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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Not Very Timely Information

I'm ashamed to have sunk to donkeytale's level by making fun of Hillary's weight. That wasn't the point. Lots of people have food issues including William Jerkoffson Clinton.

This is the point. We are jolly old ancients of days. You'd think that people with a lot of money could find themselves fancy nutritionists, trainers, and chefs enabling them to feel fresh and fit. Regular people can't afford any of that.

As to the "jolly old ancients of days" part, we end up with a boatload of time to figure out schtuff. Poor people are obviously at a disadvantage in many ways, but they also have their work cut out for themselves in regards to diet versus food budget. One can buy a box of pasta for cheap, those macaroni and cheese boxes, or heck there are always ramen noodles or wtf. The Clintons have no excuses.

One can eat a lot on pennies to the dollar, but you get what you pay for. I'm not trying to sell any Atkins diet products, but there is some wisdom to folks whining about carbohydrates.

I lost twenty pounds this summer. I did it slow and steady. To do this, one must not become obsessed with the scale. It is there only as a general guide. You can lose weight, yet the scale will say you gained it. I didn't realise I had become such a slob. I blame society. People in general are huge. It's not easy to notice one is putting on some added pounds when there are great numbers with so many tens of extras on their bodies. This is especially true for folks not preparing for the inevitable slowdown of one's metabolism.

Two words: Grow up. Comfort foods need to be avoided unless one is living the je ne sais quoi in Paree. We're not all Gilligan, Twiggy, or J.J. "Dyn-o-mite" Evans. They are lucky and can eat anything. Yes, they are to be despised. It makes no sense and is unfair.

Quit the junk food! Then start working on eating healthier foods. Get some sort of exercise routine in place. This isn't culinary Rocket Science.

The problem with Hillary's candidacy is not that she's fat. It's that she's a fat fuck face. Those bastard Clintons are making LeBron James' money. They could buy a mansion and put a huge gymnasium in it. To repeat, they basically have zero excuses for letting themselves go.

I may have lost thirty pounds. I need to lose ten more. During one stretch I gained five pounds while I was still exercising and not overeating. How so? We grow these fat cells. Even when we lose that weight, the cells remain hungry. They absorb weight through water retention. It takes losing the weight twice. That's my final answer of a conclusion. You lose five pounds. Somehow you gain it back. Don't take it personally. The next time the weight drops, it will be some fat cells actually shrinking. This is about slow and steady. This isn't about overdoing it and twisting your knee and then bye bye exercise until that recovers.

To reiterate, I am not attacking Hillary for being a slob. What has happened to the Clintons is nothing remarkable. They are probably in shape for fat people in a Bizarro World sense. The point is that they are fat in spirit.

I don't know if Biden is running or not. I go back and forth. One might imagine recent poll results perhaps prodding his ego into a yes decision.

The primary race that truly matters seems to be in a holding pattern while the Republicans continue to embarrass themselves.

This is odd. I'm trying to find info on the Democratic Party debates and all I see is info on the presidential debates. The idea of a Hillary coronation appears to still be on schedule, email drippety drip or not.

The DINO rigging of debates has been effective. It explains this holding pattern. The Repugnants have already had two of them which obviously seem to influence wingnut polling numbers.

This is from Wikipedia:

I have a good idea what the criticism and controversy section will say. It's probably something or another about coronations and oligarchy. Debate numero uno is two weeks from next Tuesday.

We will soon find out wtf is truly going on with this race over the next two months. No, we will not get definitive answers. Those will arrive on actual voting days in individual states. Nate Silver will continue to bloviate. His goal is to make money. He will look like a stats god and prescient if Hillary marches on. People will have long forgotten that he wet his pants in regards to the British elections.

This sucker is still up for grabs, just as each one of us has the freedom to stop whining and making excuses and finally get our acts together. Slow and steady, my friends. You can do it.

Bonus Blog Coverage That Doesn't Matter:

Anyone else see a resemblance between Bernie Sanders and Ed Grimley?

I'm talking about the teeth.

The Last of Bonus Blog Coverage Within This Entry:

This moron's name is Terrell Starr. He is part of the network of Black professional elitists I recently troll-busted. The usual suspects show up in his tirade. Basically there is a small clique of Black social media people who have been involved in this #BernieSoBlack smear job ever since right after Hillary's "All lives matter" oopsies in the African American church.

They are all the same names who have been involved in the creation of idiotic astroturf spewing that Bernie Sanders' supporters are racist. It never fooken ends. It's the same names every time. It's like with the Connell assassinated by Rove hoax. It always boiled down to the same loooosers with matching schticks.

I suppose I should track down all the work I put into Twitter exposing that self-promoting clique. I'm not going to. I think it's a tell that Starr didn't mention my tweets in his "comment is free" type mailed in formula. It's not all about me, but the point is that losers pick and choose who they promote as their enemies.

Hillary's formula has been to keep on keeping on with the coronation process. That implies she believes her only true rival to the throne is from the Republican side. To quote Bernie, "I disagree."

Check out the creepy Terrell Starr in this entry moaning about the lack of rich women giving him a chance.

Well-Traveled, Intelligent Black Man, 34, Seeks ‘Sista’ OK With Him Making Less Money

One can research all the creeps pushing this BernieSoBlack nonsense since July. JULY!!!!!!

One by one, it turns out they are part and parcel of a small cell of political operatives and self-promoting blowhards.

It's on my Twitter.

And now Nate Silver is prominently plugging verified scumbag Dave Weigel. Enough is enough!

