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Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Browning of the Republic of Texas

Texas is an extreme state of extremes. When it rains it pours. When its hot its so hot your germs sweat. The people, by and large, are friendly, open, giving and big-hearted, even within their interracial relations, which are many, as the cities of Texas are huge melting pots. For one thing, I have yet to be accosted inside the jails or on the streets of the Lone Star state by racially threatening otha brothas as has happened to me more than a few times in the cities on east and west coasts. Both coastal halves of white middle class progressive America have gaping racial wounds festering in the midst of their self-congratulatory "progressiveness". This is the point that whiteysphereans refuse to admit as they become horrified when our hero Bernie is upstaged by angry #BLMers at some of his stops in liberal strongholds such as Seattle and LA.

Make no mistake, Whitey. The target of these protests isn't Bernie, who has responded well to date with both decency and respect. No, the target is wee, the oblivious whiteysphere.

Wake the fock up everbohdee!

Black kids in Texas and their latino, asian and white millenial cohort are unfailingly polite and deferential to my status as an oldster. Anecdotal? Of course, but who is doing the necessary statistical survey? Maybe this is also a sign of the times and kids are just nicer in general, even to aging white bloviators.

Yes, the political and injustice systems of Texas, which most of the open and friendly conservative white people not only support but deify, are more racist perhaps than anywhere else in this godforsaken hellhole of a third world country AKA the US of A-holes.

Houston has quietly become a capital city of hip hop culture America (along with Atlanta which it maybe surpasses). Dwight Howard chose the Rockets over LA for less money in large part because of cultural factors. James Harden, ditto.

When NOLA imploded after Katrina the evacuees of the Crescent City by and large settled into Houston, which absorbed them with minimal fuss and grumbling about increasing crime, etc.

Barrett Brown himself is an extreme version of Texas. And like many Texans he is talented, articulate and telegenic. A handsome junkie anonymous. Texans make up an astonishing large number of movie actors and especially grate musicians. There was Leadbelly. There was T-Bone Walker. Lightning Hopkins. There was Buddy Holly, Waylon, Willie, Stevie Ray Vaughan. Janis. Selena. Beyonce. DJ Screw. George Jones the quintessential country crooner, the list of legendary talent is nearly endless.

Incredibly, Jordan Spieth lurks in contention for the fourth golfing major championship of 2015 after winning teh first two and falling only one pulled makeable birdie putt on the 72nd hole at St Andrews out of a playoff in the third. These are Golfing God-like accomplishments by the unassuming young man seen only a few times previously, by Texas own Ben Hogan, by Bobby Jones and Tiger Woods. Walter Hagen. To be mentioned for the same feats as these best of the all time great names at the mere age of 21-22 is astounding. Again, maybe it is just that kids today are simply astounding. Spieth so they say, is also unfailingly polite and nice to his fans, all of whom it seems are older than he. His little sister who is mentally handicapped is said to be his inspiration in both golf and in life its own self.

I'm not all that interested in Brown's writing, it is witty but somehow needs to be punched up and made more universally memorable. I have read some of his prison schtick and its pretty good, better than most everything I read of his from the outside which has appeared in the Graun among other big league venues.

His linking to a site that revealed credit card numbers, if that is what happened, is not cool. Is it criminal? Don't know the answer but if it had been my card numbers revealed I wouldn't be too happy about it. His YouTube diatribe against the FBI was just dumb. Criminal? Most definitely not.

But he seems to have found himself unfairly pinned behind bars thanks in good part to his own YouTube meltdown and seems to be thriving from the experience in an odd martyr-like way. He is bright and very ambitious. I expect when he emerges from the Federal Hilton he will surge to the top of the pops in teh Whiteysphere.

He is a solid Texan. Texas will also prove to be a bellweather for Bernie, one way or t'other. If he plays well here and especially makes inroads among blacks and latinos, who make up a very large and growing contingent of Demotardic votes (most whites are, of course, GOP) then his campaign will surely be on track elsewhere. Still, many Texas blacks and latinos are also more conservative than are persons of colour nationally and Hillary has longtime connections to South Texas going back forty years. #BLM hasn't caught on here as yet much either. I have many minority acquaintances and  business associates who are rock solid Republicans, in fact.

Of course, neither Hill nor Bern will win Texas in the general. Blog Jesus hisself running as a Demotard would get killed among the God fearing Bible thumping majourity Texas demographic.

Still, much of the real humanity comes in through the hegemonic Christianity of the area. Many Texan and other Christians responded in a big way into the Haitian quagmire a few years back with very mixed results but they were there when poor people suffered and they done more good than bad. Many White Anglo-Saxon Protestants go on missionary trips among the poor in other continents which forms a more compassionate worldview, again whether they actually provide assistance or spread imperialism, or both is a question I am not qualified to answer. My point is that God Fearing Christians are not without compassion for the poor since it is, uhhm, a cornerstone of Jesus gospel teachings, even as their preferred political system serves to make the poorest poorer. It is another of those extreme/extremist conundrums. Can as many agnostic/atheist libertards say as much about our own acts of social outreach to the impoverished of this and other lands?

Didn't think so. We tend to more blog our compassion, lol, rather than deliver the canned goods in reality.

Remember, W Bush carried through on his crusade to eradicate AIDS in Africa even while he implemented the horrors now unfolding in the Middle East.

Rick Perry of all people led the criminal injustice system reform effort to reduce non-violent offender captivity.

So, in closing, Texas is complicated and extreme in so many ways. I could go on forever but alas this is by circumstance of necessity a mailed-in entry. have a nice day.


donkeytale said...

The HoustoninBlack link contains some very interesting socioeconomic data

socrates said...

There was a famous pool movie, as in billiards. It was JohnnyBoy Winters against the whippersnapper Paul Newman, the latter going on to become famous for his food products or perhaps some movies before then.

There was a sequel. It had Tom Cruise in it, I believe. Anyway, the crucial line was, "I'm back!"

It wasn't like Schwarzenegger in The Terminator where he says I'll be back Miss Sarah Connor. Maybe I am mixing in Hoss Cartwright with Arnold. Anyway, it was more of a feeling I got from reading this blog entry that donkeytale is about to wake up from his dogmatic slumber. Or maybe he finally cleaned out the ac filters. I heard Texas is very hot and sometimes people there get grumpy over it.

Of course this was mailed in. But it was high quality and done through air mail, not the basic it'll get there when it gets there.

