton's opinion and didn't find anything at first glimpse. I did notice Dick Cheney had to open his yapper with some of your projection schtick or Orwell's doublespeak.

Maybe Meet the Press can put Cheney back on each week for the next sixteen weeks like they did when he and Shrub lied their way into the Illegal Iraq War part 2.

socrates said...

"Someone at Twitter asked what Emo means?"

Yikes. That was a declaritive statement? Are myself and TLNL one and the same? Perhaps every sentence should end in a question mark? I'm done?

socrates said...

oops should be spelled as declarative.

donkeytale said...

Emo Morales,

Switch hitting shortstop for the Bolivian BoSox.

Game face Pictures here:

GG is on the right side of herstory, or is he? I'm really tired of all the sanctimony from people who expect the Govt to fix itself if only enough bloggers mail-in the proper prescriptions from the air conditioned safety of their comfortable lives.

This could be my next masterpiece.

For instance, GG is convinced (along with the entire emo left) that the human interest angle is part of some MSM conspiracy to divert attention away from the horrific details of the surveillance state. I say its human nature. Why cant we have both? We must have both. Most people cant relate to this story anyway. They dont give a shit. Everybody on Facebook and Twitter, cell phones and email have long since come to terms with the fact that this we are being tracked and followed.

The proof of what is well known hasnt jumpstarted the revolution has it?

And the sanctimonious GG followers who bemoan the lack of serious interest in what the whistle has blown are also doing nothing with the knowledge either but allowing themselves to be infotained by GG and then infotaining each other in the threads.

Its one big whiteyspheric circle jerk and GG is part and parcel of it, whether he sanctimoniously bemoans the reality or not.

Tell him to get off the net too, organise his acolytes and surround the WHite House with their rage, or wtf, like is going down in cairo.

Otherwise, just stfu and get on with the show. GG isnt anymore about real activism at this point than any DLC operative he castigates for blowing Obama.

He's got a sweet gig that would get blown up in that consequence as well.

Thus, he is a reactionary at the end of the day, too.

Let him liberate his mass readership from his cult into some meaningful protest then I will change my tune.

And I say this giving him his props for this story. But he's also part of the convolution in that sense too.

socrates said...

Excellent post.

I had to get rid of the s in the http part to see the images.

You nailed the critique of Greenie. This one is your scoop.

It nicely encapsulates your priority message; that blowhards on soap blogxes aren't accomplishing squat.

C. Wright Mills referred to it as circumscribing. You refer to it as reactionary in the guise of being anti-status quo.

Greenwald loves the status quo. Because for all his whining, he makes a good living. He is like a cop who needs criminals to maintain his top of the fake left zeitgeist niche.

I agree with you there is room for all sorts of angles, as long as they are factual. Yes, if you want dumbasses to understand the important parts, then you have to entice them by showing a bit of lifestyle schtick.

Check this out. It looks legit.

FBI Document—“[DELETED]” Plots to Kill Occupy Leaders “If Deemed Necessary”

Now that is blogging that could make a difference. But I bet the 99% aware of it associate it to Alex Jones' schtick theft of it and never even go to the original.

Lindorff seems very legit. Though I am new to him. I need to go to his original source too.

So if I had to guess, some sort of "Dick Cheney" inspired blackwaterish, sniperish group was going to knock off one or more of the OWS leaders.

But that the FBI stopped it. However, this is being suppressed. They don't do that whenever glorifying their entrapment cases.

Cointelpro is alive and well.

The group that sniper dude started was actually in Boston working for security. About seven of them. Lindorff also wrote up that story. There is some very weird stuff going on with the Marathon narrative.

There are some difficult questions that need to be answered. That older bro seems to have been an FBI informant. But the conspiracy theory freaks make it impossible to get to the truth.

Perhaps similar to Greenwald's cult of personality or I suppose what resulted with Assange being the story over Manning and what Manning leaked.

I do want to write up a new blog entry. But I need time. I don't want to mail them in anymore. That doesn't mean I want to write a lot either. One of the pffugee people got through to me that I should edit more chunks and tighten it. That's the plan. I concede a lot of my older stuff was more like data dumps than pure coherence.

I do bookmark these links for such a purpose.

donkeytale said...

I dont blame Greenwald for his hangers on. He seems to be implying that he has staked out his role and its up to others to carry the ball.

Of course that is not really happening in the way it should be and therefore he misses the opportunity to exhort his readers in the same tender way he so childishly excoriates his critics.

I would be truly impressed if he turned on his own docile audience which lives in his reflection rather than staking out their own roles.

Never gonna happen.

Yes, I totally agree with better editing, tighter narrative coherence. You are thrice the writer BBLOL is, but of course he has more street/prison cred.

Still, your Alexandrovna DK piece should be your guiding light.

That was excellently written.

Your readers thoroughly enjoy your mailed-in schtick it tastes great/less filling for posterity.

A bit of discipline and you too could be mailing them into the Grauniad, to which I would say well deserved.

