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Thursday, October 23, 2014


Donkeytale was kinda sorta prescient. He blasted Google for being in cahoots with the military-industrial complex. I was like, stifle it meathead. I'm tying together grand Rauhauser theory to modern day internet cointelpro, Edith.

Anyway, Julian Assange socratised it. Here is the link.


socrates said...

In the movie, marisacat popcorn lady will run off with last name left to a peacenik lefty, blogger retirement home. Both seem to have pulled a Jim Morrison/Andy Kaufman fake death schtick.

socrates said...

I feel ready to quit the Twitter habit.

donkeytale said...
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socrates said...

I find it hard to believe you are the real donkeytale. Where's the original account? This profile was started in April, 2013 and has only three views.

socrates said...

I was away from the blog for a while. Sorry for the time lag in responding. But only if you are the real donkeytale!

donkeytale said...
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socrates said...

My new scoop could end up outshining the Kimberlin finds. BK stuff fell into my lap. It was pure meta which grew out of hanging out with BradBlahg.

You are sooo 2003 not seeing the intersectionality of social media with social reality.

Did I not drive Gragnani off of Twitter. Did I not link FB's Alec Muffett to Project Vigilant?

Have I not made history through the internet?

You need to look more closely at what Pacteles posted. This could go viral. He could be one of those cops who gets famous for the wrong reasons. All because of me. (kissing my own hand)

Not all because of me. I am just saying you are disproven that bloggers can't make a real world difference. That story is the proverbial developing.

And by writing this specific post I shouldn't be forced to grovel in shame over and over again.

I was initially upset with Rondo trade, but he out-priced himself for a resigning.

It's about the new system, not any one player.

The Celtics have already approached the door to mediocrity. We have a very young team, so it can only get better.

Marcus Smart is the real deal.

Pressey has played well. Evan Turner has surprised a lot of people.

Olynyk is blossoming before our eyes.

I think it was a win-win trade.

As long as Danny doesn't do a fire sale, I think the Celtics are making the playoffs.

socrates said...

Snowden could be CIA. You said that and you're not known for being a kook.

Why do you always have to tear me down, Charlie? I am not from Palooka Ville. Steeelllaa. But I digress.

socrates said...

A monster battle has been brewing in the most viewed for the last seven days. It looks like I have regained some lost ground to The Talent.

socrates said...

Dude, I just troll-busted a cop. He made a comment as bad as a recently fired San Jose cop. What do you expect from me? I have done all I can to produce another rare scoop. Is there no value in that? I tried.

Yes, Twitter sucks. But maybe you are underestimating the size and power of its audience.

donkeytale said...
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donkeytale said...
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socrates said...

What more kind of mea culpa can I offer than this blog entry in itself?

You were prescient about Greenwald. If I was really a disinfo agent as you imply... haha just kidding, I was going to make a parody of your fighting conspiracy theory with conspiracy theory schtick.

Look, we will always be infinitely tied together. In fifty years, some new version of us will emerge and gain great wisdom from our rants retrieved from the wayback machine.

As an internet journalist, I had to wait for Greenwald's big reveal. It turned out to be like Danny's fireworks. It never happened.

Do I dwell on the years Howard Stern kissed GW Bush's toes or do I let it go and focus instead on his epic rant:

My President lied to me!

I had to give Greenwad his due process.

I still haven't seen you apologise to Julian Assange. His biggest crime might have been being so naive. He bought into some kind of techno-cult freedom movement. He is not a criminal. He did not use Manning. He got infiltrated. He was naive.

Now people are not so naive, which is a good thing.

I give you credit. You had masterpieces of philosophic nature, big picture stuff and also a lot of really old youtube videos we could have done without. But I digress.

You spoke of herds and info-boobtubes.

How soon you forget that when those ladies were accusing you of being a real life predator, I socratised you and got you exonerated from the meta prison structure complex thingie.

The irony is that within your quote above you admit social media motivated the huge protests we now see live starring Don Lemon.

This is riotous!

socrates said...

