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Friday, December 18, 2015

Great News for Bernie Sanders; A Zeitgeist Sniff of a Current Event

Bernie has been whining a lot lately about the media not giving himself enough attention. He's correct. So whining is probably not the right word.

David Brock is the Super PAC tool who owns or started Media Matters. He was the guy behind the "Correct the Record" smear of Bernie a few months back. That thingie backfired. A lot seems to be backfiring on the coronation committee. Nate Silver describes such phenomena as negative feedback loops. Harry Enten, on the other hand, says there is nothing to see there, move along to the coronation.

I have to make this quick. There's a Celtics game coming up soon and they are desperate for a win. I will jinx them if I do not watch it.

Bernie and Hillary are now big time in the news. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is getting her ass chewed out on Twitter by supertrolls, myself included.

Bernie is fighting back. There is talk of a lawsuit. Something about a security patch and some H. info getting through to a Sanders' employee. That dude got canned or maybe I don't have my facts straight.

This is being covered by folks such as CNN who usually ignore Bernie, so I see no reason why I should be expected to write much on it. This isn't some hidden story like Clinton Foundation corruption. Ugh, I also don't seem to give much DFQ2 coverage to a lot of stuff. Yet, it's not always about me. This is about Bernie and Hillary.

Sanders campaign threatens legal action against DNC

Sanders campaign accuses Democratic officials of helping Clinton

I'll wait for the dust to settle. My initial conclusion from a 100% zeitgeist sniffing angle is that this helps Bernie. When the media is covering mostly just Trump and the GOP circus for political coverage, that only reinforces the idea that Bernie has no chance to win the nomination.

This is also good timing. The Democratic Party debate is on tomorrow night. Even Arianna Huffington knows that bad news is good news. It's all about page clicks. Or in this instance, it's about votes.

Hillary needed to keep it kosher with Bernie. No pun was intended, but I'm not going to deny it's there whether intended or not.

She needed their relationship to remain copacetic. She needed more, "Thanks, Bernie, my friend, with the damn email support." She needs things to be under the radar. She needs the Bernie Enough is Enough movement to stay out of mainstream Amerikkkan view.

This is what's referred to as an unforced error. The Hillary people have now given Bernie an opening.

They are idiotic and that's why those kinds of fake leftists tend to dominate the numbnut demographic.

They do not know when to quit when they are ahead. Maybe they are not ahead? If the Hillary people are 20-30 points ahead, why are they acting as if Bernie has a real chance? Why would they risk alienating the progressive keyboard commando base which constitutes a big chunk of the Democratic Party's base?

This is what zeitgeist sniffing is all about. We now know that modern polling has become obsolete in regards to accuracy. They no longer work unless one shells out a lot of money and polls by the book to ensure the respondents represent a true picture of a close approximation.

If Hillary is in such fine shape, why such worry about non-viable, kook uncle in the attic Bernie Sanders? Watch some poker on t.v.. It may all seem a crap shoot and luck, but the best card players are the best zeitgeist sniffers for their sport. Is cards a sport? They show it on ESPN the sports channel. It's very confusing.


donkeytale said...

I know I'm being suckered in here to make ridiculously over the top offensive comments so I decided to willingly fall into your trap.

This is the story of my life: always willing to step off the edge in the most anti-social manner possible.

Trump is the one who looks the worst. Too match ugly you would need to go back to the Nixon campaigns, 1968 versus HHH and 1972 versus McGovern.

Those are some ugly sum beaches.

But they were not also fat, as are Hill and Donald.

Cruz is an ugly fucker too. And then there is the garishly obese Christie.

Everybody else of the real GOP contenders pass the telegeneity test.

Especially Cruella Fiorina. She is a bad ass looking chick. Whew. Tough as nails.

I would, if only out of curiousity. It could be one of those positive surprises of the mystery of sex.

Or maybe not. But I would roll the dice. Why not? You only live once....I mean, once in awhile.

Lenny Fritos said...

I've got an idea for a new blog entry. I have screen shots saved and could do my version of a true investigation. You're not ready to give a guess? Does she weigh 220 pounds?

Lenny Fritos said...

The Celtics are in a bad rut. Their schedule has been tough, but that is no excuse for losing this many home games. You noticed that first.

Crowder is having a career night. He is much better than when he was in Dallas. I have zero faith in Dwight Powell. String beans like that have no chance. Maybe if he starts lifting weights.

Plus the C's get Dallas' draft pick top seven protected. It is not as embarrassing for Dallas as Brooklyn, though. That trade shouldn't have been allowed. The NBA has stopped other trades for perceived imbalances. That was highway robbery by Ainge. Brooklyn's number one this year and in 2018. The year in between the C's can swap picks. Boston has Brooklyn's #1 pick unprotected for three straight years starting today. This is why the Boston Celtics are up there for who is in the best long-term position.

But that's boring basketball. I am looking forward to the debate. I bet a lot of people will be watching it now only because of what happened yesterday and today.

I don't care if the C's lose. I don't care if they don't make the playoffs. I can see the big picture.

Though 48 wins is not off the table. Nothing is off the table.

Lenny Fritos said...

You are probably correct I should hold onto some of those Kimberlin documents. I won't keep them all but enough. Hey, maybe I can recycle some of it into a blog entry if I can get the scanner up and running.

Lenny Fritos said...

I have proof this is great news for Bernie Sanders. A friend of mine leans left but it appears that she doesn't like Hillary and doesn't believe Bernie has a chance.

But oh boy, she heard about this new story.

She asks me, hey did you hear about Bernie and Hillary? And I said yes, it's great news. She did a huh, wut, but then she went how so? Since I am a zeitgeist sniffer, I asked, what's so bad about what happened. She's like well Bernie and his people have no access to important info they need to compete with Hillary.

We have bingo. This person had totally forgotten about Bernie or was in the category of what a cute old man with no chance.

Now she feels bad for Bernie. She feels this is an injustice and is mentio0ning how the DNC is being sued by Bernie.

Now Bernie should perhaps break protocol and go for a nice zinger tomorrow night. That would be not only good for ratings, but will draw even further attention to the fact that Bernie and Hillary are fighting for a nomination. The coronation must come off the table!

This is the greatest couple of weeks to a month yet for Bernie. He withstood the early onslaught in the first half and now has the momentum heading into the playoffs. All Hillary and her side had to do was stay under the radar. They are not very bright and now we have a real ballgame.

All publicity is good publicity and I have a good feeling of how the dust will settle for today's schadenfreude. Sergeant Schultz might have just tanked Hillary's chances. Yes, that's a bold zeitgeist sniff. Yet, I could see this as the turning point. The molasses is starting to bubble. Iowa does seem to be very important. It is the first result and Bernie has home court in NH.

Hillary needed to keep the primary battle within the milieu of the bubble boy freak society.

Now all those people who had written off Bernie's chances may be ready to take a second look at him.

That's why I included the CNN link. This isn't fricken just contained within Raw Story, Alternet, or any other "lefty" styled milieu. It is on cable news, CNN. It is a major story. Now we shall see if Bernie gets a bump in the fake polls. Those who watch The View and were ready for Hillary may still want to watch that show but may have changed their minds on Triple F Clinton.

donkeytale said...