Love to see Ron pull himself up by his jockstrap too. i would lead the comment thread charge as number 1 acolyte. Hell, I do it here anyway.

donkeytale said...

Notice the Snowden caper coupled with Egypt is leading us thru a growth spurt in page views.

I attribute that to your deft BBLOL/NR connection in the prior thread. Grouch added some definite seasoning there as well.

I loves me some Liberal grouch.

donkeytale said...

went over and dropped my schtick into the latest GG thread, should be good for a few larffs:


commented on James Clapper, EU play-acting, and political priorities.

03 Jul 2013 10:41pm

GG is convinced (along with the entire internet left) that the human interest angle of Snowden is part of some MSM/Obama-fed conspiracy to divert attention away from the horrific details of the surveillance state. Balderdash. It's human nature. Why cant we have both? We must have both. Most people cant relate to the severity of this story anyway, being privileged and white and all. Or they care but not enough to scuff the wax job on their Volvos.

They dont give a shit. Everybody living on Facebook and Twitter, cell phones and email have long since come to terms with the fact that we are being tracked and followed. Thier typical response: dont break the law and you have nothing to worry about. Course, they also say squat about the different sets of laws and punishments for folks different from the typical Grauniad thread denizen.

Snowden/GG's brave work hasn't jumpstarted the revolution has it? The White House and Congress would shit themselves if 100,000 people took their concerns to DC Cairo-style.

I believe that's what Glenn would want but his acolytes are content to be mini me Greenwalds. It would be truly awesome if Glenn lit a fire under his fan's asses the same way he excoriates his detractors but that probably would not be good for business.

Thus, GG and his large herd of followers who bemoan the lack of serious interest in what the whistle has blown do nothing with their knowledge and righteous anger either but dissipate it themselves in the service of infotaining each other in these threads.

Its one big fake leftist circle jerk.

donkeytale said...

Feelin my oats with this Egyptian thingie in the air. Yes, its a coup, another stage in the ongoing revolution. Will it be stillborn at this stage?

That's why they play the game Howid.

Here I dropped my line at Pffugee:

"Behold real leftist prescience: (0.00 / 0)

donkeytale, June 2, 2013 "Arab Spring or Irish Spring?"
Do not take sides in this imperialist struggle. It is not our fight. You are being led astray by your small circle of Russian-financed pundits. The US vs BRICS is an illusion that is being sold to you as if it were a bar of soap.
Vlad the Impaler, July 1, 2013 Press Conference

Putin, who hosted a summit of gas-exporting nations in Moscow that included leaders from Venezuela, Bolivia and Iran, said he doesn't know if any of those attending could offer Snowden shelter.
"If he wants to go somewhere and there are those who would take him, he is welcome to do that," Putin said. "If he wants to stay here, there is one condition: he must stop his activities aimed at inflicting damage to our American partners, no matter how strange it may sound on my lips."

No, this is not a conspiracy of like minded powers. Putin does not like the US. But in the final analysis he too is powerless in the grip of capitalist self-interest.

This is the way of global capitalism. Read your Lenin from 97 years ago.


socrates said...

Hey, I wasted all my free internet time today on Twitter. But I haven't forgotten about you and will respond when I can. I am also pretty sure I will soon start blogging again.

I checked you out at The Guardian. Slow and steady, mi amigo.

Don't get banned. Play the game a bit. Remember where you are and that it isn't some free speech troll page.

F Firedog. F Dkos. F Twitter. F Pffugee. Carve a niche for yourself at arguably the best newspaper on the planet.

As I just tweeted, happy Oppressive Capitalism and Death Industry Day.

socrates said...

Hmmm. I'm never done. A thought just popped into me noggen.

You have never truly exploited your latino-ness.

You could become the fieldnegro of the whiteysphere.

You'd have to probably put your political science schtick to the side though, for it truly to hit greatness.

Like the big debate seems to be over the use of words such as n***** and cracker. The latter I learned today via fieldnegro was a descriptive for the overseer who cracked the whip on slaves.

So yeah, the two words are not equal in force.

A lot of people can't figure out where your clan fits in the spectrum, perhaps a bit like with Obama and say Tiger Woods.

Or Lenny Kravitz.

Personally I do not want to see the k word for Jews. How about you with the spic and span schtick?

Haha, did you see how I was able to use the derogatory word for Hispanics and get away with it?

socrates said...

I just got attacked by a fruit fly. Wtf? My plant Vera (a venus flytrap) is apparently not doing its job well enough.

socrates said...

Donkeytale is referring to this one, {Updated Four Times} Reality Closing in on Speedway Bomber Brett Coleman Kimberlin.

donkeytale said...

Actually, I think I meant the one you posted before this one.

But this pretty good too.

"ooh-la-la" wrt Lori Grace cracks me up every time.

And the thread could be a cut n paste from the Barrett Brown entry where they troll rates him into oblivion also.

donkeytale said...

As for the Grauniad, I have learned the lesson: don't respond to the attackers.

