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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Reflections of an Avatar

All sophistry aside, there is no that being said. Everything truly is black and white. If you don't believe me, look above.

That's from my Twitter page. I want to thank my buddy Marc Randazza for the following plug.

That's about it. I don't feel the need to blog like I used to. Twitter is so much easier. The problem is twitter is far less rewarding, while blogging is too much work.


Anonymous said...

The only truth is there is no truth.

Which also isn't true.

socrates said...

Greenwald says he is about to deliver the anchor punch. He teases that the final Snowden stuff will cover which Americans have been targeted and how.

Snowden is legendary. Karoli calls him a snake. There's no debate over the greatness which he is.

We shall see. That sounds exciting. Maybe chemtrails will finally be exposed! Maybe we'll get access to triple F disinfo logs discussing how to proceed with the socrates - donkeytale cell.

By the way, Sabu put on a lot of weight. He must have been on the computer a lot doing the snitch schtick.

Apparently his family members have been threatened.

People can say these are keyboard commandos who aren't the ones who think snitches get stitches.

I am peaceful. I am also not surprised to hear that sewer rats are in fear of their safety. Duh! You're a double crossing rat fink! Wtf do they expect?

Oh, and the Boston Marathon story is picking up. That is backing up further the Hal Turner schtick. I was right the whole time!!!! Haha!

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for Snowden altho not as sorry as I feel for Chelsea.

Being locked up in the brig is infinitely worse than being a useful idiot stuck in the USSR or in the Ecuadorian funhouse for that matter.

The problem with Snowden has little or nothing to do with Snowden himself, its just that he made this gargantuan sacrifice, assuming that he is not a double agent paid fake which cant be entirely ruled out ever for anybody anywhere these days (not that it matters) and at the end of the day hardly anyone worldwide truly gives a shit and nobody cares enough to follow his christlike (assuming thats what it is) example by taking on the PTB head to head.

Us included.

Greenwald sucks. Period. End of story. He also is comically ill-equipped to deliver the Snowden delivery story in a gripping fashion. He's ok as a bludgeoning blogger repeating the same schtick over and over and over ad nauseum.

But a suspenseful writer?

He needs help there. Lots of it.

Hopefully the movie will be better.

I didnt see the Wikileaks movie either.

socrates said...

Yep, Chelsea Manning and I'll add Jeremy Hammond, as the two real victims.

The scary part is England is not letting Assange have his freedom. I read of Canada also becoming increasingly fascistic.

The Sabu guy needs to go away forever. I am sure he will be on Twitter and elsewhere still working for the FBI. They love criminal hackers like him.

Barrett Brown has nothing to offer them. Their trumped up charges make him look like a victim.

Hammond is the one with the martyr complex. Manning and Barrett were chumps.

Snowden's story adds up. Hopefully more spies will see the light and leak it all!

The Military is the biggest danger of them all. It has reached Orwellian states. Eisenhower warned you. I warned you. Erich Fromm warned Mike Wallace. But Mike Wallace was a pussy who mailed in his reporting. He was the same mail it in poser whether interviewing Fromm or Ayn Rand.

He could've should've been the dude in Network.

I wanted to become a teacher, then principal, then superintendent and then big power to reform education.

It didn't go my way. So here I've been ranting on the internet.

Anonymous said...

Yes, when you've lost Canada you've lost all---there is no hope for humanity at that point.

England is a strange place by all accounts. My daughter worked for a London company and could never get over the sheer amount of sloth, back-biting, bitchiness and bile emitted by the average English cube dweller in pursuit of accomplishing so little prior to packing it in at the closing whistle and heading for the pub to douse their faces.

Spending anytime at all in the Graun comment threads (at least before it became invaded by the Paid fake Putinbot species of locusts) confirms the narrow-minded provincialism that is at base the sum total of Blighty.

And I make these sweeping generalisations without ever having been there and never experiencing an ounce of desire to go.

That is why you have they can take over and muck through all that you have failed to reach, and hopefully with a bit more grace and elan in the process.

You have been a teacher of the internet and a damned good and valuable presence. I can't fathom why you would ever wish to be an administrator but to each his own.

