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Wednesday, September 30, 2015


My earliest memory is Coke for $.12 with a $.03 bottle deposit.

Bottles were a big deal when I was a kid. Each stray one you found possessed cash value.
Coke gave way to Jim Beam


Jim Beam 'n coke.

With a hit and a hit and a hit.

Today's zen and yoga

and realisation

living feels better

on all fours

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Wall Street Angel

                                              actress/singer Xuan Zhou in Street Angel

I said I'd fix the subtitles for Street Angel and have just completed the project. The "Wall Street Angel" part will be explained a bit later in this post when we segue back to presiditzial politics. Here's a hint. I'm referring to Hillary!

Street Angel came out in 1937 when Xuan was nineteen. This movie had to have utilised more genre techniques within any one flick than ever done before or after. What are folks in for if they watch it?

* film noir elements
* crime/drama
* a critique of capitalism
* music/entertainment
* surrealism
* romance
* comedy
* action/adventure
* coming of age
* other mailed in genre elements

My original intent was to research and reflect on China in 1937. I was going to try to find info on the actors, etc. and turn this into a high brow film festival angling in on a specific flick. There has been a change in blogging plans.

I will simpy explain wtf happened with the subtitling process. A few years back, I started uploading public domains to my Youtube channel. I set up other channels with the same plan. Unfortunately, I would find out over time that some movies were still copyrighted. It was not my goal to pull a Kim Dotcom and make money on stuff that wasn't legally mine. It was for educational purposes. It was about fair use. I understand that Youtube had no other choice but to scrub some of my channels such as the legendary Jimbo Jones and George Costanza old movie channels. But I digress.

This is what I think happened, although I could be wrong. Someone from Italy or wtf was studying Mandarin in Denmark. He or she found some awkward web page put together by a Professor Dingleberry or somebody with a different name from Wichita State or somewhere else. It kinda sorta gave a translation of the movie.

I looked all I could for a decent set of subtitles but only had the above to go on. The person who made the one subtitle file I could find had utilised the professor's work. The problem was the timing was all off. Not only that, but the translation the student was working off of was not a great translation. It mush-mashed together dialogue which  included the prof's personal narrative technique. I guess you had to be there. I understand that folks simply want to watch it without some blah blah pity card about what I was up against for a subtitling challenge.

Over the last several days I went at it. I fixed all the times, so that the subtitles line up with the actors' voices. I lightly rewrote and edited parts of it. In short, I did the best I could.

This isn't just any movie. It is considered one of the best Chinese movies of all time.

Without further ado, here it is. Make sure to turn on closed captions for the English subtitles.

Wall Street Angel

                                "Hillary Clinton's Not-So-Subtle Message to Bernie Sanders"
"Well, I'm not in any way going to criticize Sen. Sanders," Clinton told Todd in an interview for the new MSNBC show "MTP Daily." "And he's running a great campaign and I respect that." ...
"But the fact now that I have so many of my Democratic colleagues, present and former, in the House and the Senate, out in state Houses who are lined up to say, you know, 'This is the person we want to see as president,' is very gratifying," she said. "Because they look at what they think I can do for them." ...
"I think it is significant that people that have worked with me in the Congress, you know, when I wasn't running for president, even Republicans were praising me," Clinton added.
Maybe a better title for this blog entry would have been Coronation Street Angel.

I have been trying to figure out a way to incorporate Joe Dirt into this piece, but it's just not happening.

A funny thing has happened on the way to Hillary's coronation. It's no longer set in Wall Street gold. Bernie has been masterful using a Howard Dean/Ron Paul styled internet campaign. Hillary is definitely being protected by conventional television media. However, on the internet, it is much more difficult for a corporate beast such as Hillsbury to hide her true nature. This has forced even mainstream media to ask how can Hillary possibly prove this late in the game that she's a regular guy. Authenticity is not something one can lean on Super PACs for to fix stuff with manufactured consent messages. We the people are apparently not even kinda sorta ready for Hillary. One can't simply go on the Ellen Show and claim, "For crying out loud, I am as authentic as the next regular guy."

The vast right wing conspiracy theory schtick is finally falling flat. The Clintons are gonna attack the New York Times for critiquing her? They must be boiling and seething while inhaling caviar in the Hamptons. The narrative was supposed to be about "Breitbart Cult" styled wingnuts holding back the leftier than thou movement. That' snot how it is anymore.

What's all this talk of a Bernie Schmanders' insurgency? The coronation must go through!