Although fewer and less orgainised than the UGOGs perhaps, its bascially the same strategy: get drawn into flame war with regulars, get comments deleted and/or banned.

Not that I care so much. Its fun getting banned. Adds to the legend.

They actuallly seem pretty relaxed there although lots of comments get deleted.

This gave me an idea for a diary: 'Beware the Infotainment Industrial Complex' but I dont have time to do it justice. Maybe in a couple weeks. It is a timeless subject matter anyway.

I have some free tix to the Rangers game tonight. Too bad they are playing the lowly Astros who are now an AL team for some reason.

Looks the Bolivian BoSox are hanging tough atop the AL East.

And what about the hiring of the college coach by Ainge? Wow, given the track record of college coaches flaming out in the NBA and the fact the team is being stripped bare (including Rondo?) this is definitely a gutsy (or stupid) move on Ainge's part.

But definitely give him props for blowing it up, nay nuking it, even if he waited a 1 year too long at least. I still never understood why he traded Perkins.

donkeytale said...

I've even heard some rumours of Rondo for Dirk.

Rondo on the same team with Dirk makes plenty of sense but a swap makes zero sense.

The Mavericks did the same as Boston: won a title and promptly got rid of their big man (Tyson Chandler) who was the primary added ingredient that got them over the top.

I know big men have been devalued in recent years but when you have a good one on D banging the boards and clogging the middle, and you win a title with him? WTF?

This concludes today's stat killing sports chatter

donkeytale said...

I meant the comment I left here and at Greenwald's gave me the idea.

Need to expand on it a bit and draw in some links to prove my point but there it is. Now we are waiting for two Godots.

donkeytale said...

Frank Zappa, the historic troll:'re_Only_in_It_for_the_Money

"In his lyrics for We're Only in It for the Money, Zappa speaks as a voice for "the freaks—imaginative outsiders who didn't fit comfortably into any group", according to Allmusic writer Steve Huey.[7] Subsequently, the album satirizes hippie culture and left-wing politics, as well as targeting right-wing politics, describing both political sides as "prisoners of the same narrow-minded, superficial phoniness."[4][7][10]

Zappa later stated in 1978, "hippies were pretty stupid. [...] the people involved in [youth] processes [...] are very sensitive to criticism. They always take themselves too seriously. So anybody who impugns the process, whether it's a peace march or love beads or whatever it is – that person is the enemy and must be dealt with severely. So we came under a lot of criticism, because we dared to suggest that perhaps what was going on was really stupid."[2]"

donkeytale said...

The WaPo is now behind a paywall. That means the Grauniad and the LA Times are about the only majour city English language newsers still available online for free.

I know, I know. There is always the anonymisers. I dont want to talk about it much because they might figure a way to ban anonymous cowards from reading the news.

Here is the 'latest' only a week or so after I raised the same issues in a much more infotaining fashion:

"Russians are a little bemused at all that fuss over surveillance. Many believe that the authorities can read their mail at will, listen in on their calls and sprinkle bugs around as they please.

“Wiretapping is so common, so this is not news,” said Alina Gorchakova, a 48-year-old account manager who stopped to chat on a city street.

What doesn’t seem normal to many is why Snowden decided to go to Ecuador, his original destination, through Russia. Once he arrived here, with his U.S. passport revoked, Ecuador has grown less enthusiastic. Russia says he can go anywhere he likes — he just needs a destination and authorized travel documents. So why doesn’t he go? Or show his face?

And Svetlana Chibisova, a 45-year-old tour agency manager, found it strange that an American carrying U.S. secrets would travel by way of Russia, where security agencies are very much in control.

“I don’t understand what he was thinking,” she said. “Is he a little boy with no idea about the consequences?”"

The Hong Kong to Moscow connection doesnt really add up, except in the sense Snowden may have felt he needed their "big league" status to protect him.

Still, why didnt he just split for Ecuador before GG outed the story?

Where is Snowden this morning?

In somebody's embassy?

I doubt he's at the airport unless they stuck him in the hotel there. But it hard to see how that could stay secret so long. Maybe he's already dead? Nah, couldn't be could it? He may have left in that limo right after he landed. Diplomatic vehicles are safety zones, just like embassies.

yeah thats the ticket...

socrates said...

Yup, Lori Grace. Good thing that I copied and pasted her schtick. She whitewashed it.

I corrected my tweetline to reflect the masterpiece you selected to display my greatness.

In other news:

Ex-Russian spy Anna Chapman proposes marriage to Edward Snowden

That's just Yahoo being Yahoo.

If he wanted some bimbo, he would've brought what'sherface with him to Hong Kong. She loves Asian cuisine or something.

He wants a good girl. He wants someone he he can proudly to bring home to mama and papa nsa and say that's my sugar plum.

And here's the link to the entry I should've realised you meant was my blockbuster.

Is Brett Kimberlin Really an Exonerated, Ex-Political Prisoner?

Yeah, that was before the UGOG's knew who I was. I made Major Flaw look like a doofus homo sapien.

And I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that except for the doofus descriptor.

donkeytale said...

