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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Progressivism is a luxury not a necessity for recent immigrants

In Amerikkka, politics is about winning. Idealists of both the left and right seldom grok this plain fact. You have no shot at implementing progressive policies unless you win. Worse, if you loose the other side has a shot at implementing more of the same Reaganomics that has helped destroy this country (along with Clintonomics) since 1981.

Sometimes the smart thing to do politically is try to relate with the "other" whom you need to attract into your voting bloc, walk a mile in their shoes and empathise with their problems rather than obsess solely on yourslef. I know, I know.

You can always go back to hating on them post-election.

Asians score higher than whites on education levels, SAT scores, hard work, entrepreneurialism and income and are the fastest growing immigrant population. They would seem to be GOP leaning based on these characteristics .

These milestones of economic success and social assimilation have come to a group that is still majority immigrant. Nearly three-quarters (74%) of Asian-American adults were born abroad; of these, about half say they speak English very well and half say they don’t.

Asians recently passed Hispanics as the largest group of new immigrants to the United States. The educational credentials of these recent arrivals are striking. More than six-in-ten (61%) adults ages 25 to 64 who have come from Asia in recent years have at least a bachelor’s degree. This is double the share among recent non-Asian arrivals, and almost surely makes the recent Asian arrivals the most highly educated cohort of immigrants in U.S. history.

Compared with the educational attainment of the population in their country of origin, recent Asian immigrants also stand out as a select group. For example, about 27% of adults ages 25 to 64 in South Korea and 25% in Japan have a bachelor’s degree or more.2 In contrast, nearly 70% of comparably aged recent immigrants from these two countries have at least a bachelor’s degree.
Yet Asians are trending demotardic more and more. They also believe in the efficacy of a strong safety net and are willing to pay higher taxes to pay for more government services. Obviously, they are simply too intelligent to fall in line with the moronic GOP orthodoxy.

White progressives seldom grok that for immigrants elections have practical implications. When Trump goes on and on buffoonically about Mexicans and the border he is indirectly threatening Asians too, many of whom are also here illegally and worse off than Mexicans if deported, because they will be treated as criminals when they return to their home countries under those circumstances.

Now, Trump is not an idiot (although he plays one on TV). He knows that the US of A-Holes benefits greatly from illegal immigration, on the high end by Asians and on the low end by Hispanics. These people bring youthful vitality, desire and social security/medicare tax dollars to the table.
We all know that Asians perform the work that too stupid Amerikkkans cannot do, while Latinos perform the work lazy/decadent Amerikkkans won't do (although we progressives will deny the latter all the time. Here's an experiment to prove my theory correct: next time your lawn needs mowing, ask your kid to do it and see what response you get. After he doesn't bother looking away from his xbox long enough to even answer, go out and mow it yourself. Go on, lard ass, I dare you).

There are ample  reasons minourities will prefer to vote for the candidate they see as the one with the best chance of keeping the GOP out of the white house. regardless of how liberal or cool that person is to white progressives, who face no such daily obstacles in our uber comfortable progressive existences.

Well-educated whites have all the relative advantages and seldom consider that minourities, even better educated and wealthier Asians for instance, have more reason to fear the Amerikkkan electoral outcome and will vote defensively moreso than anything. And this has nothing to do with whether they personally like one candidate over another.

At the end of the day, Bernie must assure minourity voters that he can win the general election.

Progressivism is a luxury for many minourity voters not a necessity.

This seems counter intuitive to most whites. However, most whites spend very little to no time, especially intimate time (full disclosure: donkeytale is married to an Asian immigrant and spends most of his personal and professional time in the minourity community), getting to know and truly understand what motivates minourity voters.

Up there in lily-white, hippiefied Vermont Bernie can certainly be classified as "most whites." He stumbled out of the gate with minourities and has been playing catch up since day one. And even here, one gets the feeling he is doing so against his (extremely Caucasian and erroneous) belief that economic inequality rather than racism is the number one problem affecting minourities in the US.

He is smarter than most whites and has made adjustments but he still needs to gain more ground. It seems he is doing better relatively in attracting latinos rather than Africkkkan Amerikkkans, but the latino demographic is notoriously difficult for pollsters to pin down as "likely voters."

Just win baby.



donkeytale said...

The striking thing about the educational attainment of Asian immigrants (61% her have degrees while only 27% in S. Korea have a degree) that is left unsaid in the blockquote: Koreans emigrate to the US precisely to get their kids college degrees and that's is what accounts for the differential. Those degrees were earned here, by the kids not by their parents. Go to a university campus and see the racial breakdown of the student population for yourselves. Where my son goes, a UT offshoot where the school is known for engineering/math/science, the campus is expanding rapidly to meet a burgeoning undergrad population. And whites are a decided minourity.....not that there is anything wrong with that.

socrates said...

This was probably a good idea to start a newbie thread and keep moving forward as time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping... into the future.

Has there ever been an SNL character whose main schtick is to co-opt well-known pop culture phrases? If so, or if such a schtick has existed elsewhere, it is a coincidence I have been developing such a schtick in the guise of originality.

