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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

This Blog Entry Isn't Really About Deray: On Targeted Individuals

On the left is Brittney Packnett who runs Teach for America in St. Louis. On the right is Deray Mckesson, another fake teacher being propped up as leadership greatness.

Deray's website is called

This is the ip for TFA:

It is no scoop that Deray and Brittney are both ex-fake teachers from TFA and corporate tools posing as activists. Maybe it's a coincidence both ip's start with 198. I simply don't believe Deray's rise to fame and fake leadership gravitas was anything organic.

I was a pioneer in questioning wtf he's really up to. Substitute a Black Tom Cruise and Scientology for Deray and TFA. Also imagine that Tom Cruise is a regular guy we never heard of. We don't really need Tom Cruise, but Scientology works as an analogy. Anyway, say that Scientologist had gone to Ferguson and filled the Deray slot. Then we find out he's a scientologist. Wouldn't he be slammed and shamed, then stripped of his fake leadership schtick? Teach for America is just as slimy and despicable, not to mention vile and menacing.

And a second anyway is that right wing, racist fake anons have been at the forefront the last couple months harassing the F out of Mr. Mckesson. I hate TFA and do not respect him, but I. Hate. Them. More.... and do not want to be associated with them in any way. It would be deja vu time when I seemed to be in the Breitbart fan club despite hating them as much as anyone, including Hitler.

One of the things TFA is known for is that a lot of their fake teachers are Ivy League graduates who use the job as a stepping stone to a sellout, power position down the road.

I have devoted this life to not playing the game. I can smell fakes a mile away. It's like Vincent Gambini, no one could pull the wool over his eyes. Anyway, part three, I did my job by being prescient. I go in for the scoop, obtain it, then move on.

This has been lying here in the draft bin for a while. I don't like to waste anything. It is like a hot dog. No one knows what's in it, but they still gobble them up. As a vegetarian that doesn't apply to me, but yet again, it's called an analogy.

To wrap up this mailed in part of what isn't even the actual blog entry, here's another link exposing TFA for the Scientologists of education that they truly are:

Student Labor Activists Confront TFA

Targeted Individuals: The Actual Blog Entry

This could be the biggest hoax of them all. In my honest opinion, it is simply an extension of the internet cointelpro program.

I find watching the TI videos uploaded to Youtube quite disturbing. Hence, the rest of this entry will be mailed in.

For those who missed the "Cyber Magician" document, read it first.

Then check out the sequel.

This world is mostly comprised of paid fakes and useful idiots. Internet cointelpro is all about focusing in on specific stereotypes and f***ing with them. It is illegal for the government/military to conduct psychological operations on its citizens, but that is precisely what is occurring.

(Blogger is f'ing with the fonts, not me. I'm trying my best.)

The fake anons went after Manning, Barrett Brown, Jeremy Hammond and all the chumps who fell for the DoS (denial of service) schtick.

The fake racists go after KKK types. The fake hippies go after environmentalists and Quakers. Uhm, er, that's what I'm talking about.

The fake anti-government/liberty trolls go after not just the Eric Frein's, but also the paranoid schizophrenics who cannot discern fantasy from social reality.

The problem is instead of finding lunatics and stopping them from committing violence, the Military-Industrial Complex is creating terrorism with agent provocateurs and their conspiracy stories produced by awful, despicable, so-called social scientists.

Have any of ye ever heard of Myron May?

Myron thought he was a TI. Hmmmmmm, where on earth could he have ever gotten that idea? Could it have been from dumbass Youtube videos? He thought his handler made an offer into his ear through Sci-Fi technology to stop harassing him if he killed people. He was well-educated and on the rise. Obviously, he also had mental health issues. Does that sound familiar, perhaps a little bit like Theresa Duncan's story? She was also driven over the edge by military produced conspiracy crap.

The other day donkeytale asked a very important question. How can we discern between who is a paid fake from who's a useful idiot?

Hal Turner is the gold standard for such an undertaking. His job as an agent provocateur was to "flush out the crazies."

Hence, none of what I am saying is kooky conspiracy theory. I am not using conspiracy theory to fight conspiracy theory. Something tremendously wrong is going on with the internet.

I will give one example of a small group of people that I believe are proverbial, government disinformation agents. If someone disagrees and thinks I am being kooky, that is their problem. The Snowden documents linked to above plus Hal Turner support my schtick quite a lot.

While perusing TI videos at Youtube, I came across a clown named Howard Nema. He is a Mr. Patriot with a linkedin. Unfortunately, his supplied resume only includes his "work" since November 2013.

He is similar to the paid fake anons on Twitter, the right wing racist variety. The twist with Nema is that he is 100% conspiracy theory freak. Is he a sincere kook? Am I chasing shadows?

I did a whois search on him which led me to "Harry Link." Watch him harass a Black man and label him as cointelpro for playing music.

Is "Harry Link" in military intelligence? He doesn't fool me!

There's nothing strange about that? The above may bring back memories of another agent provocateur familiar to the twelve DFQ2 readers.

Maybe I should sell my soul and work for them. Here's a freebie for their script:

Are you a pro-gun patriot who's fed up with it all and not going to take it anymore? Contact Harry Link!

Haha, I am clearly mailing in the rest of this by copying a few tweets.

People at the JTRIG Fusion Center must be going nuts. Is this Fritos guy making sense? Is his message consistent & getting thru to the majority?

