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Thursday, July 9, 2015

How Prescient Must One Be To Achieve The Status Of Greatness?

I can literally pull these entries out of me arse as proven over the last several days. When Baltimore emerged as the new hot spot after Freddie Gray was killed like a dog, early and often I tweeted about Anthony Batts being a scumbag. You know how I figured that out? I googled, ya frickin lazy mf's and tools of the state apparatus.

Now his fascist ass has been canned.

Baltimore Mayor Fires Police Commissioner As Murders Rise

Batts is the police version of the NBA coach who can suck, ruin a team, then get rehired by a new city. The dude was the police chief of Oakland, California. Why would someone leave that glorious state to run Baltimore's police? He had no choice if he wanted another big gig.

Why San Jose Spurned Ex LB Police Chief Batts
Former Long Beach Police Chief Tony Batts was turned down for a job opportunity in San Jose after a background investigation revealed a history of domestic violence against women with whom he had relationships.
The Beachcomber revealed Batts’ dark past in an August 14, 2009, story about his being blackmailed over indiscretions as part of the Lobstergate inquiry. But another domestic violence incident in early May 2010 – while he was chief of police in Oakland – apparently was the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back.”
Batts is just one guy, but he keeps getting canned police chief job after police chief job. The problem is he is just a symptom. Past socratisations have revealed that 98% of police are scum. I did have a series of posts under the category of scum. The Military is Scum. Thomas Jefferson was scum. Hunters are scum. One of my biggest regrets of this unpaid blogging career has been not finishing the Police are Scum article collecting dust in the draft bin.

I have moved on. I can't turn back the clock. Now we are currently running a series on my alleged greatness. It behooves me to now come clean and also say that police are indeed scum.

Will Batts land on his feet? Who cares?

Well, I guess since Obama and the feds have said enough is enough with police brutality, everything is progressing towards hunky-dory?

Police officers shot and killed more people so far in July than during any other week this year

What we should have learned from Darren Wilson's assassination of Mike Brown juxtaposed with the murder of Freddie Gray is that every state is being left to its own devices. Obama is not prescient. He and Holder seemed to be at the forefront of greatness in protecting Blacks and poor/mentally ill people from hideous cops. It's too little, too late, fellas. We are now in the Grapefruit Season for the 2016 Presidential election. It's Bernie versus Hillary. If Obama and Holder truly knew what the fuck they were doing in a prescient, historical manner, they would have started fixing this problem from day one of the administration instead of bailing out banks and crucifying whistle blowers.

New York has also been in the news for police brutality. Eric Garner being strangled by some of NYPD's finest douchehats put them in the limelight. With Los Angeles, Seattle, and some other hip/hep cities, New York regular guys know how to hit the streets and speak truth to fascists.

And now for some more current events, more DFQ2 mailed in formula, New York's Governor Cuomo has signed an executive order creating a special prosecutor for police murdering regular people.

State attorney general to investigate deaths caused by police

I am killing time waiting for donkeytale to repost his medium is the conspiracy schtick. That is why I keep blogging at a ferocious, chicken wth its head chopped off pace. I also can't seem to get The Jackson Five's I'll Be There out of me noggin. But I digress.

It's time to stop recycling police chiefs, bad lieutenants (hat tip Harvey Keitel), and various other bacon bits.

Look at this clown, Victor Grossetete. He resigned from the notorious Albuquerque police who had been planning on firing him. When you are being disciplined by that department, perhaps the worst of the worst, you must be some kind of monster. But like Batts, he simply moved to a new city.

I believe that there are as many if not more people who believe cops are scum as those who believe pot should be legal, period. Even cops realise they are scum as their suicide rate confirms. I had wondered if cops were being gunned down more than usual, as if there must be a reason beyond steroid abuse for their state-sponsored terrorism. Nope. It is still one of the safest professions. Not only are cops not being murdered, most of them get away with criminal activity while keeping their jobs.

