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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Bernie Sanders Vindicates Donkeytale Prescience

Bernie has done nothing but pay lip service to black issues and that only recently when the BLM chicks forced the issue. His sincerity isn't in doubt but his ability to govern in the US system is highly questionable.

Even he claims he needs a political revolution to get anything done and he's correct. Obama needed same but no one came out on the streets until OWS.

Minorities have real time concerns on the edge of a society that hates them. A little tweak here and there in politics makes a huge difference to them. They need substance not rhetoric.

As whities we have all the advantages regardless of who wins the WH or Congress. We have creature comforts and are innocent until proven guilty.
The chances of a political revolution in the US are nil, and the odds are more for a fascist police state.

That is what is so meaningful about the Obama elections and now the hand off to another Demotard supported overwhelmingly by a needy minority demographic.

Bernie's campaign is as herstoric as any in herstory. He is moving the conversation to the direction it needs to move. And yes, the medium is the message.

I agree that the internets has helped push this direction. We have helped push it.

AT the end of the day, though, when the chips are down, the real action will always need to be in the streets.

#OWS showed this.  #BLM shows this. The process unfolds. It is not about the messengers or even the message. It is about the process unfolding. Marx was right.

Bet on it.
McLuhan was right.

We are following in this tradition. The Medium is the Conspiracy.
Yes, in the abstract Obama's presiditzy is crap.

However, and please understand this point once and for all, NOTHING exists in the abstract.

As Buddha said, and Einstein confirmed, and please understand this once and for all, everything exists only in relationship to everything else.

Bernie gets this. I don't think you truly do. Bernie knows that Hillary is a better option than any GOP winner.

If Obama had lost in 2008 and 2012 we not only would have Citizens United and a gerrymandered GOP congressional majority elected with a minourity of votes (thank you GOP SCOTUS and Glenn Greenwald), we may as well be living inside a barbed wire fence or dead today rather than arguing about the relative merits of who is favoured to win the WH.

There is hope, Bernie is saying, there is hope in Demotardic electoral victory even if he doesn't win. By pushing the process forward he is winning, enlightenment gains and inch and oppression looses some power. Not much it is true. But the direction is like the tides. The shift is imperceptible to many but not to those who are in tune ("Buddhas") and paying attention.

Yes, Bernie is following donkeytale prescience as demonstrated since 2005. Yes, Marisacat was a self-defeating moron. Too bad she is now dead so I cannot spit in her ugly face.

The people need to rally under a banner, even a flawed one called the Demotardic Party, or we will continue to loose and loose bigtime to those who have continually allied under the GOP banner since Reagan.

The Whiteysphere is and has been consistently wrong on politics. Ralph Nader is a criminal and his mindless third party followers should burn in the hells of their own making.

I have been vindicated and the name of my vindication is Bernie Sanders.


donkeytale said...

Yes, this is a mailed in entry.

Go Bernie!

The sheeple united can never be defeated.

Shorned yes.

Scorned yes.

Beaten no.

donkeytale said...

I know that it's distinctly unfashionable among fake lefties to praise the Demotards and there is really no reason to praise the party.

There are however, human needs to be satisfied amongst the poorest and the most vulnerable. Yes, the Demotards have sold them out time and again but what is the alternative, fake lefties? Right, utopian dreaming, same as it ever was.

Luckily, the GOP is more into dystopian dreaming more than ever, and the sheeple now have a effective voice to counteract their nonsensical villainy.

Bernie has moved Utopia a bit closer to reality simply by talking a language that seems so bold today but is in fact little more than a throwback to postwar politics.
His one bit of vanity, and believe me from the heart it is vanity that kills him and all of us, is self=describing as a socialist. He is not a socialist in the hard sense of the term. He is a library and social security socialist. Pyrrhiod.

Not as hard left as his words portray. In fact his words seem to be clearing ground for Hilliary more than helping himself. Maybe Filled Negro has it exactly correct.
He doesn't speak much about unions but unions were the impetus and the sponsors of OWS. Unions are old fashioned Demotards.

Bet on it.

donkeytale said...

In fact, I would like Bernie to address how for example he will push tax increases through a GOP Congress?

Obama managed incremental health related tax increases through a Demotardic Congress, Bill Clinton managed tax increases (also through a Demotardic Congress). Obama had a major recession to contend with, where Keynesian orthodoxy states no tax increases during a recession.

Perspective is all.

But the recession is over, now is the time for crashing the Reagan era inequality once and for all.

Silly season is about over. The Bern needs to put some meat on the table if he truly wishes to contend. His stump speech is no substitute for real plans.

The major battles are going to be local, in the districts. The Demotards will win the WH and likely the Senate {though probably not 61 seats). SCOTUS will likely turn back to a Dem majority during the next 4 years.

The question then will turn on the least democratic part of our govt, the insanely gerrymandered house that came to pass thanks to Tom Delay, George W Bush and yes, the criminal Ralph Nader. A minority of House votes still is enough for the GOP to easily control the House.

Demotards, leave your safe liberal ghettos in California and the NE and move among the people!

Rot in hell Ralph. You've earned your place. And let's be honest, it was all about your vanity.

Sayeth the preacher.

socrates said...

Did you become enlightened at the baseball game while dislodging $20 popcorn bag kernels from your teeth?

Everything with you is qualified. "Oh no, I never pay for anything except for concessions and even then, we try to sneak in our own stuff."

You question whether I really graduated with the degrees I say I did. Maybe you were joking. It wasn't funny. I need to remind you that if you want to make this personal, we can certainly do that. But you would not like being outed, no?

Listen to yourself mocking a woman you claim is dead simply because she annoyed you on social media.