I am proud of donkeytale. He's been treading water for a while with reruns. With this new entry there is an inkling of an itch of a feeling that this will preclude even better stuff from donkeytale.

My goal is to leave a legacy. So that perhaps in 50-100 years, future whippersnappers and those of today who will then take the old codger leadership slots will appreciate that we were the Marx and Engels of infotainment, though mixed in with Jerry Lewis theatrics.

socrates said...

Yikes, preclude doesn't mean what I thought it did when I used the word. I am drained. This political activism work has beaten me down. I can't compete with Hillary's funding and ownership of the medium.

I think Barrett got five years. He should have been let out with time served. He must be down to a year or two left? Yes, he will be a rock star on his arrival back to the blog world.

Hey, I am a little tired of leftier than thous being abused. When have they ever had power? Now if you are saying a big chunk of Bernie's supporters are fake left who hate Hillary or something, then fine.

But it gets a little stale to hear the paid fakes denigrating the purer of thought. The New Yorker had a recent parody piece where Bernie got attacked for telling the truth. I guess you had to be there.

One loser with 173,000 tweets who can be tied to Rauhauser argued that Bernie is an Independent and is dividing the Democrats. It's ridiculous. I am done with showing even a minimum of respect for unevolved, fatfuckfaces from both sides of the aisle. Both sides suck. The Republicans are deranged no doubt, but so are the Democrats. I am personally at a crossroads. It is Bernie or bust. If Bernie wins, I will have hope. If not, I will become quite the vicious blogger.

I'm done playing games. I will take over the medium. I will filibuster with ten page blog entries. This will not stand! And not on my watch! I don't even wear a watch. Time is an illusion.

If the world sucks, and we can identify why it sucks and who is responsible, why can't we let those asswipes learn a lesson through the application of truth staples?

As I recall from a tv ad that got played over and over again for some kind of trucking school, "Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired." And of course that was probably lifted from the movie Network.

socrates said...

Maybe I have already shot my load. There is always that possibility, that these are the embers of my creativity.

socrates said...

I updated your links so they will pop up in new tabs.

I feel a little lost from jonesing. Currently I am in a stupid pissing match with a dude associated with over 1600 drone strike deaths. He said only one child and no women were killed due to his own activities. He fancies himself a whistleblower.

I feel like someone who drank too much booze. They shouldn't drive. I'm feeling volatile. There is a thunderstorm going on within my head. Maybe I should log off of Twitter and here and keep my fricken mouth zipped.

Oh, I found a youtube video with a speech by W.E.B. DuBois. I got that inspiration from watching Cornel West with Chris Hedges and he plugged him as the greatest US thinker ever.

The guy was over 90 years old at the time.

The internet speeds up the ability to evolve. But how do we get masses of people to wake the f up? What is their malfunction? I know McLuhan kind of put it in perspective. But like with this drone operator, I think too many people are taking shortcuts to redemption.

Cornel West got through to me. He nailed this idea about a fake, Black professional class that has co-opted the prophetic, Black intellectual movement.

He vindicated me. But I guess I'm not allowed to say anything because I'm white. Paid fakes and useful idiots always have a shallow retort. Hillary might be the biggest teflon politician in history since Reagan. I am sooooo mad. I am fearful for the world. We are definitely at the precipice.

If nothing changes, things are going to get very ugly over the next 50-100 years. A cop got pistol whipped in Alabama and no one helped him and social media mocked him. I couldn't care less about the cop. Sure, that doesn't speak well of myself.

It's like when Breitbart died. Mark Ames said exactly what a lot of us sadists were thinking. It sure would be fun to do the chicken dance over him or wtf Ames said.

But I won't make fun of Mandy. While she created a niche in that Breitbart sphere, she was still small potatoes. That would be punching down.

I didn't want to punch down on the drone operator, but he started first with a gutter mouth. I may be a nobody blogger, but it still feels like punching down on this dude even though to be quite honest, he is a modern day Nazi serial killer. He has to own it for me to forgive him.

He doesn't think I have the right to judge him. I'll judge whomever I like. In fact, we may be entering a new era of radicalised socratorianism.

socrates said...

W.E.B. Du Bois in Wisconsin of all places in 1960:

"Socialism and the American Negro"

donkeytale said...

You seem unsettled. I hesitated to post this is mailed-in paen to Texas because I know how much you hate the place and thought seeing it presented somewhat sympathetically (but very shades of grey) might throw you off.

And then you came in and seeming off I was concerned but now it appears it is your recent Twitter overdose I hope caused your latest consternation.

Maybe you need a twitter break. It is such a direct flame fest environment. Yes, its great for ratings here and your aphorisms are what bring me to your tweets a couple times per week but I gotta tell you I dont get into your slug fests. At. All.

LOL. There is nothing enlightening about those excursions even when you are debating a celebrity. It just seems so counterproductive goes nowhere and ends up in a blocking anyway.

No true enlightenment can occur on Twitter. That's the way I see it. Spread the news, sure. Be clever in a 140 strokes or less. Definitely.

Reach nirvana? No. Get Bernie elected. No. Feel footloose and fancy free.

Nyet. Maybe after a shower.

I would also disagree that the internet speeds up the ability to evolve. Theoretically this may be true, but in actual practice I have seen precisely the opposite happen. People no longer have memories. We become obsessed, addicted, shut off from real life, insulated and fake comforted.

The instant flow of information and the ability to transact stuff online.... great.

But none of that produces wisdom. And often it produces quite the opposite, not to mention internal turmoil.

donkeytale said...

I'm also inclined to ask Corny what he expected would result from the increasing amount of racial equality in the world? That blacks would evolve more instead of going into business, they would all become philosopher/infotainers/professors or stay at home bloggers?

His crit sounds uppity and more than a tad hypocritical seeing as he leads a pretty wealthy life and all, and is in a very unique position of being cradled in the arms of extreme white academic privilege, something of a caged pet at the Ivy League/Media Zoo.

"Here we have one of the few remaining living examples of a 60s black radical extant. We tried to mate him with Angela Davis the last remaining female of the species but alas she was already menopausal."

Most blacks have to struggle in the real world to make it anywhere near as far as West and are without the opportunities.

Then there is the question of his academic substance and quality.

From the wikipod:

In 1995, The New Republic literary editor Leon Wieseltier charged him with opportunism, crass showmanship, and lack of scholarly seriousness. Wieseltier specifically dismissed West's books as "almost completely worthless" because, he said, they are "noisy, tedious, slippery ... sectarian, humorless, pedantic and self-endeared."[31] Nonetheless, West remains a widely cited scholar in the popular press.

