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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Police State Festering in Large Swath of Missouri

                                          (from In Wake of Clashes, Calls to Demilitarize Police
                                          Whitney Curtis for The New York Times)

That was absolutely bizarre and surreal to witness. I found live feeds and social media was fairly useful in this story gaining national attention. I am talking about the militarised, police presence. There are actually a lot of different topics going on in relation to the assassination of Mike Brown. For this entry, I am sticking to the police state angle, on the aftermath of the brutal murder of unarmed teenager and apparent cigar aficionado Mike Brown. I found some stuff.

But first, I dropped a tweet on the Nick Gragnani mentioned in the above article.

I did a bit of socratisation, i.e. googling. This guy is tied to the hip of both the M.I.C. and the St. Louis County Police Department.

(Update: This loser has scrubbed both his linkedin and his Twitter account. So the next link is broken. Was it something I said?)

This guy is hardcore military. His linkedin account proves it.

Anyway, take a moment and reflect on Gragnani's money quote from the NYT's article:

“The focus is terrorism, but it’s allowed to do a crossover for other types of responses,” he said. “It’s for any type of civil unrest. We went by the grant guidance. There was no restriction put on that by the federal government.”

This dude was with that county police racket for over 18 years and then went directly into this Homeland Security crap.

You all probably recognise Jon Belmar at this point. He was the one in charge of the militarised police.

This is scary stuff, if you think about it. Without a doubt, the military is in control of St. Louis County, Missouri. These documents prove it. Granted, Alex Jones to the side, it was a fluke that Ferguson 2014 ever developed. Where else in the country could that type of police response have ever occurred? I know they locked down Watertown because of the Boston Marathon bombings, but no way in hell would Massachusetts police ever pull this kind of anti-constitutional, Kent State garbage. This was surreal and you know it. This crossed an incredibly hard to believe line. Thank God for what social media accomplished with this story, despite disinfo agents/police being all over comment sections. Here's more from Belmar's Linkedin:

Oooh, Special Operations.

His Linkedin reveals that he is just another Mr. Homeland Security pig. They surely went Stasi style indeed in arresting and attacking journalists with militarised police brutality. That was not very bright. This was truly a wow, wtf moment in American history.

Good sources and images explain it all.

Aaah, what's this?

Mass casualty drill held at Chesterfield Mall 
(excerpt - emphasis mine)
( – Chesterfield Mall was the scene of a multi-agency mass casualty drill on Sunday night.
According to the Monarch Fire Protection District, the drill focused on decision-making, coordination and integration with other organizations during an active shooter scenario.
The drill included two active shooters who randomly shot at citizens throughout Chesterfield Mall. One of the shooters detonated a backpack IEP after he was shot by police. The second shooter heard an explosion and took hostages... Chesterfield Police, St. Louis County Police, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security were among those who participated.
Oh, did I mention that Belmar also has FBI training to go with his homeland security skills?

Here is a nice news story which reported on this specific Homeland Security corruption taking place in a sizable chunk of a state.

Homeland security: 'Did we spend the money wisely

An Abe Cook is prominently featured. This guy and all these people must be raking it in pretty good off of the taxpayers. 

I have two final links to share. They are in pdf. Those guys are in total cahoots with STARRS and the Nick Bragnani featured by the NYT. Belmar and Cook are on the Board of Directors. Here is the proof to go with Belmar's admission on Linkedin:

That is the group getting all the millions if not more of dollars for the War on Terror hoax. There is your smoking gun, from their very own website.

This explains why it went so nutty in Ferguson. I'm sorry, but I am not from a redneck state where this could ever have happened. Those people are totally fried in the head. It's called authoritarian personality disorder.

This is what it boils down to. The St. Louis County Police Department is run by Homeland Security, which itself is part and parcel of the Military-Industrial Complex and emerging fascism. I tweeted the Governor. I told him to remove the militarised police at once.

