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Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Medjium es tu smoke it, ese

The impact on the public of the NSA revelations is not dissimilar to the impact of the Pentagon Papers but there was more immediacy to the crisis back then because it involved a real war where kids fresh from high school were being sent involuntarily to die for, well for....nothing that had any bearing on the safety and well-being of the US.

By the time the Papers were released the kids who were in the direct line of fire through the military draft already knew. No one in my circle of friends was shocked at My Lai because one of us had an older brother who came home from his tour of duty and regaled us with stories about the widespread breakdown of discipline in the ranks, along with the common abuse and murder of suspected "Viet Cong" who were often enough 15 year old Village girls.

So the true impact of the Pentagon Papers focused on the formerly brain dead establishment forced to recognize that their kids had been right all along to resist the war.

Those of us in the direct line of fire on the internet also know these facts of the spying and the stolen information. You have been on the forefront of opening eyes, mine included. My contribution has been a critique over the value of the internet. We were sold a bill of goods that it was a tool for freedom. Clearly, it is exactly the opposite.

And as I have been stating, the government intrusion is only one aspect of the problem.

The private sector, ironically championed by the GG's, teh Snowdens and the Assanges, has thoroughly invaded not just our lives but our subconscious and unconscious minds.

The true revelation here is that the populace at large, the overwhelming majority in fact, already have turned ourselves completely over to Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, all of whom have provided access of that data to the Government.

So the real significance of Snowden's revelations:

we the sheeple are willing and able to be shorn any time all the time by the PTB.

We'll take it and we'll like it.

And the irony is that even with that level of acceptance of total control the Government is too incompetent to take effective action with the information anyway, as in the recent case of the Isla Vista chick hater, where they had the videos (and didnt watch them), they went to his apartment beforehand (and didnt search it).

This is a victory for the Constitution yes, but do the dead Santa Barbara kids and their parents care about a piece of parchment at a time like this?

Mark my words, as the government continuously falters along with the decline of Western Civilisation we are now in the beginning of the final stages whereby the people wont overthrow the Government, they will simply allow Google (or its successor in techno-fascism) to assume total control of our lives in reaction to government failure to deliver.

If you think things are bad now, just wait and watch what happens when the coup d etat by the Infotainment Industrial Complex is finally complete.

Google is now openly requesting in a pop-up boxes that we to let them collect info from our online habits and physical location so they can better predict what we want to do and where we will go to do it.

How much more can our freedom be impacted than that? We have completely relinquished control over the direction of our thought processes and freedom of movement when we buy into Google.

And I say this as I type on a Google product.

Can the loss of freedom of association be far behind?

Too much is made of Sunstein's recommendation to plant paid fakes on blogs. The "aha! moment". Yes, yes, of course. Snitches are standing by. We all know that. The Russians do it quite openly. They're paid fakes are crawling all over the internet with bad English pushing the Putin love.

But Sunstein's critique, which actually dates from 2001, is spot on wrt the damage caused by the stratification of users by their inclinations and biases. Google has created the ultimate form of mind control and they are dedicated to refining and perfecting artificial intelligence to the point where the thinking not only will be done for us but our own minds won't even be required.

GG and Snowden have done and will do nothing to slow or subvert the private sector in the relentless pursuit of the ultimate control. If anything, their revelations may simply hasten the demise of confidence in our governement (already at an all time low) and the private sector will then be more able to quickly fill the breach than it already has done.

And for what purpose? Most people willingly allow Google to get inside their minds every day. The fact that the government has co-opted these processes for their own ends hardly fazes the overwhelming majourity. They just don't care.

Thus, GG and Snowden are reduced (not their fault or doing I add) into infotainment commodities bought and sold to satisfy the need for expressing indignation and outrage among a large but still easily controlled group of infotainment consumers (leftists and libertarians).

And guess what? Those consumers r us!

Make no mistake. Snowden and Assange are historical figures. However, like Ellsberg their impact on the body politic may prove fleeting as the silent majourity simply move on with their lives in any event.

Where is the outrage that has conspicuously gone missing? Where is the outrage that was at a fever pitch and boiled over frequently into the streets during the 60s and 70s?

Nowadays, it's easily contained and hermetically sealed within any number of polarised groups.

On the internets.


donkeytale said...

LOL. Check this out.

talk about people needing to get a life.

i wonder who is metawar?

There was a looser at FDL named "metamars" but he never referenced this schtick at all.

Could it be??????? Another siting of the great one him/her slef?

socrates said...

This was another masterpiece, a sequel to the medium is the conspiracy.

Wow, wtf is up with @metawar?

It's definitely not Noom, although he would be qualified for such a schtick and it is clearly one of the numbnuts. It could be that clown Matt Osborne or Neal as you seem to imply it is.

Oh wait a second. You think that is shadowthief. It could be.

Did shadowthief hate you? He seems to be going after everyone. It also seems that whoever that is, the schtick failed.

socrates said...

It could have been that Trashablanca guy with the weird resume or one of the other UGOGs. I don't think it was shadowthief. It was definitely someone with a weird, funky, creepy auto-follow to fuck with kind of schtick.

donkeytale said...

I believe this was someone from the FSZ/PFF and also possibly the Marisacat milieu. There were several who played regularly in both sandboxes.

Someone in this group loved them some fairleft. LOL. I stumbled on thsi while googling "whiteysphere" a term believe it or not that spread if not virally, then at least minourly thru the uhmm, whiteysphere.

Posted by: Bostoniangirl | Link to this comment | 03-29-08 10:53 AM
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12: I think this was a response to the first round of Wright stories, back around December or so, when the Whiteysphere first started getting excited about Obama "disinviting" his crazy black pastor to some event, and thus leading to speculation about the crazy blackness of the crazy black pastor, and to Richard Cohen's Farrakhan column, and to "denounce and reject," and so on and so forth, until someone finally dug up actual clips of Wright speeches.

Posted by: strasmangelo jones | Link to this comment | 03-29-08 11:00 AM
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15: But see, Wright's trying to say that standard journalistic practice is bad.
It's like, standard practice in politics is to smear your opponents and to take totally irrational positions that you don't personally agree with because of the polls. Everyone does it. But it's bad practice, and people should say so and try and behave otherwise, and should be admired, respected, and rewarded for so doing.

Posted by: Hamilton-Lovecraft | Link to this comment | 03-29-08 11:08 AM
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the Whiteysphere
Racist. The preferred term is honkosphere

donkeytale said...

