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Saturday, August 1, 2015

We hold these Tweets to be self-evident

The Earth shall not abideth forever

Comparing dick size forces men to reach for bigger rulers

We are living at the Villa Borghese and we are all dead

Every spoken word amplifies noise

Behold the interior dialogue!

God and Devil---which spaketh yea loudest?

A single word of truth plays gunfire into a room of the self-deceived

Words alone make lonely words

Loneliness---American as blowing away innocents with an assault rifle

A dream intensely felt but half-remembered

Hidden somewhere 

Among fabulations of the soul



All of you


donkeytale said...

In case you are scoring at home, the third line of the first stanza is a nod to fellow Henry Miller fanatic Hair Club for Men

The final stanza is my take on Freud's legendary triptych of the human psychology.

This fulfills my contractual obligation to produce one fake masterpiece of literary/musical/artistic pretension per month.

donkeytale said...

Oh, and I believe I stole the first line second stanza from some mittel European schtickmeister....can't recall whom, exactly.

First used in the comment thread of my illusionsofmagicians masterpiece "Open Letter" to Booman Tribune regarding the astroturfing of Hurrican Katrina, which caused quite the uproar and got me banned.

What is littel known is that next day I penned an opus of contrition which got me reinstated, hit the top of the recommended list, caused me to reconsider my contrition in the comment thread which got me re-banned and deleted.


donkeytale said...

My choice for picture header is the salesman in the attached:

This by the way is what comes up when I google the "Men require rulers" line....wanted to see from whom I subcinsciously stole that line from.

It appears I stole it from nobody, but I could be wong.

donkeytale said...

Nevermind, I figured it out

socrates said...

You changed the title because the url address says something about tweets.

I just spammed this link to Twitter. That is irony or wtf.

The pictures are good to add because words without screenshots can be lonely too.

They also get added to the right margin greatest posts list. E.G., Ayn Rand's mugshot, I mean mug could be seen to go with the words psychopathic wench or similar.

My initial reaction to this diary was wow, that's creepy, wtf. But then I googled. It is not about Sigmund Freud. And what is up with Francis Bacon? What was so special about him? I am going to abstain from endorsing Bacon's alleged greatness until further review.

Fricken that is Hillary's answer to everything.

Bernie just spits it out.

But. I. Digress.

Did you see the alleged mugshot of Sandra Bland? It looks like her hair is falling gravity wise into the wall. I don't want to be thought of as an extreme kook. I am a regular guy. In between possum dinners, McCain would genuflect on my alleged eccentricities.

I feel all caught up here and on Twitter. It's been a perfect internet day.

Oh, one thing. The Medium is the Message, but McLuhan was speaking about t.v.. With the internet, thingies are much more in the open. If someone could think outside the net, so to speak, they might be able to kick some intellectual arse in this generation. We are tired old men who fought the good fight. Hopefully you are correct that younger people are quicker or wtf with their brain power. Maybe they can figure out how to transcend the medium as overwhelming message of oppressive social reality.

socrates said...

House of Borghese? Huh, wut?

House of Mailed In Baloney is more like it!

socrates said...

Just kidding, my friend. That magician of illusions thing is gone. That's lame when people get scrubbed like that. Feel free to tell the whole story. I never got into Booman, though I have seen it. There was meta brought over there. Soapblox turned out to be a memory hole.

donkeytale said...

Bacon? Pork product?

That's a metaphor for police repression, obviously. Wow. You are so out of touch now that you are unofficially (or is it?) pimping for Sanders, who was caught this week twice talking down to minourity groups calling them "you people." He needs to get his old man rhetorical schtick together stat. There is no path whatsoever to the Whitewash House for any Demotard that doesn't go directly through barrio and the ghetto.

Actually, I purposely didn't look up any of those lines I wrote. The two I know for sure were direct steals I mentioned in comments, the others I laid out there for interested cybersleuths to decipher.

So please, enlighten oof which line(s) are old Pork Belly's?

This is actually an experiment in proving "There is nothing new under the sun."

donkeytale said...

Just kidding about the paid fake schtick. I actually think there is nothing wrong with working anyone working for a candidate'e election, paid, unpaid, disclosed, undisclosed. Who cares?

It is as Amerikkkan as blowing away multiple innocents with an assault weapon.

And did you see this about Twitter? Many business experts are predicting its failure as a business model.

donkeytale said...

Yeah, Boomie deleted me account, all of which was poetry until the last two thingies. Some of it quite good like the above masterpiece.

I was subverting his blog with the last two, causing a great outcry of outrage exposing myslef to the outhouse but of course I was also prescient as per usual.

If you recall all the so-called horror stories coming from NOLA via blogs (several appearing on Booman with all the usual fake lefty hand wringing and insincere concern) in real time and I was like, hey wait a second. There is no electric power there. Civilians cant get in or out (except the occasional Sean Penn doofus type with connections). Who are these people and what can they possibly know whether truth or urban legend?

Plus, it smacked mostly of racism. The implied white people band together and take are of each other while blacks (pre-Katrina, NOLA was one of the blackest cities in Amerikkka) are murdering and maiming each other, stealing, locking each other out of the Superdome and whatnot.

This was one of my early epiphanies of the internet's powers of deception and fake left herdists ability to believe whatever so long as it matches their preconceived biases.

To his credit, Booman gave me another chance or three but he was as big a dick, perhaps bigger than MAMZ as site operators go.

he didn't find my poking fun of the first Netroots and the clear fact it was a Demotard paid event ('Yearly Kos' in Las vegas of all places) funny at all.

And he told me to my face when he banned me for the last time and Peter the Rock Supersoling denied me thrice. OK, it was only once but you get my drift.

Super, wherever you are, you're forgiven my son. Go forth and multiply.

socrates said...

I was talking about "Freud's legendary triptych." That's what I personally went after in response to your entry and comment on it. That was drawn by Francis Bacon Product. I googled him. I think he was overrated. Though I admit ignorance about it. It's like with LeBron. I try to tell people, yeah, he is good, but that doesn't equal greatness.

socrates said...

Yes, I haven't given up on fighting within the system to change the system. Seems a no-brainer. Although it would be quite easy to give up. Erich Fromm sounded somber in that Mike Wallace interview, though retaining a glimmer of hope. McLuhan seemed to be saying, to paraphrase, don't be idiots, the medium is fucking with you. wake the fuck up, to paraphrase.

donkeytale said...

And there were some actual horror stories but these didn't come out until much after the fact and were the result of (mostly white person''s) bureaucratic bungling of official duties in a crisis.

One I recall most vividly was a destroyed hospital where the sickest were simply abandoned to perish.

socrates said...

It's a proven fact that there are three types of bloggers, paid fakes, useful idiots, and regular guys.

I am confirmed unpaid regular you. I can also vouch for the fact that you are also unpaid and obviously not a useful idiot. We all have our moments.

Shit, Bernie said "you guys" twice to Black people? I might have to troll him. That would make me look stupid.

That needs fact checking. I hope you're not making that up. They call it taking the piss out of you. I think they invented satire. That Swift dude maybe. Wasn't he Irish. Bacon was a Brit born in Ireland. Yawn. He was fricken blue blood from doing a quick socratisation, i.e. wikipedia.

It seems a no-brainer to hammer heavy and often on police. This has parallels to the Gestapo in Nazi Germany. In our own country, bro. It's grotesque.

You should check out Elon's Twitter page. It's the right cause and he's the wrong person to drive the rig. We need a Black Mad Max who isn't anti-semitic like Gibson nor having to do with Scientology. I am still working out the kinks to the Black Tom Cruise analogy schtick. The McCain possum joke has been fine-tuned, and unfortunately, it has become a bit dated.

donkeytale said...

I didnt make it up but somebody else may have, which would make me a useful idiot for now passing it along.

I believe it was once to a BLM group and once to a Latino group, so right there it does sound planted.

Oh well. Trying to recall I think it was in the WaPo.

They wouldnt make stuff up would they?

socrates said...

One thing I noticed scrolling down Elon's Twitter page is that he seems to be attempting a move to Facebook for a "safer" environment. How about he tries to do less trolling and more content. The medium is the message says content can be overrated, but it's like the kids say: If you are going to troll, at least make it interesting.

I am going to read your Guardian Twitter article now. I am very deliberate at Twitter and here in comments. Twitter sucks because it is on such a shallow level. It does serve a niche for quick news aggregating. I couldn't see it ever going away, but it could fall like Daily Kos did. Even Who Wants to be a Millionaire with Regis eventually lost steam. There is a shelf life to everything. People eventually see who is for real and who is a self-serving, money making schtickster.

donkeytale said...

I have disliked Tom Cruise ever since that first movie of his.

One, he gets to lay Rebecca De Hornay (ooh-la-la). Two, he prances around in his skivvies to that awful Bob Seeger tune.

3. Bob Seeger is tied for last as the worst classic rock star of alltime with Ted Nugent, Same Hagar and Steve Miller.

donkeytale said...

Dude, please move on from all sentences containing the words "medium" and "message".

That stuff is outdated.

The correct usage for the postmodern era is "medium" and "conspiracy."

socrates said...

The African American woman, I forget her name, I think she plugged some of those Alex Jones styled kookery. Why can't I remember her name....

Oh well, I know what you're talking about. The example I recently gave was Jason Leopold. And of course as the primary historian of the troll wars, in italics, you are well aware of what I came up with on BK/BradBlog. I believe The Last Name Left, not to be confused with Last Wheel, did fine work also going after Brad. He and I also related on Michael Rivero. That's the stuff from way back when we first met.

Personal meta can get very bizarre. It is nice to have distance from it and be able to say that was fucked up and I'm glad it's over.

socrates said...

ugh, regular you should have been regular guy ~~ oopsies.

socrates said...

I'm not seeing anything on that. It is tough to google. Enter in "Bernie Sanders You People Huh Wut?"

I did find this:

How the Latest Smear Campaign Against Bernie Sanders Collapsed Before It Started

socrates said...

Katie Holmes, speaking of Cruise in a Kevin Bacon degree way, now stars on Ray Donovan. Our little Katie has grown up into a handsome woman. I love me some scientology drama. I like Carrie Heffernan from King of Queens, Doug's wife. IRL she quit the cult. Others like Kirstie Alley double and triple down while ginning it up.

I noticed Tom Cruise and Scientology are starting their own form of CNN. There is always the chance he could get deprogrammed. I'm still rooting for Roseanne who is addicted to a different form of cult, the one Canadian Bob and Doug, not sure if you remember him, you know, during my satanic panic phase.

I need a new phase. This cop thing is so depressing. Maybe that's why I am drooling over Bernie. It's my inner psyche saying listen kid, you are headed towards the precipice of a debilitating cynicism.

Can you believe that campus cop simply plugged the Black man like it was nothing? Don't these losers know it's on film and they can no longer get away with it?

The prosecutor called it the most asinine thing he's ever heard of and called it chickenshit or chicken something. Some people are starting to get it, like him and the woman in Baltimore.