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socrates said...

Terrell is mostly worried about being single because people wonder if he is gay. He is definitely not going to be Black Moses. I do believe the country is ripe for a great Black leader in the herstorical sense. It's not DeRay. Donkster showed it's not Corny. But if Malcolm X could do it, why can't a true great Black thinker emerge today or soon? Have the greats given up completely on the medium? Malcolm X did it all. He was on white man t.v. news shows.

Bernie not winning will feel like another assassination, imho. He will not be able to run again. I doubt it. Warren looks young, but she too is up there for age. I also no longer trust Elizabeth Warren. I need confirmation that Maddow was wrong or right to suggest a Biden/Warren ticket is on the table. I would like to see her endorse Bernie sooner rather than later.

I'm excited for the next couple months. I want the debates and they are almost here. Finally.

I also have a sneaking suspicion the C's are going to sniff fifty wins or more. The sooner the NBA starts and the Celtics emerge as at a minimum a thorn or at a ceiling of good to very good, my greatness and ability to be prescient may finally be cemented. I will have finally reached my destiny.

I don't see any recent updates for the proposed Bernie Sanders rally in Washington D.C..

I do see Bernie continues to do old-school campaigning. I imagine Bill and Hillary are busy rubbing each other's feet while pounding back a large pizza and a box of ring dings for dessert. Meanwhile, Bernie continues his vindication tour in which nothing is conceded and every vote is still up for grabs.

These are the dog days of the campaign in which polls will shift due to events the medium ignores. I see Bernie joined an NAACP march for social justice about a week ago. One really has to search out for stuff like this. But it adds up to votes even if Nate Silver or cable news doesn't plug it.

socrates said...

There's a HuffPo writer. I think his name is H.A. or A.H. Goodman. He is the most pro-Bernie writer on the planet. You can guess it's him simply by the titles.

And when I saw this Starr smear job on Bernie supporters, I was at first like, ugh, but then I saw it was by him and then I knew exactly who he would mention in the article.

Everyone can be classified into a paid fake, useful idiot, or regular guy/gal. Bet on it.

socrates said...

Rasta don't work for no C.I.A..

socrates said...

signature .... testing

I recall you had a splendid Pffugee piece on tag lines. I remember maybe I was on the thread.

That's a Bob Marley quote. I've been a leftier than thou since 18. Bob Marley had a profound influence on me. Before 18 I was still unformed. And it's not like we are Bukowski or anything and have obscure print makers willing to publish our schticks.

socrates said...

Hank Williams Bukowski picked the wrong role model. Chinaski was a mess. He was pure brilliance, but he wasn't exactly more spiritual than thou. He was a bitter, rancid writer. He created great stuff, no doubt, with much profundity. Yet, personally he was a mess. Judy Garland lived a weird life that kept spiraling. It happens. I heard William Holden died by slipping drunk and hitting his head like seen in most film-noirs.

You know what I'm talking about, Gilligan, Guy lands a punch or the doll tomato pushed a dude who slipped and cracked his head on the furnace or wtf. Self defense in real life. But in film noir that meant going on the run.

Holden needed to lay off the sauce. Great actor, maybe a great guy I have no clue. I loved a lot of his movies. Judy Holliday died a lot younger due to cancer, but I bet her karma was a lot better than those dudes who never learned self-control.

I finished off a movie called Liliom starring Charles Boyer. It's got me thinking. There is a fantasy schtick aspect to it. I won't spoil it, but it gets pretty mind bending. Maybe that explains the above AJ Benz schtick. He was the guy who did hollywood scandals or wtf on cable, not to be confused with Joe Rogan who did NewsRadio and that weird prime time reality show. Now I think he does podcasts with Charlie Sheen and Alex Jones, some Abby Martin perhaps. I have no clue.

socrates said...

From your libertarian friends at The Intercept:

Private Prison Lobbyists Are Raising Cash for Hillary Clinton

socrates said...

This looks like a winner for infotainment:

Hillary Screams at Obama: 'Call Off Your F-ing Dogs'

donkeytale said...

Several valid points raised in this excellently mailed in schtick theft however, you are missing a couple of nuances that I'm pretty sure I supplied but perhaps were too nuanced for your blogoviating eminence to notice.

1. I didn't "make fun" of Hillary's grotesque gramma physique. I made the tough call, backed by research (of course) that says the Amerikkkan sheeple will elect only someone they can stand the sight and sound of for the ensuing 4-8 years. Yes, there are political considerations and ideas somewhat in play, but this basic, instinctual, below the belt, subliminal type of decision making trumps every other.

This is the true reason Obama kicked her fat ass in 2008. Yes, he got the black vote too, but he had to appeal to enough "others" and his personality and looks were the key factors.

Now it is 8 years later and Hillary is obviously no better for the added wear and tear (into the doritos bag) plus her personality and no better than average intelligence combined with a huge bankroll extorted over this period do not help.

Trump also will wear out his welcome according to this theory and the winner on the GOP side will be Carson, Rubio or Kasich.

Don't see Fiorina. She looks the part but that grim personality will not wear well and she is basically a liar which all can see and feel.

Trump possibly ascends based on his media savvy, the unique moment that calls for a non-politician on the GOP side and mainly because his competition is crapp.

Bernie may also run into an issue with his issues based campaign. A bit of softening around the edges may help, however it's not who he is so will appear inauthentic if he tries to change his tone and style.