There was another twitter account I stumbled upon about same time that I believe was Matty Jack and HowardX, humburglar (Darrell) and some others that was more loving towards DT. This was the time of the great FSZ banning and start of pffugee. We were posting at Dave's place, which is also mentioned in the Metawar tweets. You may recall HowardX dropped a few comments at DFQ1.

donkeytale said...

This is a follow-up masterpiece. Maybe you should drop a link to it on Twitter and see if it pimps the gate any.

Here is something interesting that fits the theme. You may have seen this already because it is fairly well-known dissing of the Intercept and Glenn's pathetic attempt to stifle "fearless"' journalism because it doesnt fit his agenda of "state bad, people good."

"Now I believe the American justice system is badly flawed and often racist, but in this instance, I firmly believe, the system worked. I believe Adnan Syed murdered Hae Min Lee and was rightly prosecuted for it.

But I came to realize that the system working correctly—and the right people going to jail—isn’t a good narrative to tell at The Intercept.

Publishing the Serial stories was a huge headache: There were constant delays and frustrations getting them out, even after it became clear they were drawing huge traffic. Our internal critics believed that Natasha and I had taken the side of the prosecutors—and hence the state. That support was unacceptable at a publication that claimed it was entirely independent and would be relentlessly adversarial towards The Man. That held true even in this case, when The Man successfully prosecuted a killer and sent him to jail.

Some colleagues, like Jeremy Scahill, were upset after the first installment of Natasha’s interviews with Jay, the state’s flawed-but-convincing key witness, and our co-bylined two-part interview with the lead prosecutor, Kevin Urick, both of whom had refused to speak to Sarah Koenig for her Serial podcast. Jeremy even threatened to quit over the second installment, according to two of my colleagues who witnessed what they described as his “temper tantrum” in the New York office. He told them he couldn’t believe that we’d so uncritically accepted the state’s view of the murder—even though our stories were backed up by our own research, our unique reporting and our reading of court documents. One day at the office, frustrated, Natasha wrote “Team Adnan” on a sign on Jeremy’s office door.

The internal objections delayed the second installment of our interview with Urick by a full week. And even though both Glenn and Jeremy aren’t technically editors, they reviewed the second article in advance of publication. I asked them by email to cease and told them it was inappropriate for them to review our work—we answered only to our editors, not to them. Meanwhile, as the delay mounted day by day, Natasha and I (and the prosecutor, Urick, whose exemplary work we defended) were hung out to dry—our story only partially told—as social media falsely but relentlessly attacked it on the dumbest grounds.

Natasha left The Intercept within weeks of the Serial chronicles. I wouldn’t be much longer. The Serial saga was just a sign of things to come.

Read more:"

donkeytale said...

Yes, check out the blogroll. This pretty much confirms the FSZ/M-Cat milieu.

ST would be a possibility although I'm thinking another more minour character. Could be any of at least a half dozen.

Or maybe this was one of ST's planted seeds that never developed?

Jacob Freeze is a possbility. Freeze hated us. He ended up moderating FSZ in the endgame.

donkeytale said...

Forgot the linky thingie:

socrates said...

I think that was a rookie disinfo agent. That thing was fixated on me and others including yourself. Remember Greenwood or a username like that? It showed up out of nowhere to harass me. And the same thing happened at MLW, but it was a different username.

There was a weird person who harassed me also at fieldnegro. I am suspecting this troll has been all those people.

It's someone mentally ill or a disinfo agent. Normal people don't act like that.

Aaah yes, and there is desert peace which is close to Mike Rivero who TLNL and myself completely went after.

That's a weird fricken blogroll.

I don't know what to say. I know I look like a kook if I am calling every dick, jane, and fruitnut a spy factory tool.

socrates said...

That is a troll who has been around for the long haul, but because it is deranged with no talent, it harasses people who think for themselves and do their own thing. It's either a disinfo agent or a psychopath. There is no in between, although I imagine most disinfo agents are deranged, so what's the difference? We can see what is in the Snowden documents and it is very demented.

socrates said...

a veteran disinfo agent with no skills, like the Frank Burns of trolling or Colonel Flagg is probably more accurate.

socrates said...

I'm thinking out loud like Columbo.

donkeytale said...

You are on the right track it was probably one of those late arrivers (or socks of a regular) in the deedogg mould but more vicious. Lauren S was one of the most outlandish. She was actually highly enjoyable. I still have a soft spot for brutal, over the top trolling.

There was another whose handle escapes me who was very intelligent and challenging and generally negative though occasionally in could have been that person but alas, the memory falters soon after the sites are scrubbed. I guess I could locate the name on the wayback, ah but whats the use?

Greenwood actually came over to pffugee and sang my praises. He/she came around to my brand of prescient pithy brilliance after awhile. One of the few. LOL

greenwood is a city in Mississippi. Deedogg is also from Mississippi. Maybe a coincidence. One can get very nutty trying to decipher which anonymous cowards are which. I never put much effort into it actually, with the one notable exception of Veronica the Viking.

Mattes was a Rivero fan and also loved her some fairleft too....

socrates said...

Anonymous cowards are not worth chasing. It could have been deedogg. I could see a person like that having sock puppets because he wantd to be respected as a thinker. He also seemed to have a lot of inside baseball meta knowledge.

People like you and me want to be ourselves, so people can see that we try to develop an oeuvre. This is what I mean about the possibility of nutjobs simply being jealous.

Look at Melvin. He is someone I'd say no way is he paid to post. And he's so interested in the environment and being cranky. He hated the success I had. Alexandrovna with the mailbox. I don't know who are worse, the paid fakes or useful idiots.

Oh do I have some stories. I remember a lot of it. I emailed Patrick Minnis of NASA and confirmed he was an anon coward troll at Chemtrail Central. Basically a regular guy kook moderator outed him. Then the loser owner edited posts. He admitted that was Minnis, but then edited out the confession.

I thought it was all bullshite manufactured drama. I thouught it was so-called controlled opposition with the moderator also being a paid fake.

But I retrieved the original post from the wayback machine and I also emailed Minnis directly who stupidly admitted to being the troll.

People in "medium" power underestimate what one or a few regular guys can accomplish in regards to the long form war against internet fakery. They let down their guards.

I'm what is called a troll buster. Cybersleuth sounds fancier.

Yes, I noticed Greenwood/Metawar was very jealous or up to some sort of bizarre agenda. Unlike Minnis, we cannot identify that person nor can we assume shadowthief was working in the Berkeley school systems. I'm still grateful Jack covered it.

socrates said...

I plugged your followup on Twitter.

socrates said...

Apparently hashish tag #BernieSoBlack is trending upwards.