Most observers, including yours truly on this very blog, extolled Crowder's virtues at time of trade. He was an up and coming good player in Dallas, so no, it is false to state he cane from nowhere and developed in Boston. He was the only keeper in the players Boston gained in the trade and was clearly a valuable commodity in Dallas.

Maybe you jinxed the Celtics with all the bold smack talk of how they may win somewhere between 45-65 games and make League championship finals as long as Olynyk becomes the 2nd coming of Dirk/Byrd white forward greatness.

As it stands today, the C's own first round pick will be higher than Dallas, who knocked off Memphis at home to go to 15-12.

Boston has hit a rough patch because they played better teams lately and it shows they still have talent deficit to make it to the top.

donkeytale said...

And now it appears someone high up in the Bernie campaign, when not having to fend off the abuses of the DLC against them must be reading my schtick.

I have been sayin since Paris that the Bern must step up to plate on foreogn policy or he risks being left behind as the nation becomes frothing in fear of muslim-mexicans.

And no I don't blame the media for whipping the froth, either. This is symbiotic, or a feedback loop as Silver terms it, or as the great Socrates states, both sides suck. In this case the "sides" consist of Media and Sheeple.

But I digress. Sort of. Yesterday I read that Bernie is planning to make this debate more forcefully about foreign policy. Will be interesting, since to date he has been an Obamabot on the middle east, a position I believe you also grudgingly respect, but one the Amerikkkan sheeple have solidly rejected in their move to the right on terridsm, NSA snooping, constitutional rights, and so forth.

ISIS is controlling the election and as you stated, there were no direct ties to ISIS by the Muslim-Mexican killing team in San Berdoo, but there are still these rumours of a posting to a website where Mrs. Muslim-Mexican allegedly pledged allegiance to ISIS right before during or after the shooting spree.

Whether this is actual truth I doubt has been verified which yes is the media's job. I guess they need a leaker for that.

donkeytale said...

Sergeant Schultz got her overreactive bluff called and the DLC quickly backed down and gave Bernie his damn voter lists back.

I like that Bernie campaign now has pivoted into a counteroffensive and is demanding the DLC be held accountable and be made transparent. Great call. I hope he keeps the pressure up as this reflects badly on Fat Hillary for all her Nixon styled intraparty dirty tricks makes her look a lot more like Nixon than the female Mandela she no doubt believes herself to be in her own delusional mind.

S'ok, Hill. Pop a few more bon-bons and ignore, ignore, ignore as you always do until it is too late and you are forced to make another insincere apology like you did over the damned emails.

donkeytale said...

Havent looked at any meaningless polls lately but the zeitgeist tells me that all the energy and dust storming is solidly on the GOP side and one must admit that as loathsome as these characters are one and all, they are making for a very interesting campaign from an infotainment perspective.

And as we have prove time and again, infotainment is all.

When we are herded into our concentration camps in the coming years I predict we will have bad food, dirty toilets and unsanitary drinking water but we will have big-screen TVs tuned to FNC 24/7. Then the prisoners will riot and we will get football on Saturday and Sunday, the View weekday mornings, Dancing with the Kommandant on Tuesday nights, or wtf.

No Netflix shows, however. Too subversive. No Seinfeld re-runs either.

donkeytale said...

Will we have internets?

Lenny Fritos said...

Both of us are in agreement that Boston did well getting Crowder for Rondo. Jae is a freak of nature. He's the proverbial chiseled athlete.

Crowder is the rich man's Tony Allen. You can put him on both the LeBron's or smaller guys like Curry. What has changed with Jae is that his shooting has improved.

The question with Jae Crowder is whetehr he should start or be an energy guy off the bench. He's the kind of guy who needs to be surrounded by good offensive players or that is when he appears too muscle bound.

Jae had potential when he was traded. That was no guarantee he would get better than that. Potential is completely different than actuality.

Many people around the country have stereotyped Boston as racist and cold. To quote Bernie, "I disagree."

Red Auerbach was the Vince Lombardi of hoops. The teams that weren't racist when sports were still tainted by racism were the ones who shattered codes and won titles.

The C's of the 80's had a lot of white dudes, but check their graivtas. They were the best white guys around and Bird was arguably the best player in the whole league.

Walton's your boy. You can't blame that guy. McHale? If he isn't in the Hall of Fame, I'll vote for Hillary.

Other white guys I remember from that team were Scott Wedman and Jerry Shitstain, not too shabby white man basketball players.

Olynyk is a freak of nature, period. He was a six foot two point guard who grew ten inches in a year and a half. It wasn't expected. This happened when he was approaching full grown adulthood. It's bizarre to me how such and such gets labelled assured greatness while others are called scrubs and told not to let the door hit them on the way out.

Kelly is a beautiful misunderstood man and it starts with his long goldilocks styled coiffe. Of course he is very similar to Dirk and Bird and it has little to do with the colour of his pigment. And he is a Canadian. You can't blame a man for ending up pasty looking growing up in close to igloo/arctic conditions.

He is lifting weights and sculpturing his body. He is becoming the new form of NBA center who can hit threes.


Lenny Fritos said...

But enough about him. We shall see. He hasn't been relegated to the doghouse like the other young big cracker Tyler Zeller.

The Celtic white man I'd like to see get out of town is David Lee. I don't understand why Stevens keeps playing him and especially after Lee complained in the papers about not getting enough minutes.

Lee was definitely a good player when younger. I think NBA teams need to explain to players when they are 25 that by the time they hit 32, they will be reclassified as a dinosaur. Denial is a stale joke about a river in Egypt.

Yes, it looks like Dallas will survive the Rondo trade. Crowder will never be a star. Or I doubt it. And Dallas has surprised folks by winning games.

It's okay to roll the dice and lose. You went for some Rondo. It didn't work and although it was a losing trade for Dallas, they didn't cough up too much for that opportunity.

I would like to see the C's go for Dwight Howard. I like the strategy of going for it each year (no tanking) without risking some overall long-term trajectory.

The C's could go for Cousins, but they'd have to give away the farm. Superman would cost more than a Jae Crowder, but he'd cost a lot less than DeMarcus Cousins.

Marcus Smart has been out for a while now. He is expected back by the end of this month or close to the new year. The C's also have some easy cupcake games coming up. They must win those. They can't afford to get in a rut. Yes, the NBA is brutal. Somehow the mediocre teams can put the fear of Wilt Chamberlain into the better teams not from Oakland/SF or San Antonio. An injury here or there and every game becomes a headache with one's gut churning, within the fan's blood is bubbling inside like hot molasses.

It is silly season for both politics and baseball and strangely enough, both thingies will be heating up around the same time. They'll be the trade deadline. Every year on every team countless players wet their pants not knowing if they are staying or leaving. In politics, nothing seems to matter until the voting finally starts.

Lenny Fritos said...

Back to politics. Yes, with Debbie Schultz capitulating rather quickly to the Sanders camp, yet again we have been proven prescient. I was hoping this would drag on a bit. It does appear true that if Bernie was shut off from that data, it would hurt his chances to target undecideds. I'd rather mail in my thoughts on this. It is too much work to go blah blah and here is the link to back up my blah blah.

It was David Brock part 2.

Hillary's only chance is to bribe me with some of her lecture money and then I will sell out and tell her what to do and say. It would be like the movie The Candidate and I would be Peter Boyle.