LOL. You seem to know an awful lot about Snowman's personal life....Hmmmm....

maybe we need to check yur paystubs, too?

Or is that just a massive (boner) "projection alert" we're dealing with?

donkeytale said...

Have to admit mine moved a little too after I read she was a pole dancing enthusiast

socrates said...

I think the Lori Grace story was one of my best. It was the bingo moment. The aha! Eureka!!!! type schtick.

I don't care if it was BK stretching his imagination to include creating Raw Story.

That Connell hoax was being pimped as much by Alexandrovna as Brad FriedMan.

They debunked themselves. They were no different than Alex Jones or any other disinfo assclown.

But unlike Alex, they weren't getting much for in your face "Get out of town" rebuttal.

Nowadays because of the right wing losers like Mandy Nagy and RS McCain, one might think what I did wasn't much or anything at all.

Look at WW Hogewash whatnot.

He is putting stuff up like wow this and that about Kimberlin.

Uhm, been there done that dude while you and other wingnuts were still whining but, but Clinton. Real progressives like moi meanwhile were wondering why Bush and Cheney weren't yet in the stockade.

Now that we see Obama running around like a chicken with his head chopped off being good spy cop to their bad ones, now we know the rest of the story.

I'm not saying vote fr third party either.

We are now in the realm of extra-parliamentary social reality.

That's what Snowden ultimately is trying to accomplish imho. He wants to wake up Joe and Jane Dingleberry from their Matrix inspired complicity.

Yes, The Matrix said it all. It was kinda sorta like a sequel to Brave New World by Aldous Huxley.

Brown could have been a contender, but he wasn't in his right mind. So while I got taken in by lightweight trolls such as Frey and Nagy, Brown was in the major leagues for troll busting and got burned. Because he wasn't ready. His brains were too far ahead of his personal maturity. And now he is in prison.

socrates said...

Precisely on those questions about Snowden.

Hindsight is 20/20? I know from my own personal experience one little mistake can derail the overall master plan.

Look at baseball. If the dude at the plate can't lay down a sacrifice bunt, another dude is gonna remain at first with two outs. Unless someone hits a fluke double into the gap, he ain't scoring.

So the bloke who got the clutch hit to become the intitial threat doesn't even become a footnote to baseball history.

But Snowden's backup plan seems to be that life is short and he did what he had to do, including some unfortunate mistakes.

It still doesn't take away from the fact he went for the big enchilada and apparently cooked it up.

I believe Snowden when he says he is willing to die over this; that he'd rather be this man without a country or even vulnerable to being knocked off, because he refuses to live in a world with this Big Brother shit.

socrates said...

I never played fantasy sports. I think Ainge is doing that but within the actual game.

He will not swap Rondo for anyone like Dirk, unless Nowitski has lost his fastball and only has a year or about left in his contract or Dallas can throw in some extra cheese. He is not going to be a dumbass like the Brooklyn Nets he just fleeced.

Ainge is about collecting assets.

I think it's amazing he got what he did for Pierce, KG, and Doc.

I thought he waited too long to be able to get anything for them.

I think it'll be best to trade Rondo at the trading deadline. Show that he is the same dude before his injury. He still has that bargain basement contract.

The few college coaches I've seen flame out in the NBA were Pitino and I remember Calipari.

But those two were/are egoheads. I am not sure they count.

So the new kid coach could be perfect. He will have the opportunity to help Ainge develop his young assets (something Doc is incapable of doing) while piling up losses for the upcoming monster draft.

And the C's won't have to tank like they truly did with ML Carr.

That approach was an all-in for Tim Duncan.

It resulted in hurting the assets.

Ainge is not going to swap hurting assets to maybe secure the top one or two places for ping pong balls.

He may be a Mormon, but he isn't a moron. And that could be the biggest part of the story. There is a Mormon who actually isn't a silly, stupid, wtf kind of dude.

And he never bit off Tree Rollins' finger. It was the other way around.

Ainge is definitely a troll. I'm not disagreeing. But he is a troll for good, if you are a Celtics fan.

Perk was damaged goods. We thought Shaq was coming back. And when we had Shaq, despite all the odds, we were the best team.

That must be hard to believe based on his stint with Lebron the previous year. But it's true.

Rondo and Shaq together was perfect. It was unstoppable. And KG could watch his back on defense.

Small ball is stupid. I agree with you obviously the league has changed, with the most glaring observation is that the traditional center has become more rare than a Pat Ewing autograph.

But yeah, look at Chandler you mentioned. Or the Spurs.

If we had Splitter and the other big Diaw, we go far in this playoffs.

But Doc is overrated. He loves small ball. And he plays favourites. He makes stupid decisions. Like putting Bradley at pg instead of T. Williams and Terry. And overusing Pierce as point forward.

When we had the nice streak after Rajon got hurt, there was no one point guard. The ball kept moving.

I do not understand Doc Rivers and how he has attained close to Pops like status. Many of us believe it was Thibs who was more responsible for any coaching influence propelling us to the title in 2008.