We were prescient once again.

I don't mean to sound pompous self-describing myself as a cybersleuth. I mean, I'm not that anymore, but that's a lot of what I did.

socrates said...

A friend wondered if maybe I was suspected as a hacker because I was good at finding stuff. I always wondered how Rauhauser got Aaron Walker's real name. I didn't see it anywhere how that was done.

All they'd have to do is lure you to a website, then click on your visit, turn on prism, and have you fingered. I think a lot of what paid fakes do is simply that, try to identify usernames with real names then test that person to see if they might snap.

Weird stuff happened to me well before I ever heard of Brett Kimberlin. I could say more, but maybe it's best to let sleeping dogs lie.

socrates said...

Lauren S.. There you go, another paid fake or useful idiot. I know what you mean. I used to follow a troll named Rivertr0ll. I forget how he spelled it, so I am out of the loop. But oh my, could he deliver a snotbomb on folks. It was a guilty pleasure. Same as Morton Downey Jr. who I think CNN or someone is going to do a show on him.

That's why I like the O'Reilly versus Geraldo. O'Reilly went nuts and Geraldo, you can see why I like him. He is Mr. Composure. Yeah, he has some twisted politics and some not so twisted, he's a narcissist who produced a lot of crud over the decades. Bill O'Reilly is the worsy of the worst. Sean Hannity is a nasty fuck.

No one believes me, but John Chancellor gave me an awful vibe.

Howard Cosell I would hang out with. Seemed like a cool dude. I'd hate to find out he was a Republican. That guy could troll for sports. He told it like it is. Fricken.

socrates said...

Did I scoop this Bernie will get the Black vote schtick or what? I was on this as soon as Hillary went oopsies with the all lives matter nonsense.

donkeytale said...

Yes you did, after I scooped that Bernie will need both the black and latino votes to win the nom.

Trending on Twitter isn't exactly the same as getting the black vote, although I concede once he gets his message out it should resonate, at least with the BLM crowd.

He still has a very tall ladder to climb with the older, more conservative black crowd and no one is even talking about latinos, whom Hillary absolutely owned against Obama in 2008.

Cosell, afaik was a solid liberal back in the day when there was nothing wrong with that.

It seems we are finally entering a new age where there is nothing wrong with that again.

I'm surprised somewhat that you don't recall the circumstances of Walker's outing.

The Maryland Court outed him on their website, ironically when posting motions about his firsdt Kimberlin case, which was all about outing him vs protecting his identity.

One of the line items, which I discovered when perusing the record, listed "Aaron Walker."

I didn't trumpet this at the time because I didnt want to help the forces of evil in any way, but I believe I did mention it at some point. This is when you were distracted with your own legal troubles and/or kissing the mirror in triumph, which was well deserved.

Come to think of it, I have been a rather excellent cybersleuth myself over the years, without even trying. The Rauhauser deleted blogpost on TalkLeft or OpenLeft or wtf where he delineated the blueprint for the lawfare harrassment schtick used against you also among my better.

donkeytale said...

The latest polling reflects the challenge for Bernie. Even as he is trending higher, drawing large crowds and gaining media momentum, the Real Clear Politics average of polls (which is pretty accurate in recent years) shows Hill at 56% and Bernie at 16%.

According to Gallup, 35% of Democrats list as black (22%)/hispanic (13%).

This means that Bernie, by my back of envelope calculation if the PCP polls are accurate, will need to darn near sweep this demographic to win the nod, which will be a very tall order, although certainly possible if his campaign catches fire and Hill stumble bums along the campaign trail.

Frankly, it may be that Sander's biggest contribution will be in articulating a leftist platform that someone else will tap into and/or exploit.

It may be that at end of the day the leftier than thou will have to hold Hill's feet to the fire and make the morally ambiguous choice of Hillary knowing all along that she is a Wall Street sellout.

And of course, no one is really talking about Hill's biggest natural advantage, which is the female vote.

None of the foregoing pleases me, however I am compelled as always to live pragmatically in the real world no matter what. I don't believe in dreams, I just believe in me. Yoko and me.

And that's reality.

donkeytale said...

Since voting is a "zero sum" game (meaning a win of one vote for one is automatically the loss of one vote for the other) Bernie will need to win about 2/3 of the black and latino vote if the the current 56%-16% polling is accurate and assuming that the other demographics (women, youth and DLC Dems) remain constant.

socrates said...

After posting about Bernie is so Black, I found out it is a smear campaign started by a stupid Black narcissist. Idiots are attacking the candidate best suited to help Black people. This is why I blurt out that John Hope Bryant and others are Uncle Toms. I am sick of this shit. And useful idiots can go fuck themselves too.

I admit the polling numbers don't look good for Sanders. He'll need to chip away, put a few squigglies on the scoreboard. Chip away.

The biggest obstacle to democracy might be widespread, American stupidity. That to me is the lesson here.

Aaron Walker was not outed by the Maryland courts. He was outed by Rauhauser and Ron Brynaert. The naming of him through court documents explained on this blog came after the actual identification.

I was outed by Brad Friedman. True story. He gave my name and email address to a deranged cyberstalker.

donkeytale said...

The other possibility is that Bernie excites the normally disaffected youth non-voters and grabs an outsized share of independents.

This will be key to his chances and since he is running as a populist and drawing large crowds he may indeed be making headway in this direction.

Obama also increased the total voting electorate in 2008 and 2012. In the off-cycle years 2010 and 2014 these voters stayed home and the GOP walloped the Demotards.

Interestingly, hispanics largely identify as independents so many more of them than blacks are in play

socrates said...

He needs to put up some crooked numbers. That's the phrase. It's 11-2 or wtf after three innings. You don't need to score them all at once. There are still 18 outs to go.

socrates said...

There is an anti-Hillary base, already mentioned. Bernie also does do well with blue collar types, the Ronald Reagan votes.

How that plays out across the country is anyone's guess.

I'm saying there seemed to be no way to figure out who Aaron Walker was without some extra-parliamentary (outside of Google's power) moves.

"They" figured out who he is without the internet. Brad knew who I was because I had my name on emails sent back and forth.

Brad Friedman is garbage. I outed that fucker as being a piece of shit paid fake.

socrates said...

And that's why shadowthief is not metawar. I think blogging curmudgeon/shadowthief was Anonymous Army at DKos who used to go after those same fake leftists including BradBlog and Alexandrovna. He called them the lefty liars club.

