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Sunday, June 1, 2014

We're just getting started

 It's been a giddy run for Church of Snowden members. PBS is currently showing their exceptional United States of Secrets. Watch it here before it is pulled. Snowden was also featured on NBC News. The bottom line is that Snowden was in that fourth tier of power, up to the Thomas Drake line. These are basically whistle blowers with membership in Good Guy NSA.

The beauty of Snowden is that his story adds up 100%. He has sacrificed his own life in order to completely own the NSA. Because of Edward "Jesus" Snowden, we now own them. They are our bitches. The beauty of the PBS movie is that they make it clear Edward Snowden is a great man. They might not hint like myself, that he is perhaps an incarnation of Jesus Christ, but they come very darn close!

The photo at the top of this entry is a screenshot from Snowden's finale: naming victims of surveillance. The full article is already gone. They want your money, if you want to read it entirely. However, it is clear from a quick socratisation that Greenie told the London Sunday Times there will be a big reveal of Americans targeted by the NSA. I just tweeted the dude who wrote the story asking if he knows when that might be published by The Intercept. This is what's left at the original link:

THE man who helped bring about the most significant leak in American intelligence history is to reveal names of US citizens targeted by their government in what he promises will be the “biggest” revelation from nearly 2m classified files.
Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who received the trove of documents from Edward Snowden, a former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor, said Snowden’s legacy would be “shaped in large part” by this “finishing piece” still to come.
Greenwald’s plan to publish will further unnerve an American intelligence establishment reeling from 11 months of revelations about government surveillance activities.
James Clapper, America’s director of national intelligence, has described Snowden’s actions as the “most massive and damaging theft of intelligence” to date.

 That sounds exciting!

Bonus Blog Coverage You Can Depend On

My original plan wasn't to write the above. It was to write what is to follow. But I had to write the above! So, there it is.

Somehow I stumbled onto an unknown story from an unknown land.

Monroe Teacher Suspended Over Black History Lesson

Read more at:
Monroe Teacher Suspended Over Black History Lesson
Monroe Middle School teacher Alan Barron remains suspended only two weeks before he is set to retire after 36 years with the district while administrators investigate whether his teaching methods about black history were inappropriate. #COMMENTS: Read community comments on Facebook (click here) #Mr. Barron, 59, was placed on paid administrative leave almost two weeks ago after an assistant principal sat in on his history class while Mr. Barron was discussing the Jim Crow racial segregation laws. As part of the instruction, he showed a video of how white people back then used blackface to imitate African Americans during what they considered entertainment in the 1800s.

Read more at:
Monroe Teacher Suspended Over Black History Lesson

Read more at:
Monroe Teacher Suspended Over Black History Lesson

Read more at:
Monroe Middle School teacher Alan Barron remains suspended only two weeks before he is set to retire after 36 years with the district while administrators investigate whether his teaching methods about black history were inappropriate. #COMMENTS: Read community comments on Facebook (click here) #Mr. Barron, 59, was placed on paid administrative leave almost two weeks ago after an assistant principal sat in on his history class while Mr. Barron was discussing the Jim Crow racial segregation laws. As part of the instruction, he showed a video of how white people back then used blackface to imitate African Americans during what they considered entertainment in the 1800s.

Read more at:
Monroe Middle School teacher Alan Barron remains suspended only two weeks before he is set to retire after 36 years with the district while administrators investigate whether his teaching methods about black history were inappropriate.

Read more at:

Middle School teacher Alan Barron remains suspended only two weeks before he is set to retire after 36 years with the district while administrators investigate whether his teaching methods about black history were inappropriate....

It's not a very long story. I suggest reading the whole thing. I believe certain things in it signify this is not a nothing story and is actually quite important. I base that on my part and parcel theory of socratisation. We can't be everywhere. We can't know everything. But we can piece together the whole by looking at what we can.

Wtf is wrong with those people? A teacher close to retirement was suspended because he had the audacity to teach his students about racism? His lesson had focused in on the history of blackface.

There is not much info (yet?) on the story. It seems impossible to not side with the teacher. The strangest part about the reporter's mailed in entry was that while he posted the teacher's name and photo and said he was under investigation, there was next to no info on the person or people making the complaint.

Talk about anonymous cowards! Well, I am about to rectify that.

Within the article itself, one bit of info reveals it was the assistant principal who had audited the class.

Mr. Barron, 59, was placed on paid administrative leave almost two weeks ago after an assistant principal sat in on his history class while Mr. Barron was discussing the Jim Crow racial segregation laws. As part of the instruction, he showed a video of how white people back then used blackface to imitate African Americans during what they considered entertainment in the 1800s.

Read more at:
Mr. Barron, 59, was placed on paid administrative leave almost two weeks ago after an assistant principal sat in on his history class while Mr. Barron was discussing the Jim Crow racial segregation laws. As part of the instruction, he showed a video of how white people back then used blackface to imitate African Americans during what they considered entertainment in the 1800s.

It took ten, maybe twenty minutes tops to find that person and figure out her schtick.

From the Monroe Middle School facebook page:

We'll get the principal out of the way first. Her name is Cindy Flynn.

 Here is the assistant principal, who according to the reporter was behind the complaint.

"In this program, students will use technology to research and create evidence of learning."
Ha! What does that even mean? And what are students supposed to learn from a teacher being suspended for covering blackface? You know, this is why a teacher like me never had a chance. If a dude a couple months away from a retirement party can be crushed for that by some tool probably 20-30 years his junior, then there is no hope in education.

Remember this. Thomas Drake was a regular guy for a fascist. Same as Edward Snowden. Guys like me and donkeytale and most people will never be willingly given the keys to the zeitgeist bus. This is guerrilla blogging. We are not only smarter than them, we the regular guys, we are also funnier and better looking than them. I cannot stop thinking of that wench Baginski from the NSA. I cannot forget those "national security" letters. They showed one. It basically says you cannot discuss this letter with anyone. It turns out you can have an attorney, but that's it.