Biden runs I think. He's already neck and neck with the Bern and while this development is somewhat of a mixed bag for Bernie it is also his best chance (unless Hilliary drops out which I still think possible if she continues fading and gets hammered in the first 2 primary/caucuses). Biden will split the minourity vote with Hill and Bernie should retain his fake leftists Twitter white boi fan base.

2. Don't know this Terrel guy and yes there is a definite paid fake useful idiocy trying to prop up Hilliary but, and this is a big butt, there is also truth in what he says.

Sander's fan bois are detrimental to his cause among blacks and minourities who resent people who have it made comparatively speaking telling them how they must vote, especuially when said fan bois are privileged white male know it alls.

donkeytale said...

3. The foody schtick is good and people should eat better no doubt, however the point I'm making in point 2 kinda sorta also applies to this point 3. Preaching at poor undereducated people to eat better misses the bigger point that eating better requires money and education. And there is something else to consider. Loosing weight while not eating well actually is just as harmful.

Here are interesting article from ground zero of the fat cell wars:

Hilliary has the latino vote at the moment. They relate to her I guess.

4. Bukowski's beauty was that he glorified his extremely flawed persona. I saw him live, reading his poems for hours, interacting with the crowd in an abusive manner that grew more surly as he kept staggering back to the on stage refrigerator stocked with brew for cold one after cold one after cold one.

To suggest he could be something different that what he was and still be "chinaski" or "Bukowski" is a futile exercise about nothing. It is in fact the heart of idealist's conundrum.

Perfection does not exist. Yearning for perfection is great, however obsessing on it and acting on the impulse to impose perfection from a false consciousness leads to worse problems than imperfection itself.

Buddha is the answer. Bet on it.

socrates said...

Your first point cannot be denied. Most of us learned this in high school when the class presidency turned out to be a popularity contest. In this respect, Biden is the winner. He looks darn good for his age with a nice smile. He is the dude who always stole the girl from Woody Allen or Lon Chaney, if we go back further in time.

Biden, however, has some of Hillary's ideological, hypocritical fat cells. I find it funny weird how both of them all of a sudden have such a warmth and compassion for the regular guy demographic. Obviously they are being forced into this hypocrisy as a result of Bernie cementing the OWS, Anon, and even a sprinkling of Snowden styled libertarian votes.

Is the medium truly a reflection of masses of useful idiots or is it actually the Wizard of Oz hiding behind the director's curtain manipulating an alleged reflection?

You are correct that the regular guy Black man (and woman) don't want to hear much from snot-nosed white boys condescending what's the best for them.

My issue is with the few Black people making that point. They are rich and feasting off of the status quo. If it was Malcolm X saying these things, then fine, I have sinned. But it' snot him.

socrates said...

Thanks for those food articles. I will probably take a close look at them.

As for Bukowski, I concede on your points. I felt a need to feed the blog. When one does that, it turns into the equivalent of free throw shooting. If you hit 80%, that is wonderful for an NBA player. In the blogging world, not so much.

socrates said...

Bernie has some very nuanced voting patterns which have been distorted by Hillary Super PACs. One of those pertains to immigration. He is against illegals coming in which will take away jobs while taking advantage of said immigrants.

This is the sort of issue that would probably help Bernie in the general election, but it seems to hurt him in the Democratic primaries for Latino votes.

Most Americans still do not know much about Bernardo. This is why the debates have been rigged. The Hillary DINOs are trying to run out the clock. Will that strategy work?

socrates said...

Starvation diets don't work. There is something more going on than simply the importing and exporting of calories.

I was probably a bit too optimistic about how much work it takes to get rid of the fat cells. My logic was sound, but maybe those fat cells are extra tough to shrink.

I imagine the problem with the Latino diet is its reliance on carbs, all those tortillas. But you would know better than me, SeƱor.

That's crazy stuff to see upwards to 40% of some populations reaching obesity levels. That must mean 60-70% are at least chubby, the Bizarro World of not letting it go too far.

I can't picture anything over ten extra pounds being helpful. I doubt ten or twenty pounds would kill someone. It would probably help a bit in the Winter to keep warm.

I am not sure what the real numbers are and for which weight classes. I imagine myself at ten pounds overweight looking damn trim and supersexy. And that's a shame, because it only means too many people have gone overboard making a chubby mf like me look more svelte than I truly am.

I think the initial extra fat is the easiest to lose and shrink the fat cells. I suppose the nitty-gritty, brass tacks time for the bloke to get down to his boxing weight are those last ten or twenty.

socrates said...

MTV used to be all music videos, all the time. Now it is some kind of BubbleBoy reality freak show.

I switched back to cable news. It is non-stop blathering about the Pope's visit. The news like MTV has lost its original intent leaving us trapped in an iron bubble cage.

socrates said...

That was Max Weber talking about Amerikkkan capitalism. He said the original intent to work hard, be humble and not act like a triple F fueled capitalism. However, he concluded that the original intent was lost leaving us in an iron cage. Wait for the bell. Okay class, you may leave now. Enjoy the day and remember to read some real books and not waste all of your time on internet garbage. Place your bets on the buddha.

donkeytale said...

MTV hasn't done music videos for a very, very long time. I never went in for that schtick anyway. It is no coincidence that the era when MTV was at its height, the 1980s is clearly the most dismal pop music era ever.

