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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Regular Guy Edward Snowden Gives the Johnny Cash to Big Brother

Winston Smith from George Orwell's 1984

He's into Ron Paul. It happens. I see the media is scrambling. Some spin him as being a narcissist and not a true whistle blower.

Of course Snowden is a hero and whistle blower. I am too lazy to fetch links. I've been reading a bit on this. Sure none of it is new to anyone who has been paying attention.

He had to go Gonzo. He did supply us with the name of PRISM. He ratted out those social media websites for nazi-styled complicity. Snowden has made an effective chop at the Big Brother tree. When it emerged Hal Turner was working for the FBI as cointelpro, that counted for something. You can't shake that off as conspiracy chatter. This can't be discarded either.

The Military Industrial Complex response is a big bluff. Their "War on Terror" is not real.

And I noticed Al Franken sold out on this issue. He oughta be ashamed.


donkeytale said...

'Al Franken sells out' may have been the angle here, especially because he's part of yur schtick.

Snowden is rather well known for a cipher at this stage.

I'm having a bit of trouble fitting him into the 'regular guy' look too. A high school dropout making $200k as a spook decides to move to China and make Greenwald's day. This guy is no lefty. Lefties basically don't exist in case you bin ignoring my schtick all these years as I highly suspect.

Veddy interesting as they used to say. His personal drahma is yet to come. Will they extradite him or will they hire him?

I smell book/movie. And why won't his GF join him in HK? Enquiring minds want to know.

Don't get me wrong. He done good. Its this entry has insufficient postage, even by your minimalist standards.

I won't tit yur tat by playing the cliche card...but, uhm, well, ahh.


Looking at our last two entries leads one to conclude:

We're done.

donkeytale said...

Actually, I'm only commenting at all out of sheer loyalty to the brand. I recognise that our diaries are simple excuses to start a comment thread and we still give good thread.

No doubt bout dat.

And for the record, the above cliche is considered acceptable white guy speak in New Orleans, a town that was ethnically cleansed after Katrina. The po black folk were shifted a few hunnerd miles west to Houston.

donkeytale said...

The New Orleans dialect is one of the more curious aspects of that peculiar city.

One would swear it was Brooklynese, especially since Brooklyn itself has long sice been completely overrun by hipsters from Texas, many of whom such as my daughter have married, had hipster children and returned home.

Regular guys, as it were.

donkeytale said...

Pinche Tejano fits that bill as well.

There are by my estimate at least 15,000 Texas art and music school graduates living in Brooklyn. And that's just the ones tending bar and waiting tables.

Still, it was moi who provided my daughter the encouragement to go those many years ago and she found herself thhere, now misses the NYC lifestyle but recognises the futility of raising kids in that environment.

And speaking of kids, is it just me or is this newest generation of toddler grrls the scariest yet?

Not just my granddaughter but others, such as me step mum's little great granddaughter. One senses an immense power developing among these feline tots. Woe unto the baby boys of this generation.

They don't stand a chance.

donkeytale said...

I didn't mean that PT had married and returned home. That was poorly constructed. I'm not that aware of his personal dtales.

Meant he was a Texan livimg in hipster Brooklyn.

PT had exclnt schtick.

socrates said...

My intention was to come up with an extensive bibliography, i.e. links. No, I was never considering throwing in footnotes.

Basically no cortisone shot was gonna wake me up from blogmatic slumbers.

Haha, get it? Blogmatic, dogmatic... I will bet on no one having a clue what that reference is from. Unless they cheat and google it.

I think we know who this kid is. I think you are teetering towards conspiracy kookery. Ya think it's a so-called agitprop?

I also read his girlfriend has gone missing, that she used to live in China. The article implied wink wink, she is probably already with him saying kiss me my fool.

I know his job doesn't add up in a conventional way. But those computer geeks are at the top of the job pool totem pole. He could have gotten a ged. I agree if he is a hs dropout, it smells like trout.

Yes, there is much more to this than we will probably ever know.

I think the gf is with him. I doubt he would have thrown her and Hawaii away over integrity. Like you point out, no way is he a lefty. He had to be some kind of a dick in the first place to work for the CIA/NSA.

My main point, if I hadn't been blog injured and pinch hitting Kirk Gibson style, would have been like hello, let's look at some pdf's and whatnot. Let's not discuss Bill Bumblebee's opinion in italics this dude is a fame-hag McGillicuddy.

Some people actually do have integrity. Some people actually will make outstanding sacrifices based on ethics.

He is like a poor man's Nelson Mandela. He is not willing to go to prison over this unless forced. I suppose he could've picked a better spot to ask for citizenship. Though he has some sort of US spied on Hong Kong schtick.

I mean, the best spot might have been to flee to Bolivia and hang out with Evo Morales. If I had to guess.

Yet let's see first what kind of dirt this turns out to be. Hong Kong might have been the wisest choice after all. This could turn out epic. Someone we never heard of until a week ago may have just provided us with a huge big picture story. It probably won't hit textbooks until 2065, when I suspect the Green Party finally wins the Oval Office and Ralph Nader the IV is ushered in.

Developing in italics.

socrates said...

Bob Kraft and Putin are back in the news. In one of my mailed in entries from a couple years ago I stressed the question of if the ring was snatched.

I am not sure what the delay was with Kraft finally admitting it wasn't a gift. Omg, the fricken Bush people were telling the Patriot's owner to take it on the chin on behalf of US-Ruskie relations.

I doubt Kraft is fabricating anything. He may need to lay off the moonshine more often, but that's another blog entry. (check him out after the first Super Bowl win. He was soooo drunk, slurring words.

To Krafty's credit, he could have bolted to Connecticut. They offered him a fancy package.
Nope. He kept the team in Massachusetts, which is the heart of New England.

Though I am not talking about Western Massachusetts. They are an embarrassment and New York can have them. Except for the cool stuff like Emily Dickinson and the Basketball Hall of Fame.

If the people in Western MA didn't have our funny accents, you'd think we were right dab in Texas. And who would ever want anything to do with that crummy state? Or Utah.