I'm like fuck you, there is still that constitution. Why do dogs lick their balls? It's the same reason Snowden did what he did. Yeah, it would have been nicer for The Last Name Left or some other authentic lefty to have been the one. He probably would have lined up Ecuador or wtf better. I am sure Jesus Snowden will not stay in Russia forever. Public opinion is shifting and exclamation marks are going out of business!!!!!!! Just because donkeytale is blase and jaded doesn't mean that the shite isn't about to hit the fan!

You can read some reviews of the school here. Currently it is only rated at five out of ten. My hunch is that it is just like many schools across the country. They are more interested in behaviour management and test scores than in inspiring and motivating young people to become the best they can be. And the irony is that they apparently accomplish nothing in either category of testing or their education as babysitting pedagogy.

I subbed a lot. I know exactly what is going on here. It is beyond disgusting that neither Provo nor Flynn is standing up to the plate and explaining wtf happened. Why isn't the vice principal's name in that article? What am I missing here?

Melissa Provo deleted that facebook page, but it is still available through google cache.

She also has a couple strange presentations at a website named Prezi. In one of them, she outlines her life.

Transcript of Professional Ethic by Melissa Provo

Professional Ethic by Melissa Provo
Myself as a k-12 Student
Classic At-risk student
Moved schools every year
Always came back to Michigan
Unstable home life
All siblings dropped out of high school
Huge Learning Gaps
Leading to bad behavior

Ethic of Critique

Ethic of Care

Entered the Work World
Started to work a minimum wage cubicle customer service job
Noticed the adults around me struggling to survive
Discovering my Identity as a Learner
Returned to School
Passed my GED
Entered Community College
Entered Eastern Michigan University
Realized that I was smart, just had developed large learning gaps and was preoccupied with family issues
Searched for a career goal to help people in poverty
Had my son when I was 18
Dropped out of school in January of my senior year
Not enough credits to graduate
My Calling as an Educator
Decided that I wanted to help students like myself in schools
2001 Become a teacher
2005 Master of Curriculum
2012 Became a Middle School Assistant Principal
Returning to get my Administrative Certification
My Beliefs
People are essentially good
All Students want to be successful
Approach every situation as a learner
What is the best thing for the student in the long term
What do our rules say about our values
Society reproduces inequity through schooling
Became a Mom Again
Single Mom of two by 21
Focus on my Family
Got Remarried, had another daughter
Oldest son graduated from high school and is attending Grand Valley State University
Closed the cycle
Aaah, I think I get it. This person got into the wrong field. She sounds more like a social worker than a teacher.

If she is lucky, this story will not gain traction. If I had to guess, however, I believe that in a just world based on what we know, she should be the one facing suspension or let go and not the teacher. Or someone please explain wtf was so wrong about his lesson on blackface!


Anonymous said...

Melissa Provo has clearly been infected with politically correct pathogens, leaving her wholly and completely unsuited to have any direct or indirect contact with any student still in the process of gaining education.

Around adults she should be fine, as any normally functioning adult should be able to see her for what she is; a disgrace and embarrassment to the process of education.

Anonymous said...

Melissa Provo is responsible for the suspension. Hope she gets removed from her position. Her facebook, which is currently deleted, says she's a member of the group "a million sluts against rush limbaugh" and she's an assistant principal of a public middle school?? She's going down

socrates said...

I doubt there is anything like that on her facebook. Unless you have proof, that is libel.

socrates said...

i must be losing my eyesight. Wtf is that? Sorry.

socrates said...

Well, her links at Facebook don't look that bad. She links to both Target and a parody site attacking Rush Limbaugh. It is interesting she doesn't mind as an educator to use the word slut, but somehow covering blackface should simply not be done. I am craving more details. We don't have much to go on.

Julie said...

And, prior to her promotion to vice principal Melissa Provo was a... history teacher.

At Monroe Middle School Mr. Barron would have been one of her professional peers. I bet there is a history that no one is talking about. Vindictive...

socrates said...

Thanks for the comment, Julie, and apologies again to the Anonymous above.

I am also sorry if I offended anyone religious with how I used the name Jesus Christ in the Snowden part. It's just me. I am not trying to hurt anyone.

You are apparently a main source for this story. I am very sorry you had to experience this.

I woke up from a long nap and see that your teacher has been reinstated.

I tweeted the journalist. He said he was given no names and couldn't make any assumptions. Whatever.

I learned recently about the Peter Principle. It's a somewhat common phrase, but I had never truly thought about it. To paraphrase:

the more power one attains, the more incompetent one becomes.

That is not set in stone. Some people perform even better the higher they move up the food chain.

This personally pisses me off, because I was a certified high school social studies teacher who couldn't overcome all the politics.

My destiny was stolen, while losers like Melissa Provo are rewarded.

I am not trying to demonise her, but it makes no sense at all what she did.

The school's FB page lists Flynn and Provo, that's it. The reporter is a joke. How can I so many miles away with no clue about Michigan education be able to uncover this person's name? The reporter couldn't?

I agree there is probably some internal politics going on. Few schools have good administrators. Consequently, few schools have good teachers, since it is those automaton administrators who pick who gets hired.

Social Studies is the most competitive job to land. I was in education my whole life until finally giving up. It truly is about who you know & not what you know nor the ability to teach it.

I wish you luck in fixing that school system. It will not be easy. You obviously can't count on that incompetent reporter.

Everyone knows who the administrators are in each school. Depending on the size, there may be more than one vice principal. I imagine that school is small. I don't remember the total. It might be less than 200 students.

The official school web page lists only Flynn and Provo.

I had some hesitation in posting this but am glad I did. I am very grateful to people like yourself in the trenches who will be forgotten, as there are so many schools and stories, and your local reporter can't even fudge up much more than press releases from the school.

Anonymous said...

OK, sorry getting to this late, you got me so worked up over the Snowdengate schtick I entirely missed the "Read More" button and the 2nd part of this classic Socratian cyber sleuthing masterpiece.

Unfortunately, I now dont have time to do my homework and catch up but I see that you have made an impact on the community un the real world.

As Victor Laszlo said to
Rick Blaine as he slunk off with Ilsa Lund at the CIA (Casablanca International Airport), "Welcome back to the fight. This time I know our side will win."

socrates said...