I truly want to take the screenshots of H. and not do photoshop but rather cirle and draw some lines and basically break down the areas of her body in pictures and estimate the weight for each part. Such as, right there, her legs, that has to be an extra 20-30 pounds right there.

I imagine Hillary should weigh around 130-140. I know what 30 extra pounds look like. I unfortunately experienced that. You have a tire start to form on your gut. You develop some small man breasts. She is well beyond any let it go 30 pounds type of situation.

Or maybe now that I've explained what I thought up for a blog entry, I don't have to do it.

It's not that important. I am curious, though. If I had to guess, she weighs anywhere from 190 to 280 pounds. It's hard to tell with women. They are able to circumscribe weight into a herstoric sexuality. Obviously Hillary has passed that point.

It has something to do with more cushion for the pushing or other sexist phrases.

Most people hit a point where they say, "Whoa, Nellie. I have put on too much weight and to paraphrase or directly quote Bernie Sanders, 'Enough is enough.'"

Maybe as a shorter guy, it's easier for a bloke like me to hit that whoa Nellie awareness. Tall guys can spread around extra weight similar to how women are allowed to be heavier than men in general for BMI and get away with it.

You have nailed the politics versus infotainment equation. Bernie has to be both astute in getting his message across but in a fun way. Bob Dole tanked his own chances I imagine years ago when he said like a sourpuss, "Stop lying about my record."

Hillary is not liked. And I love the way you describe her as a Nelson Mandela in her own mind and Richard Nixon in reality. Bingo. We have bingo.

The zeitgeist seems to have shifted to the idea that Hillary cannot possibly win the general unless she is up against an ever weirder opponent, say like Trump. And even if Trump or some other wackadoo is her opponent (if she's coronated), she still might not win.

Schultz backed the fock off because she crossed a serious line. Someone above her (Mr. Bigs?) put her in a headlock and said you will go on t.v. and give back Uncle Kooky his data.

He probably said something like, "We need those votes. Stop pissing off the leftier than thous."

Lenny Fritos said...

politics and basketball, ugh, and some bad spelling seeped into the above also. My bad.

Lenny Fritos said...

From El Guardinanto:

Sanders: Clinton's pursuit of 'regime change' in Libya helped rise of Isis

Thus, you are correct Bernie is gonna tighten his foreign policy schtick.

Best case scenario is Bernie versus Hillary becomes a blood bath. Unfortunately, that is what sells for infotainment. And as you have articulated, infotainment leads to votes.

It's like how if you want to win over a tomato and become her fella and she your gal, to become soulmates, you must attack the funny bone.

I've stood up for Bernie ever since the Counterpunch losers described him as a sheepherder. One may not fully respect the way he competes as a politician, but it is his schtick and is why he ever had this chance in the first place.

The Hillary people needed to follow a narrow path. They did fairly well with some Hillary flip-flops which made her and Bernmeister appear not as far apart as it first seemed. But Bernie in his own style has counteracted that. And BernBots have been doing a credible job weathering various storms, such as with the BLM factor.

I stick with my original observation made yesterday. Hillary needs to respect the fock out of Bernie. Even people who don't think he has a chance thinks he's a wonderful fella.

Little things add up... from way back to when Hillary pined for an RFK styled assassination of Obama in 2008 to when she claimed her support for Wall Street was a reaction to 9/11. There was a t.v. show called Naked City. I don't like it, but I think it was about there being a million stories in the naked city. Or maybe I'm wrong. I like to write and not worry about sourcing. It's called prose. I am fundamentally honest, so such an approach usually works out fine and dandy.

The point is there are a million different stories showcasing that Hillary Clinton is a corrupt modern day version of Richard Nixon or Al From.

Hey, they are no longer called the DLC. It's now the DNC. But obviously they are the same shit stains. I think that is a schtick companies do when exposed as losers. They simply rename the company and act like nothing ever happened to nobody.

I am not grokking any difference between the DLC and this new acronym DNC.

It might have something to do with putting lipstick on a pig. And if what we are saying about Hillary's weight is accurate, that becomes an accurate statement.

I do sympathise with those trying to lose weight. I go after Hillary for her obesity because it is a sign of her character. I assume she has a food addiction. So she has some plausible deniability. However, she is a rich fock and I don't understand why I need to state I am not sexist. I don't think I am. Maybe we are saying if comics can say wild shite (say like Lenny Bruce or Sarah Silverman or Bill Maher/Chris Rock or whomever), then why can't regular guys?

The difference between say ourselves and Trump/Carson types is that we don't believe half of what we bloviate. It's called satire or national lampooning.

Hmmm, Blogger or whatever spell checks is saying bloviate is not a word. Yet if you google it, there it is. I find that very annoying. It must be the equivalent of those auto-corrects on cell phones. But I never fell into that cell phone milieu. Some like yourself are forced to for your job, but otherwise I want to pull a Garbo. Myself and Greta are/were not saying we need to be alone. We want to be alone. And in Ireland they have a phrase for this emotion and I second it.

Bugger off, ye rotten dirty idjits.

nothing is off the table. I am doubling down and ginning it up

What about my prime, Mick

You was my brother, Charlie. I could've been a somebody writing for The Guardian. Now I'm just some Joe from Bloggerville. I am a palooka. It's your fault.

donkeytale said...

TBH, I'd prefer to be known as a sayer of wild shiite than a "regular guy."

I think your definition of a regular guy is itself irregular. I would like to see your definition in fact that would make a great dairy topic, especially if used that pyramid diagram that you drew with a hangover or wtf. That was truly awesome stuff.

Regular guys do not hold Masters degrees in Social Theory or PhDs in Zeitgeist Theory. Regular guys do stuff like drive truck or lay bricks.

Isaiah Thomas is a regular guy.... as an NBA point guard. A journeyman brick layer.

We may be Joe Palookas from Bloggerville, that much is true, but remmeber, the fighter who coulda been a contendah was also not a regular guy by the sdtandards of the 1940s-50s.

He was Brando.

donkeytale said...

I was traveling/sleeping and missed the debate but consensus is that it didn't move the cheeze.

Also the rumours leaking out is that Bernie's team may have been a bit more involved in that data breach than his campaign lets on. Kudos to them for getting aggressive but it appears they are in to deep for Bernie to make a majour issue about it.

In fact, he apologised and quickly moved on rather than drag it into the spotlight.

Some guy on the NYT posted verbatim what is now old news to purveyors of zeitgeist theory. This is verbatim schtick theft from my Terridsm Inc masterpiece.

donkeytale said...

Crowder was well known in Dallas as an up and coming keeper. The problem for him here is that he was playing for team on a pace to win 55 games at the time he was traded and a team that was also stocked for small forward/swing men. He meant alot more going to a team that was on pace to win 40 games and doesn't have much talent at small forward.

The problem for Cuban is he doesn't value younger players. It was a very stupid trade and Ainge gets credit for dumping his overrated old school point guard head case in exchange for a lower middle 1st round draft pick.

Yet, Cubes shrugged it off and simply jumped back into the free agent market which is where he thinks salvation will occur in life AD. (After Dirk).

The problem for Boston is that they are rebuilding but their draft picks have been so-so and their free agent signings lacking.

They are not (yet) finding transcendence.

Until they do, and I'm not saying they won't, the team simply is slightly above average in a below average league. It is possible that other rebuilding teams will pass them by.

