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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Terrorism, Inc. is very good for the GOP Brand

Circumstantial evidence shows the GOP --- and Donald Trump in particular--- gaining ground in the 2016 presidential campaign by finding an issue that resonates with voters' fears of the "other" since the Paris attacks nine days ago.

Newspapers fill with reports of the ghastly events themselves. Other atrocities occur in farther locales such as the attack on the upscale hotel in Mali. Once an inviting, friendly world, sort of, becomes as ominous and forbidding to Jane and John Whiteysphere as the world circa 9/11/01.

People now wish simply to stay home and perpetuate their fears by spreading paranoia across social media, that garish hell of our own making AKA 'the internets'.

The NSA reclaims the lead in the war to trample our civil rights in the police state which encircles us within techno fascist corporatism.

GOP candidates hit Barack Obama's policy of non-intervention in Syria and hit it hard. They've gained the perfect illustration to bolster their arguments. Hillary Clinton, as ever the calculating reactionary stakes out a position to the right of Obama safely within the confines of the neocon worldview.

Bernie Sanders, lacking a shred of foreign policy experience or any personal interest in same finds himself in a no-win position. The social democrat punted from poor field position, falling in behind Obama's progressive approach of welcoming refugees but allowing NATO, the UN and the Kurds to carry the water on the ground in Syria.

Significantly, the Bern ignored his best public opportunity to begin moulding a foreign policy identity for himself during the opening statements of the last debate. He could've taken with ease the moral high ground since assumed by Obama. Sanders gambles that he will continue to attract the voters he needs, IE those Democrats outside of his immediate white liberal circle who have resisted his message to date, by continuing to hammer on the economic and social policies that drive his campaign to astonishing levels of competitiveness in the early going.

Still, one must issue a caveat: the President of the US is also the commander in chief and the deliverer of diplomacy throughout the putatively free world. This role cannot be ignored or dismissed entirely in the campaign, even when the candidate offers a compelling socioeconomic vision for the country.

A recent spate polls (warning: national and general election polls at this stage are meaningless) offers a glimpse of the difficulty facing the Democratic contenders who will never pretend to match the levels of xenophobia offered up second nature by the GOP clown show. Alarmingly for liberals, the political issue created by ISIS doesn't favour the hawkish Hillary much less peace and love Bernie Sanders.

A significant percentage of independents (a group trending conservative in recent years when otherwise reasonable people can no longer identify as Republicans and retain any sense of dignity and self respect) respond to the so-called threat of ISIS with anger and desire to see this group eradicated (a rather normal human response, I might add). This bloc appears ripe to shift towards the GOP. To the extent terrorism remains atop the headlines this is not a positive development for the left. Yes, maybe these events are transitory and will fade in time, however one can surmise that ISIS timing and consistency of recent attacks owes at least in part to an awareness that they are having an impact on our politics of fear.

Obama created the effect of driving the fearful right to new levels of insanity beyond anything seen since the late Dollar Bill Clinton oral office era to the extent they've now completely abandoned their own party leadership (as well as reality) and are clearly in the market for an out and out fascist leader.

Donald Trump delivers all that and a bag of Mussolini chips. His popularity has only grown since Paris, especially as the other outsider Ben Carson has stumbled. Trump's anti-immigrant nonsense long the centerpiece of his appeal now has found a place in (paranoid) reality to hang its hat. Let's look at the RealClearPolitics trend line from before and after the attack on gay Paree.

On November 9, in a hypothetical match-up with GOP favorites, HRC clocked them all by an average of about 11 points.

By November 19, her lead shrank to 1-2 points, well within the margin of error. She's actually fallen behind Rubio, the so-called GOP foreign policy realist.

Furthermore, the country as a whole does not favour Obama's handling of Syria, whose policies remember are also Sanders' policies.

With terrorism fears near a post-9/11 high in a new ABC News-Washington Post poll, majorities of Americans back increased use of military force, including ground forces, against the Islamic State, and more than half oppose admitting Mideast refugees to the United States.

Seventy-three percent support increased U.S. air strikes against the Islamic State, or ISIS, and 60 percent back more ground forces, double the level of support for ground forces from summer 2014. One reason: Eighty-one percent see a major terrorist attack in the United States in the near future as likely, a level of anxiety that has been higher just once since 9/11.

Recall also the last time an outsider won the White House it was Jimmy Carter, whose re-election chances foundered almost entirely on his inability to look like a commander in chief when Iranians took American hostages and refused to release them until after the 1980 election.

There have been countless stories implicating a conspiracy between the GOP and the Mullahs, "arms for hostages" theory that gained credence after Reagan's administration was caught years later in the middle of the "Iran Contra" affair .

Is there an ISIS/Republican connection this time too?

Now, these and all polls must always be viewed with caution and today's mood may shift quickly in other directions in reaction to other events but terrorism at the forefront of the news cycle clearly  plays into the bellicose hands of the conservatives who cannot win based on their tawdry domestic policies which have finally been rejected by a majority of the American people.

And the prime beneficiary of this turn of events appears to be the erstwhile Amerikkkan il duce, the Berlusconi wanna be, Donald Trump.

Now more than ever, leftier than thous need to put on our rhetorical battle gear and go forth to stop the American slide to fascism as the final nail in the coffin of the free world hammered home since 9/11 by the extreme radical islamist nut fringe who are loosing the battles but still winning the war.


donkeytale said...

Yes, this is a mailed in masterpiece.

Beware Mr. and Ms. Leftier than thou.

Sowing fear is the greatest weapon of the fascist nut fringe.

Bet on it.

Lenny Fritos said...

This has to be one of the best essays you've ever written. If one didn't know better and this was on Salon's pages, even Patton Oswalt would ask who is this guy and that sure was good for click-bait.

Even before those recent polls, I think Hillary had been slipping in regards to general election polling. As you know, I hate the polls, though I will use them when helpful, Bernie seems to be the more viable of the two for any Finals match-up.

After debate #1/Benghazi, the sheople consensus was that the coronation was back on schedule. After you fell asleep during debate #2, however, Hillary made a crazy, ill-advised calculated backfiring comment about 9/11 and Wall Street.

The molasses dripping onto tea leaves puts us, as you say, with Bernie still competing at an unbelievable level. Debate #3 will arrive in mid-December.

I don't imagine Trump could win the general election. But maybe he could. If it's Hillary. Who makes for more votes, Bernie as nominee plus Hillary numbers or vice-versa?

I know the original consensus was no way on earth a communist, I mean socialist democrat, could win the presidency, but that was then, this is now. I'll stop on that cliche. It feels like my work is done here.

Lenny Fritos said...

I forgot to add, but a growing consensus is emerging that Harry Enten is a wanker.

Lenny Fritos said...

From September 29th:

It was Hillary 42 Bernie 35 Biden 17 Webb 1 Not sure 4 None 1

It's interesting. This isn't last year's Celtics (Sanders) going up against Lebron Clinton.

donkeytale said...

Thanks, it wrote itself. The RCP poll links show Bernie loosing in all the matchups with GOP contenders but he is close in all the poll results.

Nearly every single media pontificator has predicted the eventual demise of Trump. I agree Enten is a waste of time. Thought the same when he wrote for the Graun in 2012.

Curious choice for Silver although I read somewhere Nate is bored with election predictions and wants to hand it off but he seems stuck in space always having to correct Enten's rhetorical nonsense.

Still, remember, Silver's biggest critics are media guys like this nobody you tweeted out of nowhere whose career path seems to devolve (AlterNet?) while Nate revolutionized political media and discredited the bloviators in the process.

The media hates Silver. He was run off NYT even though his blog was unbelievably popular there in 2012. 71% of their readers followed his blog in the months before the election.

Do you know how many readers is 71% of the NYT readership?

Hint: a lot

Lenny Fritos said...

Yes, Enten has been isolated as the problem, not Silver.

Nate took him to the woodshed over negative feedback loops.

Grantland was the big new thing. They canned Simmons and then got rid of it all.

Isn't 538 one of those ESPN spinoffs?

That'll fold too?

It's like good luck opening up that pizza shop, like it's never been done enough and the market's already cornered.

I've a 6:00 Celtics-Brooklyn game. It is a must win considering the draft pick. I suppose on paper it's a trap game. Maybe this is the game Lopez gets injured. The team is on his back. Joe Johnson is done and a few of their other players are okay but seldom efficient. They apparently have no bench. And no draft pick. They suck. What a lopsided trade that's turning out to be. The Laker's want to win. Philly is the only pure tanking team. The East is much improved for mediocrity, so Brooklyn as bottom of the barrel are in a Chinese finger torture test all to Danny Ainge's greedy Mormon satisfaction. I'm done. I need some coffee.

Lenny Fritos said...

The irony about Dallas is everyone thought they'd be so mediocre to bad, they might tank or otherwise keep the top seven protected pick. I still think you lose that trade. Crowder is much better than the novelty Powell. They are both young, but that's basically the trade and the draft pick. The first Nets pick #17 or #18 James Young is looking like a bust, for now. The Doc pic was #28 I think and it is RJ Hunter who many believe might have been the steal of the draft. Danny also acquired a pro's pro named Jordan Mickey who somehow slipped into the second round and got a rare big guaranteed deal for a 2nd rounder. And Rozier is going to be good, lightning fast, faster than young Rondo probably. He might be a steal. He will probably play tonight as Smart is out with a bruised knee or wtf.

Lenny Fritos said...

Rozier was #16, not bad at all.

I don't know where Dallas ends up. Houston is apparently cooked and Memphis doesn't seem as viable as they used to be as NBA presidential of the mountaintop material.

The Clippers are reaping what they sowed giving Doc Rivers, the reincarnation of The Peter Principle, too much power. Doc the coach is average to above average. Doc the GM is apparently flunking out, though his coaching and human charms must have done the trick with DeAnre Jordan.

Put DeAndre on the Celtics an that might be the team which could dethrone Golden State. The C's are brewing up something special. It may take a couple years. No one can predict what will happen with draft picks, trades and free agency. Dallas is still in the mix evidently. But you guys will need some major reinforcements to have a realistic chance at greatness. Dirk is aging by the minute. I saw all the greats decline. He is well past the freshness date. Although I admit he reached down deep for a great one against Boston for one of our recent rare losses. As I tweeted out through the Twitter medium, we got nowitskied. And the refs sucked too. That is still on the table. Nothing is off of the table. It's not about reaching the top of the zeitgeist. It's about returning or maintaining such greatness. Like Ali winning the title four times. Though that was sad and I don't understand why he didn't just quit. The poor fella. In his prime he would have destroyed Leon Spinks in one or two rounds. Against Tyson, Ali would probably need to pull a George Foreman bout but replace rope a dope with you can't touch me.

Lenny Fritos said...

I guess I mean I saw Dominique decline? I guess that's not all of them. I recall Bob Mcadoo declining as a little runt?

Ali was probably the most prominent example of watching someone decline as I approached adulthood. Yaz! Carl Yastrzemski was one of the most overrated players of all time who fested off of one or two spectacular seasons. Second half career of Dwight Evans is extremely underrated. Dewey. I think he had one of those porn moustaches. Good old Dewey. I used to mimic his swing as a kid. Oh, Rickey Henderson and Dave Henderson. I liked how they could lurch forward and take control of the baseball.

But baseball is too slow. It is about nostalgia. And I think you recently said steroids ruined it for you. Yes, that, and the money and it truly is a racket.

You get free tickets, maybe.

Football is clearly the best pound for pound sports entertainment anywhere. Basketball is my personal preference. I am fairly astute for basketball, especially the Celtics. But even I find it difficult to really see everything.

I don't mind Scalabrine, but he talks a bit too fast like Maddow. Tommy is still the best, but he doesn't do the road games.... However there is hope because he has family and friends. He does do the road games for there and Philly.

The game moves too fast for the refs and they ae still making calls based on guesswork too often. I don't think the games are rigged, but there have been some fishy games and series, most noticeably the Lakers/Sacramento fiasco.

I think the Ewing draft pick conspiracy has legs. The envelope with his name in it was bent on a corner. That kookiness could have some crazy legs.

I might be forced to campaign for Jim Webb as third party president if the DNC cheats and coronates Hillary. I wouldn't put it past them to try to use diebold either if they could get away with it. BradBlog will be back in business. I am dreading the future. But then again, I say the game is almost on and that Brooklyn pick is looking wicked awesome.

Lenny Fritos said...

We might have a future draft pick from trading Brandan Wright. Ainge has pulled on a number of maneuvers, including the trade with Cleveland which allowed them to sign LeBron. I think we simply traded Jameer Nelson for another waivable contract. All you have is Powell. I'd have to research the Brandan Wright trade. That guy was awful and ruined the team's chemistry. He will put up good stats on a bad team. Nelson is perhaps the worst pg I have ever seen. Rondo is doing well in Sacramento. It's ironic when analysing the trade, he doesn't even matter anymore. He is what he is. I think he will persist in the NBA. Crowder is improving at shooting fg's. If he develops that, he is one of the league's best players. Same with Smart. It is a big if/maybe for them to figure out how to shoot the damn emails.

The best bet for the Celtics would be another KG styled trade. I don't want Demarcus Cousins. I'd rather have Gasol than Noah. Who wouldn't. It's very early in the NBA same as politics. I am kind of psyched to see how Bernie does in Iowa and NH. I am bracing for a bad SC result but curious again for Nevada. Then Super Tuesday and wtf.

There is a group of people working hard for Bernie in SC. If Bernie could have a breakthrough and make it closer than it seems on polls I diss, then I guess we'll know if this sucker is going to last into June instead of being a late lottery pick or first round get swept for cruddy pick #15. I'm done. There's a game on in a couple minutes. I can't be sitting here blogging gratuitous Celtics schtick.

Lenny Fritos said...

I might vote for Jill Stein. First choice is always Bernie. But.... I'd need a normal Republican, but they don't exist. Could you see yourself voting for any Republican say if Hillary truly is evil? Cruz is nuts. Christie to me might be better than Hillary. Hillary will soil the left's name. Trump is a lunatic. Yes, you nailed it with this entry. The goose bumps of a Bernie Sanders competitive showing may be obfuscating some darker cloud that could emerge.

We connected on the Huey Long schtick. This is some if you don't larn lessons of history, we are doomed to repeat them. Maybe Bernie wins and we sidestep the wackadoo scenario. Game is starting.

Lenny Fritos said...

The Brandan Wright trade got us Minnesota's top 12 protected for the next two years, then they become two second rounders. Go Minnesota!

donkeytale said...

Funny, I thot we connected on the DFQ schtick after I defended you when you first came to FSZ.

And then when Matty Jack banned us (along with Eric S and Shadowthief, claiming we were all one and same) we started our epic dialogies on the deceased dave's own site in a fitting tribute to his grateness.

But yes the Huey Long wars were very instructive as to the propaganda power the internets holds over weaker minds such as Fairleft and Laurajohann.

There is also the cherry picking effect of living in a bubble and filtering out anything that doesn't confirm our biases

I believe Bernbots may be susceptible to some of this contagion as well.

I guess this is a masterpiece with my prescience from early last week in the Fight/flite thread now confirmed by none other than Dave Weasel at the WaPo.

donkeytale said...

I simply cannot fathom the possibilities wrought by the trading genius of Danny Ainge.

Wake me up when he fields a true contender ready to knock the still undefeated GS Warriors off their perch.

Admittedly, this will take a few years and the development of at least one transcendent player, possibly two to make it over the hump back to ringland.

Dallas has outperformed expectations to date as they frequently do because they have an outstanding coach whose teams herstorically have outperformed expectations. This goes back to his stints in Indy and Detroit. Besides, Carlisle is an ex-Celtic and he demands team ball.

But I agree once Dirk falters for good it will be tough to maintain their stroke. Williams has come home and seems much more comfortable in the up tempo style. Comparing his game with Rondo....well, there is none really. Good pick-up there.

And this guy Pachullia at center has stepped in and played as well or better than Tyson Chandler the last year or two. He looks like a keeper and I guess credit goes to L'il Donnie Nelson and/or Cubes for finding him somewhere.

These guys are the anti-Ainge. They ignore the draft year after year.

Lenny Fritos said...

Bernie is calling Hillary's tax proposals Republican-lite.

The race shifted after debate #1 (Thanks, Uncle Kooky in the attic Bernsies!) and Benghazi made Hillary look presidential according to the fake coronation narrative.

This seems to be turning into a real war for the nomination. No one who supports Bernie wants to jinx it and many of us have been battered down by polls and the media.

And no one thought the Red Sox could come back against the Yankees in 2004 when they were down 0-3. Everyone thought Miami had beaten Boston College until Flutie threw the miracle pass.

It's been a weird election season, especially because the Republicans have become so deranged.

The BLM part of the race seems to be the only thing holding back Bernie according to polls even Nate Silver is afraid to hang his hat on.

Through Socratic-lite research, one can easily see that Hillary has an established record of race baiting and Sister Souljah moments.

Part of me is the fan boy going rah rah rah for Bernie. Another part of me is coldly detached, as if I calculated it that way, to remain objective and not go nuts in case Bernie can only come up with a good job, good effort, and not take the presidential belt.

On the surface, I try to emit an aura of intelligence and prescient historicity with a prognosticator's bent. I am trying to win the internet. That is the facade. Deep down I am shitting my panties praying to the godhead that Bernie gets the votes.

I wish life was about infotainment. It'd be an easier ride. Ignorance is said to be very blissful.

Lenny Fritos said...

My above comment needed to be fixed. It was written before your posts above. Sorry. It was debate #1 where things shifted, not the second one. Bernie didn't like the way his "Stfu about damned emails" comment played out.

Lenny Fritos said...

Yeah, we first connected as regular guys within the Free Speech Zone Blog. I think we finally connected intellectually in regards to right woos left.

We found our common denominator to go with our agreement that the internet sucks.

And yes, we were forced into an early NATO blog war type agreement to fight against the increasing movement towards Il MattyJacko's brand of blog fascism.

We coalesced around Dave Weintraub, too, at his website.

donkeytale said...

Yes, the polls and media both favoured Bernie for an important stretch that got him from single A Woonsocket to now being a useful utility player on the big club.

How he proceeds from here is very much what makes it or breaks it.

Still all bout NH and IA.

What has changed is the subject of this masterpiece and he has less control than ISIS in keeping Amerikkkan paranoia levels stoked.

Now I'm seeing this poll that suggests that ISIS also helps Hawkish Hillary fact she is the MOST trusted by the sheeple.

"A crescendo of tough talk on Syrian refugees and terrorism seems to be elevating the toughest talkers in the GOP primary -- most notably Donald Trump. But among the broader American public, the most trusted person to handle the issue is Hillary Clinton.

Rising fears and record disapproval of President Obama on the terrorism issue might figure to boost Republican candidates who have been outspoken since the Paris terrorist attacks. But a new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds the Democratic front-runner and former secretary of state is better-trusted on dealing with the terrorism threat, with her biggest edge over Donald Trump."

O death, where is thy sting?

donkeytale said...

And wait a second. If Hill is more trusted why has her lead over the GOP evaporated in ten days?

I'm pretty sure this is not a great dairy except for its prescience which is such a routine donkeytale feature it is barely worth noting (redundantly, once again) but I think it is the best image I ever created for one of my dairies.

It is so good that I just realized that is George C. Scott playing Mussolini not the Moose himself....

I'm done.

Lenny Fritos said...