It also helped having Ray, Pierce, and KG in their final year of greatness to go with emergence of Perk and Rondo and a great bench including James Posey and Eddie House.

socrates said...

Oops, that was almost a home run for a basketball post.

ML Carr did the strangest things on purpose. He'd run them crazy during practices, so they'd have nothing left for the games. He'd take out anyone who was on fire to ensure a loss.

Pitino had no clue as a GM.

I did wonder at the time why let go of Rick Fox and David Wesley?

Why damage the psyches of the other players trying to find their hoop identity in a very difficult league to do so?

I think Ainge is more like if the new coach can somehow get them to .500 or even a respectable w-l record, then so be it.

What they could d is hold back Rondo longer than they must, like what they did with Paul Pierce the year before Ainge wheeled and dealed for Ray and KG.

Ainge gets it. This is his job, to be general manager. He is focused.

Many people simply do not like him for whatever reasons. So they spin it as he would have got nothing if not for his buddy McHale, then with Minnesota and KG.

Nope. We gave Minnesota the best deal they were gonna get. Al Jefferson turned out pretty good.

There are only so many KG's and the Wolves were going nowhere with him.

Like us with Rondo. So that is why trading Rajon Rondo is a possibility. But he will not do it to simply do it, like Pitino did.

socrates said...

The other possiblity is that Ainge is going for the quick rebuild and Rondo is the centerpiece to go with the new coach. I think that's what is going on.

This is not gonna be like roaming in the desert for ten years like we did when we originally ditched Antoine Walker.

I think Rondo is 27. So maybe Ainge is thinking Rondo at 30 will be at his peak and much improved. He has finally developed a solid jumper.

We have never really seen Rondo play when he had a real coach.

The thing to remember at all times is that Danny Ainge has a plan. He is trying to become the Bill Belichick of GM's.

And yeah, anyone who doesn't recognise Belichick is one of the greatest coach/gm's of all time is a Mormon not named Danny Ainge.

socrates said...

i meant Ainge always has a plan. This is basketball-chess at its greatest.

socrates said...

Did you enjoy your Oppressive Capitalism & Death Industry holiday?

Hey, it turns out for the best I picked the wrong Prepostericity Daily Kos entry as your choice.

On one of the threads I linked to in the updated stuff section, I found this beaut from our good buddy maryscott o'connor.

To Larisa Alexandrovna (not making this up):

Horseshit (none)
Larisa, I don't know wh you are or what you do for a ,iving, and I've tried to be civil to you...

But these coy admonitions to BLOGGERS to keep it quiet and don't rock the fucking boat are pathetic and insulting to our intelligence.

Seriously, are you a fifth string right wing plant? Because that's the only plausible scenario I can imagine in which you're actually sentient.

Rage, rage, against the lying of the Right.

by Maryscott OConnor on Sat Jan 29, 2005 at 09:06:15 AM PST

[ Parent ]

link to comment

socrates said...

It looks like the spam bots are finally pushing off.

These are key search phrases that brought us readers. This is for the last week and month and all time.

last 7 days
monarch victims
doug mesmer
evil hackers/stupid numbnuts with so called pc skills
lowell routley
mk ultra children
monarch new project mind control
peg entwistle
peter sordjan
picture felix and david polk

last month

peg entwistle
project monarch
theresa duncan
lowell routley
davefromqueens2 glenn greenwald
susan polk
why monarch project change personality
doug mesmer

all time

theresa duncan
brett kimberlin
michael rivero
susan polk
peg entwistle
ك س
project monarch

I haven't a clue why those alien characters hit the jackpot. It appears blogger isn't the best for keeping out the spider spam.

They'll get their Godots.

donkeytale said...

I think this means we have been exposed to the NSA and/or someone is trying to get the jihadis to issue a fatwa against us.

Roughly translated, those arabic characters mean "your sister's pussy is wide enough to drive a troop carrier through it without touching her side walls."

donkeytale said...

After reading the ainge commentary (yes, I made it through the whole thing) I came to one solid conclusion: you should contact the Celtic front office to see if they have an opening for a PR flack.

If that fails, you could contact Fox News Channel to replace Dick Morris as their elections prediction specialist.

Simply replace all references to "Ainge" with "Romney" (one Mormon for anutter, haha) and you have essentially duplicated Dick's 2012 Presidential campaign schtick word for word.

donkeytale said...

Although I will admit Ainge did a great job of blowing this thing up.

If he can put it back together within three years I will be extremely impressed.

However, if he trades the draft choices for players or goes free agency route then I can't admire that.

The problem for college coaches making it big in jumping straight to the NBA is demonstrated by the fact that there havent actually ever been any.

Can you think of even one in the last few decades?

Maybe Red Holtzman 40 years ago?

So this too would make Ainge a basketball god, if the newest freshly scrubbed collegiate white guy can turn the rickety green bus around quickly and win a title or at least seriously contend within a few years.

But please remember this word "would."

I'm not yet quite ready to deify him just for blowing it up.

socrates said...