Every dirty political trick currently used by Wall Street's Clinton Dynasty is backfiring at least on the internet. There was pushback from the peanut gallery in regards to David Brock's pro-Hillary Super PAC smear job on Bernsies. That wasn't donkeytale smearing George Carlin as not funny. It wasn't some subjective opinion posed as fact. Bernie was made out to be a communist or wtf.

Laura Meckler of the Wall Street Journal recently wrote up a disinfo piece claiming one of Bernie's economic platforms would cost zillions of trillions and tank our alleged greatness. The professor she used as her source was published by Huffington claiming otherwise. To paraphrase, the dude said, "Get out of town!"

I confronted Meckler on Twitter. Instead of responding in public, she sent me a private message.

Uhm, no. Donkeytale has had a long established practice of not doing private emails and whatnot. He is a wise person despite having a weird antipathy towards Joseph KKK Dirt. If Meckler can't explain her trashy article in public, then she can bugger off. Methinks she was implying I'm some anonymous coward troll and that her direct message would scare me away. I guess she has never heard of Kimberlin or Glenn Beck. I am an established supertroll.

The Downfall of Nate Silver and

The latest NBC/WSJ poll has Bernie Sanders within seven points of Hillary nationally, while he continues to look strong in both Iowa and New Hampshire. If true, then this is a huge development. Nate Silver and his stupid buddy Harry "The Bern Surge is Done, Done" Enten have been droning on for many months about the inevitability of a Hillary presidency.

This is the intersectionality (and sorry, that's not a real word) between donkeytale and blind spots. It is against the law in Canada for media to lie. That there isn't a similar law in Amerikkka does not change the fact that disinfo does influence elections. There was the Willie Horton thingie which brought down Dukakis. Kerry was swift-boated or wtf.

That was from an August 28th round table discussion on the possibility of Joe Biden entering the election. And check out the picture they used of Joe. FiveThirtyEight probably isn't on the Hillary payroll. I won't go down that kooky road. I'm just saying.

                                      I remember when Pops bought me a cola for a nickel.

Here are some predictions for future 538 article titles:

* The polls failed us.
* What we missed in regards to the assumed coronation.
* Keep coming back for more infotainment garbage, you suckers.

Even in the 538 peanut gallery section, it is emerging that Nate Silver and Harry Enten are full of shite.

I'm not sure if the following is the equivalent of the Nate Silver blog but from a pro-Bernie slant. This dude loves Bernie, no doubt. This is by someone named H. A. Goodman:

10 Reasons Bernie Sanders Will Overtake Hillary Clinton in National Polls Before the Iowa Caucus

I hope it's true. The first debate is two weeks from today.

And this is the current 538 coronation garbage entry:

"No One Knows Whether Hillary Clinton Is Authentic
And it doesn’t really matter."

The solution to Hillary Clinton’s recent slide in the polls, according to David Axelrod: Be more authentic. And, indeed, Clinton gets heaps of abuse for alleged inauthenticity.
But authenticity is overrated. There may be no other word more misused by the media and by political pundits. And it’s doubly useless: First, “authenticity” means different things to different people; we use it as a proxy variable for traits that we do like, forgetting that authenticity can just as easily stand in for variables that we don’t. And second, even these varying definitions of authenticity don’t necessarily lead to electoral success. ... 
This is my response to that mailed in nonsense (scroll down):


Chippy Rivals Meet

The formerly USSR and the quasi-exceptionalist US of A-holes are holding a meeting of the minds over Syria, something they have long needed to get around to doing. In the beginning of the conflict Assad pounded his own cities into rubble thus propelling the advancement of precisely the one thing he needs above all else to remain in power: destabilising bogeymen.

And he has them now in spades. Some would say the Islamic State is in fact a US creation and of course it is, whether done because the US foreign policy establishment are far-reaching visionary Machiavellians operating at the highest magnitude of cunning or because US Foreign Policy is criminally employed the world over by a preening group of udderly clueless morons [projection alert]

But it makes all the difference to the blogging milieu.

Frankly, I see no end in sight to the phenomenon of young men the world over booking extended vacation flights to Turkey for the purpose of exploring little known sectors of the middle east. And I am not sure that anything will stem this tide of unfulfilled, youthful horn dogs into the promised land of free sex slaves and the detonation of ancient Western imperialism while at same time selling our oil out from under us.

That's three things religious extremists appear willing to die for:



financial security.

There may be much to gain or possibly even more to loose in a rapprochement between the two quasi-adversarial business partners. No matter what becomes of the War between the Stateless and the Clueless there will always be this matter of the relationship itself to chew on. 