Much much fewer are paid out there than you perhaps tend to believe but belief itself is a worthwhile for for sustainment in the face of the everlasting void. There are enough paid, surely to keep it interesting but the ROI (business slang) on paid fakery cannot be that great.

And ultimately, online baby sitting services are unnecessary.

People wasting their lives typing into a screen pose no threat to anyone, except to the wellbeing of ourselves and our loved ones.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this may be as fitting an epitaph for the "donkeytale, an historic troll since 2004" brand as any:

socrates said...

Your program worked. It destroyed the Republican party. The problem with triangulation or any other form of status quo schtick is that it can only last for so long.

Oh my, to quote Dick Enberg, or whoa Nellie, if perhaps you are thinking of Keith Jackson, I am in a good place for reading/viewing materials.

I have the Frontline movie, United States of Secrets. I also have Greenwald's new book called No Place to Hide.

I have put up a devastating tweet attack on Glenn Greenwald.

I'll just say that I am happy to have not paid a cent for that mailed in book.

Brian Williams came out of last night's Snowden interview looking pitiful.

And your fellow DINO John Kerry is busy making a donkey out of himself.

It doesn't matter what it seems like, imho, concerning anything. My new theory is that because we are so prescient, all we have to do is show up.

In 10, 50, 100 years, we win going away. We need more Kung Fu and less Alex Jones. That has been my message, senor grasshepster.

By the way, I finally got to see Husbands. That was another Cassavetes' home run. And omg, I thought I'd never say this, but Gena Rowlands is amazing. She's very sweet.

And I went to IMDB the other day. She is the lead star in a new movie which seems out of production and soon to be released.

She's 84 and still trolling. There is hope for us codgers going up against whippersnappers like Greenwald.

But to repeat from before, I am not sure how anyone cannot not believe in Snowden at this point. He was basically a clean cut kid who never graduated high school but was so good at computers, he was in the CIA and stuff. He totally fucked over the Military-Industrial Complex. That is why I believe his name should changed to Jesus Snowden.

Greenwald wants to be Johnny Carson. He needs to step back and remember the lesson of Ed McMahon.

socrates said...

After rereading the previous post, I have decided that the triple negative will remain.

socrates said...

it's because i am against most scrubbings, I won't edit that post. I meant it'd be ridiculous after a socratisation to not take Snowden at his word. He adds up, mi amigo!

and Greenwald's book definitely sucks.

i would like to see you put politics to the side for once and research and write on this stuff.

it really does transcend political parties.

Anonymous said...

I have written on it although for me the story isn't Snowden or Greenwald or Clapper or Obama.

And you may have missed it because my sole remaining venue is Pffugee Camp. The cemetery of the PFF zeitgeist. Miki and I are the last two standing and it appears only Vox showws up with regularity. There is Miki and there is noom and once in awhile Fairleft and Blues. Laura, hardly never.

"The Medium is the Conspiracy" Check it out sometime.

The story for me anyway, always and everywhere, is us. God bless Meta.

Snowden is like Jesus in one crucial aspect. Jesus offered to save humanity and (excepting for a handful of like-minded kooks) humanity couldn't be bothered to follow up and/or through.

In more than ten but less than fifty years I will become Donald Sterling, approximately. Poorer obviously and my target will be the whiteysphere not the afro spear.

I will certainly be way too mentally incapacitated to be allowed on the street much less own the Clippers.

100 years? fuhgeddaboutit....

Anonymous said...

Linky thingie:

As with most of my latter day masterpieces, I believe this one may have started life as a comment on DFQ2.

I would also be remiss in forgetting to offer props for this dairy of yurs, which tho minimalist is a masterpiece of its own, a sort of hybridic blog post slash tweet.

The medium is the conspiracy maybe the most brilliant of my own contributions since Troll Wars 6.66 went viral.

Even as we are clearly in the Byzantine phase of the legends in our own minds, we are still both us touched by grateness.

And I say so with a sense of humility and awe (shucks).

socrates said...

I gotta say you have never posted anything more truthful; we are the story. We are driving the zeitgeist bus.

It doesn't matter if we are here or not. The goodness in each of us is the soul. To you it is hard rock blues. To me it is sunshine with flowers and weed.

It still begins from the same good guy, Godhead genetics.

I just trolled the Department of Defense. I couldn't help myself.