Detroit seems about at the same level. Miami may be better. Charlotte is up and coming. Toronto seems better.

And finding transcendence in the draft is a matter of luck more than skill.

Curry was a number 7 bottom of the lottery pick out of Davidson. Did anyone predict that he would become the 21st century Jordan?

did anyone predict Kawhi Leonard?

donkeytale said...

What makes players develop in the NBA is more about the player than the coaching. The coac/front office get credit for finding guys who might develop and hopefully transcend the game while playing within their system.

No one coached Curry into becoming a 50%+ gunner from downtown. In fact, if anything, GS was so bad for so long that when Curry came along and then they got Thompson the next year they built a system to match those players. Mark Jackson should get more credit for turning that team around before the front office fired him.

No one coached Leonard. They put him into an established winning system and he selflessly learned to match his skills to the system. Obviously, the Spurs get credit for recognising his potential to fluorish in their system but the player must be given the credit for developing. He's the one making the plays, after all.

donkeytale said...

In fact, if one looks at the current standings there appear to be several teams that are up and coming in the East and many with the same or better record than the Celtics, who if playoffs began today would be out of the playoffs in 10th position.

I hate to test zeitgeist theory too hard this early in the season but is it possible that Ainge is being out performed by several of his peers in the NBA Least? Danny has never drafted and developed a transcendent player and he's been in the job a long time.

This will hopefully change when they get a top pick from Brooklyn but the lottery is such that even there he must get lucky, like the Spurs did when they were able to draft Duncan who came into the league as a transcendent player who couldn't miss.

donkeytale said...

In fact, you seem to believe the free agent route is where Ainge will head as you have mentioned Durant and a few others in previous posts.

This would put you into agreement with Cuban who disdains the draft.

I guess the one and done nature of the NCAA makes it hard to determin who has the right stuff for NBA superstardom or maybe it's just that noone has emerged. The college game still seems more built around big men at the Final Four level but when they come into into the Association at age 19-20 they aren't ready for the level of skill and intensity required to go for 82+ playoffs.

I hate the NCAA. It has ruined the NBA in my opinion and also done its part to ruin pro football, too. And the football playoff system is totally bogus. It should have at least 8 teams if they are going to have a tournament....but no matter what they do it will still be rigged.

donkeytale said...

I will also say too much can be read into the NBA East making this great comeback finally after 30 years of mediocrity as a whole.

Yes, several teams, including the Knicks and the Celtics are on the upswing. However, there is also the unbalanced conference schedules that have a big impact on records. In the east there are a lot of teams bunched in the middle who are close to .500 against each other and pounding the poorer teams.

In the West, the top tree teams (GS, SA, OKC) are an astounding 40-4 against the rest of the conference. They are pounding their middle of the pack fellows as well as gobsmacking the poorer teams.

Lenny Fritos said...

Okay, you're a great regular guy. I am not saying Brando was God, Brando was a friend of mine, and you are no Marlon Brando. However, zeitgeist theory is not about flubbing one's responsibility to watch the debates. This is now the second one you have shown up for afterwards saying I missed the thingie, but according to the medium ....

That's the point about mainstream news and the polling narrative. You can't count on them. They have become obsolete.

I disagree on the two political ideas you have added to the DFQ2 docket. No, Bernie kicked arse last night and Hillary did snot.

O'Malley filled in for the Webb/Chaffee buffoon role. You had to be there. I will admit it was a loooonnnggg debate. I was pretty much done by halftime and let it become background chatter. Afterward, I took a looksie around to see what the consensus was and it was like you describe, no needle moved or not much. It's as if the system is rigged.

And that's the point. Now, I am not trying to take you to the woodshed, but you are also being brainwashed on DataGate.

It's ridiculous for you to mail in that kind of mirroring of corporate media.

I am not saying you are doing it on purpose. I am trying to kindly inform you that that's useful idiot territory.

The story is the DNC being corrupt, period!

Why should I try to prove what I say about that or the debate? Nothing personal, but you seem to know next to nothing about both stories.

Remember after the last debate you skipped you had the same kind of canned response?

I had to tell you that the big moment was Hillary explaining her support for Wall Street as patriotic and to not let the terrorists win?

It's two hours. I don't expect anyone to sit through last night's debate. But there were a number of great Bernie zingers. There was one in particular. But I forget what it was. For some reason I can't remember, my short-term memory was off last night.

But it was Hagler versus Hearns.

You know who Hillary really is?

She's Sugar Ray Leonard pussyfooting around the ring trying to steal Marvelous'/Bernie's destiny.

Since you missed it, I will share a few more of my observations.

Bernie was smooth, awake, and at the top of his game.

He didn't look like he needed to take a dump. I saw no grimacing. I didn't see any out of the ordinary leaning on the podium. He was cracking jokes. He stole the key moments.

And this time when he gave Hillary a few more passive aggressive compliments, she didn't let out a riotous, "Thanks, Bernie!"

Hillary got her ass kicked, period.


Lenny Fritos said...

O'Malley was a huge distraction. Bernie needs to do well in early voting rounds and when O'Malley drops out like he should, the debates will become more must see t.v.. Bernie and Hillary mano a mano.

Bernie got humungous endorsements last week after getting Killer Mike on board. I can't see Bernie doing as badly with the Black vote as is assumed by the ptb's. He got that Democracy for America endorsement with 87.9 damn % of the voting. He got the communications union endorsement. He got that cutie pie nurses endorsements a few months ago. Hillary got the teacher endorsement, but if one looks into it, she got the endorsement of the top corrupt cheese who ignored that the masses of regular guy teacher union members disagreed.

The mainstream media is surreal. They are so corrupt/stupid, shallow, bought, and annoying.

The chickens have come home to roost for fake leftists.

Hillary looked good at the beginning for physical appearance. She had on her I'm 55-60 y.o. makeup instead of the wow she looks 80ish. Bernie didn't look 80 this time. He looked like a shiny, spiffy 60 year old.

Hillary again was hiding her body. She had on some funky looking one piece or wtf burlap bag. It looked like one of those rough edged military sized potato sacks, but with a coating of cashmere.

You couldn't see much. Or you had to look for it. There was always some annoying ABC graphic at the bottom of the t.v. covering the candidate's chests. The best view was from behind. They would show that one, similar to some of those NBA cameras that are nice for a brief looksie, but can we please get back to the camera which really lets us up close and personal with the game?

Or baseball back in the day. They'd have one camera from behind home plate. Huh? You want to see it from the batter's angle, no?

Hillary's ass is humungous. I don't know wtf is up with that. Kim Kardashian also has a big butt, but she isn't obese everywhere like Hillary. Maybe we need to find pictures of Hillary's butt from when she was young. But 538 doesn't care about any of this even if this is the kind of junk that zeitgeist sniffing ultimately relies on for prognosticator info.

She is hiding her true weight. She seems well past the chubby cutie 175 pound area for women. That is why I am now at a starting base of 200 and leaning towards 225+ pounds.

A friend said, no, your eyes are playing games on you. All I could say was she's hiding it. Check out her butt. Check out when you can side views or when she is away from the podium and fricken t.v. graphics.

I agree and don't agree with you on many things.

Your best bet if you have the time is to find a copy of the debate on youtube or wherever and zippadee doo through it. Or skim the transcripts. But do not read corporate America's take on it and expect to understand what truly happened in the NH debate or in that data scandal.

