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Monday, July 6, 2015

The War On Terror Hoax

This scumbag's name is Shahed Hussain. He is the proverbial sewer rat who entrapped four Muslim men from Newburgh, New York.

Here is the HBO documentary done on the story. If this is scrubbed, you can try searching for other copies.

I am too tired to find links and search for more links, then write blah blah, lah-di-da.

Cops suck. The FBI sucks. The fake war on terror sucks. Poverty in Greece, climate change, Obama bailing out banks suck. So many things suck. As a consequence, we become overwhelmed with suckiness and produce mailed in blog entries. Everything we do has turned into captain copy/paste obvious.

We no longer have to wait years to find out who and what sucks. The internet has sped up the process. Richard Nixon could say I am not a crook or let me tell you about my kitten, Socks. And often such outright shenanigan ploys could buy dickheads time.

The only way we can reverse the NWO curse is through government and law. My use of the NWO phrase is based on George Bush saying it. I am not affiliated with nor endorse any kooky, deranged, nonsensical, or otherwise clown-assed conspiracy stories.

I'm seeing that special agent Robert Fuller was Hussain's handler. He even has a wikipedia page. You can google him and see what an asshole he is.


socrates said...

I didn't try snitches get stitches, but there are a lot of results for informant killed.

socrates said...

That's some crazy bullshit the FBI is getting away with via cointelpro. We might as well call it what it is.

This looks good. It is longform, relevant, and from Mark Singer's New Yorker. You used to have to fork over hard cash to read this. The medium is the conspiracy has some perks.

Rachel Hoffman

socrates said...

I added counterpunch to the blog roll. I am rarely disappointed in their schtick. They seem to do a lot of homework for the rest of us.