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Friday, July 12, 2013

Donkeytale is Ruining This Blog

He says the new Kimberlin story is simply a retread of the Aaron Walker story. He couldn't be farther from the truth.

There is something very odd going on between Brett and his wife Tetyana along with her current boyfriend.

Walker just happened to notice it through checking in on simple to access, online court data. He and Hoge went to the hearing. They obviously got access to court documents and then posted them.

This is from Tetyana's public photobucket page.

Yes, I have been within feet of her. That was in September 2011. She was standing next to BK at his table. I do recall her cringing in horror when I asked Brett why he set the bombs.

Here is from the paperwork from her boyfriend:

Donkeytale's whole online existence is an attempt to placate his overwhelming ego. He may or may not be a political operative, but he did get busted playing a 20 year old at Booman Tribune. He did post as Petey at Daily Kos.

He claims to be a businessman Latino. Yet because of his background of made up personae, nothing he ever posts can be assumed as truthful.

He could be a small time journalist. He could be a capitalist. He could be a political operative. We don't know because he is an anonymous coward. What we can be assured of is that he is a jerk. We can perhaps take him at his word for only one thing. He does appear to have a seat reserved for himself at Satan's dinner table.

I'm hoping he will simply go away. Unfortunately with sadists, that is truly wishful thinking.

Schadenfreude is probably the wrong word to describe how I feel about the new BK stuff.

Yes, he deserves everything that comes to him. He set bombs and Carl Delong died as a result.

He is highly manipulative and a serial liar.

I do believe he might also still be dangerous.

The hope must be that he doesn't desire a return to prison.

Does anyone else believe he is posting as Breitbart Unmasked? That Twitter username has been having a public meltdown the last couple days. It hadn't tweeted in several months. If that isn't Kimberlin, then nothing will ever make sense. Why am I the only one who seems to realise that sounds like Brett?

I am going to open up this blog again to anonymous comments. I'm sorry I allowed donkeytale to ruin it. That is going to stop. Finally. I am too nice a guy. I never hold grudges. That is why I keep allowing this creep to return. I forget about all the times he has been sadistic.

Donkeytale is now on a very short leash. He has proven yet again this week how much of a narcissistic waste of time he can be. It's too bad. You'd think a dude now into his 60's would cop on and stop being such a dirtbag. But he cannot help it. Some people cannot prevent themselves from fitting into the "mean people suck" category.


socrates said...

I find the stalking allegations most interesting. BK tried to spin me as a stalker and criminal.

I never went on strange trips with a preteen whose Grandmom was subsequently assassinated.

I don't go calling around people's work and try to get them fired.

I don't put up make believe conspiracies and then ask for donations based on such.

This is not schadenfreude after all. It's more like, check out the dude who does to others what he claims others do to himself.

And yes, it is pretty sad that the ex-felon continues to try to have people arrested and/or put into mental institutions through lawfare.

My goal was to make sure this infamous, 20th Century criminal wasn't gonna continue his fable peddling through an internet incarnation.

I got it done. I stand proud.

Anonymous said...

No to start a cross-blog war or anything, but your good little buddy has responded here:

Personally, I say good riddance.

donkeytale is smart and sometimes funny, but I agree with you that he is a creepand robably a DLC operative.

socrates said...

I don't check out Pffugee, since Laure allowed Brynaert to cybersmear/stalk me.

Yeah, I am not too upset over that. But I am not going to hang out at a place I am being tortured.

Donkeytale's problem is he ignores the big picture or big points people make. It's a game to him. Most people though, they are more comfortable with respectful give and take.

This is not some Aaron Walker ripoff. He and the other dude just happened to be a the court and get some documents.

I am not interested in how Walker and McCain do money-wise on what should have ended so long ago.

It's all about Brett Kimberlin.
That is where donkeytale has been most correct.

I would rather have my own slow blog and get rid of this he and I are a pairing blog.

He really gets upset if one points out the amazing similarities between himself and Petey at Daily Kos.

He does seem to be pro-DLC more than anything. But for his usernames we know of, they are in an arena where the votes are not so settled.

There are those who don't vote or lean towards third parties.

If h is a paid fake, that is what his objective is, to win the hearts and minds of those pivotal votes.