We definitely need a new thread. I'm tired of always seeing that Grouchie avatar in order to make a post.

It makes me feel queasy. It's like how some people can get a seizure from certain animation.

Unfortunately, my next entry is gonna be a doozy. I am not even done with the rough draft which consists of bibliography formation, screenshots, and free-form writing.

Thank you for your compliance. At present, I am unable to confirm or deny an expected completion date.

socrates said...

I mean it's gonna be the Grouchie avatar for at least a day, two, or perhaps three days longer. And that thought makes me sad.

socrates said...

Danny Boy said it wouldn't take as long this time to rebuild.

It's not an easy league to end up truly contending for a title.

He won a championship. Ainge. Now he is going for legacy. This will take time to see which of us is correct.

Bill Russell told KG he'd give him one of his rings, if by chance he didn't win it all with the Celtics.

That was all Ainge.

Granted he made mistakes in following years.

We shall see.

I'll take my chances with all those draft picks, a phenom coach, and hope is eternal.

socrates said...

I don't get what's so wrong with trading draft picks and young players for stars.

You can't rebuild forever. People want some reward for their patience. They want the playoffs.

You are living in some retro fantasy land when teams developed their own talent and players stayed with the team throughout their entire career.

The NBA collective agreement forces GM's to not fixate on winning the draft lottery. Oden proves you might as well waste your money on scratch tickets.

You have to pay players a certain amount. There is a minimum. You can't simply play all these young guys and wait for them to develop together. Like the Pittsburgh Pirates and Milwaukee Brewers of the world. The small markets in baseball.

Grow up.... haha

donkeytale said...

I didnt say there was anything wrong with building the team that way. I just said I can't admire it.

The 'retro fantasy land' I live in is as unreal as San Antonio making yet another finals with a team that really hasn't fallen far off the top at all in a decade or more.

Popovich is the Belichick of the NBA. In more ways than one. His system seems to cohere.

With a tad bid more objectivity than you perhaps, I put Ainge more on a par with Mark Cuban.

Now both DAL and BOS, and LAL too, seem to be headed to the bottom for a spell.

Ainge's moves are contrarian and for that I applaud him. If he can quickly trade picks for champion calibre players then he still has a chance to reach the bottom rung of greatness (multiple titles).

For Ainge to reach the Popovich level seems outside of the realm of possibility at this stage. It seems the fantasy land idea to me.

And yes, nabbing Duncan (especially so few years after nabbing David Robinson) is all about the luck of the lottery which I've always said was pure dee dumb.

The Pop genius is consistently filling and restocking the roster over the years to keep the team winning for the long term without fail.

Besides and lets face clear facts here.

LeBron just stepped up.

Wade was on one leg.

This thing looks like a clean threepeat.

donkeytale said...

And is there a smaller market in pro sports than San Antonio? So check all the boxes for Popovich all time greatness.

Of course, the Packers are in the midst of a great run too in a small market. Ted Thompson has built and maintained quite a team completely through the draft and undrafted free agents, picking at or near the bottom of the rounds every year.

But he too needs multiple titles under this regime in order to ascend the bottom level of alltime greatness, much less compare with Belichick.

donkeytale said...

But yes, your Daily Kos work, though minimal, was superb.

We might as well link to the third and final dairy here, too:

Prescience thy name is Prepostericity.

Subsequent history has made fools of the KosKop haters in the threads

socrates said...

Yes, that one was interesting. If any website fit the criteria for being a honey pot, it was Debate Both Sides.

I tried my best to cybersleuth reverse ip's. There seemed to be one bit that made it more important than those commenters were portraying it as.

It was kind of like the poor ma's Barrett Brown. You pour through open source info. You try to find stuff that's hidden. You try to tie together pieces of the puzzle.

Yes, there might have been something to that reverse ip going straight to the DoD. Quite the coincidence or something.

socrates said...

Prescient indeed. Thanks.

socrates said...

This Vince in the Bay has a provocative radio show called the Trollcast.

It could very well be cointelpro. Inciting and entrapping.

I think you'll like my new entry. It will be for those who like my old school schtick.

Though I'm sure you'll still find something to complain about.

socrates said...

There's a chat room where they are trying to recreate that off channel message board and keep the logs schtick.

They are "flushing out crazies" or are useful idiots for such an undertaking.

A few months ago I was checking out this Kimberlin UnMasked. It's that Dustin Flanders dude. And on one Dkos page I saved Dustin was teaming up with Neal busting down Ron's chops with thruthiness staples.

Oh so anyway. Haa, he had a dead blog when I went to socratise. Most glaring thing was the form where he asked for your full name, address, phone #, email, and probably even your security password question for the lolz.

I was prescient then. I am prescient now. One could even say I am precious. But that would be a digression.

You name the cat, they are either a useful idiot kook or cointelpro. Darby is still cointelpro.

Internet cointelpro is what it should be called.

donkeytale said...

OK, in the cause of transparency, I was wong about Red Holzman.