Look, you are taking this Texas sucks the wrong way. It does. It's nothing personal.

Or maybe it is a time factor? In decades to come Texas will go liberal, as the we the people type people multiply and move up the political food chain?

socrates said...

Why would anyone so-call whistle blow through proper channels when we know how evil the MIC is? Not to mention the person you pimped for, Obama, hates whistle blowers and has Al Franken in his back pocket. Though I guess I just mentioned it.

donkeytale said...

Actually, Texas will turn majority latino in roughly 13 years. So it is "nosotros los hombres" to you, gavacho.

The schools are now majority Mexicano.

Whether that translates to majority liberal or not is anybody's guess. Most of the youngsters these daze seem to swing more to the libertarian beat, as evidenced by our young friend Mr. Snowden.

Per my son, another libertarian, he thinks liberals are inconsequential sellouts.

He considers me a Commie.

socrates said...

There's that line lifted from the Bible in Platoon. It basically says we looked and found out that the enemy is ourselves.

TWA Flight 800 Investigators Claim the Official Crash Story Is a Lie

Remember Pat Tillman? Ever truly check out some of my better stuff on so-called chemtrails?

The military sucks. That's the bottom line. People need to aim higher and get rid of them. It is the only way. To take back what has been stolen.

I gotta admit Ron Paul was correct to tell that sniper scumbag you live by the sword, you die by the sword.

Anonymous should list phone numbers and addresses for M.I.C.. Those people are traitors. They are un-American. There's a reason why no one sheds tears for corrupt military and police. They are the ones ruining this world on behalf of all the corporate sellouts. They are murderers and criminals. The people who run America are criminals, period. Anyone in the military... CIA, FBI, NSA, all of them are scum.

America sucks. You can all go to hell. You deserve whatever happens to you.

socrates said...

I don't mean everyone. Of course I for one deserve a spot in heaven in the George Harrison/Lady Di wing. There are a few others who deserve it too, ok. I am going to do a crash course in Mormon magic. Then I will set us up our own planet and we'll have a great time.

First thing I get rid of will be reality tv and uhm, I also figure there should be no ads. There will be no more traveling either in basketball. What the heck's up with that? Two steps is a travel, for crying out loud!

donkeytale said...

Funny, I'm reading this anti- military diatribe at the VA hospital where my father, a WWII vet is having blood drawn as we speak. The first attempt is a dry hole, either that or he still has ice water in his veins. To say my old man is tough is like sayin Bogart enjoyed Scotch and Camels.

Second stick works. Now we're off to X-ray to see if he has a heart. Oops, gotta give urine first. I know he still has a dick. Hopefully he can find it on his own.

People say he's getting ornery in his old age but I don't notice anything different. He's always been a self centered pain the ass to me.

(Projection alert)

The only difference is nowadays I can kick his ass.


socrates said...

Godspeed to Donkeytale Sr.. I am picturing a blend of Lawrence Tierney and Cheech Marin.

I went aiming hire for one reason only. It is a reverse-psychology on the spy factory numbnuts assigned to watch our banter.

Clearly I have committed thought crimes. But I post them in a way in which -spooks- bootlicking, intelligence clones can say, "Gosh darn it. We could really send a fright into America by shutting down the great socrates (lower-case). But the kid may be helping us flush out some crazies."

They definitely must appreciate your racist, ebonics schtick.

I bet Holland and FieldNegro would be quite disgusted with you, if they could see the stuff you're printing.

You need to try to be more Chong than Cheech. Just saying. That conludes this post. I'm done with this post and will now click on the "publish your comment" clicky thingie.

socrates said...

Yes, there are no true lefties in America. We got close with Robert Reich.

I'm a socialist peacenik, senor gavacho. I'm gonna google that word. Whether it leads to a socratisation, who knows?

I am starting to get the itch to do an old-school socratisation. You know, I gather wacky links and put two and two together, the fight conspiracy through conspiracy theory schtick.

I don't recall anyone giving Aldous Huxley any shite for getting a bit imaginative at times.

And Jimmie Kimmel isn't funny.

donkeytale said...

We are in total agreement on Kimmel. Also not funny: Fallon, Leno, letterman (post late late show), Conan (also post late late show), Cheech, Chong, Carlin or Seinfeld.

Sarah Silverman ("Im fucking Matt Damon") is funny.

Rodney Dangerfield is a laff riot.

Jerry Lewis.

Fred Sanford

Fred Nietschze.

Those are guys that crack me up.

donkeytale said...

I'm not biting on either of your standard issue "Texas sucks" and/or "Francis Holland and Field Negro think you are a racist" bits.

There is ample evidence to the contrary somwehere deep within the bowels of MLW's back pages.

These are two guys with whom I interacted with deepest mutual respect back in the day, much as I did with the name sake of this blog.

Yur perseveration of the baseless cybersmearing notwithstanding.

donkeytale said...

See my classics "Notes on Holland's MAMZ Series" and "There is no Coloured People" for Dtales.

donkeytale said...

Or check this out:

"field said...
thanks donkeytale, and thanks for getting my back at MLW; you are one of the good guys."

He was referring to my "Coloured People" masterpiece, I think.

donkeytale said...

Then there is this timeless classic.

I know, I'm repeating myslef.


donkeytale said...

This dairy, like a fine wine, goes down easier with age.

And the thread is also a timeless classic.

I think I was banned like a day later...

donkeytale said...

They said I was banned for making fun of all MSOCs various ailments and disabilities.

This of course wasn't true. What I was poking at were MSOCs endless "oh woe is me-ism", her drama queening of all her ailments and disabilities.

This was and perhaps still is an integral part of her schtick. At DKOS her deal was going on and on about her 10 year long alcoholic blackout which she noted had started just after her abortion.

I had the temerity to suggest helpfully that perhaps there was a causal relationship connecting the latter to the former.

Oh my gosh, one thing you can't get away with as a male at Medicated Loony Wimmen is suggesting there is perhaps something not so swell about abortion regardless of the fact that it should of course always be a legal option, especially for a wacked out alcoholic mess who finds herself knocked up the morning after an alcoholic fueled fucking frenzy of the casually un betrothed persuasion the night before.