In 2000, economist and former U.S. Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers became president of Harvard. Soon after, Summers held a private meeting with West, where he reportedly rebuked West for missing too many classes, contributing to grade inflation, neglecting serious scholarship, and spending too much time on his economically profitable projects.[45] Summers reportedly suggested that West produce an academic book befitting his professorial position, as his recent output had consisted primarily of co-written and edited volumes. According to some reports, Summers also objected to West's production of a CD, the critically panned Sketches of My Culture, and to his political campaigning, including an alleged three weeks to promote Bill Bradley's presidential campaign.[46] West contended he had missed only one class during his tenure at Harvard "in order to give a keynote address at a Harvard-sponsored conference on AIDS." Summers also allegedly suggested that since West held the rank of Harvard University Professor and thus reported directly to the President, he should meet with Summers regularly to discuss the progress of his academic production.[47]

I guess you could say Wieseltier and Summers are racist. Summers is also sexist. Yeah, that's the ticket.

donkeytale said...

To be fair, Davis seems true to her roots and a true Marcusean radical.

West is a whitey approved media showman.

donkeytale said...

Jackie Gleason played the Fatman in the great movie "The Hustler."

One of the alltime best, also starring Geo C Scott, a seminal experience of the 1960s disaffected youth movement.

Johnny Winters was a great albino bluesman.

Jonathan Winters was a great comedian, sort of the original Robin Williams with a fast moving melange of characters and voices in his head.

Many thought he really heard those voices.

socrates said...

I know both Angela Davis and Herbert Marcuse were at Brandeis. I never pieced together if he was her supervisor or anything.

Marcuse used to lead student protests. He was in the last phase where professors actually did more than collect paychecks & stall writing books.

That is a catch-22. If they write books, then where's the teaching. If they are strictly teaching, who are they to be up there as so-called experts?

I am going to reevaluate my Twitter schtick.

I will try to implement your suggestions.

Two stories I'd like to share here while I catch my breath from exercising.... So-called journo from Chicago wished for a Katrina. It's one thing for the group Tool to wish for a big earthquake and tidal wave to flush down the Hollywood medium. It's quite another for some whitey-head to say something so idiotic.

Maybe I started losing my cool with the CNN lies about Bernie saying all live lives matter and then the person in question ignored me and others and won't correct it.

I appreciate this entry of yours. I am just realising this is the anniversary of Katrina. You also got in some Barrett Brown which you know I like because it gives my eccentric story a bit of play. People can look it up. Rauhauser went after me. Rauhauser went after Barrett Brown.

And you have always been around or at least since 2004 Daily Kos. You did do a good job covering the socrates-BK top of the zeitgeist story. You even advanced it to the thrilling vanilla conclusion of a great divide. Then you realised the story was over. Well played, Mr. Bond.

Oh, here's the second story. Bernie has formally apologised and reached out to Black Lives Matter.

I also see this tweet from a Bernie type account:

"People For Bernie ‏@People4Bernie 2h2 hours ago
Bernie IS that cool teacher! He likes to learn as much as he teaches. @mikeyardcomedy knows how to #FeelTheBern"

That might be schtick theft. I said the same thing a bunch of days ago. People immediately liked it with retweets and favourites.

Yes, it is a simple idea. Yes, it's probably a coincidence.

Maybe not.

socrates said...

I think you might be being a bit harsh against Cornelius. I get the impression he is a liberation theologist who just so happens to also be an academic.

I know what you mean about people's schticks not being remarkable. The only thing I remember of Barrett Brown is the stupid videos, how ya like dem apples, when he copied and pasted Liberal Grouch, and that's about it.

I like Cornel's idea about a Black professional class co-opting the historic leftier than thou Black greatness tradition. We are talking about Du Bois versus Booker Washington. We are debating Paul Mooney versus Don Lemon.

Oh. My. God. Maybe I do fetishise the Black people. There is this new news lady on CNN overnight when the Brits come on. She is a tall glass of a chocolate milk shake. It'd be like the couple in Napoleon Dynamite, the tall model Black woman with the little white fella.

We are talking about Paul Robeson versus Michael Jordan.

I will get my act together. Some pitchers go from greatness to wtf happened to that dude's era? Then come the World Series, he restores confidence by winning three of the necessary four wins.

That is my goal.

I'm getting into shape after realising the metabolism slows down for codgers. There are a bunch of factors which led to my panties ending up in a bunch. Mostly you're probably correct that Twitter is a negative energy.

So I will try to stick to my own schtick and stop pursuing the hate.

I'm looking forward to listening to Du Bois.

Maybe I need to grow up and be a bit more professional about this unpaid gig.

socrates said...

When I attacked Texas that time in the past and you were offended, I felt bad about it. I apologise for that and for other times I was mean to you. You don't have to apologise for anything.

I love writing, but maybe I started making too much love to the mirror and became a caricature of myself. You are busy during the week and that's when I tend to get into trouble. Plus the jonesing.

I also want to address what you wrote above contradicting my gushing admiration for the internet as a vehicle to blow one's mind and elevate it.

You are correct. We become arrogant and think we can google anything we want to to substantiate ideas that can cross the line from sincere introspection into narcissism.

Now I have to figure out what movie I was thinking about in regards to John Winters.

Aaah, okay, I see my mistake. He was in a 1961 episode of the Twilight Zone where he played James Howard "Fats" Brown titled, "A Game of Pool."

Jackie Gleason was greatness. I always like it when the old-school actors get a second wind and great love from a new generation. I suppose that happened with him with the Smokey and the Bandit movie.

I think Cornel West is a sincere man. He may not be the greatness that was needed, but perhaps that can be said about all of us. I'd need to hear more about what you're arguing to understand better.

I think he got snookered by Obama or something. Right there he should've known better.

I have learned a lot from this election cycle despite it potentially ending up very sad.

Say it's Hillary versus Trump. Would it be crazy to vote for Trump? I feel that Obama's shell game, which I think you phrase as his consolidation of power for the Democrats, will all go down the drain when a President Hillary soils the mattress. Trump could bring us to the brink. But at least the Republicans would be blamed and then someone we probably cannot even imagine right now, a true progressive, will win in 2020.