And this is infotaining precisely because yet another in the endless series of sham US elections seems interrupted this time around (so far at least) by what the late, great Marisacat termed  'the inconvenient voice of the voter.'  And the people don't want no war. Many do, however, enjoy a measure of financial security working for a nameless, faceless defense industry contractor located in a low rise suburban office complex in a neighborhood near you. Close, like inside your fingertips as your read this mindless drivel .

One struggles mightily to perceive any of the current GOP presiditzial candidates whispering sweet nothings to Vladimir over cocktails as we see Obama doing in todaze WaPo, come as conservatives are thoroughly schooled in Cheney/Bush foreign policy techniques. 

The GOP prays every day to the image of Ronald Reagan but actually delivers Bush/Cheney, AKA the worst war-like blundering in the long history of US war-like blundering. And yes, one can easily picture Reagan trading jocular tall tales standing at the bar with Putin. 

Meanwhile, the Demotards follow their instincts for peace and love and more gold and more beer.

And chicks and stuff. 

Yes, we are talking the Clinton Doctrine here. The Clinton Doctrine replaced the Carter Doctrine. After Carter no Demotards admit to having a doctrine. Each time one of their own occupies the State Department they basically kowtow to the vastly under-brained Defense Department anyway. At least since Truman, whom one cannot even fathom would be a Demotard today if he were still walking the earth as a small-town auto insurance agent in Missouri.

This essential American non-doctrine doctrine began with Kennedy and sprang fully-fruited under the star-crossed LBJ. (FDR, like Reagan, had a doctrine, so we think--or led to believe)

Obama has now added his own pinch of passive/aggressiveness with the Hillary handprint and the hard-hitting economic sanctions. 

Whether these work or not is anyone's guess. People keep saying Putin is desperate and rattling his sabre over Syria to entice the US into engagement leading to Russia (once again) treated like any other charter member of the globalist imperialist club. And don't forget, the Ayatollah "crippling sanctions" delivered the deformed bacon. So maybe sanctions it is.

Besides, this ISIS thingie really could use even more outside/inside influence as a pretext to jostle among cynically competing imperialists.  Let's help propel this war into what most GOP voters secretly relish anyway: Armageddon. Perfect when you look at it in a certain light. Perfectly fucked up staring it in the face.

Make no mistake. The USSR and the US-A are solid bidness partners. They play the game on several levels to obscure this fact. The game becomes harder when the price of a gallon of gas is below $2.00 (in some states) but when it is double that suddenly you see these huge exploratory style of business deals between US and Russian oil companies popping up in Siberia and the Arctic. In fact, when the sanctions over Ukraine hit the oil deals were put on hold. For now.

But the American company has ambitious goals in Russia, particularly in the Arctic, where it hopes to produce meaningful amounts of oil and gas by 2025. Exxon had moved a rig there this summer, and the exploratory drilling efforts had just gotten underway.

The Eurasia Group, the New York-based political risk consultancy, recently issued a report predicting that the sanctions would force foreign oil and oil service companies “to scale back operations and reassess their commitments to the Russian market” and that “Russian companies increasingly will have to turn to domestic and Asian sources of financing and alternative technologies to keep up production.”

China, South Korea and Singapore have modern oil industries with various capabilities for drilling in shale and offshore, much of it gained from working with Western companies. Some of their companies will probably work with Russia. But energy experts say they do not have the full range of capabilities to replace companies like Exxon when it comes to the most challenging oil and gas fields.

The Russians announced a huge competing deal with the Chinese. Funny thing happened later that didn't make big news: the deal was quietly shelved.

But Reuters noted that one big-ticket project, the Altai gas pipeline to connect western Siberian gas fields to China, was hardly mentioned during the meetings, leaving its fate uncertain.
China’s reluctance comes even as Putin is courting all potential investors in Russia’s underdeveloped Far East region. Immediately upon his return to Russia, Putin attended the first-ever Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok. In his speech at the forum, Putin spoke of the “great potential” in Russia’s Far East, and said that Russia “aimed at accelerated, fast-track development in this region.”

They refuse to acknowledge that both possess the same oligarchical self-interest at the end of the day and will play along with each other again at some point in their respective self-interest. These deals too will not gain major airplay but they will happen. Bet on it.

Obama and Putin recognise they need each other.

What will the GOP nominee think and more important, what will she do if the unthinkable happens and she ascends to the White Wash House?

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Not Very Timely Information

I'm ashamed to have sunk to donkeytale's level by making fun of Hillary's weight. That wasn't the point. Lots of people have food issues including William Jerkoffson Clinton.