It will take a while for the NBA to readjust to the new t.v. deal. I don't think teams should throw away their draft picks so easily. Those are the cheapest contracts. The Knicks and Nets are reaping the consequences of throwing money down the drain and wasting draft picks, assuming those picks would be meaningless.

Dallas needs to make a major move. But there are 30 teams and except for Philly, they all want a piece of the current not future talent pie.

It's all about Dirk. They could have used the guy who went to San Antonio, Aldridge. They need to find Dirk's replacement quickly or it will turn into a complete rebuild.

Ainge and Doc squeezed out Pierce/KG/Ray for all they could. Doc may be in the process of doing the same to the Clippers, just using up all the resources until there is nothing left.

Yes, there are no guarantees Ainge pulls this off. But like Bernie, he has already won. No one can predict a Lenny Bias dying or some other tragedy or bad luck. Hello, Greg Oden and Yao Ming.

The C's need another scorer or two and a rim protector who can play within the system. I praise Ainge for what he has done because if you look back at what this team had after the Brooklyn trade, I am surprised that team even won 25 games. They were a fun team to watch despite a lot of losses. Last year was quite the surprise. This year is trudging along, but it looks like the Celtics are guaranteed to have their first over .500 season in quite some time.

It's now or never for Dallas. It is a pipe dream that they pull off a Cinderella finish akin to Bill Russell winning one last time over the Lakers.

You are correct Carlisle is a good coach. I was wrong. I always liked Lionel Hollins too when he was in Memphis or Oklahoma, I think Memphis but can't remember which. And he found a way for a lousy Brooklyn team to get it done last night. That guy must really love to coach to have taken that job.

Lenny Fritos said...

This was a great entry, no doubt. You have zeitgeist sniffed current events which are influencing politics.

Was it Bill Clinton who said, "It's the economy, stupid?"

It is still early. Iowa/NH is still over two months away. People are generally buffoons who can't even remember if that big bag they demolished the previous night was fritos or doritos.

I am trusting Bernie's game. If it was a Kucinich, then yes, I would expect a Howard Dean/Ron Paul fizzling out.

But this year is different. There aren't a million people running like in 2008.

And O'Malley never seemed to crack past 1% anywhere. I did read last week he seems to be pushing all his chips into Iowa. I assume he has given up on NH and is making his final stand in Iowa. I don't see how a guy like O'Malley can last very long in this race. He is not some billionaire like Trump and Perot who can bankroll a campaign for eternity. Maybe I am wrong.

So it continues to be the same old, same old, a two person race between Hillary and Bernie.

The wounds are fresh in Paris and Mali. They might be healing a bit over the next couple months. I know what you're saying. It was a good opportunity for Bernie to up his foreign policy game. Like he upped it with Black Lives Matter.

We have to assume Bernie is doing the best he can and is definitely not a sheep herder. He is smacking Hillary all over the place.

donkeytale said...

I don't see Dallas as a serious contender at all. They will win a lot of regular season games, which because of the brutal travel schedule are very difficult to use as a gauge of a team's true competitiveness.

But when it comes to playoff time and you face the same team for a stretch it looks to me like Poppovich and maybe Doc will be the only serious competition for Kerr/ either conference.

Hollins was also the point guard on Walton's Portland teams. He was a very good all around player with a nice outside shot.

Much of this is luck or the fix is in with lottery picks.

SA got David Robinson started winning, had a bad year and lucked into Duncan. How did that happen?

Are there even any Duncans out there anymore?

Lenny Fritos said...

Great players at age 18 are extremely rare. It worked out with Kobe, KG, and LeBron, but it's ridiculous to expect to land that type of player. It either happens or it doesn't. The NBA definitely has to do something about Philadelphia. They almost cracked down on them for this year, but then they passed the buck.

Maybe make it so no team can get a top three pick in any two consecutive years. Or two years tops. It's outrageous what Philadelphia is doing. And the new commissioner even gave them a pat on the back last year I believe saying it didn't seem to be a problem, that there are many ways to try to build a team. Wow.

Is the lottery rigged? Are there refs who cheat on behalf of the mob? Was David Stern a crook?

It's hard to prove anything for conspiracy theories.

The league has improved a bit with the new instant replay setup, but I imagine the NBA still has a lot of work to do fixing the officiating. And I believe that's the league's number one problem. Refs mailing it in or worse. There should be no star or rookie calls. No team should be allowed to outright tank like Philadelphia does it.

It's pretty bizarre to look back at the last strike/season stoppage. The owners were crying poverty. Then the Bucks and Clippers got sold for megabucks. There is a new t.v. deal almost ready to kick in.

And the cycle will continue again at some point. There will always be stupid owners/gm's who will not only make crazy moves, but they will ruin the long-term prognosis for their franchises. And then there will be another strike or lockout. And so on and so on and so on until the planet is truly ruined and we are finally experiencing dystopia....

Unless Bernie is elected. Then we get our political revolution and a ray of hope.

People should heed your Huey Long type warning. People need to wtfu and grow a pair. The Democratic Party is either about to take a hard left turn or Hillary will be coronated. Then we will get either fascism or fascism-lite or the Bernie era. I suppose at this point I am done.

donkeytale said...

Tanking seems perfectly legal as long as the games aren't fixed. If the owner wants to destroy his team and rebuild I don't see how that can be stopped.

How can you define tanking anyway? Eye of the beholder. Didn't Ainge tank the Celtics at some point to gain his draft picks?

Which is the last NBA champion team that built strictly through the draft anyway?

donkeytale said...

You could say Golden State built through the draft with Curry and Thompson but I think they loose last year without Bogut and especially Iguodala among others.

I guess the answer is always in the middle ground, just as Buddha states. You have to draft and add the correct complementary pieces to the puzzle to win it all.

donkeytale said...

I read somewhere over the weekend (wish I could remember who what where) that people in the West, especially college-educated white people in the West, truly need to stop whining and stfu. I think the implication was the GOP white whiners but at some level the shoe fits all.

The reality is we have never had it so good as we have it today.

Life is perfect by no means and never will be (until the Mass Enlightenment) but the hard edges have mostly been eliminated for us along the path to nowhere.

donkeytale said...

I know you hate the Nate but here is his latest reasoning as to why this is silly season and why polls a year from the general and two months from the first primary donut matter.

Also why we shouldn't yet get too excited about The Donald or The Bern one way or other....we should stay oh I don't know, say about 50-50....the vast majority of the ultimate voters are barely even in the hot stove league now, much less in spring training for the primaries.

" In Iowa, on average, only 35 percent of voters had come to a final decision before the final month of the campaign. And in New Hampshire, only 29 percent had. (Why is the fraction lower in New Hampshire than in Iowa? Probably because voters there are waiting for the Iowa results before locking in their choice. In fact, about half of New Hampshire voters make up their minds in the final week of the campaign.)

By comparison, voters decide much earlier in general elections. In Ohio in 2012, for example, 76 percent of voters had settled on Mitt Romney or Barack Obama by the end of September. This is why it’s common to see last-minute surges or busts in nomination races (think Rick Santorum or Howard Dean), but not in general elections.

If even by New Year’s Day (a month before the Iowa caucuses, which are scheduled for Feb. 1) only about one-third of Iowa voters will have come to their final decision, the percentage must be even lower now — perhaps something like 20 percent of voters are locked in.

So, could Trump win? We confront two stubborn facts: first, that nobody remotely like Trump has won a major-party nomination in the modern era.4 And second, as is always a problem in analysis of presidential campaigns, we don’t have all that many data points, so unprecedented events can occur with some regularity. For my money, that adds up to Trump’s chances being higher than 0 but (considerably) less than 20 percent. Your mileage may vary. But you probably shouldn’t rely solely on the polls to make your case; it’s still too soon for that."

And BTW, here is footnote 4 where Nate states Bernie as a loosely affiliated Demotard is in a better herstorical vantage point then complete outsider Trump:

4. There are better precedents for candidates like Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz, who might loosely be compared to George McGovern and Barry Goldwater. ^

Lenny Fritos said...

Thanks for the article. I'll take a look. I am interested in Nate Silver. Too bad he didn't just explain a few months back that it's pretty much going to be the Harry Enten Show.

Ainge tried to tank. A funny thing happened though each time he made one of those trades with an outgoing vet for picks and unknown scrubs. The team got better.

Last year at some point he simply gave up and traded for Isaiah Thomas, not a player you acquire if you want to lose a chunk of games. Te C's went 24-12 over the last 36 games last year, not too shabby.

Philly is outright tanking. The Celtics with M.L. Carr outright tanked. But it was only one year. Philly isn't even trying to hide it.

I guess they took this route as soon as they unloaded the Bynum mistake. One of those wasted years got them Embiid who may never play or be another Greg Oden. Okafr is a rookie phenom on offense, not on defense. And Noel is great for defense, but nowhere to be found on offense. The bottom line is probably going to be this year. They could get two top five picks if they luck out with the Lakers.

Do they just keep getting allowed to field D-League teams while keeping onto four phenoms? By the time the new guys get good, this lottery game may get them a great team. It is very interesting. The league will have to address this. One goofy year of tanking seems fair, but to deliberately ruin your team for five years or more seems outrageous. We are talking Tampa Bay Buccaneer level incompetence when they first entered the NFL but for five or ten years?

It is interesting. I am not sure why you'd want a team to be able to outright tank for that many years.

We shall see. I wouldn't follow that kind of team. I might jump on the bandwagon ten years later if it ever worked out.

Lenny Fritos said...

The weirdest thing is how Carson and Trump can persist with idiotic comments and according to polls it helps them surge.

I think it's common sense general election polls are meaningless except for getting a sense of who of the primary contenders may or may not look like a stiff in the general.

I have had cable news on today and it is incredible how pointed the coverage is on terrorism. They keep mentioning a suspected suicide vest found in France. Yet, you'd think within an hour or two they'd know wtf it is. So I cry hoax. Or let me see the vest.

They put on the worst guests for these shows. Ex-CIA guys, yeah ex right, sure gotcha. An other tools. The media can only pull off this kind of propaganda when it is in regards to world events. Most people don't even know their own areas. I saw the Providence Mansions a couple years ago. I was in the Lizzie Borden house. Uhm, all most Americans know about France is French fries. Or is that still American Fries? Or now we sympathise with our fellow infotainment western capitalist triple F's and they are back to French fries. Holy French fries, Batman, something like that.

All I could really do was supply some Herbert Marcuse. We are leading some people to true wisdom. We are leading horse people to awareness water.

I can't see Trump winning. I'm gonna read Nate. It sounds like you found a good one. Yes, please share his links if you're still following his schtick. He's not that old, right, so it sounds like he is evolving. Maybe it helped him to be attacked by BernBots like BLM woke up Bernie to get back to his civil rights roots.

That's disturbing that people can't think for themselves or do not care enough to figure out who they should vote for. I'm confusing McLuhan with Marcuse. Oh, Marcuse in the excerpt I plugged, he said something about how people need authentic info and no strings attached to make informed decisions.

BernBots get easily frustrated because this seems like an easy call to root for Bernie to win. They also might not realise how rigged the internet is. Rigged or brainwashed. Integral awareness versus mailing in what one has been dictated to think.

I thought Bernie was going to do a massive rally in Washington D.C.. I guess that never happened.

That next debate might be huge. We may have the same disagreement over that. It's December 19th in NH.

We can't catch our breath and get into a real political race. There are all these outside factors controlling the narrative. BLM. Trump/Carson insanity yet surging. Now terrorism and ISIS.

And gas prices are very low.

Our society is f'ed up on many levels and in every area of life. Bernie seems to be showing us a potential way out of that. Get money out of politics. Make it so good people can serve the public and not be a Hillary type out for herself.

Tom Harkin turned out bad. Stinking rich and supporting Hillary. Paul Begala is an evil man. I think he used to work for Bill Clinton. I fricken forget. But he too is raking it in. And those are supposed to be good guys. Like Diane Feinstein. She's supposed to be a liberal. The DINO's suck. They are the roadblock. If the Democratic Party was clean, they'd dominate elections across the board. The system is broken. It's tough not to see our present condition as Bernie or bust. Yes, life will always go on, etc.. We've never had it better? That must be the problem. People are fat, selfish, and stupid, a very twisted combination which is destroying our country.

Lenny Fritos said...

Nate is saying what I have been consistently saying, that Trump seems to have little chance of becoming president? Thanks for the schtick theft, Nate. Just kidding, but I have been saying that from my own zeitgeist sniffing perspective. You can't keep saying stupid shite and become the top cheese. At least when Hillary says stupid stuff, she is usually just being cold and calculating with riotous outcomes when she misses the mark.

I think she is fascism-lite. She is the precise "liberal" the Frankfurt School warned about. It's easy to call out an obvious fascist like Trump. He never shuts up. It's more important to figure out who is a wolf in sheep clothing.

I see the excessive coverage of Republicans other than for their lunacy as despicable. Even the covering up for Hillary is wrong. Shouldn't she be getting pounded in the Black vote for hoping for an Obama assassination? People donot seem to value their vote. Civics needs to be taught better in schools. Hmmm. As schools have decayed into standardised testing and charter schools, banal as evil fascism has taken root in our country. An informed electorate is the best defense against fascism when there are free elections. This is Bernie or bust because he is calling them all out, just not by name, or he will qualify it as he will not call Hillary a wench. He's known her for 25 years. She plays a mean game of bridge. But she is Wall Street bought and sold. He doesn't use those exact words, but I see it as Bernie has been going after her in his own way as a Mike Tyson since the email kumbaya nonsense.

Lenny Fritos said...

I don't get it. So is Nate trying to clean up the damage Enten did to his name? That's what he seems to be doing. And I watched the 3 minute podcast. Enten is a slob. He doesn't know how to shave and has a beard growing out of upper cheeks. Probably his butt is extra hairy too. I'm disgusted by that guy. I feel like judging him, his whole being, and it feels like a D+ and that's with grade inflation.

Lenny Fritos said...

He should have titled that dear harry enten stop freaking out and ruining my website. Thanks brah and shave next time. You was my brother Charlie. You should have looked out for me. A good stint with Jim Webb would straighten out Enten.

Nate sounds good. He is basically saying that the zeitgeist sniffers were correct and Enten is a blemish on his good name. Is Enten married to his sister or something? It makes no sense.

Lenny Fritos said...

Janet Stockey Swanborn · South Suburban College
"I like footnote #4."

She must have read your comment or it's a coincidence.

Lenny Fritos said...

Trump is Huey Long and Carson is the Black version of Aaron Walker.

Lenny Fritos said...

Maybe Trump isn't Huey. Does he mention anything about the declining middle class? I see him as racist and the "white" candidate. He is Perot for opening up the hood and making some deals.

Ben Carson is as bizarre an option as Trump. And Fiorina.

I think the winner will be Bernie, Hillary or someone like Rubio. Christie seems to be the most "regular guy" type. Kasich started out strong but has faded. You would know better than me. I despise all Republicans. Though I would vote for Eisenhower right now. Unless he was just trash talking like Obama now does since reaching lame duck personality cult status. Jimmy Carter wasn't that popular. Obama is going to go his route or try. I think Obama feels shame that he played politics more than being more of a great president. All he really did was break the colour barrier. He will go down as evil with the spy factory stuff alone. The time for USA being neoliberal needs to end immediately. This is some crazy stuff. It is surreal. Real life is now surrealism. Dystopia appears all but certain. Humanity needs a Flutie miracle.

Hey, maybe I will call the race for Bernie because the "frontrunner" and polls have just been debunked by Nate Silver. So we go back to the idea he has big crowds and crossover votes. He is the better candidate. How come Bradley and McCain lost to was that Bush-Gore? There was one race where Bradley and I suppose even McCain were the better candidates than the people coronated. That fizzled out quickly for those two.

Has there been a race like this with only two people so early into the process?

Trump could win. A guy like Rubio seems to be the correct present prediction. I'm still with Bernie. I think Iowa is heating up and he owns NH as I have already predicted as guaranteed into Bernie win column. I am winning. I am a winner. At never shutting up.

donkeytale said...

Yes, Trump is a variation of Long, excellent point. He is exploiting the anger and resentments held by the little white guy, a time honoured technique.

As I recall through my voluminous research into the Huey biography, Long was actually a tool of major corporate, banking and insurance interests and of course Trump is his own corporate tool, so that's a slightly different twist.

Yes, Trump could win. The flaw in the Silver model is that it is based on historicity and he admits that there is not enough data points in presiditizial election herstory to make outcomes totally predictable.

More likely, I could see Trump seizing the nomination, and I think his chsnces are better than 20% that Nate assesses. I believe he is in 40% range. I'd say he was 50-50 also like the Bern except thare exist more candidates to consider on the GOP side, whereas Bernie and Hillary are basically it for the Dems. I think O'Malley may have a future and he's not going to bern his bridges this time around. In many respects what happens to him down the road, especially if the Dems hold the WH is going to be interesting.

But yes, Trump is running an openly fascist platform just as Long did (not so openly). Long did demagogue the working man more openly so he had the appearance of being a socialist, just as the early Nazis and Mussolini did same.

The violence at the campaign stops is telling. Yes, muted but still encouraged by Trump at some level.

My thought here is the BLM should up the ante just as the civil rights movement did in the 1960s.

You have to go all in on these civil disobedience strategies. Keep it non-violent but remember there will be violence practiced against you.

You mention the potential for John Lewis being demented. Well, Lewis suffered major head trauma in the South if I remember correctly. So that is possible.

I too suffered major head trauma in a car accident in the early 70s and with the news about CTE and football players I see some of those symptoms in meslef.

Irrational decision making at times, impulsive self destructing behavior and drug/alcohol abuse.

Although, tbh, the drug/alcohol abuse preexisted and contributed to the accident causing the head trauma.

Football seems well on its way to becoming banned eventually.

Or turned into flag football. Which is a pretty fun game to play, in fact. Don't know about watching it on TV in between beer commercials.

donkeytale said...

Louis Ferdinand Celine, the great French author who unfortunately also was a Nazi sympathizer of sorts in later life also suffered head trauma at the front in WWI.

Man, I have always loved his writing style and his bizarre sense of humour. He was among the first French writers to speak in street style narrative too, so he is hailed a stylistic genius of literature.

"Journey to the End of the Night" is his masterpiece but I actually more enjoyed his later work "North", part of a trilogy about his escapades at the end of WWII. He had been outed as a collaborator (although in reality he was just as cynical about the Nazis as he was the French---the true herstoric troll---) and anti-Semite. So, believing (perhaps correctly) that he was about to be lynched by the soon to be victorious allies he and his wife and cat set out towards the German front at the tail end of the war. It is a delirious tale and his encounters with the defeated Germans along the way in this devastated milieu are literally unlike anything I have ever read anywhere else. Sort of a Waiting for Godot after the apocalypse.

And he keeps his biting and derisive wit about him at all times.

Ironically, Celine was a medical doctor all his life working amid the downtrodden working class French I believe right up until his death in the early 1960s as cynical about them as he was himself and all humanity.

The fantastical thing about him is "Journey" was a huge bestseller in depression era France making him a major French literary celebrity and renowned stylistic genius. This work was hailed by the left as a depiction of the alienation of the working classes wrought by capitalism.

donkeytale said...

Correction: Celine suffered an arm wound not a head wound, a story he himself perpetuated in later life. It is safe to say that he suffered PTSD for sure, being a cavalryman in the age of the machine gun was absurd and dangerous duty at the German front in WWI.