I am thinking of how bad it felt when Scott Brown won Ted Kennedy's seat. But that only lasted so long. Coakley was bad news. She was an attorney general or something, just another cynical fake leftist. Instead of ending up with Coakley and her destroying the Democratic Party in Massawhojits, now we have Elizabeth Warren.

I am sorry Texas. Please forgive me.

socrates said...

Black mainstream website The Root just produced this:

"Bernie Sanders, Black Lives Matter and the Search for a Black Agenda
Sanders, who’s running for president, has one. (And he was bullied into it by Black Lives Matter.) But what’s up with everyone else?"

People are people. There will be some stupid Black people who will never vote for Bernie because they perceive him as a fake.

When Hillary wished for Obama's assassination the last time, within that clip she also said she'd debate anytime, anywhere. Now she and the DLC are conspiring to limit debate.

Most people are not prescient. Hopefully that is what's going on. So when Bernie does win the nomination (knock on wood), all the talking heads will be acting like it came out of nowhere. Otherwise, they would have to admit they were full of it.

donkeytale said...

LOL, you crack me up. Srsly. You are indeed a changed man and I mean that as a compliment but I must admit I enjoy the Socratian rant as much or more than the next guy. I just can't get into it on Twitter. It is a strange venue for trolling when you come from the forum or soablox communities. Somehow the exchanges seem even more disembodied on Twitter. Plus on the blogs only the moderator can shut somebody up whereas on Twitter I gather the performers themsleves can pull the plug. There seems to be a lot scattershooting that is contexless unless one is willing to do homework.

You are fine. I admit I was stung a bit at times in our past go rounds but that added to the existential melodrama and overall humour of our exchanges.

I will also admit I was a bit harsh on West buut I mostly an act there, a businessman attacking other businessmen in a holier than thou manner who maybe don't have his academic cred and so make something of themselves with what they have on hand. This is representative of progress. West at best is an elitist who gets fed by the white man. Hard for me to grok his crit of anyone else.

Altho normally I dont pay much attention to him and really could go either way. Yes he can be incisive. He's sort of a better educated Sharpton who probably has had less impact than Al as an activist but more as a bloviator.

Plus he's out of date, and the newer #BLM activism seems to consist of realer, more oppressed undereducated non-elites grabbing the mike when and where they can.

I have more sympathy for them then a whiny academic windbag even if his schtick is good he's spouting from the same newsroom and penthouse of any other elitist.

Time for new voices ones with real skin in the game of reform, not another talking head making media bang while blaming otha brothas making bang in their own manner.

donkeytale said...

"West is an actor" meant to say.

donkeytale said...

Marcuse was in Cali too when I became aware of him. He had a major impact on the era. I believe it was Angela who studied under him there too before she became big news which made him go viral at the time. Plus his connection with Abbie Hoffman.

These are examples of what I consider real leftists, btw.

donkeytale said...

The road to Bernie Sanders goes through Barack Obama as surely as the road to Reagan went thru Dick Nixon.

Sanders also touched on issues of racial justice. He praised “people of Iowa for their courage in supporting Barack Obama in 2008”, which he said showed “that a state that is mostly white can go beyond a candidate’s skin and vote for them based on their character”.

Sanders segued from that into issues recently brought to his attention – through interruptions of his speeches – by members of the Black Lives Matter movement. He mentioned two African Americans who died at hands of police or in police custody, Sandra Bland and Samuel DuBose, by name. He also drew a huge round of applause for calling for an end to private corporations running prisons.

socrates said...

Yeah, unless BradBlog is prescient about electronic theft of elections, which he isn't, Bernie has a chance. Whenever Trump makes a faux pas, the media states that this will be the start of the inevitable downfall for him. Then his poll numbers rise. I am not guaranteeing a Trump nomination, but rather I am pointing to the Scott Brown factor. This thingie is up for grabs.

I have about twelve The Root articles in different tabs along with the Du Bois speech I've yet to get to. Maybe I will blog on that. I admit there is a tinge of fakery to my schtick, a bit of Wizard of Oz. It's akin to having a huge bookshelf packed with stuff that only you know you didn't read. But it looks good. Sheriff Taylor used to say, "Goood cracker."

The Root link I provided above has some good comments and discussion below the article. I think someone says the author is a Black Republican. I have no clue.

If that comment page is any indication, Bernie will surprise with the Black vote. He needs to get it down to about 60-40? Rather than 80-20?

It's another catch-22 or wtf. One whitey showed up saying you are 13% of the electorate and this move is counter-productive. Other people have your attitude of you have to iron when the appliance gets hot.

I use CNN as white noise (no race issues intended). They are putting on a Morton Downey documentary soon. Thus, they keep running the ads with some of his more famous moments. As Sister Mary Elephant - "Good evening, class." I personally like when he says, "No, you shut up." Or even better is when he says, "I don't apologise for anything." I suppose Trump is a nicer version of that Downey mayhem. And I suppose he is doing well because he is fricken funny.

I don't like him. He's a definite arse. But like with Morton Downey Jr., you have to look. You can't turn away.

Plus you know as well as me what the soapblox blogs were like, especially FSZ then PFFugee. MattyJack turned out to be a fraud of a moderator and cheated and whatnot, but it was let it rip. Don't hold back. Or with the classic sarcasm line, "Tell us what you really think."

And before then I had been on Huffington's original Debate Both Sides blog. She was gone by then, but oh my, DBS put to shame whatever Peeder ended up with the Political Flesh Feast. You were choir boys compared to the true sewer you probably never even saw.

Like I never once read PFF when it was still around and now it is reduced to an incompetent (corrupted I suppose is the computer vernacular) archive machine link.

Oh, before I forget, which I just did...... Yes, I also remember the four parter of emails between Barrett and Patrick Frey Patterico. It is hosted at Cryptome? They discuss Rauhauser and Stacey McCain. I mean, thank God you did the Troll Wars series and it is back in business. Maybe we should copy/paste some of that. I don't know. And thankfully I did write a lot from my side of things and just in time for when Aaron and Ron being smeared as SWATboy took off.

They are still suing each other. Aaron is still at it. Why can't he let it go? I did.


socrates said...

And I think I saw that Kevin Gostzola or maybe that friend of Brown who ran the libertard defense fund for him is behind the shadowthiefproof website. I should really know who. They are kinda sorta two different people. Though they both run in the same Snowden/Greenwald herd.