The mask for anonymous should be changed to Snowden, that's what I think.

I'm telling you donkeytale, I agree on the surface it appears illogical for Edward Snowden to add up. You can scroll through my Twitter and see some excerpts from the book including top secret (haha) documents.

He never graduated high school but was some sort of computer genius.

It's pretty funny to see the M.I.C.'s propaganda fall flat. Snowden was high up on the food chain. There was a very good reason why they smeared him as some Chelsea Manning variation.

I didn't tweet it, but Greenwald explained how Snowden went to a lot of trouble to organise what he copied.

I can't wait until The Intercept posts the names of targeted Americans.

If Greenwald pulls that off, then a lot is forgiven from my side.

Maybe they are holding back from revealing hard data, the examples for those slide presentations, because they need this to flow like the Pentagon Papers/Cointelpro type stuff got exposed.

These fuckers are so busted for being criminals.

This is so beyond party politics. I might have to whittle off people I like on Twitter, because they are basically the decent folks from a Daily Kos or Dem Underground. But they still are acting like it's 2000-2008, and it should be all blah blah demtard/repuke chitter chatter.

I wish I could write more, but I am looking at a busy offline day.

socrates said...

Oh, on my infiltration plan into Big Boy Education:

Think like General William Parcells did. He spoke of groceries and the need to purchase them, if one is expected to do the cooking.

I wasn't looking for fame and power or status. I was going to revolutionise education. I would have kept teaching a class or two, also. Why not?

I would have tried to emulate Max Weber who attempted to put theory to action.

Alas, I aimed too high. But there's still no reason for anyone to have regrets. It's all about the now.

If there is a way for us to make a positive difference through blogging, it will happen. No worries.

Anonymous said...

From the Medium is the Conspiracy:

"Cass Sunstein published the blueprint for US Govt paid fakery years ago. It's not like the feds were obscuring what anybody who has served in the justice system involuntarily already knows fo shizzle.

Snitches. Everywhere. No escape, then you die. In prison. So keep you mouth shut and you eyes open, looking down at your ill-fitting prison crocs.

On the outside we do essentially the same if you simply exchange "smart phone" for 'ill-fitting prison crocs.'"

From your twitter feed:

Greenwald is on fire rehashing the same 2008 schtick that I mention abov which has already been dregged thru the mud and bile of the whiteysphere a 100 zillion times already on the internets by uhhm, us and Stu Piddy among others. And that was 5 years ago or more.

Sorry, no sale for GG.

The problem here is that the populace at large, the overwhelming majority in fact, have already turned themselves completely over to Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, et al along with the Government.

So the real significance of Snowden's revelations are: they have proven that the we the sheeple are ready willing and able to be shorn any time all the time by the PTB. We'll take and we'll like it as Bogart said in the maltese Falcon while he slapped the gunsel silly.

And the real problem here is that even with that level of acceptance of total control the Government is tooo incompetent to do anything with the information anyway, as in the recent case of the Isla Vista chick hater, where they had the videos, and didnt watch them, they went to his apartment beforehand and didnt search it.

This is a victory for the Constitution yes, but do the dead kids and their parents care about a piece of parchment at a time like this?

Mark my words, as the government falters along with Western Civilisation we are now in the beginning of the final stages whereby the people dont overthrow the Government, they Google, et al to assume total control.

If you think things are bad now, just wait and watch what happens when the coup d etat by the Infotainment Industrial Complex is completed.

Anonymous said...

"they ALLOW Google, et al to assume total control."

Anonymous said...

As for your aiming higher comment, I see this more from a Marxist social theory standpoint, as the defeat of the groovy individual by the social forces of human looserdom.

Essentially a mini-version of the Jesus Myth.

Also, "Civilisation and its Discontents," if you prefer a scientific explanation.

Not to mention the plotline of about twelve zillion Hollywood fantasies where one man, with righteousness, humility, grace and good looks on his side, overcomes every single barrier that an evil and corrupt society throws at him and by the end of the movie not only saves the world but gets the girl.

Or, as recently re-interpreted for our postmodern era, looses the world and the girl dies in the process.

We start out in life with minds already deadly poisoned by such melodramatic visions how could any of us ever succeed at anything?

