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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Some Delicious Schadenfreude

This is the guy who through Neal Rauhauser smeared me as a violent predator teaming up with Breitbart as part and parcel of some HB Gary, off-shoot, cybersnoop cell. Most of this has already been covered, notably in the patrick frey got it wrong entry.

BK shouldn't have done what he did to Aaron Walker. That is clear. A week or a few days ago, Aaron (Worthing) noticed new entries for Brett Kimberlin in the Maryland judicial system.

It's pretty wild stuff. Walker and Hoge or at least Hoge attended the hearing.

A great point is how BK complained about me that his children and wife shouldn't have to read my stuff which contained nothing but truth and good sources. Yet in a court room a day or so ago, Brett was apparently sharing salacious testimony with his children in the room. I know this is obscure stuff, but it's got some milieu juice left. I'm not even going to try to share details. You have to read it to believe it.

Adultery. African-American lover. I still think the real story is how come in Maryland someone like BK has the power to get people arrested, when they don't deserve it? How's he getting away with that so much? How come he is able to continue making criminal complaints that have no merit?

Remember, before me, and I suppose Trouble in Winter, this was very obfuscated.

In regards to Julia Scyphers, there wasn't much available info on that either. Man, it was an easy troll bust. I'm not saying otherwise. But no one else was on it. I knew how to work with google.

It wasn't necessarily all about Kimberlin. Though he will always be the big draw based on the Dan Quayle thingie and the Singer book. But this was about a Michael Connell hoax which included other semi-big names needing exposure.

I am proud to have scooped it. Keep in mind that Singer's schtick had already passed its 15 minutes of fame before the internet truly took off.

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Just fish around,, and Hoge's website, I forget his address, for the dirt on Kimberlin's new legal troubles. Unlike their trollish parlor games with Grouch, this one appears to have legs.

It is pure schadenfreude for someone considered by many to have been behind the Breitbart UnMasked website before Grouchie took over.


socrates said...

I think I'm winning by a solid margin. It's like 43-3 at the half. It's time to take out the starters.

socrates said...

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socrates said...

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socrates said...

Sheesh, too bad I spammed this instant masterpiece with insignificant stats.

Hoge is saying BK tried to have her involuntarily committed, but that she was released within minutes.

I was within feet of her at the first Kimberlin hearing.

Her photo is on the net. Her name is Tetyana.

socrates said...

This is an amazing entry by Aaron Walker. Phenomenal.

Like I tweeted, he is usually drier than sawdust.

It's fascinating. The Elliott dude didn't seem to take it seriously and knew exactly all there is to know about Brett Kimberlin.

donkeytale said...

Damn Charlie this latest flurry of activity has me helplessly behind in my homework. I may have to accept an 'incomplete' which will no doubt convert to a triple F after one semester.

And if you really are the Goddess-meister 'winning' then the score should read 69-trese.

Andif you dont know the significance of those numeros then you need to do some homework.

OK. I read probably a third of those links in the last thread and colour me Peggy Lee. Is that all there is my friend, then lets keep dancing. Lets break out the booze and have a ball if thats all there is.

I mean OK, the elder Tsarnaev was an FBI informant. Right we already learned that. Maybe this was a false flag op although this was the automatic CT assumption laid down before the smoke even cleared in Copley.

The informant went rogue without prior FBI knowledge and no involvement seems very probable too in the absence of any contrary evidence. Underscore that word.

Not speculation but evidence. Very thin. To me Lindorff is justputting forth a more polite, reticent versionof Alex Jones more fullthroated CT version.

But again a great entertaining thought provoking read and I'm still not done!

However I am donk.

donkeytale said...

In fact this should be tweeted to the high heavens:

The School of Socrates is back in session!

Internet hoaxers and fraudster better conceal their stolen lunch money.

donkeytale said...

Wonder if Tetyana has a sister back in the old country for Snowden?

donkeytale said...

That is an interesting read.

I especially enjoyed the 'doing donuts in your car while your wife sucked my dick' imagery.

Been their done that in a long career of 'winning' and loosing.

Characterised chiefly by anonymous cowardice.