There was also something about Assange having some charges dropped. I don't understand what possibly he could be charged with. Greenwald is not getting arrested. Assange seems to have vetted stuff and not simply dumped it all. I do remember Barrett was behind Project PM and was sort of the rich man's version of myself. He got completely bamboozled by internet cointelpro. It was esoteric shite and I believe I was just about the only one who put that all together.

Brynaert is another one who needs to move on. He is still pursuing his so-called vindication. I spoke with him on the phone once. I still think he works for the NYPD in some fashion. Either that or he's the Colonel Kurtz of internet convolution.

What probably saved my soul overall in this incarnation was that budweiser ad. There was a lot of wisdom in the idea, "Let it go Louie."

Oh yes, Google is good for editing. It is a technical means to turn mailed in writing into potential wisdom. You can search for spelling. You can fact check. There are limits though. Most folks have no clue about the importance of critical thinking and vetting. So their work may look professional and important, but under the veneer, it is still gobbledygook.

Young people should keep in mind that older people are not necessarily the enemy. We have experience. We already put in a lot of homework. You speak of the magnificence of young people, but if they are being herded and whatnot, if they are making love to the mirror before they should, they will end up even worse than the pre-internet generation.

People are sick of the establishment and lack of social and environmental justice. Unless the voting boxes are rigged, if we can bypass the medium as conspiracy, we the people can vote in who we want. Bernie done good. He is going to be adored in future history books. Getting money out of politics would be great. The Ben & Jerry ice cream guy is trying to do that. They are vandalising dollar bills or something.

A quick google search would verify that. But Google cannot accommodate my laziness.

I think I swallowed a bug

socrates said...

I don't mind when I go overboard and get the Blogger message, "Dude, you can't go over 4,096 or wtf characters. I simply slice and dice, add the continued schtick, and as Aaron Walker would put it, "There you go, my dear sweet readers."

Omg, if you go to scribd and type in Aaron Walker, there are a million results. If you go to his blog, the guy puts up popcorn screenshots for all his entries. I did not enjoy my experience until it ended. He never wants it to end.

I can't regret having gone after Kimberlin. You can't pull a Superman and reverse time to save Louisa Lane.

I'll let Barrett play the rock star. I barely survived my day and a half in detention. Judge Jordan will look like an idiot in future history books. He will be added to the list of prominent people who fell for Kimberlin's schtick.

I've no idea about those new lawsuits, protection orders etc.. I will say the idea of those things never scare me. I used to be easily triggered. It was not fun. But I survived. I'm doing pretty good compared to a Walter Benjamin. Not that I am in his class.

I have no clue. Maybe we are in some kind of historic literary class and we will get our due eventually.

I don't speak like this out of arrogance. It is what it is.

Oh yeah, Abbie Hoffman also attended Brandeis.

socrates said...

The town I grew up in had next to no Black people. Not my fault. Coming from a liberal background, I was not unaware of Blacks being abused, both historically and in the then present.

Youtube has shattered all illusions and this was history the last year. And the story continues.

The college I went to (Brandeis) didn't have many Black students. When I went to study in Ireland, there were no Black (US) people. There were Nigerians. That's a long story. There's a connection there. One of my best friends, not just saying that cliche, was a dude named Ben. He was a great guy. I've tried to figure out what happened to him, but like with many others, the internet is not as automatic as it may appear to reconnect with folks.

He was learning English. He was okay at it. I had another close friend from Austria. A hippie, not Nazi. I loved those guys. There was a basic humanity we shared. When their English improved, it only got better.

Undergrad I had one Black friend, from Jamaica. She was very nice. I even visited her once in New York.

Again, it wasn't my fault this world was still basically segregated. I still cared. Perhaps Bernie is being blamed a bit like this. It's not that the Irish are racist. They just have no clue. People are people must always be remembered.

I am pretty much an introvert at this point with a few close friends. I include you. Sure, why not? When I finished senior year undergrad one course I took was an independent study with a brilliant African American woman. I don't remember her name. I don't remember many names, so that isn't racism. I studied with her American foreign policy in Southern Africa.

When I ended up in Ireland, there was a critical theorist (white) refugee professor from South Africa. He was another whitey like us who cares about Black people.

It was a mistake to do my thesis with him. He had a very rough accent and was very anal about critical theory. He liked Habermas who I have come over the decades to believe is a fraud.

He's a good guy and I see he is still at the university. He had his car bombed or wtf in Dublin. So, the world even back then was small and dangerous like that.

The other professors were amazing. I had been there junior year abroad, so I had already figured out the accent.

One of them taught us that Irish slaves had been brought to the Caribbean as slaves. Yup, the Brits. They suck.


socrates said...

I am mixing things up because of the junior year abroad. Anyway, that senior year course was fate or something as I ended up doing my thesis on critical theory and South Africa.

I've always cared, as Bernie obviously did. It is funny to see certain fake Black people gloss over Bernie's past.

I appreciate your sticking up for Black Lives Matter.

I am too. But I am a specific type of internet personality with a schtick. I went after specific people.

Twitter is garbage as you explain above.

Forums enable one the room to actually spell out stuff.

Some people will always be racist. We can't worry about them. Most people are not overtly racist anymore obviously as a Black man was elected president. A Black man was elected governor of Massachusetts.

Bernie is not God. He will need a revolution, i.e. support, behind him if he is elected in order to then fix the social structure.

The man is 73. He is sweating buckets out there. Some days his voice goes hoarse, but you can tell he has a pure love for the game. And the man has been consistently leftier than thou his whole life. Like a lot of us whiteys.

This is why the base is so thrilled he even has a chance. I would also like to add that since people are people, the Bernie base also includes African American leftier than thous. We shall see. What is it, the third inning of game one and it's 5-3 Hillary for the world series?

It's obvious why Hillary is stalling with debates. It's also a bit obvious that it will not be easy for her to run out the clock.

The crowds have forced the media to include Bernie in the discussion. Hillary is Foreman. Bernie is Ali. That's how I see it. I see no Republican winning this without Hillary beating Bernie and then the scandals hit or loooosers like me cross party and vote Trump, as I explained earlier.

This is sort of like playing video poker. It is extremely volatile.

socrates said...

I still think Sandra Bland was dead in the photo. Someone rotated the photo and her hair is clearly touching the backdrop. The colour is also the same as the cell floor, not the other parts of the jail. And the amount of marijuana found in her three days after is virtually impossible according to at least one expert I read when first looking into this. I'm guessing she was dead and they somehow put thc into her system.