Besides, they are nothing new under the sun. My childhood buddy Ricky Ricardo Joaquin direct and shot the video for "Low Rider" back in in 1975 although in those days they were shot on film. It's up on YouTube with about 5 million views or wtf. Meanwhile Ricky is basically penniless and not doing well health wise. It will probably surprise to learn that he, like me and many of our cohort from that era battled the bottle and the baggie for a very long time. His diet may have played into that result. Ricky had his chances. He shot some incredible documentary film on the Mariel boat crisis. He did several stints on the local news thingies in LA and taught film at a community college or two.

His personality which was chronicled in a few stories I did about him was his downfall. He simply couldn't get along. And where I was an introvert who couldn't get along and basically slipped out many a back door and disappeared wordlessly, Ricky was one of those in your face guys, who also was blessed with an aggressive physical nature.

When somebody crossed his wires he became belligerant and frenzied and he could probably kick 99.9% of the American sheeples ass when provoked. He was a football player and a Southern California high school wrestling champion at 178 lbs. And he had to loose about 40 lbs to get to that weight level too.

I helped him on his masters project, scripting a film about Jim Morrison (also an UCLA film major) but when he failed to deliver the promised payment (which was little more than a vial of hash oil and $100, we were dunn.

Looking back our skills sets in tandem could have made us contendahs but I sensed the devastation of the Southern California milieu at the time having a profoundly negative effect upon myself and that's when I got married and split for the east coast.

My life story is probably somewhat encapsulated in teh Dylan classic "Tangled up in Blue."

I really should write this time period up more thoroughly but I have always found it easier to write about others instead of meslef and anyway at the end of the day, who cares?

donkeytale said...

Morrison himslef is another case in point. He was a very self destructive and strange character, not even musical when you hear him. It is doubtful he could even sing a harmony.

His poetry was actually crap but the band behind him was brilliant and he captured the momentary nihilistic zeitgeist in counterpoint to the phoney hippie aestethic exploited by the Beatles among others. He was also the real counterpoint to fakes like Keith Richards and John Lennon. They were great musically but their rebel doper bona fides will always be suspect while Jim was the rill dill.

Look no further than Ed Sullivan. Where the Stones changed their lyrics to keep the CBS censors happy Jim told them sure I'll change them but then when he got on live TV he sang the words as they were written and was forever banned.

How could he be anything but what he was and still be "Jim Morrison?"

Morrison was the 60s I remember. A downword spiral leading to death and decay.

donkeytale said...

It was a clash of mainstream culture vs. the counterculture when the Doors were booked to appear on The Ed Sullivan Show on Sept. 17, 1967. Things did not go as smoothly as the producers may have hoped.
Fronted by their charismatic-but-unpredictable singer Jim Morrison, the group had recently scored its first No. 1 hit with “Light My Fire,” and Sullivan’s show — which had made instant superstars of Elvis Presley and the Beatles — was a choice booking. But the Doors’ performance that night would live on in a very different way, resulting in the group being banned from the show in perpetuity.
According to the official Ed Sullivan Show website, rehearsals for the show went well, and with 15 minutes to air time, Sullivan went to see the band in their dressing room, telling them, “You boys look great, [but] you ought to smile a little more.” Shortly after, a producer from the show came by to inform the band that they needed to change the line “Girl, we couldn’t get much higher” to “Girl, we couldn’t get much better” when performing “Light My Fire,” ostensibly because the line might be construed as referring to drugs.
Band members have given varying accounts of whether they ever agreed to change the line or not, but there’s no denying what happened live on the air. After a strong, but unremarkable performance of “People Are Strange,” the band launched into “Light My Fire,” and as the video shows, Jim Morrison sang the original lyric instead of making the suggested change. After the show, producers informed the Doors that they had hoped to book the band six more times, but had decided instead to ban the group from the show in the future - to which Morrison reportedly replied, “Hey, man, we just did the Sullivan show.”
The Doors would go on to other television appearances, and a career that encompassed hit albums like Strange Days and L.A. Woman, but they never played Sullivan’s show again. Morrison’s increasing volatility and unreliability due to drinking and drugs slowly ate at the group, and the Doors performed their last concert together on Dec. 12, 1970. Jim Morrison was found dead in a bathtub in Paris on July 3, 1971 at the age of 27. Since no autopsy was conducted, no cause of death was ever officially determine

Read More: 48 Years Ago: The Doors Banned From 'The Ed Sullivan Show' |

donkeytale said...

The Rolling Stones returned again on January 15th, 1967 to perform a set that included new tracks from their soon-to-be-released album, Between The Buttons. The first number, “Ruby Tuesday” was a memorable performance by Jagger and company and then the band followed up with a notorious censored version of “Let’s Spend The Night Together.” Earlier that day CBS and Sullivan had demanded that Mick change the lyric, “Let’s spend the night together,” to “Let’s spend some time together.” When the band balked, Ed issued the ultimatum, “Either the song goes, or you go.” After finally agreeing, the band was repeatedly reminded about the line change during dress rehearsal. Mick, fed up with being told what to do, cussed out talent coordinator Vince Calandra, when he was once again reminded he needed to change the lyrics of the song.

While performing the song live, Mick did as he was told but rolled his eyes and sarcastically exaggerated the altered line.

socrates said...

Hey guys! I just left Twitter after returning briefly to drop a few tweets. The target of my altruistic venom was the Wall Street Journal loser who smeared Bernster on something about his plan which allegedly will sap our great Amerikkka of trillions of dollars.

The prof she used for her hit piece has a rebuttal up at HuffHo.

