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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Important Bernie Versus Hillary Zeitgeist Sniffing Update

                                                              (AP Photo/Brandi Simons)

That's from December 11th in Oklahoma.

[Update: I found another photo. I don't know when this one was taken.

What does it mean?

Any guesses what she weighed in the update photo?

End of update]

Hillary seems to have eaten a lot of high calorie food lately. Zeitgeist sniffing theory argues that polls have become obsolete for accuracy. Thus, one must look elsewhere for helpful clues in order to make political predictions which will enable one to be confirmed later on as prescient with gravitas.

If all was hunky-dory, she wouldn't still be packing on the pounds. I am obviously going by the eye test. She seems to be getting heavier. She doesn't look healthy. The devil's advocate will say maybe she is worried about the GOP and not necessarily Bernie.

We will know more in a week at the NH debate.

You have to sense things. You have to use Mills' sociological imagination. Social science is not the same as the hard sciences. You kind of have to get a feel for things. I don't recall if C. Wright ever used the word zeitgeist, but that is what he was talking about.

Hey, maybe Hillary's physical crumbling has nothing to do with politics and there is some serious legal heat coming down on her.

Maybe she is worried the BernBots have discovered the Clinton Foundation and all the shenanigans that the Clintons own. Hillary made $11 million in speeches to fat f*** faces last year. She and Bill basically monetised the presidency. Like I tweeted months ago, in some countries, they would have already had their heads chopped off for their fish rotting from the head down corruption schtick.

Donkeytale had the right idea saying 50-50. It has that being said circumscribed into his prediction. Every great supertroll knows that if one can slip in a "that being said," one can never be beaten at blog chess.

I am also sensing Bernie has a real chance. The Republicans got exposed by the Washington Post discussing how to broker a convention against Trump. Hillary and Wasserman Schultz have already had their asses chewed out for rigging the debates. In short, people are keeping an eye on both of them. These are hard core Democrats, not DINOs. There is a battle going on in the Republican Party and there is kinda sorta no less chaos on the leftier than thou side of the political aisle.

The limitation on zeitgeist sniffing is that while it's easy to sense that something is wrong or right, it still comes down to conjecture for what are the reasons behind zeitgeist needle movement.

Hillary obviously flipped flopped a lot to cover for Bernie being the true progressive. If she had truly felt the coronation was a 100% lock, she never would have done much of that.

Maybe the Black vote is starting to slip from her fat-knuckled grasp.

Whatever the reasons why, Hillary is not looking like a confident candidate.

We shall see.

The molasses continues to drip slowly, but this has been going on for a while now and a lot of molasses has already been spilled.


donkeytale said...

Sorry, meant to start a new thread earlier and seeing as you reverted to the Dr. Ruth schtick and somehow tied my wife into it I thot now is the time.

I really don't have much else to add at the moment.

Nice Fat Hillary image finds. You should endeavor to make this meme go viral.

I think the best chance is for Amerikkka to understand while we may be vastly overrepresented as a country with porkers in the rank and file, we should still aspire to our better, nobler, skinnier, ideal selves when selecting a Presidit.

No Pork in 2016! Vote for Bernie Sanders, Amerikkka's first kosher presidit!

donkeytale said...

The Hal Turner schtick has been a known known for at least 50 years.

I think it was Ken Kesey who first outed it but yeah, spy infiltration is everywhere, including on the net. That Darby character is another one.

You done good but quite frankly the problem has n morphed through this terridst schtick paranoia routine. Amerikkka now wants to be surveilled. Not us of course, just everyone else, especially Mexican Muslims.

Hillary has explicitly called for better quality spy ops in conjunction with our favourite industrial infotainment complexes. This will never cease. And Bernie, God bless him, may still win but he zero voice on foreign affairs. And if he has one, it is being drowned out by all the scary, scary noisy noise from his right.

I see LeBron is in town so I know you will have your game face on for the rest of today.

donkeytale said...

In keeping with my fake Nate Silver orientation, here is a pretty good story about how people are loading up on the Warriors in Vegas. You can only get -175 currently taking the over on 72 wins. Wow. At the beginning of the year the line was -700.

donkeytale said...

Sorry, that was NOT winning 73 games means you only win 100 by laying 175. At beginning of the year NO was you win 100 by laying 700.

Even more shocking than I thought.

Lenny Fritos said...

Yes, the last thread was getting a bit over the edge. Before HuffPost, Arianna had a website called Debate Both Sides. The only rule they had was don't mention family members. But don't be afraid to verbally abuse any forum members. Political Flesh Feast, FSZ, and Pffugee had nothing on that forum for say whatever you want to. I had no chance but to become anything other than a troll under such an environment.

I do best when I stay in my own lane and don't try to mix it up at big sites. So that's why I made this blog. It became my safety valve where I wouldn't have to contend with being trolled on and smeared as a sock puppet master. That I am not. I am more like you. I want credit for my ideas as one person, not someone just messing around playing mind games.