Ah, karma...bites us all sooner or later.

donkeytale said...

Meant also to mention that in scrollling your three legendary Daily Kos diary threads there was a poster named "An anonymous coward."

Maybe he was petey?

donkeytale said...

Is this the anonymous coward known to some as 'donkeytale,' to others as 'Pete Richards' and to a very few select as 'petey?'

socrates said...

I don't know who has been whispering in your ear or maybe you saw something unauthorised on the telly, but you don't seem to understand how blogging court operates in unreal life.

I'm not claiming the Boston Marathon was an inside job false flag in the tradition of Operation Northwoods and Alex Jones.

You're also not going to convince any jury I decide can be on the panel that it is common knowledge or however you phrase it the older Doestoevski (sp?) (Tsaernokovich Something?) kid is established as an FBI informant.

That's leaving to the side our ongoing debate over whether there truly is a war going on between good and bad guy fbi. I admit I haven't been watching much crime/drama tv the last decade. I am out of that loop.

Though I have seen some Breaking Bad. A lot can take place that we will never truly understand. And that's only a tv show.

socrates said...

Obviously I piled it on in my last entry.

You can't expect me to start hitting taters, until we get into the dog days of Summer.

Plus traditionally, you have to know what league you are playing in. The National Security Association seems to always know what's coming. So you have to have diversity in your pitches.

The Numbnut Blogging Association (NBA) is not as talented. Any type of velocity with movement will strand a lot of their cheap singles at first base.

socrates said...

Yes, I was only feet away from Tetyana. It was an awkward situation.

On the one hand, I thought to meself she appears to be a sweetie. Yet there she was side by side with Snidely Whiplash.

Now we learn that she does not know English and was 17 when BK (44) initially hooked up.

This reminds me of the Susan Polk story.

She was even younger. And the Felix Polk dude was some form of satanic panic rebel rouser. Now there was a story which hit did hit the mainstream.

You should also read BreitbartUnMask at Twitter yesterday. Methinketh that is the same dude who apparently thinks his wife needs a strait jacket and evaluation for dating an African-American.

Did you see what BK said, when he noticed Hogie and Aaron were sitting behind him in the peanut gallery?

Like.... Shite! They're here! Ugh! Or Something!

This is fascinating stuff. Fascinating!

socrates said...

The only thread from the last diary I'd like you to donkratise is the FBI declassified [REDACTED] identification of a group planning to knock off OWS leaders.

To me, it's obviously some group on their payroll.

Otherwise, you would claim as an anal retentive debunker, that the FBI doesn't operate that way.

Uhm, yes they do. The M.I.C. is always crapping their pants at the opportunity to say, "Hey fellas, we just broke up another terrorist attack on U.S. soil. That's the stuff!"

They didn't do it this time.

They are so arrogant they believe anything good will be circulated by Alex Jones. Then useful idiots like yourself are usually true to form by attacking Anonymous Coward Laura, Alex Jones, and sometimes even Pepe Escobar.

This is cringe worthy. I am like the dream team with Bird and Magic, while you are Angola.

Maybe you can catch up to my abilities, as the rest of the world seems to finally be catching up to American basketball.

You better hope this new trend of socratisation returns to the mean of mailed in.

Though maybe we are entertaining enough like a Globetrotter-Generals game. There is no real competition here, but perhaps it doesn't matter.

I just don't want to become like that Simon Brit dude from American Idol.

I don't want to make you cry, simply because I can. No one though Who Wants to be a Millionaire would ever lose ratings.

Granted a daytime version still exists, but it is not the same as prime time.

Think of Tiger Woods versus Jack Nicklaus. It looked like Tiger had him beat easy for pure legacy. But that turned around.

Everyone thought the Regis Philbin show would overtake Match Game PM for the all-time slot. Gene Rayburn, Charles Reilly, and Brett Sommers are still standing. Meanwhile, Regis is sipping margaritas in Aruba wondering how he ended up in the third slot behind them and Battle of the Network Stars.

socrates said...

Thanks for The Guardian story. That stuff is interesting. The hoaxing.