I am bad with names.

socrates said...

The medium is the conspiracy... but that's not fair. You'll get credit for coining it, while I was the one who uncovered that the medium was deep in manufactured conspiracy kookiness. And I did that for a loooonnnnnnnng time. You are effectively sealing my destiny and McLuhan's too.

On an unrelated note, I do enjoy jigsaw puzzles and taking care of plants. I cut off shoots from a vine family plant I've had for ten years. You grow the roots in water first, then replant. A friend got me an aloe vera. I also have a few venus fly traps. It's pretty cool.

Perhaps jigsaws and books will be seen as antidotes for the internet. The net is a cesspool.

Twitter sucks. Now profiles are popping up when you try to scroll down a page. Those pop up extended conversations are not working either.

Twitter would be good if you could write 500 word tweets, like here. Blogger sets a limity and it seems accurate. Losers will not read if it takes too much effort. But two sentence tweets cannot possibly hit the spot. Twitter is a defective product within itself. It was greatness for what it was at the beginning. I don't think they thought it would take off and like I think you said or the article did, it is getting its ass poached by mainstream media which sucks.

I do what I can. I say stop retweeting loser websites stealing content. Post the original. Fuck Raw Story. Fuck Daily Mail. Sorry for the crude language, but this medium needs its ass kicked.

socrates said...

I will figure it out now. There was an African American politician who was similar to Kucinich.... Got it. I had to plug in the right words: Cynthia McKinney.

Sorry for the hazy comments today.

socrates said...

She was on about the New Orleans stuff you say the illusion of magicians dude you were on about. I understand. The herd is garbage. You are correct.

socrates said...

stealing not sealing... I was missing my good stuff today, low velocity, no control of the plate, not the usual Kentucky bluegrass cheese Eck speaks of. Greatest color man and maybe pitcher of all time.

I am glad I stopped following sports except for the Boston Celtics. I did see Tiger shot some good golf this weekend, though it is probably some mickey mouse, it might as well be x-box course. Do it in the majors or no one cares. He choked. He lost it. All he needed was four to tie and five to win greatness over Jack Nicklaus.

I don't even care. We probably just lost some readers. My bad. I am destroying both Sanders' chances and this blog's. No one cares about Marcus Smart. No one wants to hear about Ainge.

Oh, there's the Patriots thingie. That could bring in page hits. I think they used a Patterico type expert to justify the four game suspension. This deleting of the camera I have no problem with. Are they the fricken FBI? The NFL from this non-fan appears to be a joke. If Cosell was still alive, I bet he'd call for it to be banned like he did with boxing.

I'm done.

donkeytale said...

I grokked you didn't want to gimme credit, that's OK but I was tiring of your working the same phrase into every retort, and most of the tortes too.

True story, me Great Grama whom I never met was a Sacher of Viennese Hotel and Restaurant fame. I guess they ran out of gas and money by the late 19th century like most of the Hapsburg Empire and she ended up in western Wisconsin of all places, married to a tailor. Tailors were pretty hot stuff back in the day, sort of cultured servants to the wealthy folks who needed fine clothing. I guess they would be akin to men's fashion designers today but more localised and mittel class, without the globalisation and the media hype. Or maybe someone who sells Beemers or Benz.

But the Sachers do have their own Torte named after them. Its a dark chocolate and raspberry thingie. Tastes better than it sounds. You can buy them at finer Euro-style bakeries.

I guess that means I'm one eighth filled with rasperry and dark shiite.

I grew up enthralled by all things Hapsburgian. What a weird herstory. Google King Juan Carlos of Spain sometime. Europeans are nuts.

socrates said...

I always thought you were a latino. I pictured a Tommy Chong, although he is Asian. It gets confusing. Maybe I thought you looked like Cheech but acted like Tommy.

socrates said...

My roots are from the Ukraine. Maybe I mentioned that before and some Ukrainians found us that way. That Francis Bacon dude ruined my day. I don't think he was that good. I think some of established history is pure fakery.

I visited the Providence Mansions. That was fascinating. Rich people are riding the oppression wave for as long as they can milk it. Bernie's the clear choice for the reasonable voter. But the medium as conspiracy is aligned with the rich.

You deserve credit. I am over it. I'm not going to blame you for my stolen destiny.

It's apples and oranges. I had never even heard of McLuhan before. I have no regrets posting about him. It deserves blog coverage people can count on.

donkeytale said...

Wut? Now I stole your destiny?

I thought that was Mandy Nagy who did that? Either that or maybe you have a few too many destinies in your legendary mind.

For the record, you denied me like Simon Peter when I first presented the Medium/Conspiracy schtick about a year or so ago, you admit you had never heard of McLuhan and now you are saying I stole it from you? LOL, that's a good juan.

Well-played, Mr. Bacon-disliker.

donkeytale said...

OK, went and changed the title back.

Also, revised a line here and there. I'm quite pleased even if the world hates me doggerel.

The artist as a young doggerelist must please hisself, first and foremost.

donkeytale said...

Also for the record, it was Hapsburg Emperor Charles II I meant, not Juan Carlos I.

FWIW, JC I is AKA 'the horndog King'.

donkeytale said...

Ah, I see you went literal with the "triptych" schtick, hence the Bacon.

I agree, his art sucks.

Most all English art sucks. French and Spanish art too, for that matter.

Gimme mittel eastern Expressionism every day of the week.

My Hapsburgian roots are showing.

The only think Latino about me is the fact that I am a Roman Catholic by birth and I grew up in a barrio.

donkeytale said...

Correction: mittel European not mittel Eastern.

Don't want the pigs thinking we are pro-ISIS or anything.

(waves to NSA minder)

donkeytale said...

Linky thingie:

I'm done

donkeytale said...

I may have to break my self-imposed exile from all things Hollywood and go see the chubby faced chick's flick.

socrates said...

From Mar. 18, 2015 ~~

Hillary Clinton - 62%
Bernie Sanders --- 3%

The same poll had Biden at 15% and Warren at 10%.

Warren would hurt Bernie and Biden would hurt Hillary if the two were running, imho.

Bring on the debates already. Bernie needs more "medium" moments. In baseball parlance, those are called rallies. You say it is the first inning, but I think it's more like the fourth. A half year is not a long time.

Bernie is still in this. I think it was 14-0 after a half inning, then 14-1 after one. With Warren and Biden out of it, I think the score is now 15-7 after three innings.

socrates said...

To be honest, I wasn't really checking out your schtick too much over the last couple years. I did watch for comments at The Guardian, but not for Pffugee which I was done with.

socrates said...

The funny part about the destiny schtick is that when I first developed it, the Breitbart/McCains took it literally. It was a joke. It was a line lifted from Forrest Gump, from Lieutenant Dan to be precise. "You stole my destiny, Gump"

donkeytale said...

Biden will be great for infotainment value and I believe you may be correct that he will dilute Hillary more than Sanders.

Doing the math this thing is still hers to loose, no matter what.

I don't know how Biden plays with latinos and blacks but my guess is not that well.

If they represent 30% of the Dem demographics and she pulls 80% of them, we already know wimmens = > 50%, so if she polls 80% of them, even given the overlap among these groups, she is bullet proof.

This still comes down to her blowing it (double entendre alert) which I admit is possible and desirable also from an infotainment perspective but she will be protected for all she is worth (and she is worth $100 million or so) therefore it will take something hugely majour to take her down.

You know the GOP dirty tricksters are hard at work looking for the juice and I would hope certain amateur cybersleuths among us are also on the job.

socrates said...

We shall see what Hillary has for middle relief pitching.

"Bernie Sanders Says His Truth Bombs Are Forcing Hillary Clinton To Deal With Reality"

donkeytale said...

Well, I developed Medium/Conspiracy in your comment threads which is where you argued with me, fairly vociferously as I recollect. My general thesis: the private interests who own the medium are ultimately more dangerous than the government because they also own the government, not to mention our souls.

And I believe you have recently admitted that you have now "come around" to agreeing with me.

Sorry, didn't see Forrest Gump so the joke flew over me noggin, but I was pretty sure you were joking anyway.

I can only take Hanks seriously when he dressed like a chick on that sitcom 30 years ago.

socrates said...

The allegation or wtf that Bernie said "You People" twice is the sort of thing that interests me. I simply can't find it anywhere, so it is a dead end from my angle.

I agree that Hillary being a woman is hurting Bernie the most. Yet, it is good to see that Sanders is campaigning everywhere and doing it through grassroots.

The best case scenario would be that something else is going on which polling cannot measure. Perhaps that idea is related to your Greece schtick.

I can't see anyone for Bernie voting for Biden. I could see those who don't trust Hillary, but aren't mature enough to face reality, thinking Biden is the alternative.

I just found this. I have been wondering why there is no schedule yet for debates, while the Republicans are starting theirs I believe someday soon on Fox News.

"Why No Scheduled Democratic Party Debates? Are They Afraid of Bernie? Time for Social Media to Force the Debate"

socrates said...

Spoiler alert. Gump saves Lieutenant Dan, but he loses a leg. He speaks of all his anscestors dying in glory on battlefields. The big line was, "You stole my destiny, Gump."

I went with that on Twitter a couple years ago or wtf.

There is an entry on here concerning Robert McCain. He wanted me to fall in line, or wait, it's said stay in your lane!


I am more receptive at this point to your regular guy, big medium picture philosophies. We have known each other for over six years!

The Lieutenant Dan character seemed to be a ripoff of the real life activist who lost his legs or it was very similar to Oliver Stone's Born on the Fourth of July movie. I agree Hanks has always been overrated.

donkeytale said...

There is no doubt that Sanders and Warren have articulated a farther left positioning which is forcing Hillary left.

I am pretty sure that was Bernie's original intent and he has probably been as surprised as anyone that his campaign has taken off so large so quickly that he now has an actual chance in Hell.

This may account for his seeming strategic unreadiness to attract the minourity votes he will need to actually compete.

Many on the true left are also convinced that he's not up to seriously challenging Hillary and that his leftism is actually as fake as any of his acolytes in the whiteysphere (IE, you and me).

They argue his unwavering support for Israel, the MIC, unwavering support for Demotardic legislation, his status as a SINO (socialist in name only), his agreement to support Hills as the nominee and not run 3rd party, along with his non-relevance to blacks and hispanics.

I think all this has been very well documented on Counterpunch. However, I of course disagree with Counterpunch's conclusion that he should run 3rd party.

Counterpunch leftier than thouism simply nowwhere as usual. Its as cheap and easy for them to be pure as it is for any other blogger who isn't taking there leftism to the streets.

I'll take Bernie even if all it does is move the body politic a few inches left.

Politics is a game of inches and slowly building momentum cycle upon cycle like the post Nixon GOP did.

donkeytale said...

Yeah, I tried a quick search but the closest I came was some saying that Bernie claimed he would speak the relevant issues to blacks/latinos but so far has actually not strayed far off his stump speech except to throw in a few tweets and buzzwords in the direction of ghetto and barrio.