Celine is one of maybe the most influential writer on the mid-late 20th century lit. Bukowski called him the greatest writer of 2,000 years, meaning since (and including) the New Testament. He influenced Henry Miller (who lived in Paris when Journey was first published), the Beats, Jim Morrison, Vonnegut (who I believe has openly praised him), donkeytale, et al.

Lenny Fritos said...

Nate Silver could be the prototypical NBA center in a league where such players are being neutralised or even surpassed by smaller, better all-around pound for pound talent.

I complain about the fat undersized power forwards like Big Baby and Sullinger, but those dudes are able to push the Dwight Howards out of their sweet spot, which is one foot or closer to the rim for himself.

I am not sure how Kareem would do. He would be the exception probably and be Wilt-like in this present game. Tommy Heinsohn loves himself hook shots and otherwise trick plays big men can use to get off their cheating, no chance to be defended offense schticks.

So if polls are becoming too expensive to nail and more obsolete by each the election cycle, then so could Nate Silver's run as the Jimmy the Greek of predicting election outcomes.

It looks like Enten missed the memo. He seems to be the ultimate Silver fanboy with Silver having to inform Harry about negative feedback loops, logistic problems in this cloudy polling era, and how life cannot be reduced to mathematical equations, that life is not so linear.

I remember you blogged on Celine at Pffugee Camp.

Yup, there will always be that awkwardness in finding someone we agree with on many things except later finding out they are not all that. He was human. He was influenced by his own socialisation. I've used this idea as an excuse for Freud. That yes he was quite the cynical focker and that led him to making statements about the human condition that should put each of us to shame for not remaining as dogs, good guy regular dogs who hurt nobody and only know how to love the human, though they wouldn't mind some more food in return for their obedience and altruism.

It's like that dude Heidegger. He said we are beings thrown into the world. I suppose he fit in with Nietche's schtick. On the surface, that is all good stuff. However, it can also be used to justify authoritarianism. It doesn't take into account that the triple F's we support could actually be worse. Wolves in sheep clothes.

It was riotous when Laurajohn had her big gotcha moment in support of Huey Long with an aha, that was a fictional book and movie. She was referring to my bringing up that book loosely based or wtf on Huey Long.

It's tough to get through to people who are dogmatic. Somehow she and fairleft seemed to think we were attacking them. I don't know why they were so set on promoting Huey Long. I am not sure why we were so set to point out that Huey Long was in essence a d***head.

But here we are a few years later and Donald Trump is making us look prescient.

Lenny Fritos said...

You have given me an idea for a mailed in entry: WTF Happened to John Lewis?

I have wondered if football would be banned. I bet Cosell would be all over this topic. The problem is showing up more in high schools with football players dropping like flies from rough hits.

Sports as gladiator fights should be abolished. I do agree football in essence is a great sport. If they could find a way to take out the violence but still have tackling, that might work. Flag football wouldn't. It would be competing with poker, curling, and synchronised swimming for the t.v. audience.

They should make every field luxurious grass with a bounce or however they do it in fake wrestling to protect the actors.

It's an amazing sport, imho, but just has to get rid of the big hit mentality. I don't have any answers. I do agree you're correct it can't go on like it is. I saw that Gifford might have had these issues you bring up of head issues.

Hitler was apparently directly hit in his mug by a shot of mustard or ketchup gas in WW1. He was probably always going to be a nutjob no matter what. Charlie Manson wanted to be a rock star before realising starting race wars was more to his liking. Maybe Manson sniffed rat poison as a kid.

donkeytale said...

Silver takes a lot of arrows but for two cycles in a row he's undefeated so the armour is still impenetrable at this point. And he could easily have bigtime trash talked all the loosers in his wake but he seems to take the high road and let his popularity and mystique doing his talking for him. I like that he's unafraid to lay it out there on the line each time. And for a stats guy his rhetorical schtick aint bad either.

Would Hitler have even made the big time without his Chaplin mustache schtick theft?

donkeytale said...

The Long defense is like the Putin defense. It is inbred in fake leftist internet psychology. I suppose you could say the same about the Obama defense.

The middle east thingie is actually quite interesting. One can extrapolate a sequence of events that could lead to a WWIII scenario in Syria. I don't think it gets that far and I believe that end of day the US and USSR share a love that cannot be named.

We are gay for each other iow. Obama/Putin and Kerry/Lavrov.

Yuck. Bad mental imagery there.

How about donkeytale/Sharapova?

Much easier holiday thot to digest....

Lenny Fritos said...

I am supposed to be downstairs with family, but I could never stomach such contrived events.

Lenny Fritos said...

The voter not paying close attention thinks Hillary is a guarantee and is unaware how close it is in Iowa with Bernie ahead in NH.

donkeytale said...

As an introvert holiday parties, even those with family are to be endured not enjoyed. My favourite part of any party is when the goodbyes are over and I'm out the door. The only respite is the downing of copious amounts of alcohol.

Hence, I am alcoholic. That crutch is no longer available to me therefore but my awareness level id greater therefore I psych myself up.

I'm not sure your second thesis is correct. The voter not paying close attention...isn't thinking anything about Hillary. If anything they are probably ignoring boring Hillary and unknown (to them) Bernie and following Trump since he is sucking the media air out of the room as a novelty.

This voter will start to pay attention when Bernie wins NH and IA (or runs a credible second) and will immediately recognise Hillary is not a guarantee.

Lenny Fritos said...

It's a catch-22. If you are alone on the holidays, that is not good. But even in the greatest families ever invented, I bet you it is still like you say, to be endured.

You need a perfect storm for those to work out. There has to be a good game on to pass the time. Or others are also aware that it is an occasion to be endured, so everyone is a little bit more congenial. It is like being on the subway with coworkers and not strangers.

I hate to be cynical.

Booze can help.

I think what also helps is that people are becoming more aware they shouldn't eat food like a bear approaching hibernation who needs to stock up on food within the belly or however that works. If I was ever a bear, that had to be many thousands of years ago. I might have been a wooly mammoth elephant bear dinosaur for all anyone knows. I can barely remember traces of being Lenny Bruce. I've kind of gone off on a tangent.

Weed is good for family get togethers. Though even that is no longer the same as the whole country just about is saying legalise it, dudes.

It's gone from get baked and no one knows you are baked despite the paranoia of the idea of them knowing to such people embarrassing you with you got very baked for this special occasion, hmmm no?

Everything becomes a tangent.

Not many understand the medium's stranglehold on one's personality. Did you notice how nowadays people seem lost if there isn't something on? Even radio ads? I am one of the last remaining people who appreciates being awake in silence. No t.v. is on. No music.

The only thing holding me together right now is this medium called the blogger posting box.

Family is a medium.

Family is a root. Family is a personal distortion of one's unique traveling through this material world as our current identity/body.

No man is an island, but being alone doesn't have to suck. It can be healthier for the introvert at times to recharge the social psyche. Extraverts have no idea. The world caters to their egotism just as much as right handed people get all the breaks. It is an example of the tyranny of the majority. And thankfully Marcuse explained how people end up kissing the feet of that tyranny despite it going against the grain of their spiritual development.

As for politics, hey, maybe Kucinich gets a bad rap and he'd be in the Bernie Sanders' driver's seat. I don't think so. But who knows? Life seems to depend a lot on timing. There's the rub, Horatio. The itch angst.


Lenny Fritos said...

Those outside of complete medium adherence, those pointed out by McLuhan as having integral awareness with added creativity juice, those folks are the true leaders. It usually doesn't end up well for them. But that is only according to the medium's definition of success and happiness.

The medium clearly is saying Bernie has no chance to beat Hillary or it is in single digits maybe 10% tops for odds.

While your take is one I agree with, that Bernie is unknown to the apathetic with such dumbasses glued to irrelevant nonsense such as the Trump, Carson drama, I think most of these people think Hillary has the thingie in the bag.

I think both our ideas do not necessarily compete or cancel the other one out.

People tend to be influenced by what they perceive as what would the medium say? What would Jesus do becomes no one can beat LeBron. He is the winner.

A LeBron record of 2-3 in NBA Finals suggests otherwise. And I will always be grateful to you personally for willing the Mavs over Miami a couple years back. That was fantastic! It was classic the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

I was raised to hate Dallas and all things Texas. They killed JFK. They are oil men and love capital punishment. Maybe I am a hypocrite for calling for the death penalty to only be used on cops. I was probably greatly influenced by Mark Ames doing the chicken dance over Andrew Breitbart. My skin toughened. My love dried up a bit. I became the kind of person who instead of reacting to hits in sports as ugh don't be so violent, to hit him, destroy him! Hit him!

But I'd go nuts to become that bitter. So I figure leaving the death penalty for those with the power to take our lives and get away with it despite being steroid raged, deranged, psychotic protect and servers in theory, that they deserve a little visit from Judge Dredd. Or Judge Judy. Judge Judy is terrifying.

Lenny Fritos said...

I just belted out the above. It was probably extremely self-indulgent, not funny, not enlightening, and merely representing that despite my call for spiritual advancement, I too am a loser circumscribed within the medium mind fuck bubble.

Lenny Fritos said...

A UFOlogist (kook) discovered a mouse on Mars.

If that's not a photo-shop and someone basically zoomed in on NASA photos and found that, this is what I think.

I do not easily buy the theory that we turn rocks or even french toast (freedom toast?) into looking like things that aren't there.

The conspiracy schtick angle off this one that I might find reasonable is the Capricorn One schtick.

That basically a lot of that NASA stuff was filmed but without a live studio audience or laugh track.

You want to know what is really creepy? Here's the Three Stooges in a 1963 t.v. show with a laugh track.

It is creepy to me in that they are clearly fish out of baby boomer water.

I'm not saying that isn't quality time wasting to watch the above. Same as reflecting on the Mars mouse has awoken me from my dogmatic medium slumber.

However, if that's a photo-shop, I will be very mad. It is clearly a mouse.

I think I'm done.

There are always a million links and stories I could blather on, but would it be worth it?

I saw Bernie got censored by CBS after Monsanto warned of a lawsuit.

I see more Clinton Foundation dirt creeping into medium awareness.

I see that I was wrong about Hillary's quip about Gandhi owning a convenient store in Missouri or wtf. It was a petrol (gasoline) station.

Who would say such a thing?

This Jeanette Millennial BernBot is doing great work on Twitter. I am too old to figure out the new technologies past a certain point. They can collate and snip stuff, make gif's or wtf they are. I know how to write in into the url browser box and click and go for my specific brand of time wasting.

There's still plenty of time for people to learn the truth about Hillary and get to see that Bernie is not a kookball from the attic, fun for social gathering/holidays, but not so much a "progressive who gets things done" like Hillary claims.

I'm getting a good vibe about this election. I do fear that H.A. Goodman is going to get all the credit for predicting a Bernie win. I think that was the equivalent of someone going all in early on the long-shot. Or the kids like to speak of blind squirrels finding acorns.

I sweated over polls, numerous articles. I researched and reflected. It should be my destiny of greatness for the Bernie coverage. Or ours. I often wonder about the absurd possibility that paid medium come here to look for ideas to steal.

I am in this for the love of the game, so I tend to reflect on such dynamics.

Lenny Fritos said...

Three Stooges link. Oops, I forgot to include it:

donkeytale said...

There were several early life stage TV thingies adapted from 30s short subject movies that formed boomer mindsets. The Stooges, as you mention, Laurel & Hardy (my personal faves--by far), and the kidz schtick known variously as "Our Gang" and the "Little Rascals."

Early Saturday mornings while the parents slept off their latest dulling workweek/argument/kissing and making up/wicked hangover (or all the above) were spent rapturously in front of the TV watching these weird black and whites from an already unreconisable ancient era. Now that I think about it, our TV was also black and white.

We had a neighbor who worked for RCA that brought home the first colour TV I ever watched in 1959. They invited all the kids over to see the Wizard of Oz. As you know the Kansas sequences are in black and white and I still recall fidgeting and silently wondering what the big deal was until the very moment Dorothy opened her eyes in OZ and I was completely knocked of my chair in amazement.

There were also some other longer subject movies for kids in those days that were pretty good such as Buster Keaton and some that were mostly formulaic schlock such as Shirley Temple.

As one aged into teenaged genius you became more attuned to the finer sense of misanthropy and satire offered up by the Marx Bros and of course, WC Fritos.

"Duck Soup" was as potent a lefty, antiwar political statement as one could hope to find anywhere in the later 60s just as I was forming my own anti-establishment high school street cred.

We also had the UHF channel in LA (Channel 56) that screened a nightly double feature of pre-code depression era Warner Bros movies that were of a decidedly lefty bent. How could one be wrong politically when he had the support of such legends as Groucho, Bogart and Garfield?

I loved that schtick.

donkeytale said...

Yeah, you tend to become fixated on some fairly lame memes, I recall the "Sandra Bland was dead during her mug shot" as example. Not sayin necessarily that it was wong but, irrelevant. Was that one ever worked out?

I mean, whether she was dead before or after the mug shot scarcely matters but I admit it is interesting thought to behold in a very creepy way. Sorta like the Mouse on Mars. How could that be real? LOL.

My main takeaway comes courtesy of the late great Marvin Gaye:

Believe half of what you see, son
and none, none, none of what you hear.

Also a smash single for Gladys Knight (original and still best version, IMHO) and Creedence who did it in their fake Louisiana patois as "Hoid" it thru the Grapevine.

And yes, I was just about to loose my mind.

donkeytale said...

Here is an article that supports my take that Silver is downgrading Trump's chances a bit too much.

donkeytale said...

Golden State has 23 turnovers on the road....and never leads by less than ten points in clobbering Phoenix last night.

Wow. They make 22-38 threes as a team.

They are now 100-20 (including playoffs) in the Steve Kerr era.

Recall that I always bring up the fact that Portland was 50-10 when Walton went down the year after they similarly raised the NBA game a few notches by hammering the supposedly invincible Dr. J Sixers in the finals four straight after dropping the first two.

GS has now won 20 straight regular season games. They need to go 56-10 the rest of the way to post the best regular season record of alltime.

They seem to exist on their own planet, like fully realized latter day saints.

I'm done

donkeytale said...

er, 56-9.

donkeytale said...

Lenny Fritos said...

I mentioned The Stooges, but only because it was from 1963. I have no clue who the third Stooge was. It wasn't even Baby Joe or Curly Joe or Jimbo Joe. He was good, though. Those are always creepy. When Lucille Ball was 83 or wtf still selling pilots to the big three networks? That's what I'm talking about. They also seemed to have an older lady from their 30's schtick. You know how they'd have tall (kinda hot in a plain old film fetish way) women. People loved a good schtick. Six foot eight women playing the straight regular guy for the Stooges. The schtick must go on.

Laurel & Hardy - yes, greatness, and interesting to know the skinny guy did all the writing and took most of the money. They were both greatness and then together, watch out. It'll never be dated. Some is better than others. For my movie channel, I assume people are looking for good, bad movies to go with the good stuff.

Some of the best stuff is very bad.

Our Gang was good. It went on a long time. There are silents. Shirley Temple I could have done without. I'm sure she became a fine woman and all that who drank her martinis with class. But not to me.

Yes, we all have our little time capsule bubble memories. I like black and white apparently because of the shadows. I must say it is aesthetically pleasing. But I won't just watch anything. Weed can also help for those interested in watching old stuff.

Remember when you found out libraries had music and movies? The internet is operating at insane speeds for infotainment inhalation. I noticed older people have benefited the most from all this new infoboobtube technology within a social media/in real life bubble city of dystopia.


Lenny Fritos said...

I have to reply to your comments, so I'll then be able to watch some stuff. It's fun. I feel no guilt. Be here now. The goal isn't to become Colonel Kurtz. I know that much.

The Wizard of Oz will never be dated. It's a fantasy and that genre exists. Plus they have plausible deniability that Dorothy hit her head during the tornado and it was all a dream.

Margaret Hamilton was a handsome woman, but wow was she ever the scary fuck as the witch and as the evil aunt or wtf snatching a beloved dog away from it's kid human.

Great fricken movie. When she's on the bed in the air and can see out the window. Triple F Hamilton on the bike.

Nowadays it's all boring schlock. The best stuff is in the archives. Bet on it.

Sandra Bland update:

There is a civil lawsuit. Those seem to happen first nowadays or there is a quick settlement. I think Baltimore is heating up, but I haven't checked in a while. The news is happening fast and furious.

Here is what I can find on the criminal part:

Criminal probe in Sandra Bland case confirmed to federal judge

Is that supposed to be a gigantic rock. I have no clue about the mouse on Mars story. But I did see Capricorn One and I do recommend the flick.

They fake the space mission and film it in the Nevada/CA wtf desert.

That's why there is a mouse in the picture.

It's only a theory.

And Bland might have been dead in the mugshot. If true, that's not cool.

Chicago is heating up over their assassination of another Black person. Again, there is so much going on, it becomes impossible to process it all.

So we become comfortably numb. Ho-hum, another mass killing. The ptb's really did a number on American society. Black against white. Belichick against the world. Or that's sports. Tomorrow the Celtics play at 6 and I think the Patriots at 8:30. The world hates Boston. It is fairly remarkable that each time the league has punished Belichick, the following seasons he tries to run the whole table and even appears to run up scores. Deschmategate. Belichick could kick your ass coaching nerf football.


Lenny Fritos said...

You put a lot of food on the comment table. It's like a blogging filibuster festival. Trump could win the nomination. Sure. He's not winning the presidency. I put his President odds at 1%. The nomination maybe if that's what the 20% number means I'd put his odds higher also. Not that he has it in the bag. Rubio and Cruz are also in it to win it. I guess they have another debate soon. YAWN!

I'll read that basketball article, thanks. I skimmed the other one.

GS is a Larry Holmes right now. No one is close enough to their present level to put the fear of God into them. In the Bizarro World, Philly is tempting the Basketball Gods. Maybe they can beat the Lakers or Brooklyn? I wouldn't bet on it.

GS seems a lock to repeat. I concede that point. And no way would I ever root for LeBron. Until and if the Celtics are eliminated, then I will look at who is the enemy of my enemy, etc. and probably keep an eye on it. I saw Dallas finally lost a couple games.

I think the Celtics will be a top team maybe with a trade or probably more likely in two or three years if the Brooklyn picks are golden. Probably more like four or five if they can't entice a good free agent. If Danny ends up relying on draft picks, those guys rarely show up as good as Larry and Magic.

(I'm done)

donkeytale said...

Didn't actually watch the Stooges link , sorry.

But could that be Iggy?

Haha, JK.

Yes, they had a second 2F at the end who totally sucked. Little Joe, or wtf.

In fact I recall seeing some late work Stooges at the Saturday matinee that was like watching the Stones now. Old, boring and tired. I mean, c;mon man.

There was also Shemp or Shrimp or wtf his name. He had long greasy black hair (at least it was black in black and white) and he was very very funny. I dn't recall if he was an origina stooge or later stage filler but I liked him. A lot.

Way better than either of the 2 x 2F's.

Wow. GS shot 15-20 from downtown in the first half. That's 45 points on only 20 attempts en route to a 75 point first half. You know if you come out and guard the three they will just whip the passes around until they find an easy lay up.

Walton's kid is interim coaching them. What are the odds he ends up on the Lakers bench trying to remake showtime in the Warriors image?