He won't get the Nader voters, if my writing gets even a bit of respect. That is what I believe has happened here.

He spins it as yes, the M.I.C. budget needs to be cut.

But he never gets into the specifics and downplays the extent of the fascism and the Democratic Party being part and parcel of it.

They are the lesser of two evils. If that's all he has, then he has nothing left in his playbook.

Anonymous said...

Socrates, if I may, I think you two had a good thing going.

I just read all the comments in donkeytale's last diary, and I really like the way you guys interact with each other.

Still, I recognize it is your blog and you have the right to take it in any direction you please.


socrates said...

Yes, it was a good thing for the most part. However, there is an imbalance between us that can never be brokered.

He is anonymous. He can say whatever he likes, with no fear that he will be shamed in real life.

I believe people should have the right to be anonymous. I'm not saying otherwise.

I probably should have kept up his post on this thread. I think I will copy and paste it. People can then see how this anonymous coward imbalance is not fair to me.

The other imbalance is definitely going to garner sympathy for his plight. This is my blog. So the ultimate power is mine.

He has followed me around a lot.

When I was getting harassed at FSZ, I left to be at My Left Wing. Then donkeytale returns.

I posted at Dave Weintraub's blog. Yet again donkeytale decided to show.

To be with me.

I would rather be my own person.

I would rather blog some stuff and get other responses.

If I was on the outside looking in, I would see it as a closed two-man shop.

I think he is DLC. That's not goofy conspiracy theorising, imho.

He gets very mad at the idea people think he posted as Petey at Daily Kos.

Because it shows why it is fair game to wonder if he is paid to post.

He's never explained why he and "Petey" have had the same third party people suck schtick.

It doesn't even matter at this point. People have the right to be left alone. I know the internet is not the same as real life, where we can literally have protection orders.

Here all I can do is put comments on moderation or ignore him.

I can't go with ignoring him, because his game has been to dominate this blog, to somehow direct it.

Donkeytale is the historic blog wrecker. He's the historic anonymous coward.

socrates said...

This is what he wrote:

I wasn't busted for being Pete Richards. I GBCW'd as Pete, then returned sometime later as donkeytale and unilaterally admitted I had been 20 year old Pete as well as illusionsofmagicians who was my original handle at BT before I was epically banned and had account deleted in the aftermath of Katrina.

So yes, you are either lying or don't have yur facts straight.

I see now you have reposted this AW entry abt BK for the third time and attacked me with the same dull attack for the umpteenth time.

Thanks for the free publicity, even if you think you aren't being transparently childish and petty.

I think you are lashing out and trying to brag about yur past glories because you know you have nothing left in the tank. These last three diaries prove it. Copying Laura and AW wow. How far your schtick has fallen.

BK still owns you and its now Worthing's story to report not yours. Your left to pimp Worthings schtick and vainly try to remind everyone you were once relevant. To wingnuts only.

You gained yur fame on the rightwing as the Team Breitbart pet poodle.


All the anonymous non-commenters bespeak that fact: yur done.

And as always you attacked first, piled on in yur boring out of date CT thread to get me to attack you back so you could act the wounded little masochist trust fund baby.

I should have known better when donkeytale was plugging cybersmearer Ron Brynaert. Ron literally cyberstalked me at Pffugee. Donkeytale supported that because he wants Pffugee to be a player. But it can't. It's done.

It's not fun for me to research and write only to have him come out with his broken record I am not much different than the fairlefts and Lauras of the net.

Unless he wants to out himself and prove it, he is dead to me. I was open to the idea that we were from the same milieu and he technically had a right to equality on this blog. In regards to free speech I mean.

I am awkwardly trying to say this is a game to him, while I have experienced things no anonymous blogger ever should.

The new story on Kimberlin transcends Hoge and Walker. This has nothing to do with my ego or my trying to retain some internet, fame status.

Donkeytale's a sadistic bastard. He can't help himself. He has even admitted recently there are things he has done which are unforgivable.

But instead of trying to become a better person, it appears he quite enjoys bringing pain to others.

Anonymous said...

donkeytale is a perv, but he can't hold a candle to Anthony Weiner.

Jeezus, Huma, wtf?