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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

New Pando Marketing Scheme Adds A Little More Gravitas To My Greatness

                                                   Since quitting the sauce, Paul Carr has
                                                   learned the fine art of mooching off of

In between kissing my hands and making love to the mirror, I wanted to share what I just noticed Pando is now up to. Many papers and magazines are offering five or ten free articles a month. Perhaps they are having trouble with so many people using ad blocker. Pando is taking it a step further. They seem to be archiving new articles after mere days, then asking if folks would like to see the rest of it.


No thanks!

I was at the forefront of calling out Pando early and often. They had no moral standing to critique Greenwald's funding considering they have been funded by Peter Thiel and other rich fat fuck faces. That's called hypocrisy and looking like opportunists.

Now that I have quit Twitter for good, I should be able to blog more often. Some of the entries may be quick hits like this one.

                                                          Pierre liked Sarah Lacy's book

                                                          Everyone is owned by somebody!


socrates said...

People (or I mean donkeytale and keepitreal?) probably don't know where to drop new comments. I keep making new blog entries. I think it was donkeytale who first articulated that's the best way to run a joint like this. Just carry it over to new diaries, the word used in the soapblox millieu.

Here I am at youtube shooting the shite with a new acquaintance. The movie isn't worth watching except for Walter Brennan and I think Natalie Wood as child star is in that, but in the comments there I am dropping info bombs and later truth grenades after parachuting.

socrates said...

I found one link to "The Medium is the Conspiracy." It is not archived by the wayback machine. You don't seem to be the kind of person making copies of his schtick. I think all this talk about a donkeytale golden age styled masterpiece is destined to become the stuff of urban legends. Was it really anything special? Was it a paragraph or two sandwiching a copy/past ending with the Rolling Stones?

I do remember he wrote that Assange level higher powered thinking beaut of an entry. I hope donkeytale can find it, but I have my doubts.

socrates said...

Hey, I see you have a lot of stuff over at firedpglake. I just saved a lot of your troll war pieces. You should right click save everything. That might not always be there. If you ca't find the medium is the conspiracy or what you say is the definitive piece, you should just rewrite it to the best of your abilities. It might even end up being better.

Remember, we are all Henri Rousseau. We are speaking to wise minds in the future who will recognise our greatness.

socrates said...

I am not seeing how to get to all your firedog diaries through your username. I found the troll wars and other stuff through Google. It's weird. Did FakeLeft ruin FDL like those few fiends blog wrecked Political Flesh Feast?

socrates said...

I had forgotten you had blogged a lot on my story, a whole slew of them at FDL. That is sinking in. The donk-soc original autopilot is on your profile page. I see why they lumped us together. Then I showed up and ask if Jane Hamsher even knows I exist. Those were crazy times.