In 4-5 years we could have the 80s LAL-BOS redux.

donkeytale said...

Yes, Trump is less than 20% according to Nate for the nomination. Closer to 40% according to Zeitgeist theory which is confirmed in the link by that generic poli sci bloviator.

Dude must be schtealing our schtick.

Lenny Fritos said...

Since our analysis has been the true greatness, Trump's odds should be about 30%. Nate has 20%. The fake zeitgeist sniffers say 40%. I reverse process Nate's collation of various numbers and crunch it into 30. He has a slim chance. The first two states aren't as important to Republicans as it seems to be with Bernie.

Trump definitely has won the silly season.

The dude is like Hillary and never knows when to quit when he's ahead.

Yeah, you don't have to watch the Three Stooges Show. Let's put the controversy to rest.

Joe DeRita as Curly Joe.

I thought he seemed familiar, but I must have hallucinated him as being a fourth or fifth stooge.

I'm not that big a fan to know all the minutiae.

It's funny. Moe, I don't know. Larry kind of whines a lot. Although with no Larry, there probably would have never been a Larry David.

Curly was incredibly underrated as I see you pay him no respect, like Obama called Yogi Berra the greatest winner ever when Bill Russell is. People can look it up. You always talk about the UCLA Bruins and didn't they win whole seasons? I'd like to see Belichick pull this off, just to shut everyone up about cheatergates and patriocheats. It's jealousy. The qb has a dimple schtick and supermodel wife. I agree Brady is a triple F. He might be a Trump fan. He's a right winger, a fascist. It sucks. My enemy is winning titles for my people. It's conflicting.

I got Pat Ewing's autograph before he went to Georgetown. I think his h.s. team never lost. I'm not positive, but Ewing was pretty good. I'd love to sell that autograph. It should be worth a fortune seeing that it's well documented he refuses to give them.

It's funny you mention Shemp. I've been thinking about him. I added him recently to my to watch list. It looks like a winner. Shemp could make you laugh with his pinkie compared to the other Stooges. Except for Curly, I would say they are comparable greatness but played different positions so to speak. Moe and Larry were below that tier. The other Joes were underrated and unfortunately Moe and Larry had lost a step or two. It became more of a sophisticated schtick, I believe somewhat a parody of their former schticks which never changed but wound down. George Burns is the truly oldest dude I've seen pull it off acting into his 90's. Maybe Voight can do it. He must be the last old school legend left. I put Duvall a tier below him. DeNiro can go f off with Adam Sandler and David Spade or wtf.

It's Shemp. 17 minutes of potential comedic gold on my to watch list.

Lenny Fritos said...

He is like WC Fritos with the hen pecking wife and solo gags.

This is very good.

The wife is hot, younger and much taller. Dirty old codgers called them a tall glass of ice water or a tomato.

Yeah, a person would be better off watching Shemp over CNN. That I know. You taught me that.

donkeytale said...

Shemp was an original who left, had a fairly successful career on his own and then reluctantly rejoined the troup when Curly stroked out. Eventually he and Larry would also stroke out.

Strokes were how everyone died in those days unless they had a heart attack. Too much animal fat in the diet. Me grandfather died the same year he retired after 40 some odd years with the Phone Company. Stroke. No, he wasn't an exec. A lineman who came home from WWi and helped bring the miracle of telephony to the masses in the upper Midwest.

I learned some lessons. Don't retire for one. Loose some weight although Grandpa as I recall was very fit and not overweight, I have some genetic advantages there. Although it is easier working in later life today when the hardest thing about work is staying on your lard ass all day and dealing with the aural overload/dementia created by email/text/cell phone assault. I'm hoping to make it at least another 5-8 years in some capacity. Maybe longer. I already tried to retire once and got bored with it very quickly. Plus ran into some unexpected financial turbulence through poor monetary handling. I've never been able to hold onto a dollar. Fuck it, who cares?

Phone calls were once the main communication method but today less and less. A phone call usually means something significant. And it needs to be scheduled in advance.

And the googling skills I honed wasting time on the internets have come in handy. I am now the R&D and Compliance department too where I work. People are always asking me for answers to tough questions. I want to tell them, just google, but its an easy dollar.

LOL. Sorry for going all commercial on you. I know you are disinterested, a true ascetic. Weed and sex is all you need. Er, I mean, love is all you need.

Oh yeah, Shemp. The Stooges were the second bananas for some vaudeville star and SHemp didn't like that status so he quit. A true radical dude. The STooges started as blackface misntrels who were then able to moonlight a second career with their white faces.

It is interesting that they are apparently timeless while the guy they started out backing is today forgotten. Yes, I googled all this...tbh never a huge Stooges fan but I admit they filled a niche. And yes, the original Curly was the zeitgeist setter for the band. But Shemp was the funniest to the discerning couch critic.

I know I've riffed on this previously but much of my teen years especially the empty summer months filled with dread and ennui were spent getting stoned in front of the telly watching old movies. LA had a ton of local stations and the old flicks were on constantly. So, I mean, I had my fill of all that a long time ago which is why I appreciate your love of this schtick today but do not feel the need to participate.

donkeytale said...

Also, true story, I had these two friends in high school whose parents were in show business, mainly the technical side. They grew up in Hollyweird, ran away from home together at like 14 and dealt LSD on Sunset Strip during the summer of love.

These guys were the real deal, in fact. Anyway, one of them was deemed "incorrigible" by the juvenile court and sent to a foster home in our sleepy eastside barrio town. I've written some of this up at PFF which thanks to Peeder is lost forever. I may have a high school reunion schtick lurking somewhere on Shadowthief Proof.

Anyway, the one guy went back home his father was a big time film editor. The guy who came to live in foster care his father was also a sound man or something like that, but his grandfather who I got to meet on graduation night was an old vaudeville comic who has some screen credits as a minour player in some Stooges shorts. Can't remember his stage name but I do recall looking for them at the end of Stooges schtick on the telly and sure enough saw a few.

I met him the night we graduated, right before leaving for the party at which I fatefully got busted. This story is referenced obliquely in my Snake's Eyelids masterpiece. FWIW.

donkeytale said...

I googled "snakes eyelids shadowproof donkeytale" nd this timeless classic showed up as the top ranking instead...

Lenny Fritos said...

The 2004 Red Sox were nicknamed The Idiots and there was a class of bloggers back in the 2000s who were also given no chance, the Hollands and the Donkeytales, who years later were proven prescient. Some of us tried to be the Shemp of the internet.

Someday or maybe it is already here, most folks are blase and think the internet sucks and it is rigged. Will they cite our greatness? No. This isn't some Chevy Chase sour grapes.

It'll be something special if Bernie starts putting this thing together into a plan to win it all. He doesn't have time to be Rocky Balboa and get a rematch. Counterpunch said that's what Bernie is, that cute old fella who sheep herded all the needed votes to ensure the Hillary win. They look a little stupid right now. I look like a genius. But the big difference is I am humble about being so awesome.

I guess you are happy it is now Winter and not 110 degrees outside.

Yes, when I was looking into Robert Stacy McCain's diet and came across possum, I then learned how such a restricted diet can have negative consequences.

Morphine will save us all at the end. Bet on it.

Just make sure you have all your shite together as best as possible. Don't worry about any loose ends. The karma will be paid forward.

Because once they zap us with the power drug, that's it. It's onto the next body and a new family.

And that's the glitch. The family glitch.

Thankfully Kevin Gosztola watched your back and the others and reposted Firedoglake archives. That's been one of my biggest internet fears, the scrubbing phenomenon.

Donkeytale classics become the equivalent of some old movies. Are they lost? How come no one thought to take better care of the goods?

Recently I chucked out all my old cassettes. I used to have a major collection. But the stuff can't survive. There's something called entropy.

I'm trying to say 99% of folks take life way too seriously and do not realise they are not free. And none of us are immune. I watch old movies and basketball and call it an escape when I should be slaving and producing some great definitive story that will bring me immortality.

The great thing about watching Shemp for example on film is that it is in the moment. There's one scene where he has a huge mound of grapes. He is lounging and acting like ain't life sweet and it's never been better. But then there are the seeds. He could make you know what he was thinking without words. Seeds? What are these doing in the grapes. The scene lasted at most ten seconds, but it was real. It was about a mundane part of humanity, but part and parcel nonetheless. Moe and Larry were bitter fucks as characters. Shemp was fighting for universal values. Guys like Shemp and WC were tonic water rather than seltzer. Their schticks had quite the kicker.


Lenny Fritos said...

Buster Keaton had a couple good movies, but I think he was overrated. Harold Lloyd was much funnier.

Chaplin was also probably overrated, but more in the way LeBron is. And he was stubborn as f*** and made two more silent movies after they had been assumed as obsolete medium artisan devices.

He nailed it. He nailed modernity and how everything was becoming meaningless. It was very subversive. Modern Times it was called.

I think McLuhan nailed it, something about artists being the only people with a clue and the capacity to share such wisdom with masses of people.

Bernie is another troll for good. I suppose my best contribution to this campaign year is my example of reacting to the first time a decent person has tried to become President with a real chance.

Bernie is a proud Independent. I bet he noticed some of the supertroll shenanigans of the 2000's on fake leftist boards and saw people like ourselves saying enough is enough with DINO's and the fake left. So in a way, we are running for the highest seat in the land. But that's my new theory. Bernie was inspired by the regular guy in the blog trenches and said I will do what they do but against the ptb's I have been embarrassing for decades on C-Span reruns. I will not only destroy those blogs (sellout politicians), I will win it all and become on top of the zeitgeist which is a political revolution based on the backs of millions of regular guys. I just have to win NH and at least make it a war in Iowa, and we'll take it from there.

I think maybe Bernie needs to win Iowa too. He needs a buffer for when the redneck states vote. Or who knows? I only see Bernie and Hillary. I see he has money and support. I am not so sure then if Bernie needs to do anything but survive the early rounds, keep it close, so there will be one on one debates or wtf and big delegate states become mucho important.

And of course the longer he survives, the more time there is for Hillary to say dumb shite and be a loss waiting to happen. She says some of the most idiotic stuff ever. She is smarter than GW Bush, obviously, but it might not be by as much as first assumed.

She is the coronation choice in the Howard Beale internet era. It's probably the coronation process which scared off other candidates which enabled Bernie to move into the authentic freedom fries slot.

It's exciting, no doubt, even as the molasses will continue to drip for a couple more months until the first elections take place. It is much more interesting than a winner take all one day vote.

The more I think about it, no way in hell Kucinich would be polling more than O'Malley at this point. Bernie has major skills. He is underrated for being a political genius.

I know you are busy and not as internet addicted as before and that is a good thing, but when you said it is 50-50, that Bernie can do this but without making it a prediction or guarantee, I knew this would make for exciting politics as sports talk. I send out the following to Bernie, with love:

Lenny Fritos said...

The Carpenters are creepy. There, I said it. Like Donny and Marie. Siblings shouldn't be that close together singing love songs. It just ain't right.

Lenny Fritos said...

Most things do not become dated. They usually become creepy or retro cool. It is the difference between plot holes and universality.

donkeytale said...

"The Carpenters are creepy."

Truer words have never been spoken.

The fact she played drums was pretty creepy too. Her warm, sexless voice singing blandoid pop was a gruesome reminder that the early-mid 70s were the death of Amerikkka, or at least rock n roll. Life went downhill from that point.

The 80s was bad too.

Other noteworthy suckiness: Carole King's Tapestry (biggest selling album of the era from a chick who couldn't sing or play and had zero rhythm--yes she was a classic songwriter but no way should she have been let inside a recording studio) and James Taylor, whose voice reminds of a neutered squirrel on valium.

God I hate soft rock.

Except for Bread. For some reason I always liked those guys. Never understood why.

donkeytale said...

Also, the Eagles.

My son tells me there is an ongoing internet meme about how bad the Eagles suck.

There is hope for this younger generation.

donkeytale said...

I do have some masterpieces stored in the vault. That is how I reprinted my all time grate "Medium is the Conspiracy" here.To think I opened your eyes to McLuhan. LOL. I released a monster there. "Medium" has become your favourite cliché.

But sadly there is a gigantic black hole from illusionsofmagicians Booman, MLW, PFF and FSZ.

Oh well. It adds to the mystique.

donkeytale said...

My MLW oeuvre is very underrated too. Something about that place brought out some of me best stuff.

I think it was knowing that no matter how good the schtick it would never be front paged made me want to produce classic after classic.

That and I was smoking a lot of very good weed in those years.

donkeytale said...

Pffunny, I just noticed "Medium" popped back onto the low spot on the charts....a great classic that should be taught in junior high English if not elementary skkkool.

I'm done.

And must confess I'm berning out....this IA caucus can't come soon enough for me....

Really tired of the political schick when the same answer from three months ago still applies:

nothing matters until IA and NH.

donkeytale said...

And never a big fan of the environmental baloney either. Yes, I realize that is progressive sacrilege to say so but truth is truth.

So lets face facts here. Nothing is being done about the environment. It is all posturing. The formerly poor countries with the largest populations want theirs just as we have ours. We cannot now deny them after we have totally ruined the world. It is only fair to let them further destroy the ecology for a buck and some cheap plastic trinkets to make their lives as soullessly comfortable as we made ours.

It will take a wholesale collapse and starvation in the first world before anyone truly decides that getting rich is less important than mere survival.

Central Valley produces 40% of the US of A-holes fruits and veggies....and is sinking like 2 inches per year because the ranchers have sucked the groundwater dry.

And this damage is irreversible in a large parcel of the area.

I read some Chomsky the other day and must say I agreed with him. Without naming names he basically repeated my long held schtick. The fault is not in our stars or in the 1% even. We are our own problem. Electing the magic negro and then going home to await his miracles is exactly the problem. Progressives are stupid and lazy and the quadrennial energy expense isn't enough. Revolution is a fulltime gig.

And he holds out zero hope that Bernie will be any more effective than Obama, except as a progression in lefty rhetoric and consciousness...which is something but it require more than the Bern to make anything happen.

It will require a systemic collapse. Remember you read it here first. Years ago actually...but whatever. I'm tired of tooting my own horn as much as anything.

donkeytale said...

I also agree with Zizek, perhaps even moreso than Chomsky. Basically he is of the belief that far from heading towards a communist revolution we are much closer to a fascist dick tater ship.

Specifically he means Europe, in fact he extols the fact that the US is trending leftier while the Euros are trending rightier.

The implication, which I have stated explicitly, is that Obama has done most for keeping the US righties at bay, even as he has compromised and given ground in some ways to manage a bigger picture.

Zizek vs Chomsky is good infotainment value for fake intellectuals.

Personally, I think Chomsky is overrated, a fake lefty demigod with no real game. Zizek at least is non=doctrinaire and speaks truth whether it is politically correct or not.

Noam's greatest trait is his willingness to subject himself to the Diane G radio extravaganza.

Lenny Fritos said...

I was a reader more than writer for my early college years. I used to crank out required essays a few days before the due date or sometimes at the last moment via an all-nighter. Writing works best, imho, when we simply crank it out, then clean it up and fine-tune it for a presentation.

I mention this in reaction to your attacks on soft rock. I found that they can serve a purpose as white noise and especially for mailing in college essays.

I would go nuts without white noise. I can go without the medium (e.g. t.v., internet, radio, whatnot), but right now I have a couple machines producing a stabilising environment that pure dark hole buddha silence does not allow in this new infotainment onslaught. I have an air filter system on and a fan I use to keep the computer from overheating. No t.v. No music. Though I did take another listen to We've Only Just Begun (to blog).

There's something about Spielberg going off the grid. It's bullshite. They meant he is not on Twitter or Facebook, so he won't get trolled on.

Being off the grid means nothing, nada, zip, zilch. It's like saying you roughed it camping when in actuality you were in some heated vacation cabin with cable t.v. and an internet wi-fi connection.

McCain probably knows true off the grid life. I bet he and the rest of the Clampetts head out once a year to visit family in the Appalachians. They get back to their historic roots of hunting possum and forcing their kids to walk five miles and bring back big buckets of beer. You know, they start fires by scratching rocks together. And Spielberg is gonna say he is off the grid? Get out of town!

There is the creepy element. People can take personality tests. We should provide criteria by which to pigeon-hole all sorts of categories of people. We should make spreadsheets then crunch the numbers like Nate Silver does.

dated or not
sounds good but has no meaning
has meaning but sounds like garbage
Nailed it

Another category which gets distorted is the concept of a one-hit wonder. It should be five-hit wonder. Or ten.

People should need to produce a minimum of greatness in volume before they can then mail it in so much for the rest of their career within the medium bubble.

Chomsky is the white man version of Cornel West. Maybe they produced one great book back in '72. Maybe they were fascinating in an interview or two. You mention Noomer went on with Diane Gee of My Left Wing fame.

They are the last people to realise a shark has been jumped.

Oh, the new jumping of the shark is whenever some hack celebrity asks, "Do you know who I am?" I forget who recently said that. I probably read about it on my guilty pleasure, The Daily Mail. The funny thing about that British rag fixated on Amerikkka is how as soon as you go to the next bait-click story within their somehow user-friendly medium, the previous story you read goes poof and forgotten. You end up asking, "Wtf did I just read before this one?"

That in a nutshell is what's wrong with infotainment and what McLuhan meant by content ends up as meaningless.

I think I have more to say, shocking but true since I am usually a minimalist who avoids writing gratuitous posts while measuring each word and idea for profundity.

Lenny Fritos said...

Jesus H. Diddlebock! I've had to rewrite the above comment five times already to make it readable. Like a typical dumbass, I am very arrogant and think I can hit publish comment. I need to realise I don't have Hare Krishna given talent to mail stuff in good enough to be luke warm proud of. If I read too much into the greatness that I have guaranteed, I will end up posting stuff that the messy presentation obfuscates. It's a matter of destiny. Everyone wants a fair shake to fulfill their own bubble dreams. It's called the American Dream. But at least I am finally off of opiates for this lifetime. Myself Lenny Bruce must have overdone it because I have never come close to trying that trash.

No one should try anything at all considering the concept of addiction. Cigarettes and heroin must be the two most dangerous products there are. And junk food. And? It's all good. We become aware of who we are. Then we do the best we can to make amends knowing that we will still make mistakes. In theory, future mistakes are smaller and trend towards a microscopic relevance.

Otherwise, nothing has meaning. NOTHING! If there's no reincarnation. Life is smply too messy to buy into the idea we get one shot at life and then we get a Judge Judy styled Judgment Day.

It's like plants. There is a spirit to them. I don't understand the logistics. With dogs you can see that they are just as human as we are.

With plants, it's impossible except for those who eat things. Those must mean something. Plants you can blow at. They move as if they are saying, yes, I may be mute and make no sense compared to animals, but I am a spirit, too. That's the plant talking, not me. We are part and parcel of nature. Environment is everything.

Lenny Fritos said...

There's big time Meta History that happened at MLW. That cannot be denied. By the time I showed up, it was already a skeleton of a place. I don't believe I reached anywhere near your levels of greatness there, although I did effectively supertroll and expose Karmafish.

Maryscott was in over her head. The Daily Kos used to be the #1 website and she got written up by The Washington Post. You're not lying. There was the Shadowthief thingie. Now I'm thinking it was a regular guy supertroll. It's that Anonymous Army guy who I think was also Number6 or wtf. But no one ever seemed to care when I wondered about that part of it. Number6? That guy had become Dave Weintraub's pitbull at DKos in that final epic blog war. Weintraub deserves a bit more recognition than he got. That was wild stuff. The UGOGs. There is a story there. I have noticed a lot of these political operatives have real estate connections. They were not all lawyers, although I always found that part of the blog demographics unsettling.