You're wrong about fieldnegro. And I am not blaming him personally for everything. He is symbolic of one problem in this country. There is a Black professional class which is holding back Black people. It couldn't be more obvious.

I've known for a long time that you are not always someone to work with in regards to academics. Charter schools and Teach for America is part and parcel of the problem. To you it might as well not exist as a topic.

You are the fricken sheepherder Counterpunch labeled Bernie as.

I agree with you Bernie isn't perfect. I accepted that a couple months ago. It doesn't mean I accept ridiculous criticism of him.

It's a joke when you go on and on about the medium as conspiracy, but then you say it is only a reflection. Is the DNC a mere reflection of society?

I agree with you I should get back to my social theory. I need to research for myself and my own writing. And I need to stop taking it personally when you have nothing to say other than turning it into a personal dissection of myself. You really need to stop doing that.

Maybe don't create sock puppets of 21-year-olds as you did at Booman railing against Ralph Nader and third parties? Hmmm? Maybe then people won't suspect you work for the DINOs?

Brittany Packnett has a new blog entry up at HuffPo railing against a new article attacking TFA for co-opting the BLM movement. Oh, you don't know who she is. Oh, I need to accept that you not only help me with my writing but hurt it. You are a mixed bag.

donkeytale said...

We are all bags of mixed nuts my friend.

And we are all $9.50 hot dogs larded with too much mustard at the ball park.

If you are saying you were prescient about Deray I agree, although I'm still not sure whether or why Deray matters at all.

I'm still thinking the historical process ("medium") matters more than the flawed individuals who purvey the content ("media").

Of course the medium is the conspiracy and of course the media reflects our reality. These are not dissonant ideas at all. The Medium is the conveyor belt along which the media is just another product conveyed to dupes, er I mean consumers.

This is the essence of McLuhan and Tale too for that matter.

Unions, Dems and Obama supposedly co-opted OWS too. Ask Greenwald he'll tell you how evil that all went down. Fuck him too. He's a fascist pig every ounce as wicked as Nader and Breitbart. The pied pipers of false piety for fun and profit.

Yet, both OWS and BLM as co-opted movements helped create the very conditions for today's conditional mixed bag of rejuvenated leftism in the US. You may as well get used to the mixed bag that is messy reality since you are also part and parcel of the same mess. You didn't create the medium but you are also a willing byproduct. Another object (like me) being trundled along the conveyor belt to our eventual demise.

As for Marisacat and Nader: fuck them both, whether dead or alive. They too are part and parcel of the same conspiracy as Deray and TFA. You are correct, I shouldn't dance on their graves like Ames did with Breitbart and I should always take the high road.

Forgive me father for I have sinned (yet again!).

Yes, I once created a sock puppet. Once. Ten years ago. As an experiment to prove the whispered rumours that Booman had Kos Kops patrolling his blog making sure new posters were acceptable to the Democratic Party. You again ignore the herstorical context but that's OK because you weren't there at the time.

Oddly enough, I confirmed my superuser was Brin from Marisacats. Eventually, she realized what a creep she was in that role and either was banned or left Booman's on her own. She admitted as much to me on MLW where she was again banned as 5hearts.

Supersoling also turned against Booman and came back around to my way of things.

And I outed myself as Pete for which I was banned. So your dragging out the same tired decade old half-assed accusation demands I repeat the same tired well-rounded explanation. S'all good my friend. All good in the re-meythologising.

Yes, Marisacat was a vain, shallow and cynical poseur who never got over the fact she wasn't all that and a bag of Kos chips. An elitist, holier than thou shithead on a stick. She never let anyone forget her 3 digit Kos user id. LOL. She was just as likely a GOP plant duping the whiteysphere ('Right woos left') as she was a real progressive. Fuck her. She was all give up all the time, the worst possible kind of human being, if that's what she was.

There I said it again. Now, if you'll excuse me I need to take a shower in battery acid to remove the stench I created.

My sincere apologies for ruining your blog and your writing.

I'm done.

socrates said...

I was having a bad day. I took some time off from here and Twitter. I finally see your point. You're saying one can never give up and that the Nader/Jill Stein crowd make things worse. You're saying Marisacat was a quitter and poser.

You may think the same of me.

All the wise cracks about myself and fairleft and then you joked about my writing and placed doubts on my education resume. Yes, it's false ego. It's me name dropping and holding onto some gravitas. It's all I have. I tried my best.

We are in an unfair situation by which you can attack me and such attacks can be applied to a real name. You even used to mock me with underscores hiding my full name. You even recently said in response to my thanking you for the troll wars series that all the pain was mine and the pleasure yours.

I'm not going to out you ever. It is certainly a form of nuclear code. It would make me look bad to do that.

I emailed to MattyJack when I was being harassed and asked if he could delete the smears on me. He then posted those and mocked me some more. Those guys even ran me off of Pffugee. That was ridiculous. We go to Pffuggee and for a time it was pretty solid. There's a long story no one will be able to figure out. I guess it shows that all this internet is meaningless.... except for the content. I disagree with you.

It's not just DeRay. There is Brittany Packnett and the whole co-optation going on with BLM. The reason why Hillary is doing well is because people let too many things slide on by. There has to be a line drawn in the sand saying fuck you to TFA, charter school, standardised testing, and the general anti-intellectual atmosphere we have in this country. I was fortunate to live in Ireland where there is a much higher standard of real living. Our country is garbage. Enough is enough.

donkeytale said...

No way I think you are like fairleft or Marisa. There are times when you don't exhibit your better angels but then that is me too at times. I think we get along fine. I see what you mean about the real name....but I don't see your real name I see a thoughtful Bob Marley look alike stroking his chin who calls himself Socrates. Joked about your writing? Dude, I am perhaps Amerikkka's foremost fan of your writing, and have stated admiration for it any times. All jokes aside you should know that by now.