An update from the local Monroe paper came out yesterday or a couple days ago. I tweeted the link last night.

Yes, it appears I was personally a factor among the main core. You can read those people in the comments at the paper. They are very mad! They do not want this brushed under the rug.

I hate to use the phrase Streisand Effect, because the Breitbart Cult got a big kick out of that one. But it is more than appropriate. The more the numbnuts in that school system cover up the truth, the more "social media" responds.

In the new article, those chumps mention social media. They also go out of their way to protect Ms. Provo.

I know these are real lives, regular guy lives, but with the internet it is a much smaller world. I know in sports where the money is much bigger, it is easier to say with confidence and no guilt, "FIRE HIM!"

I'm sure in her own way Provo is a sweetie. However, in her own way, she forgot the lesson of Grady Little; one mistake can be enough.

Why not tell the truth? Why not just say Ms. Provo had a brain cramp (/LebronJames alert)? They could have suspended her for the rest of the year but allow her to retrain and retain her job. That would have been the minimum, acceptable conclusion.

But don't you dare piss on my leg and say it's raining (/plagiarism alert).

Blogger mixed it up here recently. I did nothing. The first thing I noticed was only one entry was now available per the front page. Then a few days ago it got changed to two entries, but with the added caveat of the "read more" button.

Uhm, anyway, I noticed one other internet addict at the forefront of identifying the fake leftist administrator. It wasn't rocket science. I said it took about five minutes to solve this one. I did beat that person for the posting time. And I could have got to press even earlier, but the Edward Snowden stories weighs heavily on my mind.

And now the Bergdahl story weighs heavily on my mind also.

I definitely like to stick to only a few stories. I got very tired many years ago trying to know a little bit about everything. Not only is that impossible, it dilutes the strength of any writing we produce.

Anonymous said...

Also from Pando daily echoing "The Medium is the Conspiracy":

"The virtual direct action campaign was organized by Fight for the Future, a group that organized the online anti-SOPA initiative back in 2012. According to organizers, the event had the support of the “Internet’s largest sites” — including WordPress, Twitter, Tumblr, Dropbox, Mozilla, Google, CloudFlare. A bunch of Silicon Valley groups backed the action too, as did several libertarian outfits. Progressive-leaning outfits like Greenpeace, Code Pink and ACLU joined up as well. Even Edward Snowden lent his support: “Join us on June 5th, and don’t ask for your privacy,” he said. “Take it back.”....Reset the Net day promised to be the start a giant movement and was breathlessly covered by the news media. There’s just one catch: the whole things seems to have been a giant dud. And that’s a good thing.

See, despite all its highfalutin’ rhetoric, Reset the Net is deeply flawed. The reason: the campaign is not against online surveillance, just government surveillance. It has nothing to say or critique about the massive for-profit dragnet operations run by telecoms and Silicon Valley megacorps that target every woman, man and child in the United States and beyond.....

Take Google, Reset the Net’s biggest and most powerful backer.

Google runs the largest private surveillance operation in the history of mankind. The company has a de facto monopoly on much of the digital ecosystem: search, email, browsers, digital advertising, smartphones, tablets. And it’s not there just to serve as cool apps. Google is a global for-profit surveillance behemoth. It makes billions in profits a year. Its mission is to funnel as much of our daily life in the real and online world through its servers as possible. The purpose: to track, analyze and profile us as deeply as possible — who we are, what we do, where we go, who we talk to, what we think about — and then constantly figure out ways to monetize that intelligence.

What kind of info does Google collect? The company is very secretive about that. But here are a few data points that could go into its user profiles, gleaned from two patents Google filed a decade ago, prior to launching its Gmail service:

Concepts and topics discussed in email, as well as email attachments
The content of websites that users have visited
1. Demographic information — including income, sex, race, marital status
2. Geographic information
3. Psychographic information — personality type, values, attitudes, interests
4. Previous searches users have made
5. Information about documents users viewed and edited
6. Browsing activity
7. Previous purchases

Google might be making money off advertising now, but the big question is: How will it use all this data in the future? Five years from now? Ten years from now? Data has a way of never fully disappearing or dying. Will it be passed around, re-analyzed, bought and sold for ever and ever? And what guarantee do we have that this info won’t end up down the line in the hands of the US government… or in the hands of repressive totalitarian regimes?

And if that wasn’t enough surveillance for you, then there’s the uncomfortable ties between Google and the US military-surveillance complex — a collaboration that’s been going on for so long that it’s sometimes hard to discern where Google ends and the NatSec apparatus begins."

socrates said...

That's some excellent copy and paste skills, Captain Obvious. I agree with you. But I also believe this is a diversion from attacks on both the Military-Industrial Complex and the fake leftist school administrator.

If you had watched the PBS movie United States of Secrets, you would have been able to add how the M.I.C. piggybacks off of the surveillance you describe.

I give that post a C-.

socrates said...

I see in the last sentence of the blockquote, the Google-NSA bond was established. Though you haven't proven plagiarism or perhaps that allegation is off the table?

Anyway, due to the one error in my otherwise nice post, I am grading my blogging teaching in regards to the one post as also a C-.

socrates said...

So after I badgered Kimberlin and he was on the ropes, I sez to the guy, "So is then that allegation off the table?" He retorted, "Nothing is off the table."

It was fascinating.

Anonymous said...

My point is too subtle for you. Pando gets it and you are missing it, Captain Oblivious.

Everbohdee know that NSA git data from private internet companies.

Its a public/private partnership to screw the average American, first for profit and second for privacy.

In that order.

Oh and GG is cashing something that isn't exactly breaking news. You can't hide and state that there hasn't been enough time for the populace to rise up enraged against the man or that wait until GG drops names. The NSA was first implicated in its heinous surveillance activities in 2006!


The true significance of Snowden, he said again, is much less than you have been hyped into believing. Look around you and then look in the mirror.

We the internet sheeple want these free goodies so much (waves at "" "gmail" and "Google Maps") that we, yes you and me too, shrug it off and go about our daily lives of being heavily surveilled because we are internet addicts.