This is the point. We are jolly old ancients of days. You'd think that people with a lot of money could find themselves fancy nutritionists, trainers, and chefs enabling them to feel fresh and fit. Regular people can't afford any of that.

As to the "jolly old ancients of days" part, we end up with a boatload of time to figure out schtuff. Poor people are obviously at a disadvantage in many ways, but they also have their work cut out for themselves in regards to diet versus food budget. One can buy a box of pasta for cheap, those macaroni and cheese boxes, or heck there are always ramen noodles or wtf. The Clintons have no excuses.

One can eat a lot on pennies to the dollar, but you get what you pay for. I'm not trying to sell any Atkins diet products, but there is some wisdom to folks whining about carbohydrates.

I lost twenty pounds this summer. I did it slow and steady. To do this, one must not become obsessed with the scale. It is there only as a general guide. You can lose weight, yet the scale will say you gained it. I didn't realise I had become such a slob. I blame society. People in general are huge. It's not easy to notice one is putting on some added pounds when there are great numbers with so many tens of extras on their bodies. This is especially true for folks not preparing for the inevitable slowdown of one's metabolism.

Two words: Grow up. Comfort foods need to be avoided unless one is living the je ne sais quoi in Paree. We're not all Gilligan, Twiggy, or J.J. "Dyn-o-mite" Evans. They are lucky and can eat anything. Yes, they are to be despised. It makes no sense and is unfair.

Quit the junk food! Then start working on eating healthier foods. Get some sort of exercise routine in place. This isn't culinary Rocket Science.

The problem with Hillary's candidacy is not that she's fat. It's that she's a fat fuck face. Those bastard Clintons are making LeBron James' money. They could buy a mansion and put a huge gymnasium in it. To repeat, they basically have zero excuses for letting themselves go.

I may have lost thirty pounds. I need to lose ten more. During one stretch I gained five pounds while I was still exercising and not overeating. How so? We grow these fat cells. Even when we lose that weight, the cells remain hungry. They absorb weight through water retention. It takes losing the weight twice. That's my final answer of a conclusion. You lose five pounds. Somehow you gain it back. Don't take it personally. The next time the weight drops, it will be some fat cells actually shrinking. This is about slow and steady. This isn't about overdoing it and twisting your knee and then bye bye exercise until that recovers.

To reiterate, I am not attacking Hillary for being a slob. What has happened to the Clintons is nothing remarkable. They are probably in shape for fat people in a Bizarro World sense. The point is that they are fat in spirit.

I don't know if Biden is running or not. I go back and forth. One might imagine recent poll results perhaps prodding his ego into a yes decision.

The primary race that truly matters seems to be in a holding pattern while the Republicans continue to embarrass themselves.

This is odd. I'm trying to find info on the Democratic Party debates and all I see is info on the presidential debates. The idea of a Hillary coronation appears to still be on schedule, email drippety drip or not.

The DINO rigging of debates has been effective. It explains this holding pattern. The Repugnants have already had two of them which obviously seem to influence wingnut polling numbers.

This is from Wikipedia:

I have a good idea what the criticism and controversy section will say. It's probably something or another about coronations and oligarchy. Debate numero uno is two weeks from next Tuesday.

We will soon find out wtf is truly going on with this race over the next two months. No, we will not get definitive answers. Those will arrive on actual voting days in individual states. Nate Silver will continue to bloviate. His goal is to make money. He will look like a stats god and prescient if Hillary marches on. People will have long forgotten that he wet his pants in regards to the British elections.

This sucker is still up for grabs, just as each one of us has the freedom to stop whining and making excuses and finally get our acts together. Slow and steady, my friends. You can do it.

Bonus Blog Coverage That Doesn't Matter:

Anyone else see a resemblance between Bernie Sanders and Ed Grimley?

I'm talking about the teeth.

The Last of Bonus Blog Coverage Within This Entry:

This moron's name is Terrell Starr. He is part of the network of Black professional elitists I recently troll-busted. The usual suspects show up in his tirade. Basically there is a small clique of Black social media people who have been involved in this #BernieSoBlack smear job ever since right after Hillary's "All lives matter" oopsies in the African American church.

They are all the same names who have been involved in the creation of idiotic astroturf spewing that Bernie Sanders' supporters are racist. It never fooken ends. It's the same names every time. It's like with the Connell assassinated by Rove hoax. It always boiled down to the same loooosers with matching schticks.

I suppose I should track down all the work I put into Twitter exposing that self-promoting clique. I'm not going to. I think it's a tell that Starr didn't mention my tweets in his "comment is free" type mailed in formula. It's not all about me, but the point is that losers pick and choose who they promote as their enemies.