So I will retract the accusation and apologise, even as it is apparent Sander still has not addressed anything of substance to move his cheese outside the whiteysphere and that unless he does he has no chance at all without a complete the Hillary blimp doing a hindenburg.

donkeytale said...

So, in summation, what we have here is a game of inches (futbol) in the early-mittel innings (beisbol) with not a hint of the Afrospear (basketball) among our sports analogies.

socrates said...

Yes, it is currently in a holding pattern since Bernie emerged from the original 3% support into a 5-2 Hillary lead.

I disagree he is not addressing African American issues, unless you are talking about something else. I think he's trying his best. Without debates and with the media already crowning Hillary, that doesn't leave Bernie with much room to improve his "viability" perception. He is still on the upswing. It may not be televised or tweeted much, but Bernie is the only thing standing in the way of President Hillary.

Hillary is obviously trying to run out the clock. She reached her ceiling. We have no idea what Bernie's is. We have to wait until it becomes obvious to everyone who votes that it's Bernie versus Hillary and that no one else is relevant.

I just learned Hillary was a young republican who worked for Barry Goldwater. As I just tweeted in response to that factoid, wow.

socrates said...

Uhm, I think I mentioned the need to get the Hillary lead down to ten by halftime. Hillary trounced the rest of the pack in the first quarter. Then Coach DINO put all his starters on the bench thinking it's best to have them fresh for the Finals. Bernie kept his starters in and chipped away at the lead. Now Hillary is forced to return the starters, but they are out of rhythm. Bernie is hitting a lot of three's, getting to the charity stripe, using an effective zone defense to hammer away at Hillary's pro-bank position.

Bernie is playing team ball. Hillary is relying on Jordan Rules. The medium as refs are letting her get away with travels and offensive fouls.

Bernie has a good crop of young players from draft picks. He will need some of those rookies to play older than their years.

donkeytale said...

LMAO. Great comment.

The only problem I see for Bernie here is that he is fielding a team of 5'7" white guys from the pre-shot clock era. Yes, they have very impressive crew cuts and that two handed set shot is a thing of beauty.

But he needs to round out his team with a few African American standouts who can help him sell tickets in the black community.

Clearly, his team needs some updates and upgrades and he now has the funds to get it done so the team can move forward and compete in the modern era.

Relying on that round of championships from the pre-shot clock I'm era will not be enough to get it done, particularly against team Hillary which is stacked herstorically with African American Allstars at many key positions.

socrates said...


Yes, it looks like Bernie can get Cornel West in his corner, but he is kind of on the fringes right now. Even if West could bring in the leftier than thou vote, he could draw other votes away.

West also hammered away at Bernie for his Middle East/Israel schtick. Warren got hammered for that too, I believe, before it became apparent she wasn't running. The push for Biden getting into the race is growing. That is a result of Hillary not getting it done.

Trump has grown from a distraction to a real player. I need to fact check, but a friend told me that the Koch Brothers are pumping something like $800 million in support of Republicans, but that Donald Trump will not be receiving any of it.

That increases the odds that if Trump is not the nominee, he will run third party. If he does, this could turn out to be even more of a landslide for whoever runs as Democrat.

This Biden chatter reminds me of Ted Kennedy entering the race late in 1980. It is never a good sign when the incumbent or favourite is seen as not up to the task forcing an actual primary race.

I agree with your analysis Bernie never expected to take off, but as an older gentleman he figured, what the heck, I am going to speak my schtick.

And his refusal to run as third party and to back whoever is the nominee if it isn't him, must reflect an awareness of the third party conundrum, something that Counterpunch doesn't seem to worry about. They want subscriptions. They probably like the world being f'ed up despite their protestations.

Would Al Gore have sucked as President? Probably.

Would Al Gore have been much more sane and nothing near the nonsense Bush/Cheney et al generated? I believe so. Hillary is still playing the triangulation game. True progressives are still being taken for granted, akin to the Democrats historically loving having the minority vote in their back pocket.

I still think there is the great possibility that things are going on that do not register in social media. If Bernie can jump from 3% to 30% or wtf, and with his favorabilty ratings and Hillary's negatives, he could easily jump from 30% to 50% or whatever he needs to get enough delegates.

socrates said...

The protest vote is real and Trump's popularity is symbolic of that, as it was with John Anderson, Ralph Nader, Ross Perot, and now Bernie.

This has to be the most interesting presidential election in a long time.

I do recall a bit of the first Obama run. I remember there was all kind of fake fighting between Hillary and Obama. I recall that they all seemed the same, but that Howard Dean was the obvious leftier than thou choice and then John Edwards. You are correct about that stuff.

socrates said...

I forgot Jesse Jackson. He did well too as a long shot contender.

And look who won Teddy Kennedy's seat, Republican Scott Brown.

He didn't actually win in a pure way. Trump would have become Massachusetts' senator. It was going to be anyone but Coakley. It was a protest vote against Democrats in one of the most progressive states in the union.

William Weld, Romney, those guys were also governor here. People are not very bright and are easily manipulated. People do not always ascribe to the lesser of two evils schtick.

Sometimes they say FU, you're fired! h/t Trump

socrates said...

That Amy Schumer chick is on the big stage on CNN. Even when I ignore her other than seeing you keep mentioning her, here she is. Maybe it is on Aurora. It is the medium.

You were prescient about this kid Amy.

I have to take a schtick off the shelf and say she is a sweetie. No sexism intended.

The CNN host filling in for Wolf Blitzer looks exactly like Blair from The Facts of Life. I tweeted that before. It is self-evident and per se, aforementioned and I'm done.

donkeytale said...

Jesse Jackson could come out swinging on behalf of Bernie. I guess that would make a difference or at least give Bernie some medjia attention. Not sure that he is very relevant any longer, even much within the black community.

West is something of a caricature of the 60s raidcal, but he gets media attention too, however wonder if Bernie moves him or Jesse for that matter. I've never really cared about him one way or other. He says the right stuff but he's got a pretty comfortable gig in the white man;s world.

Not sure where either stands in this race. Suppose they are biding their time. After all backing the wrong horse could cost both for several years

Going from 3% to 30% was pretty easy. Peeling off the next 21% is going to be much tougher unless Hillary turns it over.

Obama/Hillary primary was more interesting than this one, IMHO, at least to date because he was African/White American and he clearly had a superiour campaign team with vision and a new direction using the new new medjia tools and good old fashioned (virtual) shoe leather to connect with voters.

Plus Obama was media=genic, which Hillary is not and Bernie still isnt defined in this regard.

I think winning the presidency has more to do with exciting voter's id response more than is believed. We vote for the guy we can handle being thrust into our faces for the next 4-8 years. We all know that he isn't going to get that much done, especially with the current state of Congress and the filibuster rules.

Obama moved it about as far as can be moved and he had the added handicap of the racist GOP pushing back on every single thing he wanted to do plus the 2008 recession.

I believe he will stand the test of time fairly well, not a Mt. Rushmore figure certainly but at the end of the day he will be better regarded than Dollar Bill who is clearly overrated and did some very reactionary and damaging things to poor people.

This would be an excellent line of attack for Bernie but.....he's not going to attack.....which is COunterpunch's biggest crit of him...that he's a fake lefty.

It's a delicate position for th eleftier than thou as always, do you fall on your sword or actually try to win.

However, he could spin his anti-Clintonism more positively by reminding especially mnourity voters of three strikes, mo police on the streets, creating the banking rules that ;ed to the 2008 recession, ending welfare as we knew it.

These are Dollar Bill's legacies for which the PTB have enriched the Clintons after the fact.

Maybe he needs some surrogates to push this line but it seems necessary and correct to me.

socrates said...

I don't know why you gloss over Obama's sins. You talk about getting a first down or two and punting for social change. I am not living in a fantasy world thinking Bernie is perfect or even if he gets in, everything changes drastically. He says he will still need a political revolution behind him.

You couldn't be more wrong about Obama's legacy.

Going from 3 to 30% is easy? Wow. The new New Hampshire numbers have Bernie down six points with a +- margin of error of 5.9%. There is stuff going on that neither of us is reporting. For one thing, we are not journalists. He is getting monster crowds. Hillary is knee-deep in scandal city.

There is a reason Hillary is stalling with debates. It's like how overrated Sugar Ray Leonard waited out Marvin Hagler until he was an old man.

Bernie will attack Hillary. He already does it. He just doesn't resort to Morton Downey Jr. tactics. No, you shut up. Or Trump. Wow. That is another big story. He's calling people losers left and right. I saw Chris Christie get his arse booed at a New Jersey event.

The Republicans are a joke, period.

Liberal is a good word. Conservative is the one that now emanates nastiness. It always did.

You used to say that the country was primarily conservative. It's all about context, true. The Republicans simply never evolved. They have a natural market of dumbass young people who listen to shock radio and think libertardian. They think they know a lot and will vote. It's the stupid vote, a vote which is greater than the female vote.

Obama's a fraud. I can't believe you're still falling for that politics is the art of the possible mirage. He is Mr. Wall Street. He is Mr. Evil James Bond. He is Mr. throw whistleblower in prison dude.

You must be doing well with stocks. Yeah, Obama sure helped you guys out there.

I am not singling you out. There is a vast number of people who are so afraid to look like kooks that they keep buying in. I am going with Sanders because the alternative is to never ever have any hope whatsoever.

The d-bags at CNN are coming up with revisionist history about Darren Wilson because McCulloch is racist. That was rigged. His dad or someone was killed by a Black man or something. The Federal government did nothing. Darren Wilson is now out in the pussy safe open talking trash on the dead man he assassinated.

We did okay. We fought the good fight for Bernard when the political op came after him. Others scooped it. But we came in with the anchor punch, basically saying the Church of Bernie is open for jobs at good wages. Yeah, Bill Clinton was behind the mass incarceration increase, no? That's DINO, guy. That's triangulation.

This is a fantastic election. Trump is the next best thing to say if Glenn Beck was running. He's a friend to DFQ2, well at least he made some quip about the liberal fella.

It may seem odd I am getting politically involved. Usually I am Mr. Gadfly to the society people. No one comes close to Bernie. I think it's goin to be Bernie against Trump. Or that's what I hope. It would be exciting.

Hillary is garbage. You will be sounding like me. People perhaps left but the right of us will start moaning about Hillary after a year or two with someone else saying guys, it's a game of inches. You knew she was like this. You knew Obama was centrist. Blah lah di fricken da.

socrates said...

The great thing about the largest demographic, the stupid vote, is that it is comprised of mostly useful idiots. So if you can teach them some basic ideas, you can get their vote. Sanders doesn't want to alienate anyone. That is my job. I am Black Bloc trolling on behalf of Mr. Sanders. I am going after Hillary. She is the one currently blocking positive social movement.

Some of us weren't Goldwater Republicans and switched-flopped based on wind currents. Hello Arianna Huffingturd, uhm I think Hitchens.... Kos is a famous one for the incomprehensible evolving.