A few million grumbles and grousings about this horrible loss of our so-called freedom on Twitter and blogger simply prove my point.

To the masses, free internet stuff is more important than freedom.

Bet on it.

socrates said...

"Jane, you ignorant slut."

You have been protecting the war industry for as long as I've known you. When it emerged that Obama had actually escalated war, destruction, and Big Brother, you contributed nothing.

I've already covered this cultural aspect. While you William Queen (?) were living off the sewer rat emotions of having infiltrated a biker gang, I had already explained the culture industry in much more accessible words to our blogging community of us, the new blogger, and the twelve lurkers.

You continue to subvert and obfuscate myself and this blog, which doing so happens to protect the Military-Industrial Complex. I wonder why. Or as TLNL would say, I wonder why?"

I'm not saying you're bad for the ratings. But you may be bad for the 100th monkey schtick to get the Patriot Act and everything else necessary repealed and destroyed.

This is creepy shite going on with the state apparatus. And you seem content to back down from police and military and rather spin everything as the fault of google ads.

It is ridiculous to spin what Google does as more important to discuss than what the Military is up to for shenanigans. This is the story of our lives. You cannot save the planet with this kind of totalitarianism and Hal Turner-esque shenanigans.

I own up to cherishing the free stuff. You win on that point. I love youtube! Kim Dotcom, my buddy in spirit, says it is the largest pirate site on the internet. It's a slippery slide. I totally agree on that point.

You seem to have an agenda.

You will not flunk out of this blogging course. Just don't expect no stinking placement on the socratic honour roll. hmmph.

socrates said...

You also underestimate where the data is coming from. It is from the supercomputers and bloated budget. Snowden documents have proven the extent and nature of The Program. I guess you never heard of echelon, one of the precursors and still used. People see what you do.

I would not be surprised if you are paid by the M.I.C. with "donkeytale" being only one part of your "blogging" career.

Why does donkeytale spread disinfo about the M.I.C.? Why does he protect them?

socrates said...

he sneaks in comments like the disinfo is nowhere near how i imply in volume and nature. that's despite the proof he never acknowledges nor interacts with. it's insidious how he tries to manipulate my blogging output. It's despicable, yet he is also highly entertaining most of the time, imho. He is a legendary supertroll.

Anonymous said...

Great read - the William Queen article, I mean. Right city, wrong Valley but close enough. I come from eastside where it is grittier and tougher less whiter. My home town had chapters of the Angels (until they got run by the pigs who even killed the chapter head in cold blood one day whilst out for a nice spin on his hog making a meth delivery just to send a message to the dwindling fw others who werent already dead or imprisoned) and the Vagos frat house were no less than catty corner from me parent's crackerbox. I walked passed their pad on the way to the liquour store the next door down every single day of summer. Sometimes they would chat and jokingly offer to buy me a six pack if I gave them a tenner and a blowjob.

Then they'd all laugh at me in the front yard with their gnarly biker chicks looking down their drugged out noses at me. I would laugh too and then go on about finding someone to do my buying for me for maybe a couple bucks and no blow job.

The Mongols were Valley-boy poseurs compared to those truly fierce gangsters but y'know in the silk sheet of time everybody earns some validation, especially after doing hard time. That three strikes bullshit they have in Cali has validated lots and lots of poseurs and the ironic thing here in G.O.D's Kuntry death penalty capital of the TeaPartyVerse there is no three strikes thingy to fuck you all up with.

I will say it was most definitely worth being trick fucked into giving up one of my precious free WaPo articles for the month to sumble onto that good read in your link. Muchas gracias, senorita.

In fact if I were like you I might suspect that I (you) are working for the MSM now while also admitting I don't have the paystubs and maybe you are just in it for the LULZ. But that I (you) are always the essence of reincarnated 60's grooviness while you (me) are twisted, dark and probably paid to post to accomplish who knows what exactly but mostly to fuck me (you) up in my purity.

But no, actually everything I am stating and in fact that you and Al Gore Franken are stating about this Snowden schtick works together if you look at it in a certain all encompassing way that doesn't simply reduce to mechanised CT procedural drivel.

If you allow for some natural light to creep into even the darkest soul on occasion and I agree that there is definitely something to the good fight launched with conspiracy theory versus conspiracy theory we begin to form this magical sort of push/pull internet laffy taffy that we developed together over the years to stretch and twist and make into interesting shapes for the mind's eye.

Sticky, gooey, sugar-filled yet addicting to the sweet budz.

And great for the ratings!

Every word the prescient truth that hits like the glow of infotainment hypoglycemia.

Let's be real about who we really are....neither of us are activists and there are probably even a few demented potheads reading this who believe that we are BOTH paid fakes trying to fuck up THEIR high. And so it goes...

And yes both of us offer at times excellent schtick (I believe yours superiour to mine approx 98.6% of the time if you are scoring at home) and the thrill for us as the Team and for the potheads reading is to see if this could be one of those times where goo gets really goot and the inner shadowthief is finally revealed.

We're The Talent.

socrates said...

That was outstanding what you wrote, especially the part about my greatness.

Remember when the Kimberlin stuff emerged? That was pretty funny to see looooosers such as MattyJack, Laura and Fairleft be put in their places. We were certainly "the talent" and blogger nation even Glenn Beck agreed we were legitimate, zeitgeist players.

The funny thing about William Queen is how he ended up with a bit of admiration for the biker milieu. I do too, whenever I am able to watch a decent biker flick. Maybe I should blog on how The Fonz brought the biker people back home to society. But then again, maybe I shouldn't? </TLNL]

So it would be another death by internet thingie, but I also would like to post some youtubes of cops freaking out. I suppose those would be very good for the ratings.

The stats have been improving lately. Oh, and I also want to blog on that dude Richard Chamberlain and maybe lead it into that SFSOS nonsense and then make a leap to Karoli and Rauhauser.

I love the sound of my own voice. This is fun. And I also like the sound of your voice most of the time.

This is like a love-in for people who would be able to fix the planet, if they had the power. I also see Yoko Ono is now tweeting. She is a sweetie.

socrates said...