The fight is on between the authentic left and the "pay to play" politics of war hawk/wall street angel Billary Clinton.

If you are going to dive into any commentary on those two issues, you really want to take the time to develop an unbiased, authentic comment or article on it.

I am not singling you out. I'm just saying you're better than this. Confucius or Socrates said the wise man knows what he knows and knows what he doesn't know. I know. Maybe I should know who said that if I am going to quote it. I too am a sinner.

Lenny Fritos said...

I agree with your take on the current NBA. There are two or four teams (if u include Oklahoma and Cleveland) which rule the roost. The mediocre chickens do not pose much threat to coronated roost leadership.

I hate to hedge on my kissing Celtic ass and then backtrack saying they might not win 48 games and could miss the playoffs. But like I said in one of the signature lines, I'm doubling down and ginning it up.

Hmmm. I could take from the court transcripts with Kimberlin and act out each voice. Like old-school radio theatre. Maybe I shouldn't do a podcast because I am wary of showing myself too much. So maybe I could try an audio/radio type show instead of a Dixon styled here I am format.

I figured out statistically that if I can write 100 20 second jokes or close, that would work out to a 30 something minute show.

It'd be easier than worrying about both appearance and voice.

And there'd be less worry about the stalker factor. If I go on like Dixon, I might as well advertise my entire presence for no monetary value in return for such a risk. So that's where I am for that one.

In regards to blog medium innovation, I am with you 100%. This is in contradistinction to Bernie's I disagree. Look, enough is enough with stale mailed in blogging. You continue to produce under the old rules. I do not deny that. But yes, I need more awkward diagrams that hit the spot without rubbing it out. A few people at Twitter also liked that pyramid diagram. It was TBS styled we know funny. Other times I get serious and things become TNT styled drama. Sometimes it really is all about me. That is the ego weight on me shoulders, laddie.

Lenny Fritos said...

The DNC is scared of throwing away the Bernie votes in the general election. That's why they did the turnaround. Debbie Wasserman Schultz could be the most hated Democrat by Democrats in the USA.

Hillary was not Hearns. Sorry for any confusion. She was the one who couldn't afford to attack Bernie, not the other way around.

Hearns for all his tall man middleweight goofiness was a man's man. He did not retreat from Hagler like Sugar Ray did. Hagler was the Mike Tyson of middleweights and imho a better pound for pound fighter than Iron Mike.

Sugar Ray hit like a girl. That's what Hagler said. Hagler-Hearns was one of the greatest fights of all time because all the bullshit was thrown out the window. Mano a mano. A gut check. Time to get down to brass tacks.

Bernie is Hagler. Hillary is Sugar Ray. Period. That is Bernie's hurdle. He said a bunch of months ago to Katie Crazy Legs it might be an alas I have no chance situation. Katie kept pushing him.

Yes, Bernie has already won. We the true left have already won. But that won't take the bad taste out of our months if DWS and H. are able to steal the primaries.

It's almost scientific or a computer program. If x happens, then y and vice versa.

If Bernie wins, yahoo good day sunshine.

If Hillary wins, then it's hail to the queen and visions of the guillotine.

Lenny Fritos said...

Here is the greatest album of all time. I need some background music to get through my early morning blogging chores. Okay it is approaching 1 p.m.. but I am still on coffee and haven't gone near my allergy pill and supplements yet. I am kinda sorta high maintenance. But not in an egotistical way. At some point one grows up and realises it is true that health is everything, at least in regards to our current incarnations.

pink floyd animals

donkeytale said...

No argument there, except if the DataGate was really something then Bernie blew another opportunity by apologising and letting the matter drop.

Plus, the campaign now admits there were multiple staffers inside Hillarys gramma panties/crotch tent. So, your "alternative" explanation doesnt cut it.

The polls may or may not be obsolete. Yet to be determined. We already know that primary season polls are meaningless until after at least NH and Iowa and even then the general election polls are the only ones that truly add up.

Besides, it will be up to the stats guys to determine which are which.

If the stats guys are wong, then you have a valid argument but for now your argument must remain wrapped in tin foil to stay fresh until November 2016 when we can only then resolve the debate about polls.

The media may well be obsolete but here is the problem. Social media is not newsworthy. In fact it is more obsolete than traditional media as it is purely propagandistic and without much in the way of sourced information.

Zeitgeist theory relies on combining an expert feel for the subjective mood of social media (both left and right, not left only) and an expert feel for the "factuals" presented by the traditional media (both left and right, not left only).

Total dismissal of the traditional media wraps one 100% in tin foil. And worse, you cannot escape from there. Ask Fairleft and Laura John.

donkeytale said...

As for my use of 'DLC' that is a clever satirical play on Marisacat's (and your) libelling me as a "DLC operative named Petey."

I forgive you as you now understand that I am a "regular guy" (your definition, not mine), and I cannot sue Marisacat for two reasons: 1. I used a nom de troll and 2. She daid.

Enough said.

The DLC was an unofficial group within the Demotardic apparatus founded by Al From that coalesced around Clinton style triangulation. They disbanded in 2011 as Obama rendered them inoperative with his own style of triangulation. Triangulation is an inelegant "new" word for "compromise" which is sadly upon which the Amerikkkan political system is based. Without compromise the system goes to Hell. Hence, we are now in Hell.

The DNC is the official Demotardic campaign group, the mirror of the RNC under that Prince Rebus dipshit. The Dems have Sgt. Schultz.

It's a draw there. Both sides suck.

Next question, please.

donkeytale said...

To be fair, it may be that the Celts snuck up on teams at the end of the last year and caught them off guard at the end of the season. By making the playoffs they earned some respect and this year are getting more attention paid to them by other teams.

They are definitely in the mix once again. I do believe a great free agent signing or two will be necessary to get them to the top. It will be interesting as signing free agents is a tricky process. As you suggest, Boston has some issues to contend with: a legacy of a racist culture (very true back in the day when I lived amongst the working people--maybe not so true today, I don't know). You also have the double whammy of not being obvious ring contenders (yet) and a high tax state (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Teams in Florida and Texas have tax advantages, also warmer weather and the fact that many of the coveted players are from Florida and Texas. The Spurs got Aldridge due to these circumstances. He chose SA over Hou and Dal because SA is an obvious ring contender and he's from Texas originally.

Also a native Texan, DeAndre Jordan actually pledged to Dal but then in that grace period before he could sign with them he got guilt tripped into re-signing with LAC. Not a problem, I think he's overrated. Dallas ended up signing Deron Williams, yet another native Texan who has been productive for them thus far.

Oh yeah, I also believe a free agent by rule has to make less money if he signs with another team, so the tax consequences are HUGE in the decision making process.

donkeytale said...

Also the despised Harry Enten actually posted a somewhat pro-Bernie article at 538.

Nate the Hate forced him to....of course this story isn't news as Zeitgeist Theory has covered this angle for several months now, so the only reason for writing it must be as a "make-up call."

Lenny Fritos said...

No argument there, except if the DataGate was really something then Bernie blew another opportunity by apologising and letting the matter drop.

Plus, the campaign now admits there were multiple staffers inside Hillarys gramma panties/crotch tent. So, your "alternative" explanation doesnt cut it.