Of course if she was very much alive in that photo, many of us will be spun as conspiracy theory kooks. I'll just say stranger things have happened. One can watch Hitchcock movies or Forensic Files or some true crime whatnot. She might be dead in that photo and the cops were covering their tracks.

socrates said...

Yikes, not all Brits suck. Keepitreal is a Brit. Oopsies. And John Lennon and the lads were good people. There are probably some other Brits who pass the humanity test.

donkeytale said...

Wow. What a series of posts. None of this humanity comes through on your twitter feed. Just sayin.

Yes, the people have to stand behind Bernie and stay behind him even after he is elected. Of course. But, but, but, where did the people go after Obama was elected? They sat back thinking "our job is done" and the majik Negro will instantaneously fix all the US problems not only federally, but at the state and local levels too. Jeesh, people, grow the fock up.

And then when he didn't do what was udderly impossible to do even by one president not to mention the first black one in an overtly racist society, they reacted bitterly, blaming him (and me too for pointing out our own culpability in this post-electoral-euphoria defeat by the great white establishment, LOL) and then inexplicably never once re-kindled the flame or even bothered to vote in the 2010 and 2014 midterms thus allowing the forces of evil to further entrench themselves in both houses of Congress which they controlled more or less throughout 6 of Obama's 8 years.

Obama's mistake was if you can call it that was expending so much energy during those first two years on Obamacare, which even then, with a technical 60 votes in the Senate which he never had in reality thanks to Lieberman fuck face and 2-3 other Blue Dogs backing the insurance industry, not to mention Kennedy dying and not able to vote plus Al Franken not seated for months, the reality is contrary to fake leftists baloney, he didn't have 60 votes in the Senate.

And of course, there was also that little thingie known as the "Greatest Recessions since the Great Depression" that he inherited and in my opinion acquitted quite well, especially in comparison to Europe and Japan. He had to fight the GOP on.every. The most obstructionist Congress in the herstory of this sorry banana republic. And not just any GOP but a half crazed group of idiots informed with racist hatred to which the first black President by necessity has to rise above and work with unless he wants to set back the cause of black people attaining power for another 150 years.

And, yeah, I see Obama in a different light and frankly I believe he will be wholly vindicated in history. Under the circumstances he will be top 10-15 alltime presidits eventually.

So now, yes, you recognise that Sanders will face the same stiff oppo in DC to anything he wants to do, and while Obama was considered a Kenyan born Muslim socialist, bernie will be just a socialist fighting both sides of the aisle. And you recognise he will need the people behind him actively. And Obama didn't?

Hopefully the people will wake up and realise their own culpability in the last 8 years of do-nothingness and wake the fock up! In that sense, if it occurs, the road to Bernie once again goes through Obama.

That is a dairy worthy idea too.

donkeytale said...

And I read in your link or somewhere that that Symone chick already blew it with #BLM strying to change their message to "We stand united" and bernie now having to apologise for that.

These people aren't going to be co-opted that easily, Bern. It is great to see you growing in the job, knowing that in politics there is always a reaction, in this case if he pulls to close to #BLM he will gain a share of their 13% at the risk of losing a share of the remainder of the moderate white vote he will also require to overtake HRC.

So, I mean, it is difficult but he is now openly grokking that he has a moral duty to fight for #BLM. This is how street activism works.

And it needs to continue working after he is elected by holding the racists feet to the fire.

Will they have the balls to start showing up at GOP rallies? At Trump's events?

If so, that will send my respect for this working underclass movement through the roof.

In fact, I will be looking around to find one to assist in what way I can. At this point, yes I'm sure there paid fakes involved but this is the closest thing to a movement that is out there, much like #OWS a few years back. It feels more real and more organic, vital and necessary and it does involve the working class.

And I am in complete and udder sympathy with their struggle. It is vital, legit and worthy of the participation of anyone white dope including meslef who calls himself a lefty, whether fake or real.

donkeytale said...

Spieth update: he birdied 6 of the final 8 holes and plays in he final pairing today two strokes back of Aussie Jason Day, another phenomenal young player who has contended for a number of majors, including this year's US Open where he collapsed with vertigo and fought back to remain in contention.

Here is the article I was looking for on Spieth. Its behind the NYT paywall which as everyone should know it easily breachable:

donkeytale said...

Speaking of schtick theft this borders on plagiarism

Sanders support can be found primarily among white men and, in particular, the denizens of dark-blue liberal enclaves. The combination of Clinton’s rainbow coalition and Sanders’s more lilywhite liberal supporters also explains his current strong performance in New Hampshire and Iowa, two states not exactly known for their racial diversity. Even in the unlikely chance that Sanders were to prevail in both places, once the Democratic race moves to Nevada, home to a large number of Hispanic voters, and South Carolina, where the Democratic electorate is strongly African American, he will find himself on less hospitable political turf. Quite simply, unless Sanders can make serious inroads among African Americans and Hispanic voters it is nearly impossible to imagine how he could assemble the kind of political coalition necessary to beat Clinton.

socrates said...

Thanks. That was nice of you to say. I guess a lot of the personal stuff was already in the socrates backstory series, but I think the difference was this time I focused in on the concept of some of my best friends are Black.

You are clearly a great writer and thinker. I don't always agree with you, but that usually only boils down to specific thoughts here and there.

The Guardian article does sound like your schtick. I think you even used the word lily-white, though your favourite term has always been whiteysphere, ironically a twist on Francis Holland's white-o-sphere or something.

I liked that Guardian article which I haven't actually finished yet. I liked when he basically went with a that being said which led to saying Bernie can do this. Although he also mentioned earlier in the essay that Bernie has about as much chance as himself to win the nomination.

When I asked the Sanders campaign to identify the major differences between the two candidates a press aide pointed me to a recent TV appearance in which he talked about “differences of opinion” on free trade, the Keystone pipeline, the war in Iraq and the Patriot Act, which he opposed and she supported. These are not insignificant differences, but they’re not major ones either.

That's pretty weird and lazy writing imho, almost the same literary trick as that being said.

These are not insignificant differences, but they’re not major ones either.

Huh, wut?

And it gets worse for Michael Cohen (who?) as the opinion essay continues. It gets shallow and propagandistic. I guess he never read Orwell.

Haha, yes, he might have definitely lifted your writing. He writes stuff about how Hillary and Bernie are not that different, without any proof or while downplaying the few concessions he made for differences, then he says when push comes to shove, we will all fall back into line and vote for War Hawk Hillary.

