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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Will Idiots Whining About Illegal Immigration Now Direct Their Conniption Fit Towards Federal Numbnuts?

When it turned out that the man behind the gun killing a random young woman in San Francisco is an illegal immigrant, the chatter went haywire with close the fricken borders!

It was turning into the Willie Horton of immigration. How could they let this violent person on the streets? Forget about Ronald Reagan doing the same in California. This will put an end to the Dukakis menace!

It was reminiscent of when an illegal killed someone in a traffic accident. One of our favourite media goons, Geraldo Rivera (mine anyway), went after Bill O'Reilly for twisting a drunk driving tragedy into yet another political football. You can't go wrong for infotainment by watching this:

The recent random killing in San Francisco was such a neat, tidy little story at first. Violent predator Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez had admitted to killing Kathryn Steinle. But wait a second. Hmmm. He does not seem to be a violent felon after all. His crimes have been alleged as drug related and illegal entry. He had been held most recently for another illegal entry. Since there was a warrant for his arrest based on a twenty-year-old charge of involvement in a $20 marijuana sale, he was somehow transferred to a regular guy prison, not an immigration detention center. New amnesty rules then allowed him his freedom.

Juan says he picked up the weapon which had been wrapped in a shirt and it accidentally discharged.

It looks like SFGate got the scoop that the gun is apparently owned by a federal agent.

Things are not so tidy anymore. I was watching CNN for the first time in a while last night and Anderson Cooper seemed stunned with the development. If I could read his mind, it went something like this: I thought we were discussing the debate over illegal immigration and amnesty. This leaves us with nowhere to go. We rely on law enforcement to tell us what to report. This is too messy.

Here is the secret to a good socratisation. Come up with decent phrases to plug into your favourite search engine. Here's another one: federal agent arrested.

Let's see:

*** Houston police officer arrested by federal agents
*** Silk Road rogues: Federal agents arrested for theft, extortion ...
*** TSA: Federal agent arrested after flying with gun in bag ...
*** Federal officer arrested for allegedly threatening Uber driver ...
*** Former FBI agent arrested after bizarre acts at CIA gate - NY ...
*** Federal agent arrested in San Antonio

I could keep going. That's from page one of my results.

I am not saying Juan Francisco is an informant for Feds and that's how he ended up with the gun. I have no freaking clue. For now, I take the man's words for what happened. He lifted up a gun wrapped in a shirt and it accidently discharged. He seems to be a man who got busted for selling weed and for coming to America to make a life for himself and his family.

Unless someone is Native American, no one has the right to be a hypocritical blowhard about foreigners wanting to live here. None of us were from here originally.

I truly believe this new story is very similar to the one Geraldo and O'Reilly went toe to toe over in the above video. I do not believe that the media is competent. They wanted this story to be what it first seemed, that an illegal immigrant randomly killed someone because he shouldn't have been here in the first place. Well, numbnuts in the media, how about the fact that the woman would still be alive today if the federal agent didn't lose his weapon, ya freakin' hypocrites.

Bonus Blog Coverage You Can Count On:

While it's true Michael Jackson was a beautiful and misunderstood man, we can hardly say the same about Bill Cosby. Extraordinary smears demand extraordinary proof. I had even wanted to believe in OJ Simpson. I was a big fan of his. I loved him on The Lucy Show episode. He was wicked awesome in The Towering Inferno and Capricorn One. He was an amazing running back. But he was also a confirmed wife beater. It is hard to believe The Juice was innocent.

Cosby performed a set which included jokes about drugging women for sex. In testimony now leaked out over the last couple days, Cosby admitted to using drugs to get his lady friends in a more suitable mood for sexual relations. He said it was still consensual.

There is too much going on imho to focus all that much on Mr. Cosby.

What I like about his story the most is that yet another Uncle Tom full of shit wanker has been caught up in well-deserved schadenfreude. Cosby liked to make blowhard political comments about the immorality of Black people. He was serving the cause of white supremacy, period.