That's why I loved bringing it up so much....

donkeytale said...

And I say that as a male past participant of the occasional casual fucking frenzy who always stuck his end in unprotected and tended to wake up a few hours later when the fizz wore off and generally feeling disgusted with meself would gather up as much of my clothes as I could find quickly in the dark and got the hell out never to look back even when she came to and called out 'where you goin, baby?'

"Gotta pee" I'd respond but then jump out the door and skedaddle fast as possible, feeling like shit to the depth of my soulessness.

donkeytale said...

Lookin at some vintage pictures of the old man circa 1976 or so. He's more a Richard Petty/Zvel Knieval looking character. Compact. Intense. Wiry. A superb practioner of the barroom arts: pool, bowling (back in the day many Wisconsin bars had a lane or two in the basement), shuffleboard, brawling in the parking lot.

My Dad was the youngest of 4. His older brother was an alcoholic War Hero who drank himself into oblivion at a young age just like their bar-owning daddy before them.

Oddly, the old man never drank much. He couldn't handle his tipple.

Of course, I can't handle mine either but I definitely possess the drunken genes of my grandfather and uncle.

Mom's side of the family were tee totalers, except for Mom herslef, who was a party grrl, having met dad in Grandpa's bar.

I've written some of this family herstory up in 'Tale's Tap Room' and of course 'White Album' and mummy's passing in 'Unbearable Triteness of Blogging' masterpieces.

donkeytale said...

Oh, and the wimmen on the side. How could I forget? The greatest of all barroom black was one of those showy, cocky, men about town, even if the town was a blue collar hellhole in the smog belt east of downtown LA and his ride of choice was a tool filled Chevy pick up w three speed standard tranny geared so low that you started out in second and only shifted once. Its strange to recall how all the work men left all their implements right out in the open, never locked the car doors, left the key in the ignition with the windows rolled down.

Dad was one of those neighborhood bon vivants who everyone considered a great guy except his wife and kids back at home who were ignored while he was out showing off his greatness.

He did stick around enough to teach me the rudiments of beisbol and bowling, in fact he was also the Little League beisbol coach, at which he excelled also, as our teams nearly always won the league champeenship. Luckily, I was pretty good so never heard whispers of favouritism. But still I wondered how much was my talent versus family connections. This issue wasn't entirely dispelled until my teen years post divorce when I played without him coaching me and I still managed to start on the Varsity team as a juniour and make All Star teams in the ultra competitive SoCal youth leagues of the era. As example, I competed against Fred Lynn both in high school and American Legion summer league ball. You may have heard of him.

One of the things the old man tried to instill in me was his brawling capability. He was a brash little banty rooster who never steered away from trouble and he often instigated it himself. I was more of the "peace/love/smoke it" generation.

I do recall one time at beisbol practice, junior varsity sophomore year as I recall, out of nowhere one day our starting SS (I was 2B so we played and practiced closely together) walked up to me with an out of character hostile look and proceeded to punch me in the face then jumped and started pummeling me on the ground until the coach broke it up and pulled us apart.

WTF are you doing? I yelled at him, stunned into disbelief.

It turned out his parent's marriage had ended and the old man had helped push its decline into finality, of which I guess I was the last to know...

donkeytale said...

Bin away for a few days as after his test results came back poorly donkeydad was re-admitted to the hospital.

He was in worse shape after two weeks at home then when they had admitted him first time. Dx is CHF complicated by pneumonia.

The long drive to the VA in Milwaukee was fairly grim. I wasn't sure he was going to make it and per his dictum we had to travel the surface streets which stretches the trip to about an hour, whereas the fwy is about half that.

One of the good things about the VA is they are very functional as a place where old soldiers go to die. We went to the ER which was empty. Imagine any other public hospital in any other large city and you would expect him to die in a chair in the waiting room while the staff attended the various gunshot, stabbing, beating victims.

But old soldiers don't aim and fire their guns in undisciplined fashion. We were whisked into a room where the physician on duty, a muscular, tanned and handsome man in his 40s took the time to study Dad's chart and renedered what turned out to be a useful diagnosis, especially after I corrected the record regarding his tobacco habits and they added COPD as co-morbidity. This latter dx by the way is also what killed my Mom at 79.

Dad was in excruciating leg pain from cramping and he couldn't breathe. He told the RN, another muscular hansome man in his late 40s (not that I'm gay or anything) that he had quit smoking (and this only after I told the nurse that he was a lifelong coffin nail consumer of the two pack per day persuasuon) 20 days ago, which he later amended to 30 days when an intern came in to pester him later with further inane questionning.

"Pleasse don't make me talk anymore" dad moaned at the young, rather hot Indian chick MD. "Ask my son." So, she turned her striking big brown eyes to me and asked another question. But before I could open my mouth to respond Dad jumped in and starting yacking again! Riotous!

Then he started whining again how we was out of breath after Dr. Hottie turned her attention dutifully back to him since we wouldn't stop talking.


His wife, my senile stepmom massaged his badly swollen left leg and foot while all this macabre farce took place in the ER private room with Spurs-Heat ignored on the telly against the wall. Once in a while Dad would ignore Dr. Hottie and remark how LeBron was a beast and somesuch while tumult went on through and around him. Once he looked over at me and said, "tell me the truth and don't give me any bullshit. What did the Dr say my chances are." Well, actually, the dr told me nothing that they didn't tell him. He was responding well to IV drugs in all phases and with the exception of his breathing he was doing OK. They eventually placed him in ICU for a day and now he is much better and assigned to a regular room. My sis flew in from Cali yesterday and I'm heading back out to Texas. Clearly, the take away is he can't adequately care for himself and his wife at home. Its now just a matter of family dynamics with the step sisters on his wife's side and working the system to get him the services he needs once they release him

donkeytale said...

Speaking of MSOC, MLW down for the count?