Who was the first to blog (okay tweet) that Sanders had a Larry David thingie going on? That was me. But if I am always going to digress and end up focusing in on greatness, that is a false ego endgame.

The poll I was looking at was on scribd. I should have linked to it. Like you have brilliantly blogged over the last 24 hours, it is too early to be making sweeping calls about such and such a state.

Of course such a Politics 101 approach has great merit and is what is missing from mainstream media analysis.

For example, that one poll that came out soon after the first debate having Hillary Clinton with some outrageous 14 runs crossing the plate in the top of the fourth couldn't have been more inaccurate. And the best one could get for intellectual honesty would be an off the cuff one time comment that the poll might not be accurate. Ya think so, my buddy media robots?

I have taken a closer look at the primary schedule. I have come out early (through Twitter yesterday) giving Bernster three out of four states. I have checked off Iowa, NH, and Nevada into the win column.

I then looked at the Super Tuesday schedule and have called quite a number of states for Bernie leaving the redneck states in the I have no fucking clue column.

Bernie to the sincere political armchair analyst must take New Hampshire. I did take a looksie into Massachusetts' politics. It should go without opposition that if there is one state he must win after NH, it is Beantown and across that glorious state which dominates football and in a year or three, basketball.

Mayor Marty Walsh has yet to endorse Hillary. And this is after Biden said he wasn't running. Elizabeth Warren is fascinating and a credit to older people keeping in good health. She looks marvelous. Could she be the political queenpin who can make or break Bernie's chances? I believe so.

Bernie basically has to survive the first month or two of voting. Winning three of four to start would be wicked awesome, though the batch of states which vote immediately after Super Tuesday look like redneck states and scare the fuck out of me.

I need to say whoa Nellie in regards to SC being considered a Demotardic, your word, state. How can it be when they haven't voted for a Dem Prez since Carter?

And I don't mean to ignore your new ideas. My blogging is a process and I will try to mail it in after this segment of bloviating a response, so that you will think, thanks dude for actually reading what I wrote.

One of the new Hillary emails has her dissing Coakley and Massachusetts democrats. I digress, but there are fifty states and Bernie must dominate the progressive states to have any chance of disrupting the coronation.

It's fascinating, period.

In regards to the white progressives turning off the Black man through condescending lecturing, that has been the slimy Hillary strategy from the start. (See Brock, David)


socrates said...

When I speak of moderates in regards to independents/libertards, I am not speaking of the generic numbnut. I am speaking of the regular guys. I believe any right leaning person who is an ideologue to begin with in regards to safety nets will simply not vote. They will be the parallel universe to the Chris Hedges vote. Irrelevant. Like the clowns who believe not voting at all is an option or the Nader vote. No one wants to be irrelevant in regards to elections unless they have given up completely. Yes, I co-opted this last idea from you.

The Repubican side of things does not matter, period. I have said early and often that this is about Bernie and Hillary. When that side of things is decided, then new analysis will start for the general election. If polls right now don't tell us much in regards to Bernie/Hillary, they are certainly not going to do squat for the Finals.

Trump is in a political death spiral as is Carson. Their chances have always been over-inflated and confirm your greatness about calling this a silly season.

People want someone President who they imagine they could trust and like in real life.

Hillary in the first debate and the Benghazi schtick did well because she seemed normal. Hillary's #1 priority is to not come off as a hideous monster. She hides it well.

Bernie has his base. It is one that if it changed its mind, it would not vote at all. Those are people, like us, who will never vote for Hillary over Bernie. Bernie can peel off pro-Hillary votes, but it doesn't work the other way around.

If Hillary is coronated and someone like Christie somehow wins, she is toast in the Finals. Bet on it. Even with Trump and Carson as a carnival act, she has not appeared to be a shoo-in. But again, I don't care about any of that. I am focused on Bern/Hillary with a period and exclamation mark.

I think I've rambled enough.

Here's a bit more, however.

Maddow is better than you think, imho. Her problem is she speaks a little too fast. If she can slow down the pace, she will improve.

I actually used the softball word in a tweet, so we agree there. I heard nothing on the Clinton Foundation. That's where the big scandal is, imho. Sirota recently covered that.

I think in general you are correct debates don't matter much, but I think this time it is different. There has never been a candidate like Bernie in the mix. I don't recall there ever being so few candidates. It feels like an incumbent year, imagine Obama's campaign in 2012 for reelection.


socrates said...

It is fascinating to see Hillary co-opt Bernie time and again. Her new one is coming out with something on weed. And there's another topic in which your defense of Obama does not hold up. Just saying. I'm not calling you a piece of shit or anything. Nothing personal. Obama set up people for pot raids. He said the Feds were done with raids unless the potheads could be tied to racketeering or wtf.

So that is one issue and it has nothing to do with Repugnants blocking Obama at every turn. Obama also took a dump on whistle blowers, bailed out banks. And for anyone still defending him, please explain how he should be able to get away with finally sounding human only because he cannot run again? Too little, too late?