Sharpton spoke the other day of this concept of evolving. He says he has. Good for him, I suppose. Some of us don't need to evolve. Some of us are humble, dignified, thoughtful, and consistent.

What's up with CNN being so right wing?

socrates said...

FBI is investigating Hillary's email setup. I don't know what any of that means. Why would classified stuff not be marked classified? I haven't really looked into this.

42-36 Hillary over Bernie margin of error 5.9%.

Sanders basically has gobbled up all the Warren votes. Biden could be a spoiler within the democratic primary.

Biden and Hillary go after the same kind of voters. They have differed in some areas, I am too lazy to check, so Biden could chip off 10% of Hillary. Or like a guy is saying on t.v., maybe Biden is waiting to see if Hillary slips or scandals get her.

His dying son asked him to run. That kind of makes it seem he will. It's not a guarantee. I think that would help Bernie a lot.

There are only five Democrats, six with Biden. Bernie is at the table. Bernie I could see worthy of a church named after him.

socrates said...

If that cop had handcuffed say Hoss Cartwright's little nephew fella from Witchita, you know he'd have a shiner or two by now. How do we make cops learn hot stove, don't touch. I stole that from Grouch. I stopped following him a couple years ago. I still can't believe Barrett Brown copied and pasted him at DKos. So yup, I suppose I'll steal even my enemy's schtick. I think BK stole your top of the zeitgeist line or that was mine. I enacted revenge by ginning it up with the double down schtick.

socrates said...

I never got your reaction to the idea that Sandra Bland was already dead in the alleged mugshot.

socrates said...

It's so outrageous that the mainstream media assumes it's not true. Her hair seems to defy the law of physics. Her whole body seems to be pressed against the concrete. She seems completely lifeless. The background does look like the cell floor. just. saying. not. a kook.

socrates said...

It's such an outrageous idea, but it makes sense if she was dead already from police brutality. I saw an article about a month ago showing dead people who put in their will to be dolled up and photographed dead. Sandra obviously wasn't dolled up. She reminded me immediately of that article before the so-called conspiracy story emerged into the mainstream.

donkeytale said...

I have no comment on Sandra Bland's mugshot because I am too disgusted with the small town racism and the fact that no one will ever learn the truth of what happened to her in lock-up. The thought of that is too creepy to waste what little precious living time that I have remaining.

Plus her eyes are too focused. You can't focus a dead person's eyes for them.

I'm gonna sell on that idea and then forget the creepy thought of it altogether.

Will justice ever be served to African Americans in this Godforsaken hell hole of a country?

She wasn't no house negro that's for sure. RIP Ms Bland and may the still living vindicate your name in pursuit of justice.

donkeytale said...

Speaking of the dead, The FDL legacy site has been transformed:

"In December, Firedoglake editor-in-chief Jane Hamsher needed hip replacement surgery and put the website on hiatus. Soon after, Jane indicated she wanted to suspend operations indefinitely. Seeking to preserve Firedoglake’s journalistic legacy, we jumped at the opportunity to start our own project.

Although creating and sustaining a media organization may seem like a more daunting task than it was ten years ago, we will build a publication that will value the work of exceptional journalists. For this reason, there will always be an open call for freelance submissions at Shadowproof."

yes, our schticks have been preserved. Much nicer formatting too.

Maybe I should make a donation.

Nah, better use for it at Innocence Project

donkeytale said...

Well, like I been sayin, the path for any Dem to the WH goes by necessity through ghetto, barrio and chicks.

This already common news, Bernie is doing well in NH and Iowa, where ghetto and barrio are conspicuously absent. But how's he polling in NY, Cali, Fla, South Carolina?

Sure, he plans on a fast start just like Obama did in 2008, however, Hillary actually won NH as I recall and Iowa is a caucus state which means the better organised campaign can steal that one.

Yes, yes Obama is a sellout. Of course. And Reagan raised taxes too. Its all a jumble and yet the GOP still reveres Reagan. I'm the house historian here and I predict that Obama's legacy will rise in time while Dollar Bill will fall.

BO followed one of the absolute worst in herstory. That cannot be overstated. Two terrible and unnecesary wars plus an economic disaster thrown in at the very end for good measure.

You have a rigged GOP majourity in the House that isn't going anywhere.

You have the fact that Obama ran as a moderate and believed far too long that his mandate was to heal and bring factions together.

That is my main complaint with Obama. He should have used the bully pulpit more often and taken the Goopers to the woodshed. However, that apparently isn't his style or strength. He seems like he wants to kiss ass more than kick ass.

But the actual record, which includes the negatives you mentioned (and others like Libya and Syria, which are totally F'd up on his watch) but also has some pluses. He did end those wars. The country has rebounded to about the extent it was possible under the circumstances and by comparison with Europe, China and Japan, we are performing better economically. Yes, the MIC and PIC need to be beaten back but both have hugely entrenched popularity both in Congress and the MIC has lots of popularity throughout the land, much of it wrongheaded but there is also the economic argument. You slash hundreds of thousand jobs in the death industry and the entire economy is put at risk. political suicide.

General Motors was another solid for BO. Same deal. Letting it go under simply wasn't an option except in conservative fantasy economic land.

The first black President is in a no win when it comes to black people. Hill will have the same problem with women. She will never be feminist enough because the Pres cannot overtly pander like that and survive. (See suicide, political above for d-tales).

Like it or not the Pres in this era still has to reflect the political reality and the will of the rich people in power.

if the people change and rise up so will the Pres. This is still the fact of US system of demotardocracy that keeps me from udder cynicism.

If enough rally behind Bernie there will be change however near as many will rally under Trump in opposition to Bernie and therefore littel will change but we will be heartily infotained in the process.

And then there will be another cycle and chance to move the pile an inch or two agaim

socrates said...

I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to discuss the Sandra Bland photograph. I refused to post it either here or at Twitter. You say her eyes look focused. I missed that counter-argument made by anyone. Look at her hair. Why would her hair be falling into the wall? The other part I found convincing was the background colour. It does look like the floor.

But you are correct. It will probably never be revealed. It's all dependent on what videos exist and how they were rigged.

The main point is that no one should ever be detained illegally.

A white kid just got blasted the same way Samuel DuBose did. He was setup in a police weed sting. The cop shot through the passenger side window. I am not going to socratise it. A lot of the time I go with my instinct. Debating is for losers. I deal with facts.

You know who's a loser? Donald Trump, Obama, Arianna Huffington, Hitlery Clinton (kudos/bravo Breitbart trolls ~ that was a good one).

Trump calls everyone a loser but himself. That's impeccable logic. His platform is basically that he is greatness. Yet, I see no Trump blog entries proving his greatness.

I wouldn't be surprised if Bill Clinton DINO people deliberately socially engineered Trump into the race. It couldn't have worked out better for the fake leftist party.

At least now you should recognise why some people thought you were a political operative. Moving the football mere inches ain't gonna git it dunne, irene.

I was always the voice of reason, the regular guy correct on every issue. Of course the third party people are ridiculous, especially with Feel the fricken Bern, mf's, in the race.

Then again I was fully in tune with the horrors of modernity, so I was well prepped to attack the system.

I am fighting on all fronts. This is referred to as keyboard commando-ing. I am basically a tough guy hiding behind my computer skirt. It's a kilt, I suppose, a metaphor or something.

socrates said...

Another main point is that no one detained whether innocent or guilty should ever have their rights violated.

It is pretty bizarre, imho, how much graphic stuff is now being aired by mainstream media. That is how we become desensitised. I don't. I get angrier.

They used to call those black market videos. There was the urban legend of snuff films. That thought has become outdated. Masses of Americans are viewing people getting killed. I am not saying let's ignore stuff. Babs Bush asked why should her beautiful mind see body bags? I am not arguing for her kind of rich people ignorance as bliss automation. Those are the two extremes. Let's either show it all and blend movies/fantasy with reality or let's show nothing and wave the flag? No! That is a false choice.

The media is 100% garbage. I could see sometime in the future when there is a smarter, more sane version of unabomber, Frein, and Dorner who attempt to apply logic with an aiming higher campaign. The main thing is to not get caught. That's why Ted Kaczynski was so successful until his brother figured it out.

I am non-violent, so obviously my only weapons are composed of truth grenades and whatnot. No one actually gets hurt. Feelings may get hurt. I'm pretty sure Don Lemon didn't like being called Uncle Tom on live t.v..

Cops, military, politicians, the ptb's et al unfortunately are immune to the shaming vaccine. Instead of going omg why are we such violent, corrupt arseholes, they double down and gin it up.

You keep saying Iowa and NH are lily-white. That is true. But Bernie is kicking ass everywhere. He hit a solo home run in the second inning. The national score is now 5-3, if we go with your earlier 5-2 Hillary lead based on polling. It is a statistical tie in NH. We shall see wtf is up with Bernie versus Hillary when the numbers start coming in for big boy states such as New York and California.

Regular people are going all in with Sanders. No regular guys are devoting their integrity and whole being to electing Hillary Clinton or anyone else in the two main parties.

The narrative has spoken of viability as the main issue. Who is viable? At what point does Trump become viable? What about Sanders? Jeb Bush, wow, I thought he was supposed to be the smart one in the family. I guess that's the proverbial not saying much. He has had to say oopsies a number of times lately.

If Biden wants any chance at all, he needs to enter the race sooner rather than later.

Hillary is obviously stalling with the debates.

socrates said...

I assume the FDL stuff now available is not the same as their more recent social medium incarnation. They made it so everything we wrote redirected to a spam page. They called us spammers. They censored us.

I don't really care. I feel bad for yourself and others who got that treatment after spending so many hours making writing contributions to what was ultimately just another blog.

I am pretty sure if they had let us stay, we would have been dominating the website by now. It's like Bernie. "They" can say he is not viable. I see him making consistent gains. I see no other candidate with a true chance against Hillary.

Any effectiveness with the Counterpunch type smearing of Sanders would come to a quick halt once the debates get under way. Bernie is not a boot licker. He is the proverbial good guy troll who attacks the message rather than the messenger. Who's to say that dirty campaigns will always work?

That's another meme. "Dirty ads are effective!"

So are truth staples. Hillary debunks herself. Bernie can point out the Clintonian fingerprints all over the abuse of African Americans and all of us without having to be Dan Ackroyd with a Hillary, you ignorant slut moment.

As for tonight, I bet most are looking forward to some fireworks. "You shut up. You are a looooser." That kind of thingie.

Trump will bend over backwards to change that perception of him. Thus, I believe a lot of people are going to be disappointed.

Trump is speaking for conservatives who are tired of being exposed as nutjobs by the Republican Party. If Morton Downey Jr. was still alive, maybe he'd be the one leading the pack.

Bernie is sooooo lucky there are not many running for prez as a democrat. It's like being in the NBA's Eastern Conference. Any decent team at all can aspire to make it to the Finals, of course depending on how much drooling one does over the Cleveland roster.