I think my politics are screwing up my life (4.50 / 2)

I can't get a job, though I badly need one; the interviews go fine, but they never call back. I think they Google me and -- that's that. First thing that comes up in a search is the Wikipedia page, which tells you everything you need to know about me and my politics. Links to MLW, diaries, interviews, articles...
It also doesn't help that I haven't held a real job since 1999, and the last two jobs I had were with companies that went bankrupt. The only evidence I have that I ever worked at my last job (Director of Communications at Skysite Communications Corporation is a corporate page listing me as the Registered Agent. The CEO of the parent company (USDI) is dead; I've tried tracking down the CEO of the subsidiary, president, CFO... to no avail.

Adam has been working sporadically since school got out (he was teaching), but cannot find a full time job, either (this is a small town with limited options for people with his skill set). Which means our income is almost nil. Which means we are screwed. We are almost out of money, and have no income in sight.

I haven't paid the fees on MLW for 4 months. (Someone sent me a sizable donation a while back, but I only paid a couple months' fees before disaster struck in the form of a huge bill, and the money ended up going toward that bill instead of remaining in the MLW fund. (I'm sorry, donor -- you know who you are. It came down to survival or MLW fees, and the former won.)

We are living in a state of terror and despair, and life here in northern Michigan is seeming more and more like an untenable situation -- though going back to California isn't an option, either, since you actually need cash on hand to MOVE.

Anyone tells you the employment situation is getting better, tell them to try living in a small town.

--7.88, --6.56 If I can't rant, I don't want to be part of your revolution.
by: Maryscott O'Connor @ Thu Jun 20, 2013 at 12:29:42 PM UTC

Which a long way of saying (4.00 / 1)

If the site goes away, that's why.

socrates said...

I will always love MSOC despite her threats to turn me in to the FBI for cyberstalking or wtf she was rambling about back in the days in regards to me.

I don't hold grudges. That's a double-edged thingie. Charlie Brown didn't hold grudges either. That led to him having tremendous back problems from all the times he got snookered by that bitch Lucille aka Lucy. Something to do with leaves and a football. Oh wait a minute, that's a cartoon. Or excuuuuuse me, an animation.

I now love your Pops as much if not more so than the real Pops, the coach of the Spurs.

I don't mean to joke about it. It's never easy seeing a family member go through that stuff.

I think this blog is in a good place. How many movies did Brando make? I think it was 32 flicks. He's considered by many the best of the best.

So we are not prolific like uhm I don't know any more because I have shed ties with internet addiction. Prolific is overrated.

It looks like Snowden is on route to Cuba. I was prescient yet again. I said he should go to Bolivia. So I only missed by some hundreds of miles. Or 500 miles. I am ok at Georgraphy but am not omnipotent. But for crying out loud, Cuba and Bolivia are like the Yankees and Red Sox of socialised nations. This is no I said Bolivia and he eded up in Moscow, the other side of Alaska.

MSOC is full of it. I am not trying to make fun of her predicament. But look at this blog. It's free! It never gets deleted by Google, if we stop posting. I don't think it does.

She's closing shop because her blog is slower than this one. Or she'd hand over the keys to what'sherface, Curmudgette, or someone else. Isn't soapblox only $15 per month?

You know what happened. I do too from reading the archives. She sided with the wrong people nearly every time there was a snafu at her blog. Pretty soon it dwindled down to only a handful left with most of them being not only dicks but boring.

That's what destroyed her website. Not me for copying and pasting some of her most idiotic not (in italics) leftier than thou thoughts.

She could have been a contender. She was. She was the answer. Then came Peeder to the rescue. Then after that came the end of blogging as we know it.

Destroying Daily Kos was ultimately pointless. All these years on the net for all of us was ultimately a waste of time.

socrates said...

I was kidding about Holland and Field coming after you. John Lennon said, "Women are the niggers of the world." It caused an uproar.

But anyone with half a clue knew he meant the N word in the most enlightening manner.

Words schmords.

Maybe like we have to take a driver's test to get a license, we should do the same to be able to use such words. Like if you score well enough on the leftier than thou meter, you can say it.

I don't think it should be used too much. But for crying out loud, it's a word. Like cunt. That's another one the -Limeys- Brits get away with using for some reason.

Like I could call you a cunt, tosser, and wanker and then expect a punch to the nose.

But say the same thing in a London pub, and the dude will buy you a fresh Guinness and say drink it up laddie.

donkeytale said...

Peeder pulling the plug was the pivotal moment but he was ultimately correct. He urged everyone to return to normal life. PFF was a meteor across the whiteysphere. It was awesome for awhile but then it peedered out. BTW, I'v done some googling and came up with some random guy schtick you might enjoy.

Nah, on 2nd thot, who cares. Stick with Peeder's advice. Life is too short. The experience the last few weeks with dad has me trolling me own memory banks and thats fine enuff, altho painful. He said his only regret was not making the marriage work with me mum. But clearly,his current wife, tho loosing her grip mentally, was the love of his life. He's had a good run.

My endgame reckoning will be much harder to digest. I've had a messier run and one that looking back I realise too late I need a do-over.

LOL. Satan awaits.

Im in a hotel as usual. Going downstairs to grab a bite and get back on the highway to hell.

socrates said...

I wouldn't be so quick to assume Satan has bought the rights to your blogging and put in a no-compete clause.

If you want to work on behalf of our saviour, Lord, and all around regular guy for a God, God, it can happen.

God wants to win the game. He also has a fairly sized ego and gets a kick out of saving people, whatever that means.

God figures once you get into a locker room with folks like Snowden, Gandhi, Lady Di, and Stuart Smalley, you will contribute to peace on earth with less transgressions.

Christianity is wonderful. All you have to do is say JESUS!!!!!! and all is forgiven.

socrates said...

This is what you have to do. Reincarnation is the truth. It is what awaits each of us. Or else nothing makes sense.

You should see Pay It Forward. One can't possibly make amends for all the bad things done. But there's always a new Grapefruit season, one in which every team starts out again 0-0.

Just be a better guy from now on. It makes for rather dull blogging, I admit. I love you. No, I love you. Love. Kumbaya.

