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Friday, August 1, 2014

Internet Cointelpro Confirmed as Part and Parcel of The Program

[Update: I have had this one on the back burner for far too long. My heart is simply no longer into blogging. It's not about not being paid. It's more like how many times can someone hammer in the same nail. (This is an update within the update: blogging is fun. It goes in cycles. I'm actually trying to run through whatever is left here, edit lightly, then click publish. I know there is stuff at the end I never finished, but that's where the miracle of the related links schtick will come into play. Now we will return to the update I wrote before.)

I have been proven correct over time. I have been one of the loudest saying the internet is rigged with various forms of astroturf all over it, including military. Glenn Greenwald is now a confirmed fraud. His "big finale" turned out to be nothing new. If anything, he is promoting "The Program" by making it seem the M.I.C.'s true objective is to fight terrorism.

The "War on Terror" is a hoax. This is literally about Orwell's vision of 1984 coming to fruition. There is something called Special Operations Division (SOD). Law enforcement wishes to use the creepy surveillance to make arrests. Their big problem is they must generate something called parallel construction. They can't admit where they got the original information. This is the crucial link to read:

Exclusive: U.S. directs agents to cover up program used to investigate Americans [end of update]

The Actual Blog Entry

SAIC stands for Science Applications International Corporation. Mark Rasch is its public face. He ends up on t.v. and is quoted in a lot of articles. The link above proves SAIC is part and parcel of grotesque surveillance. That is from Snowden documents. Rasch is in essence a general for internet cointelpro.

A quick googling of SAIC/FBI reveals that the two have been in deep, historic partnership. There was something called Trilogy. It was going to be new and improved J. Edgar Hoover. However, its "virtual case file" schtick failed miserably. Nonetheless, that failed enterprise does establish an early, direct tie from cointelpro to SAIC. Ironically, the Trilogy debacle didn't end the FBI's partnership with SAIC. In 2010, the Financial News Network reported that the two were still tied to the hip.

The tragedy of 9/11 was churned into the primary propaganda used by the M.I.C. to justify their total information dragnet of today. If only the information was shared better! If only we had ALL the info! This led to Homeland Security being established along with all sorts of partnerships including FBI and even police. It is all classified. We only know what they admit to sans whistleblowers, and then that is only if we put on our critical thinking caps and dig, read, and reflect.

On July 3, 2013, SAIC opened up a position for an XKEYSCORE Systems Engineer. Unfotunately for them, this program was exposed to the zeitgeist by The Guardian's Glenn Greenwald just 28 days later. In that listing, SAIC claims:
SAIC is a FORTUNE 500® scientific, engineering, and technology applications company that uses its deep domain knowledge to solve problems of vital importance to the nation and the world, in national security, energy & environment, health and cybersecurity. The company's approximately 41,000 employees serve customers in the U.S. Department of Defense, the intelligence community, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, other U.S. Government civil agencies and selected commercial markets. Headquartered in McLean, Va., SAIC had annual revenues of approximately $10.6 billion for its fiscal year ended January 31, 2012. For more information, visit SAIC: From Science to Solutions®
 Hmmm, selected commercial markets....

We know through Anonymous that HB Gary was practicing cointelpro. Now we see that HB Gary and SAIC work together.

Stratfor is another security company caught with its hands in the internet cointelpro cookie jar. They were exposed by hacker Jeremy Hammond, who we now know was entrapped by the FBI via Sabu. Apparently the FBI was more interested in catching another patsy than in protecting information highlighting their entrapment scams and attacks on freedom of association.

By the way, Hammond is a political prisoner to go with Barrett Brown, Chelsea Manning, and Julian Assange. We are all prisoners of this insanity. This will establish we are doomed, if this madness is not crushed based on its merits. There should be no debate that total information surveillance should be abolished. Only sick fucks could have ever come up with something like that. And someone would have to be quite the stupid fuck to not see this. Please pardon my language. This is unsettling because it's true and it's what's going on during our lifetimes. It's utterly shocking and grotesque.

Another quick google search confirms my suspicion that Stratfor too is buddies with SAIC. Thank you, Wikileaks.

Re: SAIC Group Sub

[Customer Service/Technical Issues] SAIC Seats

This link exhibits more conspiracy between Stratfor and SAIC, while referencing something called Trapwire.

Let's get back to the SAIC document on virtual games, the link at the very top of this page. If you scroll down to where the screenshot was taken, you can see that all my chatter over the years about internet cointelpro was spot on. The thing is, you can look at what they are doing with computer games/arg's and apply it across the board to everything they do. They are everywhere. Donkeytale is either being retarded or works for them.