I think Metawar = "Greenwood" from FSZ and is associated with those fake blogs and Breitbart Unmasked et al. It's chasing shadows, but one can see there has been paid fake involvement. It could be collisions between different forms of paid fake and sprinkle in some useful idiots.

Then it gets into the concept of gaslighting and Rumsfeldian known knowns and unknowns. And Noom. He is another one.

Noom could be working for GIYUS. He could be working for the "conspiracy story" dept. which answers ultimately to the Pentagon.

And yes, those Rauhauser links to open left and the other one were great finds. I am pretty sure that masterpiece is available through FDL's old wordpress format. Maybe I will post some of that here.

I am not so interested in generating new blog entries after my recent flurry. Sometimes it's nice to just do some busy work, like copy/paste with light edits.

I wouldn't change your writing. But you know what I mean, fix the awkward things that get transferred because Blogger overthinks it for us.

donkeytale said...

"They" were at Walker's hearing if that's what you mean. You would have to provide evidence that "they" found out through another method. This would require timelines. I recall discovering in early Jan or Feb 2012 by perusing the court docket filings which were posted a day or two after the hearing..

To my knowledge Aaron was guarding his anonymity for all it was worth at that point, hence he was in court. If he had been outed prior to going to court he would have screamed like a baby because, well, that's the way he rolls.

donkeytale said...

I do recall someone, maybe Ron? stating they went thru the state of VA website and finding Aaron Walker but that seems unlikely. And isnt proof.

socrates said...

I only have time for a quick response. Yes, it was January 2012. Mine was November 2011. The 2012 one was the I-Pad keepaway. It was some bullshit appeal against me and that transcript is also available on this blog.

The outing word is semantics. The numbnuts identified Aaron Walker and placed his name into the dumbass appeal which Rupp scoffed at.

I'm saying there is no logical explanation for how the numbnuts got his name. It is semantics to say the court outed Walker. No, it was Rauhauser and Kimberlin.

socrates said...

Aaron Walker And Mandy Nagy Exposed

That's the transcript with my commentary interspersed.

donkeytale said...

You are correct sir, the Rauhauser Open Left deleted thingie formed the content of my Troll Wars II. It was actually posted first as a comment at Pffugee which I remembered.

I note that the Other McCain lifted that schtick without attribution 7 months later.

Is that dude still sitting around the hillbilly campfire with his jug of moonshine?

At least he helped pimp my TW 6.66 masterwork into virality. So there is that, and he consistently kept your name front and center when others on the right were trying to minimise your accomplishment.

I also see now what you are getting at with the Walker outing. Team Numbnutz played the court system like a fiddle.

You done good.

socrates said...

I thank you for this. It was so frustrating back in the day to have next to no one trying to understand the big picture. I'm not singling you out because it took a lot of courage on your part to even get involved to the extent you did.

My feeling is that Rauhauser is the strawman for whatever it is he has been up to over the years. This friend is not imaginary, as you are not either. There's a strong reason why the internet is flooded with so much numbnut-data. I have no clue who coined the phrase signal to noise ratio, but it definitely articulates a major non-flawed view of social reality.

This friend said well, Aaron did put out there a lot of identifying information. His being a lawyer from Yale. His location in Manassas, Virginia was acurate. She says it wouldn't take much for a real detective to identify him or at least cut down the list dramatically.

My counterpoint is that would still have taken some kind of organisation and funding.

It cannot be denied that Rauhauser was in Project Vigilant and worked with Chet Uber.

So what we have here are two extremely eccentric/dangerous individuals in BK/Neal simply being two lone wolves who combined forces to produce mayhem and confusion (with the Breitbart people doing the same on the other side) or something more was going on.

Throw in the conspiracy fact that Patrick Frey and Rauhauser as sock puppet was in very close contact to Barrett Brown and that the fact led directly to Brown freaking out over Neal's Los Zetas hoax and making the youtube videos, add in that Brown praised Liberal Grouch Bill Schmalfeldt to the point of copying and pasting him on DKos, and I have no shame in wondering if a Hal Turner derivative project was in play the whole time.

From Weinergate to SWATs to myself being smeared to Brown being arrested, all thosethings were tied together.

I thought Aaron was cointelpro because of his Everybody Draw Mohammed schtick. Thank God I had that other friend over the years to go with yourself. I would have gone nuts. She knew that Aaron was spastic and kooky. While I eventually came to believe Aaron was simply insane and used, I never felt the same way about Dustin, Patterico's friendly neighbourhood banal as evil pitbull.

I used to think Mandy Nagy was a possible disinfo agent, but now I would put her with Aaron into the useful idiot column. She may or may not be an invalid. I wish her well despite her hurting me very much. Ron sent me proof that in October 2011 Mandy wondered if I was working with Neal Rauhauser. That was kinda late in the game. Finding that out was a huge change for me in perspective. She not only stole my work, she was smearing me behind my back. I am sorry she had a stroke or whatever happened. I am sorry apparently she is pretty much done as a healthy player in society and politics etc.. I am not sorry for calling her a plagiarist who smeared me and was disingenuous.

Back to Aaron. Yes, so after the November 2011 hearing, now forever known as the Thrilla in Vanilla (hat tip to donkeytale for the phrase), all of a sudden there was a crazy BK appeal. Ron Brynaert even said I was in a lot of trouble. I think he highlighted my fat fuck face comment as evidence.

That was less than two months, November 14th to January 9th, I believe those were the exact dates. Walker was not my lawyer ever or an associate. I talked with him on the phone a few times. I was on the phone with Mandy. I spoke with Frey once. I spoke with Randazza, another strange coincidence considering his association with Popehat and Bullyville.


socrates said...

These were not associates. For obvious reasons I talked with those people. Randazza I met because he answered a call from myself through EFF for pro bono lawyers.

If you were the one who first found the old Rauhauser posts that outlined his trolling strategy (e.g. the implementation of lawfare), you deserve the credit.

On a side note, some leftier than thous have finally jumped on the Deray is a fake activist bandwagon. Unfortunately my scoop on that idea is to be found in the backwash archives of Twitter.

McCain does deserve credit for being respectful to me for the most part with his Rauhauser/Kimberlin schtick. But ultimately he told me to zip it, that we are all on the side of justice against the bomber.

I was simply used. They couldn't totally ignore me. My post or two is still there at DKos for the prepostericity username.

Those people did not care about me or my situation. The plan was for Mandy and Breitbart to get the huge scoop which wasn't.

I do give credit for Mandy who put together the screenshot of Neal's hoax that the FBI was on my ass for being a violent cyberstalker after one of their associates living in Massachusetts. I am very sorry she had a catastrophic illness which has apparently left her fighting to regain basic life skills. She put those side comments on the side of it, stuff about social engineering and whatnot.