Here's the problem, and I agree with your new entry. The natural progression is towards a Bernie Sanders' type social structure. Hillary is about being calculating. Like Obama said one thing and did another with chilling out on weed, she is saying whatever it takes to keep the fat knuckled grip lock on the nomination. Time is running out. The Millennials obviously have more of an awareness of how late in the game humanity is. If Hillary wins, we are looking at a continued status quo and horror.

I get what you are saying about many people vote against their interest because they would rather have a fatfuckface like Hillary as prez than any of the lunatics from the other side of the aisle.

I am torn. I am not like A. H. Mr. Goodbar or wtf all sunshine and proclaiming there is an inevitable reverse-coronation in process. Yes, he will look like a genius if Bernie wins.

This is a battle for humanity and hope. If Hillary wins, and say Christie wins, would you despise me for considering voting for the Republican? My angle is this: I believe there is a good possibility that if Hillary is Prez, she will destroy the fake left she currently owns. This is the argument the marisacat's and fakeleft's have spewed at you over the years. That you are not being very helpful and are basically a sheep herder for triangulation. I can see your totality and that you were focusing in on the horrific outcome with GW Bush. (see RalphieBoy!, Thanks)

Maybe I would simply not vote at all. It is outrageous the more I think about it and shame. on. me. for going there. This is more of a thought experiment, I suppose.

I'm definitely rambling and I'm sorry if this was boring and/or irrelevant for a mailed in response.

(I'm done)

socrates said...

The real left is never included in a Marcuse sense. It would be nice for the fake left to be destroyed. But when the inevitable happens, if she wins, that we become even more fucked up, the Huey Long fascists could then take over, then it's game set match for evil over authentic leftier than thou goodness.

donkeytale said...

You must be sneak reading 538 as a guilty pleasure otherwise how did Christie get in the picture?

They had a pretty good breakdown of the GOP primary which states that the primary actually leads to a GOP candidate who is more moderate than the average GOP voter or something. And they mentioned Christie because he will appeal to the NE moderate GOP vote.

I remember being fascinated by the analysis while reading it but now can't remember it well. LOL.

For the record I don't think SC is a Dem state. I was strictly speaking primary. Or misspeaking.

Or Tris Speaking, a great BoSOx from like two centuries ago or wtf.

socrates said...

I think if Harry Enten wasn't so prominent, I wouldn't be so rough on 538. Of course Nate saved their integrity by shutting off Enten's koolaid and spoke of negative feedback loops.

No, I didn't read any of their repuglicunt coverage. It just makes sense for Christie to emerge as the "normal" pick. At first it was Kaisuck, but he is perhaps the O'Malley of the Goober Party. The old hey guys over here I have blah blah executive experience doesn't quite supply the oomph it used to and I suppose especially when one was Mayor of Baltimore or Governor or wtf he was and everyone knows that state is a mess.

Actually Christie first entered me noggin as a possibility when a friend mentioned him and something about him hugging Obama.

I wouldn't mind a "normal" Republican like that or Weld/Romney I think even Scott Brown was the sort who'd you'd least expect to go nuts like Dick Cheney would.

So I see it as whoever is the next prez if it ain't Bern isn't gonna git it irene dunne.

So it looks like a classic NBA season assuming you aren't going to win it all but might be a bubble team. Welcome to the first round sweep treadmill or the 14th pick.

Look what happened with Carter for later prez votes. How'd you like them Barrett Brown apples? On the other hand if Bernie loses, we could be the Brooklyn Nets. We are not only the worst team, but we threw away three straight years of draft picks for dinosaur players Pierce and KG.

By the way Rondo had a triple double or something. I figured misery likes company, so welcome to my world. That was an implicit poiting to the old wc fritos line of smile when you wake up and get it over with.

Of course the millennials are not going to have a clue of Fields' greatness.

In my defense of lecturing the Black man, I am a nobody blogger who has been watching their back the whole way in regards to BLM and other stuff. Sometimes I will get sme loser who trolls me saying I must be a Republican op, then they probably wet their pants when they see the rest of my timeline or by chance come here where I will shove Herbert Marcuse's idea up their pie holes.

No one will believe this, but I think O'Malley is out of the picture because he is the reason triple F got that judge job. The stats here and at Twitter might be below modest, but word of mouth probably got around. And as we both know, it will always be about Bwett.

Just kidding my friend. I am always afraid to let loose here and ramble too much, though I always go ahead and do that very thingie. Sometimes I even bore myself. Though sometimes I'll read a sentence here or there and say that is greatness and maybe someday if I evolve enough like Hillary I'll create something viral.

You know, maybe with the trajectory of Hillary's evolving, she is the best candidate. It couldn't be cold calculation as some spew in social media. Those people must be Republican plants?

donkeytale said...

This entry was strictly mailed-in and really just a repeat of most of my themes from 2012 on FDL. Nothing special. Just felt like getting something up and bragging on the astuteness of the Asian Amerikkkan voter who gets lost in all the Hispanic/black conjecture.

Bernie needs them all including the Liz Warren wing of the party.

She's actually from Oklahoma originally if I recall correctly and I agree she is pretty well preserved for an elderly dame, at least compared to 3F Hillary.