I finally listened to DuBois. God bless him for pumping out a good reading of his schtick at age 90 or older. I liked how he covered the propaganda angle on socialism. It was also interesting to hear him say that capitalism in theory can work. Yet, since Black people and of course poor whites too have never been given a fair shake andonly shakedowns, that scialism is the only thing that'll git it dunne.

I'm interested in his earlier work. There's something on Philadelphia.

I'm getting the impression that he has been buried from the collective consciousness or co-opted. Look at Helen Keller. The narrative says, "Wow, look at how the blind, deaf, and mute woman overcame all that!" Few may realise she was greatness beyond that and a socialist to boot.

The medium continues to spin the same bullshite narrative with Hillary versus Bernie. That it is a cute story, but that Bernie is not viable and the real evil is all about the right wing.

Hillary is the right wing, too!

DuBois is probably viewed as that early civil rights leader who went to Harvard. Forget about his actual ideas and whatnot, that's all we need to know. We are living in a trivial pursuit society. We only seem to need to know the most simplest of ideas. Republicans = bad. Democrats = good.

Intellectuals are not facing threats from police and socio-economics, but Black Lives Matter is not the only group being oppressed. True leftier than thous are getting a rotten deal. A lot of them are fed up and not voting. We are not buying into the bullshit that all one needs to do is check off the Democrat box.

Enough is enough!

socrates said...

Of course you came out early and often against Hillary. I didn't mean to imply you and the Guardian hack are that similar. His overall narrative certainly sounds like yours, but from a simplistic political angle. The difference is you take it much further and bring in things that this loser doesn't even consider.

socrates said...

Dude, I know you dislike my interactive Twitter schtick, but I just got a response finally from Marc Lamont Hill. He basically trolled me and didn't respond to my fundamental grievance, that Bernie Sanders never said, "All lives matter."

It's a little minor point. It was on a segment that who knows how many saw. But it pissed me off and I pursued it. Marc is acting stupid or it's as if I don't exist and he is talking over me. Quite frankly he looks like an idiot in this so far brief exchange.

I also trollbusted a CATO affiliated loser who had stepped in between myself and the drone operator. And today I dropped another #TwitterTip to all paid fakes and useful idiots to not approach me unless they want their butts truth stapled.

When I say I have seized the medium and am driving the bus, no one believes me. But it's true. [i]evil laugh[/i]

donkeytale said...

Yes, you dont hear much about Du Bois or Debs for that matter either.

How about Bob LaFollette? The only way anyone knows that Milwaukee has had three socialist mayors in its history is from watching Alice Cooper give a dissertation on the City in "Wayne's World".

Yes, often my schtick merely beats the rest of the world to the punch not that its earth shattering brilliance, just mere an ability to see it and speak it ahead of the curve.

Here's another newsflash: The MSM usually gets the story correct or close enough. That is the news story.

Opinions are entirely different matter. The Graun has perhaps the worst OpEd lineup in the MSM. Terrible, usually irrelevant too.

My belief is that Bernie has a good chance, I'm sticking with a 3 in 8 chance at present, factoring in HRC's play it safe stupidity will cost her more support but not the all-out scandalous takedown that would doom her.

So, yes, I think the Bern has a much better chance than the writer of the Graun fluff piece.

Jason Day took care of business and won his first major today which is a great story. He's been close several times, almost every major in recent years. Plus, Spieth took second.

He is now the world's numero uno, setting up quite a rivalry for next year with McIlroy and now Day and probably a few other young worthies prowling around the leaderboards on a regular basis.

Tiger I hear is more interested in opening a sports bar in Jupiter Beach. Good for him too. He gets himself a bedroom in the bag and he won't have to leave the house for as many wing and flings as he can muster every night of his sporting life.

donkeytale said...

Right, the lesser of two evils conundrum. You seem to waffle on this point consistently. Or inconsistently as it were.

It is pretty clear cut to me. There are two paths to political change and the two can but not necessarily do always intersect. Street activism and voting.

You have political movements such as BLM taht stay outside the voting for change thingie that seldom moves the cheese more than an inch or so. They are not pursuing the electoral route if you can believe them. They have told Jesse Jackson (roughly speaking the "Black Clinton" establishmentarian) to take a hike. They don't want him involved. This is a younger less polished less affluent group. Sure, that may change in time just like Jesse was once an outsider in the MLK camp. He makes interesting points in the Graun article about him yesterday.

One that I have repeatedly made. The Whiteysphere consistently misreads history. He stated that MLK was an extremely unpopular figure to the establishment right up to the time he was off'd. And this is correct.

Today's internet fed loosers believe MLK was always welcomed with open arms and that it was Malcolm who was hated. One cannot succeed in present and future if one does not possess a clear understanding of the herstory. Period. You are bound to fuck it up.

Nope, it was both who were hated and pretty much MLK hated moreso because he led a more vital, larger movement, plus Malcolm was already off'd too quickly by the time things started happening. The Kennedy's denied MLK. It was only when JFK was replaced by Texas redneck LBJ that things started moving

Jackson also pointed out a truth that I have made. He isn't in love with Obama at all but he states that Obama has done very well and has faced as much obstructive hatred while in office as any President in the same category of opposition ever faced matched only by LBJ and Lincoln. I agree with that statement.

History and context are everything. I have that working.

That said, I agree with BLM. Jesse is cooked. Corny is cooked. There needs to be new voices and new energy from the yougsters.

BLM has that going on plus the black wimmins seem to be the leaders.

donkeytale said...

Voting moves the pile an inch at a time at best.

Activism has to be careful, unless you reach the tipping point where the whole shebang comes crashing down, ala French Revolution.

It is all or nothing and the odds are nothing. However, every dog has its day and the French and Russian Revolutions did happen. One can occur. Is now the time? Perhaps. The inequality is extreme but as you indicated elsewhere things aren't that bad for most peeps yet. And demotardic capitalism has a way of reforming just enough to stay ahead of the pack. Last time it was after the immense conflagration of worldwide death know as WWII.

The last time there was major street activism, the 60s, what followed was a pretty strong push to the right that lasted 40 some odd years and only now seems to be changing back, beginning with Obama.

In the 70-80s the movement floundered and gave up. Everyone became yuppified and many former lefties turned neocons.

There is always danger of "meet the new boss same as the old boss".