After my well-intended tirade, I asked the WSJ hack to block or respond. I hate to give out trade secrets, but the best response she could give is to ignore me. If she responds, she acknowledges the supertrolling enabling the reader to decide. If she blocks me, then that will show she read what I said. Brandon Darby was the master of the reverse-supertroll defense system for lying sacks of shite on the wrong side of herstory. He would manually retweet the tweet attack in a clearly mocking manner.

It is true wisdom which you speak. It is easy to denigrate and snub one's nose at people like Poe, Garland, Bukowski, even Jim Morrison. But that's the easy, judgmental way. If someone truly cared about such people's downfall and wanted to try to help such folks out in a sincere way, they'd need to dig deep into the Dr. Bob Hartley psychology handbook.

The problem with such people is they tend to only have similar people in their milieu who can't possibly know what is best to advise.

Morrison needed a chick with a clear head on her shoulders. He probably went for ladies and friends who weren't out to ruin his buzz.

Hey, don't forget about your donkeytale dairies blogspot. You have a Ricky Ricardo Joaquin entry already there for posterity.

socrates said...

My new subtitle project is to clean up the Chinese movie Street Angel. Then I can post it here, as a freebie within the freebie.

The movie was made right before Mao/wtf took over. It enables folks to see that the Chinese are regular guys, same as Iranians come to think of it.

Those with knowledge and awareness must do all they can to bypass the medium and create a new medium for all without some Animal Farm switcherooni at the end! All medium is created equal through BubbleBoy freak technology. Some medium is more equal than others? That is the rub, Horatio.

socrates said...

Methinks you underestimate the value of music + film.

That style of show actually first formed in Boston. One of those frequencies one would find outside the mainstream channels, the bigger numbers, showed nothing but music videos. Most of the acts were ready made. The Beatles pioneered the craft. Michael Jackson and Aerosmith were some of the earliest to take advantage.

When I lived in Ireland, they had this Saturday or Sunday three hour music video show, like the original MTV.

I suppose there is real music videos on MTV channel for the old-school stuff stashed somewhere on channel #759?

I have a new idea for a tagline. I have no clue.

socrates said...

Yup, I am too lazy to google uhf and vhf or whatever they were, uvb? No, that's ozone sun levels or whatnot.

For crying out loud, to this day I do not know which is which for vertical and horizontal. I know what my left hand is because it's the only one you can form the letter "L" with.

I have no clue.

socrates said...

And without a doubt George Carlin was very funny. It's like a kid saying broccoli tastes like garbage. Some things will always be subjective. But I didn't want to embark in a fruitless debate between BubbleBoys with better things to write.

I'm a loser who writes for Rupert Murdoch and posts lies about Bernie Sanders. ~~ paraphrasing of what the WSJ's Laura Meckler must truly be thinking.

donkeytale said...

George Carlin sucks. Broccoli is much funnier and more nutritionally satisfying than George Carlin's mediocre witlessness. I luvs me some broccoli.

Some things will always be subjective although there is a wealth of information confirming that Carlin was a middle brow derivative unfunny phony.

If you like him fine. I didn't bring him up.

donkeytale said...

In fact here is someone who thinks both Carlin and your hero Bill Hicks suck. LOL. But you are wright. It's all subjective.

socrates said...

Bill Hicks wasn't funny? Now you're just troll-tarding. And I truly want to stop using the tard word. I go back and forth. It offends some people. I'm supposed to be a leftier than thou. Fricken, I'll never hear the end of it from our good buddy Al Giordano.

Cornel probably disagrees with stuff we've written, but he still loves us. And the Pope is really psyched for this session of Congress. He's getting good vibes despite chatter of a shutdown.

This Chinese movie is going to be good. Nowhere else are there subtitles for it. I should have done this sooner. That's the problem with unpaid work. You don't want to be incompetent, but I only just truly figured out the subtitle schtick.

I think a lot of Italian movies are public domain. Something about national pride, like the Irish with writers.

No, I'm not reading that message board. You're like the guy who wouldn't give Rondo his due even when he was putting up triple doubles and carrying the hall of fame dinosaurs on his back. You ought to be ashamed. RIP George Carlin. Just block out his subjective critiques and truthiness grenades.

One of us has to nail an interview with Chomsky or Bernie Sanders. What about Flo who does the insurance ads? Find us someone. We need to hit it big with one blog entry to shoot us over a million views.

donkeytale said...

Was he? I don't even know who he is.

The carlin thingie was a karmic redress.

For every action there is an equal reaction.

You brought up Carlin. I riffed on him in the way that is true to me because I thought his humour sucked.

Too bad but truth is truth, opinion is opinion and karma is a bitch.

Apparently there is a correlation between those who thot Carlin sucked and those who thought Hicks sucked.

So, the probability exists that because I thought Carlin sucked I would also find that Hicks sucked. It may be true or not. Remember, Science has no truth only probabilities.

Generally speaking, I don't follow stand up anyway.

This is all karmic blow back for your gratuitous, unprovoked and unproveable statement about Carlin in the comment above anyway.

Frankly, I found Carlin utterly unimportant and unimpressive as a comedian when he was alive so why I should I care about him at all when he's dead? He's dead.

And I had never heard of Hicks nor wasted a precious second of my life on him until you mentioned him one time and I have never thought about him since until I googled just now and discovered the probable correlation between his suckiness and Carlin's, at least in the minds of people who thought at least one of them sucked.

donkeytale said...

Were you aware that Mohammed Ali is a Republican?

OK, I did find this about Hicks.

I like him but I have no interest in his stand-up. He seemed troubled. I liked Kinison too. His death was freaky.

Maybe the karmic redress is actually on me.

