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Saturday, July 18, 2015

History of the Whiteysphere: The Medium is the Massage

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socrates said...

The enemy is diction. I am referring to a couple comments I dropped here this morning. But it's more fun to post comments without proof-reading the f*** out of them. Anyway, I think I'll tweet this music and listen to it while catching up on Twitter. And that will be after finishing that fricken War and Peace/Ulysses type of filibuster with "The end of capitalism has begun."

One Prof, the same one who spoke of the difference between a healthy skepticism and a debilitating cynicism, also was the one who said let's not reinvent the wheel and that there were writers who could explain Kant much better than he did himself. He was not the greatest professor, but he certainly taught some decent fundamentals.

Yes, from him who I forget his name, and yes he was from Ireland, I learned all about Rene Descartes, David Hume, and Immanuel Kant.

I figure you can explain The Guardian article better than the long-winded journalist.

I've also another idea. There is something called Spanglish. There was Esperanto, but forget about that. There is Jamaica in which it also seems there was a funky development in mixing and matching languages.

We need one for Americans who prefer the British spellings. Maryscott was also into it. Both you and I have a fondness for it. It simply makes sense to change the zed to an ess.

I do have a few personality quirks with it. I am kinda sorta similar to actors who learn an accent, but then the original one seeps through anyway.

I refuse to change the ess to a cee. Defense versus defence, for example. I also have a disinclination to overusing the ou for o. So some words I do it, but others it depends on my current mood. I am not exactly happy, for example, spelling color as colour.

Ameriglish or Englican is what I'm talking about.