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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Return of Topiary

I find this absolutely baffling. Jake Davis was one of the core members of Anonymous' most successful grouping, LulzSec. He was released in June after serving only 37 days. Meanwhile, Barrett Brown, not a hacker, is facing a possible 100 years in the tank.

You can look at all the sentences for LulzSec. You'd think they got busted for carrying a dime bag in Utah. I don't even know what that means. But I find the sentencing has been very light.

Jake Davis: Freed hacker faces strict tech rules
A convicted hacker who was detained in a young offender institution has been released - but will now face strict limitations on his technology use...

He is forbidden from creating encrypted files, securely wiping any data or deleting his internet history.
That didn't stop him from deleting all of the following tweets.

He deleted another one praising Quinn Norton, which was an extension of his attack on Parmy Olson. Norton's the one who went into an agreement with the FBI to inform on her boyfriend Aaron Swartz. And haha, I think Ron Brynaert is accusing Parmy of plagiarism (link). It's all very odd, imho.

It makes no sense why this guy is back on Twitter.


Kwasbeb said...


Please send me a mail. I've got questions about someone I think you know - known as, among other names, Veronica.


socrates said...

I'm not Dave. This website was dedicated to blogger Dave Weintraub.

I also have no clue what you're talking about, nor do I send out private emails to strangers.

Kwasbeb said...

Oh, sorry! Well, I'd just like some guidance - I'm a swedish journalist who'd like to investigate something that partly took place on a site called Myleftwing. Are you familiar with it?

socrates said...

Aaah, no problem. I showed up to My Left Wing much later than that but used to dig through their archives.

I know exactly who you mean. I think so. The Blogging Curmudgeon alleged to be Shadowthief and a Veronica the Viking?

I never saw posts from Veronica. The blogger donkeytale knows about that username.

I did try to figure that person out but found nothing but dead ends. He also had an account at Daily Kos.

Anonymous said...

Veronica the Viking was a sock puppet of Shadowthief, AKA the Blogging Curmudgeon, AKA many other socks.

Shadowthief is legendary in the banned from Daily Kos milieu.

However, Veronica appeared at Political Fleshfeast not My Left Wing.

PFF essentially killed MLW's traffic.

I loves me sum Shadowthief.

socrates said...

Aaah yes, The Political Flesh Feast. Some of that is still available through the wayback machine. Unfortunately not enough of it survived.

I read through a bunch of it. There are a couple milieu-entaining threads, but not many imho.

He was also at Booman Tribune where a few mega-meta experiences took place.

Haha, Maryscott went nuts over marisacat I think. She put up that provocative screenshot with X-rated ideas and said the infamous, "There, I said it!"

I think this person we are zeroing in on might also have been Anonymous Army. That was another person who along with (number6 was it?) were always in on big time meta events.

I think number 6 and AA are one and the same.

It's interesting to talk about stuff from the past. We witnessed it.

That Leopold stuff e.g.. There is tons of stuff in forum archives and websites which I don't think are a waste of time to peruse. Including this shadowthief person.

socrates said...

Kwasbeb, this is intriguing. Please ask any questions you'd like. Please share with us any info you can.

Kwasbeb said...

Well, thing is that I'd like to keep this discussion a bit clandestine. You'd be most welcome to share everything I say later on, but for starters: Could we perhaps take this via mail?

socrates said...

You can follow me at Twitter and we can direct message. I am @Prepostericity.

You there, donkeytale? Why don't you explain what you know about this. You are fairly honest and articulate with meta.

Kwasbeb said...

Done! And yes, if donkeytale is around, you're most welcome to either send me a mail - jack at kwasbeb dot se - or follow me on Twitter - @kwasbeb - so that we can communicate more privately.

socrates said...

Here's Shadowthief's page at Daily Kos. Though maybe you already found it.

user id #7670

This is donkeytale's Twitter name, but you're probably gonna have to sugarpill him into doing direct messages.


I love this stuff. I love hitting googler and the old threads.

Anonymous said...

I dont hold private discussions and that Twitter account is abandoned. Frankly, I forgot I have it. I'm off to delete it.

Socrates came from the Democratic Underground milieu. He was a Johnny come lately to the DKOS milieu and in fact never really participated in any of those blogs much at all.

I recognised him as a fellow troll around 2009 or so on a blog called Free Speech Zone and became basically his only friend, although that is done now too.

Socrates information regarding the DKOS and clone blogs is all second and third hand.

For instance, while he pays tribute to DavefromQueens he in fact had either very little or zero interaction with DFQ, whereas I had plenty of give in and take, supported him on the blog and in Dave blogged about me a few times on his own blog the original DFQ.

One of the stumbling blocks for you if you wish to understand Shadowthief is that PFF was whitewalled and its successor blog, Free Speech Zone was also whitewalled.

Shadowthief participated heavily at PFF and somewhat at FSZ too. He also participated at Marisacat's blog for a time until he was banned there, as well.

Socrates has little to offer in the way of direct recollection of personnae or events but his research skills are pretty good. It's just that PFF and FSZ are gone.

I have a good recollection as do a few others, but I dont do email or Twitter.

ANything you want from me you'll have to ask transparently on this blog or pffugeecamp which is another Kos clone blog that descended from PFF and itself began as a haven for bannes from FSZ, one of whom was me.

The other was noom. Noom has a very good recollection of these same blogs, if you can find him/

If you arent him. He also uses a lot of socks

Anonymous said...

I will say tell you this much.

I discovered that Veronica the Viking was in fact Shadowthief, because of similar ties both claimed separately to have with Sweden.

Veronica claimed to be half Japanese and half Swedish and when I outed her as ST she came back to defend herself with a picture of a blonde claiming that person was she.

However, DavidByron, another legendary banned troll from the DKOS milieu then quickly confirmed the picture of the blonde was taken from a photoshop account of girl from Iowa.

So, Byron's confirmation helped make my outing stick, although ST never admitted she was he.

It was plainly obvious. Soom enough, V the V disappeared from PFF and ST came back as if nothing had happened. I think he was a Berkeley School teacher at that point, and if I have the timing right he was restoring an old sailboat at the harbour which was his reason for not blogging so much.

Anonymous said...

After outing her, I started calling her Vicky the Viking.

Im done.

socrates said...

Number5 is the one who told me to check out FSZ. He says he was Anonymous Army's roommate in Canada, but I don't know. 5 wrote an entry or more on Larry Johnson that had all the hallmarks of an Anonymous Army schtick.

Would shadowthief/blogging Curmudgeon have simply disappeared because you shamed him, donkeytale?

There is some PFF available through the wayback:

There, I linked it.


Free Speech Zone Blog

Again, I think those links only contain parts of the whole.

The Wayback Machine can be overrated. People can even put robot blocks on them. Google caches don't last forever, either.

A lot of stuff simply disappears. Unless you are the NSA. Then you know everything.

socrates said...

If donkeytale was correct, then it'd be pointless to try to figure out anything from the past. He'd be like you weren't there. Under a donkeytale administration, the history schtick would be abolished.

Anonymous said...

Two nonsense comments in a row.

No, Shadowthief didn't disappear at all. Veronica the Viking disappeared. From PFF.

As I already stated. Clearly:

"Soom enough, V the V disappeared from PFF and ST came back as if nothing had happened. I think he was a Berkeley School teacher at that point, and if I have the timing right he was restoring an old sailboat at the harbour which was his reason for not blogging so much."

Shadow also put in some time at FSZ, although not nearly so much as he had done at PFF.

In fact it is possible his sailor incarnation was at FSZ. It gets murky the timing of these things without a historical record.

We aren't in the realm of historical wrt these two whitewalled blogs.

It's more akin to archeology. You have these few shards of wayback pottery. Snapshots of the front page. Can you see comments too?

Without comments on PFF or FSZ you lose most of the substantive meta.

Maybe this Kwesabi dude has more info to share on V the V from other venues.

Maybe he's the pottery.

Who the fuck knows?

Anonymous said...

Here is a V the V sighting on this date. Along with a top of the front paged litry entry by moi that just pisses me off now because I posted several good ones at PFF that I never backed up... a few I did and many I didnt. Like this one:

It Happened at Woodstock

by donkeytale

Fri Nov 16, 2007 at 05:32:00 AM PST

But there is a V the V sighting on that date. She left a comment but unless you can pry the lid off thats all you see. The fact there is a comment, not the comment itself.

Anonymous said...

linky thingie

socrates said...

That just about proves how useless donkeytale is and how self-important he portrays himself despite his still being an anonymous coward no one of us can remember any one article written by him.

He has been there over the years as a wanker. Period.

I was suggesting this Blogging Curmudgeon/Shadowthief guy might also have been Anonymous Army and Number5.

He's the troll who won't go away, basically because no one likes him merges with his sadism. As previously said, I bet no one would have from memory that much to say about his blogging other than that he is a pervert who dislikes Ralph Nader.

Donkeytale is a nothing, unless he is able to leech onto others. He's a festering waste of time troll who even admits he is going to hell if there is one.

Isn't that special? A pervert blowhard who hates Ralph Nader and has nothing to show for years of blogging knows he is going to hell.

Why not simply go away, loser? You clearly have nothing to left to offer. Your wife must be some kind of asshole to be married to you. Whatever you are on the internet is what you are, a scumbag I wish would go away. Even when I am nice to this asshole, he can't himself.

I guess it's time to delete everything he writes. Go to hell, donkeytale. Really. You're a rancid piece of shit.

socrates said...

I made a bunch of friends through youtube, so donkeytale can stifle it.

Blogging isn't a popularity contest.

I hope he goes away. I know someone showed up out of the blue. Hopefully he will answer anything for that other dude and simply go away.

He's creepy.

Anonymous said...

Rancid piece of shit satan follower...blah blah blog.'snot easy being in the midst of Twitter Jesus himself, the infallible manifestation of God the Father in the Infotainment Industrial Complex.

This is a pretty good read because it has lots of direct quotes of comments from FSZ, some involving Shadowthief, who curiously was at the center of this manufatcured crisis without actually being there...I dont think.

And also many main players from the PFF milieu. Plus Curmudgette and MSOC

Your ex-love Susan Something even makes a "I know VtheV is Shadowthief" reference, no doubt unrealising that it was yr intrepid fake reporter who scooped that big news back on PFF, where SS was like you, a Juanita come lately. In fact, she was one of the main zeitgeist killers at PFF.

Note also Kraant, the aboriginal Aussie holy man. I loves me sum Kraant.

Anonymous said...

linkie thingie:

socrates said...

Curmudgette is the key, imho.

Let me ask you some questions. If this Shadowthief/Blogging Curmudgeon guy was so adept at creating personae, how would he have given away his true identity so easily?

Curmudgette says she tracked him down and stalked him at his job. She didn't use the word stalk, but that's what such a thing would have been.

Why didn't she email him or otherwise get the message across that she had solved his identity?

Her schtick has always been to be Mrs. Reasonable. Yet, she's the one who admitted to spooking a blogger at his work. It doesn't make sense.

It's. Not. Believable.

Jack turned out to be one of he biggest dicks on the internet.

He had the chance of greatest but turned it all into a prank. Which has been documented.

Your link was the first phase of his insanity. Then came his follow-up hoax banning myself and Lord Byron. I think we are up to date on the general history. No arguments here.

Am I wrong to wonder about Curmudgette? Here's the link in question:

Title: The Revenge of DonkeyTale: FSZ and Jack Are Cheating Pigs V. 3

Things like that and the other link and much more will probably soon vanish. I haven't checked lately, but MSOC did post she was gonna stop paying the hosting bill.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Curm was something of a cipher, as was Karmafish. She had the closest online relationship with ST/BC and it was her discovered his deep vat of sock puppetry and hijinks.

I recall she was horribly upset by her relationship with him but I dont remember why or that he actually did anything to harm her except abuse her trust. Shheesh. I mean come on, thats what men do. We abuse the trust of women with whom we have relationships. Sometimes the wimmens do the trust abusing. Nothin out of the ordinary.

"this ability of people to conjure themselves into online mass hysteria is quite interesting as well as potentially dangerous in and of itself."

Thats one of my prescient quotes from this thread:

What is interesting to me is that Shadowthief maintains a Godot-like omnipresence/non-presence over this entire saga.

Truly a blog genius was that dude.

Anonymous said...

Curm confirms that BC was a Shadowthief sock among others. He had some skills, his socks could blend in. I never received the credit due for cybersleuthing the fact that ST was VtheV, perhaps because PFF whitewalled and the evidence of same went with it.

But I had stumbled onto a ST soliquy at some blog where he went on and on about life in Sweden making the exact same references that VtheV had done at PFF.

When I exposed all this on PFF VtheV came back with her picture, which Byron debunked. VtheV ignored that and tried to continue in character but as you can see, the entire whiteysphere picked up on the connection, although no one ever credited moi.

And you have to love the fact that he was always a nubile blonde.

My recollection was that Marisacat also outed his work IP address which was the Berkeley, Ca school district.

Anonymous said...

Funny too that after VtheV withered away ST returned from a lengthy hiatus and was thereafter quite friendly and chatty with me.

I had always liked, admired and defended him although always gave him shitl, too, as was the PFF way and he had always responded in kind, especially when I wrote about my drunk driving accident he came across like he was the founding member of MADD and ripped me several new ones as VtheV.

Then, he comes back as ST a few months later and acts all sympathetic towards me, understanding my alcoholism, enquiring about the wife's car that I had demolished (BMW) and going on expertly about other great classic Euro touring sedans, specifically SAAB and Volvo.


Anonymous said...

There was some confusion I had created with my enigmatic masterpiece, a poem about the accident. the lines went

"I crashed a car into a tree
and I killed a child I could not see."

Well, this wasn't literal, of course, the child I referenced was me.

But how could anybody know that? So, I guess I had it coming from whomever, and several blasted me in the thread, but VtheV stood out for her vitriol, even after I corrected the record that the child in the poem was metaphorical.

This is one of the better lost PFF masterpieces, although I also lost a good Ricky Ricardo Joaquin follow-up story that I think was entitled "The Prettiest Angel".

I always wanted to re-write that one because it stands as both a sequel and superiour writing to the original RRJ masterpiece, but for some reason never got around to it.

In the first RRJ, Ricky reveals that his hi school GF is preggers, and his life is ruined.

In the second he has the daughter and a parttime job, which is driving all over surveying gasoline prices at stations around south LA County. I go with him to help drive while he writes down the prices. We smoke weed and get drunk as skunks and we end up later at the "Pike", a legendarilyy dingy, west coast Coney Island on the waterfront of downtown Long Beach, where we spend some time in a porn arcade and Ricky gets a tatoo of an angel in honour of his newborn daughter.

Anonymous said...

Linkie thingies:

Anonymous said...

The original RRJ was posted at MLW.

I did some of my better work at MLW, always trying to impress the ladeez, I guess.

It was my only front paged work there, and that was only after I reprinted it a second time on Christmas. I believe it was either durrati or diane W who FP'd it, but then MSOC saw it and immediately pulled it off the front page.

The thread also is celebrated by me as the first time I encountered Fairleft, who was a newb at the time of the original posting:

socrates said...

But you didn't answer the question. How could a guy so adept at blogging to cruise to MLW moderator status be so stupid as to give up his ip?

I had a moderator for the chemtrailzzz forum who showed me that ip location can be spoofed.

And Curmudgette allegedly calling Shadowthief at work is believable? For crying out loud!

Anonymous said...

Its a dumb question based on a logical non-sequitor. You can be a brilliant creator of multiple online identities and not be technically adept at hiding them.

He was brilliant at creating different personal identities. Some might say (and many did say) that he was mentally ill.

So, he was a brilliant blogger who wasn't that great at hiding his online identity, that's the answer, obviously. Although he was pretty damn good at it, seeing as he had so many identities.

He was very close to Curmudgette.

Maybe he wanted to give himself away. How else would his brilliance and/or illness become known?

Dont forget, he also ingratiated himself at Marisacats for a time too.

I've often wondered why Bradley Manning so easily outed himself to Lamo, too.

I think its because he wanted it to be known because as it was Assange was soaking up all the attention.

I have a PhD in Armchair Psychology.

And did you read how MSOC praised me for exhibiting wisdom at PFF?

So, that also debunks your corny "DT has written nothing that anyone remembers" schtick.

How about Troll Wars 6.66, universally praised and quoted by Real Journalists Brynaert, Other McCain and that Liberal Terrier or wtf named dude from Alabama. He's a real journalist too.

I am a legend of the Whiteysphere, too, homes. I just dont self promote and toot my own horn ad nauseum about the legend in my own mind as much as Twitter Jesus does.

Anonymous said...

One other note, and I'm making these for Kwaseb as much as you or the beloved audience, the Berkeley IP address wasnt a school but the admin building.

SO it is possible, maybe probable given his erudition, that Shadowthief was one of the higher ups and muckety mucks

socrates said...

You're an idiot.

It's not that difficult to make it appear as if one is posting from a certain location.

socrates said...

The ip location, even if true, and he is from the Berkeley school system, wouldn't explain how Curmudgette got his name and exact location within that address.

Now would be a good time for you to never come back to this blog.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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socrates said...

That's it. The perverted scumbag named donkeytale will never be published on this blog again.

Maybe he is the erudite supertroll known as shadowthief.

Someone would have to be quite the moron to be on the net all these years and not realise how easy it is to spoof a location.

This is the same asshole who believes adults should be able to have sex with minors. This is the asshole, anonymous coward who created a 20 year old username at Booman Tribune to reel votes into the Democratic Party.

He claims he was not Petey at Daily Kos. But I believe he was.

So hmmm, asshole knows threads have been either whitewashed or very difficult to locate or will be whitewashed at some point.

The minimum I can do with my life is keep the assholes out of it.