Danny Ainge got smeared all these years because Woj-breath rewarded those who leaked and punished choir boys like Danny who would not play by such sewer rat rules.

I think you'll be very happy with Rondo. He is perfect for that team. He still has it. It looks like he has been going half speed to not get injured.

He is maybe sorta perhaps the greatest passer in NBA history.

He makes any center who is willing to move look like Wilt Chamberlain in the paint. Book it, Dano. Or bet on it, someone says, I forget, oh you.

I concede we are internet addicts. I concede we don't get much done and haven't. But I don't concede it all.

I am getting a little confused mixing meta with fricken Norm and Cliffie discussing Boston sports.

socrates said...

Oh, another mea culpa. I forgot to say you too are also an internet journalist. You had that masterpiece mastery troll wars series. You know how I know that we are internet journaists? Because Aaron Walker covered that for the dear, precious, good readers.

As weird as our internet ride has been, we can be thankful to not be that guy.

socrates said...

I'm also against tanking. I think it's wrong. It's also kind of late for the C's to do that. Players have more value based on wins. You should try to watch more Celtics games. They are running and gunning old-school, baby! Even Tommy Heinsohn is having fun this year.

Look at their point totals. The C's have now scored more points than the opposition.

This team is tank-proof. It has become quite possible to make the playoffs.

I think people need to watch a team every game to truly know wtf is going on.

The Celtics are a million times better right now than at any point last year. Zeller is playing well. Olynyk has growing pains, but when he is aggressive, he actually gets by on defense. Yes, he is not a good defensive player. But he might improve on that. It's a long story. He had a unique growth spurt. He's been mostly a guard his whole life.

Brandan Wright? We can't figure out if he is trade filler or getting a true chance.

We don't know if Green is staying or leaving. I don't think Danny should trade him. That would hurt our team. But like with Rondo his contract is expiring. Green has never been this good. He finally broke out of his shell.

Rondo wanted too much money for his turnovers and crazy free throw shooting.

Green is a separate individual and it should be interesting how Danny proceeds with his plan.

socrates said...

You claimed I fight conspiracy theory with conspiracy theory. That was what I meant by its your schtick. It was said to be my schtick. But that idea was your schtick. schtickety schtock, the clock ticked-tocked.

socrates said...

You're just too much of a nihilist sometimes. A Mr. Bitterness. Go to youtube and listen to Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In. That'll cheer you up, Sonny. Hey, have you watched Ray Donovan. A little bit of good tv can be a nice diversion. The problem is there's a big time gap between seasons. So I am waiting for the return, my shows are Orange is the New Black, Nurse Jackie, and Ray Donovan.

I did get into Curb Your Enthusiasm, but Larry David hasn't done more of those in a while. His movies have been pretty good. That guy is a genius and Seinfeld was obviously all him, for anyone who got into that stuff. And George. He nailed that role. He was KG. He was a Hall of Fame character. Seinfeld might have made an all-star game or two, but there were too many holes in his acting game.

So in conclusion:

Curb Your Enthusiam > Seinfeld

donkeytale said...
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donkeytale said...
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donkeytale said...
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socrates said...

Are you just saying he has Asperger's or is that confirmed? He seems a bit shy, but not an Aspie.

I agree he was too naive or something. His Wikileaks forum got infiltrated. That is conspiracy fact. They disowned it.

I got an up-close looksie at a so-called crime reporter's schtick ad now understand why nothing ever gets better. It's the media. I am talking about bread and butter.

The reason why no one can ever make a big difference is because everything is rigged, Well, not everything. But I am starting to think metro crime reporters are!

I was never a big fan of Danny Ainge. But 1) it was Tree Rollins who bit his finger, not the other way 2) Danny seems to be ahead of the curve

He is really going after CBA nuances that most regular guy GM's have missed. The trade exception is Danny's new toy. And of course he is hoarding thousands of draft picks.

To give you an example of his genius: For the Pierce exception, around $10 million, he got back Tyler Zeller, Marcus Thornton and a #1 pick. Maybe there were more details I forget.