Maybe one in a million reach a pinnacle or sorts, and by the time they reach there they come to fully realise what King Solomon learned and lamented thousands of years ago in the most prescient masterpiece ever written.

Also available in "The Medium is the Conspiracy."

Anonymous said...

Vox commented in the thread that I am very pessimistic and indeed re-reading this here schtick I conceed that I am singing the rocks off blues, or wtf instead of a Sugar frosted and a half-gallon of white milk.

Maybe its the creeping old age but I am beginning to take the Ecclesiastian (and often Job-ian) view in all matters. I find it difficult to find much hope in Snowden or anything because of the very long view of a rotating cycle where man cannot escape his contradictions nor his fate.

At the risk of sounding like a wingnut perhaps man cannot do it alone.

We so desperately need a God, even if we have to invent him oursleves, and that is simply to salve our lonesome brokenness and our individual loss as we slowly sink under a rising tide of unsustainable human emotion, frailty, will to power, neediness and desire.

Can we ever come together as a race pulling in the same direction towards human perfection that God or Al Franken [mimicry alert] aspire for us?

I believe that answer has long since been clarified for all time.

I fear for for the children and the grandchildren when God extracts his revenge upon them for our sins.

socrates said...

You beg the ultimate question. Are we some random blip? What are we? What happens when we die? Were we anything before conception?

It's annoying to realise those are questions that can never be known. They are the known unknowns.

That was outstanding what you wrote above, about how they couldn't even stop that kid with all their omnipotence.

I forgot to say I stand by thinking the paid fakes are all over the internet. We have the proof. Snowden supplied stuff no one knew. Greenwald is hlding onto the goodies. Assange would know what to do with them, but we know where he is.

You are correct a lot of this is not new information. I am watching the United States of Secrets. You should watch it. It's available right now through PBS.

Drake was fourth in command. Those guys figured out how to spy on everything, with the hitch that anything from America would be encrypted.

That got shut down. Drake goes to Baginski, third in control and basically plays the mafia spokeswoman. What a freaking joke.

And then after a brave Congresswoman or I forget who she is, a conservative by the way, she confronted them.

Obama lied to us. It's beyond ridiculous that not once but twice, the M.I.C. has implemented the so-called The Program.

But you are astute. How can they not prevent that kid going nuts when the family reported it and I guess there was an internet trail to it.

They didn't stop the Boston Marathon bombing.

Maybe "They" were behind that. I'm not trying to be kooky. They entrapped Jeremy Hammond and the mastermind Sabu got off with seven months served from a couple years ago. Hammond got ten years for crimes Sabu orchestrated. That was Brandon Darby on steroids and the FBI/NSA actually had them committing computer crime on foreign countries.

This is beyond anywhere close to normal. You know that. It looks completely different than say Nazi Germany. But it's still bizarre in its paranoia and murderous corruption.

socrates said...

This could become huge, depending on who is on that list of Americans targeted for XKeyscore and old school internet fakery.

It's not my fault I claimed this was going on, when that made me sound kooky, when indeed we know I was prescient.

Colonel Kurtz wasn't sent to the fringes of Cambodia and Laos. His butt is parked in the Oval Office of the NSA.

socrates said...

Maybe my intended audience is in the NSA, at that level just below the Baginski's. The Program needs to b dismantled like the Terminator. In the old days, you simply threw a bucket of water on the wicked witch.

I think you should cut Greenie a little wiggle room, like you did for Assange and Mr. Snowden.

I knew exactly what they were up to without the Snowden documents. I think you are underestimating what he has delivered from the possession of lunatics paid by American tax money.

Greenwald says there is going to be fireworks. Find some controversial, famous journalist who might be giving the NSA trouble or politicians. I bet they are on the list. And you may not know this, but Joe Montana is also on the list. I Kid You Not! :)

Anonymous said...

No, I am not underestimating Snowden or Greenwald for that matter.

I believe GG to be a crass merchandiser and a very limited talent.

This is not dissimilar to the impact of the Pentagon Papers but there was more immediacy to the crisis because it involved a war where kids fresh from high school were being sent involuntarily to die for, for....nothing that had any bearing on the US.