Disgusting. Those tent tops HRC wears are hardly any easier on the eyes than those pant suits she used to wear and just as much a flashing red light to focus on her lack of physical conditioning. There is really no excuse for a rich bit*h with all the advantages not getting into a semblance of shape for the run. To me it shows a lack of discipline and laziness that doesn't work when you are called to spend the next4-8 years up to your eyeballs in stress and complications.

I'm not sure at this point what happens in the Dem race much less the GOP which I see as a total crap shoot. No one on the GOP establishment side seems to be breaking out of the pack. Insanity reigns throughout their party. It is becoming easier for me to see Carson or Trump. Carson would be the proof that debates don't matter as he has basically just stood around with his hands in his pockets and watched his polls soar.

Does he have any campaign infrastructure? Does Trump?

Does Bernie for that matter?

Obama beat HRC like a drum because he ran an effective campaign. Iowa and Nevada are caucus states where you need a ground game to get the sheeple unpenned and to the polls. Bernie will have to have that part of the game beating HRC and it isn't clear who has the advantage there. Won't be known until Iowa happens.

Good point about the millenials as long as they turn up at the polls in large numbers. That is always the knock on the youngsters, they aren't that reliable.

Here again Obama rallied them and Bernie must be as effective and this requires ground game.

Money isn't the issue as Bernie seems to be collecting enough to build on and he is a smart politician who knows how to win elections.

socrates said...

I was thinking a state's general demeanor might play a role despite our centering in on the democrat side. So that is why I give Bernie Massachusetts, Vermont of course, the California's. I think Bernie is in this to the end. I can't see Hillary wrapping up this sucker any time that soon, unless of course someone like Warren endorses her. But she is a regular guy if you research her life. It'd be like if Biden were to endorse Clinton. Portland. Seattle which is Oregon, you have to imagine those are inbuilt wins for Bern. N.Y.? That has to be worth a lot of delegates and those people must be nuanced. I figure that is a Bern win too.

It would be huge for Bernie to win three of the first four and then SC can go suck on an egg. He is starting to apply the press defense. This is why you might want to keep an eye on the next debate which is next week. I imagine there are more regular guys voting than super delegates. Say someone who was on the fence or picking their nose so far in the process, then he or she sees Hillary smearing Bernie as sexist and racist or says wait a sec, a lot of people hate Hillary and maybe I am now curious why that is.

donkeytale said...

Seems like Golden State and especially Curry are off to scorching hot starts. His stat line is unbelievable for a point guard. 33 minutes, 33.9 points, .553 from the field, .475 from 3. Amazing

If they stay healthy I see a repeat. They were far and away the best team last year and really only beat themselves by choking in the playoffs when they lost a game.

Now that they have the confidence of winning it all once they should be able to do it again, perhaps easier this time. Of course they have to stay healthy.

donkeytale said...

Yes, you would think Bernie for sure in all the NE states including NY where he is from plus California based on zeitgeist theory alone.

I haven't paid enough attention. Are there even early polls for these states?

I see that DeBlasio endorsed Hillary.

My bet is Warren stays above the fray because she is in some respects separate but equal in stature to both Bernie and HRC. She has more to loose than gain by coming out for either, unless she wants some prominent role like VP or Secretary of State.

Also don't think her endorsement will pull much weight for Bernie since she is also relatively unknown in the minourity precincts where Bernie needs to score a lot of trays.

socrates said...

Oh yes, Hillary letting it go might get the morbidly obese vote, but it is a sign of character when a rich fuck can't hire a nutritionist and chef and keep it real. That turned into a solid schtick for me and of course I stole it right out of your in shape knuckles grasp. Maybe we should refer to her as Knuckles. Maybe that will catch on and the blog will enter the top 10 million or wtf worldwide.

Man, this is fun. I have cleaning and all this other crap to do. I agree with you things can get boring.

Yes, Warren used to be a Republican. She hates and distrusts Clinton who said one thing on wall street/banking, then she did another as Senator of NY.

If I was a cynical fuck like fakeleft or HedgeFace, sure, I'd be laughing at you saying you're wasting your time. If I did it now, I'd be schizo and attacking myself.

I will save being a cynical fuck for after the regular season if if if it goes wong.

I could see Trump holding on if Christie or the one or two not totally insane fascists win the GOP nomination. I can't see Carson surviving. He outright lied on that West Point thing. I am torn by what he's been up to. At first glance he now appears to be a grifter who never expected to have a chance and was prepping for book sales. On the other hand, he could simply be batshit insane like an Aaron Walker. I believe a dude like Carson could have won. Repugs are desperate to show they are not racist pigs and love themselves an Uncle Tom.

Bernie is in it to the end unless somehow it gets ugly for him despite the wicked awesome campaign so far. I think he needs to keep drilling the fact he gets no money from Super PACs and also show what the Hillary ones are up to for dirty tricks. I think he should also raise the Clinton Foundation. The great part of his chances are the fact it became a two person race very early, with Biden never entering and O'Malley stuck at a couple votes, his relatives or something.