I was definitely joking about your anti-intellectualism but in fact just got sick of your dumping on Silver ad nauseum simply because he is not promoting Bernie, although I guess that was tit for tat for my incessant dumping on the Hippy Dippy Weatherman comic genius of George Carlin which in turn was probably in response to something you said that I forgot about, and so on and so forth..maybe if you just came in and said after the debate that I was prescient instead of repeating some Chris Mathews schtick theft after the fact where he repeated afterwards what I said before the debate, ah well, we all have our moments and so on and so forth.

I was wong about Biden entering the race. And very disappointed Joe won't step up mainly for Berns sake. I did have a good idea for a mailed in entry but I see you beat me to the punch. Mine was going to be about Biden and also about Lamar Odom, whose stock rose about 10,000 pct in my eyes with his recent death defying hijinks. I mean, there are worse ways to go than legendarily spazzing out at a whore house for 4 days under the influence of God only knows what. And then at the end you are communing with eternity about to throw the ghost and your woman forgives you and takes you back.

This could be the emblematic relationship of our time. Far far more infotaining than anything Kim ad Kanye throw down anyway.

Khloe and Lamar are all that and a bag of herbal Viagra chips.

I salute the both of them and hope that Lamar can find his way to health even if he needs several internal organs replaced in teh process and Khloe, who stands by her man at his hour of most need.

Wut a gal.

socrates said...

You were clearly prescient and did come out against the tide analysis soon thereafter the debate. You said Bernie did well. I thought he seemed a bit tired. I understand that he has an anti-personal attack campaigning system. The old ways say that won't work. I somewhat recall also being disappointed in Dukakis for being too nice with Reagan.

The Republicans invented the smear strategy with Atwater and then Rove. Or maybe the Democrats did, but it was before my time.

We both give Obama a lot of credit for destroying the Republicans. I believe that credit will have to be given to William George Jefferson Clinton or to that bitch Morris who pushed for triangulation.

The key to being prescient is staying ahead of the curve. You were amazingly prescient with your Greece schtick and that was perhaps the camel which broke the medium's back.

I have read your responses on the new article and am going to use those as a springboard to further discuss the philosophy of medium and perhaps even of writing in itself. I am afraid of mixing too many of the nuts together in this post.

I think what you are alluding to is the classic idea of a vicious cycle of karma. Hopefully Lamar will get the mental health treatment he clearly needs. It reminds me of an experience I had in Ireland. They have these wonderful mushrooms which naturally grow every year when it becomes cold enough but before the Robert Frost season. Anyway, I am not condoning or recommending them, but it was what it was. Anyway, we made it to the next morning. The thingies last about six hours. We're sitting around the table pretty much wrapping it up and trying to find the energy to walk home when this one dude seriously said we should do another round. Wow. The Lamar Odom story sounds like that, except for his "escape" apparently going on for four days.

People need to work at their mixed nuts better. My grandpops (we called him Puppy haha) used to say "everything in moderation." It's true. For someone to take that much drugs over so many days sounds like a death wish or the height of one needing to grow up and face reality. Lenny Bias was a great basketball player who was going to give the Celtics a continuous dynasty from after Bird, McHale, and Chief were going to ossify. Life is precious in itself and can be quite fragile. Bias took cocaine at one party and died. Now he probably had preexisting conditions or something, but still, who knows how long he could have lived if he stayed away from it.

For some reason Puppy never mentioned weed or much of any drugs. But he did mention cocaine as something to stay completely away from.

What probably exacerbated the drug problem, imho, was the idea that marijuana was a gateway drug and as evil as Ralph Nader and other forms of communism. I have always believed that weed is a gateway to knowing not to mess with the hard stuff.

As for viagra, I hope to never have to use it. I don't want to end up in the emergency room explaining that my thingie has been on active status for four hours and it kind of hurts and please can someone make the pain go away without blurting out to everyone I took viagra and that advertisement wasn't fooling around?

socrates said...

Dukakis with Reagan? yikes. That had to be the original George Bush. But I still somewhat recall a feeling that he didn't get down into the mud, so the attack ads worked. Now if Hillary were to attack Bernie in a non-congenial manner, that would probably backfire on her.

She is going to get some stockholm syndrome sympathy votes for being put through the ringer like done today.

So she is probably safe for at least a month, until those emails drip drip back into play or something else damages her. Bernie needs some legitimate damage to Hillary. It can't be this Mickey Mouse Republican mixed nuts idiocy.

donkeytale said...

The more I consider Bernie's gracious hands off Hillary on her emails comment the more I realize how damaging it was for his campaign.

There are other items to go off on Hillary. The big one I Libya where she is on record as proudly browbeating Obama into action. Her hawkish stupidity matches the GOP establishment, roughly the same as McCain.

Obama has not done much in Syria or against ISIS. Hillary is to Obama's right there too where Sanders is equal to Obama or maybe more leftier than thou. I guess foreign entanglements will come up in a future debate but it is an area where Hillary will not play well to the Dem ase who tend to be dovish on foreign policy.

Bernie may have circumscribed his own opposition. He seems fine with Hillary as Prez too by the way. Paid fake? Useful idiot?

Or simply a mature individual who understands we have to get the GOP out in order to get anything substantial done?

My feeling is that his popularity has surprised even him and that he went into this thing of course with the dream but also probably thinking his main achievement would be pushing the envelope left and popularizing these concepts through media and his campaign.