By the time the Papers were released the kids who were in the direct line of fire through the military draft already knew. No one in my circle of friends was shocked at My Lai because one of had an older brother who came and regaled us with stories about the breakdown of discipline in the ranks, the common abuse and murder of suspected Viet Cong who might be 15 year old Villager girls.

So the impact of the Pentagon Papers was on the formerly brain dead establishment forced to recognize that their kids had been right all along to resist the war.

Those of us in the direct line of fire on the internet also know these facts of the spying and the stolen information. You have been on the forefront of opening eyes, mine included. My contribution has been a critique over the value of the internet. We were sold a bill of goods that it was a tool for freedom. Clearly, it is exactly the opposite.

And as I have been stating, the government intrusion is only one aspect of the problem.

The private sector, ironically championed by the GG's, teh Snowdens and the Assanges, has thoroughly invaded not just our lives but our subconscious and unconscious minds.

Google is now openly stating that they want you to let them collect info on you from your online habits and physical location so they can better predict what you want to do and where you will go to do it.

How much more can your freedom be impacted than that? You have completely relinquished control over the direction of your thought processes when you buy into Google.

And I say this as I type on a Google product.

Too much is made of Sunstein's recommendation to plant paid fakes on blogs. The "aha! moment". Yes, yes, of course. Snitches are standing by. We all know that. The Russians do it quite openly. They're paid fakes are crawling all over the internet with bad English pushing the Putin love.

But Sunstein's critique, which actually dates from 2001, is spot on wrt the damage caused by the stratification of users by their inclinations and biases. Google has created the ultimate form of mind control and they are dedicated to refining and perfecting artificial intelligence to the point where the thinking not only will be done for us but our own minds won't even be required.

GG and Snowden do nothing to slow or subvert the private sector in the relentless pursuit of the ultimate control. If anything, their revelations will simply hasten the demise of government control (longterm) and the private sector will then be more able to quickly fill the breach than it already has done.

And for what purpose? Most people willingly allow Google to get inside their minds every day. The fact that the government has co-opted these processes for their own ends hardly fazes the overwhelming majourity. They just don't care.

Thus, GG and Snowden are reduced (not their fault or doing I add) into infotainment commodities bought and sold to satisfy the need for expressing indignation and outrage among a large but still easily controlled group of infotainment consumers (leftists and libertarians).

And guess what? Those consumers r us!


Snowden and Assange are historical figures. However, like Ellsberg their impact on the body politic will prove fleeting because the silent majourity simply will move on with their lives in any event.

Where is the outrage?

Its contained within a polarised group, on the internets.

I'm done.

Anonymous said...

Did it again.

This deserves a wide audience who need to wake the fock up!

socrates said...

I read that, thanks, and part one too. I don't agree with everything you say, but overall I do.

You've been a steady drumbeat over the years, since your days at Daily Kos. Did you blog before then?

I dabbled a little bit in 2001. Just a little. I mostly had a real life until about 2006. So I had no clue it was such a joke, at that time.

I even tried the Randi Rhodes board. I had tried Tinoire before that. I tried as many as I could. MLW. FSZ/Pffugee.

We are not regular guys in a sense and that seems to be your anchor punch point. No matter what we do on the internet, it will make no difference unless it pierces the consciousness of the whole population.

Maybe we are getting too cynical.

I also see how the internet has become an infotainment industry. And I do appreciate your attacks on Google. Those kids are naive as f*** to think they are any better than what the NSA/FBI is up to. This is not about say blame people, not guns. They see nothing immoral about tapping into all of our content. They rationalise that it is a robot doing so, so they can help put up personalised ads. But that is a slippery slope. It is the height of immaturity to not think out ethics and ramifications.

Back decades as an undergrad, myself and a roommate took a Sociology class together. For the extra hour per week (i.e. in regards to the course supplement), a few of us were lucky enough to have low key seminars wit this very old professor.

Talk about prescient! He was warning us about how our info is being accumulated and how it is a very dangerous slope.

People will care across the board, donkeytale, once they are informed of the extent of The Program and especially of how they lied to Americans and are spying on all of us.

Let's wait and see what happens with Greenwald's big finish. Maybe the delay in publishing has to do with interviews of targeted individuals.

