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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I'm kinda sorta sure I'm the reincarnation of Lenny Bruce.

                                                          Lenny Bruce is not afraid

The dates line up. And one needn't put reincarnation to the side. Alan Watts covered that angle.

                                       Alan Watts ~ Wake Up ~ Stop Sleeping Through Life

There are tons of Alan Watts videos available at Youtube. I like them. I like them a lot. In one of them, I forget if it's the one above, Watts says that McLuhan's rear view mirror schtick was derived from his own. Watts was on that rock star circuit donkeytale has alluded to. Another one on it was Lenny Bruce.

Watts speaks of patterns and how if we are able to break them down, we may be able to figure out who we were in previous incarnations. It is perhaps a thankless and ultimately fruitless task. It will definitely become easier as we have entered the BubbleBoy era. One can go to Youtube and get firsthand experience of greats such as McLuhan, Watts, and Bruce. However, there are simply so many people that it will always be akin to looking for a needle in a haystack.

What would be the point of it anyway?

Watts also mentioned the phenomenon of children somehow remembering previous lives. It is interesting to truly find out that literally nothing is new under the sun.

I won't go into the specifics of why I believe I am the reincarnation of Bruce, since that would be holding onto the false ego, even if I could build a substantial circumstantial case. Nonetheless, it is not a waste of time for folks to recognise the patterns which make up one's identity. It is never a mistake to reflect and evolve.

The end goal, however, is to become part and parcel of nature. That much is clear. One must face their fake demons, so to blog.

I have located Lenny Bruce's book, How to Talk Dirty and Influence People. I'm pumped and jacked.

Even if we are not the same person, I appreciate the pattern of his thoughts and sense of humor. I feel an affinity towards them. The strange thing about Lenny Bruce was how he went for the hard drugs and avoided weed. He felt marijuana too easily opened up the mind to tons of ideas and emotions. He said no thanks, I already got that memo. I was the opposite. I wanted nothing to do with the hard stuff and fell in love with good old kaya.

This entry has been about sharing. I am spent for writing at the moment. Yet that is fine. The moment is everything.

My next Watts video to watch will be:

                                                       Alan Watts Interviews God

Rockville, Maryland is where I had the showdown with Brett Kimberlin. To go full circle, let's listen to some more REM, as in Don't go back to -Rockville- the false ego.

Or forget that! Let's truly go Full Circle. That was an album by The Doors minus Jim Morrison which provided love and granola for all!

                                                                    4 billion souls


donkeytale said...

I became acquainted with Alan Watts through a 60s underground FM radio show in LA. It was a great show. Very enlightening as well as entertaining. He interviewed Manson family members for instance right after the Manson thingie went5 down in LA, which as you might imagine was positively HUGE infotainment in LA.

true story, I once met Mintz at his house and did a magazine profile on him which never appeared because the magazine never published. LOL. But it was fun meeting him and asking esoteric and stupid questions none of which I can actually recall thru the haze of the era. I just remember what a bad interviewer I was.

He had a house on a hillside in Laurel Canyon right off Mulholland, the tres chic part of Hollywood back in the summer of fake love.

You could also be the reincarnation of Mintz but I think he's still alive.


[From 1973 to 1974, Mintz was the entertainment correspondent for Eyewitness News on KABC television in Los Angeles. He also worked on-air at KLAC (1968-69), KMET (1969), and KLOS (1970-71). During this part of his career he frequently interviewed Hollywood actors and recording artists. He also notably lived next door to Timothy Leary.[4][8] In 1980 Mintz received a California Associated Press, Television, and Radio Association award for his November 30, 1979 radio interview of an Iranian student at the American Embassy in Tehran during the Iran Hostage Crisis.[9] Mintz interviewed more than two thousand individuals over his career, including Norman Mailer, Ray Bradbury, Alan Watts, Salvador Dali, Jack Lemmon, John Wayne, Groucho Marx,[1] Timothy Leary, Jack Nicholson,[10] Alan Ginsburg,[11] Jayne Mansfield, Raquel Welch, and musicians like John Lennon, Donna Summer, John Coltrane,[12] Stevie Wonder,[13] Ringo Starr, Alice Cooper, and Mick Jagger.[4]]

donkeytale said...

Wasnt clear there. Mintz interviewed Manson Family members. He also did long interviews with Watts and others. Expansive and nothing like you would expect nowadays. His show was like 4 hours long on Sunday nights as I recall.

socrates said...