I'm feeling karmically oppressed today, like a live wire cracking inside a small box that inhibits my freedom to move around spasmodically and accidentally electrocute people whose curiosity brings them too close.


donkeytale said...

On Friday April 10, 1992 about 7:30 pm, Kinison and his wife were driving in a Pontiac Trans-am from Los Angeles to Laughlin, Nevada where he was going to perform before a sold out audience. He was sober and drug free. Behind his car was his brother Bill and two other assistants in a van with Kinison’s dog. A couple of teenagers in a 1974 Chev truck were approaching the Trans-am on Highway 95 near the California-Nevada border. They had been drinking and the truck crossed the center line. Sam saw the truck coming at him and managed to slow his car to 15 miles per hour in an effort to avoid a collision.

In the van behind Kinison’s car his brother Bill saw the truck across the center line and yelled out "Watch out for that guy Sam, That guy’s in your lane" and then he screamed: "Watch him Sam! Watch him!"A tremendous crash followed and Bill skidded the van to a stop. He ran to check on his brother. The teenage driver had moderate injuries but his teenage passenger had only minor cuts and bruises. Sam had not been wearing a seat belt and the crash had thrown hm into the windshield. It knocked out Malika, but Kinison managed to get out of the car with what appeared to be only cuts on his lip and forehead.

His brother and the others begged him to lay down and he did with his best friend, Carl LaBove, who had been in the following van. holding his head in his hands. At first it looked like there were no serious injuries to Kinison, but within minutes he suddenly said to no one in particular "I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die." LaBove later said "it was as if he was having a conversation, talking to some unseen somebody else" some unseen person. Then there was a pause as if Kinison was listening to the other person speak. Then he asked "But why?" and after another pause LaBove heard him clearly say: "Okay, Okay, Okay.’ LaBove said: "The last ‘Okay’ was so soft and at peace...Whatever voice was talking to him gave him the right answer and he just relaxed with it. He said it so sweet, like he was talking to someone he loved." Kinson then lost consciousness. Efforts to resuscitate him failed. Kinison died at the scene from internal injuries. He was just thirty eight years old.

After his death there was a lot of speculation about Sam Kinison's last conversation with an unseen companion and what was being said to him. I'll let you draw your own conclusions.

socrates said...

I'm not sure about that story, but if true, Kinison was either hallucinating or talking with spirit personnel or wtf. The fantasy structure of Liliom was very similar. Boyer was a mean bastard in the proverbial role of a lifetime. Directed by Fritztitz Lang. What was your marisacat username again? French movies got away with stuff which was getting American ones censored.

socrates said...

You'll have to watch this Chinese movie. I'm about a third done with the edits. I figure I'll mail in for some google info and turn it into a blog entry. This might be the best Chinese film of its time.

donkeytale said...

You know, I haven't seen any of the films at your site. Maybe this will be a first. I watch very few movies as you know. The last few in fact were Korean thingies that Frau Tale dialed up and which were veryy good. Both one I watched had odd narrative qualities and were completely amoral, which is how I tend to stereotype Koreans anyway, even when I know that they are actually quite moral without loosing the thought that moral isn't something that should be forced. Korean movies also have a unique way of blending action with philosophical concepts, sort of a combination of US and Euro flicks.

Plus, they treat sex and violence graphically and realistically.

Given Korean herstory, it seems they could be forgiven their plunge into postmodern acquisitiveness. Oddly, Frau Tale who hasn't lived there in 30 years came back from two recent visits thoroughly disgusted with the new society. This was good because previously she had this more noble picture of her former nation and used it to bash the US in general and me in particular.

But now she completely lays off the US although not necessarily me in particular.

donkeytale said...

Farewell My Concubine was a great, great movie, a sweeping historical epic as well as a tale of the Chinese Opera milieu and one of the two lead characters were gay as I recall.

Great movie. Spanned the Mao era, particularly the cultural revolution.

donkeytale said...

I must confess I have always liked Biden as a personality. The recent loss of his sone and his aging gracefully combine to make him a much more sympathetic character. He is working class Catholic by birth and achieved his big fish/small pond status naturally ( I guess).

Yes, he has some baggage, although next to Hillary his a small compact duffel bag to her steamer trunk. Yes, the Bern has no baggage other than his socialist label and his white twitter fan bois.

The more I think about Biden running, especially with Warren as his VP, the more acceptable he appears as an alternative to the Bern.

ABH. Anyone but Hilliary.

Had dinner with my daughter who confirmed the anti-Hilliary trend among ladeez.

She so wants to vote for a woman but she just can't take the plunge for HRC and is backing the Bern.

donkeytale said...

Here we have the truth from the horse's mouth about Carlin's mediocrity. And as I resemble that remark I agree with him. Weed is in many ways worse for your head because it makes you feel your thots are remarkable you don't realise your thots are crap.

Plus its a ritualistic addiction as opposed to physical or even mental.

OK, I'll stop bagging on Carlin. You have every right to think he's great and you can't be blamed for lacking any context of the era. But I don't place him anywhere near the top of the comedy game even of the 60s forward much less alltime. Not. That. Funny.

socrates said...

I used to have a mansion of a channel with the best of the best. I used to keep track of all the items. Then whenever they were scrubbed, I'd go looking for a different copy or wait it out a while for the heat to cool off with someone eventually putting up a new copy.

It became too much of a time cruncher, but it did get my foot into the door of the old codger movie community.

My stuff is either very good or very good in its badness. I am not saying Muhammad Ali was a bad man. Some bad movies were made bad on purpose. These flicks are often referred to as camp. They are so bad, they are good.

