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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Vindication of Bernie Sanders

                                                         Symone Sanders

Actually, my greatness was yet again vindicated, but to keep harping on that is turning away DFQ2 page hits.

I think it's remarkable they both have the same last name. But I don't think that's getting much media coverage.

How Symone Sanders Began Defusing Bernie Sanders' Race Problem in Portland

I could have sworn he hit 28,000 people for Los Angeles. That meant many thousands couldn't even get into the building. Now a famous rapper has thrown his support from Hillary to Bernie. This seems huge.

Haha, up next on CNN: "Does Hillary Clinton have a Bernie Sanders problem?"

Rapper Lil B: Sanders has ‘leg to stand on’ with protesters

What else? I'm a little worn out today to blog much. I could talk about Elon's attorney or the fake BLM activist with the Sarah Palin button. This should do it for now. There's a natural mystic floating through the air. Bob Marley said that. The natural mystic is saying Bernie is still on the rise.

Lil B is on now. I'll publish this as is.

Update: Lil B did pretty good. I have no clue how many votes he just produced, but he definitely as one individual is generating Black votes for Bernie.


donkeytale said...

Bernie campaign seems to be settling down and settling in. On the whole the #BLM activism, while seemingly uncouth, worked. Bernie is starting to assemble some type of coherent strategy and response. For me, the rudeness and boorishness displayed in Seattle made the movement seem more real too.

When one looks at the stats for poor black incarcerations and state violence against then why shouldn't young blacks do what they need to do to get their outrage out and onto the airwaves?

The paid fake vs useful idiot question will of course always hang over these events however the grievances are legitimate and Bernie's handling has been real as well. He has a chance to gain from this affair as we have discussed. I'm impressed with him and them both all in all.

I hope he takes the next steps as suggested by the Washington State legislator and meet with #BLM representatives at some point. Bernie should be the rare politician who leads rather than follows/panders and make serious statements to galvanise these racial disparity and inequality issues into the frontal lobe of the Whiteyspheric hive mind.

He would be fulfilling my prophecy that white libertards need to meet minourities more than halfway in order to gain any real power within the DLC-controlled Demotardic Party apparatus.

Bernie must make serious inroads anyway or his campaign will not cross the finish line. Surely, he realises this and now seems to be making a stronger statement. Still, lonely words only to date but he's getting his direction together.

I think much of this is the newb sensation of his popularity which is going to force his campaign to think more strategically and less off the cuff. If he turns this issue into an example of his growth and adaptation to important socioeconomic issues impacting the minourity and yes white underclasses (who tend to vote GOP) he would be doing well in my book.

Harder to say how we will play in the barrio still but definite-seeming progress in the ghetto.

donkeytale said...

In fact I really should flesh out these ideas in dairy form seeing as how it will give me another platform to extol my own prescience from 4 years ago at FDL.

Somewhere, I hope Ms. Hamsher is recovering well from her hip surgery and reading this blog, recognising that not only did I take FDL viral with all the links to TW 6.66 all over the internets back then but I also nailed the political commentary not only for the 2012 election but also 2016 as the white middle class progressive campaign of Sanders unfolds INSIDE the Demotardic apparatus, gaining a measure of accomplishment at the very least and who knows where it will lead from here.........

Then again maybe I will just use this thread as my platform........

donkeytale said...

Check that, my math is off. It was a bit less than three years ago I posted a series of political dairies at FDL....

I guess I may not have been so prescient about the GOP in my 5 takeaways masterpiece. I predicted (although simply to score a rhetorical point) about Rubio getting the nominee to attract latinos. It appears at least today that trump's anti-immigration stances are still keeping him atop the polls even after and maybe because of his raucous debate performance that went against the grain of all political punditry.

And It is Ted Cruz and Dr. Carson who seem to be making post-debate moves in the polls along with Kasich and Fiorina who may have made the biggest leap all the way into the next prime time debate.

Cruz has been sort of agreeing with Trumps firebranding on the immigration issue and sees himself also as a politically incorrect outsider. Kasich also gave deference to the populist anger that is informing Trump's poll lead. I thot that was one of the better statements in the entire debate where everyone at Fox and most on the podium were trying too hard to trip up Trump.

Which seems to have backfired.

I also indicated the Dems should be looking for an attractive younger female candidate and while that wont happen this year (Bernie, HRC and Joe are all really old) that is still in play for the future.

donkeytale said...

This one pretty good too:

donkeytale said...

Oh what the heck. This one on target too:

In the context of 2012 general election, I focused on the growing Latino vote not black because those were a foregone conclusion for Obama and I was interested in pointing out how the Big O was politically reaching out to Latinos to make sure they got to the polls.

