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Saturday, September 12, 2015

I am the Reincarnation of Hank Williams

"I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive" - Hank's at #1 peaking 78 rpm hit single on his moment of dying in January 1953


socrates said...

Aaah, so deep down you wanted to kick my butt for making fun of McCain's food staple of possum.

But, keep this in mind.... According to Alan Watts, "We are jolly old ancients of days."

I guess you had to be there. He wasn't saying we are better than the ancients, and you proved that with the copy/paste of Mr. God. That's some crazy stuff. It almost sounded communistic in the jolly goodness of the word.

I am talking about food for all and people being themselves. I still don't get where the name Horatio came from. It's one of those mysteries.

And of course Conan Doyle O'Brien lifted that schtick with his idea of Holmes, which was another way of saying man or can you dig it. As the great philosopher Johanes Staccato once quipped, "Never shake it once you dig it."

socrates said...

Consider the two words grok and wok. The structure of the wok enables the essence of food to become heavenly in its delightfulness. To grok implies a form of enlightenment which follows the same pattern of oneness and inner tranquility.

socrates said...

Frau Tale would probably say she is not sure if I am Lenny Bruce, but that she recalls this dude from the 13th Century who had a very similar schtick.

socrates said...

Did you ever see A Face in the Crowd starring Sheriff Andy Taylor, sweetie cutie Patricia Neal, and directed by KazanBreath? If not, rent it now! It'd be right up your soulful angle.

I agree most infoboob medium is nonsense and time wasters while Rome burns.

But that was a good one and nailed a lot of stuff.

socrates said...

Yikes, Williams died at age 30. I wonder what drug did him in. And Bruce died at 39 and his death also seems to be a mystery. Or maybe I need to do some research and not simply "feed the twitter."

socrates said...

Maybe one of the keys to selecting possible candidates for past incarnations is whether our patterns existed before coming into contact with the ideas of these people we are trying to co-opt.

Otherwise the thought experiment becomes susceptible to skewage.

donkeytale said...

Lenny was a fan of diaudid and OD'd. The go to book on Lenny was the trolling grateness by Albert Goldman. Goldman also penned awesome hit pieces on Elvis and John Lennon.

Hank also enjoyed his opiates but his addiction was more a result of his lifelong excruciating back pain, which according to the documentary atop this entry (well done and very worth an hour or so to catch up on the Americana that is William's story) resulted from the birth defect spina bifida, which may not have been known at the time.

Appears Hank scored his dope from a quack doctor.

And he had a few nice ladeez around to help ease the pain.

donkeytale said...

donkeytale said...

Yes, there is much psychology and karma to connect Williams with moi.

" he was a binge drinker with a low tolerance for alcohol" being one such.

At first I was going with another alcoholic, Wales' own Dylan Thomas, but alas he croaked after my birth.

socrates said...

Yes, we tend not to get our first choices. Montgomery Clift seems to have had a much better life than Lenny Bruce on the surface, at least until his accident. And in regards to vanity, Clift was obviously a better looking dude or wtf.

I started watching the documentary and instantly fell in love with the puppy eyed lady Country Western singer. She was giving Hank that look, the same one that forced the Beatles into exile. She actually looked like she felt guilty because her voice was very powerful, but Hankiepoo gave the look back that it's okay, it's gonna be okay.

I forgot her name and had to check. It was June Carter.

She couldn't help having the Peter Best over the Ringo Starr presence. Best couldn't have cared less that he was stepping on the other lads' toes. If he hadn't been such a dickhead, he'd have been in the Band on the Run video for starters.

We are all humans with the same brain, eyes, five fingered hands and whatnot. Yet, I suppose like there are fingerprints and DNA signatures, we each have our own personal thingies which unfortunately cannot be put into words same as buddhism.

The part I am starting to disagree with in regards to Watts' or whomever's idea of reincarnation is I am not sure there is some end goal of getting out of this so-called vicious cycle of birth and rebirth. I am starting to think there is no end game. It is more of an it is what it is going on.

If so, if people are fearing death because it will be poof, a form of eternal, empty loneliness, it is only the false ego which gets destroyed. If we can acknowledge that, then there is nothing to fear. We breathe whether we want to or not, so to speak. And we will rise again in a new life after this one.

The more we become enlightened, the better the situation next time. Karma is just another word for there was nothing left to lose to begin with.

So we do the best we can and try to be good but not in a banal of evil type of way. It's about leaving something better for the next generations who we are as just a part of as the Millennials. Maybe as Lenny Bruce in this lifetime he/I decided why not try to live a longer, more healthier life?