That wasn't a franchise changing move, like going for Ray and KG, but it has been a very net positive gained from basically nothing.

Now he has another one after the Rondo trade, for over $12 million.

Zeller is our center. Olynyk is our hybrid center for against non-imposing centers. Brandan Wright is the mystery. Bass is solid until traded. Sullinger is pretty much developed and is above average overall.

We have Turner, Smart and Pressey for PG's. It really is up to Danny Ainge whether the C's make the playoffs. It seems too late to tank. But if sends out Green and Bass, there go those soothing vets every young team needs to close out games.

Ironically, Marcus Smart could become the team's closer. He has the so-alled intangibles. Like certain players you know they give you a chance to win. Flutie. Bird. Smart is exceptional at defense. He is extremely competitive.

Now that a few years have passed, concerning the troll wars, it is kind of wild what happened on many levels.

I mean, Barrett Brown fell hard for a Rauhauser hoax. There were SWATs. The Republicans passed a motion or something concerning it. Fatterico's buddy Redstate Erickson was on with Donny Lemon, Barrett was reposting the Liberal Grouch at DKos. Lots of stuff!

The C's play in a little bit at Miami. I think the Celtics with some good luck and Danny not tanking the roster, we will become this year's Phoenix Suns. Probably not that good, but I think the C's have a good chance now to become the surprise team.

Smart could win rookie of the year. Olynyk could win sixth man of the year. It's still early. It's exciting. There is more parity than ever.

I guess the favourites right now are Golden State and Memphis. I like Memphis. Houston is tough to root for because of how they finished last year. Dallas will now have to be watched.

I am not sure if any team in the East can win it all. Perhaps Toronto? Washington has an outside chance. Chicago, Cleveland. It is interesting even though the power teams are obviously in the West.

donkeytale said...
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donkeytale said...
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donkeytale said...
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socrates said...

I thank you for that. So we can put a check mark for aspie.

I don't think he can be compared to Greenwald. Wikileaks doesn't hold back. The Guardian and then Greenwald turned out to be tools. The ptb's wish for there to be seen a major difference between Wikileaks and Guardian/First Look Intercept.

I believe it was verified those ladies were dodgy. Maybe you are correct this has more to do with Julian's paranoia than getting extradited to the U.S. of A--holes.

Sarah Kendzior worked for Freedom House. FH is a CIA asset. She prances around on Twitter, etc. causing havoc. She might as well be Hal Turner based on some of her stunts.

But people are intellectually lazy. They do not want to understand what a Freedom House truly is. It sounds pretty. It sounds moral. It sounds patriotic and all about goodness!

Assange has stood the test of time as both supertroll and great man. I don't believe his sincerity or intelligence can be attacked.

From one of your links:

I've known Julian Assange from the beginning of his extraordinary struggle in London. What struck me straight away was his fearlessness, though courage is a better word. By standing up to the most rapacious forces in the world today, and telling people in many countries what the powerful say and do behind their backs, he's made enemies of a kind journalists should wear as a badge of honour, but rarely do. The jealousy and envy he attracts often come from those aware of their own collusion with power and unforgiving of one who refuses to join their incestuous club.

That's the bottom line. People in collusion with oppressive social reality will do everything in their power to tear down those who are actually wonderful, spiritual, great at both parties and at the dinner table, basically the kind of goodness 99% of people will never be able to relate to.

Wikileaks seems infiltrated. The Jacob Applebaum guy seems like a fraud. The people in the EFF & ACLU, same fucking thing, frauds.

Assange seems to be the only guy who never got the memo that this was only play activism.

And there definitely was a twerp who infiltrated Wikileaks and reported to the FBI. It's some Swedish name I can't possibly attempt to spell.

Assange's only crime here is that he's a little bit weird. Who isn't?

Assange's problems are not so different from my own. We see clearly the collusion between paid fakes and useful idiots with the oppressive status quo. He is locked away in the embassy, while I fight in the trenches of the blogosphere. Two great men of genius. Haha, just kidding. I am not this arrogant but I started the schtick, leaving me nowhere to go.

socrates said...