Now, especially in them Dem primary silly season, both black and brown votes are being courted strenuously as they are at least in theory up for grabs.

donkeytale said...

mfi was the grate Mark from Ireland who trolled me a lot but came around to completely agree with me on this topic.

He also enjoyed some of my other schticks especially 'Why I Mispel' and 'Each man Kills the Blog he Loves' masterworks.

He was an insider who finally quit out of his contempt for the white racism displayed there.I think it was a specific incident. Not sure if he diaried about it or commented. He commented lots as I recall but diaired more infrequently. I suppose the record is all there now including comments but I havent figured out how to open comments at Shadowthiefproof yet

donkeytale said...

Prescience thy name is Tale.

"In the US an analogous coalition could be formed between white progressives and the fast-growing latino youth vote. This could well happen within the Democratic Party and could well be inclined towards socialism (at least of the public library variety).

People misread my schtick as being pro-Obama or as apologising for centrist Democrats. But it is not actually about Obama or the DLC at all."

socrates said...

Bernie doesn't need to win the Black vote to win the nomination. It would probably guarantee his winning, but he does need a decent showing. He needs a moral victory, like when Tim Wakefield took a beating in the 2004 American League pennant series in game three.

We are definitely very prescient mf's. Is that saying much? It could be the equivalent of Jeb Bush being the smartest BushF***Face.

There is nothing sweeter than being able to say I told you so. Not you. I mean for example with Jason Johnson and he hasn't been the only blowhard downplaying Bernie on the way to the Hillary coronation.

Most of them do it. And when they are exposed as an Uncle Tom/white supremacist alliance, they move the field goal posts.

Now it's Bernie will win some delegates and make a fancy speech, then give Hillary a peck on the cheek and endorse her, call her sweetie, whatever his schtick is.

Bernie is a leftier than thou, obviously. People are starting to see that he also has some major political skills. Think of Tim Wakefield. Not only was he the best throwing knuckleball cheese, he started out as a regular guy player. So he is adept at covering first base and playing defense.

I think we may be perceived as racists or dudes who fetishize Black people if we go to basketball analogies. That's why I have leaned heavily in this post on Tim Wakefield and the 2004 miracle which was the Boston Red Sox.

This is hardball politics without the annoying Chris Matthews.

On a side digression, am I the only one who is crept out by Dana Bash?

And I am not being sexist. Wolf Blitzer is creepy.

Oh, so this tool David Von Ebers trolled me. He is from TWIB. He is a pasty white guy and a DINO who calls out white leftists for being racist. He is not racist, of course, because he is part and parcel of TWIB. That is the ticket.

I found another lady involved with them, an L. Joy Williams. Huh wut? Is that like L. Ron Hubbard?

She is a political operative who owns a public relations/astroturf company.

You've been vindicated for the political operative smears. Those were crazy times. Like I've said before, 2000-2010 will turn out to have been the internet equivalent of a dark age.

People are becoming more internet savvy.

socrates said...

I'm reading about Walter Benjamin. He was born in Berlin in 1892. He ended up on the Franco-Spanish border.

He spoke of a culture industry. Or he stole the schtick from his colleagues in the Frankfurt School. I forget or never learned this good enough.

Anyway, my point is that you could be his incarnation. Your profound concepts centered around herding and the medium as conspiracy is not a big leap from the ideas of those earlier social critics.

And you speak of growing up in a barrio. Maybe towards the end Benjamin was picking up a bit of Spanish and liked it.

socrates said...

This is pretty good, mostly on Adorno and Benjamin so far at least. It's a good article for newbies to get the context of the Frankfurt School and their diaspora.

socrates said...

This is also good leftier than thou, high brow free infotainment:

What drugs taught Walter Benjamin."

donkeytale said...

I am a huge fan. Benjamin I believe translated a lot of Nietszche which I stole from the UCLA bookstore back in the day because it looked interesting, the complete Nietszche or something.

Also aware of the culture industry thingie too, Adorno, yes a huge influence on Medium as Conspiracy schtick. I riffed on it somewhere FSZ I think.

And yes I did a lot of dope in my time. LOL. Too much, also mixed with alcoholic beverages.

The price has been steep.

donkeytale said...

No that was walter kauffman. My bad.

donkeytale said...

I guess MFI deleted his ouevre when he left FDL. Page does not exist.

socrates said...

This is pretty good. He was kind of like McLuhan, I must say. He was before t.v., but got in movies. He was a bit lax with his own security as a poor suffering artist type, and he couldn't get out of occupied France alive.

He knows History. He knows Marx. His focus in this essay is on art. He does mention photography. I explained this today on Twitter. Greatness has an aura. Unfortunately, there becomes a reproductive process by which the original fades.