He easily achieved those goals. Now he is in the dogfight and there is dissonance between his need to stir up a battle to win and his apparent desire to make sure if he doesn't win the eventual winner is pushed left by his actions. The latter approach will help Hillary, especially now that Biden isn't running and it is mano y mano for the nomination.

donkeytale said...

Will Bernie fight for his win? If not all Hillary needs to do is co-opt his positions in the campaign (which she has already done to a degree).

The Benghazi thing is a joke. The GOP is a joke.

Their rank file knows it. They have PACs raising money based on internal oppo to their own leadership. LOL. That is funny stuff.

The Demotards can't loose this cycle but until they make state level gains and change the House Districting and win a majority there will be gridlock and nothing getting done unless the moderate GOP aligns with the Dems in the House as has happened under Obama.

Or a political revolution. However there is equal chance of a right wing political upheavel for which there is currently more evidence in reality.

Leftier than thou's still seem mainly battling for online supremacy.

BLM apparently is not a leftier than thou movement but more a racial discrimination movement. Perhaps like civ rights movement under MLK once basic goals are attained the BLMers will turn more to sociopolitical and economics issues.

socrates said...

What will you say if it's loooosers like me who elect Trump or whomever by not voting for Hillary (if she beats Bernie)?

You are correct. With the Goober Pyle Party still dominating actual political votes that are needed to pass or amend laws, we could by default regress. That would lead to an internet reincarnation of 2000-2008 with GW and Cheney and all that horror to go with increased commando keyboard activity.

If Hillary wins the Presidency, she in all likelihood will be on her own in immediate gridlock with her enemies.

Hillary Clinton equates to establishment politics and zero excitement. I retract my previous prediction that Bernie or Hillary will be the next president. While that is the most likely outcome, I no longer feel Hillary is a lock to win the Finals if she gets out of the Eastern Conference. Trump or wtf is not Golden State, but then again, Hillary is deeply flawed.

Yes, BLM has turned out to be just another highly successful keyboard commando zeitgeist balance tipper. In regards to actual movement of the football, however, it has been mere inches.

No one but me seems to simply come right out and confront the stupid fucks behind the votes that seemingly are in the process of creating a new generation of fakeleft blowhards working for Jill Stein and future Ralph Naders. Hey, maybe by 2075 the Green Party will finally poll over ten percent of the vote.

donkeytale said...

No BLM is huge indirectly just as OWS was huge.

It has been exploited by keyboard commandos true but the movement itself has led to more media exposure of naked racism infecting the system which I have noted for years (only to be poooh pooed by white middle class progressives who LOL called me a racist for pointing out the facts).

Flatly disagree with your assessment of BLM. Me thinks you are too stuck in keyboard commando warfare or thinking that Twitter somehow matters.

Trump will not win. I think Carson has a better shot than Trump. He is merely infotainment spectacle for a jaded rightwing group of elderly morons. And disaffected Bernie Sanders fans will not vote for Trump as a protest vote either. That includes you.

Maybe if Nancy Grace makes a GOP run in 2020 I could see you casting your ballot for her. Is she still alive BTW?

donkeytale said...

I do agree that there is nothing exciting in a Hillary victory.

However, had boring Hillary won in 1933 instead of the much more exciting Adolph look at how that would have turned out....

donkeytale said...

I think you equate Deray and his ilk to BLM but I get the sense that he is just an exploiter and may even be well meaning but he is not BLM.

BLM is those chicks who jumped onstage and turned Bernies head around. That was meaningful.

BLM is the protests in Ferguson and Baltimore. BLM is aiming higher. Protests loose energy they come and go but they leave indelible marks.

Twitter leaves nothing but unknown/forgotten verbiage.

The real world does not revolve around Twitter. Neither do elections.

BLM is more than Deray

donkeytale said...

For every disappointed Sandernista including me who stays home on election day there will be a disaffected GO'oper who stays home if Trump is the candidate or even crosses and votes for Hilary.

Trump is much less a Republican than Bernie is a Demotard.

socrates said...

No, actually I am quite aware Twitter sucks and the huge drop in my activity there represents that shift in thought.

DeRay is well-meaning, definitely, but he is contaminated by who he works for.

Benjamin Dixon is pretty good and you might want to check out his youtube shows. He says the original BLM protest at Netroots helped Bernie. It woke him up. He responded. On the other hand, Ben said he doesn't know wtf was up with the Seattle protest, that that was something different, something perhaps even a bit nutty.

BLM is basically a Twitter hashtag. That in itself damages your thesis. But I get your point. There has been an obvious tipping point in zeitgeist awareness surrounding police interactions with predominantly Blacks but also poor whites and mentally ill.

I recall Obama was one of the first to co-opt OWS. This is a cycle that keeps repeating itself.

I am not so sure that the choice (if Hillary wins the nomination) is between her and someone from the other side being Hitler.

That is precisely what I am done with. I no longer have any proverbial fucks to give to prevent the next GW Bush from emerging. From my vantage point, I could see getting worse than what a fake leftist Hillary would do as a better alternative. I would not vote for Trump or Carson or any of the ones you might have the prescience to predict winning the GOP nomination. I would simply not vote. It would be a form of voting for Nader instead of Al Gore, but I would feel no guilt. It's the ballot or I wash my hands of all of it.

donkeytale said...

Well yes, Twitter is great for shorthand and building momentum within the bubble but the real movement I'm on about is in the street, whether you want to call this BLM or whatever. Labels are what Twitter is good at but labels in and of themselves, much like Twitter itself is meaningless.

Didn't realize you have minimized time there recently but I hope for your sake that trend continues.

My point about Hillary was rhetorical not literal. Sometimes excitement in an election is positive (Bernie) and sometimes it is evil (Hitler).