Heck yeah, you got very unclear. I was starting to think you were writing for some paper/magazine and somehow it went under so you lost your Mintz scoop.

That name sounds very familiar. I googled to see who he looks like and that's not it. I used to listen to a lot of a.m. talk radio. Maybe he did a stint in Boston or he got syndicated.

Yes, be careful with giving out identifying info if you can help it. Never call up Vince in the Bay. They will have your phone number, voice, ip, whatnot, and etc. and so forth and it would be asking for trouble.

There is a lot of weird stuff going on with the internet. It used to only happen in real life. Man, I finally stumbled onto that bizarre CIA/wut huh story out of Texas from a few years back. A dude claimed to be CIA which they denied of course. But he was something and maybe that. And he ended up refusing to deal with police and ended up getting killed. It's at youtube.

His name was Roland Vincent Carnaby.

I suppose Lenny was ultra-paranoid by the end. He kept getting arrested.

Watts is very cool. I do not recommend people read the youtube comments. I had to shut down comments on my Shatner/Corman masterpiece on racism called The Intruder.

I suppose we can both agree that there really isn't much difference between paid fakes and useful idiots in theory and that they both suck. How would Watts frame that? It's not really yin-yang. It's more like suck-suck.

Yeah, sorry for overusing the word suck. And also for starting sentences with the word yeah.

Bruce was also very rambling-esque. I also noticed he had a version of my erm, uh schtick.

No way was Watts going directly to the Angels in his next life. He was one of us loooosers, only much more talented.

Watts made it to November 1973. We'd have to find someone around the age of 42. I know there is controversy between whether the soul enters the body in the fetus or once one is born or somewhere in there. For me to Bruce, it'd have to be an empty fetus waiting for Bruce (me?) to kick off. Or maybe Godhead whatever name he or she is going by these days did a recall on the soul first entering the fetus. That would suck. It'd be like someone chewing gum a little bit, saying I don't like that, here, you can have it.

I think Watts' #1 message is that people need to grow up by cutting the shit with their narcissism. He transcended his own by saying he was a critic. He wasn't saying he was better than anyone or that he was God or that he was more popular than the Beatles.

If by chance Watts was a poser, then what's that say about the loooosers dropping nonsense in youtube comment sections?

I love that dude. He said there is no Alan Watts. I didn't know he was so cool. I thought he'd be some dweeb who could translate Chinese or Japanese. I never knew anything about this stuff, McLuhan included.

It's fascinating and more relevant than most stuff around today.

I guess it's almost time for Tom Brady to make most of Amerikkka cry in their soup tonight.

That one year they almost went undefeated until the Giants got lucky in the Super Bowl, Belichick was running up the scores. These guys are exceptional. They would like folks to keep smearing them, watch them, scrutinise them, hope they fall to the rest of the pack s then aha, look at the Cheatriots.

Lenny Bruce was not afraid. Yet so weren't the 2004 Boston Red Sox Idiots and neither are the Patriots.

And basketball starts soon.

And bernie took a one point lead in an Iowa poll. And same old, same old with the psychological push towards the Hillary coronation or the Biden/Kerry/Warren rescue.

socrates said...

I forgot to mention, but you probably already knew that Belichick ran up the score because that was the year after they lost a draft pick or something for spygate and everyone was saying they were a fake and hoax like baseball on steroids.

donkeytale said...

Yeah, I mean I totally did not grok it at the time but I did have a buzz.

I grok it now completely and I never gave Alan Watts a single thought in 46 years since he interrupted me bong hit on a Sunday night in La-La land.

Zen is what it is all about. That little much I noe/ above all else.

donkeytale said...

There are many Watts, including the neighboourhood in South Central Los Angeles.

I think there are even killa watts.

Charlie is my favourite Watts.

I'm dunnne

donkeytale said...

socrates said...

I'm listening to the theme song from Platoon while rereading your The Medjium es tu smoke it, ese.

It was pure greatness. You dunnne good, kid.

socrates said...

Now I am rereading your The Medium is the Conspiracy.

While NFL players were busy playing video games and munching on big bags of Fritos, we were putting together perhaps our best stretch evah.

Now maybe the roles are reversed. As the NFL players have returned to work, perhaps we deserve some leisure time.