I do think cointelpro had to have been on those websites. I would put money on those bluedog ex-army dino's. Like, uhm, CurmudgetteBreath?

Paid fakes can be political, cointelpro, or some corporate slug. Useful idiots are the useless eaters but substitute words for food. They still contaminate what should be free space.

Military has no right to involve itself in social media. Nor the political or corporate trolls. Or at least don't be an anonymous coward about it. There will always be a role for troll busters.

Lenny Fritos said...

You forget that with Bernie he will have the executive order power and the ability to fill the cabinet and other stuff I have no clue about. A president is unable to pass laws. Bernie is aware of everything that's been said. He says it himself. That Obama was great for an introduction and building masses for a coalition, he said okay we'll take it from here. Bernie also speaks of the need for a political revolution.

I guess this is where you were prescient that Amerikkka is basically conservative. There can be no other explanation for why Republicans seem to always dominate the House and Senate.

People need to register to vote and vote. Maybe that is the problem, the Counterpunch side of things, those who are too pure to vote for Bernie.

There shouldn't be less than 90% voting. If it is around 40%, that is crazy. At least make it 70%. And that's only thinking of the general election. Bernie vs. Hillary is a 50 separate state voting process. It is boring now, but that's like asking why are the seasons three months long? I think basketball goes on for ten months. That is a lot of molasses.

donkeytale said...

My son reminds me that the country has always been at odds, the industrial north vs the agrarian south has long been a staple. In the Midwest you agrarians vs industrialists in each state.

California is the wildly liberal bastion that brought us Reagan. But yes, people are generally conservative in outlook. There is a veneer of Christian ethics handing over us even if we are atheists.

Gun killings go on and on and on. I don't thin enough is being stated about the copy cat nature.

Still, no one is talking seriously about gun control. Why? Because at end of day both sides of the political equation recognize that guns may be their last line of defense against the other side.

Fear, hatred and passive aggression. The three pronged school of the American psych. although the passivity well became passé and outer aggression may erupt.

We see early signs of ths in the Trump campaign.

This dumb ass bloviator in the NYT is arguing well, sure, Trump has fascist tendencies but after all he hasn't even won a single primary yet, wo what's the worry.

Well, sir, the worry is the feeling among his followers that he incites, not so much the man himself. Although to be hones, the last thing any infotainment addicts should want, even though lets face there is a secret shameful part of it that does want to see Trump, if not winning the presidency at least making it to the finals so we we can continue this merry run of daily infotainment unmatched by any political campaign in US herstory.

The 538 boys are chatting today and they are attacking Silver's dismissive attitude towards Trump's chances.

"Role playing" is the format. And they bring up the valid criticism that you have presciently surfaced, that polls could simply be wrong this time and presiditzial nomination history, which even Silver admits is too thin to be a valid predictor of futre results, cannot fully account for the future of Trump. There is conflicting data to bolster all arguments.

donkeytale said...

Ah, the old he can lead by executive order gambit.

To some extent yes, but not for the major issues upon which he is campaigning.

No law impacting the economy whether tax rates, Medicare for All, $15 minimum wage, none of these things can be accomplished via executive order.

Yes, the healthiest way to view Bernie is as part of a process, one that began with Obama and needs to carry through for many election cycles to erase the GOP stranglehold over domestic policy to which the Demotards have been sadly compliant with for far too long going back to Reagan.

donkeytale said...

Apologies for the poorer than usual grammar, spelling etc.

I'm done.

donkeytale said...

Mass killing can be classified as examples of the "the Medium is the conspiracy."

Whether these guys are actually conspiring or not they don't have to.

The Media provides the platform to glamourize their actions, which feed the next one down the line.

"Aiming Higher" as Byron so presciently predicted. Unstable perpetrators making their mark in a blaze of self destruction.

The new normal.

donkeytale said...

In fact the only era when the country wasn't add odds: The great depression, WWII, the postwar era until roughly Nixon.

Jungle Jim RIP

Lenny Fritos said...

I thought you were going to write that your son had said, "Beef. It's what's for the dinner." But then I recalled that was a Robert Mitchum advertisement for the beef industry. Maybe I thought the kid wanted to ask, "Where's the beef, Pops?"

I think you have bingo with the copycat theory. I tried to make that point on Twitter last night. This doesn't feel like it was organised beyond the actions of a few wackadoos and that it hasn't much to do with the Middle East or Don Lemon. That was Dixon's reaction. I agreed. It becomes a gotcha game to see who was the most prescient. But then it turned out the kid was Muslim and I then saw all these important good guy Muslims on cable news pleading for understanding that they have no problem with fat fucks who pound back doritos and like to watch football and sometimes some lady figure skating and of course those arm wrestling battles, until of course some poor fool gets his arm Rondo styled crushed on live tv by the equivalent of Dwyane Wade in that sport.

I don't know if poker and arm wrestling are technically sports. If I had to do it over, I'd just run a loop of the intro with Jim McKay. With that dramatic music. Da da di da DI DI duh dum. The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. You know what I'm talking about. Jim Morrison on Eddy Sullivan with a full orchestra of old white guys on violin while he belts out touch me, babe.

TNT knows drama?

But when they actually get to the curling or poker or whatnot, to me, it is extremely boring. Although, at least there is an aesthetic value to watching women in skimpy outfits.

I forget what I wrote about in internet copycat bridge, but I second your analysis.

I said on Twitter, so this is like the Boston Marathon bombers? Just a few flakenuts consumed by death by internet?

We all remember when we were young and not so cynical. We'd make new friends and find out their lineage.

The actual aiming higher guy who inspired Byron was the Austin pilot who did the flying into the building thingie. I mentioned him. It seems like you saw my tweets and are bouncing off of those.

I agree the problem is not necessarily that Trump has a decent chance. It's the fact that a guy like Trump or Carson has any chance at all to begin with.

So if we don't get the fascist racist fluke winner this cycle, at some point we probably will. Maybe it will be Jim Trump in 2048 or Chelsea Clinton as anti-christ in 2060.

Does anyone remember at all except for beard poop flakes (h/t grouchie) the dude who just blew up Planned Parenthood?

Or that dude who fired up the t.v. crew last year? He had an app or wtf which put his live killing of the blonde reporter and the cameraman directly onto the infoboobtube network.

You know who was prescient? That was Pink Floyd. They spoke of becoming comfortably numb.

There is no need for assault rifles. That should be obvious.

The DINO's are literally freaking out as they start to realise BernBot votes are not transferable to the Clinton general election side (if the coronation is successful).

One can already see it happening. BernBots are being spun as the new Nader voters as they descend on Hillary and pick at her evil scabs. It will of course be my fault and Jeanette's if Hillary wins the nomination but then falls to a Republican. And Dixon's. Ben Dixon will be blacklisted (no pun intended) for not falling into line with the coronation process. The DINO ptb's will remember his attacks on Dyson. They will see he is sympathetic to Brother West. The George Carlin factor under such a scenario may not matter. I only mention that as an administrative detail. I believe we can now close the file on Carlin.

I imagine this sort of thing lines up with Hillary's dream of absolute power. It won't matter that Bernie has always been against the assault weapon.


Lenny Fritos said...

The NYT op-ed I live micro-tweeted was bizarre.

She seemed to be saying Bernie is willing to make ideological concessions, that he will basically sell out to get laws passed. But it was a mish-mash of ideas because Hillary is the one who claims to be a progressive who gets things done. I guess you have to read the article yourself. It is so confusing that it is near impossible to explain her contradictions. It makes one not believe in anything when untalented, unoriginal people keep "making" it in social media life.

Most of us are not violent and don't want to go to prison. Fruitnuts come in every variety. One thing I am noticing is that the left wing side of people don't seem to fit into the violent stereotype anymore.

Maybe that is what John Lewis means by another time and another place?

Even the FBI knows it is mostly the right wing KKK militia nuts who seem to be the biggest internal threat.

But now with the Boston Marathon and yesterday we are seeing a new brand of unimaginable violence emerging. These are people who don't seem to be Amerikkkan or anything. They appear to be lost souls. They just happen to live here.

I'm saying such "terrorists" are not in cahoots with ISIS. We cannot afford to have another 1950's Red Scare bullshite which led even Eisenhower to warn against the Military-Industrial Complex. I feel bad for Muslims who have to keep explaining to losers that they are not violent and condemn violence. It's like Boston people for 9/11. The terrorists went through Logan Airport, but don't blame Bostonians for 9/11.

The easy solution for yesterday is to outlaw and get rid of all sorts of Rambo weapon access.

I always wondered about the aiming higher idea. It just doesn't work. The only people who are into "revolutionary" violence are mentally ill. Think of Eric Frein. He came up with an elaborate revenge plan against cops. However, his aim was off and he picked two blokes who had nothing to do with anything.

The concept of cops is not wrong. The medium of police is not the problem. The medium of anything is not to blame. It is always the fault of the new batch of ignoramuses who are socially reproduced decade after decade who are to blame for continued implementation of the status quo.

When an NBA team sucks, you blow up the team. You start over. There are some very simple solutions to the police problem. Like, uhm, how about we have mandatory steroid testing? Maybe put cops who break the law into prison?

Frein should have selected evil cops who have gotten away with crimes and aimed for them. I am not condoning vigilantism or murder/mayhem. This is a thought experiment. It is tricky business to articulate such points without sounding like a lunatic and potential target for law enforcement. That is why I consistently put in the disclaimer that I am harmless, wouldn't hurt a fly, etc.... Because I wouldn't. But what if Frein had gone slow and steady over many years? He could have become a new and improved unabomber. At some point it would all come together that some dude probably named Jack or Fred Dredd (some descendant of Judge Dredd or Judy) is behind dirty cops dropping like flies.


Lenny Fritos said...

Cue up Belushi or Lord Byron. But nooooooooo, we only get these nutfaces who end up making things worse.

That's what I got out of Byron's aiming higher schtick.

Another problem with vigilantism is that mistakes could still be made. Unabomber definitely made his point about society and technology. I think he may have been the reincarnation of Thoreau.

Anyway, sorry for rambling. Obviously the world is going to be just fine because Robber Baron Zuckerberg is gonna give away most of his billions. Hillary as queen will also be much better for us little sheep men than any of the GOP candidates. In theory.

I am starting to see how unfair it is to attack the Nader vote. People have the right to vote for whomever they want to.

I go back to my original idea that Bernie versus Hillary is a litmus test for our collective soul. If he doesn't win, based on all we have to go on including heightened awareness in the internet age, then we suck, period.

Bernie is Ralph Nader fighting from within. This is different. We would have been better off with Gore over GW, definitely. That's an easy call. So FU Nader voters, sure. Though I voted for him and have already explained why I did and why it had nothing to do with GW Bush being the winner.

I think there is yet another new national poll with again Hillary allegedly up by 30 points. Am I wrong to argue that Scott Brown beating Martha Coakley worked out well? I am not arguing like a dumbass Counterpunch or other pure left thinker. I am trying to be strategic. Like that Chinese philosopher on war concepts.

I figure whomever is elected if it's not Bernie is going to take a beating for image.

If that's Hillary, it'd be like asking for the country to shift right. Of course it would be dangerous to have a Trump or Carson. We need a somewhat normal Republican in the seat if it's not in the cards for KookMan Sanders. Then we could start winning those mid-terms and then the big cheese oval office in 2020.

All this thinking is my reaction to disputed polls which are having too much influence on election coverage.

I am not worried about the idea that even if Bernie becomes president, he will run into the same sort of gridlock issues Obama and Bill experienced.

At least he would be fighting the good fight through authenticity.

He would show that miracles can happen within the system. That maybe this isn't another time and place.

(I'm done)

Lenny Fritos said...

It's the miracle of proofreading. :)

donkeytale said...

Well stated.

There is filet mignon and there is beef jerky.

There is media coverage of the elections.

Three different smoked meats.

I'm done.

Lenny Fritos said...

Then there's Rondo and a looming C's game in Sacramento at 10 p.m..

We don't know who or what influenced those kids.

But apparently we do know it was some wackadoo Saudi Arabian Americanised or wtf version of Bonnie and Clyde on steroids. It was James Cagney in White Heat. I'm on top of the zeitgeist, Ma!

And as I've had CNN on the background all day as white heat noise, I couldn't help notice that they have explained in ten hours what we mailed in to the blog in ten minutes.

They call it a hybrid, as in there are different factors in motivation, blah blah.

That's death by internet.

You mentioned copycats which is a lifted schtick from my Golden Gate Bridge thinge expose movie review.

For all anyone knows, the married nut-tards were influenced by Hal Turner or Neal Rauhauser.

Nothing matches the O.J. bronco chase coverage if we have to pick one t.v. breaking news with a captivation factor.

Even Obama is feeling comfortable numb.

We've always had a wackadoo violent factor. I'm talking centuries. Lynchings. Serial killers. Now we have these people going after big time Rambo events probably to cement some legacy schtick despite it being an infamous one.

The motive for this one seems weird.

They must have been batshit insane.

There seems to be no one alive to explain wtf just happened.

I guess there was no third person after all.

Just two numbnuts who randomly were Muslim but that factored in. But every variety of human has been implicated, and we all know the #1 triple F for these mass killings is some weird white dude with a chip on his shoulder.

The Theresa Duncan story might be instructive for this current event. They also were a husband and wife who descended into insanity as one.

dfq2 ~~ breaking mailed in commentary you can count on

donkeytale said...

Watching "breaking news" on cable TV is a form of torture.

Normally, I spend little time reading up on these events but since you mentioned it I read a story or two.

This type of event may never be seriously resolved. And it could be the blueprint for future such escapades. Although, if I'm ISIS (note to NSA Minder: I'm not ISIS)
then I'm taking credit for it anyway.

The guy was born in the US. His wife was cleared for a green card in July. The clearance presumes they checked out her background, although who knows what they really do?

There doesn't seem to be any connection to known groups. Maybe that will change as evidence develops. If not, I'll offer a thesis based on zeitgeist theory:

The wife was the mastermind.

donkeytale said...

As for you debunking "Aiming Higher" by saying it doesn't work, it depends on what you mean by the word "work."

If you want to set off batshiite insane overreaction and general societal paranoia that in itself leads to degradation of individuals and society at large , (plus increase Cable News ratings), then it works every single time.

Lenny Fritos said...

I agree with you that a well-aimed zeitgeist sniff for who was ultimately at fault for the mindless violence leads to some exotic panties.

Same as with what happened to Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake. This type of story backs our consensus that there are nuances and subtleties.

If someone wanted to produce an esoteric angle, they could title their thesis, The Power of Panties Over a Man's ability to reason.

Before anyone claims I am being sexist, people need to realise that we are no different than cable news fighting for an audience. CNN is after millions of people. Is it so wrong for ourselves to try to double our readership from seventeen to thirty-four?

I googled Theresa Duncan a few minutes ago for kicks. Apparently some hack at Gawker decided to steal my schtick... five years later!

The Scientology Conspiracy Theory About Two Artists' "Golden Suicides"

It's one thing for someone like myself to stick up for original blogging basically stolen. It'd be nice if lurkers would once in a while say, "Hey! Wait a second, bruh-face. You just stole that goofy blog's schtick. They covered the same angle over five years ago."

I think the confusion over whether "aiming higher" works or not is that there are subcategories. Like at a sub shop, one can get cold or hot subs. They can get a variety of fillers. There are the customers, ownership, management, employees, health inspectors et al.

So who is doing the aiming higher? When Neal Rauhauser was posing as Anonymous, on the surface he was aiming higher. It was fake aiming higher. He was actually aiming for patsies to deliver to his handler Hal Turner or Chet Uber. It is tough to remember all the names.

It's like the Manson family. Their goal was to start a race war. Huh, wut? Yesterday was a variation on that. The husband and wife were some very far out there loooosers who never got the memo that for every action there is an equal reaction. Or as the original Triple F once asked me, "What is the end game?"

What did the Boston Marathon bombers expect to accomplish? Insane is as insane does?

Was the unabomber effective at aiming higher? Would he now be in prison if his brother hadn't pieced it together it was Ted from reading the manifesto?

The ISIS story is scary in that those people don't seem to care about mayhem and destruction. They seem to be the equivalent of evangelical wingnuts here who think it is not actually on earth where one will find peace and happiness. They are both in "bring it (the poopocalypse) on" mode.

State sponsored terrorism seems to be the most effective form of aiming higher.

The ptb's wanted to go into Iraq. They just needed an excuse.

That's why the 9/11 conspiracy theories made some traction beyond the right wing Kooky Cuckoo demographic. Even Rosie O'Donnell wondered if it was an inside job.

I have no clue. But it's definitely historic fact that there was an Operation Northwoods where the U.S. military wanted to create a false flag giving the U.S. an excuse to invade Cuba.

I may not be a conspiracy theory kook, but I am also not a chump.

I do believe the safest America would be one which managed a fair, inclusive society.

It's like with Black on Black violence. People are people. Restructure the society so young Black people can get chicks and jobs like any other race and then watch and learn as Africa finally gets its due as the cradle of civilisation.

I believe Malcolm X was prescient for that kind of worldview.

I don't believe it makes sense to fight for the idea that people are people. That debate is long over. That one ended quite a long time ago. Do I need to mention the grace and skills of Sidney Poitier?

It is difficult for advanced souls such as ourselves because we are already well past the mundane chickenshit topics that masses of people eat up from cable news.

donkeytale said...


donkeytale prescience confirmed again!!!!!

Tashfeen Malik, 27, swore fealty to the terror group in a Facebook post on Wednesday, the same day she and her husband, Syed Rizwan Farook, committed the rampage, US officials said on Friday, according to numerous media reports.

A Facebook executive said Malik’s online post was made as the attacks began, the Associated Press reported.

Lenny Fritos said...

I am not following this story that closely, but it seemed obvious she was the motive. He deserves some blame too. It's like with what happened in Columbine. One kid was kind of the kingpin psycho. The other one might be able to find God and salvation.

It's like the Three Stooges. Moe was the creep behind it all, all the negativity and violence. Larry, Curly, Shemp and then the classy underrated Mr. Joe DeRita were all dragged down to Moe's level of brutality.

This is Social-Psychology 101. This isn't proof we need Big Brother shenanigans. They are probably the ones who have planted the idea in American noggins to take a looksie into ISIS. It's called entrapment or wtf or conspiracy stories according to Snowden documents no one but myself ever seems to point to. Or Hal Turner. We're supposed to act as if Hal Turner wasn't some sort of revelation. He wasn't chopped liver. He was a wingnut on the rise who got a big boost from Sean Hannity.

The lady you blame for the most recent massacre probably got her ideas from Mr. FBI Fake Mohammed Uprising also with a Facebook account.

Lenny Fritos said...

Goodman jumped the shark. He's predicting Hillary comes in third in Iowa. I tweeted that he and Enten cancel out the other. Blowhards with gotcha schticks. Or that NYT reporter who has already crowned Hillary as the nominee, as if she is God.

donkeytale said...

To be honest, I have no idea what your previous two comments above are attempting to communicate. You are under no obligation to directly respond to my brilliance, especially when here, as I so often do, hit the nail right on the head and no further explication is necessary to deliver a powerfully honest idea. In fact sme forms of commentary simply obscure and tarnish the gleaming rendition of earthly perfection.