I am suspending debilitating cynicism until at least after Hillary is crowned. If Bernie pulls this off, I am going to be a happy camper. I make a direct plea to God to make this happen. Many athletes have admitted that it was God who decided the game and not their individual greatness. God could be the biggest factor in the race. Just kidding.

socrates said...

I'll be watching the debate tonight. I also heard there will be six democratic party debates and that the DLC is clearly paving the way for Hillary's nomination. But maybe we the people will have something to say about that. O'Malley is whining, although I agree with him this time. This blog matters. Martin O'Malley matters. And I shouldn't joke because things are really bad. It's impossible to keep track of all the movie shootings and people being assassinated and brutalised by cops.

#BlackTwitter had some good stuff. They were sticking up for the white dude knocked off over a quarter bag of wheaties. It's not a good consolation prize that the Republicans are exposed morons. I'm looking for some momentum for a better world. It snowballs.

People deep down are beautiful and groovy. We need not just hope but some concrete change. Everyone needs to vote for Bernie. They don't need to become a member of the church. It is a big tent for regular guys. God bless Bernie Sanders and the American people.

socrates said...

Maybe I posted Bland's photo on Twitter when the conspiracy idea first emerged. I can't remember.

It is so sad.

socrates said...

Say it's Hillary versus Trump or who the F do they have? One would have to be a completely pretentious idiot so-called progressive to vote for Jill Stein.

In my brief dust-ups with Elon, Rod LovesTheBernHashTag. and Dr. Jason NBC, people forget mt other battles against Thao and that other loser into Jill Stein. And I believe Rauhauser showed up there too over the last months. It was over Obama being an arse towards the activist. I bet Elon had nothing on that. And the NBC guy is truly an idiot. He sad Bernie wasn't the strongest threat to Hillary. There was no talk of Biden back then. It was all Bernie. Otherwise, Hillary was fricken Wilt Chamberlain out there.

Maybe that is the path to utopia as seen through Bernie Sanders scriptures, be Bill Russell. Play team ball. F Wilt.

You can look it up. The Celtics owned the 60's.

Wilt scored 100 in a game. Russell was six foot nine, not the tallest, but he had the greatest bb iq in history, to go with Red Auerbach too.

The petty jealousy against Belichick needs to stop. He is greatness. I'd love to place a bet on the Patriots winning it all next year.

It's the same against Brady. This is sports. The Patriots are like the Yankees with Gehrig and Ruth, Mantle, just eating up titles.

The year after that spygate wtf, and I think we lost a draft pick, they went 18-0 and only lost the perfect season because the Giants got lucky.

The Patriots will be greatness until Belichick retires. Book it, Dan-o. Place the bet. Let it rip. Here is a guarantee. Tonight's debate will be very stupid.

socrates said...

a white kid. dirty cops. these cops need to go to prison for life/no parole or be executed. I think, sincerely, there should only be capital punishment for cops. They are the last line of defense against anarchy.

I saw a good flick once with Walter Huston. He was one of my favourites. Pure greatness in Treasure of the Sierra Madre, also in a bunch of other stuff, that dodsworth wtf melodra,a. He was a modern guy living in the 30's. And of course few know him compared to his son.

I am almost ready to go back to watching old movies. I haven't in a while. I have no clue what to blog. :/ It seems so pointless. I feel no inspiration. I am upset with the medium. That is the code that needs to be cracked. And campaign financing, another check plus in Bernie's column.

donkeytale said...

Don't force it dude, if you are temporarily fallow, just lay back and wait until something hits. Smoke some weed, go for a long walk on the beach or whatever. You can let the place percolate on its own for awhile. I'm really only paying attention to the comments anyway. The way I look at it, if I have something I feel the urge to express, I'll express it, whether its stupid, sucks or wtf.

In the grand immensity of time and the universe, does it really matter if I state my piece in a comment rather than a diary? Genius is genius regardless of the format.

Once in awhile it is on target, most of the time its somehow slightly off.

Oh well. The reader gets what she pays for.

donkeytale said...

Walter Huston I believe was a huge star of the stage and widely considered one of if not the best actor of that era.

His son was also greatness. It's weird I was just thinking of that scene in Chinatown when he has al fresco lunch with Nicolson at his estate. He expounds on the virtues of leaving the heads and tails on the fish before cooking.

That's the Mexican way. I had a red snapper full body, grilled and cut afterwards in small rectangular sections across both sides of the meaty area of the fish. It's grilled slightly longer to make the chunks pull away cleanly from the fish bones.

I also went to another favourite place that serves fresh gulf seafood Mexican style in the South Texas way. Grilled shrimp very well spiced, grilled oysters which are succulent and lightly spiced and grilled grouper filet that comes onto your fork in moist chunks.

socrates said...

That's great wisdom. I forgot to mention the Huston movie that would have made that paragraph above sensible. He played the lawman who went to Tombstone or wtf before the modern police state was established.

It takes a delicate balance. We do want cops who know wtf they are doing and are not arseholes about it. However, this is where wishy-washy liberalism gets us nowhere. We are not that far off from being a Nazi Germany. There was no dna in Germans that made them any more evil. They were just more evil. Much more evil, okay, but still human, which is the scariest part of all.

There's another movie I can't remember the name. It's one of those where you say, wow, that was made in 1950 whatever and was fricken profound, man dude. It was with John Barrymore Jr. or whatever his full name was. He was in a club listening to this African American lounge singer and you could tell he was fetishising her. Then somehow after the closing, he bumps into her outside. It's going pretty good, but then Barrymore put his foot in his mouth, something about how she didn't seem like other Black people or wtf. He went from being the cool white dude close to scooping some romance with African golden babe singer, then he blew it. And it ended right there.

It was modern, and even though we now have a Black president and rich men like John Hope Bryant patronising the Black community to make money like he does, as in, this is easy. Just balance your checkbook and fix your credit rating. Yeah, like that really lines up with the loss of jobs, automation, this evolving into a paperless, blowhard electronic matrix medium?

I should probably re-watch Chinatown. I pretty much remember the plot and I do know the weird twist at the end. But that was decades ago.

I agree good writing in a comment section can equal or surpass greatness in a main blog entry.

You must be roasting in Texas. I can't believe people live in that weather.

Also, make sure to eat deep sea fish where the chances of mercury poisoning decrease.

I found meself a fake fish product. It is so good. I am so much healthier since quitting Quorn. Oh man, was I ever pissed off to find out what that crap is made out of and what it does to people's bodies. I forgot the maxim too good to be true.

I am trying to quit eating so much processed food that contain a lot of sodium. I think people trying to get healthy do not understand the concept of water retention. That is what a lot of weight can be.

So I am basically leading a double life. There is this fake medium blogging life in which I write and write because I love to write. There is also the real life me who is trying to maximise health and happiness. What I have learned, yes we are always learning, I admit it, I've learned that it is never to late to change.

Reincarnation is mind blowing. If true, we have to start the process all over again. That is terrifying! Once I conquer the fear of that, I should become more attuned to the Tao or unspeakable greatness which is nature.

We have left something not too bad which will get people to think, even people who are probably not even born yet. Such people might reason that McLuhan was greatness. They will turn off the t.v./internet medium and read him instead. They will say there is nothing new under the sun and vote for Jimmy Sanders over Janey Clinton, or whomever are the choices in the 2156 election. No, I am not sure if 2156 is a presidential cycle year. I hope so. Otherwise Jack Rauhauser will be smearing me for this post in 2206.

donkeytale said...

Jimmy, Janie and Jack in 2156. Yes, maximising health and happiness is key. I too have been a workout regimen and eating well, guided by Frau Tale. The Korean diet is inherently healthful, as are most Asian diets that have been guided since ancient times by the scientific Buddha mind.

The Northern European model that Amerikkkans follow is the reverse. And lets not even get started on processed/packaged "food."

The saddes thing in this world is that the cost of healthy food in this world is outrageous and poor families simply cannot afford healthy diets. The children of poor families have been condemned.

No one talks about the high cost of food and its deleterious impact on the poorest among us.

I recall that John Kasich as Governour of Ohio actually overrode the federal govt (yes under Obama) to cut the food stamp program.

Kasich actually impressed me in some ways during the debates the other night. He was both conservative and compassionate (the old W Bush formula) as opposed to an out and out nutter.

Ohio is a state the GOP must win.. He's looking like a very possible VP selection if he doesnt actually rise up to nab the Presiditzial nomination.

Everyone on the right is talking Rubio, who was measured and articulate too and comes from Fla, another state the GOP requires to win the race.

Of course, Trump was awesome in his trademarked awful way too. Infotainment value off the charts.

I have always held that what we are is personas, narrators of our own meta exchange that hopefully speaks to the nature of what it means to be alive during these tumultuous (not really) times.

The whole kaboola is way over dramatised in my opinion by self-pitying loosers who have no perspective. Nunn.

These are the best of times for the most the pathetic herstory of the human race, IE we monkeys with the gift of gab. It's not even close. The problems we face as humans are the result of our success in breeding and keeping ourselves alive.

It is the age old conundrum so perfectly illustrated by the Buddha 1,000 or so years ago. The duality that kills.

Being in touch with the Tao is a most excellent way to live.

donkeytale said...

Should say Kasich helped mitigate federal govt cuts in food stamps for the poor. Yes, there were some cuts but those were to people who shouldnt have been eligible or were made up for asisstance in heating bills, another priority for poor people.

The issue should also clarify the role Obama plays in these things. While fake lefties simply say Obama should stop these types of cuts the reality is Obama and the Demotards do not control enough of the federal apparatus to get there way on budget items and with food stamps they used whatever tricks and compromises to reduce the amount of impact on the poorest.

"In Ohio, the $8.6 billion should not affect anyone, both said. That's because the savings to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, will come from clarifying rules about people who should not have been getting benefits anyway. If you are on SNAP and hit the jackpot in a lottery, or you are an affluent college student, for example, you'll lose your SNAP benefits under this bill.

More to the point, the bill will make it impossible for many people who get government assistance for heating bills to automatically boost the level of SNAP benefits they receive. Until now, some states had deemed clients who got even a nominal level of help from the federal Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP, automatically eligible for a higher level of SNAP benefits. This was known as "heat and eat," and 17 states allowed residents to get higher food assistance that way. The idea was that anyone who needed help with household expenses surely must have less money available for food."

donkeytale said...

No offense, but have you ever seen pictures of dead people with their eyes open? I've actually stumbled upon people who were dead. Once driving unto the scene of a car accident with two dead people and once walking thru the Fens on my way to work one morning finding a guy who had keeled over of a heart attack.

Dead peoples eyes and expressions are not fakeable.

That story of her being dead in the photo is udder nonsense. Sure she looks quite distressed and unhappy but clearly she is alive. The hair thing is nothing. She has dreads or something and they dont exactly give you beauty aids to help with your appearance in jail.