He was pure NBA. In fact he was NBL before there was a NBA.

He may not even have attended college much less coached college.

But I got bored before I found out.

Yes, a new thread.

Coming right up...

socrates said...

Don't get mad if mine comes right after yours. I bet McCain doesn't get gruff from Smitty when he bumps him from the top slot.

Mine is gonna have tons of links and screenshots. That should keep the readers too busy to realise it was mailed in.

socrates said...

My new one is almost ready.

donkeytale said...

Actually, I didn't have one anyway. I was bluffing.

Using the old reverse strategy schtick.

Anonymous said...

House will vote to restrain bulk surveillance, first significant anti-spy factory vote since 9/11 will take place, thanks to Eric Snowden's bravery.

Is Snowden the useful idiot here or more like likely are you the useful idiot, donkeytale?

Anonymous said...

Edward Snowden now officially has a Russian Spy Factory handler with deep inside ties to the Kremlin.

He's seeking asylum in Russia, land of the free and home of the brave. Oh wait.

Looks like donkeytale nailed another one, eh Soc?


socrates said...

I'm not sure where you are getting your info, anon (donk?).

Of course Snowden is now a commie and working for the enemy. It's mere propaganda to proffer he's applying for temporary asylum to get out of the airport.

socrates said...

that was my attempt at snark.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is Donk. Although I strongly disavow the prior Anonymous Cowards. I was snarking on Snowden, too. He's trapped into useful idiocy, whether he likes it or not. Kucherena is his attorney. Look him up. FSB (formerly KGB) board member with "deep Kremlin ties" (Guardian).

Still loyally following your twitter feed, also, as well as Ron's and frankly enjoying the lurker role.

Who is this Vince in the Bay character? Socratise please.

Anonymous said...

The main goal was to push this thread into triple digits...

socrates said...

Yeah, I didn't think you were the one saying Snowden is now a commie spy. I googled. That's simply not true.

There's something about temporary asylum to get out of airport limbo.

I read where he is at peace with it and knew/knows this could quite possibly not work out for him. That makes him a legend. Correction. That makes him immortal.

I exposed Kimberlin. God will probably give me a Snickers Bar for that. Snowden? He will be handed the keys to a heavenly mansion.

socrates said...

Oops, so you did write that about Snowden = commie. That's great. You're awesome.

VITB does a radio blog and puts on all these various trolls for guests.

He is probably working with the Feds as are his guests.

They are the same people who set up Barrett Brown and Hammond. A lot of money is pumped into the spy factory.

That proof of a plan to assassinate OWS leaders in Texas was real. You do the cause no good by claiming it is conspiracy theory copied from Alex Jones and Laura. That was actually the point of that entry. To follow up on claims!

Perhaps that was FOIA'ed after those folks were inspired by the Stratfor hack.... which was set up by the FBI to entrap Jeremy Hammond!

If we separate the wheat from the convolution chaff, Snowden and people like myself are looking more profound by the day. Since I am extremely humble, I will take the Snickers bar and let Snowden get the harem of hot but very pious women.

socrates said...

It is good to lurk. Both of us have spent years blah blah. We done good to a degree. We even reached the front door of zeitgeist greatness.

Unfortunately, it was like we were on Letterman's stupid pet tricks. Not even 15 minutes of e-fame. Not prudent. Not a complete sentence.

socrates said...

There are two threads on this blog I don't think you'll be able to push this towards. Though maybe.

There was the biggie on Larry, National Wingnut Appreciation day.

There was also the Giordano schtick. That one as you must remember merged into Hans Mundt/Meno Argenti territory.

He was also a Fed. If I had to bet and wanted good odds.

Anonymous said...

Link to where I said he was a commie?

Didn't think so, Disinfo Specialist First Class. The NSA now have an opening. haha. the job's in Maryland, too. You'll have drinking buddies galore after work.

Ince you are Snowden in your own mind you should get hired no questions asked.

I realised your entry was abt the almost plot to almost assassinate almost revolutionaries in Houston (actually most were from Austin and DFW on a field trip during the port protests, but who wants to muck up a good nonstory with almost facts).

The problem with yur diary was it was already old news when you almost broke it.


Snowden is shacking up with Dosto and Chekhov. If he doesnt make it to Latin America his lot will consist of a dump apartment in a crappy outer ring burb of Moscow.

He's being used and abused but his story does seem to be resonating in Congress, mostly among....Democrats/

Its a vicious circle. I've been twisting arms within the DLC.

Anonymous said...

The Narco Wars thread is a classic. I'm surprised it doesnt churn its way into the top of the charts very often. Instead we get endless Theresa Duncan and Peg Entwhistle.

Ah well. You done good.

I done good. I note that recently we switched roles. You came from a hard news political angle while I became the Lifestyle section.

I was about to debut a "Dear Miss Lonelyhearts" aevice column when you dumped me.

We were both right on target with our schticks, however, both were stale and not revelatory, however elegantly penned.

I notice that Fraulein Piper was very stimulated, so there is that.