I'm glad you admitted to not watching the Maddow forum. Bernie kicked ass the way Hillary did in the first one. He was comfortable in his own skin. I will need a big turn out from Millenials and Independents/Snowdens who have had many months to register to vote in the Democrat primaries to prove I was prescient. Again, Bernie's votes are secured in the lock box. Hillary has a secure base too that won't ever shift, but it is in terms of the cosmos, much smaller. I would say a lot of people planning to vote for her could easily shift to Bernie.

socrates said...

You were very prescient with GS. Yes, on paper and in reality, they should repeat, especially since acquiring Gerald Wallace. :)

There was one poll I recall but from many months ago during the initial surge period I think it was Portland, Oregon? It is confusing. Seattle is Washington? I must sound like an idiot. So yes, add those Pacific states to the win column and you are correct about applying zeitgeist theory to California.

You pose a great question. Wtf is going on elsewhere and not just Iowa, NH, and SC?

Bernie was within five points or so for that earlier Portland poll. That was one of the first indications that Bernie wasn't a fluke and people everywhere, at least those into politics, were feeling the bern a long time ago. They were prescient and deserve some kudos.

But no, there isn't much polling going on anywhere other than from those few states. I finally took the looksie into my own state and that is where zeitgeist theory might be most applicable. In fact, zeitgeist sniffing is pretty much all we have to go on since the polls are so badly done.

Everyone knows Hillary. She has a ceiling. Most people are apathetic dogshit or cynical and never heard of Bernie. But then they hear about him. They can't miss him on the internet. Bernie won phase one a long time ago and I called it as soon as I could and that's why I am the greatest nobody blogger in social media other than yourself.

donkeytale said...

I will try to watch the debate but not sure if I can. I agree that I was wong about Bernie pulling off the gloves and becoming more offensive minded (didn't think he would go there) and I hope this strategy works for him. He seems not to be going for the 3F jugular though which is probably the correct move but not nearly as infotaining as some good old fashioned Brooklynese would be. I suppose he can turn up the heat at the right time if necessary so pacing is everything.

socrates said...

You are correct SC is a conservative state and have been confirmed as prescient based on your saying Black people tend to be conservative in nature despite always leaning astronomically Democratic Party.

So I figure within the conservative state on the so-called left side of a two-party system, they will be much less likely to feel any bern.

How come SC keeps voting Republican if they have 54% or wtf #'s for Black voters? Is that a new demographic trend with African Americans moving there? Maybe I should research better, but who has the time?

If I ever say anything that sounds crazy, it's because I rushed the comment and left out a word or idea that I truly had. I haven't proofread one of these comments before hitting send. It is what it is.

socrates said...

I was prescient on Bernie's strategy. He has always been willing to attack with truth staples. It's how dbags like us get flustered when the Ned Flanders call us trolls when they are the ones not debating fairly. (see Kops, Kos)

The debate may be on a Saturday, so you will probably have no excuses. They seem to put on replays also. While I agree with you there is a .00001% chance of a gotcha, wow, she just tanked herself moment, these events do give one a lot of opportunity to zeitgeist sniff.

Bernie was amazing with Maddow. The first debate he seemed a bit nervous with a strategy of introducing himself. Yes, he is too smart for his own good and that showed with how the stfu about damned emal comment backfired.

I think Bernie is a troll's troll. He is socially engineering Hillary and her Super PACs as they try to do with the general population.

Bernie is ambushing her. And yes, you are correct Bernie is a seasoned campaigner. I guess he is equivalent to Brad Stevens. Sure you are a great college coach, but now you are in the NBA. Bernie is not from the D-League. Bernie has already made great advances forcing the DINO's to have to acknowledge his greatness despite their hating his fucking guts.

donkeytale said...

Good point about the foundation. That is a huge corrupt quid pro quo moneyball game waiting for play. Hopefully, he is just pacing himself waiting for the right moment.

I have a lot of confidence in Bernie's political skills.

I earned no prescience points for picking GS last year as they were the odds on favourite anyway. I am impressed with the style of play it is very entertaining and as long as Curry shoots lights out they are extremely hard to beat.

No, you are a somebody blogger, one of the best and the podcast thingie may well put you over the top. Maybe you and Benjamin Dixon will be to TV what Silver was to print media. I see MSNBC in the cards for you someday if you play it straight enough. LOL. You could easily be their Nancy Grace or their Geraldo.

socrates said...

Yes, pace is crucial. It should get even easier for him if and when O'Malley gets the f off the stage once he gets pounded in Iowa and NH.

Glass-Steagall is not too sexy, but if Bernie can make it so, relate it to the war on Billionaires, he will win.

That's one example. He is also making it obvious that Hillary is copying his schtick at every turn. And the free infotainment stuff you and I guess myself too claim is garbage in the long run are in Bernie's corner. I am thinking of Salon, HuffPo, and possibly Slate, not sure about them. Then there are the ultimate garbage websites like Daily Mail who love to pound on Hillary. She may be unable to survive the negative feedback loop that had debate #1 applying lipstick to her neoliberal pigface.

socrates said...