I don't want to sound arrogant, or maybe it's more like I don't mind sounding arrogant, but I believe the best information on all that stuff noted above is to be found on this blog.

I may definitely copy and paste one or more of your Troll Wars stories now available through FDL's old wordpress blog. Even right here in these comments we have been able to clarify a tiny particular, the timeline so to speak.

Kimberlin already had my name from Brad Friedman or at least the name I used for email which was my real name. I thought Brad was a real journalist, that he would never squeal on a source. But Kimberlin had to go through the court and then through Blogger to pin down my name for sure and have my name entered into dockets.

With Aaron it didn't happen that way. They got his name first through extra-judicial means then plugged him into the court system through myself, even when my part of it was already effectively decided and done, done.

Aaron is an idiot. You don't grab a man's I-Pad like that. You don't go near him. After some time I started to think everything was rigged and Aaron was part of that. After some more time, I decided Aaron was simply a regular guy, kook patsy.

Aaron did tell me over the phone in between those hearings that he was working on a way to help me in the process of helping himself. He was keeping an eye on the court website. His real name must have been added by Kimberlin in the period between November 2011 and January 2012. But I don't think many of us were looking at that too often if at all.

I see no other explanation for how Aaron knew wtf was added to the motions. And as the transcript reads out, Kimberlin/Rauhauser produced a fricken all-encompassing biography on Aaron Walker. Judge Rupp was wtf is this? Who are you? This is bizaaaaare! I'm paraphrasing. But then Rupp understood. Brynaert tried to make it seem Aaron was almost physically dragged out by court officers. I doubt that. Ron also claimed as fact that Aaron had physically assaulted BK and was facing ten or twenty years in prison.

This stuff is very complex, weird, and with a mountain of bullshit to sift through to get to any kind of realistic interpretation of wtf truly happened.

donkeytale said...

It was a weird happening. You were front stage and then the story line shifted to a right versus left thing where I actually felt something, not sympathy exactly, but empathy maybe for Kimberlin at least as far as the way the righties were piling on him for fame and fortune.

I mean enough already. He was taken down by a sincere lefty (you) whose main intent was to expose the donation schtick which in fact is a fake lefty fact of blog life on all the main stages.

The story change came with the swattings. Then Breitbart's croaking in the middle of it all.

I did not know Nagy has serious health issues. That is too bad.

McCain was mostly credible in his reportage, although his "from a place undisclosed" schtick was laffable. I don't like that his second banana banned me after like one comment but whatever.

The herstory probably needs to be written. I done some good journalistic type work with TW 6.66 and of course your boy inside the bubble schtick was incredibly impressive, especially the way you hammered BK in the closing rounds to win a unanimous decision.

We probably should take TW and TiV series and put together a historical analysis of the BK court scene, Wienergate, lawfare, the swattings, the whole nine yards.

I guess. Or just re-run both schticks. Or move on.

In the end all is vanity sayeth the preacher.

donkeytale said...

I recall finding the deleted Rauhauser masterpiece in an obscure right wing blog analysis which was a precurser to the rightwing over reaction to BK.

The slant was beware righties this is how the left will attack us in the future, using lawfare, or wtf its called.

My thing was to connect those dots to your court case. So, the credit for that goes to me, and that is what McCain picked up on. Clearly, he followed the TW schtick. I'm good with it.That is how the virality flows. There is nothing new under the cyber sun.

Just like your Kimberlin schtick, it was Singer who did the original work while you took it and ran in a real time direction with it for your own blog analytics.

donkeytale said...

And of course I also was the one and only who dissed the entire blame the swats on Brynaert schtick.

I loves me sum Ron, crazy mofo that he is.

cracks me up that there is an entire lets all make fun of Brynaert cottage industry out there and he keeps plugging away. He does have some skills. I know you sincerely believe that he is a paid fake and he might very well be, who knows at the end of the day, but y'know, blog Jesus forgives us all so who are we to judge?

donkeytale said...

In fact I enjoyed bantering with him each of the few times he showed up. He is an incisive critic at times, which I appreciate. Very intelligent. And I treasure his respect for TW just as I also enjoyed the accolades from McCain and the liberal schnauser in Alabammy.

I think BK himself or whomever ran that Breitbart sucks blog before the liberal grouch took over also praised TW 6.66.

I guess at the end of the day I have that and the time I was front paged by Kos in 2004.

Had I played it straight I could have wormed my way into the middle i fnot upper chelon of the whiteysphere.

Unfortunately, I smoked too way much weed and dropped way too many psychedelics ever to play anything straight ever again since about 1971.

Just sayin.

donkeytale said...

What is really ironic is of all the great work I did at Boomans and MLW I never was front paged at either except when Diane G front paged my Ricky Ricardo Joaquin masterpiece which MSOC took down immediately and I think that played into Diane's parting of the ways there too.

I never even knew it was frontpaged until well after the fact. Diane admitted in Writing for the Raw that she always liked my fictional efforts even though I was a complete dick to MSOC.

WHich of course I was and wasn't.

It was just schtick ladeez. C'mon. MSOC coulda been a contendah if she just had a bit thicker hide and acted somewhat smarter and not thinking through her vagina. Instead, she was only a narcissistic legend in her own mind, which at the end of the day makes her little different from any of us third rate whiteyspheric semi-legends.

Really only ST and you (briefly, but enduringly) have risen up out of the muck to attain hit parade status.

Sure, there is Nate Sliver and a couple others who actually hit the big time, but I'm talking about the unsung genius category here.

The DavidByrons, the Arthur Gilroys, the TLNLs, the Stu Piddys, the Francis Hollands, the Filled Negroes, , yes even the fairlefts, et al

I'm sure I'm leaving many worthies out but you get my drift.

donkeytale said...

Ok one more and I gotta go.

I read the Glen Ford piece you linked to on Twatter and I have to say that is exactly the type of fake lefty schtick that needs to end. His crap was revered at FDL, too. that whole lets blame the demotards and vote third party so the GOP can gain complete control. Yes, the civil rights movement was coopted by the Dems and a few celebrity blacks, but undeniably there were gains resulting from it.

Yes, Occupy had a short shelf life. But Obama took it down? Uhhm, really? Gott any factual evidence to present there, Glenn?

Or was it the cold winter weather or the udder lack of centrally organised focus? The deal was union sponsored for the most part and the unions are aligned with teh Demotrards anyway, for better or worse.