Oh and I strung together a very nice dairy from this comment. So thanks for the muse-ness.

I'm done.

Anonymous said...

Dairy about the old man's end of life travails called "Cheating the 20 questions of death."

socrates said...

You didn't call him a commie, but you might as well have. You said he's got a KGB handler, he's applying for land of the free and brave etc..

I just read a fascinating article on Jeremy Hammond. Now that dude was truly leftier than thou. He makes me look like Sean Hannity.

I even tweeted an old Weintraub diary asking if Hal from North Bergen and Sean were closet buddies.

I guess you had to be there. Oh yes, you say you are as a lurker.

Yes, our schticks need to evolve or it's over.

It actually takes too much time and effort to write anything more than mailed in.

I deleted Piper. That was pure spam.

I don't think I am Snowden or anything close. For one thing, I have always stuck to my values the whole way.

Snowden worked for the CIA and had some kind of major change. Next to the Johnny Cash finger, my Howard Stern analogy gets a lot of play for good reason.

He loved George Bush. Until he didn't.

He said, "My president lied to me."

You're correct on that NarcoNews thread. It should get more play.

It had it all. Francis Holland? I think so. TLNL loved that stuff and carried a lot of the load. Even Big Al Giordano himself showed up.

In fact, that was where the leftier than thou schtick started.

He got totally owned by this blog.

Oh, the post on historic troll Ormond Otvos is getting some hits. Though that could be some spider bot going apeshit.

socrates said...

Would you go on Vince's radio show? I would listen to that. No, I won't go on it. Maybe you can download one of those voice changers like "Anonymous" uses. Everyone knows your a coward.

Sorry about your dad.

socrates said...

geesus h. christmas, you're not your.

socrates said...

the second your is fine. it's the other one I mean. And I realise I need to correct such grammar mistakes or no one will undstd wht im sayin.

socrates said...

I'd rather ride a ferry for ten hours than look at that Liberal Grouch avatar. Makes me queasy.

Anonymous said...

You gave up blogging. Did you give up reading the newspaper too?

Snowden's attorney, just coincidentally of course, happens to be a spook himself.

"Days after Kucherena joined a group of Russian public figures at a surreal meeting in the international transit lounge of Sheremetyevo airport on July 12, Snowden asked him to take up his case for political asylum. And he agreed, pro bono.

That has made him the architect of Snowden's effort to stay in Russia, and effectively his unexpected public champion.

Since he is one of the few people who get to meet Snowden, he has been besieged for updates in the proceedings and also for hints about his client's strategy and mood as his odyssey unfolds.

"He has this struggle inside himself," Kucherena said the other day in a restaurant near the Kremlin that he has turned into an unofficial office.

Kucherena's role has increased his prominence in Russia. Like many defence lawyers in a country where justice is viewed as deeply politicised, he occupies an awkward space between challenging authority and being part of the system itself.

At the same time, he is a political supporter of Putin's and serves on the Public Chamber, an advisory body. He also serves as a member of another board that oversees the Federal Security Service, or FSB.

Those roles have prompted accusations that the Kremlin is orchestrating events and that Kucherena has ties to the authorities or the security service itself, which he disputed."

The Federal Security Service is the KGB under a new name.

So to recap, Snowden's lawyer just happened to be at the surreal press conference orchestrated for Snowden by the Kremlin. He just happens to be a Putin supporter (good choice, that, since Putin adversaries tend to get lengthy prison terms for crimes against the state), and he just happens to be on the board of the FSB.

Happenstance? Let the reader decide.

socrates said...

Ouch, I am off to find a recommended Guardian article from today. On Snowden by Greenwald and apparently with a lot of goodies.

I haven't given up blogging. It's more like a hibernation.

socrates said...

2800 comments as I type....

XKeyscore: NSA tool collects 'nearly everything a user does on the internet'


Anonymous said...

All in all, "donkeytale ruined this blog" is a fine & fitting epitaph, both for this worn out dump and the whiteysphere in general.

Thanks for this. May she bob as a thought yacht forever stately atop the waves of the whiteysphere.

Darn near all of our [highly repetitive] prescience, IE the bad far outweighs the good wrt the internet, has been proven by the academic journals finally catching up to our empirical native brilliance regarding the subject.

And now Snowden blows the lid off the spy factory and basically receives a societal shrug in return.

Yeah we knew that without knowing. And anyway, Google already knows who we are without knowing us. They wll survive, nay thrive in the coming apocalypse. We are all Sergei Brinn now. Ugly glasses and all.

No matter the eventuality because of Snowden, likely some mild popular reforms that will satisfy the DLC/RNC ownership while set the wild wild right/left nutters howling for the daily fix of more Greenwald revelations to help rock us into one more night's troubled sleep of the blissfully infotained.

Until we meet again on the other side, adios mi emigre...

socrates said...

You're pathetic. You can't be missed if you don't go away. Good luck with your buddy Satan.

Anonymous said...

Thought Socrates and Donkeytail might be interested in this recent GBCW: