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Monday, March 3, 2014

I'm Gonna Start Blogging Again Soon

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The above is from the recent Snowden disclosures. I think this has been the most important release so far. We now have proof that disinfo agents are indeed all over the internet as the equivalent of modern day cointelpro.

The people at Pando are attacking Greenwald. They are turning it into a cottage industry. I am not a big fan of Greenie and indeed I credit (possible disinfo agent) donkeytale for opening my eyes about his schtick. The problem with Pando, however, is two-fold. For one, they don't seem too interested in the conspiracy fact that the internet is rigged. Secondly, their current beef with Greenwald is based on who funds The Intercept. Yet, if you take a closer look at Pando and who they are funded by and affiliated with, they are just as bad!

This basically boils down to two sets of elitist "progressives" competing for the same pool of "Security" commerce. This is in contrast to the Kimberlin Vs. Breitbart Cult nonsense. Those two sides are not in competition. The more the opposite side mentions the other, the more that fake story continues to grow. Since they are not competing for the same revenue, it's all good.

I think I've done fairly well with my Twitter incarnation. However, the structure of that social media is not user-friendly for either writers or readers. Blogs are.

This entry serves as an announcement that I am returning to regular blogging. This is not a love siren to donkeytale. It's been wonderful since we've parted ways. Nonetheless, he said something once which I believe nailed my schtick. He said, to paraphrase, I fight conspiracies with conspiracy theory. Well, to him it was more like I fight conspiracy theories with conspiracy theories. He never did give me much credit for being a social theorist. His implication seemed to be I am a kook.

That's easy for anonymous cowards to do. Since it has now been confirmed by NBC News and The Intercept that indeed the internet is rigged Hal Turner-style, I have been vindicated for my many years trying to get across that basic message.

But it's not about me. It's not about Paul Carr, Mark Ames, Glenn Greenwald, or the elitist pigs funding both sides of irrelevant, internet drama. I am not saying there's nothing to learn from looking into that specific, inane battle. Yet, while all that stink up continues to fester, the main personalities on both sides continue to solidify their self-serving power and influence.

The internet zeitgeist should be focused on the actual Snowden documents but isn't. What's that line, the revolution will not be televised? Fine. Ok. Whatever. Something status quo shaking has still just been released. There is no going back. There is no way for the Military Industrial Complex to spin their way out of it. Obfuscating the significance of Snowden releases will only work short term. There is something called the big picture. There is something called slow and steady wins the race.

Under "Group" in the above screenshot is the phrase Conspiracy Stories. Hmmm. The Western governments are in a legitimation crisis. They spout of freedom, democracy, and ending terrorism. Unfortunately for them, it is also conspiracy fact that all their fascist maneuverings cannot change the truth that not one terrorist attack has been thwarted through internet cointelpro.

They continue to deny our constitutional right to freedom of speech and association. When busted, they simply push the convolution to even higher levels. They spin their state-sponsored terrorism into being nothing more than tinfoil voiced by nutters. The disinfo fucks forgot the projection alert.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry I'm not back nor am I itching for a reunion tour. Mostly, I'm confirming out of curiosity whether your are moderating comments and also just saying "hi". I enjoy the occasional shout out as I;m sure you know that I would.

I wade into your twitter feed occasionally. I must admit I enjoy most when you wax philosophically as a solo act in a series of solitary tweets before bedtime or wtf. Believe me I don't wish to containment yer excellentness any longer. It is clear, like Dean Martin you have found your metier as a solo act while my Jerry Lewis has faded into a well deserved obscurity that perhaps can only be appreciated by truly demented people such as the French. Or the Czechs.

I still dash off an occasional dairy at Pffugee that no one reads and I leave a brief remark here or there at the Graun. One of my recent efforts concerned the Greenwald/Ames duelling billionaires thingie that you also pondered a bit.

Mostly Ism offline workingand enjoying grandfatherdom. I rewrite some of my old fictional efforts for legacy purposes and derive considerable pleasure re-reading from the voluminous timeless blogging classics left behind from our fecund but also tragically unworkable and ultimatelky fruitless partnership in infotaining blog melodrahma.

As example, I'll leave here with one of my very best and most prescient thought provoking pieces, especially in light of subsequent events, which also contains perhaps our best commentary thread, ever.

And that is truly saying something. When we were good we were very good.

Carry, on my wayward son. There'll be peace when we are done.

We are done.

D. Tale

socrates said...

That was well written. It transcended the story, yet still covered the story. It was a "social media" piece, a well-written, ombudsman, op-ed schtick.

It wasn't you why I shut down comments.

The Ames/Greenwald thing is bizarre. They are two sets of yin-yangs. Each set is both holy and satanic. It's mind blowing.

Too bad Weintraub died. We needed him. And oh yeah, with the new Snowden disclosures, it is not a stretch to wonder if shadowthief was NSA or British equivalent.

I never bought that Berkeley school district ip crap. Those can be spoofed. Or with tor, you can tap into those school internet servers, make it seem you are somewhere you are not.

The genie is out of the bottle.

It's as bad as can be imagined, in regards to the Military Industrial Complex. It's not tinfoil. Fricken 1984 actually got implemented.

socrates said...

What this donkeytale person failed to do was apologise for being completely wrong about Assange and Snowden. He was also completely wrong about Obama and internet cointelpro.

So while he was having fun being Mr. Contrarian for a decade, the police state took over and he had no clue about it in real time.

Mr. know it all had no clue what was happening in a historical sense. He wasn't very prescient.

Though he did come up with some good stuff. He was a good read for the most part.

But big picture, he failed.

socrates said...

I've been doing some serious damage at Twitter. I even dropped tweets on the NSA.

I agree this is all pointless, but it felt like when the Chinese guy stood in front of the tank.

Hey, are you William Queen? I think I figured you out. You might as well come clean as retired Good Guy FBI.

You're like The Fonz, you can never own up.

I think you should out yourself, unless you're scared. Would that kind of thing scare you? Or are we done, done?

Anonymous said...

"The medium is the message" may have been the most perceptive, not to mention prescient statement every uttered about the infotainment age, and this way back in the infancy of TV.

This shows to me anyway that people were much smarter, sharper back in the day and of course they were.

The radio age! People scrapped and suffered greatly during those times and humanity became the better for it, until the postwar era and the advent of the baby boom. Now everything has a gauzy soft edge, nothing really matters and there is none, zero, nada, fight left in a populace that is all too happy to throw away their personal freedoms for instant internet connectivity and free bread/circuses.

Including, uhmmm, you too. Oh yeah, and me, as you kindly pointed out.

You are way, way overstating the impact of Snowden, especially the latest so-called revelations. Mainly Snowden has impacted Greenwald only for nothing else has changed anywhere else, for even if the government "reforms" the private sector is driving the data bus and guess who Greenie just sold title to the Snowden revelations....uhmmm, to a billionaire internet oligarch.

Is that a coincidence or a conspiracy?

Meet the new boss. Fascism with a smiley face and kute kitten pix.

Free! Private sector! Libertarianism!

Yes, wake the fock up. Your real enemy doesn't work for the government. Your real enemy has more skills, less constraints and a more omnipresent future than the government.

Governments are soon to become as obsolete state-run jails. Privatise the government! Thats what libertarianism is, dude. The future of an enslaved mankind who thinks that they are "free."

Blame Obama yes, but dont forget Vladolph or the Chinese, and dont forget Glenn, Assange and Snowden for that matter. These guys, one and all, aim to privatise!

Greenwald's handling of Snowden versus Assange's handling of Chelsea proves once again that at the end of the day it doesnt matter who makes the discovery, invents the methodology, patents the process or creates the new paradigm, it is the lawyers who always win and everyone else gets fucked in the end.

[homosexual double entendre joke alert]

IOW, Greenwald got to where Assange thought he was going to get, that is until he dicked himself all up with the FBI sweeties in Sweden.

The only reason Assange isn't today as free as Greenwald is because he isn't as gay as Greenwald.

And whatever happened to that Bradley Manning chick anyway?

Snowden himself is a cipher, an afterthought, a comfy guest/prisoner serving his time at the leisure of the king of all disorders authoritarian.

But he does have his own free bodyguard detail, courtesy of the FSB. So he is protected by the guys who are also doing in Russia what the guys in the US are doing whom Snowden exposed.

Strange twist there, eh?

Snowden, Manning and Assange done good, but they allowed themselves to become objects in the process just like every "user" who is oblivious to the fact that he is being used.

Anonymous said...

Cass Sunstein published the blueprint for US Govt paid fakery years ago. It's not like the feds were obscuring what anybody who has served in the justice system involuntarily already knows fo shizzle.

Snitches. Everywhere. No escape, then you die. In prison.

And anyone who spends 5 minutes in the Guardian comment threads realises the Russkies too have a veritable Cossack regiment of paid fakes, which turn into an army of red ants after you add in the unpaid millions of useful idiots who cheerfully consume the (free!) dogma and also the (free!) phony confirmation of the fake dogma provided (free!) by the professional paid fakes at RT, PressTV, SANA, Pepe Escobar, Web Tarpley, Alex Jones, et al.

The list is neverending.

The grand consiracy of the internets is woven into the "network." A conspiracy requires a network. And a "web". The user is being captured, leeched upon, spied upon, bought and sold for huge profits every day by the real enemy. The internet user long ago signed away his freedom for free stuff.

The majourity of users understand and accept this fact of our cyber commodification in exchange for free stuff. And you, me and they ignore every bit of the downside except when we are also sold the Snowden bits as an infotaining distraction.

The government is today just a small department within the infotainment industrial complex that now rules our lives.

The government just doesnt fully realise it yet. They too are distracted by their own smartphones!

Infotainment Fascism doesnt require government stormtroopers, it is hardwired into the world wide web and it is controlled not by a conspiracy at all, but by the same forces that always control.

It is beyond ironic that Greenwald's funding now comes from Mr. Paypal billions, the same who cut Assnage's funding off at the balls, instantly turning him into an object. This perhaps above all else illustrates the very sharp point that I am making.

"The medium is the message."

Once we engage as objects (and there is no other way online for the 99%) we are dead and gone. In exchange for our souls we get to frolic and play reindeer games, cuss and discuss, watch all the old movies and listen to all the old and new music free! Shop at huge discounts on eBay!

Pay for our goods with PayPal!

Aye, but the real price we have paid is very, very heavy indeed. We have paid with our lives, in fact. We just dont know it yet.

Bet on it.

"Abandon all hope ye who enter here" was also a very prescient statement about the infotainment age, and it was written during the freaking middle ages.

Here is your jail cell in Hell. Access is free and it takes just a few seconds to login and begin your new adventure.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

I re=posted an updated version of these comments at Pffugee.

"The Medium is the Conspiracy."

I dont know if I coined that but it seems to fit.

I appreciate your love sirens above but ciaw!

socrates said...

Thanks for the nice posts. It was classic donkeytale and the kind of stuff which proves you did make a dent.

I don't agree with a bunch of your conclusions. I don't have time today to crank out a big reply.

It seems you have only made a hit ad run hello. That is fine.

It doesn't sound like you have really looked at Snowden documents. Martin Luther Assange says we have so far only seen less than 1% of the Jesus Snowden documents.

The Pando crowd is saying what you are, that the Snowden documents are being commodified. It's difficult to debate that point.

It's not about us. It's about planting seeds in the young people. The alternative is to do nothing.

Hannah Arendt, who ironically looks like Barrett Brown, was the one who coined the banality of evil, a phrase I know you like.

She spoke of the means becoming the end.

I do not blame Assange and Snowden for being human and not making sure to play four strong quarters.

Their end games did kind of suck. There's no debating that.

Post or don't post. This feels like we shook hands. You know darn tooting well I was just playing by the cussing, salty sailor rules, when I dreamed of your painful demise.

I admit to experiencing some periodic meltdowns. But I blame society and am at peace.

Part of the banality of internet evil is the zeitgeist says there are legitimate ways to troll which do not include out of one's mind rantings.

Paul Mooney, funny dude, he was being interviewed on the Michael Kramer Richards meltdown. He said it's all good to make edgy humour. But he also said you must give the fellas in the audience an out or it's just another episode of cringe-worthiness.

I don't blame you for not partaking in Twitter. That medium definitely works against anyone who likes to be thoughtful and actually support their ideas with facts.

I don't know how much blogging I will do in the future. I do think the way we have been doing it, forums, blogs, is much better than some chat website which limits posts to one or two sentences.

But uhm, you are correct. The medium is the conspiracy. All of our schticks belong to them, etc.. But we can't simply give up.

This marathon not sprint could last tens to hundreds of years. It looks futile right now.

But the M.I.C. is not very smart. They are full of lunatics. That is conspiracy fact.

Short term can always be looked on as a lesson in futility. But we don't know which hack at the cherry disinfo tree will bring it down. But it will fall eventually.

You have to swing the bat. There is no choice. You can't just stand there and watch three heaters fly directly over the plate.

It's not that there is no hope. It's that we are pre-post internet age. We do not know what will pop up next. But you are correct we can't allow to become passive, listener objects.

First things first is to get rid of that preznut executive order. On what planet is it fair and just for the truth to be twisted into "Classified?"

Not one terrorist attack has been thwarted. 25% of hackers are paid FBI informants or FBI/NSA, etc..

Truth will out, that's what we have to remember. Or it all comes out in the wash is another good one.

Take care, you knucklehead.

socrates said...

I forgot to add or maybe I already did somewhere above. It gets blurry. Snowden will be live streamed on Monday.

I am not so jaded to think everything is infotainment. That is some heavy duty cynicism you have working.