Hillary's formula has been to keep on keeping on with the coronation process. That implies she believes her only true rival to the throne is from the Republican side. To quote Bernie, "I disagree."

Check out the creepy Terrell Starr in this entry moaning about the lack of rich women giving him a chance.

Well-Traveled, Intelligent Black Man, 34, Seeks ‘Sista’ OK With Him Making Less Money

One can research all the creeps pushing this BernieSoBlack nonsense since July. JULY!!!!!!

One by one, it turns out they are part and parcel of a small cell of political operatives and self-promoting blowhards.

It's on my Twitter.

And now Nate Silver is prominently plugging verified scumbag Dave Weigel. Enough is enough!

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Timely Information

I just retweeted our good friend Bernie Sanders. You'd think cable news would finally wake up and see that the Bernie/Hillary story is the most intriguing. They are wasting a lot of time on Trump and that other race. They are acting like Ronald Reagan is the current president, not Obama. They have yet to evolve with the exception of some MSNBC hosts and I imagine Amy Goodman into taking seriously Bernie's story.

We could use some European-styled Fourth Estate to go with substantial relief for poor and middle class human beings.

I am mailing this in because I'd rather not always feel obligated to doing the world's homework.

Here's a CNN link titled, Bernie Sanders ratchets up knocks on pro-Clinton super PACs.

That's from yesterday. It's where I found the tweet.

I'd rather be watching Bukowski or even tweeting Brock some good-natured, well-deserved venom.

New York (CNN)Bernie Sanders may not want to go after Hillary Clinton directly, but his presidential campaign has shown over the last two days that it is are more than happy to punch back against the world of pro-Clinton super PACs.

What a bunch of looooosers. I can understand slobs like us with unfortunate edit or non-proofread material, but not CNN.

And have you ever noticed the comments at Yahoo? They are just a tad too skewed. I will repeat that I think there is a lot of paid fakery going on, i.e. astroturf.

It looks like this is more bad news for Hitlary and is backfiring in real time.

Keep an eye out for the political operative astroturf saying that Bernie is attacking the Democratic Party and has no moral standing to run as a Democrat.

Bernie is an intellectual which is rare to find in politics. One of his key platforms is to get rid of the Super PACs. He has been more than fair to Hillary refraining from making character attacks. This has gotten extremely interesting. Hillary just threw over an 85 m.p.h. cheeseball with no movement to Bernie "Big Papi" Ortiz.

If the media can show any professionalism at all, Bernie Sanders should have decent odds of winning the nomination.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Decline of the [Cornel] West and the Illusion of the Black Moses

His attack on Jesse Jackson—a repetition of the tired trope that the civil rights leader is “addicted to the camera”—is not only lazy, but an exercise in the painful hilarity of irony. West’s back of the book biography states, “He appears frequently on Real Time with Bill Maher, The Colbert Report, Democracy Now, CNN, C-SPAN, and other national and international media.”

West’s own affection for the camera and applause leads him to obliviously betray a double standard in his judgments. Bill Maher, who for all his wit and charm, has almost none of the depth of Hitchens, is not a “sophomoric atheist,” but a “prophetic” one, because he, in the words of West, “has played such an important role in giving me tremendous exposure around the country and the world in his TV shows.”

Most public intellectuals have large egos, but West’s is seemingly so out of control that he has no shame in all but admitting that it is what motivates his evaluations. He treats Louis Farrakhan with an amazing sensitivity, because he has had “wonderful dialogues with my dear brother.” West claims to privately “push him” on his anti-Semitism, misogyny, and homophobia, but none of that comes out in the book. Instead West assures readers that Farrakhan “always pushes me in a powerful way.”

The “wonderful dialogue” is a reoccurring reference for West, who is constantly identifying famous people he has met. Throughout the entirety of Black Prophetic Fire, he seems to use his celebrity to make the amateur error of arguing by authority. He criticizes people without offering evidence, he praises people on the basis of knowing them personally, and he even uses his imagination to make wild speculations. There is a long passage in which he gives a fictional exchange that he believes would have taken place if Malcolm X and Martin Luther King had ever met and discussed the future of America.

Translation: Cornel West is a phony who no longer employs academic rigor in either his thinking or writing, substituting instead an outsized regard for his own self-importance while taking potshots at other blacks of accomplishment (in politics, academia, media and business) with whom he regularly finds fault for not being "authentic and true to their skin colour" while himself becoming a caricature and celebrity-drenched cartoon character who has lost whatever credibility he once held as an intellectual gadfly.

