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Thursday, July 9, 2015


                                Whitney Curtis/Getty Images

                                (from Hillary Clinton's 3-Word Misstep: 'All Lives Matter')

I apologise in advance for bumping donkeytale out of the top slot. This wasn't some sordid hoe can i miss you, here are a couple videos. The Medium is the Conspiracy should be taught in classrooms and now it's been bumped by Hillary Clinton.

But this isn't about her. It's about how the medium keeps telling us who can and cannot be our president. Multiple sources are saying hey fellas, it's a feel good story, but don't bet on Bernie.

One reason Obama beat Clinton was because of the Black vote. Sanders polls at his best with bleeding hearts, hippies, white progressive voters. He also has come right out and declared himself a socialist. On paper he should have no chance.

Thank you Hillary, you stupid moronic unqualified war monger, bank lover. When did Jimmy Carter take off? I'm pretty sure early in his race most were like, who?

Sanders has taken care of business by jumping into a quick second place.

The tentative debate schedule is Iowa in August, NH in September, South Carolina in the Fall, Nevada in November/December, and two more to be determined for next January.

Hillary made an unforced error. She said all lives matter in a Black church. Do I have to explain this one? I doubt it. Anyone who doesn't understand this is not going to be able to tie their shoes, let alone have an adult discussion with mailed in greatness.

If she is going for the racist white Democrat vote, she already had it for those who always vote. The people who got her message were Blacks. Of course they will now move to Bernie. They have just never heard of him before. Now Black people have an incentive to see who has the best chance to upset Hillary Clinton for the nomination.

Maybe I am a Homer, in this case for the dude who is my New England Patriot neighbour. Maybe this is why I feel like mocking those giving Sanders no chance.

I've said this before, but not many people vote. There is a whole progressive zone of folks out there who probably never vote. Sanders needs to get votes that usually go for no one.

If it's a two person race, then phase one is a Sanders victory and Hillary's people should chew a few fingernails.

The medium can go fuck itself. I'm voting for Bernie Sanders and you should too.

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