Yes, I am not perfect every time, but yes, I come pretty darn close.

I take it you just don't wish to simply confirm the fact and leave it at that. And that's very OK with me. I can toot my own horn just as well. You can always simply change the subject. Or better yet, mail-in a fresh entry as this one of mine, stunning as it is in its prescient accuracy (IE, especially as these ongoing "incidents" are starving Bernie's campaign from much needed media oxygen for his domestic policies===and ISIS/the religious right of the GOP wants a war to end all wars quite clearly as the New Testament long ago predicted) has carried this blog now for two weeks and counting.

I'm sure there is at least, for instance, some nonsensical spinner in your twitterverse somewhere that deserves a socratisation or wtf.

There are also Killer Mike articles and Eric Dyson pro-Hillary articles to reflect upon.

There are always the Celtics on a roll. There is the fact that the 20-0 GS Warriors are off to the best start of any Amerikkkan professional sports team since the St. Louis Maroons in 1884.

Even donkeytale prescience can't match that record (thanks for not running for presidit this year, Diamond Joe) and besides I'm purely an amateur, which of course everbohdee know except Marisacat. Maybe Catnip can wake her from the dead and share the Good News.

There is truly only one way to slice and dice my prescient comment that the wife done it:

Ain't sexism (or libel)when it's truth.

Zeitgeist Theory is grounded in empiricism and I've been around many marriages where the women are in control [projection alert].

Especially in un-Amerikkkan cultures, the women who seem to be most controlled on the outside are generally ruling with an iron glove behind closed doors.

Now, if you will excuse my impertinence I will go find a worshipful mirror and my SocDoc Autopilot 4 self-back patting device and pray to meslef.

donkeytale said...

Correction: your three prior comments above.

For instance, who is Goodman?

Lenny Fritos said...

There's that dude at HuffPo named H.A. Goodman. Wow. I haven't felt this kind of awkwardness since years ago when people would pepper me with, "Who is Alexandrovna?"

I guess the problem is my writing style. It is too clear, especially when I take the time to proofread, that it's the equivalent to looking into the sun. Don't do it. Just say no. Like the frying pan ad with heroin. This is your brain on eggs and now heroin and I'm gonna smash the frying pan against the wall and wrap up this mailed in public service ad inspired by Nancy Reagan.

Do you know who she is, hmmm?

Just kidding, my friend!

Come on you know Goodman, that opposite blog planet to Harry Enten.

I try not to overwhelm with too much name dropping. Dixon has entered the conversation. The irony with him is I thought I had stumbled on some unknown greatness. I thought I was doing Ben a favor. But nooooooo. The dude has more talent in his pinkies than I do in whole hands. I am not worthy.

Zeitgeist sniffing? Elections? You know who Goodman is.

Oh, you think the name Dave Weigel should be cemented in our brains.

You're like, Joe DeWho?

Yes, for crying out loud, you are prescient and make a lot of sense.

Lenny Fritos said...

This is my busy season. I've had a lot of in real life thingies to accomplish. I do want to get back into blogging and soon. I probably won't crank them out like I did at some point during the summer. But I wouldn't mind coming up with two long entries a month and maybe two short ones. That's probably my blogging end game. One or two masterpieces a month with a couple minimalist entries tossed in to keep the readers satisfied.

Yes, this is a great time to be blogging. Not that everything is rosy, but rather, there is no limit to what could be written.

My thoughts were definitely mailed in the last couple days. I do not regret that. I thought it was pretty good, though cryptic in spots.

The two people were nutjobs. This should be a criminal investigation. This shouldn't be turned into another GW/Cheney we're gonna knock that snot grin off of Saddam's mug.

People speak of Ainge and Stevens playing basketball chess while others fiddle and diddle with checker pieces.

You don't understand the idea of entrapment, or more specifically, Truman Show Terror Entrapment?

I'm not buying into the terrorism or hybrid wtf angle. These fake journos and reporters think they are wise and prescient merely because they can lower their voices.

See Baxter, Ted.

Or Olbermann. have you no shame, secretary senator numbnut?

I don't have those kind of pipes. So sometimes I become a caricature of Phil Donahue on his most mailed in day or when that girl! said, "Not tonight, you sensitive man, I have a headache."

I'm like Stephen Hawkins trying to barrel through any physical limitations.

On the surface, I sound like a girly man going hey fellas, peace and love, toodles. But deep down I am raging against the machine with Johnny Cash signature middle fingers.

Dude, name one terrorist who was an actual terrorist. And now the question is, why can't we call terrorism for what it is, terrorism?

Life is not so cut and dried. Sometimes things end up burnt or under-cooked.

The old movies tried to warn us. They always made fun of cops and authority figures, at least in the junk I found interesting enough to watch the whole thing.

Filenko? Should I mention him? You might respond, "Who or what the Triple F is a Filenko?"

How many times was Dick Cheney on Meet the Press warning us of biological weapons and terrorists? Was there any mention of state sponsored Amerikkkan terrorism? No, I didn't think so.

I am trying to give people a route by which to escape all the lies and propaganda.

They were two nutjobs. The ISIS people they were in contact with was probably Special Agent Fred McGillicuddy plus persona management software.

See Turner, Hal.

I am playing long-form gotcha covering many years. I am not trying to predict if the C's will cover the spread in tonight's game at San Antonio.

Lenny Fritos said...

Stephen Hawking

Lenny Fritos said...

Joe DeRita was the Rondo of the Three Stooges. That's what I'm talking about. Moe and Larry were KG and Pierce. Go back a decade or two and DeRita would have been outclassed. But by 1963, Moe and Larry were already calcifying and shape shifting into dinosaurs. For all the flaws of JoJo McStooge and the petulant, high maintenance Rondo diva, those two were carrying former legends on their backs.

It is easy to blame the downfall of the stooges and the celtics on the two who showed up at the end. But the real problem was that Pierce, KG, Moe and Larry were shells of their former greatness.

In that respect, Rondo and Joe StoogeBreath were historic scapegoats for the schticko deleriumitis taking place under their alleged watch.

donkeytale said...

The trouble with playing the Hal Turner card is when you have a deck consisting of only 52 Hal Turners from which to deal.

It appears much more likely that the nutjobs were inspired and egged on by some fat slob conservative (also a "messianic Jew") worker bee colleague of the hubby who moonlighted as an anti-Islamic conservative blogger in his spare time.

I'm selling Hal Turner completely on this one.

Talk about creating your own reality. If this other story is true, fat messiah boy's blogging psychosis not only led to his demise but the deaths of many others.

Which means his karmic fate is sealed pretty much for eternity in the event.

My advice is be very careful about choosing which sharks to jump in the future, my of them could well be fat messiah boy's next incarnation....

Lenny Fritos said...

I've been doing some spring winter cleaning. I used to hoard all my junk from college. I am throwing out everything I can and keeping hold onto anything I wrote and any photocopied articles/books that still make sense to keep.

It is an extremely buddhist experience to let go of thingies.

While I still dreamt of being a long-form teacher, it made sense to keep everything.

So, basically it looks like eventually I will have original material to steal from myself and reproduce here.

I admit too often I go into delerium schticko mode with a little too much freeform digressionary movement into fantasy rambling and even the creation of fake words.

Feeding the blog is important. However, I should try harder to produce filet mignon styled entries over crushing up fritos or doritos, cooking them up, and then adding some ketchup, and then acting as if it is evidence of my greatness.

Or maybe I should come up with generic blog/comment type warnings for the reader.

Such as:

This is good stuff and not gratuitous wanking.

or perhaps...

If you can find anything else decent to read, you may want to skip the following.

Lenny Fritos said...

Hal Turner to me means much more than Hal Turner as one loser. You are correct that spy factory fakes come in every variety and not just the anti-Jew/Blacks Hal Turner model.

That is my mistake. I should have made it much clearer that I name drop Turner as a generic example of entrapment.

I knew a college student like that right wing Jew who seems to have exacerbated the Muslim dude's psychosis.

It reminds me of what Ron Paul said about the sniper. If you live by the sword, you will die by the sword.

The Spy Factory has paid fakes for every kind of nutjob they perceive as a threat.

It's called, "Flushing out the crazies."

To repeat, I am playing blog chess, not checkers.

Lenny Fritos said...

Yes, there is the concept of useful idiots and real people ending up doing the Spy Factory's dirty work. Again, this is social-psychology 101. This isn't Wolf Blitzer in the Situation Room. Maybe I need to put together a new blog entry on the profound differences between chess and checkers.

Lenny Fritos said...

I'm trying to hook up a scanner. I eventually want to add that to my schtick. For example, I have a photocopy of some C. Wright Mills. I could scan some of that and circumscribe it into a blog entry on Mills' concept of circumscribing, a mind bender of a blog entry, in theory.

Lenny Fritos said...

I heard Dallas has had one of the easiest schedules so far and that they could eventually hit the skids. Brooklyn is putting up a final stand against falling to the bowels of the standings, but I still maintain great hope that they will suck in spectacular fashion leading to the enabling of future Celtics' greatness.

Dallas as top seven protected would be a cool draft pick if they end up 8th or wtf worst team. Top ten picks are usually good bets. Thank you, Mr. Cuban.

Lenny Fritos said...

I've always wondered if Mark Cuban is Cuban or if that is a coincidence.

donkeytale said...

Ok, that makes perfect sense. You're playing Hal Turner chess disguised as Hal Turner checkers.

Dallas appears to be very similar to Boston, good coaching some solid NBA players none of whom are that great, a 45-50 win team with no real shot into the upper echelon anytime soon.

So, you can bank on a middle of the first rounder.

Do teams succeed in the NBA through lottery draft picks anymore?

I believe you will see Luke Walton go to the Lakers and rebuild the team in the image of Golden State.

The Warriors should go about 77-5 this year, sweep to their second consecutive title and then the sky will open and a golden chariot powered by a team of winged stallions will descend to scoop up Curry and whisk him off to heaven, where he will spend eternity shooting H-O-R-S-E with Pistol Pete Maravich for the bemusement of the Holy Trinity. In his spare time Curry will teach the 12 apostles the finer points of the pick n roll game coming off the wing.

Or maybe that will be after next year's Warriors go 81-1 and win their third straight title.

By then, LA-Boston should become the marquee match-up once more because the NBA wants it that way. That is, if Ainge can manage to draft or sign 1-2 transcendent players to go along with the current crop of semi stars.

donkeytale said...

It seems the Movement took my advice and doubled down on disrupting Trump's speech the other day.

I believe you re-tweeted that particular comment of mine so you earned an assist.

In other news, I see Ron got published again, this time in the Washington Times.

He's filling the vacuum on the right that you left behind when you stopped being their token "fairly liberal guy" or wtf Beck termed you.

But good for him. Glad to see he's working professionally again.

donkeytale said...

Ok, I kooked it up. Curry was picked 7th in 2009. Klay Thompson went 11th in 2011.

Boston may have a Klay Thompson-caliber player on the roster already.....maybe. Not sure

Nobody has a Steph Curry. Dude is shooting better from three point land (.468) than Boston's guards are shooting twos. And Curry is shooting a lot of 3's. He leads the league by far in makes and is on pace for 418 total. Average 5 per game in case you are scoring at home..58.5% in his last 4 games....

Wow. The only chance the NBA has to atop him is the disabled list.

Everbohdee know wut he's going to do night after night.

Lenny Fritos said...

I just learned that a new CNN poll showing H. Triple Face dominating Bernmeister nationally is based on not one voter under 50.


Have I won or not won the internet?

Did I not say that all these dumbass polls are based on The View watchers? People go blah blah well Joy Behar, uhm, what about Elisabeth Hasselbeck?

They can obfuscate my greatness with tangential digressions. I think Hasselbeck is hot but despicable. There, I wrote it. I would kick her out of the sack for bread crumbs. I have integrity.

Lenny Fritos said...

I forget when, maybe a couple days ago, but I did pimp your schtick possibly even more than I did on behalf of the misunderstood greatness of Joe DeRita.

It's possible that GS has broken the NBA code and will go 77-5 as you say or 81-1 in 2016-17.

I guess a good way to gauge that would be to follow the 76er's and do an inverse calculation. Say Philly is projected to go 5-77. That would be solid evidence that GS will go 77-5. I can't explain the kooks and cranberries of how I came up with that mathematical discovery. It'd be the same as expecting CNN to explain why no one under 50 should be polled when gauging the true prospects for Bernie and Hillary.

Then there's Harry Enten as the voice of reason saying polls mean squat in regards to Trump's true chances of winning the other political conference. That line of thinking doesn't apply to polls saying Hillary has the coronation in the bag. And I don't expect Enten to explain his methodology or why one thing is true for one side but not the other.

It must be jealousy for why so many people are fed up with Harry Enten. He is obviously a genius and might even be God.

Lenny Fritos said...

Avery Bradley is on fire. He is shooting the basketball extremely well over a decent chunk of time. His defense, which is what got him into the league, is back to a top notch a-grade level.

I think Leonard on the Spurs is a great example of someone coming out of nowhere to become the best player or one of the best.

I am not saying coronate Avery Bradley to the all-star team, but one never knows.

Marcus Smart still needs to turn the corner on offense, but he is already a hall-of-fame level player on defense.

Sullinger has major skills, but until he gets into 100% shape, it could be a mirage.

Sully was considered a top five talent but had back issues and he dropped to the low 20's.

Isaiah Thomas is just about hall-of-fame for offense or is on his way. He'd have to keep improving on defense to have a chance to reach top of the zeitgeist star value.

Of course many Celtics fans are salivating over the chance to trade for DeMarcus Cousins, but I'm not so sure it is worth the risk.

I would rather Ainge go slow and steady. Free agents and draft picks cost nothing. You don't have to give up anything.

It's all about timing. The Spurs had a great run because they put together their big three relatively early in their careers and didn't run them into the ground. All their other decisions have been almost as good as their luck with drafting Duncan.

Amir Johnson is someone who could have emerged as NBA greatness if he had more tread left on his tires. I guess the moral of that story is don't waste most of your career in Toronto unless you don't care about destiny or reaching the zeitgeist zenith.

donkeytale said...

If Avery Bradley, whoever he is, is "on fire" then I guess Steph Curry is a hydrogen bomb? When you say the Warriors have figured out the league what you are really saying is Curry is making history during this run and not by a little, but by so much that he is living on his own planet, if not in another universe altogether.

Curry's "true" shooting percentage YTD is an incredible 70%, 9 points higher than Bird or Jordan's best seasons which are the previous best evers for non-centers. The only other player who comes close is Artis Gilmore, who of course shot all dunks and layups at the rim and took far fewer shots per game.

Curry has sucked all the oxygen out of the league. There is really nothing else at this point to discuss, unless you want to predict Boston will end the winning streak Friday night?

donkeytale said...

The Front National, the neo-Nazi French party just became the Golden State of French politics based entirely on the reaction to the Paris killings.

Will Donald Trump or some other GOP troglodyte manage the same feat in the US post-San Berdoo?

ISIS, er I mean Hal Turner, is controlling the politics of the unfree world at the moment.

Lenny Fritos said...

People used to ask who is Kiwi Leonard or who is Stephen Chips and Curry?

I have a new schtick in beta mode. I come up with not very funny nicknames. It is hilarious because it is not funny one bit. It is comedy so bad, that it is good. It defies the existing paradigms for what is or is not funny.

As for the word troglodyte, I have another theory. People who use that word on the internet are usually 99% wearing a lampshade on their head at the office Christmas party.

You are the exception to the rule. I imagine you are mocking the dead Jewish man who picked at the inequality sores of the Muslim people.

The moral of the story is don't be a dickhead?

I think you implied this when first mentioning the office debates or wtf between the right wing Jew and the confused man.

Maybe the moral is that Karmafish used the same formula of obnoxious toxicity of the city.

Lenny Fritos said...

Rumor has it that stats are for losers.

Maybe Curry is the Tiger Woods of the NBA making a mockery of the sport.

I think the Celtics were the team which brought that long Houston Rocket winning streak to a crashing halt. They had won twenty in a row.

If any team could end Golden State's reign of terror, it would be the C's.

Unfortunately, everyone now knows the Celtics are not a team to mess with. It won't be a so-called trap game. Maybe we need to predict the opposite of who we think will end the GS winning streak. So look for Orlando or Minnesota to do it. One of those teams. GS is probably too good with the Lakers, Philly, and Brooklyn so bad, that they can't be considered as "trap game" possibilities.

It is a different league. There is no way to know how Bird would do today or Curry back then.

It is a debate that leads to a dead end.

In Bird's defense, he had some grotesque injury to his shooting hand fingers. That might have been in his last year of college. Before the injury he put up the same kind of cheating numbers for shooting the basketball. I know. I know what youse guys are thinking. What if Larry Bird's aunt had balls. She'd be his uncle.

If GS can maintain this at all and shatter the records, they deserve tremendous credit. No debate there.

It's heavy metal Monday Morning on the Lenny Fritos Radio Network.

Lenny Fritos said...

France is France. Aren't they the the same maggots who bowed to Mr. Hitler and kissed his Nazi feet?

People can mock my Hal Turner paid fake/useful idiot socratisation system, but when military numbnuts go on cable news and complain about Snowden and their newfound inability to absolutely f*** with us, they are referring to me and my schtick.

When I am mocked for mentioning Hal Turner early and often, it is basically a defensive reaction to being informed that everything is rigged.

You early and often say that informers, snitch rats, the man, the woman man, all sorts of non-regular guys have always been in the midst of activism.

With such a view, there is never room for a gotcha moment. No schadenfreude. No nothing for nobody.

All one gets is the moving of the field goal posts.

That was not "terrorism" or everything is terrorism. In the Bizarro World of crime stats, those two nutjobs were the Curry of evil three pointers.

The roots of Amerikkkan mental illness are to be found from within with the point of departure being the Pentagon. Bet on it?

How 'bout those Chicago cops? Are they not also terrorists?

bring your own bombs

Lenny Fritos said...

Fricken omg Hal Turner may or may not have just shown up on the Monarch Butterfly entry that haunts this blog to this day.

Some dude left two posts with the second one ending with a quote from Michael Rivero.

I shall either ignore the troglodyte or pass on the link to the masterpiece showcasing The Last Name Left kicking around Mike Rivero as if he were a tomato can.

I knew Hal Turner was back. He has new shows uploaded to YouTube. Not that I really want to listen to it and socratise.

I am not the same fruitcake I was back in my earlier internet incarnation.

"I am the voice of the common man." ~~ Harold "Hal" Turner

donkeytale said...

The game hasn't really changed. Golden State has changed the game.

Far from being an occasional weapon they are making the three the focus of the offense. Someone said presciently they are changing the game at the margins by playing it from the margins.

The traditional big man game is dead. The loosers are the ones trying find and develop big men.

This change is merely reflected in the stats. Otherwise you are almost sorta mostly correct, as usual. Stats are for loosers unless they can be utitilised to prove a valid point.

Yes, there is no way to compare Curry with Jordan/Bird at this stage.

Curry will need more rings. But nothing like him has been seen in basketball. Ever.

That is also conspiracy fact.

donkeytale said...

My point regarding the French is will the same belief take hold here? Let's see where the meaningless polls go in the next few weeks....