Ratings will go down even further, but you will be assured a seat in Heaven. Just don't go near Carlin. I heard through the ouija board grapevine that he wants to kick your ass.

donkeytale said...

OK back from brekkie and ready to head out.

I saw that piece about Snowden going thru Moscow to Cuba.

He is either a double agent or a defacto double agent (AKA 'useful idiot').

I say this non-accusatorily. In the Marxist manner, one attaches oneself termporarily to whatever status quo one must attach oneself to in order to push the agenda forward. In this case, Snowden is using the even more oppresive speech limiting regimes of China, Russia and Cuba to make the world aware of the proof to that which we already know: the US is also an oppressive and rotten regime which also needs to be overthrown, along with those in Russia, China and Cuba.

If he stays in Cuba that seems a telltale sign of his overt double agency. If he rolls onto Ecuador (not Bolivia) which seems more likely, then he will retain his useful idiocy amateur status whether thats the real truth online or not.

I am keeping an open mind to both possibilities. There is something a bit off about Snowden's story and his flight path to China/Russia/Cuba that begs the question of his being a cout=nter spy.

HAHA, that would also confirm Greenwald's useful idiocy as well.

But again, I agree with their actions in context.

Obama and the MIC deserve to be exposed. Obama is too much a pussy (like LBJ before him) to throw a monkey wrench into the establishment.

I note that Bill is now making big talk but of course he also did nothing to dismantle the dark force while he was in office, in fact he is the proximate cause of Obama's triangulation, so much for his puffery.

Fuck him too

donkeytale said...

And before you go off on me for pimping Obama, please open your binarily simple fairleftian political mind and consider the alternative to Obama.

You would have the same MIC and the surveillance state, a worser recession (such as no GM bailout and even lower taxes on the rich) and no telling how much further to the right the mainstream media conversation would have moved.

And no, there is no green movement now or in 2065.

The green movement is an internet mirage. You can look it up. Wherever they have attained even a faint whiff of political power, such as Germany (Green foreign minister approved using German troops in Afghanistan), England (Green local govt backed conservative social budget cuts) or even Australia where the Greens have had theie best worldwide showing in Tasmania (head of Aussie Green Party now states the Party must triangulate to get to the next level of powerfulness) the Greens are exposed as just another flavour of New Democrats/New Labour.

Real leftists are not greens. And greens are not real leftists.

Bet on it.

donkeytale said...

Carlin is similar to Chomsky.

For some reason the fake left of the internet have attached themselves to him.

But I was there. Carlin had nothing. He was a mainstream comic in an underground era. He grew his hair long and did a few doper jokes but only long after long hair and dope had ceased being in any way avante garde. He was 'plastic' to use the term de art, he was a hippie to the parents but never to the kids. A square.

Chomsky? in the 60s he didnt even exist. Yur muddy Marcuse and Angela Davis were more representative and visible academics of the left.

He's just a guy milking the internet for retirement dollars.

OTOH, you are essentially correct on it never being over til its over. Good advice and I'm already sorta moving in that direction.

The rhetoric is for blogging purposes, literary affect.

I'm no longer drinking or smoking weed for instance.

Trying to make amends within the family circle of life.

Stay tuned for further developments/. Out.

donkeytale said...

Corredction: Yur 'buddy' Marcuse, altho Muddy prolly works there too as an example of spontaneous mispellcised prosity.

donkeytale said...

Oh and I just caught yur evangeical rap.

Socrates is a jew for Hesus?


You reule dude.

Love you too.


socrates said...

Hmmm. A double agent or de facto. Like does motive come into it?

I think the dude had an epiphany. He went into it thinking f$^% the terrorists.

But in his spare time he read your boy Ronnie Paul. He read lots of stuff. In this cynical age I know it is difficult to believe someone would throw away their life like that for integrity.

I believe it is more than possible and probably likely that is what has happened.

Snowden done good.

socrates said...

I get your point. He hasn't exactly shown much bravery with his easy out to Cuba. Should he have stayed in America? I doubt it.

Hong Kong might have told him he needed to leave. That might have been the development.

The Guardian is arguably the greatest paper in the world. They wouldn't have run this stuff the way they have if it wasn't huge. Ellsberg the Vietnam whistleblower right? ... Didn't he say Snowden's schtick blows away his own?

I would reserve your judgment on this double agent idea or de facto or that he and Greenwald are useful idiots.

I believe Greenie is now in Brazil, a progressive nation.

As for Clinton, LBJ, any of them, it seems rigged. And it is. Like Marcuse, C. Wright Mills and Erich Fromm, my Big Three, have pointed out.

No one wants to admit that everything they have believed in and have been taught couldn't be more wrong.

That's what I think happened with Snowden. Remember Howard Stern's 180 degree on GW Bush and the manufactured war on terror? He said my president lied to me.

Maybe Snowden saw what was going on, like Tillman did, but in a different part of the criminal Military Industrial Complex.... and he decided to go Johnny Cash on them. Especially if the chick followed him to Asia. Then I'd say he's legit.

I suppose you can always argue he is going double agent. I doubt it. He'd get caught and chop sueyed by the commies.

By the way I root for Cuba over Amerikkka. We screwed them over. Just like we did Haiti. The US is criminal.

And now it's kinder and gentler imperialism. That Al Giordano stuff. Fairleft and Laura are the useful idiots not Snowden.

I will stick with my original analysis that he's a regular guy.

I knew a kid once at a job who was applying to the CIA. I asked him wtf. He said he knew what I meant, but that maybe it wasn't that bad and he'd never be like that.

Yeah, I once knew someone who fits Snowden's personality description. It's more than plausible this was pure heroism. You know, not everyone went along with Hitler. Apparently the vast majority of Germans did but not all.

socrates said...

I mean like the French did to Haiti. It was like what we did to Cuba. We were blathering about freedom and democracy and when it was their turn, they were stymied.

No one likes a hypocrite parasite, especially when it continues to rape and pillage for the benefit of a few.