The last Celtics game was very annoying. Stevens threw in the new guys like they've been with the team all year. Jameer Nelson is not the man to drive the Celtics' rig. (see Max, Mad)

I hate tanking. It seems ridiculous to have whole seasons become meaningless because too many teams are fighting for lottery odds.

The one guy capable of running the team while Smart develops is Phil Pressey. He always plays it correctly, the running game, the pseudo-Spurs approach of keeping the ball moving.

The Celtics should not have lost to Miami. This trade didn't just move Rondo. It has for the time being turned the concept of ubuntu into a farce of interchangeable assets.

You are correct a team needs great players to truly compete. But the jury is out whether it makes GM sense to keep tanking a team, literally or figuratively (I can't figure those words out and never will), creates a culture of losing.

What's the point of tearing down your team, i.e. players, to get another unproven player to throw into the meat grinder of chaos and losing?

The C's had a good thing going. I don't know why Nelson played so many minutes in the last game. Those were not the Celtics I have been following so far in 2014-15.

Nelson should be benched. He should be traded. He should not be showcased. If he can pick up the system, then fine, he can earn minutes. If he wants to complain like Bogans did, he can go home until Danny finds a way to get rid of him.

But that's not the way it went last game. Nelson played a lot of minutes and Pressey played none, and the result was ZERO fast break points, the opposite of the new Celtic identity.

Maybe 76er fans like to watch bad basketball, though I doubt it.

If I stop watching, that won't make me a bad fan. Don't sell me lemonade when it's actually squeezed cabbage juice. That's what I'm talking about.

Hopefully Stevens snaps out of it. But I suspect he is in on whatever Danny is thinking. If Danny doesn't want to make the playoffs, we won't. Apparently he doesn't.


socrates said...

Stevens is only in the second year of a six year deal. Maybe he has bought into Danny's plan of sucking it up for draft picks for another year and maybe next year too. We are still stuck with Gerald Wallace for ten million next year and probaly three million more for Jameer *coughing up a lung* Nelson.

The tv deal kicks in probably the year after next.

I have thought this even last year. The C's will probably not be able to make a big jump until Wallace's contract is over.

I'm glad they didn't waive/stretch his deal. I don't mind a couple years of being bound by money restrictions.

But don't play Nelson over Pressey. Play Smart, Pressey, and Turner for point guard. Ease Nelson in slowly, if at all.

I don't mind a bit of roster tanking. But don't keep me from enjoying a little magic of a playoff run, even in the watered down East.

Give this team a chance, Danny and Brad. Give us a reason to watch, even if we are not a great or even good team yet.

We have been good this year so far. Not great, close to good. Average as a minimum. That is progress. But with the NBA as tanking league, Danny and Brad can't even allow the idealists like me to dream a little bit of Cinderella.

I like Olynyk's golden blond hair. Do not cut his metaphorical hair. Heed the lesson of Samson and Delilah. Heed the lesson of Cinderella who broke all odds despite the broken shoe or maybe that was Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. I am losing my train of thought, but this should all be clear writing, despite it being all over the place.

Free the Celtics! Bench Nelson! Run, run, run. Push the pace! Or wake me up in a few years after Boston Celtic #8 pick Joe Dingleberry from the 2015 lottery has learned an NBA trick or two.

The Celtics were in the 8th seed before that loss. Maybe they are still there. We were on a three game winning streak. Now it is Jameer Nelson a washed up pg leading us to losses and boring basketball. Hopefully it was only one game and Stevens had an off-night.

Us Boston fans are very passionate about our sports. :)

donkeytale said...
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socrates said...

Pre-Rondo trade, I cared. You are catching me at a bad time. For basketball. But not for incomplete sentences. Good timing for those.

Elvis was always a fake. He stole from the Black man. Eminem, the rapper, he is apparently a clean white man for stealing the Black man's schtick.

I think he grew up in an urban, multi-cultural area, iirc.

Larry Bird was not athletic, that is all. Yes, he was a stereotypical white guy. Rodman and Thomas had it all wrong. Bird was not overrated. He showed you don't have to be Jeff Green ahletic to get it done.