Whoa, I do not know what just happened. I could have sworn the last post had more in it.

I was thinking of the Vegas cop killers and their ties to Alex Jones. And also Jones is ranting about the whole thing being staged.

I also wrote about Larry ad how I censored a vile and menacing post he left yesterday. I must have deleted that part by accident.

I was thinking of putting up a screenshot of what he wrote, then linking to the National Wingnut Day entry. Somehow you missed participating in some of the biggest threads on this blog.

Sorry for the last post. I hate it when losing anything I expected to be posted.

This is about weed, good times, activism, chocolate, pizza, but also about attacking the status quo, to troll the state apparatus out of existence.

We are leaving a guide by which people can be both entertained and make a difference. There's no need to be so bitter and jaded. It sounds like you could use a hug.

socrates said...

omg, his name is Ryan Chamberlain. Richard Chamberlain was the dude who played in Shogun.

socrates said...

there'd be Hal Turner spins in that one, if I get too it and not simply rest on my Melissa Provo laurels. We might even see an appearance by Joe Montana. I'm surprised you didn't use Provo and her superintendent as a sounding board for your schtick.

Education is broken. But you'd rather find ways to make sure Obama hands the Preznut baton to another Democrat.

One other theory I have is that you are delusional since giving up the devil's lettuce. Maybe it is not a hug you need. Weed is good. It is a medicine. A few hits off a one-hitter won't hurt you.

socrates said...

I'm a little buzzed and not writing too well today. :(

Anonymous said...

Excellent satire on the problem with smoking pot and I say that as someone who smoked boatloads of it my entire life except the last few years or so. And dont miss it a bit. Its not addicting but who can stop smoking it until its all gone?

Its great for you except it really isnt. It makes you feel better than you really feel.

It makes food taste better than it really tastes.

It makes sex better than it really is.

It makes listening to music better than it really sounds.

It makes your writing more creative than it really is.

Or wtf.

Im done.

carry on my wayward son

socrates said...

I'm gonna get back to my rough draft. It's turning out differently from what I thought it'd be above. I've tons of links.

You're correct marijuana isn't biologically addictive. But you're wrong about its influence on talent.

Maybe if LeBron toked more, he wouldn't be getting menstrual cramps before the biggest game of the year.

Alcohol seems to have helped some writers. I know it is a bad drug. It's a depressant. Anyway, your attacks on weed sound ridiculous and inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

I state facts culled from the available evidence:

"Whoa, I do not know what just happened. I could have sworn the last post had more in it.

I was thinking of the Vegas cop killers and their ties to Alex Jones. And also Jones is ranting about the whole thing being staged.

I also wrote about Larry ad how I censored a vile and menacing post he left yesterday. I must have deleted that part by accident."

"I'm a little buzzed and not writing too well today. :("

Blog prosecution rests its case.

socrates said...

Thanks for the posts. I'll try to do better next time.

Anonymous said...

You done great. Eagerly awaiting your next entry. Smoke all the weed you feel the need. The above was just a parody of my usual nit picky criticism. It seems that you have experienced some personal growth in that department as well.

Or maybe its just the weed? (TLNL "?" alert)

This comeback rally in blogging by you has been rather stirring.

About on par for me with the Spurs. You are the blogging equivalent of Gregg Popovich, for my money the greatest coach since Red.

I knew they had a good chance but didn't foresee three straight blow outs, two of them on the road.

Wow. Just wow. That was some 3 point clinic. I have to believe Duncan (and Pop) will return to battle for #6.

That would put him rather quietly in exalted territory ring-wise below only the great Celtics of the 50-60s and...Robert Horry (wtf?)

Anonymous said...

On the coaching side of the ledger, we have the highly overrated Phil Jackson with 11 ( I believe his teams would have won 8-9 without any coach at all, pick-up fashion)and Red with 9.

Pop has 5 same as Riley and some other Laker from their Minneysota days, John Kundla.

This concludes today's stat padding and learned basketball chatter.

socrates said...

We are misusing the TLNL question mark?

It really needs to be a definitive sentence capped off with a question mark?

We try to duplicate his schtick but it doesn't work?

See, even here I can't duplicate it.

And that's what brought down the Miami Heat. They thought they could just show up.

Pop is a funny man. I don't know how the camera found it, but there was a brief moment they had him smiling.

I think he is equivalent to Bill Bellichick. Though I don't believe Pop has ever been the GM also.

The NBA is very interesting all of a sudden. It's good news for that league that a "team" won. Miami has never been a real team. There was no real work done there. It was Wade and LeBron as better versions of Pierce and Garnett or Kobe/Gasol.

Their downfall was the paint. The Celtics' downfall was KG got old and Shaq went down, too much pressure was put on Garnett.

Bosh is good. Even Birdman is decent. But if that is all you have to protect the paint, you better hope LeBron and Wade play like Greek gods with refs drooling over them.

The draft is in about a week, the following Thursday. A lot of teams are wanting to be the next super team. The CBA simply doesn't allow for it anymore. Look at Miami. They could only go so far, after paying three guys most of the salary cap.

San Antonio is the new model. Play the game the right way. The Celtics are relevant because they created the model which San Antonio used.

But David Stern did not like the Celtics nor Red Auerbach. I almost quit on the NBA. Then 2008 happened. You called it early that the Celtics were toasted. We Bostonians were in denial.

The Celtics are very fortunate. As is Cleveland and many other bottom feeder teams. The Brooklyn Nets basically saved Danny Ainge who waited too long. The Nets are idiots. Ainge would have to make some very crazy mistakes to throw away what looks like a certain payoff. It could take a few years or five years. It could take this Summer. No one knows what's gonna happen.

socrates said...

My life changed for the much better over a year ago. I am less likely to overreact. It is a slow process for one to change.

I was always scrambling to get out my side of the story. Once that was accomplished, it was mission accomplished.

You are correct it is a partnership between private and public. You are correct a million or whatever internet addicts fighting Big Brother surveillance is not some meaningful push back.