Has anyone checked out America lately? People might have theirs and are still out on barbecues and getting ready for the Fourth of July.

It's too bad "useful idiot" is supposed to be only used for commie lovers.

Though when I hear the word wingnut, we all know it's not in reference to anyone from the middle to the left. So it's a wash.

socrates said...

There's a fairly solid pro-pot show on CNN tonight. It's hosted by Morgan Spurlock. There is a little bit of hope for this world.

socrates said...

Feds are breaking their own laws raiding dispensaries.

socrates said...

I used to love blogging. I'd get into something. Find links and screenshots. Add in some prose.

Now I don't see the point of continuing that.

Though my schtick is I'm never done.


socrates said...

Aaah, police, alcohol, prisons for profit, rehab centers could have lobbyists holding back full legalisation. It sounds like the lobbyists are behind why Obama looks like a hypocrite. I hope he's watching CNN or his kids are and tell him about it and he wakes the fook up.

socrates said...

Wow, it looks like TWA 800 was shot down by a missile. No?

donkeytale said...

In my mind he can be both regular guy, useful idiot and hero. Although this is not really a situation or an age where heroism applies. Heroism to me is saving lives, putting your life immediately on the line to save others.

There is the fame factor. No one goes into this without calculation, without taking that into consideration. He outed himself rather boldly very quickly. Some of this may have been for his own protection, but there is also the history books, not to mention popular books and movies.

It is beyond hilarious watching dopes in Congress and teh WH get all exercised over this caper.

But I believe it was a writer in the Guardian who termed Snowden a useful idiot and that is about right. He's very useful to Russia and China, the timing being most important.

Let us not forget what would happen to a Russian Snowden or a Chinese Snowden. The timing is why I am suspicious of motive. This has maximal diplomatic usefulness for both. And the governments are clearly protecting him. It is not a far leap to assume they are sponsoring him too.

Why didnt he simply jump a flight for Ecuador in the first place? Or go to Cuba via Mexico. Americans do that all the time. He had ample time to escape before the articles were published.

Again, dont get me wrong. He done good. I told him and GG same to their face. I'm not yet willing to ascribe selfless putity to his motives, however.

donkeytale said...

Also, I see no evidence his chick followed him. Where do you get that speculation from? Link please.

That would be beyond foolish, for her to tag along. Why put her in jeopardy too while leading the pigs directly to your "safe house?" No doubt they are watching her every move.

Once he gets settled in his country of asylum, she could follow him there. I'm assuming the retionship may have been foundering anyway, altho thats just my speculation.

donkeytale said...

'Useful idiocy' is non ideological.

Currently, a wide crosssection of the whiteysphere are useful idiots for Assad, Putin and the Ayatollah, enthralled as they are by the blatant agit prop of RT, Pepe Escobar, et al.

None of these are commies.

I'd put them in the authoritarian imperialist right wing section of the club house. They are anti-American and anti-Israel, yes.

socrates said...

My brain must have melted from the heat. I missed your point. It pains me whenever I am duped into useful idiot status.

This is why I reference that Frankfurt School bunch. They attacked both sides. They hated Stalin. Most of them ended up in America.

They were the original donkeytale, except instead of going to bars, they would keep on reading stuff like Das Kapital. They didn't want to become an extension of the keg tap.

It isn't so outrageous to consider if he turned commie, cough uhuhmmm, sorry clearing my throat.

It's possible this isn't what it seems.

Yes, there is the ego factor. Perhaps. I would throw out the double agent theories.

I'm not sure about the chick either. Maybe I saw that in what has become the worldwide leader for news, Yahoo News. I know, when in doubt add a link. Otherwise, you may find yourself dragged into blog court.

Great minds think alike. I figured Cuba/Ruskies would be a last ditch if not retarded move. Venezuela, Bolivia, your Ecuador, yeah, those would have been the manly thing to do. Like bailing out of the Miami Heat to play for the Bobcats. To not go ring chasing. But to work for nosotros los hombres y senoritas.

He could be the smartest computer geek around. However, I doubt he was ever trained on what to do if he ever had to whistleblow and flee for sanctuary.

I am going with what I wrote. I think the M.I.C. is so powerful and obnoxious, they don't think anyone will leak anything than little crumbs.

What we should really be doing is looking at what he came up with.

So yeah, anyway, the TWA 800 story is very pertinent to this discussion and our schticks in general.

Someone messed up. TWA 800 was shot down by accident. But the PTB's didn't want that known.

This kooky is as kooky does stuff is ridiculous. On the CNN comment page there were obviously M.I.C. personnel or I suppose possibly 'useful idiots' contaminating the comments section.

There is proof they are all over the internet.

There is nothing more boring than reading anal debunkers. They mail it in every time. They never go well, alright that's something to consider.

No, it's like you are a nutjob. I am rational and base ideas on science.

Yeah, we know how that worked out for Winston Smith.

Shockingly enough, I cannot think of anyone else with the name Winston. There was Thurston Howell the III. There are those smokes called Winstons.

I don't know. I seem to have digressed.

socrates said...

I was looking through some old emails. What happened with Patrick Frey is he contacted me first! He signed up to my weather mitigation/astroturfing schtick website. I had forgotten how that went down. It's a lot easier for me now to think clearly and understand what happened.

Perhaps I can make new entries fleshing out things which have never been posted. I thought it was pretty cool how I proved Breitbart knew all about me in early 2011 but did nothing to help.

Or maybe probably in a kinda sorta way I no longer care and will not be writing up anything new about old stuff.

Breitbart was definitely 100% scumbag. He was a distraction. No way is he in heaven. And no way will Frey or Nagy make it there either.

What a bunch of assholes.

donkeytale said...

Yes, well, we are always somebody's useful idiot somewhere.

If only Red China and the USSR were ever communist. Someone I know just cae back from a trip to Venezuela.

The Chavezian grip is weakening, violent crime is rampant, the bolivar is slipping against dollar.

The are exporting only oil. But that is enough. The imperial west can and will cut nations off from the mainstream capital flow but they cannot deny oil.