I thought Pierce was kind of a Larry Bird. Like a mini-Bird.

Anyway, I try not to see race in basketball. Red Auerbach led the way in that.

The C's look to be blatantly tanking. I kind of don't want to think about it.

There is a benefit to applying the superman theory. Like I did that with Snowden. I called him Jesus. There was word of a church of Snowden, or Snowden Church, for short.

But anyway, now I can weasel out of it all. Hey, I published donkeytale's attacks on him, Assange, Greenbucks. I can say it was parody. It was satire. I am usually good to get conned in the initial phases of a scam. Eventually I catch on. But enough about me.

Assange should get time served in the Embassy and allowed free passage to Ecuador or Cuba's looking good.

You can fall back on the, "My president lied to me" schtick.

donkeytale said...
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donkeytale said...
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socrates said...

It's not that I don't want to discuss hoops, but the recent scoop has gotten us some extra page views. Unfortunately the blog had to pick up the pace during holidays and not when I'm bored scratching my butt watching overrated Alfred Hitchcock hours.

I've come up with a number of interesting scoops. There's an Alec Muffett who is an engineer for FaceBook. He was harassing a kid from London, in real life. He was trying to use Twitter to get to the kid on the streets.

Similar to what Rauhauser did. Anyway, I don't know how that guy has all this free time to tweet. I went to his linkedin and saw he is in private membership with Project Vigilant. Maybe you had to be there.

We are perhaps Larry Birds of sorts for winning the internet.

I'm glad you're still not doing that third parties suck op. Talk about futility.

The anti-pig movement seems to be the first clear cut victory for masses of nobodies.

Before Mike Brown, it was the internet that was bubbling that issue to the surface.

Of course it has to play out in the streets. It was Youtube which did it, all those police brutality moments caught on tape.

Too bad the media sucks. And it does.

I have enjoyed posting all my various scoops. This is not making love to the mirror.

The latest scoop was good. I'm surprised you haven't looked into it.

Yeah, I didn't push the needle far. But I tried.

Bonus Rondo: He over-thinks. He is a genius. He has a very high BB IQ. Some play checkers. Some play Chess. Rondo plays Chinese Chess.

He knows that you know he knows he can't hit a free throw. He will oblige and miss because that is reality.

He is unique. You will either let him impose his will or you will not win.

Keep him happy. He is great and clutch.

Make sure he is healthy. Make sure he tries on defense.

He is not really that much of a diva. But he is great and does not want to be treated as just another player. He is your point guard. It is now his team.

Make sure to have a backup like Berrea or whomever just in case. Like for title #17, we had Eddie House come in and change it up.

He has those flaws. People who criticise Rajon too much don't understand basketball.

He should shoot better at free throws. He is already decent for jump shots. He should hit 60% free throws, but this year he was down to 30%!

He is a pure pg who gets great players easy buckets. He could turn the free throw thing around. He has huge hands, people say, maybe even Auerbach said that. He said big hand guys feel like they are shooting a tennis ball, not a basketball.

socrates said...

I will add that Rondo gets any player who moves and is ready the perfect pass for an easy bucket. He will get 15 assists and four turnovers, a couple steals, lots of rebounds.

Dallas has no choice. They have to try with Rondo and give it the whole season.

He is not worth $20 million/year. I am not sure about Dallas and Rondo long-term. Seems extremely risky but seems Cuban is a Rondo jock sniffer and will empty the vaults.

donkeytale said...
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donkeytale said...
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donkeytale said...
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donkeytale said...
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socrates said...

Thanks for the Christmas gift of links to convoluted discussion of a real person, anonymous coward.

Keep the garbage off my blog or cough up your verified name. Then you can get personal, creep.

socrates said...

I thought maybe the sadist had become a better person, but he is trash and a coward.

In one of the posts he deleted, he praised Neal Rauhauser and Brynaert. In the ones he dropped today, he linked to garbage cyber-smears and other convolution designed to upset me. On Christmas.

If there is a hell, that's where people like that go.