One wonders how much the internet itself has dulled West's mind while riling up his vulgar attack methodology which is employed exclusively against black "brothas" but never against white colleagues such as Bill Maher and (noted Obamabot) Paul Krugman.

#BLM, to which West has made recent symbolic attempts to attach himself, is refreshing and vital because it exists outside the black intellectual elite which is whitey funded and media mainstreamed. #BLM female members famously interrupted Bernie presentations and presciently caused the Bern pause to consider that they had a good point. These female interlocutors inarticulately and rudely exposed the great weakness of Bernie Sander's campaign: his lack of connection to the wider minourity electorate, which whatever you think about it, is necessary for the Bern to address and overcome if he wishes to win the Demotardic nomination.

Cornel West has now jumped headfirst into Sander's campaign in South Carolina, the first in a long string of primary/caucus states where minourity voters are key. He has become the warm-up act for the Bernie Sander's Show in the crucial SEC primary states where blacks make a large percentage of the Demotardic vote (fully half in SC).

The big question for me: why did Bernie go with West, a figure who has demeaned himself in recent years by first playing Obama's lapdog then becoming his harshest critic after it became apparent to West (rather belatedly and naively it seems to me for such a great intellectual) that the first black President was going to govern as the politician that he is rather than the Black Messiah of West's dream world or the progressive messiah of white middle class delusionality?

Will the average black voter respond to what appears to be this self-obsessed egomaniac's harsh negativity towards Obama while pimping for Sanders, who has spent fifty years in lily white Vermont effectively ignoring the problems of the black underclass because there isn't one to be represented in the Green Mountain state?

Ostensibly, Bernie turned to West because he couldn't connect with more relevant, current leaders of the street movement that woke him up from his dogmatic slumbers on teh campaign trail. Besides, #BLM is basically leaderless much like #OWS which it emulates in some respects. #OWS resisted party political activities and #BLM to date has done same.

Or maybe Bernie believes he needs celebrity endorsements rather than "real movement people" endorsements. If so, this implies an inconsistency between the reality of his campaign and his rhetoric. Obviously, lack of consistency is a fact of life in electoral politics. However, aren't the facts of political reality the precise cause of West's condemnation of Obama? Can we count that he someday will also turn on the Bern? Or will he give Sanders a pass much like he does Krugman?

Voting for presidit may in fact not matter to the Black Lives matter contingent. They seek justice which by necessity must first be worked out at the local level. And let's face facts, having the right to vote since 1965 hasn't achieved all that much in changing the grey matter behind the blue eyes of Amerikkka. One bit maybe, here or there. But the criminal justice and economic record speaks the real story for African America. With the few celebrity exceptions like West to prove the rule.

What does seem definite, West here sees an opportunity to keep himself relevant (IE, in front of cameras) "by any means necessary" in coming out for Sanders. And there is nothing wrong with that, except that West tied himself to Obama the same way in 2008 and now is busy burning every Obamabotic bridge that he can torch in the most vituperative, nasty way possible, making an udder fool of himself in the process.

This tainted clown, this sad sack minstrel show, this wealthy media celebrity, will now successfully open doors for Bernie Sanders into the black community, a community that still views Obama whatever his shortcomings as an example of outstanding achievement regardless of his failure to become what he never claimed to be, the Black Moses, instead of the actual herstorical accomplishment, becoming the first African-American president?

Yesterday, West opened for Sanders in S Carolina at a herstorically black college and two more stops. Notably, the audiences (beyond the HBC crowd) were largely white.

The good news: Bernie is getting more exposure and seems to be gaining ground, if the WaPo report accurately reflects the situation. Time and polling, especially post-Iowa and New Hampshire, will tell the story.

Tevin Spruill and Christopher Lewis, two students at Benedict College, said that they had not heard much about Sanders prior to his appearance Saturday but that they were leaving the gymnasium prepared to support him.

“Every single thing he said made complete sense,” said Lewis, 20, a junior majoring in social work.

Spruill said he wasn’t concerned about West’s criticism of Obama, saying it is different to criticize a sitting president than someone aspiring to the job. As for Obama, “he hasn’t done a perfect job, but he’s been a good president,” said Spruill, 21, a music major.

Hopefully, West has now grokked the difference between electoral politics and religious prophecy. Sanders needs champions in the minourity community. His message should resonate with the largely untapped youth movement of all colours (much as Obama succeeded in doing during his campaigns).

However, as the music majour astutely remarked in the blockquote above, there is a world of difference between a sitting president and someone aspiring to the job.