Yes, but you asking me to prove there was no there, there, and that Sgt. Schultz played an outrageous coronation card is to ask me to do your own homework.

I do agree it seemed Bernie let her off the hook. I wish I could remember the exact zinger. I was watching Hagler-Hearns last night. There was one or two hits by Hagler when slowed down it was a video game. Or boxing from a movie where it looks good, but it's never ever that good. So grow up boxing movie makers.

I was watching that part with someone in her 70's. Her eyes lit up at the zinger. But it went poof.

She is a nice person, but it is what it is. She was so ready for Hillary, but at the onset of the negative feedback loop, she quickly dumped him for the entertaining Trump. And he was. He did meta like we do. As soon as it emerged he was a lunatic, she dumped him for the Rubio/Christies etc.. She was into it for infotainment CNN styled.

She knew Bernie was a mensch and Hillary sucks, but it was off her radar. Then datagate happened. I am not going to debate this. The reader can see why at rare times people might think you are a political operative. It was a Hillary guy who runs the company. This happened in October reported by Bernie. Bernie said last night that there was the chance Hillary's side was looking at his data. The whole thing stinks to high heaven.

DWS lied and slandered Bernie on Wolf Blitzer. She took access away to his info needed to fricken canvass for votes.

I'm not grokking that you are saying anything other than hogwash because part of your personality is to be a contrarian regardless of facts or facts that you are too lazy to learn about if you care so much.

Anyway, the main point is that person watched the debate, probably her first dem debate or I think the second. There are next to none. What about that, Mr. Paul Begala?

I think she will end up voting for Bernie.

Nothing was stolen. Nothing was saved. I am not sure what they looked at but I would not believe one word coming out of the corrupt DNC. Wtf do you think we've been trying to do all these years as a keyboard commando unit if not crush the blue dog neoliberal fakes? Wow?

The polls are obsolete too. I am not going to itemise your comments and respond to each. This was an ambush. You are trying to coronate yourself as victor of some imaginary debate.

Lenny Fritos said...

"Total dismissal of the traditional media wraps one 100% in tin foil. And worse, you cannot escape from there. Ask Fairleft and Laura John."

What about all the newspapers on the internet? Have I ever totally thrown them in the garbage can?

You don't even watch cable news. I did a total study on CNN. I finally quit. ABC did the same thing after the debate. It's total, irrelevant propaganda. I not only dismiss them but spit on them.

Loooser blowhard morons like fakeleft and LauraJohn don't realise that their "media" is also bought and sold.

It's all about an academic approach with primary and secondary sourcing combined with a Vinny Gambini styled socratisation system in place.

Lenny Fritos said...

You have no proof Marisacat died.

Lenny Fritos said...

Triangulation does not equal compromise. I thank you for this, Petey Wasserman Schultz.

Lenny Fritos said...

Oopsies. I see we are in agreement and shouldn't have commented without reading the rest. Yes, when pushed to the limit of fake debate, you emerge as a historic great mind in the tradition of Freud, Bukowski, and Marcuse.

It's all good.

You are very good at writing when you let it rip and make sure to include the pop culture in the zeitgeist moment analysis.

Lenny Fritos said...

Based on your debilitating cynicism that says we are reduced to a both sides suck choice, then isn't this truly about #BernieOrBust?

Lenny Fritos said...

I'm done on the politics comments. It's draining. It's not you. It's me.

The Celtics play tonight. They have nine easy games coming up. I think unless they win at least seven of them, they are in immediate trouble. I expect them to win a lot of those next games on the table.

I cannot deny those obstacles you mention for Danny Ainge. I am not interested in those as much as who stays or gets traded, the trading deadline. For this year.

I am not worried about the Brooklyn picks. I am more worried about the refs who are the biggest problem with basketball imho.

For the refs to suck and for nothing much to ever be done about it tells me it is NBA corruption from the top down.

The Celtics are relevant. But like you say, other teams have talent and draft picks. It all depends on many factors. And Isaiah Thomas is much better than you seem to think.

I would never want to live in Texas because of the oppressive heat and the wackadoo factor.

Yup on the Larry Bird rule. They make it so the home team can pay the most. I think if Stevens and the team keep going upwards on a nice trajectory, that might override some player's desire to make more than their already decadent, sickening income.

Players have often taken less money to have the chance to win it all.

Those Brooklyn picks are going to hit. It might not provide transcendence, but it is giving the non-tanking Celtics a chance to keep improving while getting picks that are supposed to go to dreg teams. I can't complain.

Lenny Fritos said...

They are on tonight. Cupcake game #1 of 9. I think we'll get our answers from this stretch. They've had nothing but mostly good to great teams so far for opponents.

What about my prime, Mick?

Man, you are keeping me busy. I saw the Enten turnaround saying Bernie has a chance. What a loser.

I think the major story is Bernie versus Hillary. As in, no one approaches Bernie's greatness and indeed will only provide us with continued fascism or extreme fascism.

I need to know who the GOP nominee is before giving a general election prediction. The general election is meaningless. But I will say, it seems certain GOP candidates might have an easy time going up Hillary. I see Bernie as a guaranteed president if he beats Hillary. The same cannot be said the other way around. Bernie is more viable in the general. That isn't really a debate either.

Hillary is pond scum. That couldn't be more clear at this point.

A clean cut Rubio or Triple F Christie could win. Trump-Hillary would be huge for ratings. I can't see Trump beating her. And I saw some other news item where guys did a 538 styled prognostication I believe by looking at betting patterns. They stole my schtick or it's a coincidence they say Trump is at 30% for the nomination. Curiouser and curiouser, they mention Cruz/Rubio.

I think polls and mainstream media are missing all the Bernie votes from the Snowden people, the anti-surveillance people, and young people. I do imagine that people are invested in emotionally in Sanders and will definitely be casting ballots. I imagine many Hillay supporters, how many are left, are stupid people and not the majority of who will cast votes in Bernie/Hillary primaries.

I can't predict it and Iowa/NH come first, SC/Nevada etc., then Super Tuesday.

But it is getting closer. I think Iowa is the most important one to watch and not just because it is first. That seems to be neutral turf. NH is just above the Elizabeth Warren greatness in politics hub. It'll be fun if this becomes Rocky/Appollo Creed. Hey, I'd love a mysterious Bernie rout to the nomination. But I don't want to jinx it.

It'd be fun to see those two debate in New York and California when and if those states would still matter.

I missed the Obama-Hillary race. I couldn't have cared less. Seemed like DINO-styled apples and oranges.

Lenny Fritos said...

Here are the Celtics' next nine games. They are currently 14-13. If they go 7-2, they'll be 21-15. If they by chance sweep them they become 23-13.

That should be the goal; to win nine straight. Otherwise, this season could become more of a struggle for the C's than expected by astute homers.

Forget that. It's seven straight easy games. There are only two games that could be losses. 5-2 would be okay but wouldn't move the needle. I'd like to see the Celtics sweep the following and improve to 21-13.

7:30 PM

Wed, Dec 23
7:00 PM

Sat, Dec 26
7:30 PM

Sun, Dec 27
7:00 PM

Wed, Dec 30
7:30 PM

Sat, Jan 2
3:00 PM

Mon, Jan 4
7:30 p.m.

If they do worse than 5-2, that will hurt. You have to strike while the iron is hot.

Lenny Fritos said...