You can read the thing for yourselves. They talk of infiltrating whole sections of the internet. They speak of dispensing counter-propaganda. Snowden didn't lie. He could have spied on Obama in real time, if he had his email address or some other identifying information. These fuckers are all about collecting everything. Only an asshole would downplay the chance to end The Program, seeing that so much got dumped and revealed.

It just hit me there is soooo much evidence that cointelpro is all over the net. That is good. It is better to know than to sense. It also means we should have more faith in people. A lot of the so-called trolls are indeed agent provocateurs. We know that now.

The original title of this was gonna be, "Is Wired Magazine Part and Parcel of the Military-Industrial Complex?" However, of course Wired Magazine is disinfo. They are not worthy of being in any title.

It takes reading and analysis to piece it together. Basically, you can take something like the above and apply it to blogs, Twitter, social media, etc.. This is what they do. They admit above it is all psychological operations. The cyber magician document covering the Brits is the same garbage. You can read that document and be rest assured the FBI/NSA are doing the same. They don't even need FISA rubber stamps to track anyone they want to. And yes indeed they are doing it to whomever they like.

Greenwald is supposed to reveal a huge list of American targets. I don't know what he is waiting for. I am now doubting it ever happens. I hope I'm wrong.

I kind of want to mail the rest of this one in. The proverbial them want us to feel overwhelmed. I don't go that route anymore. I respect thinkers. I am not paid and am not going to spoon-feed what is readily available.

Rasch is directly tied to Rauhauser and Wired Magazine. That was the inspiration to this whole thingie to begin with. But that is just noise, those two along with Poulsen and Kim Zetter. So I will simply organise the rest of the remaining links and share them. They open up in new windows for convenience.

I am basically taking the pressure off of myself to write in a linear, conformist manner.  The mosaic approach is how I operate. They chart your reactions when they troll you. They log in all your metadata. They grab everything they can for your own personal, virtual case file for The Program and paid through your taxes. Do you feel safe?

Edward Snowden addressed the European Parliament ~~ pdf link

Here are two choice excerpts for cointelpro awareness purposes:

If that isn't enough to prove my Hal Turner point, there's also this:

Those are just a few excerpts. Meanwhile, days ago it was reported that Greenwald's big fireworks release is imminent. This is supposed to be the mother lode of disclosures that caps off the last year since Snowden emerged. We shall see.

[By the way, I apologise for having allowed a notorious anonymous coward to consistently derail this blog. His anti-Snowden and anti-Assange propaganda will no longer be allowed. His mind games will no longer be permitted. He is a diversion.]

Let's get back to Mark Rasch. He's a big wig in Project Vigilant. Neal Rauhauser was a member of that and his close friend Chet Uber has been the Director. Uber is the one who worked with Adrian Lamo to entrap Chelsea Manning. They basically run alternative reality games. I was cyber-smeared into one of those. I was alleged to be a major suspect in Weinergate. I was also supposedly a member of HB Gary's Team Themis. That scripted drama was then merged with the Sabu ARG and climaxed with the arrest of Barrett Brown.

According to this link, Lamo was clearly working on behalf of the FBI/M.I.C. entrapment of Assange. I recommend folks check out the logs.

Sorry, it's easier to let links do the talking.

Pentagon Investigates MIT Wikileaks Links
Mr Lamo also claimed that both men were working for Wikileaks. It is thought that both men have been interviewed by the investigation team.

They are reported to have denied any involvement with Wikileaks.
U.S. Tries to Build Case for Conspiracy by Wikileaks

It was Wired Magazine which got the so-called scoop with Adrian Lamo. That is what they want people to believe, that it just happened. Papers get scoops, my bitches! Yet, we know that's not the case because of the connections mentioned above. Rasch is a sewer rat zero degrees apart from internet cointelpro actors Chet Uber, Adrian Lamo and Neal Rauhauser. And how is Kevin Poulsen also not some form of rodent? Have you ever seen his bio? He is an FBI asset, period.

Glenn Greenwald, another target of the recently banned psyop troll, did some fine work exposing Poulsen and the M.I.C.'s rigged Wired Magazine. Here are some more links for anyone catching up.

WikiLeaks Alleges Collusion (check out the comments. they batter the author.)

Greenwald sets the record straight

Wired’s refusal to release or comment on the Manning chat logs

The worsening journalistic disgrace at Wired

That about wraps that up. It's called a paystub, the same kind that was found on Hal Turner, Jen Emick, Brandon Darby, and many other exposed sewer rats. There's much more at the last link.