I grok the govt did it theory and it is mostly sorta kinda valid as conspiracy theories go. In fact the beauty of the CT is that it is impossible to validate or invalidate. It simply morphs regardless.

It also requires the employment of copious amounts of tin foil.

What does Greenwald say? The Snowden Industry also suffers hugely as a result.

donkeytale said...

There is also the motivation of Terrroism Inc to scare the bejeebus out of Amerikkans who let's face it, are either paranoid, pussies or paranoid pussies [projection alert].

My thesis is these events move the cheese to the right regardless if ISIS is behind it (probable), the govt is behind it (possible) or ISIS and GOP are taking opportunistic advantage of the situation regardless who is behind it, the truth of which is likely to be never known and in fact scarcely matters at this point.

Bernie punted after Paris which was a bigger political gaffe than his "damn emails" comment during the first debate.

He has placed himself on the sidelines and out of the game during this critical time when he needs all the exposure he can get. While I agree with him intellectually, emotionally and morally, the sad fact is getting elected is more about opportunism and strumming the media fiddle than these other munificent human traits at which he excels.

Lenny Fritos said...

There have never been a million old school centers. There was Shaq and Hakeem.

Let me ask you this, though. What happens to Golden State if by chance the second coming of Shaq or Kareem emerges?

I suppose the prototype for today's center would be Bill Russell.

Yes, GS kicking arse is mostly a result of their dominating both three point lines.

The Celtics are similar, but unfortunately only a few of the guys can hit them consistently.

Rick Pitino was a jet setter despite ultimately failing as an NBA coach. He figured if folks could hit 40% or close for threes, that would give a team a remarkable advantage.

I think the downfall of the NBA center is good for parity.

These guys are very fast. The defense has never been this good. Isaiah Thomas, in theory, should ruin a team's defense. But the other C's make up for his lack of height. I am talking about rotations and double teams.

I am not ready to coronate Golden State as anything other than a mini-dynasty at this point and that is contingent on their repeating.

But I do know what you mean. Sacramento got absolutely torched by Boston. DeMarcus Cousins was simply unable to do what he wanted to.

There was a time when Dwight Howard put the fear of God into the league. That was then, this is now.

Teams that develop unselfish two-way players will be the future contenders. If as team could find a seven foot freak athlete, they would be far ahead of the game.

If Isaiah can put the fear of god into the opposition, imagine a seven footer with the skills of a point guard and the pizzazz of a small forward.

Magic Johnson?

LeBron is too muscle bound. I think a team can develop someone whose role will be to neutralise Curry.

Once that team emerges, the reign of terror will lessen in its brutality.

The pressure can only mount on GS as this proceeds forward. There must be ten teams competent enough to have a realistic chance against them.

In that respect, yes, the C's could be the ones to end this Wayne Gretzky-esque mockery of traditional mediocrity but in basketball form. There are definitely basketball gods. That is conspiracy fact or close. I would not count on Golden State dynasty eggs before they're hatched.

Look at what happened to Tiger Woods. He was making Jack Nicklaus seem to be a girly man historic golf presence.

I wish San Antonio was younger. They seem to be the only realistic chance to stop GS unless one believes in Cleveland and LeBron which I don't.

I am fascinated with the Clippers. On paper, they should be in the small pool of true contenders. Maybe they are just off to a bad start.

It may be more about a downturn in the West being dominant than about GS all of a sudden becoming everyone's daddy. There's this concept called stat padding.

Lenny Fritos said...

Oops, a Bill Russell who can hit three pointers.

Lenny Fritos said...

This is simply what happens when political molasses drips too slowly. I also think there's the possibility you are up to a reverse-jinx. Or perhaps you are the hard-boiled sports fan of a looooser team but for politics. You'd like to see the Cubs (Bernie?) win the World Series, but Hillary Clinton appears to be the historic menace NY Yankees.

This is about reverse jinxes or cold, calculating, debilitating cynicism. We both know Hillary as the nominee would give us nowhere else to go. We need an FDR. That is what the situation demands. Not Hillary Rmoney or Donald Long.

Lenny Fritos said...

Wait a second. Wasn't FDR behind Japanese internment camps? That would be the wrong guy for the current econo-terror mess we now find ourselves circumscribed into.

Oh, I made an offer to Hal Turner and Brandon Darby to be the guests on my first blogcast.

I'm not sure I'm gonna do that. I go back and forth with the idea.

I could see myself and Brandon making for some compelling, irrelevant internet medium spewage. Turner, not so much. I can't see him staying on the FBI payroll for too much longer. He has not changed. He has tweeted some very wild, over the top shite. He's still the same agent provocateur triple f.

I'm trying to think of an equivalent scenario. Hal Turner is doubling down and ginning it up way after the schadenfreude. It'd be like taking Dick Cheney or Hillary Clinton at face value with what all we know. Don Lemon. And Anderson Cooper once worked for the CIA. That too, Horatio, is conspiracy fact. He interned for them. That's a form of work. And he also did a dumbass t.v. show called Mole Face or wtf.

Erin Burnett is probably still worth $12 million. Who's she? A CNN fake news host and rich robber baron type/goldman sachs, her husband or something. Fricken.

Lenny Fritos said...

No one was behind the "terrorism," just like two white guys and a Black guy didn't mow down G.I. Joe in Illinois. Have you already forgotten that little piece of news?

I bonded for a few brief tweets with this news chick Erin Moriarty. I think she even retweeted me once. I'm not sure. But the two of us were well in agreement Filenko is a numbnut. That type of experience gave me quite the buzz. It was a nobody regular guy (me) having the equivalent of an internet martini over agreeing on how prescient we were being in real time.

Then what do you know? Hmmmm. Or as TLNL would say, "Hmmmm, tossers and wankers? Crikey?" G.I. Joe did it to himself because he was a dirty cop who I chicken dance over.

donkeytale said...

Actually I did forget or maybe never knew GI Joe. However SB occurred the facts are 14 people died here, one of the perps pledged allegiance to ISIS and ISIS said they were followers.

The facts which beyond that are unknown scarcely matter. Nor do the tin foil explanations eveb if they turn out to also be facts.

Bernie is simply not a foreign policy guy. He looses each day the focus remains on terridm.

If it stays this way through NH he's in deep dog trouble. Alls I'm saying. Not experiencing joy in saying it either. Hole in his game. Yes I am rooting for Bernie, and no I think Hillary ultimately doesnt gain from this turner of events either.

donkeytale said...

Interesting question about centers. Olajuwan of course. Walton and Russell yes. Parrish even yes. Dont forget Duncan.

Kareem no way in today's game. Nyet also to Shaq.

Howard is basically Shaq.

Guys who can play high post pick n roll, pass and shoot. Low post has been rendered irrelevant by the zone and three point accuracy of todaze guards.

I think Boston should explore using a smaller line-up. Isnt that what allowed them to come back against SA when they were basically getting drilled for 3 quarters?

they need more guys who can shoot is all.

Lenny Fritos said...

The Celtics are actually playing right now as I type this. That's a fairly astounding comment if you think Kareem and Shaq would be neutralised or otherwise not as dominant in today's game.

Who would stop them? They also weren't too shabby as rim protectors. I'm not grokking that. Like I said, it is impossible to translate different eras. You can't make a value judgement either way.

Didn't Ron Paul warn that if you live by the three, you die by the three?

Plus, Curry needs to be an all-star or close to that on defense or he's just another Isaiah Thomas. LeBron, while annoying, has been impressive in Moses Malone jump on my back fashion. They could pick any four dudes off of Philly streets, maybe even your buddy fieldnegro and beat the other team. LeBron is the fricken terminator especially with the refs in his back pocket.

Lenny Fritos said...

No way in hell town is Dwight Superman in any conversation with Shaq. Wow.

Lenny Fritos said...

No schtick is off the table.

Lenny Fritos said...

You never answered about the quote, "It's the economy, stupid."

I've mentioned this before, but you seem to be wearing a lot of reverse tinfoil. You might as well get youseself micro-chipped and tracked.

I cannot be boxed in too easily. I've been talking paid fakes and useful idiots ever since getting into the schtick business back circa 2006.

I suppose at some point I'll forget to make a lame bump post at my first blog and it'll get deleted.

We were not only prescient, us two. We were prolific and proficient. And good use of the word munificent, laddie. That's a solid college word I had to google. Well-played, Mr. Bond.

Lenny Fritos said...

The C's aren't playing well. They are missing Marcus Smart. But the Pelicans are another garbage team, so it's nearly tied early still in the 2nd quarter. It feels like a game one could wait an hour and just show up at the end.

These are two teams going in opposite directions. I will predict during some stretch the C's will get their act together and crush the Pelicans' spirit.

Lenny Fritos said...

I may have been instantly prescient in real time. The C's went from three down when I wrote what I wrote to up nine at halftime. And Isaiah Thomas is on hydrogen fire. I'm talking epic offense, close to perfect shooting. This is a guaranteed win for the C's on the road unless it becomes a trap game within what was a cupcake win.

Lenny Fritos said...

I'm live blogging the Celtic's game. I am starting to see the end of the tunnel for real life obligations. I just have to come up with something to blog on. This thread has turnered to epic comment stat stuffing. The content is not as good as the few other marathon comment sections found deep within the dfq2 archives, but we are definitely Cal Ripkening a mediocre unpaid product into some decent volume. Mediocre means not necessarily too bad. Or to be more specific, not too shabby.

Lenny Fritos said...

Whoever invented the back scratcher was a genius. It's still halftime, but I felt I had more to say.

Lenny Fritos said...

That guy Davis, the unabrower? Can't he wax or shave that?

Lenny Fritos said...

Joan Crawford used to grow a bush over her eyes. Or back in the day beauty marks otherwise known as fake moles were all the fashion. To top it off in pre-codes moms and sons, etc. would give close to wet kisses. Wtf? They used to plant them that creepy in real life? I am referring to the five mile bucket of beer run era, by foot. But you probably forgot about that also. That's okay. There are a million stories. Unless your halfbake tinfoil proves actual contact between the alleged terrorists i.e. nutjobs and ISIS, you win the internet, my friend.

The game is back on. Blog chess.

Lenny Fritos said...

61-49 Boston. Bradley got a four pointer, the three and a free throw. I think he was a big time high school prospect out of Austin, Texas. He's one of your people, bro.

And didn't a Latino dude give the ISIS Americanised terrorists their weapons? And their bombs didn't even seem to work. I'm not grokking nothing from nobody. It's a mass killing, no different than others. A lot of damage was done, though. Not as much as with the Boston Marathon bombing, but up there. How many did that one rich kid kill in Southern Cali? I think you got into that one a little. Was he a terrorist? Or the Sandy Hook psycho? Is he a terrorist? You're better than this. For crying out loud, the game is on.

update because I had to fix a typo above. It's 70-51 Boston Celtics. How more prescient can one be? Anyone can check the time stamps and see that I nailed the prognostication for this hoops game. Knock on wood my zeitgeist election sniffing is as fruitful. Godspeed, Berns.

donkeytale said...

We invented the self back patter.

That should count for something.

donkeytale said...

According to voluminous research, Avery Bradley was born and raised in the state of Washington.

He spent exactly one season at UT and then declared for the draft. But he probably enjoyed his short stay in Austin is my guess. He also played in Nevada, Maine and Israel, so he is just as much a mobster, Yankee and a Jew as he is a Texan.

UT used to be pretty good but never got over the NCAA hump, afaik. Durant came from DC but also stopped in Austin for a quick cup o coffee on his way up the ladder to the big show.

donkeytale said...

The kill stats put the SB bombing well above the Boston Marathon bombing.

14-6 if you are scoring at home.

It is conspiracy fact. This bombing is crowding economic stupidity out of the news and gives life to otherwise lifeless GOP contenders plus Hillary for some reason who was once Head of Foreign Affairs. You would think this would harm her chances as she did not do a great job but the experience alone seems to be keeping her afloat at least in some no doubt inaccurate polls.

And the facebook pledge of allegiance to ISIS makes all the difference too, although I agree I did not see the posting so it could be the work of a neo-Hal Turner. Tin foil theory demands such an explanation.

The SoCal movie kid deal was confirmed a Travis Bickle/Holden Caulfield-style hybrid affair. Lone rich white kid not known to have converted to Islam. Basically, I think he was horny and couldn't get laid even though he possessed all the tools, drove a Beemer, had lots of spending cash and his dad was Hollywood bigshot. I can understand his extreme frustration under the circumstances. At least when you are a broke looser you can blame your economic disadvantages. This kid had no excuses.

Nun. Whatsoever.

And the Boston boys were Caucasians. Literally. Their deal seemed less immediate than this one because they were from the Caucuses (I believe) which is the ancestral home of the Whiteysphere and a place where to my knowledge we have never involved ourselves as a marauding imperialist force for evil. We left that to our good friends, the Russians.

And one of the Dzosvenshkys (or wtf) resembled a teen idol, so unlike movie kid he had no trouble getting laid. But you are correct. Many valid comparisons could be made to all these events because innocent people died in every single one. It all depends on your perspective. But the events themselves hardly matter and rationalizing them makes no difference. It is what they mean in the momentary zeitgeist, particularly as it pertains to the 2016 presiditzial race, that concerns us here today.

Yes, the Mexican next door is an interesting figure in this caper. It would be nice to know what his deal was but since we will never know tin foil theory here too requires that he become a Geraldo Turner-like suspect.

In summary, both Boston and SB bombings were equally horrific events differing in some respects and resembling in others but this one is now and that one was then.

Bernie is still 50-50 until further notice in February.

donkeytale said...

LOL. SB of course was a shooting, not a bombing but you get my drift....

donkeytale said...

This concludes todays stat padding.

Lenny Fritos said...

Hmmm, thanks for the info on Bradley and for the funny, original writing. You nailed it.

At the last moment, I saw that Avery was born in Washington, but I had the info that he played in Austin, Texas.

I didn't know he was in Maine or Israel. I am pretty sure he was a top prospect coming out of high school, a phenom so to speak.

I had the info I needed to prove my point and the other stuff would have contradicted that. Unfortunately, you decided to play some blog chess and ruined my comment.

Nonetheless, he was in Texas for a cup of coffee. That should count for something and give you an excuse to root for him.

He may also have some Asian blood, so that should get him some Mrs. donkeytale love.

I'm pretty sure Kendrick Perkins is 100% Texan. I thought he was the funniest guy on the team. But he was so droll with his delivery, few realised his comedic genius. Rondo is also very funny and is a big time troll. He is one of us. We attack Rondo because he is one of us who failed us. He has become a man without a home. The trolls have tired of him, same as traditional NBA conformist thought has him currently pinned. I doubt anyone but Sacramento wanted him. Maybe he would have ended up on the Lakers for the Kobe schadenfreude schtick. I haven't been afraid of Kobe's game since Pierce took him to the woodshed in the 2008 Finals.

Lenny Fritos said...

"On April 15, 2013, double bombings near the finish line of the Boston Marathon killed three people and injured at least 264."

14 were killed with 17 injured in San Bernardino?

Death is death, sure, but the Boston numbers eclipse SB's. I am also not sure what is up with those injured. If someone only got a flesh wound (in the butt), that would be much better than having your legs blown off.

I like this dialogue because we're not forcing the other to do a lot of research, only for what we must to fact check.

I think the Boston kids were part of Eastern terrorism. I think you lose your blog chess rook if you persist down than line of thought.

I am calling the links to terrorism for both events marginal at best.

I am not watching cable news. I am not a news junkie. I used to be.

This allegiance to ISIS is a so-called schtick.

Even if it's true, what does it mean? The nutjob wife used a sock puppet to claim allegiance to ISIS?

That makes her ISIS and the act an act of war by ISIS on Amerikkkan soil?

Haha, and I'm the one allegedly all covered in tinfoil.

Lenny Fritos said...

I don't appreciate that dumbass Mike Rivero fan dumping his comment load on the project butterfly brainwash or wtf thread. That's one good thing about padding the comments. Anything you'd rather not have on the front page goes poof, buh-bye.

omg, i have forgotten to take my supplements and allergy pill. it's your fault.

Lenny Fritos said...

The funny thing about that kid was his standards. He needed some barbie doll. I've always been attracted to so-called plain looking women. I call them real women like Jeanne Moreau or Nina Turner, the lovely person from Ohio who has joined the enough is enough movement.

Lenny Fritos said...

Bernie is on the right track. And I am even a little bit impressed with Obama's let's keep it real evolving.

The wingnuts are blaming this on Obama. They forget that it was the Bush-Cheney nonsense that created ISIS. Or I am guessing. It is boring. We are in a post internet as entertaining era.

The glitter from your bread and circus schtick has worn off. Not you. You are still shining on like a crazy diamond. Shine on you crazy diamond. You reached for the secret too soon. You cried for the moon. You know what I mean?

I'm down to Celtics games, youtube movies, and your writing for giving a f***.

Lenny Fritos said...

I'm not going to run around and collate the stats. but I'm saying don't allow the MIC to spin this into further hell through propaganda.

This is (Evan) turnering the ball over easier than I thought. We have instant bingo with Timothy McVeigh: 168 dead with over 500 injured

Elliot Rodger - six dead, fourteen injured.

Roger's numbers look comparable to the recent one. Not as bad, but not that far off for one person.

Is Rodger a terrorist?

My blog chess gambit is to argue that the main roots of mass killings have nothing to do with terrorism and much to do with mentally ill psychopaths living in a country with a pathological social structure socially reproduced and headed towards almost guaranteed dystopia unless good people take ownership of all medium.

Don't worry about Trump winning. If by chance, Hillary beats Bernie, I'm sure she will win Obama's third term. I think it's okay to root for Trump winning the other nomination. It will help with progressives finally taking over. A guy like Bernie has been an outlier. Maybe Warren. I wouldn't mind a country run by people like them.

The DINO's have never been more vulnerable to losing control of the party, imho.

The Republican Party is so weird. I like that somehow. That helps even if we haven't seem much progressive results. It is tough to maintain hope, but if there is any, it might start emerging like you say in a couple months. (see done, I'm)

donkeytale said...

McVeigh is hard to beat. How about the Waco thingie, David Koresh? That one included religious wackos and government overkill. Televised!. Pretty blatant and overt there and yet there was still enough tin foil to circle the earth twice over from that event.

Yes, we could do a hilarious bit on all these murderous schticks from every conceivable angle, theory, conspiracy, etc.


We could become the Nate Silver and Enten the Terrible of Amerikkan Mass Murder!

I can finally smell bigtime with this one. Just goes to show, hang around long enough and you will hit the lotto.

Of course. And we would make it funny too! We definitely have the comic chops. Bad taste comedian always win out in the end. Stern. Huge bucks. Maher. ditto. There was that big guy in the 80s.

No, no, we can say in response to the uproar, the low brows don't grok our serious artistry, this is hipper than thou parody. I mean come on sheeple, there is one of these multiple murderous thingies in the US of A-Holes every day of the week. And we only get skeered when it is tied to ISIS.

Trump! who is in worse taste than him? And Amerikkka loves him for it!

We will be the Trumps of mass merder and terridm.

I don't need his $9 billion, either.

$80-90 mil will do me just fine.

Even if I was rich I'd still be blogging with my buddy. Maybe smoke some good weed now and again since I could retire and not have to think anymore. Yeah, smoke weed and blog all day. The Amerikkkan dream.

donkeytale said...

Murder is murder and maiming is maiming. It just depends on what you believe to be more important to you. Perspective or perspiration. Chicken or beef?