In conclusion, the C's do not play tonight and I was wrong.

Lenny Fritos said...

Yikes. I said:

I think the major story is Bernie versus Hillary. As in, no one approaches Bernie's greatness and indeed will only provide us with continued fascism or extreme fascism.

I meant Bernie or bust. The GOP and Hillary are the both sides suck. Bernie is a good man and authentic.

Lenny Fritos said...

My posts are garbage. I suck.

Lenny Fritos said...

"In wake of Sanders standoff, key DNC official warns of schism"

Lenny Fritos said...

This looks more interesting, though that previous link suggests not all my comments have been below standard.

My Brooklyn Night Out With The Bernie Believers

I googled the author and Oh. My. God.

Lenny Fritos said...

What a moron that woman is and it's confirmed by her bordering on soft porn page at the second link. My bad linking to a coronation styled article.

Lenny Fritos said...

It's funny, but you offered above very similar to the numbnut who got published by The Daily Beast; that Fakeleft/LauraJohn strawman you became obsessed with over many years.

Everything becomes tinfoil. I am doubting you read Marcuse's essay on repressive tolerance.

donkeytale said...

Not everything becomes tin foil.

But anything based on propaganda and or supposition without known factuals definitely is tin foil.

Laura John and Fairleft made their arguments based on bloggers opinions and pure propaganda sources such as RT. Further, they discredited actual MSM reporting from inside the battle zones and preferred to go with RT opinions sourced to journalists in Moscow whose sources were not on the ground or eyewitnesses in Syria but were politburo spin meisters in Damascus...away from the front.

That Lizzie whatsherface chick was one of those.

I am well versed in Marcuse. Marcuse was a friend of mine. He inspired much radical action in the 1960-70s. However, that doesn't mean he is the Oracle at Delphi or God. I dsagreed with some of his premises, especially related to the media. Tin Foil theory sees "The Media" as a monolithic entreprise. This is true in totalritarian societies but not in the West. Yes, the media in the west sucks but in a different way and therefore Marcuse's blanket critique is generally but not specifically accurate.

Please provide some detail from the essay if you wish to debate Marcuse.

donkeytale said...

Also, after you provided more context above I realized when you stated "mainstream media" you were excluding or minimizing "online newspapers."

OK, if you meant "cable news" then yes I agree but cable news is cable news, they are not the entirety of "mainstream media." And they are certainly not where I get my factuals. I don't watch cable news as I have stated countless times.

I believe that the Zeitgeist sniffer must ascertain the closest approximation of truth from the available news sources and use his own judgment (untined by tin foil) to determine which way the wind blows. By this, I mean newspaper sources, almost exclusively.

Cable TV is a joke. Repetitive, brain deadening and primarily an entertainment vehicle (AKA "infotainment").

donkeytale said...

And I mean news, sourced and verified, not opinions.

That was a fairleft specialty, portraying oped columns as news stories.

One of the biggest problems of "postmodern" news is the prevalent use of unnamed sources.

Yes, this provides more information and allows for more news to be reported than back in the day, but there is also the problem that unnamed sources have greater flexibility to lie and those lies becomes accepted as truth.

So, yes, it is a slippery slope.

I didn't read your links and don't have time today quite frankly.

But no, I don't include you in the Fakeleft/LauraJohn category of tin foil. I didn't mean "you" as you, but the royal or generic "you" meaning "they."

That said, homers are most susceptible to tin foil. It is more of a cautious reminder to your status as a Bernbot and Celtic homer.

I am a Bernbot but I am not a Bernie homer. He has a good chance to win the nom, 50-50 in my view, but I am not afraid to admit that his cause is not advanced by terridsm, inc. being top of the news, and frankly Hillary becomes more vulnerable too. This is GOP territiory. It gives them an opening to hold military parades while the sheeple quiver and fear and forget they are being skkkrewed by income inequality and racism.

The independent moderate voter who otherwise believes the GOP are loons falls into this quivering herd of sheep.

donkeytale said...

I have no proof MCat died but there is lots of circumstantial evidence.

1. Blogging was her life and she was old.

2. She took some time off towards the end on more than one occasion never mentioning why but referring to the fact she would be away for awhile. Otherwise she was a shut-in.

3. She alluded to health problems on several occasions without being specific. Her increasingly bitter cynicism had the feel of someone who was nearing the end of the road of an unhappy life [projection alert]

4. She has not come forward to deny that she is dead. If you can find her alive that would be a great story to tell.

5. It is possible she is alive but incapacitated.

Lenny Fritos said...

I haven't read your comments yet but will.

I wanted to add first that the Russians have left DFQ2, but in their place the French have arrived. Was it something I said?

I bet it was your terrorism schtick. Note to our NSA handlers. We are not terrorists. We discuss it as adults. God bless the Amerikkkan people, our 24 regular readers, and the NSA/FBI/DHS/3F handlers we are reverse social engineering to pull even better Snowden styled shenanigans for good.

Lenny Fritos said...

That's too bad about Marisacat. I never had any bad interactions with her as you obviously did. I'm not sure I ever posted there. I think I might of a couple times but am not sure.

You and her going at it would be two friends fighting with myself in the middle. Of course I know you better, so I would probably lean in your favour. I would make a fine arbiter between the two of ye.

There is another possibility or two for the Petey fella at Daily Kos. The first is coincidence he also had an anti-third party schtick and perhaps other similarities with your style. The other is that he was a Hal Turner styled numbnut or political operative sheepherder. Noom on the surface is a paid fake. Uhm, the 2nd possibility is that you were being mimicked by the Spy Factory.

We are in 100% agreement then about sourcing. That's cool that you already know about Betty Lizard Crocker who fits into our mutually shared observation of some journalists working for RT or that kind of outlet.

Global Research is another one.

Those Indy websites.

The last one is where I most noticed the Mike Rivero/Alex Jones seeping into the leftier than thou milieu. Right woos left.

People should make sure to read your above comments. Sourcing is crucial. It is everything. Otherwise, we are discussing opinions.

When dumbass bloggers use shady sourcing, effective supertrolls have an easy canned response which works every time. I thank you for this.

Lenny Fritos said...

If I can wake up, maybe I will start a new blog draft on the definition of regular guys.

Two new stories caught my eye yesterday. They would probably have served as the filler for the regular guy entry. One, there is the woman who plowed into the crowd in Las Vegas. There was also a new video released where you can clearly watch Los Angeles cops assassinate someone. It looks like Photography is Not a Crime gets the scoop. The main story, the source, was the family's attorney holding a press conference with the video released.

I learned about it first through The Daily Mail.

There was a local station covering it. But it was proverbial weak sauce, unlike the PINAC or Daily Mail pieces.

Isn't it bizarre that one has to skim through a rag like Daily Mail to learn about such things?

It hasn't gone viral, yet. Some very fat cop got shot by a second cop. They were on top of a guy arresting him. At some point the shot fat cop fires three shots directly into the guy's back.

This is from last year. CNN even covered it. The narrative was two cops bravely put down a dangerous gang member. It was first degree murder. It's basically a snuff film. It's grotesque up there with Hitler firing squads.

So where is CNN and newspapers with this story? Where's the update? Why aren't those two cops in prison and the new most famous policemen in Amerikkka? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

The cops are killing three people a day. Talk about terrorism.

donkeytale said...