And the man heeded my wisdom. Good for him. He fired the SLCPD military numbnuts and replaced them with the regular guy state trooper schtick. We all love the state troopers over the other cops. They still suck. But they tend to have guys e.g. who smoke weed and don't sweat the small stuff. But this is a pure gratuitous digression. I am sorry.

This was basically the easy, Captain Obvious move for Nixon to make. I am not sure why he didn't see this coming to begin with. Maybe he has the Richard Nixon gene. Though I doubt they are related. It is a fairly common last name. There was this guy on the Red Sox, another redneck, named Trot Nixon. He really has nothing to do with this report. Mike Timlin and Curt Schilling are certified wingnuts, though. I can confirm that as a witness.

The expenditures by STARRS are disgusting. You can check out some of them (pdf's):

Thursday, September 20, 2012 - 11:30 A.M.

Thursday, March 13, 2014 - 11:30 A.M. 

My work here is done. Now you know the rest of the story.


keepingitreal1 said...

Another great post, thank you!

I read it a while back but have not had time to comment.

This is serious stuff and as always have hit the nail on the head with what is happening.
It has been all over the news ad still is.
The latest I read was that the jury was considering a murder charge against the officer.

It is time this kind of bully tactics by police is stopped.

I see why there is so much unrest.

I read that there is a call for all police officers to wear body cameras? Cannot remember the article now.

There has to be real change and soon.

Can I share this?

socrates said...

Thank you. All it took was taking the guy's name from the NYT article and googling. It seems like a sign of guilt he deleted his social media. I did the same for Bellmar. It wasn't rocket science. It's trial and error with the search engines. You pinpoint the searches based on educated hunches, and sometimes they deliver.

The Grand Jury is a unique kind of system. I think nine of twelve votes will be needed to indict. I find it kind of odd, because it appears there is enough evidence for an old-school, regular guy indictment.

It feels off. It could go into October before it is decided. He needs to get the murder charge one gets for it being a heat of passion moment. It was cold-blooded murder. I don't think it was premeditated. He should get life in prison without parole.

Cops and authority figures of all sorts are getting exposed at a rapid pace. Whether it is enough to break their hold on status quo media, we shall see. There will probably be legislation and changes, but who knows how fast or effective to curb widespread, police criminality.

keepingitreal1 said...

It does seem odd that that guy suddenly removed his social media?
Well, having read everything and still seeing what is happening in the news with the town, there will be no rest.

Justice must be served for this murder.

Far too many going on and even as I speak, it is in the news.

It will be interesting to see what happens.

There has to be change in order for the public to trust police.

socrates said...

Sorry for some spelling errors. I keep getting some names wrong or miss fixing typos.

Police can never be trusted, imho. There's no going back. This has been accelerating for decades. You were stuck with Thatcher and Tony Blair turned out to be a fake too.

Even Canada has gone fascist. They were supposed to be a haven for English speakers. Australia is an armpit of the world and too far away anyway.

Ireland is nice, but they have enough work to do as it is taking care of their own and stemming emigration.

Oh, I think the UN and Amnesty are watching this closely. It goes well beyond Ferguson. The United States is committing human rights violations at a rapid pace.

The phrase is legitimation or constitutional crisis. I am not sure how any of us can have hope. We kind of have to make sure to look away every once in a while or it will get too depressing.

keepingitreal1 said...

Apologies for late reply.

It seems to be so about police.

There has been a huge social media "campaign" about hastag justiceforBrown.

I posted something about it a while back (f/book)and the reply I got was pretty unbelievable.

Completely supporting the police!

What hope is there?

Well, we each have our point of views on justice.

oh, yes, and petitions etc from Amnesty. (Amnesty are good with campaigns).

Any violation of human rights has to be exposed.

It is not just USA but so many other countries too who are committing atrocities.

read about it all the time. I have no faith in this Country or its government at present.

yes, it is despairing at times and we do have to step away for a while.

Hope always in my book I guess.

Will be sharing this, interesting to see if is any feedback.