I participated in Dallas for a brief time and actually tried to encourage a more radical protest direction against MIC corporate targets, but I was loudly voted down and the vibe was a distinct you are a paid fake agent provocateur. Which, thanks to you and Marisacat over the years, I am innoculated against caring whether anyone thinks that way or not.

The black man (and woman) only represents 11% of the population and generally speaking the politics are liberal economically but conservative socially. There isn't a lot of radicalism out there in any ethnicity and it is doubtful that Glenn Ford's same ol same ol schtick year after year is going to raise much of a movement against the Demotards, although that seems to be his sole aim in life. Paid fake? Possible but not likely.

Seriously delusional more probably.

donkeytale said...

And the new lefty tone and direction filtering through the body politic via Bernie owes something to the revitalising of leftism wrought by the Occupy Movement.

That is undeniable, Glenn, your naysaying and utopian reactionsim notwithstanding

donkeytale said...

And Bernie is a Demotard!

regardless how he presents himslef.

I'm dunn

socrates said...

I will try to respond to most of this. It seems that somehow we have developed a voice that is being heard, that is being solidified in electronic print form which may stand the test of time despite all the various scrub jobs. Think of silent movies. A lot of them are gone forever. But enough of the good ones have survived where someone can watch those and go, yeah, I now understand why movies took off despite the goofiness (of course to we the so enlightened- We are the smart, the informed, the online - we are the supertrolls)(I stole that last bit from the marines ad.)(but i digress), in regards to the lack of real dialogue and bizarre pantomime interspersed with intertitles.

I already know right now I will need to proofread this and add in a (continued) or two.

I totally agree with your concept of there being a fine line between wholesome blogging and narcissism (vanity). Blogging Jesus taught us that it is better to try and be greatness and occasionally play the fool than to blindly worship the medium and let it dictate what does and does not pass for writing in these internet times.

Yes on the kimberlin stockholm syndrome. I really wanted his lawsuit to work against the Breitbarts. That's how twisted that all became. Eventually it became, who cares? You picked up on that before I did that it was time to move on. Although some reposts of your Troll Wars series from FDL might be a good idea. It will protect you if that blog ever disappears. The problem I have probably had was repetition and too much provided with chopped off chicken head schtick for people to grok. There's also nothing wrong, imho, to go backwards in order to understand the today. The internet is too much like a news cycle. It's a movement, they say. No it isn't, as McLuhan explained back in the day for another stupid medium as message, the television.

Yeah on McCain being the most legit from that milieu, but that is not saying much. He is a right wing kook, but I am under the impression he actually has a journalism education. Although I'd have to fact check that.

He was not a legit journalist after a certain point and you are correct he probably shot himself in the foot from the start of his involvement with that bullshit of having to pack up quickly, put the possum meat on ice and into big crates, then bail the f out of wherever they were in the Washington D.C. area in order to protect themselves.

The Aaron Walker emails are very interesting. And the phone calls with him were enlightening too, but not in the way Aaron had hoped. He wanted me to purchase a weapon and home surveillance protection. He told me to check under my car for bombs.

People should reread what you wrote above. It was a good summary or depiction of how everything went from done to why the f won't this ever end?


socrates said...

You are correct that The Other McCain censored you. I witnessed that. With all the convolution, the 99% are going to say stfu to all involved and then put a frozen pizza into the oven. But even that response becomes very difficult to maintain if one ever comes across anything that gets their head scratching, e.g. say like the conversation between Frey and Barrett Brown which I believe is hosted by cryptome.

You allude to the third party wingnuts. What's that person's name? Zap? Michelle? They were birthers who would rip your head off if you called them that. It just never ends. That person had a weird rambling kook "report" that she sent to Breitbart. Yes, Breitbart dropping dead seemingly out of nowhere threw a big monkey wrench into the equation. If he had lived, we can only imagine the infotainment possibilities. With Donald Trump shoving his psyche into the 2016 presidential meta and somehow getting a lot of attention and votes, I assume Breitbart would still be in our collective faces.

Yes on Singer. He wrote up the definitive truth about Brett, the how's and why's of his actions. I simply applied that to what was going on in real time with his election fraud bunk and with the exoneration bullshite plugged by Alexandrovna and ignored by Brad.

Truth be told, it was Brad Friedman who I initially wanted to dig up dirt on. When I hit the metaphorical pipe while digging (after Brad had wished me luck digging up dirt on him), it turned out to blow away whatever I had felt about Brad, Netroots (DKos), Larisa & Raw Story, DU et al. You even commented that this story will always be about Brett Kimberlin. He is the only big star. Of course that equation changed with the arrest of Barrett Brown, probably a bigger star than BK has ever been. Maybe that's open to debate. Kimberlin of course held the country's politics hostage with his claim about Danny boy Quayle. Before then, he had terrorised Indiana with bombings which led police to believe he was involved with the assassination of Julia Scyphers. Barrett Brown has been a long-form troll. BK did reinvent himself. It was the Time Magazine article and that anon at DU who exposed Brett. I think the DU person got the scoop with Time Magazine being the first publication to cover his new incarnation.

I was one of you guys in spirit despite coming from different milieus. I was anti-DKos before getting to know any of ye. Stupiddy's find of Markos at the Commonwealth Club preaching CIA values was huge news.

You do deserve credit for sticking up for Ron early and often in regards to the SWATs. You also correctly opened my eyes to the evil which is Patrick "Patterico" Frey. You called him the kingpin or something and that I should take a closer look at my new buddy. I tried my best to figure out why Ron was being smeared. I sincerely believe I did defend him fairly early in the process in regards to the accusation.

It all happened so quickly, like you say. It all exploded in May 2012.

I think my analysis of the tapes will stand the test of time. I believe that an "actor" played the role of Ron's voice based on his one tinny interview available. It helped that I talked with Ron once on the phone, though I forget when in the timeline that happened.


socrates said...

I was a bit lazy hazy, but you spoke of a so-called report "proving" Ron "most probably" made the SWAT calls. I eventually socratised that too.

It's weird, but I also like Ron. The problem is that he's too volatile with anger issues. Whether that is an act (see provocateur, agent) or he is a useful idiot (see Walker, Aaron), he is too violent to maintain a relationship with. He is a verbal abuser, period. I took the screenshots. I probably posted them on Twitter and somewhere here, maybe not, but it was weird and no one deserves verbal abuse. We all have had our moments. Yes, you have always spoken of the need for thicker skin. It took me years, but I think I finally got there.