Once you've lost the Russians you have lost everything. They represent approximately half of the paid fakes world wide. Maybe more.

The French are too fickle for me. They love you when they need you to save their asses but the rest of the time they look down their noses at you because they eat awesome cuisine and drin vintage wines while we stuff humburgers, freedom fries and 32 OZ cokes down our fat Hillary-like gullets.

I just hoe those Frenchmen we attract aren't of the jihadi persuasion.

I'd hate to think they might come after us regular guy nobodies too simply because we refuse to back the GOP.

donkeytale said...

Cops suck.

But whatya goona do? Call ghostbusters?

Or Tweet about it?

The cops are locally based municipal employees for the most part. Most sheeple support them without question, even after all the Shiite that's hit the fan. When they have a life threatening problem the first thing they do is call the cops.

As we used to hear ad nauseum from the right wingers in the 60s, "next time you need a cop call a hippie."

It is good that racial injustice and not just income inequality is seeing light of day but don't hold your breath.

As some herstoric troll black people also say, black civilians are killing other black civilians in far greater numbers than cops are killing black civilians. This, too, is conspiracy fact. However, it is not top of the zeitgeist at the moment nor is it politically correct.

What is being done about that?

donkeytale said...

Marx would say solve the economic issues and you solve the crime issues.

However, Marx never considered the racist roots of economic inequality.

In fact, neither have most leftists. Bernie only recently acknowledged that there was more to the problem than fixing economic inequality. Racism is systemic. Income inequality starts with the system. It starts with human nature. The ugly side of human nature that fears the "other."

It is what it is. Until white people drop the fear the problem will be paid lip services, pigs will have lips stick applied, gestures will be made, problem will remain unresolved.

Remember all the flack I took among white middle class lefties when I told them they were racist by abandoning the Demotards for some whitier than thou Green Party looser candidate?

Still applies. But Bernie is a step in the right direction. It must continue to expand going forward until white consciousness is raised and the fear of a black and brown planet evaporates.

Lenny Fritos said...

The C's are deep into the second quarter up about ten on Minnesota for cupcake game #1.

Are you saying if Hillary wins the nomination, we must vote for her? Or else in a way we are being hypocrites by portraying ourselves as Black men trapped inside pasty white bodies?

I do realise that opens me up to ridicule, like who the triple F am I to claim trans-Black status when I never experienced anything they endure and I can always go back to Whiteyville at the end of the day?

I've said before that the three classic Sociologists were Durkheim, Marx, and Weber. Durkheim covered the cultural angle. Marx's obvious forte was economics. Weber was the reeses peanut butter mixed with chocolate.

That is what the police topic needs. It is not apples and oranges, but rather both angles add up to the whole.

I mentioned the lady plowing into the crowd for a couple implied but not even mailed in explanations. The shite has hit the fan. Was that terrorism? I have been vindicated with my San Bernardino "it's a crime scene, period" instant-prescient analysis.

Another point is that all these things are going on everywhere with different variations of crazy violence. It makes one scared to ever leave the abode.

I am not a shut-in or not anymore. It is Winter, though, and up North it does make one stay inside more often. Though word has it we are about to hit a warm patch. It must be El Nino combined with global warming. I guess I am saying we must all continue living or the cops and violent wackadoos will win, though white privilege definitely helps with the former though lots of people get assassinated and beat up by cops, not just Black people.

I wonder if things have always been this bad or if we are only more aware of it because of video phones and access to every fricken local outlet anywhere, anytime in the land of the fake free/brave.

Oh, the C's are missing both Amir Johnson and Jared Sullinger. Maybe it is a night off for both. They have been paired together a lot and I think Amir is banged up or getting an old man's day off.

It makes me think there could be a trade in the works. It's probably nothing.

Lenny Fritos said...

Johnson has plantar fasciitis and Sullinger has back spasms. Great. Ugh.

Lenny Fritos said...

I wonder what Brandan Wright is up to. He was awful. You know who was worse. Jameer Nelson. I hated those guys. I'm sure you don't miss them, though Wright can serve a purpose on a team with a great center but no backup.

Maybe Powell will work out. I forget what it was, but I saw someone saying he is pretty good. I remember him as a string bean. The last time I saw him, this year earlier I think, he still looked too skinny. Picture if Tommy Hearns had no power. He'd be the worst middleweight of all time.

Max Baer I think beat some seven foot tall monster from Argentina or Brasil. I think Muhammad Ali had his favourite European opponent like that. But the guy Max Baer fought was awful.

I don't mean Max Schmeling.... This guy. Primo Carnera.

Lenny Fritos said...

I love that ESPN Classic boxing stuff and especially Bert Sugar with the cigar.

donkeytale said...

Ah, Primo. The great Bogart boxing movie "The Harder they Fall" featured a pathetic Carnera-like gentle giant. I forget the plot line but he followed Bogie around a lot. This was either the final or one of the final Bogart vehicles. He played a boxing writer, not flamboyant lie Sugar but a great role. Bogart did some fine character turns in his final years and this was one. His sympathy for the giant palooka was very touching as I recall.

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donkeytale said...

No, I am not saying we must vote for Hillary. We can vote for whomever, or if like me, probably won't bother. Whomever (is not Hillary or Bernie) will win Texas anyway.

But, if Bernie is the nominee I promise you I will vote for him.

Anonymous said...

My bad, Brazil and Argentina are in South America, not Europe. It was an unforced blogging error.

Finally, thanks for a bit of acknowledgement that Sugar Ray Leonard was a fraud. I can now let that topic rest in peace.

I love Max Baer. He was actually pretty good in a movie co-starring with Myrna "Hot Gams" Loy.

Come to think of it, Primo might have also been in that one.

It's like how basketball players rip it up in college or the D-League, but then they are way out of their elements trying to make the NBA. That is what's so fascinaying about the draft. It is a total crap shoot now that students can leave after one year. There's no way to know.

I agree Bogart's later films were much better. He showed some serious acting chops and dare I say range.

I think Henry Winkler says he loved being the Fonz and would never change history if he could, but that he got pigeon-holed for it.

Maybe I'm making that up. It sounds accurate. The memory can play games, however. Anyway, the point is Bogart should have been typecast or what about James Cagney? I don't think the quality of acting is as good as it used to be. Nor the writing. And I am not trying to rewrite history. I know there was a lot of crap produced by Hollywood since it got started.

People say, you can't compare eras. I disagree.

Someone stole my anti-polling and Bernie is going to win schtick. I scooped everyone on the planet. I have you to thank. You coined the phrase zeitgeist sniffing and it woke me from a dogmatic slumber. I had become mesmerised with the shift taking place after Eric Garner and Mike Brown. I think I saw a headline that Baltimore has already refiled a new trial for the cop who got the mistrial.

So basically the new The View Poll has Hillary by five in Iowa and Bernie by 14 in NH.

Dude, I won the internet. It's not even close.

Anonymous said...

Dude, that's me. I had something to do on a movie channel as Ed Grimley.

Anonymous said...

I would need that fact checked. It is a CBS poll. I know there was one that recently excluded everyone under 50. So what the writer in the above link said is conspiracy fact.

So yes, don't go spouting about Hillary the front runner non-stop in a bullshit fake way if you're not going to investigate the lack of authenticity in today's polling, Not you. Them. The Bilderbergs. :/