I think Malcolm X hit a peak for consciousness and that's why he no longer worried about the death threats. He didn't even try to protect himself. He must have been so cynical at the end. Sure, he had a great wife and kids. But in the big picture of it all back in 1965, I don't believe he could see any light at the end of the crazy train tunnel which is Amerikkka.

That was his mistake. He wasn't strong enough to realise it might be a good idea to stick around by any means possible in order to make sure his epiphany was protected longer so it could be shared more and grow stronger throughout society.

Hillary Clinton is interesting. By all fake accounts she is an amazing woman. Famous. Powerful. Rich. But to be her age and still not be able to "keep it real" is why she is on the verge of getting her arse whupped yet again in politics.

One needn't be rich and famous to live the good life. The corollary is that one isn't necessarily a creep for climbing up the medium zeitgeist chain.


socrates said...

I think Bernie understands this. He is a goofy guy, no debate. But there is a sincerity he has that can't be denied. The word is authenticity. No, he is not perfect. One thing he has shown however is the ability to admit he is not perfect and that it will take all of us to wake the f*** up or enough of us goodies to usurp power from the false ego knuckleheads. Hillary uses the it takes a village schtick in the most fakety (why isn't that a word) manner possible.

McLuhan died in December 1980. That means his follow up incarnation if it has been only one is around 35 years old. I would doubt he is famous today. He seemed extremely humble. He is probably some excellent faculty member from somewhere and nowhere to be found within the internet BubbleBoy machine.

Maybe Hank Williams and Lenny Bruce also didn't see the point of being famous but still kinda sorta liked it or weren't on the spiritual level of a McLuhan and Watts, so that would explain DFQ2's semi-quasi success.

I see you are in the same age bracket as Cornel West. Maybe that's how you were able to grok that he is not all that and a bag of fritos.

I saw how he stood up to the NOI during one sermon and said, "Hey guys! Whoooooaaa Nellie, don't be calling Malcolm a dog." Then they said you best stifle it Edith or you will not get out of this church alive or you might live five more days.

And now we see Cornel kissing Louis Farrakhan's arse, the man who was part and parcel of Malcolm being shot down like a dog.

I am rambling, but I felt obligated to feed the blog. This is not a popularity contest or any sort of game. All minds matter. I want everyone to wake the fock up and quit it with f'ing up the planet and society. Enough is enough! I believe most people can handle the truth or at least enough of us to finally take power and implement the kind of world we can all be proud of.

The anti-police movement is an easy one to jump into the fray. Not only do we have Youtube to thank for that, but more importantly it is the people who have that inner truth gene like us who are also not perfect but also realise things have got to change.

This is one I'm just gonna hit enter, so be it for any typos or wackadoo paragraph and idea construction.

donkeytale said...

Actually, it was Anita Carter, June's little sister who sang the duet with Hank and you are correct, she had an amazing voice. June was actually the comic relief who became Mrs.
Johnny Cash in a later carnation. June gave the goofy introduction.

The Carters were a big deal in the birthing of country music. Will the Circle be Unbroken was credited to Mother Maybelle. One of if not the best gospel tunes.

Willie and Arlo's version performed at Tipitina's a legendary club in Uptown NOLA.

donkeytale said...

Yes the internet cannot replicate the truth of actually having been there with a raised consciousness at the time.

This has always cracked me up about the whiteysphere's false understanding of history.

You cant correct the present if you can't grok the past.

West is a joke. Too bad he's attached himself to Bernie. A sign that Bernie is going the wrong direction. He needs the disaffected black and the mainstream black vote. West will deliver neither. West is a house negro dressed up like a field negro.

He's basically a minstrel act.

donkeytale said...

Ditto the curious adoration of George Carlin by the fake left. He was actually a lightweight, unhip, mainstream comic wannabe Lenny Bruce who grew out his hair and ditched his suit well after it was cool to be a hippie.

Also not that funny.

donkeytale said...

An even more famous NOLA night spot:

Talk about the irony of unintended consequences:

"The Dew Drop was also popular among white patrons who knew where to find the hottest floor show in town. Painia welcomed everyone, even though Section 5-61-1 of the city code prohibited race mixing:

"It shall be unlawful for any person to sell any of the beverages on the premises under the same roof to both whites and Negroes unless the space where said whites and Negroes are served is divided by a solid partition from floor to ceiling without any openings whatever therein."
Frank Painia did not have a "solid partition" to separate his patrons, and he paid the price, his grandson Kenneth Jackson says.

