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Wednesday, September 30, 2015


My earliest memory is Coke for $.12 with a $.03 bottle deposit.

Bottles were a big deal when I was a kid. Each stray one you found possessed cash value.
Coke gave way to Jim Beam


Jim Beam 'n coke.

With a hit and a hit and a hit.

Today's zen and yoga

and realisation

living feels better

on all fours


socrates said...

I wasn't trying to knock you off the top slot. I had been working on Street Angel for a number of days and had just completed the project.

socrates said...

I mentioned a fictitious MaryAnne Cunningham on another post. I was going to use the surname McGillicuddy, but Bukowski specifically mentioned that name for implying a jumping of the shark. He didn't say jumping the shark, but he said as soon as someone just starts writing Mrs. McGillicuddy blah blah, that's it, that is the sign there is no creative juice and the medium has become quite boring.

donkeytale said...

The key to this semi-poetic masterpiece is in the final line.

In real time I was doing some stretching and yoga and feeling the wonderful sensation of a healthy spinal column emanating pleasurably from my brain stem.

This is far superiour to being a drunk or even a pothead for that matter, tho I guess it is theoretically possible to be all three.

Why I didn't simply leave this as a comment is beyond me to analyse. But I am quite pleased with the way you jumped in with your academic triangle gambit. Well-played. These subtle interactions are perhaps missed by the casual reader but are notable.

The fact that we knocked our own masterpieces down the page represents I think our growth from merely mortal internet junkies to zen master meta cognescenti.

But let me confirm in conclusion, that walking on all fours with your spine in a state of nerval bliss makes one perhaps want to consider being reincarnated as a dog. The problem for the dog is being selected by the right owner, a process over which the dog has no control.

socrates said...

Didn't God specifically tell us to avoid sloth? I get the impression you wouldn't mind a dog's life. I suppose if I'm to be honest, we have all wondered at times why we can't have it as good. Dogs get to sleep a lot. They can do things we are anatomically unable to, er uhm, scratch that. Ugh, I'm not saying to go back to the Victorian anal retentive days, but dogs should not be doing certain things in public. And when they start humping one's leg, that is embarrassing for the dog who somehow does not realise he or she is transcending lines of decency. And you are correct in a way dogs are extremely vulnerable to whom their owners are. But then again, we too have that problem in regards to who we get as parents.

Your main point stands tall, however. There is a nobility to the savage (Rousseau) who lives in harmony with nature. I think Rousseau was doing what some Black people do with the N word or what Lenny Bruce was attempting. Or Dave Chappelle. They are taking ownership of epithets in order to deny them of their former power.

So I'm a savage? I'm a granola eating, stinky hippie? At least I'm on the right side of herstory, God, buddha, Cornel West, and other greats.

I hope in my next life I get very groovy, enlightened parents, so I don't have to wait again until 18-20 to wtfu. I'd like to get an earlier start on saving the planet next time. My mom was fine. My dad was a dickhead. I am not attacking me mumsies, r.i.p.. But I wouldn't mind next time cutting to the chase of social reality a lot faster. I expect to also. We will receive a new body. There is a material world and a spiritual world. They are actually the same, but it's tough to put into words. It's like with one of my plants. I cut off a shoot and figured that one is done. I put the shoot in water to grow some new roots and replant it. But the amazing thing is new shoots are popping up that have no right to be there. It is akin to reincarnation. The body is the car. The spirit which can never be eliminated is given a new car. I don't know what God was thinking when he put together this life game. Maybe he was stoned off of the purple Hawaiian stuff when he put together reality?

I am obviously procrastinating responding to your defense of the indefensible Nate Silver. But it will happen.

donkeytale said...

So, now that we have an immigrant, presumably legal, who just shot and killed 10 college students, will Donald Trump demand we send all British immigrants back to Blighty?

Or will he use this case to continue to justify the discrimination of Latinos?

socrates said...

Sometimes a very mediocre team makes it into the NBA Finals. I recall one of the Bird teams ending up with a 40-42 Houston Rockets squad as the opponent. Trump would be that Rocket team.

Whoever the Republicans come up with will be extremely flawed as a candidate. Trump is merely the most obviously deranged.

But I could see him beating Hillary, just like Brown beat Coakley.

I don't see any such concerns with Bernie versus any of the Republicans. And your buddy Joe Biden is also viable for general election politics. Hillary is the political version of Derrick Rose. She was good and had skills.... about five or ten years ago.

In this respect maybe it shouldn't be a surprise that the DINOs are rigging debates and running Super PAC smear jobs. Maybe it should be no surprise that no one is really talking much about general election viability as a factor. When it seemed Bernie was the commie crank, then heck yeah, the medium conspiracy said no commie pinko will ever win the presidency. Now that it seems no way in hell is any regular guy "ready for Hillary," we will stop discussing that aspect.

Hey, if it emerges that Hillary is a lying sack of shite, a warmonger, homophobic, the darling of Wall Street, etc., we at 538 will simply move the goalposts:

On what planet does credibility matter?