I'm tending to put Trumpian excitement in the latter category although I also recognize [caveat alert] that Trump is trashing the conservative GOP zeitgeist and maybe doing so once and for all (along with the self destruction of the GOP House caucus). So Trump can be a positive in a negative way.

Simply not voting I think will be a win for the Demotards this year. One thing we have not discussed is that Hillary in general has a pretty high positive rating among Demotards.

To the extent that GOP represents ultimate danger to the working and middle classes you will see a more excited Dem electorate this year than you will see GOP.

2012 was the same. GOP turnout in Presiditzial years seems to have peaked in 2004 and fallen since. As we note, Obama helped kill the GOP in the presiditzial cycles and I see no one on their side really galvanizing huge turnouts since the party itself seems very factionalised.

Oddly, it is the establishment and business conservatives who seem left out. Trump is a businssman true but he is also not liked or trusted in that milieu. He seems like a Dem in GOP clothing to many of them.

The challeng for Dems is congressional especially in the off year. The fact is the demographics of bi coastalism work against progressives. The GOP dominates across a wider breadth and width of the country while the Dems killo on the coasts.

The medium is the conspiracy unless progressives get outside their comfort zones and head inland.

I don't see that happening although I am part of a trend in that direction in Texas it will be decades before it coalesces in victory and that will largely be because of gorwing minourity populations than white liberals.

Obama co-opted OWS? I think that is more legend than reality. SOuds like Greenwaldian BS. DO you have any links to support that theory?

donkeytale said...

Co-opted means you take over from outside in.

Exploited means you stay outside but take on the veneer of an insider.

Obama exploited OWS for sure just as Bernie is exploiting BLM.

But Obama didn't co-opt OWS whatsoever. Check your definitions there my friend

socrates said...

It's been total co-optation. Or we are falling into semantics. Hillary has co-opted Bernie's movement. Here is Obama the man who bailed out the banks taking credit for keeping an eye on said bank shenanigans.

I don't pull punches. If someone is on the wrong side of history as Obama is, I am not going to deny it because God forbid GW Hitler and Donald Mussolini might take over the White House.

It's all bullshit.

Obama is simply better than Hillary at hiding that he is a fat fuck face. Hillary is good at hiding it from the dumbass Democrats who fall for the lesser of two evils myth.

I do agree that hitting the streets makes all the difference over keyboard commando movements. It's not some article by Jim FingerFuck that got CNN e.g. to cover the topic. It was mass street protests in major cities.

Obama and Hillary are full of it, period. Biden is full of it.

socrates said...

The script says that the evil Republicans are holding back social and environmental justice. I disagree! Enough is enough with the bullshit Hillary schtick.

socrates said...

Yeah, okay, Obama didn't co-opt OWS. He exploited it. He simply showed solidarity with it while schmoozing the public with the idea he's not the asshole who bailed out banks. Oh no, not him. And that is the genesis of the sarcastic republican troll's point of it's GW's fault! While Obama continued to spam the Democratic Party as greatness obstructed, on the side he let the military/police wolves loose into the peace and grooviness movement.

If the Democrats would have showed true balls over the last twenty or so years, we would not be in this mess. But some people don't mind the fake drama between the two parties. They gobble it up as if it is the truth. Those are the loooosers who are holding back Bernie. Pardon my French, but they are grotesque pieces of shite.

socrates said...

You say the media is a reflection. I am not the only one who disagrees with you.

That's from The Young Turks.

I don't expect you or anyone to watch it. It's nine minutes long. The show has another segment where they explain how the media butchered the Bernie line of, to parphrase, no one gives a flying fuck about your god-damned mother fucker e-mail brouhaha.

They cut out the part where Bernie said, to again paraphrase, let's talk about the collapsing middle class and the rich asswipes Hillary works for.

donkeytale said...

"The Young Turks?"

LOL. This is like saying Bernie won the debate because the unscientific internet polls said so. You are believing the media telling you that media controls your life? LOL. Tha's deep in a hippy dippy weatherman sort of vane. Deeply shallow.

C'mon man. That is a phrase popularized by "The Old Vike." Cris Carter.

Let me put it to you this way. The only people who think the media sways elections are those who are way too obsessed with the media in the first place (internet/TV addicts) and the truth of the matter is the media does sway THEM because they order their reality around media garbage. (And thanks for dropping that "medium" affectation when discussing the "media" proper)

There are more than 300 million people in this country. Maybe a few million even watch the news. A few million more regularly surf the net for political news.

Hundreds of millions are into sports and entertainment celebrityism. They are looking for escapism from the daily drudgery. The opiate of the people schtick that Marx was so prescient about. And yes, for the infotainment junky the media is also a drug.

The media needs the people desperately, a lot more dependency on the people by the media than vice versa. If the media didn't reflect fewer people would participate. At least in the West. There are so many choices that it is today absurd to even consider the "media" as this monolith thought controlling enterprise.

I did watch part of the young black kid's youTube show. It clocked in at over an hour. Dude, neither I nor 300+ million Amerikkkans are going to watch that schtick.

Netflix comedies and dramedies? Sure. Late night talk shows? Sure.

Did the media invent Bernie or did the media start following Bernie seriously only after PEOPLE began to congregate in large numbers and donate millions in small sums to his campaign?

I rest my case.

Sure lots of people say the media controls our thoughts. Or corporations, or churches, the Bible, wtf.

I agree that we are born free of dogma but it is necessarily supplied to us before we can reason by the cultural oppressors: initially our fathers and mothers and those around us.

Did I love the Beatles when I was 11 because they were good and hate Elvis because he sucked?

