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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

No Favores tiene Hee

Girls caress rainbows inside them

We burn them out

Boys is a guitR-one form'la

We burn us down

TIME FUCKS us nowhere

 blight rotten stairs

TIME fucks us nowhere

nowhere's everywhere

Cornfields in fall everlasting

the stalks set on fire

Grievous laughter and resentment

fuel a heart's desire

and time kiss me mija

Much passion has she

Time sucks us forward;;\

and makes a fool of me


donkeytale said...

As you can probably tell I didn't spend much time on this one....since it waits for no one we might as well start mailing them in faster and faster. What difference does it make in the final analysis.

Ironically, even as we are doomed to perish this bogus schtick of mine shall live on forever, or at least as long as Google let's this crap stand.

Mick Taylor reules. He made the Stones.

socrates said...

I too am at a loss. Maybe the younger people have more time and better scrolling and search engine skills, quicker minds. For the most part young people haven't been co-opted yet. Someone like Hillary can be a poser. Did you see Senator Palantine in Taxi Driver or the best was Redford in The Candidate. That's Hillary. Young people don't have the cash and jobs yet.

They can see right through her.

There is a big expose on The Clinton Foundation by Sirota. Taibi went after the media for its coverage. He sounded like me, but of course better written, more coherent, and something people will actually see.

Our writing as unpaid could never present itself as greatness despite our claims as such. But it is still in there. Some form of greatness. I am tired and it's late. I did read your other comments.

The fatigue is real. I understand. I have it, too. A spiritual fatigue. We are like okay, God, we get it. There's birth and rebirth.

Marcuse was correct, but there can never be a successful military revolution in America. Bruce was correct that it is the law which is our true hope. But you are also correct hitting the streets is what gets it done.

All I have like Tarantino is free speech. Unfortunately I do not have the money he does to prevent some weird outcome, and I do not want to become a BubbleBoy freak version of Lenny Bruce. On the one hand I have balls. On the other, this is some small blog and Twitter is still a zoo, and forums get scrubbed. One is lucky if anything gets saved.

It's all about hope and no hope.

I am seriously considering voting Republican in the general. It is unlikely, but my thinking is if we are going to tank, I tweeted this. It is a rerun. If we are tanking, why not let the Republicans take the blame. You are correct. There is no answer. If I go Nader style and fuck you to neoliberalism, Republicans will have it all. No veto pen.

That chinese finger torture thing you could buy in joke shops.

Carter leading to Reagan.

Triangulation equals strangulation and I can no longer politically breathe.

Bernie is correct we need a political revolution. It is all very exciting and fun until one realises this sucks.

I will sleep this off. I suggest you be kind to yourself. Reincarnation is real and you have an advanced soul. You are the least of God's worries. Amen.

socrates said...

Bruce said you needed to work the law to make it safe to hit the streets. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren continues to politically posture. Or she would have already endorsed Bernie. Biden came the closest to being authentic. His problem is that he, too, has been a neoliberal wanker. He has evolved more than Hillary, however, and he apparently hates her. My opinion.

Biden's kid died young and recently. Sort of like what you mentioned.

There are a lot of individuals, an incredible exponential worth beyond the super delegates. People don't have to be geniuses and put the world's problems on their shoulders. All they have to do is vote Bernie and he will have the keys to the veto pen, supreme court selections, and uhm, hush, hush, the executive order.