"The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction"

I seem to be doing okay with Twitter lately. You have the floor, whether you want to share your stuff here or in a main entry.

Your post above is good.

You understand I am going after specific shady individuals and not the movement, but that it can be misconstrued anyway.

Yes, I agree Bernie seems to have righted the ship. I would say more, but I don't want to jinx him.

socrates said...

He was a pure thinker. It looks like Adorno was anal retentive and simply messed with this dude Benjamin's head. He over-coached him or something. The irony is Benjamin was the original mentor. The relationship was flipped around at the beginning.

Those guys got it done. The Fitzgeralds I would argue were overrated. Talk about soft, self-centered fake something. Yeah, Great Gatsby was very good and I'm sure Fitzgerald had some other good books too. But I also heard he was not prolific. I don't know why I even mention him. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Those New Yorker links are great.

I only got through half of The Medium is the Massage. That was bizarre. It had pictures in it, real bohemian stuff. Those critical theorists also knew bohemian.

Benjamin probably freaked out/got depressed over Russia being such a shitfest for the application of marxist ideas.

McLuhan seems to have been soft, a celebrity, although I admit he was greatness.

If Benjamin could've just been left alone to pursue whatever it is which was ultimately bugging him, he could've been the greatest thinker of eternity. I feel a kinship to that kind of stolen destiny. At this point I feel I have an old soul with an integral awareness.

Benjamin and ourselves are not all that different in ambition. There is an itch we are trying to get to. Call it Buddha. Call it a gnawing feeling. Call it perhaps out of our reach as one of the New Yorker critics said. Just don't call it late to dinner.

socrates said...

He was another thinker saying nothing new under the sun in his own inimitable way. The problem remains that there are not enough people with the gumption to learn which is not new under the sun.

donkeytale said...

Twitter feeds the blog. I am happy with way things are going at the moment electorally. I read the NY'er schticks, both very good. Interesting thot that I may be the reincarnation of Benjamin.

Sometimes I believe that reality is merely a projection of our internal mindset and emotions.

That in essence there is no reality everything we believe is external third party is all internal and it is all us. I am he as you are me and we are alone togethher.

socrates said...

Yes, that is precisely what Benjamin uncovered, that social reproduction can never duplicate the original which had its own context and reality.

I think about Poe and Benjamin and they had similar kinds of lives. They both had integral awareness under completely different settings and variables.

It is the hunt for the universal within real time we can never escape.

Benjamin seems to have become optimistic that the old medium was being crushed. He felt it was an extension of old-school bourgeois values.

The problem with America is that many people do own property or live fairly decent lives in an apartment.

You were prescient about Greece inspiring America. Bernie is transcending the self-applied socialist label. People may be more clever than we have suspected. It is simply amazing that Bernie is #2 and there is no #3, Biden or not. And we already seemed to agree that Biden's entrance would help Bernie.

The patronising Hillary run is opening up eyes. I do see Black people supporting Bernie over Hillary. I do see people getting the point that us sewer supertroll exiles have been whining about for years about Daily Kos and similar DLC controlled environments.

Hillary is scared to debate, no doubt. She is afraid to go anywhere really.

The Black Lives Matter people who went after Jeb Bush did good. It is like Anonymous. It's up for grabs. The first one was a joke. That's been exposed. The second one the protestor had a Sarah Palin button. I like this third one.

The DINOs try to lump Bernie in with O'Malley, as in why don't Sandernistas mention that.

DKos and Netroots is garbage and I am not going to repeat myself.

If you're interested in what the latest HillaryBot autopilot project is up to, you can check out this `person': @Alasscan_

She has 173,000 tweets which I believe is suspicious in itself.

She blocked me and I forget why. Maybe it was over the Obama "heckler" story. I forget. It seriously becomes a blur. 98% of Twitter is people retweeting and chit-chatting. It's not even good chit-chat.

That's why I tend to stick with myself.

That makes sense. We are all alone together for however long we are here. We might as well try to make things right. If not for all of us and future generations, then let's do it for Benjamin and McLuhan.

socrates said...

If people didn't have it so easy in comparison to India or wtf, they would have become more political. The scary part is that Bernie is a fluke. The medium portrays him as an also-ran, although the tide for that may be changing with the new NH poll giving Bernie a 7 point lead.

It's volatile! I didn't think Bernie could go national this quickly. I thought he had no chance. It's a rare opportunity.

I'm starting to think somehow Bernie Sanders is the favourite. It's like watching a sports game where even though one team has been dominating, something changed, and now it might boil down to can the underdog win going away.

I'm calling the medium's bluff.