Of course not. Were the Beatles foisted on Amerikkka by TV? Of course. But had they not built an old fashioned following by rising from obscurity in England by touring in a van and playing small shows and creating excitement, selling records ("medium") the Media would never have cared enough about them to foist them on the world. The Media was a reflection. The English Kids screaming in their seats came first and created the excitement first. I grant you it is symbiotic and one feeds another (feedback loop). But the basis is always the media reflects.

This is like arguing against the wind and rain. Elemental human nature is a reflection in large part of social influences. Of course. It is what Buddha termed illusion and sought to rid from his understanding in order to attain enlightenment. It is what Freud termed the superego. An old boring argument not worth having. I would rather argue about Nate Silver than "The Media" and its insidious influence.

Does it influence? Of course. Does it lead us by the nose. No way. Maybe to the infotainment addict the answer is yes. That would be known as a "projection alert".

I flatly disagree that the media controls Amerikkkan elections. Flatly.

Do wealthy donors control? Yes, does the political system control? Yes. These are medium issues not MEDIA.

donkeytale said...

I mean, the kid was pretty good from what little I saw. He reminded me of an updated Rupert Pupkin playing at being a political talk show host as opposed to Rupert's pre-YouTube Talk Show in his bedroom schtick. Putting his intro music on and all that cracked me up in a good way. It was cool.

And like Rupert he s probably a star waiting to happen. Or wtf.

But I don't have time to spend an hour on his schtick. Sorry I didn't even watch an hour of the debate.

Most of my time wasting is done right here at DFQ2 getting under the hood of the reflected semi-reality to the real truth with my friend the chin-stroking Bob.

donkeytale said...

I went back thru the Zeitgeist Theory Blog Sniffing thread which is yet another classic of our genre and here is where I got irked.

BEFORE the debate I posted prescient nuggets that turned out to be right on target as usual:

"I;m not holding out much enthusiasm for the debates. I actually believe that if each candidate gives an average to better than average performance with no obvious F ups, the net result will help Hilliary by comparison. It will break the negative feedback loop. It will show they are not that far apart on issues.

The greatest hope for Bernie is that she somehow falls on her fat fuck face and keeps the negatives rolling in. I dont see him gaining much on his own since he is already well defined.....Mostly, in the absence of a complete F up such as Rick Perry forgetting the dept of energy in 2012, there will be telling moments but the opportunity for one candidate to dominate or loose his chances in the debate probably won't be there. The format isn't really win/loose although bloviators always try to make it seem so. More like who is up and who is down."

AFTER the debate you totally ignored my prescience (not that I blame you so much although I was planting seeds to help bring you back up after your own pre-debate Bernieuphoria bubble burst)you come back with standard issue Chris Matthews bloviation that actually PROVED my prescience (LOL):

"I had a post-debate hangover. In an ironic twist, (aspie?) Chris Matthews has cheered me up. He is going against the medium tide saying Hillary won. He thinks this will help Bernie and that debates are not necessarily about labeling "winners and losers."

So, either you can't admit I was rightly prescient and actually prefer bloviators telling you what to think after the fact or you aren't reading my schtick.

Which was it here?

And by the way I do admit I was wong on Biden entering. That thot was based on the hope that HRC would fall on her 3F. But she didn't. The game goes on. Top of the second inning. Tie score but Bernie will need to do some damage in Iowa and NH or I think we will be hearing the fat lady singing by March or APril

donkeytale said...

It was actually the Benghazi hearing that helped Hillary much more than the debate which I felt was basically a draw and will be soon forgotten except for the Bern curiously giving her a free pass on her emails. That was an unforced error. Or maybe he too exists on the paid fake/useful idiot" spectrum himself?

The morons of the GOP handed her a gift wrapped golden chalice. God they are stupppid and even better they also look the part of the deranged retards that they are.

I'm done

donkeytale said...

BTW, most of your comments in that Zeitgeist thread blew me away because ttehy were so cogently well-expressed.

Maybe that is why our Matthews clunker and avoidance of admitting my brilliance irked the most.

When you are good you are greatness. This may or may not be someday recognized by more than our 170 fans in the USSR.

donkeytale said...

Ad I like that we can disagree at times and not get all riled up about it. Some of this as you noted is the result of mailing it in in a rush to get thoughts on the page without much burnishing or editing.

Some of this is the tacit admission that we each push each other to do better work than we would otherwise do alone.

Now I'm really done.

donkeytale said...

One last schtick bite:

It wasn't so much that Obama co-opted or exploited OWS as it was that Romney was caught with his 1% pants down (by Jimmy Carter's grandson of all people researching YouTubes). That whole F the 47% schtick.

Romney F-d himself, a terrible campaigner who never stood a chance as those of us who followed 538. His entire campaign consisted of malaprops and non-sequiters. He made zero sense just like 2016 crop of loosers.

BTW, did FNC foist Carson and Trump on the GOP rank and file or did the GOP rank and file rise up and tell their dear leaders F you we don't want Jeb or Marco or wtf? The latter clearly. FNC can't even tell the rank and file Goopers how to vote that much is clear but they will exploit the voter preferences for ratings and infotainment value. Following that is.

When Christie had to admit Obama was all that and a bag of bipartisan chips after his rushing aid and emotional support to NJ post-Sandy the stupidddity of the GOP pose was exposed.

Benghazi committee has just done same this time. They are done in 2016.

socrates said...

Today is a nice, lazy Sunday. I did just skim through all your posts and they were very interesting. I will need time to reread those and respond. You did come up with a great idea to try to keep dialogue going in one place until we somehow end up on the new thread. I guess we are making the most use of the Blogger medium, not to be confused with the company Google which is a player within said medium. It is the difference perhaps between media and medium.

Yes a big flaw is that we pound out these comments in a rush, fitting it into gaps in real life, and even though we are net addicts, we are not that stupid.