We could fix this world so easily if we started doing the right thing. One of them would be to fire and arrest hundreds of thousands of police. If they are not on steroids, they are chowing down too much food in between beating on teenagers and Blacks. A new kind of policing, like those found in other countries in which one does not hear about police being thugs, would be wonderful.

You could create jobs. People would want to become policemen. We would love them silly. We might even get baked with them in the utopic future. No one should be above the law. When those sworn in to abide the Constitution, to protect and to serve, then don't, that is your legitimation crisis.

It is simple as implementing a hot stove, do not touch policy. You didn't turn on the body and dashboard camera? You're fired! And such activity will work against you when prosecuted in courts. You're a prosecutor like Bob McCulloch in Saint Louis and go out of your way to protect assassin cops? You will be fired and put in prison under my vision of law enforcement.

Protests are currently going on in Hartford. Video was taken of outright police brutality.

Comrades, now is the time to push forward with the anti-police movement.

Comrades, maybe you have noticed I've been embedding more links than ever. Click on them if you like. They will open up in new tabs.

These are just a few more current links I will share. This is just a fraction of what is truly going on.

FBI Reviewing Police Shooting of Florida Man Jermaine McBean

Police insider said Chicago detective beat confession from rape suspect

Who has used the phrase sewer rat more than moi? What about my prime, Mick? I was prescient! When will my greatness be appreciated? 

Myself and Kareem Abdul Jabbar will always be mortal enemies. He is a Laker. I am a Celtic. It is like the Spartans versus the Trojans. And it is also just sports. Outside of sports, we are kindred spirits. We both say it's the economy, stupid. And now I see there is at least one other prescient, remarkable thinker approaching greatness. I hope he and Kareem can at least get the credit that has been denied myself. I could live with my destiny being stolen if that's the case.
"No discussion of race is possible without a discussion about our economic system."

The final two links have nothing to do with police brutality and mayhem, but they popped up in the search.

Police Investigating Ariana Grande's Video Doughnut Licking

Police: Lawyer arrested in what appears to be road rage incident

I guess don't honk and give the finger to people in other cars? There are a lot of nutjobs out there. We have to pick our battles. The safest thing to do is go to a carnival and give yourself the Johnny Cash through the fun house mirror.

It truly is a small world. I ended up tweeting on the next video and even came into Twitter contact with the grandmom terrorised.

Hmmm, maybe I should do a blog entry on road rage. I used to get caught up a little bit in that. We in Massachusetts are notorious for being road hogs (see Magoo, Mr.). I learned it's not worth it. Why let an excited amygdala ruin your life? Let the moron go on their way. There's no need to flip birds or otherwise taunt psychopaths.


Where's donkeytale with his medium is the conspiracy schtick? I'm dying over here running out of my own schtick material.

Aaah, I see the woman who terrorised our friend Sherri and her granddaughter in North Carolina got pinched in January. Now we know the rest of the story or close enough to hit publish.

N.C. woman arrested in scary road rage incident caught on cellphone video


donkeytale said...

In retrospect this is one of your better efforts of the past two weeks.

My only quibble was the Spartans versus the Trojans question.

Lakers v Celtics I grok immediately.

But Michigan State v USC?

I would've reached for Trojans vs LifeStyles meslef.

Now, I am truly done

socrates said...

I had this eccentric college Humanities professor. He said they were complimentary pieces. Like picking a side.

Sometimes we have no vested interest in either team/city for a professional sports finals. We then become pure sports fan. We can then say, I am a pure sports fan who does not let emotion shade my pure basketball experience.

That's what I meant. Myself and Kareem as enemies is nothing personal. It is arbitrary. It comes down to titles won. Los Angeles has 11. Boston has 17. I concede that the "Lakers" have 16 titles, one behind the C's, but five of them were won in Minneapolis. The Lakers didn't even put them up until sometime ago. It was stashed in the attic collecting dust. They figure hey fellas, if we add those five to our Shaq/Magic/Kobe titles, we're only one behind the greatest team in NBA history.