Street Angel is public domain. There is a skill to it finding the best of the best public domain. At this point nothing much new is under the sun. But there is a method to the madness. Some stuff never gets scrubbed even when it isn't public domain. Some stuff always gets scrubbed usually sooner rather than later. There is even a worldwide block for some movies. It is the equivalent of being told you really thought you could post this masterpiece?

The weird part is Germany is standing alone against the evil pirates. Often a movie will be blocked in one country and it is Germany.

I'm gonna try to set this one up good and blog something to go with it.

I am getting very bored with people and their ideas. I am overqualified.

I have hit the Bukowski metric where I can now clearly visualise that most people are full of shite, including Joe Biden, but especially Hillary and anyone who supports her.

If Hillary had any balls, she would have dropped the Super PAC money.

I almost want to write a nasty tweet to Charles Pierce. I recall a few months back I tweeted an article of his saying the email eschmail thingie was a vast right wing conspiracy. Even Charles Pierce is full of shite.

Bill Hicks, by the way, attacked every paid fake in the book. He was also very funny, funnier than broccoli anyway which I have you to thank for pointing out how hilarious a food product it is. Nothing matches Fritos, though, a schtick within a schtick. In the year 2525, philosophers will have intense debates over what we have blogged on. They will be seeking out the gemanderkraut of its core. They will even wonder about some of the words we used and where they came from.

socrates said...

I respect George Carlin for his politics. I also liked his voice and timing. Maybe you are correct he was overrated. Orson Welles was overrated. As Jerry Lewis said in King of Comedy, "Hitler made a mistake."

Denis Leary outright stole from Bill Hicks. Denis Leary was never funny. He never even deserved the overrating he received. There's some saying about putting lipstick on a pig.

Have you read any of Carlin's books?

Why does everyone have to be Larry Bird or Magic Johnson?

Carlin was at least an all-star. Perhaps you are correct he shouldn't receive any hall of fame comic votes. However, it sounds like you are putting him into the Roseanne Barr or Jon Stewart category. You know who is probably the most non-funny considered funny person in history? That would be Bob Hope. I still haven't laughed once at one of his jokes and try to avoid his nonsensical drivel.

donkeytale said...

Roseann is HoF for her TV show. Nothing that Carlin did approached the Roseanne show for freshness or even politics. She put the working class front and center with that show.

Plus for her stand-up is also more artistic, original and way funnier than Carlin's.

Jon Stewart--never saw a single minute of his show, but I find him similar to Carlin, yes, overrated mainly for politics. Colbert strikes me as funnier and more original and also more effective. His dissing of Bush at that WH Correspondents dinner was a work of comedic and political masterpiece.

Yes, people of this conservative era respond more to Carlin's (and Stewart's) politics than his humour. That is the succinctness of the point I'm flailing about trying to make.

In Carlin's era, 60-70s, everyone in show biz was liberal so you had to judge him on his comedic chops.

And he simply wasn't that good. There were dozens of funnier comics. And he clearly wasn't prescient or ahead of his time like Lenny. He was a follower.

donkeytale said...

Yes, Welles was overrated as entertainment but his technical prowess is what makes him appear to be genius. I learned that during my short stint at UCLA and from listening to Ricky go on about the way he shot Citizen Kane, the jump cuts and the long single camera scenes, or wtf.

But the movie itself wasn't that entertaining.

His best movie was Touch of Evil.


donkeytale said...

No. Why would I ever read a Carlin book?

More into the classics meslef (highbrow pretention alert). Literature most especially. Y'know the ones you never heard of. Stendahl. Try him. He's funnier than Carlin without even trying. Incredible story telling talent at the dawn of a new age.

donkeytale said...


This is the generational thingie. Hope was trashed for all time politically and artistically during the 60s. That is settled dogma.

He was actually pretty good, tho as a young movie actor with Crosby during the 30-40s.

That is really the source of his fame. He was washed up by the 60s.

Bugs Bunny is based on the Hope movie character. That's how meaningful Hope was in that era.

donkeytale said...

Hope in context:

socrates said...

I didn't realise you are the be all, end all of the critique genre. I do like this topic, however. It's got nothing to do with any type of need to win in debate. Have at it. You are the king of kings for passing judgment on all looosers and winners throughout entertainment history.

You weren't paying enough attention for my lecture on social reconstruction. Follower schmollower. Your point of departure is all tangled up, dude.

I have edited 40 minutes out of 90 for subtitles.

I am now ashamed of what I left up there originally.

In my defense, er, uhm, uhhh, I wasn't incompetent on purpose.

socrates said...

If I could add photos to this comment section, it'd be a good spot right now for a Johnny Cash hoisting up Hope by his not so funny petards. Hmmph!

socrates said...

Not so swell, Wally. .... I'm just kidding, my friend. I'm just focused on this high brow Chinese film. It's got everything. Drama. Music. Crime. Capitalism's harsh social reality in 1937 Singapore.

It's even got a film-noir element. And a big howdy hello nod to The Three Stooges.

I might need some time. I am at a disadvantage not knowing Mandarin and not having a real set of subtitles to begin with. It's a long, tedious, technical story.

I hope you do watch this with Mrs. Tale. I am not sure whether to wait for the blog entry or publish the new and improved subtitles as soon as they're done.

It's been a great run for me with cable news shut off and avoiding all news in general.