Orson Welles was all over that type of shite with his F For Fake movie. Previously he had done well with his War of the Worlds schtick.

You done good, sonny. You have picked up on the cross-pollination of snake oil with internet as being simply a new form of the same as it ever was schtick.

Like before there was Alex Jones, there was the John Birch Society.

Before there was socratisation, there was Citizen Kane. Let's just hope I mix in some exercise with my fine dining, if I continue to walk down Orson's path to enlightenment.

socrates said...

This was also a recent masterpiece.

From the only tweet I've ever made a favourite:

right click here

Rebecca Schoenkopf ‏@commiegirl1 20 Nov

"Respected blogger Rebecca Schoenkopf"? YOU TAKE IT THE FUCK BACK. @Prepostericity

2 Favorites
socrates miguel barboni

That last link is to my entry, "Sadistic, Deranged Internet Predator Neal Rauhauser's New Hoax."

If you read it, it makes sense more sense what happened to me. It's been a surreal ride.

The Anonymous-Rove thing was part and parcel of the Michael Connell thingie.

It means something. It means everything.

socrates said...

Wonkette girl was another who was no match for my historic troll m@j!k.

"YouTube has copyright school, @commiegirl1. What you need is Supertroll School."

That shut her up, I must say.

But all kidding aside, that was pure schadenfreude too.

Rauhauser was clearly in bed with Brett Kimberlin. Fascinating stuff.

Rebecca Schoenkopf's piece was also a work of art.

I tried to woo her to become my new internet wife after doberman pinche, but alas, she doesn't even know I exist except when she gave me the pet poodle treatment.

There is Sealy Star, but she is right wing and don't tell her I said so, she can border on the kooky.

Noted, discredited journalist Robert McCain reported I'm eccentric, not kooky.

Oh, and he ignored my tweet from yesterday.

He still follows me but I don't to him.

In a parallel universe, it would be like Rosanne Barr not following back Hillary Clinton.

It's simply not done.

donkeytale said...

Right, so what you are saying is the previous entry was about nothing?

[TLNL declartive sentence alert]

Just a whole raft of conspiratard nonsense, all of it originating two months ago on 4chan then Alex carried across the infotainment goal line by Alex Jones.

The fact that some FBI had a plan to carry out targeted assassinations of OWS "leaders" of which there were none, and which never got passed the conceptual phase (why kill them when you can infiltrate and render OWS back into paranoid couch potatoes from whenc e they originated, earning more pay for additional agents in the process?)

In blog court, your idea of a conspiracy goes something like this:

A man buys a car for his son.

His son drives drunk and kills a pedestrian with the car.

Therefore, the man conspired with his son to commit murder.

Tamarlan was followed and interviewed by the FBI.

The FBI has a widespread snitch program as part of its counterterrierism efforts.

Therefore, tamarlan is a snitch.

The FBI harbored a plot to kill OWSers.

The FBI shadowed and interviewed Tsarnaev.

Therefore, the Boston Marathon bombing is part of a vast FBI conspiracy.

Your Lindorff's schtick is really no better. Instead of using declarative statements to proffer an Alex Jones-like thesis, he hides behind TLNL-like declarative questions that imply the same thesis while pretending he is asking these (evidence free) leading questions as a form of serious journalism.

This is considered serious journalism only by serious loosers.

donkeytale said...

So therefore, if you debunk Alex Jones as I do then you have debunked the FBI too, who have set him up with disinformation?

Thanks for admitting my multi-levelled brilliance.

socrates said...

It'd be nice if you could get the facts straight.

The FBI identified a terrorist group plotting to kill OWS leadership.

They are sitting on the info.

There are all these other cases they trump, but when one looks into it, it's entrapment city.

The war on terror is a hoax.

Even if it isn't, they don't seem to be making any difference despite the humungous amount of Big Brother going on.

And you have no problem with any of this. You make good money. You have cook outs and watch sports. You are part and parcel of the status quo.

You know who they are. We all do. In general, we do. They are the fascist core. They are the people the FBI is protecting. Probably because they are also on the M/I/C. payroll.