"There were instances where the police would come in and find white people in the place, arrest everybody in here and take 'em downtown and charge 'em with racial mixing," Jackson says. "Well, that went on until he just got tired of being harassed about it. And he ended up filing a lawsuit."

In 1964, Frank Painia sued the City of New Orleans in federal court, on the grounds that the race-mixing ordinance was unconstitutional. Before a judge had a chance to rule on it, President Lyndon Johnson signed into law the Civil Rights Act of 1964, ending segregation of public accommodations.

White and black patrons were suddenly free to mingle in any nightspot across the city. But Painia's ideal — legal integration — actually contributed to the Dew Drop's demise.

"Black clubs and black neighborhood businesses that had live entertainment in general started losing their customers in that fashion," Irma Thomas says. She sang at the Dew Drop Inn in the early '60s, when she was a teenager, and went on to become the Soul Queen of New Orleans.

"Once integration hit, of course, it was like, 'the door is open, let's go try it,'" Thomas says."

Now, the original owner's grandson, a school principal is resurrecting the Dew Drop as both a live music venue and a local training center for hospitality students. Smart. Tourism of course the biggest industry in NOLA.

socrates said...

Maybe Carlin was a version of Denis Leary who stole Bill Hicks' schtick.

And you are correct nothing can match the testimony of people who actually experienced things in real time. A lot of these BubbleBoys are taken in by RT/Counterpunch and cannot see that Bernie Sanders would be fundamental change in itself, a form of Gorbachev.

They cannot see the profound differences between Hillary and Bernie, as the Nader loving losers in Florida missed the memo on the differences between Shrub and that dude who invented the internet.

And thanks for the New Orleans link. I uploaded a new movie to Youtube which stars Josephine Baker. Black entertainers of the 30's onward got so ripped off, especially once the Hays Code kicked in July 1934.

Some of my uploads have been semi-important, even though I understand your point that the medium is the conspiracy. Heck, we've already chit-blogged about Walter Benjamin and the other blokes talking about a culture industry.

The movie is about interracial relationships. It also takes place in Tunisia. It is not perfect, but in no way whatsoever would that movie ever have been made in America, even before the Hays Code unless I missed it.

I have another Josephine Baker to make public, but I will first have to figure out how to add subtitles.

She is not being dubbed. So she either knew French or memorised the words.

"The Official Josephine Baker Website"

And it's also timely you bring up New Orleans and the idea of fake activists.

The charter school people are gobbling up that area. DeRay imho is a long-term TFA trolling project. He is also pushing Apple projects, enough so that even Vincent Gambini would say wait a second. And I googled Apple/TFA, and wha do you know, they are in cahoots.

I should have realised that from the get go. My mom was a teacher and I was in schools a long time and Apple has always been the #1 go to for computers in education.

Oh, and there was something also funny in the news recently about fake academics and schadenfreude. A teenager trollbusted a professor who claimed there was never any "No Irish need apply" schtick. She googled and found examples that the loser Prof said didn't exist. Then she did some decent research in libraries and what have you and generated enough of a collection to have her name cemented in some academic journal exposing the right wing, pretentious, lying dork of a fake thinker.

socrates said...

I grok your analysis of West in regards to Bernie. It probably won't help get many votes. The rapper fella probably helped Bernie more. West is obviously (at least finally to me) in the fake preacher category.

Bernie needs to pull off that Washington D.C. rally. I am almost ready to up his odds. The fake left continues to play by the old rules. Now it is the NYT's falt Hillary is being smeared.

I love it. I love it a lot.

The Hillary camp is wetting its pants because Bernie and regular guys across the land are beating them at their own game.

Maybe if Hillary was in better shape, she could go around the country like Bernie does and meet so many people.

Bernie went from 1% to 14% Black support. You think he needs 40%. The trajectory says he can make that number.

The DINO run the clock strategy probably would have been cake and worked if we were closer to the actual voting. It's like The Wizard of Oz. There's been too much time for folks to find out Hillary is a complete fraud. Regular Black people who are interested in voting their conscience and not simply for who they are manipulated into voting for know all about how she handled BLM Boston. They probably even know at this point that Hillary said all lives matter and Bernie didn't.

Bernie was a genius to hire Symone Sanders right after he got smeared to stall his climb to the 14% number from being an unknown. He is showing Black people that he is listening, while Hillary shows people the ability to evolve in one day when forced to own up to the obvious whether it is about emails or whatnot.

People can see how the DINOs have rigged the debates. I am feeling confident again.

I just don't want to jinx it.

socrates said...

apple products, not projects. ugh.