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Monday, October 12, 2015

It's almost time for the big debate

                                     Democratic National Committee vice chair Tulsi Gabbard

This wonderful and delightful woman has just been bullied by Hillary's coronation committee for having had the gall to ask why there are only going to be six debates. She's often a guest on MSNBC.

I'm not making this up. From CNN:

                                                 click for easier viewing

If debates don't matter like donkeytale suggests, then what the heck is up with all the infighting over this precise issue?

                                            fascist pig Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

Hillary is known. She is not trusted by many people. Bernie is not known. Hillary has a very low ceiling. Bernie has a decent ceiling. That is what happens when someone is not known. Who is going to vote for someone they have never heard of? That all changes starting tomorrow and will continue over the next several months.

Hillary is a flip-flopper of epic proportions. That will be made well known in the debates. This is going to get ugly. It will be done by people who know how to troll without being banned. This is the beginning of the end for Hillary Clinton. Maybe Five Thirty Eight will wake up and finally feel the bern. This is a political movement. This is not about fan boys or wtf donkeytale is presenting as a meme. Apologies to all the readers who have no clue who fairleft is and to all those who do but would like to see donkeytale produce new and better material.

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