You get huge credit for smearing Hillary almost immediately from when she made this official. I had no clue. It was the same with Patterico. You lifted the scales from me noggin eyes. I had no clue she was this corrupt. Yes, there are all these real life scandals that transcend Breitbart. The Clinton Foundation thing is what he should bring up. Apparently her and Bill made a lot of money off of evil people who then got defense contracts when she became SoS.

Let me track it down for you. Maybe if you have the time, you can vet Sirota and his work. I do recall he got run off of DKos for being a bit too leftier than thou for them.

This might be it:

socrates said...

Dixon is the Black man's version of Davefromqueens. I could see him ending up on t.v. or perhaps running for office. He is in the right spot, Massachusetts.

Thanks for the compliment. I am not sure if it is true. I am definitely getting myself into shape to optimise my chances of living a while. I think 90 is the new 65 if we don't let ourselves go like Hillary.

Now I am terrified of the podcast idea. A card shown is a card played and now I'll look bad if I don't follow through. I made a friend on Twitter who has been lurking us for some time now. We had some interesting give and take in private, so I can't really share much. But she said you have a lot of wisdom. Not that you having wisdom makes me look good with what you said. Beyond me, you are your own bloke and are wise and funny, especially when you stay positive. Easier said than done. And I am treading on some serious water at Twitter since switching to Lenny Fritos. It is giving me a rush to disturb with language, the talk dirty and influence mf's schtick.

Ugh a podcast. Maybe I should start with a five minute show to get my toes wet? It probably wouldn't be until next Spring at the earliest. Maybe you'd like to be on it if it works out. It would suck if I try it and I suck at it. At least here with the imagination one can ponder wow that would be nice, but then if I was awful, they'd be so disappointed. Perhaps at least people would see I'm not a crazy wackadoo shut-in.

socrates said...

That dude Marc Lamont Hill if you go looking around uses some crazy language not much cleaner than us. He is clearly baked out of his mind on t.v.. So perhaps someone like us could make it into the mainstream. I am not sure I have the talent. It's one thing to be on the net typing stuff. It's another to have to say stuff in front of others. I kind of sucked at the Kimberlin hearing with ughs, aaahs, uh, er, but then again I had just driven across the Atlantic Coast. I would have one basic goal with the podcast besides if it was ever actually good. I'd like to erase the image of me from the driver's license. I am a bit okay with the few pictures I put up here, but they are still from when I was in a dark period.

There's a fine line from asserting oneself and jumping into the life fray and being a narcissist. As Bernie says, I am aware that I haven't done the best job presenting my case so far, but we're working on it and enough is enough and we'll get better. Or I will. It's me not we, although a DonkSoc podcast could become the next Opium and Anthony show or we could go with a Stern/Robin duo bt without the sex chatter or at least we won't invite strippers and play darts with their butts but with bologna slices and whipped cream or wtf. I need a shower.

socrates said...

This is good. It is pure zeitgeist sniffing. The difference between the mainstream blowhards and ourselves is we admit we simply don't know. This article makes it clear that Bernie still has a solid chance to be Mohammed Ali, i.e. "I shook up the world. I am a bad man." Hillary would be more like Cagney in White Heat, i.e., "I'm on top of the world, Ma."

And I see Bernie has been in contact with the Boston Globe editorial board and was on with Stephanpoopalot on ABC.

Remember Red Sox 2004 or the USA upsetting Russia in olympic hockey? Do you believe in miracles, bro?

socrates said...

Yes on that article. In that big ass poll I ineptly never linked to, people were asked specific zeitgeist sniffing questions. E.G., how do they lean, how do they feel on such and such. It looks like the only folks who don't realise the conditions are ripe for a political revolution are the two party system and the stale media which by coincidence I suppose are major donors.

Hillary gets big money from Fox and Turner (CNN). If one of us was Bernie, yeah, it would be a lot more entertaining, e.g. who ever says things like zeitgeist sniffing? I suppose we would get pounded despite speaking more truth to power than Bernmeister does.

He is walking the tightrope of supplying his own vision and showing how Hillary is a tool without actually calling her the creepy Wall Street asset. He is playing by rules most social media promotes. Attack the ideas, not the person. Attack the ideas of the person, not the person. People like us get flustered and end up posting Johnny Cash middle fingers, myself anyway.

donkeytale said...

Do not be afraid. Just wing it. Do several practice runs until you like the look, feel and sound of your own voice. Do short takes and edit them if necessary. There's a million ways to do this and make your self look good.

Stay true to your best schtick, especially in the beginning.

An early Celtics cast would be excellent because you are truly expert with basketball analysis. Maybe you could have Dixon on.

I might phone in. That would be herstoric. Who knows, perhaps TLNL may re-surface.....OTOH if you're feeling pressured and not good about it don't do it.

It is like singing in front of people. Once you loose the self-consciousness and just get into doing it, you will be amazed at how many people will like it even when you know you actually suck. People like us are our own worst critics and that helps us produce quality work but also holds us back.

It's all good.

donkeytale said...