Rasch is all over the place. In addition to SAIC, Project Vigilant and rigged reporting,  he is a big player with SCIPP International and FTI. His linked in page lists "Online Defamation and Freedom of Speech Litigation" as one of his proficiencies.
Mr. Rasch helped establish the SAIC Center for Information Protection (CIP), a business unit within SAIC dedicated to commercial information security consulting. Starting with 9 people, the CIP developed first into Global Integrity Corporation, a wholly owned SAIC subsidiary, and then was acquired by Predictive Systems, Inc..
These are incestuous creeps who anyone can google. They move around various groups. They are the ones who deny us our freedom. They are fascistic scum.

That's this asshole, who is also working for something called Cyveillance, Inc..

Who Is Cyveillance And Why Should You Care?

They are internet cointelpro is what they are and the precise ones we recognise.
Who are their clients? From what I can gather, the U.S. Government has used their services and Cyveillance also claims that half of the Fortune 50 companies are counted among their customers. As well, the RIAA is reportedly a client, presumably for information on illegal music sharing. However, Cyveillance won’t say who exactly their clients are. Who knows who they are sharing your data, posts, and comments with?
          Sneaky Intrusion Methods
At first glance, it appears that Cyveillance is simply offering a service to corporations to assist them with copyright infringments, theft of data, and protection of trademarks. But this is definitely not all they do. According to their website, the not only monitor HTTP (website) traffic, but they also monitor IRC and Chat rooms. I don’t know about you but if I am in a chat room, I have a least some small expectation of privacy with those that are in that room. I would not expect that some bot is logging everything, keeping it in a database for further review and perhaps sale to another corporation or government.
As well, on the Government Solutions, one of their selling points is “Assisting in compliance activities such as monitoring for whistleblower information.”
What the heck is that all about? One can only wonder. What governments use the services of Cyveillance to monitor their citizens and employees? I suppose that this could be a round about way for Governments that claim to respect privacy, to purchase information from a company. Governments can then claim they don’t collect data. They just forget to tell you that instead, they purchase it in report format. Already nicely formatted for them.
Of course, Governments need to know who the “about to become” whistleblowers are on corruption and illegal government activities, right?
According to, the Cyveillance website was once quoted as saying,
“the Internet poses threats to corporations that can take many forms.
[..] “activists use the Internet to plan rallies and boycotts,”
As well as IRC and Web spidering, Cyveillance also claims to spider FTP sites. According to J.D. Meadows who operates the Cyveillance Exposed website, his logs show evidence that not only did the Cyveillancebot spider available content, but also tried to search the hard drive for other files and directories. Clearly if true, Cyveillance has participated in actions that are clearly illegal, immoral and unethical.
It's a mission to gather information and influence online activity.

The parent company of Cyveillance is called QinetiQ. Folks should definitely check out that link.
On January 7, QinetiQ (pronounced “kinetic”) North America (QNA), a major British-owned defense and intelligence contractor based in McLean, Virginia, announced that its Mission Solutions Group, formerly Analex Corporation, had just signed a five-year, $30 million contract to provide a range of unspecified “security services” to the Pentagon’s Counter-Intelligence Field Activity office, known as CIFA.
According to Pentagon briefing documents, CIFA’s Directorate of Field Activities "assists in preserving the most critical defense assets, disrupting adversaries and helping control the intelligence domain.” Another CIFA directorate, the Counterintelligence and Law Enforcement Center, "identifies and assesses threats" to military personnel, operations and infrastructure from "insider threats, foreign intelligence services, terrorists, and other clandestine or covert entities," according to the Pentagon.
These are some of the guys who have access to XKeyscore. Bet on it. I guessed on Twitter there are 50,000+ people with access to it. They are the proverbial disinfo agents. With persona management software, they are everywhere.

On the side of that exceptional link, it gets very interesting. We are about to go full circle back to Mark Rasch.
In 2006, Andrews quit SAIC to join QinetiQ. Shortly after Andrews was hired as QNA CEO, former CIA Director George Tenet was elected to QinetiQ’s board of directors. Tenet was undoubtedly brought on to help QinetiQ broaden its reach beyond the Pentagon and its intelligence units into the area of strategic and national intelligence represented by the CIA and the NSA.
Andrews remains close to Vice President Dick Cheney, his former boss at the Pentagon. In a 2002 interview with Government Computer News, he listed Cheney as his hero.
That guy's name is Duane Andrews and he used to run SAIC.

Man, they want us all stymied on bizarre individuals like Rauhauser, Chet Uber, Ron Brynaert & his vile and menacing ex-gf or wtf. Or how about Kim Zetter? If that isn't a disinfo shill, there aren't any. She claims fluency in Hebrew and expert status in kabbalah. Her Wikipedia page doesn't help much. It's mysterious. She gave a presentation at a military affiliated college program. She gives this aura of being an expert in so-called security and technology. This and this and this suggest otherwise. It's fishy. Wired is extremely shady.