And this is whiteys I'm talkin bout. Poor blacks have no such luxuries or illusions that they will ascend through the ballot. That's been proven over and over for 150 years.

Still, the activism has to thread the needle. Open rioting in the 60s lead to Nixon who led to Reagan.

Its a delicate position BLM holds. So far they are doing very well and I support their cause.

donkeytale said...

Wholeheartedly, even if they are infiltrated with paid fakes on the Clinton payroll, the FBI, the NSA, Neal, whatever.

Those are a given in every movement that ever existed that must be accepted, dealt with and overcome.

socrates said...

I woke up late today. I did read every word of your new comments, and as usual, they were of a B+ quality. Before you complain about not getting an A, there is something very suspicious about anyone whose grades are extremely high.

As Nietzsche said or maybe it was the buddha, it is better to be a down-to-earth regular guy than a pretentious, sellout paid fake or useful idiot.

I am busy today. I do have an idea for a new blog entry. I too am happy where this blog is headed. I do realise finally how vile and menacing Twitter is. I am also not saying that this nobody blog is shooting up the zeitgeist charts. It's here. It's sincere. It's not too shabby.

I did read the Jesse Jackson Guardian story and a few of the links contained within it.

That Black prof I had for independent studies within the Afr. Amer. dept., she mentioned the rumours centered around Jesse and M.L.K.'s bloody shirt.

We used to meet for an hour once a week. It was the coolest fricken thing one can imagine. I did eventually become a house sub (no pun intended) at a half and half chocolate/vanilla high school. The principal was pretty cool. The Black people were awesome. Another time I subbed in a decrepit South Boston high school, not much, but it was predominantly Black. There is this ongoing sociological battle. People are people. One can see it by comparing and contrasting.

DuBois was pure brilliance and I do hold back from judging him too harshly for anything.

I did hear of the people you mentioned. Of course one wants to look into the British versus French thingie. French and Indian war type stuff. Canada.

I wish I had more time today.

I am not blowing off what you posted.

In between cleaning I am also on Twitter. Your man DeRay had a tweet supporting a boycott against Nike. Someone juxtaposed that with a photo on him from McKinney in which he is wearing Nike sneakers!

I love writing. That is obvious and I mention it from time to time. But I am also having a rebirth with reading.

There is not enough time in the day!

Maybe a good part of that rebirth is I am not wasting much time anymore watching movies and watching t.v..

socrates said...

I'm logging off the computer, but I wanted to add that Bernie personally sent an invite to DeRay to meet and chit-chat. Wow. I also saw that Bernie snapped back at a I think Mediate reporter or someone who asked him about his hair. I can't remember enough to paraphrase. I only saw the summary of the link at Twitter. He said something about do you have any real questions. Wtf is this? Those weren't his exact words, and as I just said, this was a mailed in fake paraphrasing.

socrates said...

Maybe it wasn't McKinney. I don't make mistakes on purpose. And when I am called out for mistakes, I truly try to come up with a sincere reply rather than make up some shite like Marc Lamont Hill did.

socrates said...

Part of why Twitter sucks in addition to the obvious limitations is that it is rapid fire. One is under the gun to respond in real time. My mind doesn't work that way. Omg, I watched the c-span interview of the historian who wrote on DuBois. You might remember that anal retentive white dude who did the interviews. I'll put it this way. He should've been a lawyer. It's like the historian was on trial. Though it was impressive that the white dude was able to keep coming up with question after question in Twitter like rapidity.

donkeytale said...

Funny that, because one of Harvard's main complaints against Corny was grade inflation. So I guess that means you either agree with me about West or you have been hoist by your own petard?


Just kidding. That above paragraph fake facial was a parody of every fooker jumping to the most extremely twisted conclusion in his comment reply ever in every thread on every blog in the sordid herstory of the whiteysphere.

and probably the Afro-spear too for that matter.

My issue with Twitter is that the comments just dont connect somehow. It all seems off. Maybe its because of the medium itself more than the content. I cant quite put me finger on it. It just doesnt flow. No wonder Wall Street is thumbs down on Twitter.

donkeytale said...

So if DeRay becomes Bernie's spokesman or something then what?

Straight to Trump for you?

There has to be a Trump masterpiece lurking somewhere inside one of us. I just feel it.

socrates said...

I watched Cornel West interviewed by Marc Lamont Hill. I am starting to see what you mean. He ain't no Malcolm X. He's like a squirming Edward G. Robinson trying to get back into the business.

I am with Bernie 100%. The current schadenfreude has an old tweet by DeRay throwing Chelsea Manning under the bus. That is the kind of stuff I should jot down on the to-write list.

DeRay is coming back with a I didn't know he was getting the sex change. The point I am saying with my anti-Teach for America schtick is he's a numbnut. He said something about lets throw Bradley in the clink forever and throw away the key. Maybe something about and give him no parole.

That is the fake left. Right there in a numbnut shell.

I think TLNL simply quit blogging. No memorial necessary.

Abbeysbooks is still around. She taught me about Altemeyer and authoritarian personality disorder.

Precisely with Twitter. It's too convoluted and disjointed.

It's kind of fun though.

I think Trump is overkill. Yes he's funny and infotaining, but he is still in the lower 20% for that genre.

Belafonte is on MSNBC probably talking about Julian Bond.

He was in one decent movie I know of, Odds Against Tomorrow.

Jezebel Christiansen, Hillary is soooo like Senator Pallantine from Taxi Driver or Redford in The Candidate.

That's her platform. It is so transparent.

Every person in theory wants to know the truth.

She is nowhere close as tough a candidate as Obama was or her husband.

I put her in the John Kerry, Dukakis tier. Yawn. or Gore. Wtfu, guy.

Hopefully Hillary Clinton will be arrested for dealing with classified documents or wtf. Then either Gore or Biden, maybe both, enter. None of them want Bernie Sanders. He is pure grassroots. Of course he is tied to the Elizabeth Warren base. Then again, she is new to rock stardom. Her base could be the donkeytale described Greek bounce.

Hillary is campaigning like it's still the 1980s and Reagan is talking up commies. She is acting like Bernie doesn't need addressing. Something is up. I bet none of them knew he would run. For now, I have been vindicated. I asked Bernie personally to enter the race. We needed his voice. I quickly assessed he was the only true threat to the Clinton coronation.

F*** Trump. Seriously. I want to try to write something good. Maybe hand delivered with a notarised authenticity. No more regular guy phrases and sweeties and dear gentle reader schticks.