There are only so many Snowden documents that are in the open which apply to internet cointelpro. They are must reads.

I believe that the targets of these videos are right wing, paranoid schizophrenics who they think may commit acts of domestic terrorism. And to repeat, their targets are people incapable of discerning between truth and fiction.

I'll share one last video. I like this guy's schtick. I think he is a regular guy for a kook. And I very much appreciated his telling the asshats from the so-called TI community to BACK THE F*** OFF!

And here's a tune so we can all relax and not feel burdened by this insanity. Donkeytale has definitely instilled in this blog a love and appreciation for music. Even Confucius said that there's nothing like a good tune. That's me paraphrasing Mr. Confucius.

I love anyone who refuses to sell out which includes Rage Against the Machine. Watch them force a British t.v. station to cut the mic!

I could post more but won't. I should. Okay, here's a little bonus info.

A guy purportedly representing himself as Matt Reis has a TI video at Youtube:

This is his Youtube page. In the descriptions for his videos, he tends to drop a lot of crazy links.

Here are the screenshots from one of them. I am not saying click on them. I'm just saying some coincidences are too difficult to accept. The Black and Jew hate consistently found in a lot of these videos is impossible to write off as it is what it is, unless the it means internet cointelpro.

Okay, this is sort of an update after posting. I was re-watching the first Harry Link with the weapons. Guess who I think popped up? Yes, this other guy "Matt Reis."

Isn't the guy on the far left the same dude? Why are two separate people only having their kookiness in common that close together?

If you check out the new Snowden document, you will see that the Spy Factory is targeting Youtube. I am not just talking out of me arse, though I admit to doing that at times also. If this isn't cointelpro, it has to be the most useful of idiots ever created. My message to them and el fin of this blog entry is best provided by my good friend Johnny Cash:

No, I do not have the mentality of a 12-year-old, though sometimes. To get the bad taste of the targeted Individual psyop out of our collective, excited amygdala, we finish off with a tune from the greatness which was Johnny Cash.

My heart goes out to all victims of internet cointelpro. To those who are on the edge and susceptible to the military's conspiracy stories, please believe me, none of it is true. You are being f***ed with.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Go on, be a Tiger

               (this donkeytale article was originally posted at FDL on JUNE 16, 2011)

Tiger Woods’ career went into the ditch about the time he drove his SUV into one, with his wife enthusiastically chasing him from behind, swinging a nine-iron through the rear window more effectively than had any of his on course pursuers during his heyday.
My own theory is that Tiger’s dominance became as dependent on illicit sex as he himself had become on illicit sex during the uhhh, Bush years. After all, what enhances a man’s swagger more than knowing that he is desired by persons other than his wife and can have them all, including his wife, whenever he decides to pull his putter out of his bag?
Tiger Woods was the all-time all-confident, expressively charged, alpha male ruling the sports world as well as the PGA tour as it had never before been ruled by those genteel, one-woman legends in the previous decades before the era of the Tiger, those old-school gentlemen named Nicklaus, Palmer, Nelson and Hogan.
I’m sure his opponents could sense, perhaps even smell, the sexual dominance oozing from the Tiger as he strode down the fairway, the master of all things golf, and this subconsciously worked to his advantage on the course. Golf is the most exacting mentally and emotionally focused of sports.
You have to exist in a very delicate zone, a zenlike state, in order to play so consistently well. Just the slightest bit of imbalance, self-doubt, or distracted worry at the edge of your mind can be all it takes to get out of rhythm and throw your shots wildly into the trees or pull your four foot putts offline just enough to miss and kill your score.
Once Tiger’s self-image took a hit and his bravura deflated,  so did his game. This is not so very shocking a psychological phenomenon. I recall my own rather less celebrated experience with cheating and golf many years ago during the reign of another famous cocksmith, from the neighbouring state of Arkansas.
This was during my second marriage before children came along to mar the erotic vistas of a rather cocky young man.  I participated in a short-lived fling with a much younger woman who I had met through work.
We would get together at her place on weekends whenever possible, my excuse to the wife being that I was “going to play golf”.  The actual game I was playing required balls, alright.  Golf required 5-6 hours and you could come home believably drunk and slightly worn out.
Soon enough, the delicate balance between wife and lover that had ever so momentarily made me feel like the king of the jungle was shattered.  I remember getting the phone call one day while I was actually out on the course with a client. It was a weekday,  which were always the best days to play the game, at least in those quainter,  more physically active times before blogging became the preeminent American worklife time waster.
She had some news.  She wanted my reaction and advice on how she should handle it and was careful to say that she was comfortable with my decision either way, and wouldn’t demand that I divorce and marry her, nor would she even be requesting child support. What a great woman she was. Hopefully, somewhere, she still is. I’m sure of it, in fact. I have long since paid back all the bad karma dues for the both of us. Willingly, if begrudgingly.
Bet on it.
Lets just say that I don’t remember a single shot from the rest of my round, much less my score or whether I pressed the bet on the back nine. One thing I know for sure, I lost the bet that day, any way you slice it.
But I definitely cemented for eternity my pro-choice bona fides.
And from that point forward in our relationship, whenever my girlfriend suggested that we hook up on a weekend,  I would explain that I couldn’t make it over to her apartment….because I was going out to play golf….and then I went out and actually played golf.
Now, I hear that Tiger and his wife may be getting back together for the sake of the kids.
Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren Spotted Kissing

An older, wiser, chastened donkeytale wishes the Woods family all the best.