Some fake lefty truly let me down the other day. She said Snowden should be imprisoned. Things like that get my blood boiling. It makes no sense.

If you are real, then you were a draft dodger. I respect that a lot. That was true heroism. There is nothing heroic about being a soldier or a policeman. We know too much now. Others do not want to face reality, since it would signify that their precious good cops (Democrats) versus bad cops (Republicans) worldview is sauteed garbage.

I have a rookie blogger added to DFQ2 and there is another friend I have offered the opportunity to blog here. And if you want back in, I'll let you and try to live and let live.

That would take pressure off of myself to make a lot of entries. I will never return to Pffugee. I am here and on Twitter for being in the zeitgeist mix.

Oh, another thing that has helped me. Yes, I started smoking weed again a year ago. I hadn't smoked much at all for several years previously.

I am also on an allergy pill since that time period. I clean more. I go outside more.

I also no longer follow fake accounts on Twitter. They try to drag me back in, but I am done with them.

There is a lot of scripted nonsense going on and it doesn't fool me one bit anymore. I truly believe this is about militarised, alternative reality games. This idea lines up perfectly with certain Snowden documents. The HB Gary/Stratfor stuff is part of the story. But Snowden took that up an amazing degree of notches.

People are correct to suspect others as being disinfo agents.

So we have those documents. We have proof that psychological operations and cointelpro are in full bloom on the internet.

I will keep calling out fakes until my last breath.

Though to do that properly, I need to do those other things, like cleaning and being outside and logging off more.

I am not that great a man. It is what it is. I feel free.

Anonymous said...

The thing is they tinkered with the rules and style of play in football to make it more wide open and offense oriented like basketball and basketball has changed also to be more passing oriented and less bigman-centric.

You are correct that the Spurs are reminiscent of the old Celts at least to the extent teamwork matters.

What is holding the NBA back is the oddity, now almost 20 years old, where nearly all of the good teams are in the Western Conference. These teams are forced to get better to stay competitive.

In teh East, Miami hasnt been challenged for 3-4 years and they have gotten stagnant.

Popovich is not the GM but they know what type of player they want and somehow always manage to find him in the draft. Or maybe he is molded after they draft him.

The packers do a similar thing in football always drafting at the bottom of rounds.

To see a kid like Kawhi Leonard, whose father was killed in a drive-by come into stardom on the grand stage and win Finals MVP on fathers day, well, that is great stuff in the grand tradition of American schmaltz.

The draft dodging thingie wasn't heroism. I didnt burn the card and go to prison, I basically evaded life in a drug induced stupour underground for 6 years and no one put two and two together then one day Carter issued a blanket pardon.

It was anti-heroic and to be honest until you mentioned it now I haven't even thought about it since the last time you mentioned it.

Ironically, I still believe the only antidote to the MIC is making teh Army an Amateur sport thru the draft.

I'm glad that you are at peace. I may take you up on your offer but frankly I am happier not blogging as I am not drinking or smoking teh weed. I am an addict. I have harmed myself and others thru my addiction.

I enjoy our interaction and I also enjoy re-reading some of the classic threads.

Some great stuff.

I'm rambling. I'm done.

Anonymous said...

I did see an interesting NBA roundtable show with stars from the 80s and 90s discussing the differences in the game today versus then.

Isaiah made some interesting points. He believes that the league back then wasn't as conducive to his one on one point guard/shooting guard hybrid talents asit would be today where either the three or the lane is wide open for taking off the dribble.

He also felt like Magic who he conceded as the best guard of the era couldnt even play guard today. He would be a center or a point forward similar to Lebron but with more dishing off than driving for the slamma jamma.

At the same time the type of players who did thrive in the 80s-90s guys with multiple skill sets and huge intangibles basically dont exist anymore either. There is Kobe and there is LeBron. Perhaps Wade, and Durant. No one else. In the 80s there were 5-6 guys on each of the Celts, Lakers, Bulls and Pistons who had more than 1-2 skills. The league is more specialised today and the primary talent needed is for running endless high post pick and rolls then cutting to the hoop for a slam or dishing it out to the open spot for the trey.

There are tons of those guards and small forward types coming out of college each year.

Now I'm thoroughly done

socrates said...

I find this intriguing. You seem to imply that draft dodgers were cowards. Or maybe you are only speaking for yourself or on behalf of a militarised persona studying my reactions.

Your draft schtick is not the answer, imho. Fixing education and the economy is. The way wars are fought today, the military doesn't ned a draft. But if education/economy were fixed, then maybe a draft would work to wake up the regular guys.

You are spot on with your NBA analysis. There seem to be a lot of rule changes in the NBA which seemed appropriate at the time, but have backfired.

On what planet should players be able to travel? Who's bright idea was it to change that rule? The three pointer is another one. At the time it was good. Then came Pitino and Stan Van Gundy.

Pitino ultimately failed, bt his philosophy was based on hard math. If you can hit a certain percentage of threes, then that is a great strategy to use. His goal was 40% shooting.

Orlando also ultimately failed, but they made it to the Finals and were arguably a much better team than LeBron's Cavs. They had the exact approach you describe above. Either get it to Howard for the slamma jamma or send it back out for an open three.

You are also prescient with your thought on San Antonio and the draft, that teams should really take the time to figure out what their system is and what players would best fit.

Doc Rivers never had a system other than thank you Danny Ainge for getting me two hall of famers to go with Pierce.

Pierce and Garnett were old school during their careers. Garnett was that way the whole time, a two-way player. Pierce developed into one winning the 2008 Finals MVP.

Perhaps we can blame the lottery for the West's awkward dominance. In a fair world, Duncan would have ended up on Boston. Howard left for the West. It could also be an anomaly exacerbated by lousy management clustered in the East.

Shooting threes is a lazy strategy and will not work in the long run. It used to be only the players who were good at them, took them, unless the clock was winding down.

Orlando used to scare me. But a total team will beat a gimmick team every time, unless there is a fluke where two top five/ten players end up in the same lineup.

Wade is a skeleton of what he once was. LeBron is a quitter, when he recognises his team is not the favourite. Dallas beating them was shocking. San Antonio choking the previous year was shocking.