The background to the picture simply could be a screen. I have also been mug shot before (LOL more times than I wish to admit) both with and without the screen in the background.

donkeytale said...

Speaking of Henry Miller, this is a pretty interesting site

I recall once for a freshman lit class at UCLA had to buy Orwell's book of essays. The classroom purpose was for his epic "Politics and the English Language" which still resonates in this the era of the infoboobtubes, but I was immediately taken by his essay on Miller.

This was an early period of life when I had decidedly not found myslef but had discovered a copy of Tropic of Cancer at a friend's garage sale and was gifted it to the bedridden alcoholic owner in exchange for a handful of valium that I stole from me mummy. I have always meant to write that particular story up and of the oddly eccentric family of characters who were friends of my parents in the mid-60s. The Miller book belonged to the since divorced father and many of his peccadilloes which seemed so oddball when I was a kid became instantly apparent as I read the opening pages of Miller's classic.

For at least a few years afterward I lived under the thrall of Miller's demonic artistic vision and probably still to this day.

Henry Miller, like Mark Twain before him is the historic troll, American Literary division.

Although to be fair, it is Louis-Ferdinand Celine who takes first prize world-wide for all time.

donkeytale said...

Linky thingie:

Céline's legacy survives in the writings of Samuel Beckett, Jean-Paul Sartre, Queneau and Jean Genet among others. Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio, Robbe-Grillet, and Barthes expressed admiration for him. In the United States, writers Charles Bukowski, Henry Miller, Jack Kerouac, Joseph Heller, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., William S. Burroughs, Edward Abbey, Jim Morrison and Ken Kesey owe an obvious debt to the author of Voyage au bout de la nuit, yet not in terms of style in writing, but as major aesthetic, amoralistic influence.[13] Bukowski (who was of part-Jewish ancestry himself) wrote "'first of all read Céline; the greatest writer of 2,000 years"[21] Céline was also an influence on Irvine Welsh, Günter Grass, and Raymond Federman.
The antisemitic books of the 1930s have not been reprinted because Céline's wife has forbidden their publication. In 2011, the 50th anniversary of Céline's death Frederic Mitterrand the French Minister of Culture and Communication announced that Céline would be excluded from the list of 500 French Cultural Icons to be honoured that year because of his antisemitic writings.[22]

socrates said...

Well, I watched quite a number of Quincy M.E.'s back in the day, so I suppose we will have to agree to disagree. Although, I also watched a lot of The Odd Couple, so my findings might be a tad skewed.

Thanks for the info on Kasich. Now all one has to do is line up his food stamp cuts with his pro-votes for corporate welfare.

I see you have left a couple more comment posts. I should read those.

socrates said...

I like Vonnegut. I also very much liked Herman Hesse who clearly was affected by Eastern Philosophy.

I don't understand euphemisms, nor could I ever write fiction. Maybe I will in a future life. Early and often my attention led to non-fiction and historic thought. I loved Jean-Jacques Rousseau. The Noble Savage concept was as prescient as it gets.

You are astute about how difficult it is for the poor to take care of diet. It is possible, but a lot of the cheapest foods are not that healthy. Macaroni and cheese and other forms of pasta do not make for a healthy body. Those are the most obvious examples.

Also, it takes money and buying in bulk at places like Costco to really get the best deals. However, you end up throwing a lot of it away. What's the point of getting an army sized bag of salad, for example, if you can't eat it in time?

Then we could even discuss the so-called pyramid of food concept that got foisted on us. Maybe a few years back we received the oopsies retraction.

That is a deal breaker. I am very interested in that phrase. At what point can we say such and such a person or group should not have any power or funding a all? The ptb's are a fungus and the vast majority of people are infected.

You can see it in the widespread smiling/blushing that is exhibited in the medium. You see it in the overwhelming dumbing down of society.

I have some tobacco in the other room I must roll before it dries up completely. I am listening.

donkeytale said...

Huh. I thot it would be Bukowski who'd arch your brow.

This is interesting:

donkeytale said...

Here's the thing about the stiffs on Quincey:

They warn't really dead neither.

Odd Couple much better show, IMHO, although I say that having never watched Quincy but knowing that it was formulaic like so much of TV series of the 70s-80s.

Roseanne and especially Moonlighting in the late 80s seemed to break the mould.

socrates said...

The difference between Quincy M.E. and The Odd Couple is that no one can remember anything from the former except for the scene where all the newbies faint when seeing the cadaver.

I lied. I didn't watch that show too much. The Odd Couple, yes. Blanch was very underrated and was vindicated wen she became full-time on The Match Game.

I don't know if she was already dead. I saw her when alive and she did seem to mouse (ask Rachel Dolezal?) back her dreads. However, it still didn't look like her hair was all falling downward to the ground. I don't believe she has any life or attitude in the photo. She looks lifeless. The background to the photo does seem to match the floor of a cell. It is clearly a conspiracy theory, one which can't be proven either way without more information.

It's plausible she killed herself. She might have felt there was no way she would keep her new job. I find it strange that the video of the cell shows nothing. It is being investigated as a homicide despite being called a suicide.

Did MattyJack ever resurface? He was quite the idiot. It's unfortunate everything got scrubbed. He posted some very insane materials. I would not be surprised if he was some form of rat. Maybe I copied and pasted some in earlier blog entries. I know I had revenge of donkeytale, uhm, I think I did a bit on the UGOG's.

It's impossible to keep track of everything. It explains why it's pointless for us to crank out new material. I don't regret our recent flurry. I don't even count these comments. They are a separate life of their own.

I sense the internet has changed and that our previous/original schticks are the dinosaur breath of today. That Larisa/Brad BK evil axis stuff is now six years old. Dave's been gone for six years.

I'm not averse to discussing it. The shift was made to take away the voices of the spit it out heretic milieu. Everything is now with no comments or Facebook's software.

When Google took over Youtube, they did the same thing. They took away individual mojo which crested into a swarm of a community. You'd have to be familiar with how Youtube changed. Google wanted to prod the herd into Google Plus. The problem was Youtube had its own identity and it worked.

Does anyone read those forums anymore, like DKos? I don't.

There is no movement on the net. That is the crux of the argument that the emperor wears fake clothes.

Jason Johnson keeps doubling down. He has a PhD and is an NBC personality. I went after him at first for his pro-Bernie Sanders sucks Tia Oso somehow good for Hillary "All lives Matter" candidacy.

I had said Bernie poses the greatest threat to Hillary and he disagreed. Yesterday or two days ago, life is a blur, he wouldn't admit to being wrong and says Bernie still trails by 18%. I think he knew he was starting to look bad, so he said he has no dog in the hunt and is a pure historian. People do not debate fairly. You say, okay guy my friend pal buddy, can we take that off the table. They respond nearly every time, "Nothing is off the table. No, you shut up."

socrates said...

I meant with Sandra that she seemed to like to you know grease it back. But, it didn't go way back like a pasty Italian guy like Al Pacino.

Her hair seems to be falling into a cell floor.

I know. People see weathered rocks on Mars and say it's Elvis Presley's ghost.

This one is not bad for a conspiracy theory. It is plausible she was already dead in the photo. However, we need more info and we need people held accountable. And that should mean harsh prison sentences for police and not just civil lawsuits. Why should taxpayers pay for the crimes of police? Isn't that where the money comes from? Like in Baltimore. They have had to pay out a lot of money despite none of those pigs being convicted. That comes out of Baltimore's public bank money? I don't get it. None of this world makes sense. That is why Bernie might pull this off. He just spits it out. Onl an idiot would vote for Hillary over him.

donkeytale said...

All good points and no argument. I See what we so as essentially the small press output of this era comparable to those that sustained Bukowski and Poe in their day. Of course I am not really so presumptuous to compare myself to either but one does wonder would they have also been buried beneath the avalanche of junk found online or would their offbeat quality succeed today as well as it did yesterday? Neither was particularly celebrated in their lifetimes although both were known and admired among a certain milieu, while disliked and even loathed by other of their contemporaries. I attended a small Bukowski reading at the Zen Center in SF in 1973 that remains a highlight of my life.

Herbert Marshall McLuhan wrote in an essay entitled “Edgar Poe’s Tradition”: “While the New England dons primly turned the pages of Plato and Buddha beside a tea-cozy, and while Browning and Tennyson were creating a parochial fog for the English mind to relax in, Poe never lost contact with the terrible pathos of his time. Coevally with Baudelaire, and long before Conrad and Eliot, he explored the heart of darkness.”

donkeytale said...

McLuhan prescience circa 1962:

The next medium, whatever it is—it may be the extension of consciousness—will include television as its content, not as its environment, and will transform television into an art form. A computer as a research and communication instrument could enhance retrieval, obsolesce mass library organization, retrieve the individual's encyclopedic function and flip into a private line to speedily tailored data of a saleable kind.

socrates said...

Edgar Allan Poe led a weird life. I just read some on him. He was just old enough to have been photographed. He went to one of the first universities, though he dropped out due to money. I never really thought about him before tonight. I knew nothing about him. It's extremely interesting.

Poe experienced medium shifts in real time. We have also. That is our collective schtick. Wtf is this and what does it mean?

Yes, McLuhan almost comes off as being the reincarnation of Nostradamus. Wow, he nailed some very interesting science fiction and in a totally hipster kind of way, to his groovy credit.

People will always want to read original books. Not everyone. Will there be cursive writing? That to me is a great loss. I think there should be a rule against all forms of deletion, including cursive writing. I cannot believe how many idiots there are in this world. This is despite having so much encyclopedic info at our fingertips.

It's weird how Poe died. It's weird how he lived. I'd also like to say FU to a Mr. Rufus Wilmot Griswold who shall forever be etched in history as a varmint.

I socratised Poe in about 15 minutes.

We are in a post-History period. McLuhan would be laughing at Counterpunch and say look how smug those buggers act when they are just another circumscribed brick in the medium wall.

I don't know why Poe had to marry a 13-year-old cousin. That is the icky part of looking into him.

I never bought into the idea that we can't judge people from other times. That is intellectual laziness. If nothing is new under the sun, why does it take so long to so-called evolve? I keep hearing that word, from Al Sharpton to others. The millenials are basically us without doing any of the homework. That's why it seems they are touching on profound topics, but in essence, they have already been bought and sold and are fighting for their special snowflake lives.

I bumped into someone like that, a 23-year-old who has no idea what Teach for America is, nor does she have the intellectual honesty to see that the time is not now to appease conservatives.

I see people who should be smart enough not to blindly retweet (promote) others who do not merit it. They buy into the idea that the medium is revolutionary. I did too when first diving into the internet. It took a good solid decade for the initial fake movement to splatter.

1990-2000 People partake in new toy called the world wide web. They like it. It's fun and wide open.

2000-2010 People commando keyboard a furious amount of words and posturing centered around stolen presidential elections and the aftermath of 9/11.

2008-Present People continue to accelerate the false notion that the internet as communicative device is a game changer.

The big difference of today from the past is that resources have finally been used up. People are suffering a lack of hope, from attaining the American Dream to trusting authority all across the board.

