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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Is Mike Pacteles the next cop to become famous?

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Compare that to disgraced, San Jose cop Phillip White:

There is a fake anon who I used to follow and interact with. We were getting along fairly well. But then I started noticing things, like how that person is racist and interacts with verified paid fakes such as Jen Emick.

I learned many years ago that anon cowards are not worth troll-busting. Who are they? What would be the point? But give me a real name and then things get real and worth it.

The anon coward led me to Bleach Detroit. I would have never heard of them otherwise.

The big break came several days ago when Preacher was identified. Combine that with Pacteles' many uncomfortable, social media comments, and that is called Bingo.

Mike is now trying to distance himself from Bleach Detroit.

But that denial doesn't add up.

I have a lot of things saved, but I am trying to keep it short and simple to give this story the chance to go viral. Mike Pacteles is listed as a vendor owed money by the City of Detroit.

Is that for Bleach Detroit?

Detroit reporter Ronnie Dahl will be of no use. She is in Mike's back pocket.

I am the kind of internet investigator who lets the game come to him or her. If people leave me alone, I will probably have no clue who they are or what they are up to. However, if they keep getting in my space, I may decide to research and appraise the situation.

Pacteles has made more than a few tweets to me calling me mentally ill. I have saved those, if needed. That is called verbal abuse.

Beyond Mike being a supertroll, social media cop, an article popped up in August which caught my eye.

From Anarchists to Tibetan Monks, Here Are Some of the Outsiders Joining Protests in Ferguson

I was ready to give up on researching Kimberlin/BradBlog, until the "Michael Connell threatened by Karl Rove" hoax took wings. I was ready to forget about Bleach Detroit too, until I noticed they were getting plugged by Mother fricken Jones.

Have you ever heard of Hal Turner?

Pro-black bloc anarchists are working with Mike Pacteles as auxiliary police? Is that what we are supposed to believe? I have tons of saved stuff but am trying to not overwhelm anyone curious. I am trying to be patient.


No More said...

Bleach Detroit never accepted money from anyone not one dime.(fact) concert tickets were donated tona volunteer forbtheir servicebother than that bleach detroit never asked for money or accepted any money, money owed to mike pacteles is owednfrom the city through the bankruptcy for what ever reason, none of my business, mike pacteles does not run bleach detroit he directed us where there were need for citizen patrol support, seem to be leaving out all the good bleach detroit has done is there a reason for this you have no story, except the founder has a crimminal record which he never denied when confronted.

No More said...

Mother jones better not be plugging bleach detroit, they talked to a volunteer in Ferguson which the founder wanted the article corrected and removed, leave bleach detroit alone, we never screwed with you back off respectfully

donkeytale said...

Questions of No More: Can you explain why the Preacher wanted the MJ article corrected and removed? Would you mind providing the details of the correction the Preacher wanted posted at MJ here?

Also, you state that BD has disbanded. Can you confirm that?

The website is still active and there is no mention of any change in the group's status.

Is the fist in the logo a "white power salute."

Why name the group "Bleach Detroit." The word "bleach" does seem to have possible racist connotations. Is this an unfortunate coincidence, or is there a white power connection within the group?

Thank you in advance for answering these questions.

I would hope that with a more complete picture of the group we can cast aside and correct any inappropriate misunderstandings that may have resulted from Socrates' blogging.