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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Bleach Detroit's Preacher Exposed as Convicted Felon Let Out in October 2013

This will be the first of several posts I make concerning Bleach Detroit. For those who have followed me on Twitter, most of it will be nothing new. The above most definitely is.

This is the man referred to as Preacher. Here he is from a media photo confirming it is the same dude.

Why is a convicted felon running a privatised, neighbourhood policing group? Hmmmm, Mike Pacteles?

Feel free to click on images to get a larger view.

He is #421222 under the Otis MDOC system. It is extremely disturbing that the leader of a police group was just let out for having carried a concealed weapon.

I don't think he is the true leader of Bleach Detroit. Mike Pacteles is the one authorising it, in my educated opinion.

Mike is the kind of cop we have seen in social media getting fired for being an idiot.

Maybe he should have been more careful with whom he trolls.

Much more to come, when I get to it.


keepingitreal1 said...

Oh this is big!

People should be concerned about who the heck

is out there, "policing" the streets.

Another great post, respect.

Hope it goes viral, happy to share.

socrates said...

They are being protected by local media who cover crime.

No More said...

He was not exposed as you put it, he was confronted and admitted it, people try to do the right thing after making mistakes. Attacking people that did do good for the city is unfair,the man did nothing wrong by putting his own time and money into fixing what was wrong, the man did nothing wrong , and what he did wrong he payed for you should leave him be.

No More said...

And he was not let out, he did 2 yrs probation and was discharged for a crime that happened in 2008 ,not a recent crime.

No More said...

I do not see you posting anything about all the good the man helped to do, i/e fedding the homeless,passing out blankets to homeless,giving rides to warming centers for the homeless,watching vacant structures,running dope dealers out of drug houses, I Don't see any of that in this article, if you are going to attack someone and put their past wrong doings out there, you should include the good as well, it's only fair

No More said...

Bleach detroit was a great thing for detroit,now they closed up shop, so the volunteers of the org are protected from harm thanks to the release of the founders name he used his nickname for nothing more than a safety precaution,now his life is in danger from drug dealers they ran off over the time they were operating, because someone wants to attack someones past, when the man ends up dead because he tried to do good maybe you'll be proud of yourself, they never took 1 penny in money from anyone either.

Cerridwen Eirene said...

"In my educated opinion..."

Your opinion is not an educated or well informed one. You are only telling one side of the story.

Bleach Detroit is a group of people trying to do good for their city. They definitely have. As of Dec. 2014, they have provided 289 sleeping bags and passed out 377 meals to the homeless. They have rescued 19 cats and dogs, shoveled out 34 driveways for the elderly and 12 fire hydrants.

The volunteers have spent thousands of dollars of their own money on fuel to patrol 397 vacant structures from arson and other crimes.

As far as I am concerned, Preacher made a mistake in his past (havent we all) and he has paid for it. Preacher is a man with a huge heart and hated what was happening to the city that he loved, He got off his ass and did something about it.

What have you done except for sit at your laptop and give your "educated opinion"? When was the last time you drove the homeless to a warming shelter? Bleach Detroit did it 68 times.

Was this simply a personal family vendetta? You have broken your sisters heart.

jerry VSA said...

"educated opinion" ???? LOL Opinions are like butt holes..... everyone has one, but just because you have one that does not mean that I want to hear about it.

Yes, the man did a crime, and yes, he paid his debt to society for that and then some. Why not also inform your people of the good things that he has done??? Your option to only show one side of the situation is confusing. Did he refuse to give you a blanket so you could stay warm?? or maybe he ate the last raisin bagel?? Why not enlighten us all and explain your actions. Or maybe you just like to hide behind your computer screen when you stir up crap ??? :)

No More said...

Gotta love how you put a picture to prove that he is the same man as the otis picture, but you failed to note that he was cutting the grass at a homeless shelter,on his own time ,but you didn't print that did you, very unfair,people change you need to realize that sir.