I totally agree with you on the woulda, coulda, shoulda theory on blognality development. If we knew then when we first showed up what we know now, yeah, we'd be on top of the zeitgeist. But there is a steep learning curve for figuring out that the internet is fried. At first it's like, hey guys, let's talk about politics and society. This is the movement. Yeah, perhaps a bowel movement.

It's sad what happened to MSOC, but I suppose she is leading a much better life since quitting. Or maybe she is still at Facebook or something? I would be surprised if she completely quit blogging. Yet, I kind of don't care at this point. It's not really her fault soapblox is such a ripoff and now all the My Left Wing meta is gone.

There are a million other things I could say in response to your comments above, but I think I'll leave it that. The reader decides. I only went nuts from November 2011 to what, 2013, trying to grokify to tell my side of things. I had to rewrite the entries on BradBlog/BK that got scrubbed because I was financially destitute at the time to prevent the lawfare. I am talking pure broke to go with being in a rut. I needed help. The only people who could help did not really care about me, to be blunt. Nothing signified that more than Mandy thinking I was on Team Rauhauser. I do forgive her. I must considering she has ended up in a very rough situation.

Maybe she is rebounding. I would check up on it every few months and then a year or so passed and it was obvious something very tragic happened to her.

I am pretty sure I tweeted Glen Ford about Deray and Teach for America before he covered their co-optation of the police issue. I think he avoided discussing Deray and instead went after Brittany Packnett. Sometimes people give us kudos, sometimes they lift without the hat tip.

I have always had a thirst for being the first to scoop answers to questions. The best way to ensure a scoop is to ask original ones. People have lost their ability to be original and intellectually honest. Twitter is the perfect medium for such losers. No one is reading the threads or at least I'm not. It is anything but user-friendly. Too many numbnuts are chirping in with nonsense. Twitter is simply too difficult in itself to maneuver around. Here, and in traditional forums, we have the space to spell out wtf we are ranting about. It becomes impossible for those who don't play fair to survive in such a medium. The reader decides, period.

I was not endorsing Ford's article. Some people put in their Twitter profile that retweets do not equal support. I feel the same way about linking to articles. Sometimes I forget to go back and give my opinion or the reason behind posting the links.


socrates said...

I had a very busy week at Twitter. I want to write it up for my next blog entry. There's the #BlackLivesMatter story which you gave me the heads up for, the O'Malley/Bernie Netroots story. One of the links I tweeted was to a Dr. Jason Johnson of NBC. I felt I did really well in that exchange. I think I did a good job in general socratising what happened at the Netroots convention. But now it is lost in Twitter. So I should write that up. And I also want to include the little fight I had with the fairleft type Jill Stein supporter. Oh, and there was the guy Rod who started the #BernieSoBlack (sp?) attack. I screenshot those guys making very trollish, antisocial comments towards me. That was pretty cool. I let the dickwads make the first transgression. I try to make it clear who started what and when.

Yesterday was a bit awkward. As unpaid bloggers, we do not have to go out of our way to start drama. It's not worth it. Paul Carr of Pando uses that as a business model. Markos Moulitsas admitted that such fighting was good for business. Maybe for the short-term it is.

So I am not eager to "smear" Thao Ha with truth staples. On the other hand, she is part and parcel of what sucks about the medium as the message. I helped her out when she first joined Twitter. I was one of her first people. It's true. A couple weeks ago I saw her selling jewelry. I thought she was a community college sociology professor making like 30 grand and that she was basically a regular guy. Au contraire, Mr. Bond.

Late last night I checked in at Twitter and noticed I had 18 new mentions. Ugh. Twitter can evoke some real life emotions and contradictions. Go to your mailbox. If there's nothing there, one feels like a loser, though they shouldn't. No mail is usually good mail. On Twitter if you are getting nothing for responses, one also feels like a loser. They shouldn't because the medium is rigged within itself. But then watch out, a nobody blogger like me can occasionally end up with a million mentions and that sucks too.

My honest opinion is that Thao is clearly representative of what's wrong with education. I do not believe she is a good teacher based on a couple available youtube lectures. I do not believe she has a clue about historic academic knowledge. She is a sociologist capitalist. Knowledge becomes commodified. It's not what you know, it's who you know. It becomes all about presentation rather than inspiring, motivating, and teaching.

I imagine a lot of those mentions are Thao talking about C. Wright Mills. I would like my new entry to not attack Thao too much. I mean, the facts kind of speak for themselves. I have no idea what she is exactly making for income, but I'll put it this way: If she isn't already a millionaire, she soon will be.

We do this for the love of the game. Others do it for the love of ego and money. I'd rather be a nobody intellectual than someone raking it in as a fake thinker.

I want her to explain how she is presenting C. Wright Mills considering she teaches a course covering the sociological imagination. This is my bread and butter still decades after learning about it. TFA was also right up my alley. I understand the classic fight between science and humanity as played out in herstoric academia. I can only stomach capitalist pigs presenting themselves as thinkers just so many times. If I can show that she is incompetent at her job, one that I studied and am still qualified to teach (Sociology 101), then it will be worthwhile. But I have to give her the chance to prove my suspicions wrong or it will come off as petty jealousy.


socrates said...

I cannot imagine how teaching community college sociology adds up to $162,000 per year. But perhaps it makes sense if one looks at how she fundraises for the college.

A real professor does not hang out on Twitter and sell jewelry. A real teacher simply has too much on their table unless they are a hack. They need to spend a lot of time teaching writing which I do not believe many are doing, including Thao. How can she, if she is on Twitter all day and busy with all these other ventures?

Not one of those clowns answered my point about Nader and Florida. Not one of them responded to my point how Bernie is the closest thing we have ever gotten to that Jill Stein kind of laying it all out on the table politician. I assume Stein is leftier than thou and not full of it, not in the fakeleft Russia Today way. But she has zero chance. If Bernie only has a 10% chance against Hillary, we have to go with that. We can bitch and moan about how stupid we were to think he had that chance if and when Hillary is crowned top fake leftist for the general election.

Thao brought up the fact of how the recounts were stopped. That was her response to my saying Gore would have won if numbnuts in Florida had voted for Big Al over Ralphie Boy. Both points are correct. But my point was to ask how on earth can someone support Stein with Bernie in the race and succeeding so far at a minimum of a Ron Paul type level.

Things like that get me googling such people and that's how I found out Thao Ha is an entrepreneur making a sick amount of income while retweeting losers going all in on Jill Stein.