Simple as dat. I think this is also Pepe Escobar's schtick. He isn't wrong so much in the big picture but the big picture is easy.

Like saying the internet is rigged. OK, then what?

The details are where you must look. And you must ignore the fact that you are being watched and infiltrated and just carry on under imperfect circumstances.

Where is there ever any perfection anywhere, except in the demanding rhetoric of internet clowns?

I, for one, could give to two shits about the Frey/Breitbart/Nagy connection. That story is done.

How about BarrettBrownLOL?

He's in the news as a WTF? Sort of a Manning to Snowden's more celebrated Asssange, altho there is no connection.

He's taking the fall it seems. I dont much about that story. Wish you or Ron would get on it in a majour league way and bring justice to the infotainment industrial complex, if not in the streets...that can oblky be accomplished in the streests...and may yet be, but only by younger, more energetic generations than this one.

donkeytale said...

The boomers are long since done. Of course. We now order off the senior menu at Denny's.

We fought the good fight in the 60s, changed the look and feel of reality for better or worse, but in the end, or actually the early middle, sold out to the devil for riches and comfort. OK, most arent rich as compared to say the run of the mill multimillionaire but even the lowliest disability collecting food stampee witha roof and Medicaid over his head is infinitely better off than any of the hundreds of millions of kids scrounging the garbage in some third world hellhole or starving on a burnt out plain in Africa, or educated and looking for a nonexistent job in the middle east.

Give them access to the internet and they will do with do something meaningful with it is what I'm seeing. They will organise, take shots to the face and keep coming back.

Give us access to the internet and we will use it as a pacifier against the horrors of the ageing process.

This isnt necessarily a bad thing.

Its a lifecycle issue, both personal and planetary.

LOL over your rendtion of my choice of the beer keg or Das Kapital.

Guilty as charged, yur honour.

donkeytale said...

I did read the 18th brumaire of Louis Napolean, or wtf.


On the internet.

socrates said...

Precisely. The Nagy/Frey/Breitbart axis has been squeegeed for all it's worth.

Once I was cleared in real life court by Judge F-Face, I then set out to clear my name in the 10th Circuit Court of Blogostahnia.

Yeah, it's time to aim higher. If we're gonna waste time putting together mailed in entries, we might as well throw in some extra postage.

Yes, the Barrett Brown case is a great example. He is getting the same cold shoulder from the Mass Media. The difference is my story was infinitesimally less important.

But we still share similar media suppression. I was forced to rely on my buddy Glenn Beck to throw in a kind word or two about well.... What did he say? That I was some form of libtard with ethics?

I googled Brown. Here's a website you can check out for info. This dude seems legit. His name is Christian Stork and he writes something up called WhoWhatWhy. His motto is, "We don't cover the news. We uncover it."

Barrett Brown Update: New Defense Team, Feds Fish For Activists

Brown needs to get over his heroin addiction then quit the internet. Or he needs to use better discretion. Did you see his entry at DKos where he basically copied and pasted some sort of nonsense written by Liberal Grouch?

You do realise that it was Neal Rauhauser who sent him over the edge?

I'm assuming you saw the transcripts of the exchanges between Frey and Brown....

And uhm did you watch CNN last night? I guess I mean their talking heads Headline News station. The Nancy Grace one. The Zimmerman trial started.

His lawyer shit the bed from the start. He told a knock knock joke.

I think this is sorta like what happened with Bernard Goetz. A racist or whatnot vigilante went nuts.

Their actions appealed to a small or perhaps even substantial part of the population. Let's call them the Dummy demographic. These are the type of folks who have such tunnel vision, they will never be able to transcend their dogmatic slumbers. They think enough with the thugs on the subway and in my gated communities. Add on some stupid Florida laws and obviously we are in the Wild Wild West trying to convince one of Alan Ladd, Audie Murphy, Gregory Peck, or Vincent Gambini to set it straight.

Zimmerman needs to go to prison. Maybe there isn't enough proof it was outright murder, but I think it was. Or some form of manslaughter.

Anyway, to awkwardly segue back, Brown needs to disentangle himself from the internet.

Just look at how CNN fudged up the TWA story by the end. Sure, they were open-minded about the chance our Navy shot down the plane. But they decided to tie it all in to how the internet is a joke. Tell us something we don't already know! Stick to the story. Don't twist something important into being mostly about internet kooks.

We know it is. But that doesn't mean it isn't still part and parcel of social reality. In Brown's case, he is being punished for all this happening here.

I hope to God his new defense team is able to uncover M.I.C. internet shenanigans. They should F.O.I. if possible and find out who is paying Neal Rauhauser and others to frouker with democratic processes.

Two words. Hal Turner.

I don't go aha! Hal Turner and that is all. No, that should be well-known. That's gotta be the best evidence yet the internet is rigged. That is hardcore proof. And ironically it was Anonymous who hacked his ass and disseminated the proof he was in cahoots with the FBI trying to "flush out crazies."

I wasn't born yesterday. Rauhauser has been a different shade of that nonsense. Very un-American.

Yeah, thanks, you've given me good advice for how to proceed as a blogger. I will most definitely come up with something new at some point, one of those long ones I used to pump out.

You will too. It's like we've been tanking the last months in order to get a top pick for the widely anticipated 2014 blog draft.

donkeytale said...

A chance to regain grateness, nay, reach beyond previous glories into heights unattained by mere mortals of the whiteysphere.

"Yeah, thanks, you've given me good advice for how to proceed as a blogger. I will most definitely come up with something new at some point, one of those long ones I used to pump out.

You will too. It's like we've been tanking the last months in order to get a top pick for the widely anticipated 2014 blog draft."

My issues are all personal and work related. You may see something from me on occasion in the threads but dairy masterpieces will be deferred bynecessity. For instance, I will soon enuff need to return to Wisconsin and tend to daddy.

So for now I'm trading down for selections in a future draft.

If you have the time, you should fill in the slack like a true teammate oughta.

I've reread a few of your classics recently. BBLOL is more important. If he is incarcerated in Texas I may be able to pay him a visit if allowed and interview him for you.