200 base hits or 50 taters?

I for one place more emphasis on death tallies. The udder finality of it. But that's just me. You may find the numbers of survivors living with limbs blown off more compelling. In the old days I may have agreed with you. Back when people were forced to crawl on their stumps. But now they get those cool bladed thingies, they can even run in the Olympics, do commercials, become wealthy celebs, marry beautiful blondes....and KILL THEM!!!

donkeytale said...

You are mad at me but you got even. I'm now studying Boston Celtics bios in my spare time.

Isaiah Thomas......also a native Washingtonian. But he must not have been that good as Bradley because rarity or rarities, he stayed in school for three whole years.

Looser. J/k. He done good lately.

donkeytale said...

Friday night should be a barn burner when the Celts host the Warriors.

donkeytale said...

Speaking of GS, with 7:57 left in the 2nd qtr, they are trouncing Indiana, in Indiana, 56-37.

56 points in 16 minutes. Indiana I supposed to be pretty good this year.

Lenny Fritos said...

It'll be the leftier than thou version of Morton Downey Jr..

No, you shut the fuck up, you fake left DINO breath.

That's some excellent prose above.

So yes, it's a numbers racket plus spin. Great minds think alike. Jonestown came to mind. Should that one count? It's like those titles the Lakers are claiming from Minnesota. It's controversial.

I wouldn't mind some Anne Coulter for guest. And don't forget Nancy Grace. I guess we'll do it like a lottery system. We don't either one of us to pull a Paul Simon or Yoko type shenanigan.

Lenny Fritos said...

It seems my best point was asking where's the chicken beef for this alleged ISIS link. Was it a sock puppet? If she was in such great contact with professional league terrorists, why did the wackadoo wife-husband bomb work apparently suck worse than Rondo's free throw shooting?

Yes, thank you. I see you have pulled the blog form of exchanging the rook with blog king to fortify defense.

John Wayne Gacy? What about serial killers? Are they terrorists? Why are they penalised for infamy rating simply for needed stretches of time to reach greater numbers than the deranged kids you call terrorists.

I am calling it a crime scene, period. There's no need to watch Meet the Press and start wars and gin up/double down on surveillance.

The Celtics are good. Look at their casualty rate for opponents. They have destroyed whol teams. McHale got fired. Even blah blah teams such as Sacramento and now the Pelicans have been informed they have a new daddy called the Boston Celtics.

Lenny Fritos said...

On paper, GS/Boston should be a good game. But who knows. It sounds like it may be one we both end up watching.

The Celtics are still missing Marcus Smart, but the other guys have been gelling.

GS could blow out the C's because they have been consistently hot or cold. The C's are volatile, though on the upswing.

Brad Stevens is playing basketball chess. I've watched probably 98% of it. 538 might have just jinxed them, giving them good odds for this year right now currently be here now.

I like it. I like it a lot. I am gonna try to find that article. I like wasting time on the irrelevant things I care about. I could care less. Not I couldn't care less. I reversed the line. I hate people who write they could care less when it's not what they mean, the numbnutted dumbasses.

Lenny Fritos said...

I could feast off of twenty grand. I'm not even sure what I'd do with it. Go traveling? Buy a pinball machine? I don't need millions like you for God who knows what reasons.

There is definitely a need for socialism and a redistribution of wealth. Then you'll see a reduction in mass killings.

But there is this thing called a tipping point. That's my fear. The Earth is a work of art. There is enough for everyone. There truly is a how things ought to be instead of this is how things are.

Maybe there are other planets? I can't see us all killed off. Extinction schticks. It's said in a billion trillion years the sun will explode or wtf and we're done. It's surreal to be a jolly old ancient of days in this infotainment era you speak of. McLuhan, man. That was mind-blowing. He predicted the internet when all the loooosers were talking up holograms or wtf. And now we can fake remember our past incarnations through old movies at youtube. That's my take on it for a reincarnation news update.

donkeytale said...

111-83 after three in Indy. Warriors outboarding, out assisting and out stealing.

Oh yeah. They had 79 points at the break. 62% FG%, 50% from three. Perfecto fromm the charity stripe. They hung 75 on somebody the other day by halftime.

The good news for Celtics fans: they may be leaving some on the floor in Indy. Add in the Celtic mystique, some zeitgeist theory, a pinch of tin foil along with the law of averages and Boston may well be the team to do what no other has done since what, last June?

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound

donkeytale said...

Was only kidding about the 80-90 million. I don't believe in asking for anything. I have been profoundly poor and wealthier than I am now and both suck in different ways.

There is too much pressure that comes with money. And it is worse for the addictive personality. You can never get enough but the problem is you cant roll money and get high off it so it doesn't even relieve your jones.

I've never been a possessions guy. Stuff actually irritates me. I give it away mostly and prefer to travel light. I can't stand having clothes or shoes unless I know I'm going to wear them out through overuse. If I sense I don't need something...its gone. My 2008 Civic just went over 290K. I'm installing a catalytic converter next week to see if I can get to 400K. And I drive a lot for work. Never fly anywhere. Have to keep moving. Don't know why just do.

I never let anybody give me anything. If they force it on me I deliver it to Salvation Army or give it to someone else who needs it.

Lenny Fritos said...

In theory, the Celtics lose by five or ten points.

Everyone else is getting pounded by Curry. I am actually not worried about it. I have this new outlook. It's only one game. I look at every game that way, to a point.

I do remember exact games from this year. Some were much better than others.

Basketball is a process. It isn't any one game.

The Houston Rocket game was mind blowing. Something happened that night and then McHale was fired.

On paper, yes, this GS-C's game should be as good as it gets. Unless you count the next time Cleveland or San Antonio takes them on.

I agree there is a small advantage for the Celtics based on a combination of the law of averages and zeitgeist theory.

No one to this day can explain how myself and 538 were in agreement the Celtics would be cool beans even before game one.

When zeitgeist sniffing and fake statistical science end up in agreement, that is an anomaly.

I actually mean that if the Celtics lose a game or otherwise suck, then it becomes only one insignificant game. However, when they play well and coaches get immediately fired or whole teams go into a tailspin, you know that game had some extra significance, though those games also will eventually be forgotten.

As it should. Who needs a million clothes items. I respect your philosophy.

I watched this Japanese movie by a famous director called Kinoshita. If he had a nickname, it wasn't shita and giggles.

The rich kid is living opposite to the poor girl. They can see each other through the windows. They are both teenagers. The girl has tuberculosis and should be moved to Arizona for better breathing and sunlight or to the area in Japan where such nice weather for health improvement exists.

The kid's dad must be a nouveau richie rich cunningham face. I don't know. So rich and poor are right there. The rich house faces the sun. The poor people's house doesn't.

The name of the movie translated to English means Sincerity.


Lenny Fritos said...

The basic plot is the kid wants to make a deal with his dad to help the girl. He is a good athlete, but he also needs a tutor. He goes nuts studying with the hope of his dad coming through. The dad had promised a lot of money for a car or traveling if the son could get it done.

I won't say more because I don't want to spoil it.

It's okay to not be an asshole.

That is the problem with our country. There are too many assholes.

We need to take over all the medium. Politics. Laws. How society is structured.

We need to weed out the morons from every facet of power in this country.

It couldn't be clearer what must be done, what must change.

For example, I go after Teach for America because it is an easy problem to fix. But then one sees Obama helped them. One sees they have a lot of power. It makes no sense. Republicans. Democrats. Reality.

That is also the root of trolling. Good people get frustrated. Then they are herded onto social media where they either find a balancing point or they let it all go and just start raging. Or maybe that's Hal Turner. It's mysterious, this contraption. I long for the fake days when people had those funny voices with old codgers. The blooming carnations schtick or wtf.

And nothing will ever match Walter Huston's performance in The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948). Nothing, I sez to the guy.

Chuck Woolery had a show called Greed. It wasn't the same thing. It glorified greed. I am a big fan of fables and brutal truths. There is a certain inevitability to the concept of people in power losing power. The question is what will be left when we the good regular guys are finally ushered into power.

Some people end their irrelevant basketball comments on public message boards with, Go Celtics!

I am not so shallow. There is more to life than that. There is even more to life than Stephen Curry even if GS is able to go 82-0 and then 16-0 to complete a perfect season. GS's actual opponent is really Bill Belichick. Both franchises are trying to break the ultimate of codes. They are playing sports chess while other teams are mailing it in and praying for wins.

But that's just sports. So I end this post with:

Go Bernie!

Lenny Fritos said...

an oopsies update:

Director: Masaki Kobayashi
Writer: Keisuke Kinoshita

Sincerity (1953)
"Magokoro" (original title)

Lenny Fritos said...

I'm not special. I admit it. But I am proud of a few things I got done with youtube. From fixing the subtitles to Street Angel to fricken uploading some Josephine Baker movies made in France. She was a proud Black chick who like many were shut out of the Hollywood system unless they wanted to play maids or work on trains. Along with learning lines like, "Yes, Boss."

It's little things like that which let me get away with attacking Black elites.

The key to trolling proper is to leave the opposition with nowhere to go.

The best is watching pro-Hillary voters' heads explode. They don't want to debate Bernie versus Hillary. They want unity against the evil Republikkkans, as in if we could only vote out the wingnuts, there would be peace in the valley and patriotic Elvis tunes. Hush little baby, don't you cry. You know your daddy was meant to die..... Glory, glory, halle berry fucking lula... glory, glory, C's will beat GS du duhm. Glory, glory, hallie berry. DFQ2 is marching on.

Fuck the KosKops. I don't even go there anymore. FU to all fake leftists. They are the problem.

Lenny Fritos said...

You know how I despise cursing and often edit my fucks into f***s, but fuck you Elvis. Fuck you Frank Sinatra. Hello, Judy!

"Judy Garland Battle Hymn of the Republic * Glory Glory hallelujah *"

Lenny Fritos said...

That chick was so drugged up, but I'm the loser because I like to smoke weed and blog. Wow.

Lenny Fritos said...

If you truly want to be depressed, say you are feeling a little bit too happy, there's always Judy's last concert in Baltimore.

Lenny Fritos said...

That's how I sound even when singing in the shower.

Lenny Fritos said...

Rumor has it that after the show she yelled at her people to hurry up and grab the scotch and valium.

Lenny Fritos said...

In Judy's defense, she was still doing well for herself in 1963. But from then on, she really deteriorated. I've never seen a 40 year old woman age that quickly. And wow, it just hit me that this is the exact best example for your wisdom that money can't buy you love. It can only buy you weed and valium. Too bad Judy Garland wasn't born later on in life like today when maybe she would have gotten hooked on weed rather than prescription drugs.

It breaks my heart what happened to JudesFace.

All that fame and money left her with no place to go than some shack in London to die a lonely death.

Right now, this moment, you go give Mrs. Donkeytale the biggest hug ever and thank buddha that she probably saved you from the Judy Garland ending.

Lenny Fritos said...

Here's a link to Judy's greatness from 1943:

rest in peace, Judy Garland.

Lenny Fritos said...

The Wizard of Oz... I give that flick ten out of ten stars. Here she is in that and I'm done.

Lenny Fritos said...

That's good acting by Toto.

Lenny Fritos said...

Hmmm. You like to research Boston Celtics player bios. I just found out Toto's real name was Terry and he appeared in sixteen movies.

Aaah, I now see through imdb that Terry had 18 acting credits.

We both speak of our own greatness, but I'm not seeing any imdb page for ourselves but there is one for a dog. Ugh.

Lenny Fritos said...

And according to imdb, Terry was female. So shouldn't her name be Theresa? I'm not grokking this one, unless Terry is one of those weird names that could go either way, like Pat or Leslie and I think Charlie used to be a politically correct name back in the day for either gender.

That could be a blog entry, names that could be either male or female. It wouldn't be very interesting, however. It'd be like some stale rote found in text books of mundane info, though true, yet still not worth the price of one tea bag in China.

Lenny Fritos said...

Jimmy Carter has been cured. Someday soon none of us are going to be allowed to die. They will hook up our brains to computers like done in that movie The Matrix.

What is the end game for Jimmy Carter? Wow! That is pretty good news, all joking aside.

I've sensed for a long time that cancer has already been cured, but that it is being stymied by capitalism.

I think that conspiracy theory might have some crazy legs.

Lenny Fritos said...

Remember when Kos MAMZ said extraordinary schticks demand extraordinary evidence? Fuck him, too.

Hmmmm, shadowthief proof has also preserved Holland's legacy.

"Nickname "Kos" Confused with Greek Kos' Gay Island Mecca"

I wonder if my classic Does Jane Hamsher know I exist still exists through shadowthief proof.

I don't think I blogged much at FDL. And I still see no comments preserved by the shawdowthief proof website.



I don't know wtf is up with the "gjowjgoiwjgwjg24269646t464t b b33t3" under the username.

Lenny Fritos said...


People stumbling onto DFQ2 are probably wondering wtf with what is here.

But the above is further proof that neither of us is simply pulling a schtick out of our arses. We've been at this for a long time.

If by chance Bernie pulls this off, we are going to look prescient.

It'll be like winning a major in golf for a ten year exemption. If Bernie wins, we can mail in garbage for ten straight years before worrying about qualifying for any blog chess tournament.

Lenny Fritos said...

Silver's system has Boston going 50-32 and as the sixth best team in the league. Hmmm. I love my team, but that seems a little bold. I think it's very possible, but still bold. It is a feisty prognostication.

The C's are on national ESPN TV tonight at 7:00 against Chicago. Tonight and Friday are Boston home games, so the C's might be emerging as an NBA power team in real time.

The Chicago and GS games might be similar in that respect to Bernie with his games in Iowa and NH. The C's can show they are a legit threat right now, while Bernie will get his opportunity soon also.

I would like to see the C's win these next two, but the realistic homer will be chewing a lot of fingernails and probably expecting the worst to happen. But they are home games. This could be a special time for the Boston Celtics. We might look back to this time slot when they finally jumped into the top ten tier for NBA teams. And all without Marcus Smart.

Lenny Fritos said...

Maybe it is early in the season, so it is too early to know for sure, but it looks like only GS and San Antonio are on pace for historic best of the best records. Teams you'd expect to be up there already have a bunch of losses. The Clippers. Cleveland. Oklahoma.

60 wins used to be the target. Maybe 58 wins could be enough to justify a title winner. This year so far only the Spurs and GS are coming up with those kind of traditional power records.

538 has GS going 72-10. I guess that would tie the record. I think GS could win 77 games. At some point it will become a challenge to simply not lose games as in ever. If they can win 77 games, then 82 should also be a possibility.

Though I tend to be a bit more cynical than yourself and imagine at some point GS will come back to earth. It may take an injury. It might take the other teams getting their acts together.

Let's see if they can first break that Laker win streak or the Bulls. I think the record is the Kareem Lakers winning 33 in a row.

GS is definitely tampering with physics and statistics. In a way, GS is socratising the NBA as I did to polls. GS could be in the process of destroying the NBA, same as I did to the poll makers. It's not guaranteed, but in fifty to one hundred years, someone prescient then will look back at the year 2016 as the one in which a basketball team and a nobody blogger shook up conventional wisdom and exposed it as girly-man fake wisdom.

And of course most of the article will be about Kimberlin and we've already discussed the reasons why for that.

Lenny Fritos said...

Jeff Van Gundy is in the Boston house and is giving the C's a chance against GS for Friday. He said GS might be having too much free time on their hands while on the road. He says Boston will have to play a special game and GS will have to comply with turning the ball over more than usual. The C's lead the league in steals. Maybe Gundy is taking a shortcut to being prescient. Of course the C's will have to play at their usual best on defense. Otherwise their only chance is to outshoot GS and it doesn't work that way. So of course if the C's get the upset it will probably be because they got a lot of steals and forced turnovers. Van Gundy must be lifting my ideas or got lucky taking a quick looksie into why the Celtics all of a sudden are being respected. I'm done. I need to be done. I need to blog something. If we don't get off this comment page soon, we might break blogger. One reason I set it for only three entries on the front page is you don't want to overload the system.

Google is evil, but I'll take this place over soapblox. What a great deal for mayscott and Laura Joe from Pffuggee Camp? Pay some greedy company 20 bucks a month to then have everything scrubbed? Talk about a ripoff.

Lenny Fritos said...

You called MLW Medicated Loony Women. That fricken place was nothing without maryscott. And even then, I remember when you and Noom were hanging out there with the most popular thread. You have been great for ratings wherever you go. You were correct on that point. Omg, I remember posts from crazy threads. That must have been the Matty Jack calling you guys out and that was when "regular guys" entered the blogosphere's supertroll vernacular.

And it's all gone, though there might be stuff here and of course at archive dot org. That guy was such a creep. That guy Jack's Smirking Revenge. I think he was working as an internet form of informant.

donkeytale said...

Things are going almost too well for GS. One is reminded of Walton. Gale Sayers. Campanella. Ali. Francis Holland.

People who played with such style, panache and abandon, who were so far above and beyond the norms that fate came along and stifled them.

One prays nothing similar happens to Curry. He seems so nice and down to earth. People and fans react to GS differently too. You almost cant dislike them.

Well maybe in Philly.

But I agree that Boston could be a trap game for them. Oh wait, I actually said that first...

donkeytale said...

Actually, it was always noom who was great for ratings. In fact, he created so many sock puppets he literally created the ratings.

It is possible that without noom PFF may have had worse ratings than Pffugee Camp.

The man was a veritable army of cyber clones. Or cyber pinches, as it were.

Without a doubt one of if not the best alltime trolls. Sad how he ended up 1000% shilling for Israel. But I still enjoyed it because of the way he antagonised Laura and Fairleft. We both played a role but it was truly noom who drove fairleft off the blog.

And the thread on MLW was his too, I believe. Ah, those were the days, my friend. We thought they'd never end. We sang and danced forever and a day.

This as I recall was right around the time Dave hit the top of the zeitgeist. Come to think of it, Dave also belongs on my list doomed demigods.

donkeytale said...

What is little known about noomie was that he wrote some good stories.

The one where he was swimming in the ocean with his friend for instance. They were lolly gagging in the surf, sharing a beer. When his friend hogged it to much, Noom bloodied his nose with a punch to the face.

The blood in the water drew a shark out of nowhere who came and killed his friend, leaving noom to retrieve the beer and finish it off.

I believe that was an MLW original. Or maybe PFF

Lenny Fritos said...

I don't think I said Boston is a trap game for GS. They have been getting too much hype lately. I heard GS has some injuries and Boston is on a roll with home court. I am definitely watching the game and hope for the best.

If Golden State is a video game, then what can be said? They are a guaranteed 82-0 team?

The C's have a decent but not great chance. I kind of want to call it a pick 'em game, but I don't want to look like an idiot if GS blows them away.

Stevens will have to be on his game. Sometimes he does a little too much experimenting. Isaiah Thomas is currently in the zone. Yes, the Celtics could shake up the NBA with a win tonight.

Noom would have been an all-time great, but like you say, he fell into some fruitless obsession with Israel. Maybe he is GIYUS. Maybe he was paid astroturf. I never socratised him too much. I know he was Keith Moon at DKos, though he would never take credit for it.

He was fun. Maybe I just don't give an f. I think the Israeli govt. is nasty towards Palestinians, but I'm not from there and I truly don't have a clue. If that makes me a NAZI or Zionist pig, I plead ignorance.