The only solution is if we are able to deduce where the conspiracy line lies. With Thomas Drake, it is easy. There was himself and people below him. Then there were the criminals above, like Maureen Baginski, Hayden, et al.

Something did change for the better. But it is a slow process. The unfortunate part about this is no one has been indicted from the M.I.C. (including presidents and their staff). Only the whistle blowers are getting whacked by so-called justice.

But let's wait for Greenwald's big reveal. No one is talking about it. No one knows when it will be published. But I've a feeling this is going to explode nationally, once Greenwald gets off his arse and publishes real names.

Anonymous said...

Maybe so, although I am not sure how revealing the names will do much more than up the infotainment quotient. People Magazine-ify the story.

Stimulate the prurient interest of the whiteysphere but stir them to obtain justice?

I did hear something about Montana in connection to something.

Phil Mickelson is being investigated for insider trading in connection with Carl Icahn.

Could he be the next Martha Stewart and pull hard time?

No, Daily Kos was my first venture into blogging. I ignored the internet previously. I wish had continued to do so, frankly.

Anonymous said...

What may b holding up the names release is the potential for legal liability.

What is the public interest in knowing who has been investigated by the NSA?

Will that not cast these people under suspicion by others reading their names who might include, oh I don't know their bosses, their loved ones, the local police and the local gun totin' whackjobs?

After all, this is Amerikkka, guilty until proven innocent and all that.

Glenn will gain lotsa eyeballs for this as so many will want to see if they or prople they know are on the listbut isnt he now also invading privacy if he releases these names?

socrates said...

I think your contrarian and jaded nature is skewing your conclusion, if you are a regular guy and not a plant.

You make good points. Yet you also seem to supporting the way things are. You say there is no way to change it.

You make no mention of the actual story. Not. One. Bit. Of. It. You are propping it up as insignificant.

You have been a major contributor to the Democratic Party with your blogging. This is why people have questioned who you are and why you are so visible. Now that the Republicans have been ruined and the Democrats exposed, you return to blaming we the people.

The only chance you will ever matter is if you reveal who you are. But you won't. Because this is all a game to you. It's easy to take potshots, when one is an anonymous coward. Let's see you do it with your real name.

"What is the public interest in knowing who has been investigated by the NSA?"

What you wrote above is what some tool in an M.I.C. cubicle would write.

I like you but not enough to see you post crap like that and have it go without a response.

Anonymous said...

First, I am not offering a conclusion, but an opinion.

You wondered why GG was taking so long to set off his grand finale fireworks show and I gave a credible answer.

He will need to be careful how and what information he releases to the public.

I am skeptical but hardly jaded. As I stated above, I am not a pollyanna wrt human nature.

Man is imperfect being. Sorry that you have trouble dealing with the imperfections of others.

The repetitive ad-hominem nature of your attacks are always good for a laugh.

As for how important GG's revelations turn out to be to changing the NSA spying of Amerikkkans: we'll see, won't we?

socrates said...

it's all about generating laughs. I'm amazed you missed hopping in on the new entry, especially the second half. I looked around. I think I scooped that story by one hour. But it wasn't rocket science. It was quite interesting.

She's probably the fake lefty who posts as "Wendy Davis," if I had to guess. Or that is Fairleft.

I tweeted good. That's where you must go for pure internet addiction relief.

Anonymous said...

Prescience, thy name is donk;

"This decline scarily suggests that we’re sliding ever closer to acknowledging our loss of privacy rather than pushing back. The bottom line is, at least according to Accenture, that we’ll happily embrace our own Orwellian nightmares in exchange for discounted consumer goods."

from "The Medium is the Conspiracy" March 9, 2014:

"The grand consiracy of the internets is woven into the "network." A conspiracy requires a network. And a "web". The user is being captured, leeched upon, spied upon, bought and sold for huge profits every day by the real enemy. The internet user long ago signed away his freedom for free stuff.

The majourity of users understand and accept this fact of our cyber commodification in exchange for free stuff. And you, me and they ignore every bit of the downside except when we are also sold the Snowden bits as an infotaining distraction."

Anonymous said...

I should probably sue for plagiarism the more I look at it.

One big legal hurdle, however, proving the guy reads pffugee camp gonna take some lawyering.

Maybe I should hire BK?