And I am not coming up with examples of Black men caught up in controversy because crime equals Blacks. We can also discuss Ben Roethlisberger. Jared the Subway dude I believe deserves some due process. However, apparently one of his big wigs running the eat subs, lose weight mission* is a Whitey alleged to be involved in child pornography. Donald Trump is another white douchebag in the news we could discuss. 

* (Maybe it is a decent foundation to help kids avoid obesity and food issues.)

There are the two scumhats in the above YT video, Bill O'Reilly and Geraldo Rivera. Have at them.

I believe in M.L.K.'s vision of a colour-blind society, one in which all vile and menacing individuals regardless of race, colour or creed are to be exposed early and often.


socrates said...

Hey donkeytale, I took a quick peek at your medium is the conspiracy rough draft. It looks packed with stuff. With blogger you have two options, compose or html. You use one or the other. It's the difference between stick drive and automatic. If you use the automatic rather than plugging in html code yourself, remember that when you copy and paste, you transfer everything with it. What I do for that is highlight the copy/paste, then click that Tx something option on the right. It gets rid of the transferred gunk. I hit preview a lot. There's a lot of trial and error to using blogger.

From looking at your rough draft, it seems that is the problem you are facing. It's annoying. I know from my own experience.

donkeytale said...

I have that one saved. All 4 parts. No worries. But you are right. I can make the links work// lol

donkeytale said...


donkeytale said...

I always suspected you were a Geraldo man. Geraldo and Nancy Grace.

Has Geraldo's mustache been glued to his face continuously since 1973?

I must state this carefully for it may become misconstrued but I'm an O'Reilly guy because he plays an excellent asshole that everyone loves to hate. Nobody does it better. I did an O'Reilly parody on MLW. I did some good schtick at MLW both as donkeytale back in the day and Joe KKK in the final iteration of troll.

Bill O'Reilly is the historic troll.

This is a good entry by you. It feels like you're on the comeback trail.

donkeytale said...

Department of Half-Truths

socrates said...

I thought you were calling me a c*** or cont for continued, but now I see you meant you can't figure out fixing the links. I'll try to clean that up for you tonight or tomorrow. When you start a new post, pick compose or html. I think you want to use html. Then it will be like you remember it at soapblox blogs.

The other way is much easier especially for adding screenshots, videos and links that open up in new tabs. But I can see how it may be frustrating. The crucial part of that is every time you copy and paste, you need to highlight that, then click that T box with the small x. It removes all the icky stuff.

socrates said...

I put on CNN earlier today thinking maybe they'd have an update on the fed's gun. They were going on and on about computer glitches and the stock market.

Yeah, that is an important story. Three separate corporations including United Airlines were shut down. But ultimately CNN sucks and provides next to no news. In fact, I think by their repeating infobits while having blowhards spew out verbal diarrhea is a recipe for dumbing down the audience.

I may be greatness personified, but this is not the world I want to live in if the precious, gentle, sweet, dear readers are not also lifted to their own greatness levels. It's going to take a village of greatness to stop the vast right wing conspiracy.

socrates said...

Bill O'Reilly is a news version of Eddie Haskell. Even in that famous flame fest he had with Geraldo, at the end, he's like how are the kids? Love the moustache, my man! Just before he was like, you sucking suck you fricken, it's your fault there are dead babies.

socrates said...

I'm also a closet Glenn Beck fan. He used to get very kooky!

It didn't hurt that I was like his little fella commie friend who had confronted the bomber.

It's the Erin Burnett's, Jake Tapper's and Don Lemon's who are the true threats. Everyone including wingnuts know that Fox News is garbage. CNN has some sort of unearned gravitas. It's funny what one can find out from simple research. I am less worried about anon cowards than these fake journalists.

Geraldo has a good voice. O'Reilly is kind of a whiner. Nancy Grace is a sweetie, period!

donkeytale said...

Beck is just too generic white guy for me.

At least O'Reilly is Irish.

donkeytale said...

fascinating NBA news going down.

It appears the Clippers are retaining Jordan after all.

The Mavs reached agreement with his agent but there is a waiitng period until last night for actual contract signings.

Jordan had second thoughts and contacted Doc. The Clips flew Griffin and Chris Paul along with Rivers to meet with Jordan. Now Cuban is on the outside looking in. Froze out. LOL. H blew up his team for nada.