Yes, I'm still feeling the Bern. He is the man with the plan. I still think there is a chance Hillary self destructs but after her performance in the Benghazi thingie I'm not as certain of that as I once was.

She's definitely developed some skills under fire, no question.

Yes, the Bern must go after the Foundation. That could be the key. She needs to be on the defensive and give those sucky lawyerly answers in which she and Bill both specialize.

OTOH I read where today Bernie also backtracked a bit and said she would be infinitely better than any GO'oper, which is true of course but he needs to stay on the offensive and not let her slide all the time or people will really believe he is just the warm up act for the coronation whose only aim is to move the cheezwhiz leftier than thou.

socrates said...

That's excellent advice on the podcast idea. But there are a lot of logistics involved. It would be easier to just do it myself with no phones and edit the YT video if I can figure that out, add in images and things. This blog and the silly photoshops I did show I did not graduate with a degree in computer graphics. Maybe my friend who made the smashups, BK with the $100 and the Socrates placed on what's her face's name from SNL, to digress she was pretty good. Molly Shannon? She'd be fun getting drunk with or roaming a city incognito.

I digressed!

To make it very good, I'd love to have a fancy setup like Benjamin. That microphone is greatness and so is his intro as I believe you pointed out when you first heard of him.

As for the politics, I think we put too much pressure on ourselves there as we may end up doing with a podcast. We could be anal retentive and work and work to prove points, be insightful, apply greatness for links, but it is too much work.

I found some more links that could put your concerns at ease. He is not letting her off the hook. He didn't for the emails and he isn't doing it by saying Hillary on her fattest day is better than any Republican ever. O'Malley in the debate went after Bernie for not being a Democrat. If he was honest and played this stupid, he'd be saying he is not a Democrat and had nothing to do with their DINO bullshite.

He may be letting his aides take care of that:

Like I have said, we are unpaid, so neither of us are going to run around and produce some definitive wonk article that goes viral, like the stupid person's guide for why Bernie is better than Hillary. We can leave that to people like Dixon and Goodman who aren't jaded yet.

I think Bernie was also on Meet the Press. He is making the rounds. He is clobbering her in social media "non-troll" style about how she keeps flip-flopping.

I do think the best route for a zeitgeist sniffing victory over Enten (notice I have layed off of Nate) are all the people Independent, millenials who don't have landlines, people who never vote because they have been too jaded until Bernie, are these Bernie votes showing up anywhere in the polls?

You ask a great question about are there any polls anywhere other than the three mentioned?

Here is an article from the Atlanta Journal. They are a major city and I assume they have a lot of Black voters. Wouldn't it make sense to do a tight poll on African American from Atlanta? I guess that would make too much sense. Let's stick to polling Blacks from SC who had their church massacred by RoofFuck, while Hillary panders for the anti-gun crowd, and a state that apparently with 54% African American votes Republican every time in the Finals.

Who's that guy, Howard Beale? I am sick and tired, everyone go to their window, open it, and scream I will never vote for Hillary and I am not a Republican operative!

A true legit pollster could have taken a city like Atlanta or whatever one they believe represents the true Black zeitgeist and keep at it once a month. But to quote Belushi, but nooooooooooooo! This is why Goodman will win the internet if Bernie wins. He speaks of a trajectory. That backfired on him after debate #1, but if he can hold his ground and zeitgeist sniffing shows a closer race than it seems, that dude wins. Of course someone like me might say a blind squirrel can find an acorn if he keeps at it and that it was myself that was actually the greatness and yet again my destiny has been stolen.

donkeytale said...

The polling methodologies are definitely important and I believe this is one of the areas where Silver was prescient in 2012. He applies weighting to each poll. FOr instance, if they did landline only he weighted them below a poll that contacted cell phones and landlines, or wtf. In fact, that is one of the areas pinpointed after the fact as to why Silver was prescient and many GOP bloviators were not. They were still relying on landline theory when the feeling was coming in the air, tonight, oh yeah.

Yes, it isn't worth the time to become viral greatness...unless you wish to become viral greatness. You have already done so in your illustrious career and I may have done so once with my Troll Wars 6.66 but it didn't make mine move tbh. The only thing I enjoyed about that particular virality it was pimped by Jed Clampett McCain on the right and the legal schnauzer on the left. So my virality was non-sectarian.

But it still owed to you. I truly hope you follow through but only as long as it is enjoyable. The only time you should do something that isn't enjoyable is if you are very well paid and even then it isn't worth it in the long run.

As for the YouTubing and phone, can't you get a free internet phone thingie going with Skype or wtf? Maybe not. I'm far less a computer wizard than even you are, as you know.

There are many, many days when I long for the pre-internet era. Real life was much less stressful then and since we hadn't yet experienced internet addiction in all it's depravity, not to mention the business aspect, where it really just inundates your mind nonstop.

I read something recently about how today all decisions are snap decisions by necessity, nothing is thought through with the longer term strategic ramifications, there is no time for any in depth analsysi. You just bolt your smart phone to your ear and go.

I have taken to lay off work on the weekends lately simply because I cannot cope and need those two days to rest up for the coming onslaught.