But they have not done enough homework. They take shortcuts. There is no more gumption and originality. There are no insights on the level of a McLuhan.

But you are also correct that we've never had it easier from a personal standpoint. We can live longer. We can get softer. We can take the easiest path. Meanwhile, societal issues get worse.

We knew this would happen. Capitalism has been a big time failure and brought us to a precipice. Everything people have been taught is flat out wrong.

Noam has an easy, soft life. Cornel seems to have it good despite being hard left. I have it very easy. I own it. I did not always have it this good. I was a mess from 2010-2013. I hurt myself the most. It was a form of self-hatred. I let everything go. I basically gave up.

Poe only lived forty years.

As I fight to build health and happiness, the gnawing question remains: What is the end game? Who are we, why were we born, and wtf does anything matter?


socrates said...

I'm not sure how anyone can be optimistic.

Yes, breathing, nature, relationships, laughing, thinking, drinking green tea, it is an endless list of how great and fulfilling life is. The yang part of the yin, though, is horrific.

We are being boxed in. Not everyone is as lucky as us to have survived it and are still able to partake in the good stuff.

The social structure is a deal breaker.

I imagine we are more significant than we humbly present ourselves.

We paved the path for future supertrolls who will be better at the game than we are. Look at Sanders. The world is watching us. They love us silly despite always attacking our schticks. There is a greatness to America that is hidden from the world because of all the nastiness which is also America.

It's now or never for our country, imho. Sanders wants to get rid of money dominating politics. He is anti-Patriot Act. He is for jobs for all. He is against mass incarceration and Wall Street. This is yet another clear choice for America to make, as it was between Nixon and McGovern.

The irony is that the big showdown is not between Republicans versus Democrats. The conservative movement has been crushed whether they accept it or not. So now things boil down to the legitimation crises, the contradictions that make this world utterly suck.

What Jason Johnson doesn't realise is that there is a major split within the Democratic Party between DINOs and leftier than thous. He acts all surprised that Sanders is the greatest threat to Hillary's coronation. He won't even accept that factoid.

The early schedule for primaries looks good for Sanders. He could definitely become 100% viable. I think it would have been an interesting fight between Hillary and Elizabeth Warren. She is not running, so Bernie fills that slot.

Jason Johnson is simply punching in his time card and mailing it in with fake analysis. I am going all in with Bernie. If he wins, I will have hope for a better world. If he doesn't win, put a fork into hope. That's my take. That's how I see it.

Maybe I am a chump. Maybe the Jill Stein supporter is greatness and I should never procreate. He said that to me. Oooooh. Ouchie! I'm giving the system one more try. If Bernie wins, I'll be like hey guys, welcome to the movement. Let me get you some cookies and lemonade. If Hillary or a Republican wins, that's it. I'm done leaving any glimmer of hope. It'll be over. We will suck and deserve this. I am non-violent and will live out my life as a debilitated cynic watching and reading free stuff like everyone else.

If Bernie gets in, then let's roll up our sleeves and make this work. It feels like this is our last chance to change the system from within it.

socrates said...

I just found this on Twitter. This shows its good side for a milieu. You curate who you follow and then you're more likely to come across certain info you'd otherwise have no clue about.

"Protesters drove Bernie Sanders from one Seattle stage. At his next stop, 15,000 people showed."

I hope there's not something very weird going on. I haven't even read the above article yet. As I just tweeted, "Now what?"

donkeytale said...

You become optimistic by taking a wider angle view of events over a longer term.

The conversation is moving leftier. That is a positive development. In these terms Obama's presiditzy is a positive development. Yes, he is a corporate sell-out but one must always view
the alternative is one truly has a scientific Buddha mind and not reuled by base emotions.

If you are studying eastern philosophy you will know better than to trap yourself in the all/nothing conundrum or as you state Bernie/debilitating cynicism.

You have just condemned yourself with that thinking. Buddha preached the middle path in all things.

Yes, Bernie obviously. But even with teh Bern you will always have less than all and more than nothing. Bernie does not have a magic that Obama lacked to make the entrenched forces roll everything to the people. In fact, he may possess an even greater degree of compromise or promote a greater degree of gridlock. He does have 8 more years of herstory to study, the good and bad of Obama's 2 terms, the added resolve of the people. Well, the white people anyway. He doesn't seem to be breaking into the BLM movement does he?

And Hillary may beat him like a drum anyway. Yet, there will be the movement left to ponder.

Nixon wasn't Reagan but he forged the trail that led to Reagan.

Buck up, dude. Maturity matters. ven on the internets. Especially on the internets.

Is the BLM turning into a Hillary machine? Perhaps and if so that is something Bernie must confront. He has not staked a claim to the minourity vote. He has no herstory in ghetto or barrio. Perhaps it is what they say it is, more a confrontation with the whiteysphere who really has no commitment to the way in which black lives dont matter to whites. And Bernie offers the chance for blacks to confront the fake left thru him.

What can I say other than I have consistently warned this fake left cohort now backing Bernie to be more inclusive and push the door more open in ghetto and barrio.

Some see this whiteyfied stance of Bernie as a necessity for him to win Iowa and NH, pandering to the whites in those states. Maybe this is true. But if I recollect the next state on deck is S. Carolina and then it starts to get real from there, meaning more demographically representative of the nation as a whole.

One can piss and moan about the circumstances being a set up of paid fakes but this is also wrong thinking that also leads to cynicism. Sure, it is a set up, but still one must confront and counteract with a positive message to win those votes.

donkeytale said...

Poe probably has more in common with Trump than we care to admit. Poe was Miller, was Celine, awash in the gutters, the cesspools or life and yet finding some literary enlightenment.

Miller was apolitical. Celine was a nazi collaborator. Poe's political thoughts are not know to me.

The oddest thing, I remember reading Poe in the text books as early as grade school. He was accepted part of the curriculum at that point although no one went into his personal life. So was Twain. Astonishing.

Is he still?

donkeytale said...

"Middle Path" may be misunderstood as equivocal. In fact Buddhism is not as such. "Middle" means neutral, upright, and centered. It means to investigate and penetrate the core of life and all things with an upright, unbiased attitude. In order to solve a problem, we should position ourselves on neutral, upright and unbiased ground. We investigate the problem from various angles, analyze the findings, understand the truth thoroughly, and find a reasonable conclusion.

I will suggest to you that Twitter represents the antithesis of the Middle Path.

donkeytale said...

Another thing to ponder is that possibility that the BLM movement will also not be voting for Hillary. Maybe they won't vote at all, viewing the GOP/Dem white establishment equally evil in the herstory of black lives NOT mattering.

This seems to be the loud message that maybe only I am hearing or Fake left whites dont want to hear so are ignoring.

The black movement is trying to get at the whiteysphere to shake us from our stupor and help THEM achieve the goals of fixing the racial injustice that has dogged black people ever since they were unchained.

Questions still needing answers as I so presciently stated it back in 2012.

Bernie needs to forcefully speak to those issues which seem to be a younger black movement that I see as a necessary and positive force for social change, regardless if it is co-opted by Hillary. All movements are co-opted if they are important enough.

donkeytale said...

From link two comments above:

Thus, when we talk about emptiness, we do not deny the rising, falling, existence and extinction of all phenomena. In fact, emptiness explains the truth of rising, falling, existence and extinction. This is the main teaching of the Tathagatha. Do not misunderstand Circulation and Cessation as two separate identities. From these Laws of Circulation and Cessation, we can see the creation and extinction, rising and falling of all phenomena and hence realize the truth of emptiness in all things. This is the Principle of Emptiness of the Middle Path, the ultimate explanation of the Middle Path. It is also the special characteristic of Buddhism — the Truth of Emptiness and of Dependent Origination. This is also "the immediate moment is empty" that is always mentioned by Mahayana scholars.

We should not think that this is only an old saying. We should know that this is the part of Dharma that is beyond all worldly knowledge. The worldly religions assume a god, the creator of the Universe; and the real characteristics of "I" as perfect, permanent, and happy. With such philosophy, their faith tends to be emotional. The Buddha emphasized reality and explained that all things are impermanent, and in constant change. There is nothing that rises but never ceases. There is nothing that is permanently unchanged. All things rise and cease due to causes and conditions. There is no independent identity that can exist without other conditions. The permanent, independent god that most worldly people believe in is denied by Buddhism.

From the Law of Dependent Origination, the Buddha expanded the truth of emptiness and articulated the Three Universal Characteristics. As the sutra says,

"All volitional actions are empty.
There is no law that is permanent and unchangeable.
There is no I nor mine."

(Samyuktagama, Chapter 11)

"The Earth shall not abideth Forever...
We are living at the Villa Borghese and we are all dead"

(donkeytale, We hold these Tweets to be self-evident)

socrates said...

Today is my busy day, so I am unsure if I'll get to respond much in regards to Bernie and buddhism. I see no proof this is a real story. Fool me once, twice, that's what I'm talking about.

You make good points. I do respect your historic platform of coexistence with paid fakes. Do we really have a choice? There's just something very fishy about it.

Brian Stelter of CNN just got his nuts handed to him by legendary non-fake journo Carl Bernstein. He got the silent treatment at the end. There was a lot of dead air. I'd have to look at the transcript to confirm, I lost interest by the end. Carl was saying something about Trump and Hillary as celebrities do not want you to know much about themselves. Maybe Carl mentioned Biden, but I truly doubt it. Then Stelter added in Biden's name while thanking Mr. Carl Greatness for his time. Carl went silent.

CNN is garbage. Before that, Stelter interviewed a Breitbart editor. What a joke! And before then plagiarist Fareed Zacharia was on with an interview of Obama. I am ultimately not cynical and it is not in my nature to become a debilitated cynic. I was just continuin to lift the unnamed professor's schtick from years ago pertaining to Descartes, Hume, and Immanuel "Pussyfoot" Kant.

But I'm telling you if Bernie does not win this election, that is it for changing the system within the system. CNN is steaming hot garbage. Bernie is not lily white and is the greatest candidate by far for African Americans. So when I see a few people acting like political operatives and with direct ties to Daily Kos/Netroots, I say not on my watch, buddy pal dude.

Poe was in over his head. That is obvious. He couldn't handle his absinthe or wtf. You made great posts and if it was any other day I'd be gobbling up your buddhism links.

He hd quite the rivalry with Clarke Griswald or what's his name I mentioned. The guy totally smeared Poe. I'd have to research it. But it ultimately didn't work, as you point out Poe is in high school curricula.

From the little I looked into Poe, I think the most interesting aspect would be to research the emergence of magazines and universities. He was around the first half of the 19th Century. I would have been all over that kind of stuff or similar as a teacher. You'd get kids/teenagers to not take for granted these shifts in mediums. They are huge. And then the students might then see that they too are living in an epoch of great change, from t.v./movies/print to the internet.

I am planting seeds. I will always be a healthy skeptic instead of a debilitated cynic.

donkeytale said...