Zetter sure was played up big by the John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding. Yet again we see no educational resume. And her two big scoops were provided to her through the FBI sewer rat program. 
In 2007 she wrote a groundbreaking three-part story on the cybercriminal underground, which was the first to fully expose the world of online carding markets and the players behind them. The piece was told through the eyes of a carder and grifter named David Thomas who ran an online carding forum undercover for the FBI for 18 months after he was arrested.
In 2010, she and a colleague broke the story about the arrest of Bradley Manning, the former Army intelligence analyst accused of leaking millions of classified U.S. government documents to the secret-spilling site WikiLeaks. They've continued to break news with continuing developments.

Dartmouth is clearly in cahoots with the Department of Defense and just so happened to have promoted mysterious Kim Zetter as being some kind of fount for great knowledge. This is unreal and Wired Magazine continues on as if it is anything other than a propaganda rag and MIC/FBI honeypot.

It can get even stranger, if one looks at Zetter's ties to the so-called election integrity movement, one that formed from the early 2000's to about the time I exposed Brad Friedman of BradBlog. Yes, that milieu can be directly tied to disinfo writer Kim Zetter and Wired Magazine.

How E-Voting Threatens Democracy

Paper Trail Urged as E-Voting Fix

No Excuses on ChoicePoint: A Threat to Our Constitution and Freedom

Choicepoint President Funds Secretary of State Candidate

Yes, this is the part of the blog entry when I previously tired and decided to advance directly to a "related links" wrap-up schtick. Zetter was basically part and parcel of the overall plugging of Spoonamore, one of the cogs propping up the "Connell threatened by Rove" hoax. (that was the one with Kimberlin's paw prints all over it. i hope things are starting to make sense to anyone curious about wtf.)

Here's another link:

Voting Machine Fiasco: SAIC, VoteHere and Diebold... Scam to Vet Software?

And here is a screenshot from something I'm sorry to say I could only find through Alex Jones' forum. It ties Choicepoint to Infragard. The original was scrubbed.

That creep can be googled. A lot of incestuous internet fakes with their various dots can be connected.

As in, who is Rebecca Abrahams (linkedin)?

Electronic Voting Machines Could Skew Elections

Did leader's arrest kill Anonymous?

The truth is out there, grasshoppers. I was prescient. I was also a little bit obnoxious. The truth willed out or wtf is what I'm saying. And that enables me to sign off on this mailed-in blog entry with a clear conscience. Perhaps I bit off more than I could chew. Yet, I did it my way.


keepingitreal1 said...

Another great post, thank you!

I apologise for not commenting on your last one!

Oh my goodness, I took time to read through each link and thought to myself, How do these people get away with these things?

It is almost like reading something from a fiction novel. But this is real and happening in our lives.

So much corruption. I see it happening here too. I do wonder if there is any justice in the world these days?

I think about the people mentioned here and if some of them realise what they have got involved with and the implications?

Do they have a conscience at all?
I am thinking and sounding off.
I think it is a damned shame that there are many out there wanting to make a difference on the net in what ever way like you have.

I know how it feels to be attacked on a personal level for things one stands up for.

This is a good blog. be proud if it.

I know how much work goes into writing, as I am finding out myself!

I guess the great thing about it is that if you blog or not, it will always be here.

Sorry for rambling, but hope you get the gist.

Are you happy for me to share this post at all?
It will probably be on g plus.

socrates said...

I like how Blogger lets us now click on a screenshot and then it pops up with a good sized version.

Blogging is difficult! There are things in the back of our minds that we just have to hope make it into play. Like I was tweeting with Rebecca Abrahams. She referred to Spoonamore as Spoony. Then she deleted it and some others.

I am afraid of things getting lost in the Twitter shuffle.

You can use html in the Blogger comments. Like I just found an interesting link or two on Spoonamore and the Rove/Connell hoax.

These don't pop up in new windows, though. The right click is a good option. It's tough to tell what newbies know and don't know. I do know that blogging isn't rocket science.

Spoonamore's bio

That's a post by Velvet Revolution attorney Cliff Arnebeck. I have not looked through that thread yet, but I see he wrote a lot of posts on it.

The bio says Spoonamore was honoured by Homeland Security in 2004. Wow. But I have no clue what people know or don't know about this. I ended up part of the story. This is not my ego talking. It is what it is.

Thanks for the kind words. There are some nice links and connections in my entry, in my humble opinion.