Maybe donkeytale is a democratic operative?

He did make up that Pete Richards character trying to sell the DLC over third parties.

He took it quite the distance, same as donkeytale and "Petey" did.

Maybe Donkey writes for a small paper as a reporter. Maybe that is why he's always on the road.

We don't know because he is an anonymous coward.

socrates said...

This is a good one on the Hastings' conspiracy theory. From a real life news place.

socrates said...

donkeytale's also proven nothing about Craft International hats being identified at the marathon.

He is probably dismissing facts as hoax because he might work for Obama people.

donkeytale said...

Craft International hats were at the Marathon, donkeytale "probably" dismisses facts as hoax "because he might" work for Obama people.

And you might be Fairleft.

Or Sant Claus.

Weak, even by your boring standards of cybersmear.

I demand a better sockpuppet show.

Or at least some new material.

The small town newspaper reporter is a start, but isn't very good.

I liked being the fat British historical society hoaxer better.

How about I'm an overweight matronly librarian who tells all the teeny boppers to "shush" when they start giggling as my fat ass waddles through the stacks when I replace the returned books to the shelves?

socrates said...

It's all making sense. Thank you for conceding, so we can move on.

Read this one. You must be blind not to see this is big league stuff for our small pond of milieu.

Scroll down to the scrbd's, especially Tetyana's. It has stalking checked off.

socrates said...

socrates said...

Your buddy McCain wraps it up here.

I see Patterico has stolen my schadensfreude schtick.

"Is it possible to overdose on schadenfreude?"

I must say for anyone paying attention, this could be the final course. It's like an exclamation mark. It's a hmmph then an aah yes, it all adds up now kind of schadenfreude.

"Pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune."

How can I not be pleased? He deserves this.

This couldn't be happening to a stranger dude.

donkeytale said...

You have become the blogging equivalent of Sunset Blvd.

Why the insecurity? Aren't you ready for yur close-up Mrs. DeMille?

How many times do I need to re-read the same AW schtick?

Time to perform in a viable talkie, Gloria, or sink to the bottom of teh swimming pool with Bill.

And making a nemesis of DT just cheapens your legend. Would Stacy mcCain try to bigtime Smitty just to make himself feel like a "big man after penning a failed bit?"

Or does the Jed Clampett drag costume do the trick for him when he's feeling the pressure?

socrates said...

Look at the self-serving idiot donkeytale who doesn't realise this story has nothing to do with Aaron Walker.

Can anyone name one blog entry he ever wrote that anyone remembers? Nope.

That's why he never leaves my blog, despite my having requested he do so on a number of occasions.

He probably isn't even Hispanic. He never talks about it.

He's an anonymous coward. He's a total asshole. He has even admitted on more than one occasion lately that he will be burning in Hell.

I tried to b nice, but it is apparently true he is scum and will be joining Satan at some point.

Will the perverted sadist finally go away? I hope so.

He's a pathetic piece of shit.

Banned for pathetic sock puppetry

Pete Richards

You can check out the Pete Richards schtick. Donkeytale went way overboard saying he was 20 and tons of other lies.

He was going off on third parties and basically kissing DLC ass.

He was praising Obama while it had become plain he was escalating wars and spying.

Donkeytale has no answer for his getting busted as Pete Richards and Petey.

Now let's see if the pathetic loser, not hispanic, not a draft dodger, and 100% creep will leave.

That would be a happy day in my life.

He is 100% useless and not wanted here.

He has ruined my blog. He couldn't make it as a writer himself through the internet. That's why he leeches off of me.

Go away Petey. You're scum. You're not liked or wanted here.

TLNL got sick of this garbage act of yours.

Donkeytale's last post is precisely why he is not liked by anyone on the internet.

No one has ever liked him except for a couple other assholes.

They even got sick of him.

So he trolls my blog, because he's got nothing else.

I like the new Kimberlin story. I appreciate that Hoge and Walker are keeping an eye on him and making those documents public.

Donkeytale is a scumbag, period.

People like to learn and discuss things not hang out with some anonymous coward failure, creative writing failure named donkeytale.