Jordan got comeupped by Paul in the playoffs for not making free frows, which basically cost LA the series against Houston. Jordan took it badly and that's why he originally decided to leave for less money. It wasn't a Doc problem at all. Now Paul has kissed and made up.

I sorta like it when rich guys get stiffed. Even though the guy who is reaming Cubes (Ballmer) is far richer.

socrates said...

I saw that but didn't mention it. Yes, it wasn't Doc after all. It was Chris Paul. I also see that Kevin Love and LeBron had a good cry together and they're both returning to Ohio.

The pressure is going to be very strong on the Clippers, especially in the playoffs. I'd like to say they are the Buffalo Bills of basketball. But at least the Bills got to the Big Dance in order to choke.

The Clippers are going to crash and burn. So will Cleveland. Right now they are one of five or possibly a few more than that teams with any chance at all of winning everything.

That will take a bit of time. They can whoop it up a while like the KG/Pierce/Ray Big Three. But to steal from another long-time used phrase, Father Time remains undefeated.

This is good for the Celtics. We own the Mav's pick. It's also good for those like me who do not respect Doc Rivers. Extraordinary teams win extraordinary games. I still see the Clippers as simply not having enough juice in the tank past their big three.

Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge were never good with centers. Now Doc's saying they will hire DeAndre a big man's coach?

The next team to get a dominating old-school center like Shaq or Kareem will win some titles. That they are such an endangered species means that most teams have to suck it up and go into war with the army of undersized bigs on their roster.

Our Texas buddy Kendrick Perkins made a career out of being the lunch pail blue collar rock in the pivot to protect against the Shaq's and Dwight Howard's. Yes, he is now years older and had some serious injuries. But the main reason he doesn't play much is that those old-school centers no longer exist.

The Celtics right now are going with Amir Johnson, Ty Zeller, and David Lee. Johnson is a power forward who can block shots. Zeller isa real center but not good at shot blocking. Lee is like Olynyk, an offensive force and not really the big cheese type you plant in the middle to protect the rim. Jordan Mickey is pretty good at shot blocking but is probably shorter than Bill Russell was.

Oklahoma figured it out with Perk. Ibaka was really the power forward protecting the rim, while Perkins served as the immovable type defensive center. Big Baby Davis is another immovable type for the five slot.

Those guys can work. That can work. You still need some kind of seven footer or big butt man in the middle, bt then you will also need a more athletic power forward to protect the rim against midgets.

The good thing about Golden State and Miami was that those teams did not really have a quality old-school center. They still won it all. I used to be in the camp always whining about the center position. But the league is changing. Pure centers are near impossible to find. And even when you do, like with DeAndre, they still can't hit their free throws or you have to worry about resigning them or now you wonder how much juice in the tank Chris Paul has left or the fact that DeAndre Jordan can't play 48 minutes and his backup seems to be Glenn "Big Baby" Davis.

donkeytale said...

Celts own Dallas pick unless it is 1-7.

Cuban previously said that without Jordan they were probably going to blow it up and have their "David Robinson" year.

It is beyond amazing the Spurs had two bad years out of the last 20 and they ended up with Robinson from one draft and Duncan from the other. I believe they had the number 1 pick both years. Although dont have time now to Google it.

The NBA should be highly embarrassed by this incident.

I don't get allowing teams to negotiate a deal but then having to wait two weeks to sign the contract.

I think this has happened before but can't remember how and to whom.

And I am not a Mavs fan by nature or inclination. I think Cuban is a dick. Highly dislikeable. So, in a way I'm glad to see this. They haven't drafted/developed any talent since Dirk. About time Little Donnie Nelson and Cubes do some of that. Bubble gum and paper clips aren't really working.

And the Spurs have Aldridge now. They are going to be very difficult to beat next year.

As every year. Doc's Clips did the trick this year.

Also, I read an article stating that Ainge is diligently working to create the most uninteresting team in Boston history. LOL. Don't know if I'd go that far but yeah, they don't have an abundance of talent on that team. Lotsa lunch pail guys. Not that there's anything wrong with that.