LeBron is now 2-3 in Finals. That is nothing special.

The salary cap means that a team may be able to buy a title or two like Boston and Miami did, but that by doing so, they are immediately on the clock with a shelf life.

Maybe Miami crumbled before its time. Or I think this is pretty much what should have been expected.

If KG didn't get injured, that Celtics team would have won title after title.

If Wade didn't get injured, maybe Miami wins this year. But my aunt didn't have balls and wasn't my uncle or something to that effect.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, I make no such implication. In fact I explicitly set out the conditions of heroic draft dodging:

"burning draft card and going to prison."

Reading comprehension is victim number one in the fried internet era. We all need to do a better job. The ability to reason and ascertain the truth is much more fundamental than fixing education and the economy, although I agree that the economy needs fixing through a more fair tax scheme and redistribution of wage income, and at least in some places that is taking root in the form of higher minimum wages.

Fixing education seems a bit more difficult than fixing the economy, in fact I am not sure how that could be done in the real world.

It is always up to the individual at some level to educate herself.

Everything else that is considered education by some will alwats be viewed as brainwashing by others.

Politics can never be separated from education and so we cannot attain a Platonic ideal form in the real world.

Sad to say. We can only do so in our own minds.

I really like the NBA game of today.

I wish football were a bit more defensive minded. I'm nostalgic for the days of muddy uniforms and slower players, I guess.

I think the dominance of the southwest and west in the NBA may be a mirror to the rise of these regions in the nation as a whole.

Not sure the lottery can be blamed as it is a game of chance and spread over 20-30 years the luck evens out.

More smarter management could be a key, maybe players prefer warmer weather in winter.

Its an interesting subject. Never has one side of a league been so much more dominant than another over such a long period of time.

Anonymous said...

To be specific, what I did was simply never report to the draft board in the first place. This is a reqirement of everyone who turns 18, I believe still to this day.

In the pre-internet era, which was MUCH more conducive to rebellion and resistance to the PTB, one had to show up at the draft office and register. I don't believe there was any effective means for tracking those who failed to show, but I never actually looked into it. I mean, I got busted once or twice after turning 18 and thought sure that the authorities would figure it out, but in the paper file era they never did.

Today, obviously your entire reality down to your personal preferences is easily available to the PTB with a single mouse click.

The medium is the conspiracy. Abandon hope all ye who log in anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Let me also state that the price I paid still remains with me to this day, a sort of prison of my own mind. I am surely less open, more furtive and secretive than I would otherwise be having gone through the experience that I did.

Living in the shadows does that to you, creates a dread and an alienation for life which I cannot fully escape.

Dodging the draft was great troll training, when you think about it.

socrates said...

What's heroic about going to prison for no good reason? Coming from someone who has attacked Snowden, though, that adds up. The M.I.C. would love folks to believe Snowden should be arrested, like you believe a heroic draft dodger should have went, "Hey fellas, over here. I'm a draft dodger. Lock me up."

No, a true hero would have evaded both prison and the war. He would force the amoral United States power structure to arrest him. He wouldn't aid that.

Then there is this:

"I think the dominance of the southwest and west in the NBA may be a mirror to the rise of these regions in the nation as a whole."

That might be the most idiotic comment ever posted.

Anyway, I am busy researching and writing a blog entry. Your comment on education says it all. Everyone gets schooled from 5-18. There is no escape, unless one drops out. That is where minors spend most of their time. It is their job.

It is when their brains are still developing. It is where propaganda pounds them into submission. It's where the Melissa Provos rule the roost. It's where everyone is brainwashed to do as they're told and pledge allegiance.

Anonymous said...

I had a good friend and we made a pact and he also failed to report.

The key I believe was living off the grid. He lived with his girlfriend for all those years and never worked except for cash under the table, sold pot and LSD. Also got busted once as I recall and sentenced to 30 days in County jail. We held our collective breath a lot in those days, like with every traffic stop. After awhile you had to resign yourself or succumb to paranoia.

Paranoia simply wasn't as pervasive in the pre-internet era.

Looking back, life sucked in many many ways but we were freer, for sure.

The internet is a tool of totalitarianism and conformity but it is too seductive to resist.

socrates said...

The rough draft I have going is a mess. Blogging is not easy.

The net is pretty good. What you take as being unwashed masses of trolls are actually spy workers talking trash and psy-ops.

I am not just about that, though, with the net. I use it for fun stuff, too. I don't regret anything. I got in a lot of good movies. I learned about the internet.

Now that is where the societal mirror is, if we could get the psychological operations discontinued. Oh, I forgot, according to you, Google is the problem. One can tell how much you've looked into the spy factory or perhaps i am speaking with a persona.

Anonymous said...

A wise man once said, "both sides suck."

Here's another clue for you all:

The persona was Paul.

Anonymous said...

Hey! That was a tweet!

And so is this!

And that!

I'm done

Anonymous said...

The problem is Google, dude. Corporatism controls the government.

What I've been saying. "Snowden is a great Hero" meme obscures the reality: BOTH sides (public/private) SUCK!

Greenwald is a corporate whore of Silicon Valley (PayPal billionaire Omidyar), Cato (Koch Bros)libertarianism and Citzens United.

Wake the fock up! Stop attacking me and my all seeing prescience. Get a clue dot com dude.

Private/public is a two headed monster and the private controls public (IE, "corporate fascism")

From Counterpunch, which is catching up with my prescience ("The Medium is the Conspiracy"):

"In a nutshell, then, the United States executive branch is being driven by corporate forces that transitively dictate the long-term strategic goals of the intelligence services. Activists like William Blum have spent their lives investigating and carefully recording this reality. For additional illumination check out the War and Peace Studies performed by the Council on Foreign Relations during World War II on behalf of the State Department. It’s a flat out recipe for neoliberal hegemony. As Canadian filmmaker Scott Noble demonstrated in his movie “Counter-Intelligence,” the United States is part of a corporate empire and the intelligence services are the Praetorian Guard of this empire.

