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Thursday, July 16, 2015

The DFQ2 War on Truman Show Terror Entrapment

If donkeytale doesn't want this screenshot to open up his medium is the conspiracy masterpiece, then fine, it's all mine.

I remember being inspired by this movie. It was like a modern day Vonnegut or wtf it's all in the mind adventure. It was like The Matrix. It was like 1984 by Orwell.

Truman is on television his whole life. Everyone is in on the scam but him. I am still working on a special snowflake theory for why the world is the way it is. Digressing.

The movie plot is outrageous. Or is it? Aren't most people in some way narcissistic and putting on performances? Krishnamurti and Barry Sanders were both greatness and at the top of their games. They quit! Dave Chappelle is another cat who said f*** off medium despite also being at the top of his game.

This blog entry isn't about Jim Carrey or Greece or even Krishnamurti. It is about the scam which is the war on terror and specifically with the arrests being made of so-called American terrorists. The latest one comes from Boston. His name is Alexander Ciccolo.

His dad is a Boston police captain. Instead of getting his son the mental health attention he desperately needed, he contacted the FBI who then hired Ciccolo for their own version of The Truman Show. You could say well, the dude wanted to shoot up people and blow up things. Get him the heck off of the streets any way you can!

You would be wrong.

I witnessed CNN's presentation of the story in real time. It was war on terror this. ISIS that. It was propaganda. What part of entrapment scams don't people understand? This is the problem with hiring non-journalists to do journalism. I thought Ted Turner was Mr. Progressive. How else could he have scooped on Jane Fonda? I was wrong. CNN is clearly a tool of the state apparatus.

Before the Fourth of July, the FBI and Homeland Security types warned of chatter leading up to our fake country's major holiday. What was that about, we collectively wondered, even though not one real terrorist has ever been stopped with Big Brother surveillance.

When Ciccolo turned out to be the prize, I knew immediately it was a hoax. Why? Name one terrorist who has been arrested who actually wasn't entrapped? If they were entrapped, then how do we know they were real terrorists? Not many details are forthcoming? Ask yourself why.

I found a snippet from Democracy Now which kinda sorta makes the same point with much less verbiage.

Name one case which doesn't sound like that, Brandon Darby or the Newburgh Four. I double down and gin up a dare at y'all. Internet. Cointelpro. (see Turner, Hal)

This is beyond being prescient. At this point we are talking Captain Obvious, unless of course we go back to CNN or The Washington Post.

Google sucks. I admit I'm a big hypocrite always plugging them. Donkeytale even has a bad taste in his mouth knowing that he is blogging on a platform which is Google.

But it definitely is pretty good for searching for stuff fast.

I am also finally using their news feature.

The problem with the internet is saturation. There is overpopulation as an issue. There is data overload on the net which is ever expanding. Those of us who jumped into the internet fray early enough had a much easier time maneuvering. We the collective trolls did some serious damage against the medium conspiracy. DKos was #1. Now they are irrelevant. That didn't just happen. And for all the goofiness which was stupiddy, he found the interview done by Markos in which he kissed CIA ass. That was a deal breaker! That was worse than his having been homophobic and Republican as a young adult. It was 2006. His being a fake leftist was in real time.

Kimberlin would always drone on about how he was being smeared and kept down by attention to a story that happened 32 years ago. How can I ever live again? What about my redemption, Mick?

Yeah, whatever, he wasn't let out until the early 2000s and that was from a parole violation. He lost a lawsuit to the Carl Delong family and was not making good faith restitution. Larissa Alexandrovna was talking up some exoneration nonsense and how BK had won money for false imprisonment. That had nothing to do with 32 years ago. That had to do with real lies posted in modern blogging times. Stupid conspiracy theories revolving around election fraud getting big boy attention on major "democratic" forums and blogs was not from 32 years ago.

I nailed that story. That is historical fact. That the search engine was a lot easier back then is the main point. After a certain amount of time, it became a million copy and pastes from the Breitbart crowd for search results. The true history was almost lost.

That was then and this is democracy now! I plug in "FBI Entrapment" to Google News and lots of stuff pops up.

Accused terrorists from Chicago were lured by extremists—and the U.S. government
Local terrorism cases—from a fake bomb outside Wrigley Field to a car bomb outside a downtown bar—reveal authorities using tactics bordering on entrapment.
That's called pussyfooting. Can people be a little bit pregnant? What does bordering on entrapment mean?

Accused Massachusetts Terrorist Defends ISIS in Taped Interrogation
His own father, Boston Police Captain Robert Ciccolo, allegedly alerted the FBI about his estranged son's interest in ISIS, and he was then placed on surveillance. Police took the man into custody on gun charges after he bought two pistols and two rifles from an undercover FBI confidential informant on July 3.
How is that not entrapment?

And of course we will never find out more except for court documents that will get no press. I understand that this kid is mentally ill and has some violent tendencies. I refuse to trust the official narrative that this is terrorism.

The United States since 9/11 has escalated a campaign to create fake terrorism.

If this guy Ciccolo was such a dangerous man, why did he have to get weapons through the FBI?

Take your propaganda and shove it.

More from Newsweek:

FBI: U.S. Authorities Thwarted July 4 Terrorist Attacks

I'm calling the bluff. This is a hoax.

Here are some more search results. I'm done.
ATF Race-Discrimination Case Loses Some Fire
CHICAGO (CN) - For the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the stash-house sting, in which an undercover operative entices suspects to rob nonexistent drug stash houses, has become something of a specialty.
Though the agency claims that these operations have put some of the nation's most "violent, hardened criminals" in prison, with little actual risk, the tactic has come under increasing fire from a number of federal judges.
More than 1,000 people have gone to prison in the agency's operations, but a federal judge who dismissed charges against two California defendants last year described the ATF as "trawling for crooks in seedy, poverty-ridden areas - all without an iota of suspicion that any particular person has committed similar conduct in the past."
Seven Illinois suspects found similar relief Monday from the en banc Seventh Circuit.
They were snared when an ATF agent posing as a disgruntled drug runner whispered about a stash house that supposedly contained 50 kilos of cocaine, worth more than $1 million.
Paul Davis recruited six others to help him rob the stash house...
FBI arrests Ohio man who allegedly plotted attack on US Capitol

Life after the sting: ‘(T)error’ doc explores FBI use of paid informants
Tarik Shah, jazz bassist and karate master, is serving 15 years; his family maintains he is victim of entrapment.
 Role of FBI informant in eco-terrorism case probed after documents hint at entrapment

US law enforcement accused of using entrapment to ensnare ‘terrorists’

Did Chris Christie Send Entrapped Innocents to Jail? Re-examining the Case of the Fort Dix 5

Sundance 2015 review: (T)ERROR – is entrapment always this boring?
This documentary uses incredible access to informants and suspects to show how the FBI incites terrorism in order to catch its targets – but spends far too long on exposition,

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