On the flip side, Donald Trump may prove helpful if indeed he runs as a third party candidate. John Anderson hurt Carter. Nader hurt Gore. Jill Stein would only technically hurt Sanders or Hillary in a general election. The big problem this time with the third party left movement is that Bernie needs to scrape and claw for every possible vote. I believe Nader said that if Gore and the Democrats weren't such corporate sellouts, he wouldn't have run against Gore and GW. I believe that if say Nader was ten years younger or wtf and this was the cycle for him to run, that he wouldn't run and would instead be supporting Bernie Sanders

(I'm done.)

socrates said...

I'm not looking forward to Twitter or writing up that thingie. Please be patient dear, kind, generous, astute, wonderful & delightful 17 readers. Yes! We now have 17 people reading us regularly instead of 12. That's almost a 50% increase. Do a retro shampoo ad, and so on and so on and so on, and hopefully there won't be any wax on, wax off shenanigans.

donkeytale said...

I just posted another mailed-in retread from my fertile FDL daze in the run-up to the 2012 election. Some of that schtick was both prescient and very well written some of it was prescient and badly written, trying hard as I was to incite, which eventually got me banned there.

OK, for your recent comments: I think the name you are searching for is Zapem, although I havent the foggiest notion about any of that. I barely understood much of the scene surrounding Mike Stack and his blog posts were infuriatingly contextless for the most part, too much inside beisbol for someone not up to date with the rightwing side of wienergate and all that schtick.

I got a great chuckle of the Jed Clampett McCain icing down the possum meat for his undisclosed road trip.

And now you are coming around (or maybe you were always there) about the dangerousness of third party runs.

Trump may not have to go third party. Average sheeple on the GOP side are just as sick of the entrenched Bushs, McConnells and Boners as we lefties are sick of them and are own entrenched two faced Shadowthiefs.

God, I want Bernie to expand his reach and take out the overweight, out of shape, old and vigourless, characterless and let's face it zero charisma Hillary.

Mark my words, she is a loss waiting to happen in the general election and even moreso I don't believe she has the physicial stamina to perform the toughest job in the world at a very high level.

This is not an ageist, sexist rant.

I will happily live under a female presidit so long as she's the right one for me.

Bernie is old but he burns with a fire.

Hillary is simply old and tired looking.

donkeytale said...

Teaching is one of those things I am ambivalent about. And I barely understood the milieu especially at the colllege level which seems once you have tenure to be about the cushiest job in the world.

And it probably does pay pretty damn well, seeing as the tuition and fees for school these days are ridiculous.

OTOH, with my son in college and seeing the dorm experience first hand compared to back in the day when I had friends living in dorms, wow it is a world of difference. These kids have grand palaces and great food choices comparatively speaking.

What is missing is the open source drug dealing and easy sex. I mean both are still around in abundance but definitelly not front and center as it was back then.

The kids of this millennial generation and my daughter of Gen X or Y (cant remember which she is, I think she's on the cusp of both) are very well put together emotionally and intellectually compared to the boomers, who were more creatively self destructive and pioneering in the countercultural sense, but we had that Vietnam thingie hanging over our heads and more overt racism and generational hatred pulling us apart.

Although that's not excuse for our descent into udder consumerist yuppiedom either.

Anyway, awaiting for next masterpiece, I feel like you are more politically engaged this time around so will be interested in reading as much of what you post to Twitter flies over my head. I dont really follow the threads of your dust-ups reading your aphoristic schtick moreso.

The fighting with anon cowards and the limited space doesnt provide enough easy context so I just let most of that stuff go by the boards.

socrates said...

Mike Stack never delivered. One of the strangest things about him was he had the first or one of the first posts on one of Frey's early Kimberlin entries. He wasn't a regular or anything and I don't believe he posted much if at all after that.

Mike truly got put through the wash cycle. I think he was a victim of thinking this is a movement.

Barrett Brown is probably the only reason to keep an eye on any of that. I think he got five years, but I could be wrong. I figure he will remain in the clink for a couple more years. I also figure no way will he become a sewer rat, or else he would be free already.

He definitely has some major blind spots. He is the poor man's Assange.

You are correct about Hillary. She is a loss waiting to happen. Yesterday there was chatter about her emailing classified info. It looks like she has some sort of plausible deniability. I am not up to date on any of her various scandals. Her problem is time. She's all spruced up for the show, but that isn't for quite a while.

Bernie doesn't take corporate money and is against smear campaigns. He may need his supporters to do some dirty work for him. It wouldn't even be dirty. Just spell out the facts.

Bernie's best bet is to have an army of regular guys embrace his candidacy. He needs people to make phone calls, canvass, however that is done today.

I think Generation X starts around 1980-1984. It seems to have come together in response to the Reagan administration. We were the children of perhaps not hippies, but of the baby boomers at the tail end of that milieu. The show Freaks and Geeks was a depiction of that era. I believe Generation X turned into Generation Y around 1995ish.

Unfortunately, Hillary might win based on her being female. Women are hungry for one of their own to win the seat.

As for the third party candidate schtick, I was always receptive to your analysis, but I also felt there needed to be aggressive application of DLC feet to fire.

Twitter truly sucks. I hear you on the uselessness of anon cowards. The Jack Johnson exchange was much better, because he is a real prominent Black academic who also works for NBC. He totally mailed in an article on the Netroots event. He is similar to John Hope Bryant without an aversion to joining forces with Republicans, essentially becoming part and parcel of selling out their own race.

The weekends I tend to not want to write as much, but I will definitely put together my next one on #BernieSoBlack, #BlackLivesMatter, and the Netroots.

The key to Mills is that the sociological imagination was a necessity in light of the Grand Theory nonsense coming from the likes of Talcott Parsons. I want to figure out if Thao Ha truly knows what she is talking about.

Then there is the third party thing and politics. I think I can weave those three topics into one piece.

I dread checking back into twitter. 18 mentions is kind of a lot and there could be much more than that by now. Thanks for the aphoristic compliment. Yes, it's all about a love for the game.

socrates said...

Jack Johnson I think is a singer. Jason is the guy's name.

socrates said...

The possum joke took many reworkings.

I don't think we should throw Twitter completely under the bus. It is very good for links. I read it like you do and not too often. I look at specific people I like and follow their lead sometimes.

I noticed you linked to tweet tunnel. They are good to be able to reverse the tweets and read them in order. I agree Twitter is lame. I obviously dove in. I think there may be a way to get to tweets going way back. Tweet Tunnel stops after 3,000.

I thought one of my better twitter campaigns was hammering away at Karoli for writing a million tweets. It is a place for narcissists. I used it for attacking police and others. It is what it is.