So Glenn, does this mean that addressing mass surveillance, and the mass subversion which enables it, will entail tackling the related problem of corporate state capture? Or, as Sheldon Wolin refers to it, the specter of inverted totalitarianism?"

"Finally, I don’t think society should have to rely on hi-tech billionaires to support our interests in the halls of Washington. Corporate pressure is not the solution. Corporate pressure is the problem.

As I mentioned earlier, the fossil fuel industry, the defense industry with its appendages in hi-tech, and the plutocrats of Wall Street are largely directing the U.S. government. Our elected leaders are their proxies. The NSA’s surveillance machine is but a small part of a much large private sector data aggregation machine. Both systems exist to further the aims of the economic elite. Ed Snowden has confirmed as much. I believe his words were: “These programs were never about terrorism: they’re about economic spying, social control, and diplomatic manipulation”

Certainly, there are technical aspects to the global surveillance apparatus and the mass subversion campaign that enables it. And there are also economic aspects. But, at its core, this is a political problem. We should not expect the oligarchs to willfully hobble themselves. Recall the forces of popular pressure behind Woman’s Suffrage, the New Deal legislation, and Civil Rights. American citizens must politically mobilize, rise like lions from our collective haze of empty consumption and reality TV to retake (and remake) our government."

Bill Blunden is an independent investigator whose current areas of inquiry include information security, anti-forensics, and institutional analysis. He is the author of several books, including The Rootkit Arsenal , and Behold a Pale Farce: Cyberwar, Threat Inflation, and the Malware-Industrial Complex. Bill is the lead investigator at Below Gotham Labs.

socrates said...

You have added zero analysis of actual documents. You have attacked Snowden a lot. You are not my mentor and I have the right to not care what you think.

Shadowthief was too much of a coincidence in regards to the document pertaining to the gaming milieu. One of the people who has always been around shadowthief, wherever he was, was you promoting him.

You even plugged the disinfo that he works in the Berkeley, CA. school system.

Unless you cough up your real name and prove who you are, you are meaningless to any discussion.

You make fun of my being at Twitter. You totally disregard that I have highlighted C. Wright Mill's concept of an Iron Triangle. That thesis said there is a revolving door between corporate, military, and executive. But you are a Mr. Contrarian to go with being an anonymous coward. Maybe you are shadowthief/Veronika Larsson/The Blogging Curmudgeon and even Noom. That would make sense. Though with persona management and Xkeyscore, any number of creepy spy factory employees could have shared those usernames which have been perverting democracy on the internet.

Anonymous said...

"In psychoanalytic theory, when an individual is unable to integrate difficult feelings, specific defenses are mobilized to overcome what the individual perceives as an unbearable situation. The defense that helps in this process is called splitting. Splitting is the tendency to view events or people as either all bad or all good.[1] When viewing people as all good, the individual is said to be using the defense mechanism idealization: a mental mechanism in which the person attributes exaggeratedly positive qualities to the self or others. When viewing people as all bad, the individual employs devaluation: attributing exaggeratedly negative qualities to the self or others.
In child development, idealization and devaluation are quite normal. During the childhood development stage, individuals become capable of perceiving others as complex structures, containing both good and bad components. If the development stage is interrupted (by early childhood trauma, for example), these defense mechanisms may persist into adulthood.

The term idealization first appeared in connection with Freud’s definition of narcissism. Freud’s vision was that all human infants pass through a phase of primary narcissism in which they assume they are the centre of their universe. To obtain the parents' love the child comes to do what he thinks the parents value. Internalising these values the child forms an ego ideal.[2][3] This ego ideal contains rules for good behaviour and standards of excellence toward which the ego has to strive. When the child cannot bear ambivalence between the real self and the ego ideal and defenses are used too often, it is called pathologic. Freud called this situation secondary narcissism, because the ego itself is idealized. Explanations of the idealization of others besides the self are sought in drive theory as well as in object-relation theory. From the viewpoint of libidinal drives, idealization of other people is a "flowing-over" of narcissistic libido onto the object; from the viewpoint of self-object relations, the object representations (like that of the caregivers) were made more beautiful than they really were.[4]"

socrates said...

Here's a challenge. Prove you are not a stalker by simply going away.

Anonymous said...

A stalker? LOL. Prove your thoughtful by replying with anything besides 5 year old ad-hominems and ignore that my schtick is right on target while being in sync with yours and Greenwald's. What goads is you is that mine is the superiour analysis. (Primary Narcissism Alert)

OK, I'm done.

Ciao, looser. Prove you are a man by leaving this final comment stand.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Lyndon LaRouche posts, I cannot help noticing how much of his ideas (NWO and other bs) there is on the so called 'gang stalking' sites. What is the deal with this?

socrates said...

That probably has something to do with "Conspiracy Stories," as exposed by Snowden documents. This is not just about "The Program" surveillance. This is about manipulation of social reality and entrapment.

This thing is being propelled by so-called analysts who couldn't succeed in academia because they were deranged. Snowden documents prove this.

Yesterday or so it came out that the documents pertaining to targeted Americans are about to be revealed. The word used is imminent.

Anonymous said...

I feel that there must be a reason why these fake gang stalking sites are being posted(apparently by the proponents of the LaRouche movement itself). Could it be that this movement is engaging in this kind of targeting or its own targets? Why would so much effort be invested in putting up these sites?

Anonymous said...

Are the documents pertaining to surveilled non-American citizens going to be revealed? I think people who are being surveilled elsewhere also have a right to know. While this is of course a break through, it seems it does not cover instances where (again this is only going on Dennis King's book and other studies of LaRouche and Scientology), official surveillance is being outsourced to cults, since cults have no accountability and no legislation to control their behaviours. This too needs to be explored deeper.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Google works with “former military operations people.” But they won’t tell us who, or from

Gang stalking? LOL. Now I get it.

Snowden and Greenwald are planting seeds inside newly formed USG rabbit holes and you are jumping in.

All trolls are not involved.

God, you are so naive. But I love this new direction. Eagerly awaiting your next mailed-in entry.

Love ya, you crazy diamond.


socrates said...

Those are the last posts you will ever make on this blog.