I did see a couple more unarmed Black dudes were assassinated by cops. They say a guy in a wheelchair had a gun, but I don't see it. It's disturbing that these kind of assassintions persist with no punishment for dirty cops.

It's painful.

Bernie has come out strong against this sort of police work.

It's beyond ridiculous that Black people would be voting for Hillary over Bernie. I'm keeping a long-term watch on that topic, the Black vote in the 2016 Democratic primaries. It will be interesting to see how that turns out.

On paper, Bernie should be clobbering Hillary at this point.

I guess that's the beauty of super PACs, rigging debates, and only have to deal with a lazy and idiotic mass medium. Elections seem to be available for only those who can afford a coronation.

donkeytale said...

I might be the reincarnation of this fine fellow:

donkeytale said...

Yes, I could be the fake house critic for the fake New Yorker, altho surely you have registered my fine work on Tarantino vis a vis Ron, which I believe appeared in these very pages.

Tarantino in my view made 1 and 1/2 remarkable films:

1 = Reservoir Dogs

1/2 = The Gold Watch section of Pulp Fiction.

I found the slavery classic similarly bifurcated. The opening western scenes where the Jamie Foxx character teams with the German conman are excellent and you settle back into your seat believeing a classic will unfold.

This is soon replaced by the slavery sequences and revenge sequences which are merely kitsch and not even very well done kitsch.

I suspect that Tarantino, like meslef and Carlin before him was done in by the subtle disaster on the artistic sensibility wrought by too much utilisation of teh weed.

Ron of course loved the flick (and also the rather boring jackie Brown which he claims, along with many others I admit, to be Qt's masterpiece).

Tarantino copped a screenwriting Oscar which for me anyway confirms that the film sucked.

donkeytale said...

Django's Revenge, or wtf

couldnt remember the name.

2 and 1/2 stars out of 4

donkeytale said...

The wikipod confirms my take on on the superiourity of Roseanne's show:

Many critics considered the show notable as one of the first sitcoms to portray a blue-collar American family with two parents working outside the home, as well as lead characters who were noticeably overweight without their weight being the target of jokes.[6][7] The show was also significant for its portrayal of feminist ideals including a female-dominated household, a female lead whose likability did not rely on her appearance, relationships between female characters that were cooperative rather than competitive, and females openly expressing themselves without negative consequences.[citation needed]

Roseanne was successful from its beginning, ranking #1 in the Nielsen ratings its second season, becoming the most watched television program in the United States from 1989 to 1990, and spending its first six seasons among the Nielsen ratings' top five highest-rated shows; the finale attracted 16 million viewers.

donkeytale said...

Yes, this is more education than debate.

I want to lead you away from several internet-fed cliches that you have come close o falling into, such as the supposed grateness of Carlin. Those of us who were there, and who had raised consciousness at the time (a surprisngly small number in the mass media era I am proudly happy to admit) can see clean through internet revisionist herstory of the type propelling Carlin's schtick to mythical status.

This is also seen in the worship of Huey Long and other persistent strains of fake left internet revisionist propaganda of which there is much on the internet.

socrates said...

Carlin's baseball versus football schtick was pure gold. You admit you've read none of his books. Keep smearing him all you want to. I wash my hands of it.

socrates said...

Today's a good day so far. I'm getting laundry done and am already two-thirds through editing Street Angel. Getting up early can be an effective schtick.

donkeytale said...

Latest poll:

HRC 42%
BERN 35%
Joe 17%

If this one is true then Bernie is closing in on the 50-50 proposition. Most other recent polls show Biden higher and Bernie lower but HRC about same place.

donkeytale said...

As for the Carlin, thingie yeah makes sense you let him go since you brought him up in the first place.

I have little regard for him and he contains zero relevance to anything in our lives anyway.

And no, I wasn't smearing him just giving an honest opinion about his mediocrity.

I understand people like him for some reason that totally escapes me, his political viewis all. As the truly grate HL Mencken once said, you can never go wrong misunderestimating the Amerikkkan sheeple.

socrates said...

That's a decent Guardian article put together by Mr. Pink. Yes, on the email server wiped with a towel, Hillary said, "I know I was a little bit sarcastic in one exchange with the press – I’m sorry guys! – but I’m not a technical expert.”

1) Notice the sorry guys part? Whenever I sarcastically say, "Hey fellas (or guys)," I am mocking such an idiotic idiom.

2) I think this is the kind of poll that could make Biden lean either way. Yes because Hillary keeps free falling. Or no, it looks like Bernie is the man.

So in summation, I believe that Joe Biden is similar to donkeytale in an anyone but Hillary kind of mood. I think Bernie and Joe would be trash talking Hillary in a back room if it were off the record. But those guys both deliver the nice guy, play it fair, no smearing approach.

I don't think Biden wants to run. I think that is his point of departure. Otherwise, he would have entered the race after meeting with Warren or even a week or two ago. I think if Biden doesn't say yes before the first debate, then I doubt he will enter at any point.

socrates said...

I'm down to ten minutes left to edit. I'll definitely be able to get some kind of blog entry done on it. I'll make the new and improved subtitling public at youtube as soon as I finish.

Meanwhile, I moseyed over to Twitter for the first time in several days and got a direct message from the hack Laura Meckler who wrote the recent WSJ smear on Bernard. She made the worst mistake imaginable by a small fish in the big pond medium to moi, el supertrollo.

She has acknowledged she has received the truth staples. She is also somehow acknowledging that she is unwilling to address peanut gallery concerns.

Chalk up yet another keyboard warrior nacho for El Fritos de los Banditos.