My pure prescientness emerged. I saw on the MSNBC news this morning that Bernie has started taking off the gloves and is pounding on Hillary like I said he would.

Maybe he used debate #1 to simply acquaint himself with those loooosers you mention who are only on the net to check out free sports and business crap or yahoo seems like the #1 new place for shallow losers who know squat and are the true useless eaters.

I thought I gave you your due. I admit I didn't do it right away. I didn't think to meself, here's an easy way to troll donkeytale. I will ignore his greatness and pimp for Chris Matthews who was only repeating what donkeytale said even before the actual debate.

Thanks for the info about silly seasons and how important NH and Iowa are.

Even though those are "lily-white," Bernie wins could sway people across the land. They will see oh, Bernie is greatness and it's okay to vote for him.

This is just a quick response. I am kind of busy today.

socrates said...

There was some important shindig in Iowa last night. That's what I was referring to.

socrates said...

One more. I will get to the other stuff, there was a lot, probably tomorrow or whenever. Today's busy, though most days are busy. But enough about me.

I think baseball analogies can work. Each day is like a ball thrown. I believe yesterday in Iowa Bernie cracked a 3-0 Hillary delivery into the gap and it rolled all the way to the center-field wall for an easy triple.

So content matters. Which I will provide none of. It gets tiring to do the world's homework. Webb and Chafee dropping out helps Bernie. People have been forced into voting for Hillary or Bernie with months to go.

I guess this is why it's a silly season and seeing it as a tie is not a bad idea. Bernie is Boston. Hillary is Cleveland and LeBron. As is, we know who is going to the Finals. But say Danny unloads some of his assets and gets an all-star? DeMarcus Cousins?

I guess it depends on how the Nets do.

Best case scenario they are putrid, say 12-29 or some ridiculous record. Then Danny gets the disgruntled star (think KG) and then the Celtics win the title?

That is Bernie. He is Danny Ainge. He needs to make a big trade. Maybe last night was the start. If Bernie wins perhaps we will look at last night in Iowa as the turning point.

Hillary's current bump is short-term.

Sorry for not responding to the above. There are some potential seeds for heightened interaction. They could come to fruition from a point of departure.

donkeytale said...

Bernie has gotten great press and HRC not so great until the debate/Benghazi thingie. He earned the glowing reviews and she deserved the dings that got them to this point. I don't fault the media at all up to this point, Young Turks or wtf notwithstanding. Blaming the media is a game for loosers. Period.

I agree with Silver that in the main the media did go overboard stating HRC was so great in the debate but this was a make-up call. They forgot she's experienced and not bad at debating. She did OK. Bernie did OK, also not great. Basically just let his stump speech fly in the form of a debate. Somewhat robotic and mailed in, even if passionately mailed in. I wonder if he has any strategy or tactics to getting all the stuff done he wants to get done. So far hasn't shown anything other than a vague call for a political revolution which of course if it occurs will be met by a counter=revolution from the right. Same as it ever was. If you fault Obama for running into a brick wall of GOP obstruction you must also fault Bernie if he does same. I know you will blame Hillary so no worries there.

HRC was far more impressive in that stupid hearing that lasted 12 hours. And that was easy considering the loosers on the dais.

socrates said...

Precisely. Bernie is the political version of us as bloggers. He has his general wisdom and chutzpah. He don't need no god darn script. Hillary is the opposite. Maybe Bernie is young Bill Walton and the Trailblazers who will shock the prima donna 76er's.

But you are also correct he has to do more than that. Bernie reminds me a little bit of Doc Rivers. He has his strong points. He often makes mistakes, but then he will at some point correct said mistakes. And Bernie is a lot quicker at self-reflection than Doc. Bernie is sort of a Bill Belichick of politicians. He will take crazy chances or try stuff because he knows to stand still will win nothing. Inother words, aim high, you might make it. Aim mediocre/mail it in and perhaps he will get a pat on the head from the DINO's and be their pet progressive little mensch puppy man cutie face.

Did that last sentence need some commas or what?

You are forgetting about nuances and the chaos that exists within social reality. I am referring to your attack on alleged loooosers who blame the media for everything. The truth lies somewhere in the middle between Alex Jones and your vision of a media that merely reflects society.

What about War of the Worlds? Did that not prove that couch potatoes are easily manipulated?

What about the run up to GW's Iraq War? Google is your friend, my friend. How many times was Dick Cheney on Meet the Press? You don't watch the cable news and I don't much either since you noticed it was driving life juice out of me body. On the other hand, if you watch it all, you can't help but notice the content fits snugly into Marcuse's philosophy of tolerance, how the status quo is propped up by media even if they allow or give the impression of dissent or fair play.

The Young Turks are good or at least they have seemed so every time I gave them a chance. Like us, they tend to cover things in depth that the mainstream media only gives a token looksie at. I have not seen many of their shows and I kind of have no dog in the hunt and am willing to take The Young Turks off of the table.

Oh, and you must have missed the NYT's admitting that their coverage has been garbage. That came out a month or two ago. The ombudsman woman said enough is enough with peanut gallery critiques; that we have heard their whining and will check into it.

I admit Hillary has seemed pretty cool in both the debate and then the hearing. She seemed almost like a nice, good person. There was no cackling laughter. There was no typical Hillary condescension that we saw when she met with BLM Boston.

People are tired of the Clintons, period. More specifically, they are tired of the back and forth whining that goes on between the fake left and the fake right. People remember what happened with Bill Clinton, especially his last couple years when he got impeached or wtf. The fatigue is real. When two people fight, usually both sides look bad.