The internet requires a different mindset and a different emotional response. If you can find it and develop those it enhances personal productivity but at what cost?

Clearly, it is better suited to a younger generation with nimbler, multitasking minds.

I appreciate the bit about your friend saying I have wisdom and I do have some, mostly because I've lived through and experienced a lot of Shiite. I learned the hard way every time.

Today there is no time to ponder this stuff. Just strap it on and go.

Which is what I am fixing to do today.

I agree Bernie is in a good spot, far better than anyone woulda thunk six months ago. We have to trust in his strategery and mostly that his team has been thru the kinda national schtick that Bernie never has done.

I look at Bernie already as a lefty zeitgeist home run, no a three home run game and it will take 4 to win it all.

I'm sticking with my 50-50 odds until the primary season starts.

donkeytale said...

Rasmussen was the right on pollster in 2000 and 2004 and Rove was the kinf bloviator but by 2008 and 2012 both were cooked, there time was come and gone.

Silver picked up on this as I'm sure Obama's campaign did too. Obama just thoroughly undid Rove two elections in a row.

Romney supposedly had some super secret sauce gizmo that was gonna allow him to win by going operational on election day itself but when the day came the thing didn't actually work, it kept crashing and people who were supposed to get their peeps to the polls were basically left in the dark. Confusion reigned on the GOP side while the Obama machine did it's job and won all the states they expected to win, albeit closely in many instances.

Now, no one truly knows which candidate will have his/her mojo working on the ground until it happens on election day. That is the mysterious part and changing quickly from election to election. Supposedly 3F learned from being clocked by Obama in 2008 and she inherited some of his team but I believe some of those also defected to Bernie.

And who knows, Rubio or Carson or WTF may also have hired some smart peeps to help them catch up or surpass the Demotardic ground game.

socrates said...

I don't expect you to find the links I tweeted yesterday. They might be near the end of last night. But I did find some stuff and they all pointed to the idea that electoral polling is the equivalent of trying to translate NBA Development League stats to the pro level.

And of course the Pew people (pronounced P.U.?) and I suppose all the polling people are saying blah blah blah we weight all that junk that discredits us, so the polls are still highly accurate.

There is the landline issue. There is the do not call registry which someone said also applies to cell phones. (I'm not sure. I mailed in my study and reflecting and only took what confirms my alleged greatness.) There are people who will give wrong answers on purpose. There is a backlash to polling perhaps as much as there is to establishment politics.

Bernie is on top of the zeitgeist. I saw Hillary today in a clip saying Bernie is exaggerating and we have 99.99% of the same political DNA.

I'll stop here. It feels like a good time to not push it and instead stick to this phase of the zeitgeist sniffing project.

Think about it. Sorry for lecturing you to think about it. And I didn't even say what to think of yet. The paragraph structure seems off here. Shouldn't I say think about it after actually saying something?

People in same day elections in Californication tend to not vote if the thingie seems already in the bag. Perhaps people who think Hillary is up 20-30 points and all this is inevitable as in good try old man back to the attic for you, those folks will not vote or be as eager to vote.

I suppose this is the importance of those few small states that start out the actual voting. If Hillary kicks arse as the fake polls suggest, then the polls and a coronation seem accurate and neoliberals such as Enten and Dr. Jason Johnson of NBC were correct from day one of the silly season.

But say Bernie kicks arse in Iowa or sneaks by and he destroys Hillary in NH and then takes Nevada and does better than the outrageous polling says he will do in SC (your angle that he doesn't have to win SC but have a decent showing), then perhaps we have a new frontrunner and Hillary will need to change the soiled panties hidden inside those fat pants.

n.b. I just thought of something and maybe it ties in with the main entry and the fieldnegro's of the world. The fake polling cements the idea that Hillary is inevitable. Field doesn't want a Republican at all cost. Under such a scenario, he is not going to touch any of the deep analysis done on why Hillary sucks. Maybe fieldnegro as a smart guy knows Bernie can win in the Finals and will vote for him in the primary season. But he is not going to "campaign" for Bernie like we have as regular guys because he doesn't want the fake inevitable nominee to get trounced in the Finals.

I actually proofread/edited this one and it probably shows.

socrates said...

I am not sure libertarians/independents are being recorded either in these polls. Maybe the smack on Silver's head for the British election (see failed us, the polls) has caused him to take a huge step back and instead focus on predicting future NBA greatness.

Lenny Fritos said...

This is outrageous. What about my destiny? I changed to last seven days for greatest hits and this is at the top of the leader board. I can't win. And even Bob from Canada is giving me the middle finger with his non-stop domination of any kind of greatest hits polling. Something to do about MK-Ultra. The kid should come back and post or maybe he doesn't care about US politics and the Boston Celtics.

I did him wrong. Not too badly, but it was still not an indication of my best nature.

I figured out why you hated my too much saturation of Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden. In it there is stuff on kids making insects melt. You are afraid as a recent comment explained that you fear in the next life going toe to toe with similar psychotic tendencies. Don't worry about it, Bro. That you even think about this means it won't happen. Chill the fuck out and appreciate the Korean cuisine.