West, a professor emeritus at Princeton University, was once a popular thought leader among African Americans, but his standing has been questioned more recently because of his harsh tone in criticizing Obama.

Neither Black Moses nor Hebrew Moses need apply for the White House job. Different qualifications required. A great intellectual should know that. A smart pol definitely knows that.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

I am the Reincarnation of Hank Williams

"I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive" - Hank's at #1 peaking 78 rpm hit single on his moment of dying in January 1953

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I'm kinda sorta sure I'm the reincarnation of Lenny Bruce.

                                                          Lenny Bruce is not afraid

The dates line up. And one needn't put reincarnation to the side. Alan Watts covered that angle.

                                       Alan Watts ~ Wake Up ~ Stop Sleeping Through Life

There are tons of Alan Watts videos available at Youtube. I like them. I like them a lot. In one of them, I forget if it's the one above, Watts says that McLuhan's rear view mirror schtick was derived from his own. Watts was on that rock star circuit donkeytale has alluded to. Another one on it was Lenny Bruce.

Watts speaks of patterns and how if we are able to break them down, we may be able to figure out who we were in previous incarnations. It is perhaps a thankless and ultimately fruitless task. It will definitely become easier as we have entered the BubbleBoy era. One can go to Youtube and get firsthand experience of greats such as McLuhan, Watts, and Bruce. However, there are simply so many people that it will always be akin to looking for a needle in a haystack.

What would be the point of it anyway?

Watts also mentioned the phenomenon of children somehow remembering previous lives. It is interesting to truly find out that literally nothing is new under the sun.

I won't go into the specifics of why I believe I am the reincarnation of Bruce, since that would be holding onto the false ego, even if I could build a substantial circumstantial case. Nonetheless, it is not a waste of time for folks to recognise the patterns which make up one's identity. It is never a mistake to reflect and evolve.

The end goal, however, is to become part and parcel of nature. That much is clear. One must face their fake demons, so to blog.

I have located Lenny Bruce's book, How to Talk Dirty and Influence People. I'm pumped and jacked.

Even if we are not the same person, I appreciate the pattern of his thoughts and sense of humor. I feel an affinity towards them. The strange thing about Lenny Bruce was how he went for the hard drugs and avoided weed. He felt marijuana too easily opened up the mind to tons of ideas and emotions. He said no thanks, I already got that memo. I was the opposite. I wanted nothing to do with the hard stuff and fell in love with good old kaya.

This entry has been about sharing. I am spent for writing at the moment. Yet that is fine. The moment is everything.

My next Watts video to watch will be:

                                                       Alan Watts Interviews God

Rockville, Maryland is where I had the showdown with Brett Kimberlin. To go full circle, let's listen to some more REM, as in Don't go back to -Rockville- the false ego.

Or forget that! Let's truly go Full Circle. That was an album by The Doors minus Jim Morrison which provided love and granola for all!

                                                                    4 billion souls

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Bubble Boy Freak Society

Within fifty to 100 years, there will no longer be one normal person left in America. Something fundamental has shifted with social reality. The source of this is the computer and its relation to society. To be specific, the root cause of this collective, spiritual angst is the internet medium and its stranglehold on the soul of every individual.

McLuhan spoke of the television in the same way of how it influences and contorts our very own central nervous systems. Our being spiritually damaged goods is not anything new. What has changed is the extent of this stranglehold on pure freedom and happiness.

One of the greatest aspects of American society has been the fundamental right to be left alone. People are now being born into the internet, the decades later version of Travolta's bubble boy state. BubbleBoy became dependent on all around him. He couldn't leave. He couldn't explore the world on his own terms. He might as well have been born in a prison.

The bubble we are all trapped into today is the internet. Everything is being saved, watched, and manipulated by the Orwellian Military-Industrial Complex which includes police, corporations, and government. Malcolm X spoke of the chickens coming home to roost in regards to the Kennedy assassination. He wasn't praising the tragedy. It was akin to John Lennon saying that the Beatles were bigger than God. John wasn't saying that he was God or better than God. He was merely pointing out the truth that the Beatles had greater influence over the medium than anything to do with religious belief.

Ron Paul said that Chris Kyle had lived by the sword and died by it. He was crucified (no pun intended) for that statement through social media. We are now witnessing this chicken roosting phenomenon Malcolm X alluded to. If you live a life of violence, it will boomerang. We have seen this maxim play out recently with the killing of approximately nine cops in twelve days. While the ptb's would like folks to believe that this is a result of rhetoric and especially from the difficult to define Black Lives Matter movement, cops being assassinated is the natural progression of a society based on police brutality, Spy Factory oppression, and widespread poverty.