Was Hillary making a joke when she said her biggest enemy is Republicans? It's ironic that the most furthest left progressive politician Bernie can treat so-called enemies with a basic respect. Biden even commented on that.

Hillary's problem remains what it has always been. There is too much time left on the clock.


socrates said...

I was visiting some friends last night. They are not very political or at least not to your extent and not to even mine. But they saw that Bernie went on the offense. Yay! Bernie needed to wake the f up. I thought he'd be doing more of what he just did as soon as Hillary's hatchet man David Brock with a Super PAC went old-school smear style on Sanders.

I must say Bernie is very pro-active. Like I said, he seems to always be working on stuff. He is like Popovich. Going after Hillary like he just did was the equivalent of going to hack-a-shaq in the second quarter.

Going back to what I said a while back, Sanders is no Kucinich. There are only 50 US senators (capt. obvious alert) and he is one of them. He is a long-form supertroll. He is your hail mary pass which connected and vindicated you against third party leftier than thous.

He has vindicated your baby steps strategy.

The next debate should be a much better and dramatic affair. No Biden talk. No Chafee and Webb. Bernie needs to have O'Malley stay in that one percent area. It'll be interesting if the DLC allows Prof. Lessig to participate the next time. I believe there will be only one more debate before the Iowa caucus. And I agree with you much will unfold in the first month or so of voting. It is truly a silly season. I finally understand what you mean.

Hillary needs to maintain that perceived big lead over Bernie. Sanders needs to keep chipping away. Thank you Mr. Bernie Sanders for finally being more forceful in pointing out what a manipulative, inauthentic 1%'er Hillary is. He needs to be more like Trump, but a smarter Trump. He does need to make it personal. That is Bernie's only chance. He cannot be a sheepherder. To be in it to win it means saying wtfu voters, look at what Hillary's voting record truly says. I've been waiting for this moment. I was starting to get worried and contemplated writing up a new entry titled Counterpunch was right and I'm a numbnut.

socrates said...

Make that 100 US senators. Wow, I hate myself with unforced errors which make me look like a numbnut.

socrates said...

Benjamin Dixon is going to be a player. Maybe it will take ten or twenty years, but he has major skills. I agree it's impossible to sit through much of anything. But thanks for checking him out.

Bernie did not give Hillary any free pass. That was the point of The Young Turks. The media turned it into how you describe it.

I think Bernie has the same problem I have in life. People are busy playing checkers, while we are doing chess.

So in the back of our minds we are reflecting on all the dumb fucks who need every little thing explained to them while we need said dumb fucks for a political coalition.

Hillary is all about taking advantage of the dumb f's. It is the core of the coronation strategy. Bernie seems to always have to clarify for the dummies and he does it in a nice manner.

The core problem with Amerikkka is anti-intellectualism. It enables people like Hillary to make a million mistakes and never have to suffer for them. And the Republicans bail her out every time. Right on cue. Maybe this shows why Iowa and NH should not be so powerful. It enables the other 48 states to sleepwalk through the silly season. That's how the media is able to spin Bernie's email comment as the story of his showing respect to his dear friend of twenty five years.

No, he was saying forget about the damn emails. Let's talk about Wall Street Hillary and the decline of the middle class. Bernie is getting darn good at attacking Hillary without being Morton Downey Jr.. It's about time.

socrates said...

I meant to say, "... while we are doing sushi chess."

socrates said...

Schedule update:

(and apologies for any wrong info I have ever shared. That is human error which i try to minimise. Life is all about authenticity.)

The Maddow thingie
Friday, November 6, 2015
MSNBC Democratic Forum
8pm ET (6pm CT, 5pm PT)
Location: Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC
Moderator: Rachel Maddow
Candidates: Clinton, Sanders, O'Malley

Then November 14th at Drake University in Iowa (CBS News)

Then Dec. 19th Manchester, NH (ABC News)

Jan 17th Charleston, SC (NBC, Congressional Black Caucus Institute)

Feb 11th by PBS in Wisconsin
March 9th in Miami done up by Univision & The Washington Post

Iowa caucus is Feb. 1st and NH is Feb 9th.

I think Bernie can go the distance well into the Summer. He will definitely need more trajectory akin to his initial surges.

Today's mood status for moi on this day in regards to all this is very good.

socrates said...

Okay, we have three months and a few days to go until the Iowa Caucus. The next month with the two debate thingies are going to be huge, imho. With all due respect to your debates aren't that important schtick, I believe everything is pointing towards this year being different. Perhaps the DLC rigging the debates has backfired on Sgt. Wasserman Schultzie. The Republicans have so many that theirs have truly become a bore fest.

I bet the coronation committee didn't want the Maddow forum, but they had no choice same as Hillary had no choice in ditching Keystone and the TPP thingie to go with the other stuff she co-opted off of Bern. I'm truly done. I feel that I have earned my daily internet bread and filled my quota for feeding the blog.

socrates said...

Fricken DLC or DNC? I have no clue. That's why I usually go safe and call them DINO's. It is also the most simplest form of Johnny Cash to be given to the blue dog democrat. Bernie's smart. Hillary doesn't even try to get the Reagan numbnut vote. Does Nate Silver cover that aspect which forms the basis of zeitgeist trajectory theory?

socrates said...

I think Hillary gave Bernie the opening by saying, "I am a progressive who gets things done."

When she went, "Thank you, Bernie," that was passive aggression I think it's called.

Hillary needs to understand that Bernie is a supertroll. He is a form of pool shark. I think she underestimated him. Three months is plenty of time for Bernie to get it done.

I also think you underestimate the amount of stuff most people hear about. A lot more than you think watch CNN or can't miss it, whatever it is, while visiting yahoo for wtf.

Hillary is Sonny Liston. That is my hope.