Post soe questions you would ask him. I think you did that with the Porn Mook and it was pretty good schtick.

Might be a useful start.

The teaser lines you pose in the above comment show promise, especially because I haven't the slightest idea what you are talking about.

Infotain me, dude.

socrates said...

Ok, I have links lined up in my bookmarks for a new entry. It won't be old-school socrates, since I now have a life. I won't reveal what it's on, so it will be a surprise.

But it will touch on stuff you know and also fit in with your schtick.

It may also give Cass Sunstein some nightmares. But I've said too much. .... omg... wait a sec... shit it's the FBI!

haha just kidding.

Anyway, by coincidence one of the links is to that Pepe Escobar dude. I had never heard of him. All I could think of was Chico Escuela.

It won't have all the answers but should be infotaining.

Hmmm. You know how long the learning curve was for Larisa Alexandrovna. So, no worries about the Frey-Brown stuff or anything else.

It is fun to bounce ideas off of people. Yes, the questions for porn dude worked out well. Except he never answered my questions. Only Ron's.

He kept putting them off until it became clear he was never going to answer them. So I stopped asking. That's a red flag to me for figuring out trolls.

When someone refuses to answer easy to understand direct questions, you know something is off.

I am tired of blogging. I admit it.

socrates said...

I meant we know the internet is a joke but stop turning everything into being kooky. I'm talking about CNN and what they have done to the TWA 800 mystery.

Same thing was done with September 11th. There's so much crazy talk out there, it is easy to write stuff off.

Ok, I will give one more teaser on what I am working on.... Operation Northwoods.

Conspiracy Tales

socrates said...

I did read about your idea of visiting Barrett Brown. I don't know about that. I doubt it'd be allowed. Even if it is, I bet you'd have to reveal your real name. Though that would finally prove once and for all we are not the same person. {~>

donkeytale said...

I did some homework and basically BBLOL is in jail because he melted down on youtube and threatened an FBI goon? Or at least this is the reason given for holding him without bail?

Unfortunately as you also learned in your now infamous Breitbart email, irony doesn't translate well when it can be construed as a threat. I realise they were harrassing his mum and all but given his access to the Stratfor hacking material which apparently included credit card numbers there may have been grounds for his being surveilled.

And the fact he dissed Ron is a definite no-no. This indicates major professional egotism at work which I can excuse as enlightened self interest.

Unless he is being held in solitary and refused visitation I can meet with him, although you are correct I will be outed in the process.

I'm very curious on your take here vis a vis NR and will await your coming masterwork, do a bit more research and perhaps make contact with BBLOL's peeps.

He has been written up already in the Dallas alt press I believe, but I think it was unfavourably. I sorta like the guy as he seems to be a trolls troll.

socrates said...

This is odd. There is a Wendy Davis from Texas in the news. There is also a Wendy Davis who posts at Firedoglake, one who I recall believed myself and donkeytale were one and the same.

It makes me wonder about the person at FDL. Is this a coincidence? Few people post their real name as bloggers. Is "Wendy Davis" a fan of Wendy Davis? Are they the same person? Is this a coincidence? Is "Wendy Davis" an internet fake?

socrates said...

Hey, I just noticed two of your comments were trapped in the spam bin. Sorry. These included your last one and another from the 19th.

I'll need time to reply.

Bill Schmalfeldt said...

Operating under the premise that the enemy of my enemy is my friend, would you mind writing to me at elderwilliam at comcast dot net so I might ask you a question about a certain fellow who threw you under the legal bus... You may hold the key to bringing the erring walker to justice.

If not, a simple "not interested" will suffice.

Thanks for the consideration.

donkeytale said...

I meant to comment on the real Wendy, who is well-known in Demotardic circles as the gal who stared down the GOP gerrymander machine and won re-election anyway.

Her story is riveting: a teen-aged single mother who was herslef the child of a single mother, Wendy went all the way from trailer trashdom to graduating from Harvard law.

Now she's being touted far and wide as the face of the New Texas, which in fact will probably need to be a bit uhh, more tanned and less bleached blonde in any event.

Ah, but the tide is forming and rolling to towards the shore.

As for the FDL Wendy Davis, I dont know if thats her real name or not but she claims to live ib Colorado and is clearly not teh same as texa Wendy.

Texas Wendy is actually doing stuff.

socrates said...

For those interested, myself and Bill had a cordial give and take on Twitter this morning.

Donk, I will try to check the spam bin more often.

I think the first one retrieved is correct. I think it was your explanation of why Maryscott O'Connor turned on you.

Some of us can be a little bit or with her simply too much dramatic.

She has what one could label a one-trick pony schtick. Like she can rebound. But she can't hit a shot from outside five feet and is susceptible to hack-a-shaq.

On the other hand, there are/were folks like Huffington and Breitbart who love bad publicity.

To quote Jim Morrison, "Ghosts crowd the young child's fragile eggshell mind."

socrates said...

Yes, I think Brown might have skirted an indictment if he had stayed off of youtube.

The credit card thingie had nothing to do with him. He is not stealing anything. He posted a link that many others also put up.

The problem is he is receiving the trumped charges schtick. The Spy Factory is always looking for additional folks to make examples.

"Anonymous" is simply the latest bogeyman created or co-opted by the MIC in order to continue growing their stranglehold on our economy and personal emails.

You know, first it was the Indians, then the Africans, then the Chinese immigrants, the Irish, then the socialists, then Russia, then Islam, and now this bullshit. Anything for a buck and absolute control.

As for Wendy Davis, thanks for the explanation. I LOVE people who get things done in real life.

Once Joe Lauria explained to me no real papers will cover internet convolution, I have looked at things exactly as you do.

The internet is a dead end. You have been interested in how people delude themselves into believing any of this makes a difference. I have been interested in how this all seems to be some massive honey pot.

I think Snowden and I would agree on most things. But unlike myself, he had a real opportunity to make a difference. He took aiming higher to a whole other level.

Yay! Now my blogging chores are up to date and I can move on to your new entry.