At some point there will not be one individual who has experienced life outside of this internet bubble surveillance society. They will not understand how folks could live without a laptop or cell phones. Internet oppression has taken the numbing down of our senses through television and multiplied the oppression factor by an absurd, incalculable number.

Young people are now substituting google for the library. They are exchanging their own development for a shortcut process that allows elites to do the thinking for them. I should have seen this coming. I was late to the internet party. I first noticed its influence forming in the mid to late 90's. I was in teacher college at the time and saw people "surfing" the web in computer rooms.

But I had a life to lead and couldn't have cared less. I was still reading books, reflecting, and writing. I had returned from my five year life in Ireland where nature and people keep one grounded in humanity. I was in classrooms. I was interacting with many people in the flesh, not this fake bullshit called social media.

There is a major difference between reading and writing pre-internet bubble from today. I didn't miss the memo. I simply didn't agree with it and thought it was silly. The teacher college was shoving computers down our throats in regards to pedagogy. There was also this thing called charter schools that was also being pushed. I didn't care. I mailed it in for those classes. I did what I had to do to get the teacher degree. I was from the old-school and didn't realise rich fockers such as Teach for America were growing like a fungus allowing non-qualified "teachers" into schools.

I was overqualified. I was a tweener. I was probably a notch below what it takes to be a true scholar, yet far more advanced than most teachers. My goal was to bring higher powered learning to public education. I knew that it would have to be presented at the level of young students. I was in it to win it in democratic fashion.

As with police, a lot of people going into teaching are not all that smart and original. I have always been against standardised testing. I have also on occasion mentioned the big brouhaha between Talcott Parsons and C. Wright Mills. I am talking historic academic debate and philosophy. My goal was not to become famous. I wanted to teach for about five to ten years, then become a social studies department head, then superintendent. I wanted to change the world from the bottom up as a regular guy.

What I found out the hard way is that it is not what you know, but who you know that matters. For those from historic academia with their hearts and minds in the right place, it was all about inspiring and motivating every student. Nowadays such teachers are being pushed out as the last one of our fat knuckled grips on past free and critical thinking perspectives are claw hammered off of influence.

The medium became the end in itself. People will soon forget what it meant to grow up outside of the computer and total electronic control by those in power. The cult of personality has won at least for now. It will maintain control as long as the vast majority of people accept the computer as our new vehicle by which to pass time.

Folks are no longer thinking for themselves. Teachers are being hired not for their wisdom or ability to pass such knowledge onto the next generations, but rather for how well they control behaviour and produce in regards to test results. The personal has always been political. Yet, it used to be that younger folks took years to learn and find their identity. Now they are being told not only what to think but how to think. This is a tragedy.

Socrates said that the wise man knows what he knows and knows what he doesn't know. That was an instant masterpiece of a concept. However, that profound insight has become deformed into the idea that you pick a side, find so-called experts who you can submit to for defining social reality, and then base your "work" on such influence. Then to top it off, one is to insert hyperlinks throughout this blah, blah process to further evoke the authority which is defined by the phrase status quo.

I did not have a good last couple days. Despite my wanting to always be strong and tell myself outside verbal abuse and cyber-stalking does not draw blood, it does. Brynaert is a verbal abuser. But it becomes the personification of the Chinese finger torture test; the more one tries to become free of the oppression, the stronger the oppression becomes. It helps to see that others who had nothing to do with Kimberlin, Weinergate, SWATs, Breitbart, Neal R., et al have explained how Ron operates. I could post so much of his verbal abuse, but it would draw me further into his psychotic delusions. People. Have. The. Right. To. Not. Be. Verbally. Abused.

It is years later. One regret I have is that I never truly thanked donkeytale for watching my back. Some time recently the shadowthief website emerged with the FireDogLake archive that had disappeared when Jane Hamsher shut it down. It is there in which folks can read donkeytale's Troll Wars series.

His Troll Wars 6.66 is considered by many to be his best work in regards to the Breitbart Cult/Numbnut story. I am sure there are things in his series which may trigger more angst in myself or supply some ideas that I disagree with, but for the most part, I sincerely believe he nailed it.

I mock Dwight Howard for his "Let's All Breathe" movement, but there is great truth to that. The end game for each of should be health, happiness, and wisdom. Verbal abusers deny us of our ability to breathe. The internet is depriving us of that ability also. It has forced us into free speech cages. It has created the illusion of there being a keyboard commando movement that will bring us to the Promised Land. Don't bet on it.