Also good points by you. The system is limiting in and of itself. No denial there.

However, new systems must be developed to replace old and this happens so rarely that when it does it is truly epochal and civilisational even then we are talking systemic failure or catastrophic, such as the fall of Rome or the French Revolution or the Chinese Revolution. Humans don't change systems unless things are really truly f'd up...and even then we are in for decades, lifetimes of chaos in the transition. Something like this is occurring as we speak in the Middle East.

I cant lump the Russian Rev in there as that was more to me a belated reactionary correlation to the French Revolution and not communist but MINO (Marxist in name only).

The conditions for communism simply didn't exist in 1917 in Russia. Germany yes. That would have been epochal and perhaps civilisational...and maybe less catastrophic than the fascism that arose in reaction.

You are fighting the good fight for Bernie on twitter but you aren't truly hearing what they are saying to you and other whiteys. It is not his politics so much but about the liberal white progressive left worldview that can blithely rationalise the black existence with the "rising tide" trope and condescesend that "we know better. Trust us. Back bernie".

Here I am in udder agreement with them since I blogged on this very subject 4 years ago. White Left needs to connect with black/brown left. Period. This occurred (rather uneasily) during the 60s and Hillary has that legacy from those times.

Bernie does too but she and Bill followed up over the decades with practical organising in ghetto and barrio while Bernie moved to Vermont. The Clintons were only upstaged in the ghetto by Barack. That was a key, the key to his success. Hill still had the barrio in 2008 primaries. Bernie has neither. Your fighting on twitter won't change that. Bernie perhaps can change it enough. Maybe he will pull enough disaffected non-voters and independents in his direction that it wont matter. Obama did that too.

He has a steeper hill to climb because BO had the black vote gift wrapped.

I don't watch CNN so have no comment for you there. TV is a brain deadening waste of time for me. It pust me to sleep. I guess you find some value there. I don't.

Yes, Poe was an innovator in many respects. Would ove to see a scoratisation at some point.

donkeytale said...

There may also become a backlash against the aggressive tactics of these #BLM or Paid fake (or both) disruptions at some point. Bernie may gather some sympathy from the larger and older black community that may translate into votes.

I believe he handled the situation well from little I read. The best result would be tieing the protests to Hillary. That would be so awesome.

But this is a radicalised black youth movement. They are legit in their grievances.

In 1968 both parties were attacked by the youth movement but only one, the Demotards paid the price at the polls.

socrates said...

I copied/pasted your Bernie/#BLM comments & tweeted them.

I am extremely busy today and will probably log out of everywhere.

A blog entry on Edgar Allan Poe might be both fun and end up pretty good.

donkeytale said...

This comment from Graun pretty good summary:

seayomama DhammaRider 4m ago

I agree that shutting down another speaker is an unhealthy tactic. I note that the national org of BlackLivesMatter has apologized.

That said, I can also see why many activists are unhappy with Sanders, who has put the concerns of Caucasian boomers above the most obvious social crisis unfolding today. Yes, we need to protect the social safety net--social security, Medicare, and Medicaid. But where are his BlackLivesMatter banners? Where is that event? I'm not seeing it.

To simply dismiss the crisis with "All Lives Matter" is to deny that African-Americans are being disproportionately killed by cops and vigilantes with no subsequent justice. It is to deny that Black people are jailed ten times more often for minor infractions such as marijuana use (in places where it is not legal in USA, which is still the vast majority of locations), even though studies show equal percentages of Black and Caucasian users.

All lives do not matter, and cannot matter, UNTIL #BlackLivesMatter.

socrates said...

The problem with that is Bernie Sanders never said, "All Lives Matter." Hillary did. (see DFQ2, Oopsies)

I was just watching CNN and Poppy Harlow just said that same lie twice.

I'm at my limit for being Mr. Open-minded. This is out of control. I'm done capitulating. These are political operatives spreading the meme that Bernie is racist and not aware of African American issues with police.

This is still my busy day, so I am just stopping in for a bit. As Bernie would say, "Enough is enough!"

I thank you for the above Guardian comment. To go with the CNN lies, I have been vindicated.

And Marc Lamont Hill, a Black man and good, a professor and media personality, called this a leftier than thou problem. I kid you not. He used the phrase.

The problem with that is Marc never corrected Poppy Harlow, although he did have kind words for Bernie's candidacy.

socrates said...

Bernie said, "Of course Black lives matter."

O'Malley came up with some refrain he repeated, Black lives matter. White lives matter. All lives matter.

Get your facts straight people.

socrates said...

And lest we forget, you said one day that twice Bernie allegedly said "You people" to African Americans. You are being duped, my friend pal buddy guy dude.

socrates said...

This is my bread and butter, sniffing out fakery.

donkeytale said...

Right, however the commenter's main point that Bernie seems too focused on issues of concern to aging white boomers is a valid perception. Mouthing the words as an aside is not same as reaching out to the new civil rights movement. He needs more outreach directly into the #BLM milieu which gathers in teh Streets as opposed to the universities.

LOL. Fighting with paid fakes and real #BLM supporters on Twitter is definitely not the way to reach Nirvana. Just sayin

This too shall pass. HRC isn't drawing crowds she's raising money. Today in South Texas in a demotardic Latino stronghold. Bernie offers opportunity to the #BLMers because he draws large, older whiter crowds in lots of places. yes, this is boorish and copycat behaviour that is not effective for the cause either and under the rubric of all publicity is good may cause that backlash, although it needs to ome from more thanm elitist blacks like Hill.

It will be very suspicious if Hillary larhe events, if and when they do occur are also not co-opted by #BLM.

My advice, relax and not be overly concerned. This is not a derailment and could still work in Bernie's favour.

donkeytale said...

And it appears the protestors are successfully impacting Teh Bern's schtick. To me this is hopeful and recognition by Bernie that he needs to be more substantive on racial inequality.

socrates said...

Thanks for the response. Others noticed what I did and we are building into a swarm of anon nobodies.

I agree with you that it will boil down to whether #BLM starts harassing Hillary. But you are also correct that she lays low.

This CNN thing was ridiculous. It is a fluke I even saw it. I just rattled off a lot of tweets to the offenders.

Why is Bernie Sanders being singled out?

Maybe it is a copycat situation and it's true Bernie is being penalised for his ability to generate historic crowds.

I agree it is best to relax. It is so early in the process. I think a basketball game is the right analogy. Hillary whooped him 32-10 in the first quarter. But now the momentum has shifted. Bernie has the hot hand and Hillary can't even buy a free throw.

Or Red Sox 2004 doing the impossible. Or Al Michaels, "Do you believe in miracles?"

I do think there will be either a backlash or that this setup will eventually fail. Like you said earlier, a lot of these Black people hating on Sanders might never vote anyway or were from Hillary from the start because they are idiots and sellouts.

The Twitter mentions are pouring in. Ugh. I have to get off the computer soon.

socrates said...

Yes, it's all good. This will work out for the best. I had to go with the angry schtick. Not here. Yeah, I was kind of acting a tad with my latest tweets. I wasn't fudging facts, though, and I was correcting the record.

donkeytale said...

This from same site also quite good and thot provoking response to yesterday:

donkeytale said...

Stellar, in fact:

"I don't have any answer on what is "right." Bernie Sanders was a guest in our city—invited by a multiracial coalition to speak on some very important issues. Enormous amounts of work went into yesterday's event and it was so important to talk about preserving and expanding Social Security and Medicare. None of the papers today are covering those issues, because they were eclipsed by what happened. That's not necessarily "wrong"—it just is what it is. But here's what I would have loved to have happen: after the protestors were able to get the mic and say their piece and have the 4.5 minutes of silence for all the black people who have been killed, I would have loved for Bernie Sanders to take the mic and respond. And also to speak about Social Security and Medicare too. Here's what I would love even more: for the Sanders campaign and BLM nationally to sit down and talk about an agenda on racial justice that he can use his presidential platform to help move. Imagine rolling out that agenda and inviting black people to talk about it on stage with him. Now that excites me."

Pramila Jayapal is a state senator from Washington's 37th District.

socrates said...

That was a very good article by the politician/activist. I tweeted it. Thanks. This is what Bernie needs, people of colour with integrity not mailing it in with fake analysis that either has Hillary/DLC fingerprints over it or might as well.

donkeytale said...

Speaking of Cornel West, looks like he's hanging with your good buddy.

Hundreds of people had descended on Ferguson, a suburb of St Louis, for the anniversary on Sunday of Brown’s death. Commemoration events over the weekend were followed by a so-called Moral Monday, comprising acts of peaceful civil disobedience.

The philosopher Cornel West and the prominent young protest leaders DeRay McKesson and Johnetta “Netta” Elzie were among 57 demonstrators detained in plastic handcuffs and arrested by officers from the Department of Homeland Security and St Louis metropolitan police at the federal courthouse in the city’s downtown district after sitting in front of the entrance and refusing to move. All three were later released.

donkeytale said...

And (from same article) Alex Jones in the house (by proxy) as always figuring how making bang off sociopolitical turmoil.

(Pinche Tejano claimed he knew Jones in his collegiate days at UT-Austin. PT was correct in that Euro Trib thread, I did need to turn the volume in those days)

In a surreal twist, some heavily armed men from the Oath Keepers – a militia who claim to uphold the values of the US constitution – arrived on West Florissant Avenue as crowds began to disperse.

A spokesman for the group, who only gave his first name as “John” and held a loaded M-15 rifle as he spoke, said police had welcomed the Oath Keepers’ presence at the protest but told them to stay away from police lines.

“John” said the men were working on behalf of Info Wars, a conspiracy-minded news site, but were not receiving any payment. Their presence drew the ire of many protesters, who accused them of exacerbating an already tense standoff.

socrates said...

A lot is going on. Elon's lawyer showed up trolling me. He's a white, pasty corporate attorney who acts similar with the gutter mouth as did Major Flaw. Markos Moulitsas had a byline on The Hill about Bernie's alleged failures with Black people.

I think it is backfiring like you proffered as a possibility.

Bernie is going to get the Snowden vote. I think he is eventually going to do well with the Black vote. You said Hillary is a loss waiting to happen. The internet is speeding up that process.

I don't know if I'm repeating myself from here or twitter. It becomes a blur.

So the most recent ambush of Bernie in Seattle was done by an ex-Sarah Palin supporter. Oh. My. God.

Bernie isn't even a Democrat. Haha!

Bernie hired a strong Black Lives Matter type woman, Symone Sanders. The phrase is definitely meaningless at this point. It is being co-opted all over the place.

Bernie is a genius of a politician. He is an outsider like Trump who has already proven he can get inside.

Hillary/DINOs are stalling the debates because they know they are poll bumpers.

I got no response from the loooosers at CNN who lied about Bernie Sanders. Poopy Harlow is her name and Marc Lamont Hill didn't correct her. It turned up that she is a rape apologist. She said some ridiculous nonsense when the medium was covering the Steubenville story.