Sorry for mentioning your wife so much. It was really yourself who brought her into it. You said she was the girl in the video. That gives me plausible deniabilty and the courage to say it's your fault. Or that is a new schtick in beta mode, the "it's your fault" schtick. Early signs, however, point towards that schtick not taking off.

As for sexuality, I believe it is a very personal, individual thingie and that people should not be socialised as to what sexuality is. Your link and even Elliot Rodger, for example, tell us all we need to know about American males in general. On the whole, they seem extremely confused.

I am not out to discuss cunnilingus, techniques, etc..

I had a basic point just to hopefully let younger people know there is no rush and that this is their life, not society's. One idea I heard which always stuck with me has been that there are as many sexes as there are people.

But yes, if a dude just wants his, he should realise that his gf is probably not gonna get hers through old-school californication. And chicks will realise it when the bloke has that attitude. Now if the kid is just raw, and the girl likes him, she will be patient. There is more to life than sex, but as you and Freud point out, it is still a big factor.

I would also suggest they avoid porn.

I understand the pressure young men have over losing their virginity and other pressures they must work through. It is not just women who are victimised by a fake sexed up culture. Horndogs are also losing their way under the weight of an oppressive, socio-sexual structure.

It is about 50-50. It is about keeping it real. It is about maintaining one's dignity as much as possible during one's whole lifetime.

Otherwise, one should not expect to experience love and to often be confused over many decades.

I'm surprised so many blokes are unwilling to do what they have to for their gf to have an orgasm or that they will do it under the impression that it is what it takes to get reciprocation. Then again, this is very personal stuff and no one should have that journey perverted by a society that tries to sound advanced with sexuality when in fact, there remains much confusion.

Lenny Fritos said...

It is probably sexist on the surface that Hillary is morbidly obese, but you started it. Hence, every line I cross leads to your culpability. (see grip, fat-knuckled and schtick, your)

Bernie versus Hillary is extremely interesting despite the media blackout. Yet again, I have been proven prescient. I've been harping on this Trump overexposure since it became obvious he was getting so much free advertising.

The Republican debate has a CNN countdown clock. I think the NH Democratic Party debate is Saturday night and will be shown on on tape delay after SNL. Check your local stations for exact scheduling.

Yes, you are correct there is something weird going on with the Spy Factory and how society is being herded to hate Muslims. There are little stories filtering out all over the place of Muslims being attacked. It's all local, though. It takes work to put it all together.

Los Angeles is big time in the news today for shutting down their schools. Cable news runs with it, just like they did with the G.I. Joe cop story. There will be no follow up. There will be no apology for giving the Spy Factory basically infomercial coverage when it turns out there was never any real threat.

There is the polling angle.

There is the we shall see angle.

I don't really check out 538 that much. Yes, Cleveland/Boston starts at 7:30. It is another game like you suggested about the GS one that should be on national t.v. but won't be.

I think Philly and GS are the same question mark. Will Philly win five games? Will GS only lose five games?

It is a long season, though, and conventional wisdom says GS will lose 15 times and Philly will find a way to win 15.

Then again, it doesn't seem like two teams have ever been this good or this bad so far into the season.

I saw that the Celtics started 27-2 in 2008-09 after winning the title. Then KG got hurt. If he didn't, maybe that team would have ended up 74-8. (but if my aunt had balls, etc..)

Every team gets injuries. There is no way to predict how many wins GS ends up with.

Oh, I'm surprised neither of us mentioned Rondo's recent schadenfreude. A little research shows that Doc Rivers apparently called the ref the F word back in the day. That has to be where Rondo got that. Unless Rondo has gaydar and put it together himself.

No one got hit. Feelings were hurt. Rondo messed up for himself I imagine that his words hurt himself much more than the ref or any gay people who were offended hearing about it.

I imagine most people are comfortably numb. It's like hearing about the latest mass killing or cop as executioner operation. You can't stop a guy like Rondo or Sterling of the Clippers ostracizing themselves. Those are unforced errors.

All kind of hate speech is bad and I am not condoning any of it. But I do think most people are just basically numb from the onslaught of this information age.

Lenny Fritos said...

no but. it should have read: "I had no chance to become anything other than a troll under such an environment." Even that correction could be rewritten. Writing is all about research, reflection, free form, and proofreading. Some stuff is better than others and usually dependent on how mailed in one's blogging actually is or isn't.

Lenny Fritos said...

Now I see that it was Donaghy who made the claim about Doc Rivers and the ref with nothing else to substantiate it. Rondo had gaydar or he stole the schtick from Donaghy.

I agree with Rondo that he didn't mean it, that he was frustrated. That being said?

The difference between most of us and Rondo is he's a celebrity throwing temper tantrums in public, and once such schadenfreude emerges in social media, it tends to take on a life of its own. When we f up, no one sees it. We're not celebrities.

Rondo is not precocious. He needs to grow up.

"unforced errors"

That's what they are called.

Lenny Fritos said...

This is an annoying basketball game. The Celtics are so cold.

LeBron is the biggest crybaby on the planet and gets away with too much, but what is new.

Okay, this is from the CNN article on a new Iowa poll hot off the press. Hillary is allegedly ahead 51-40. O'Malley with six.

Women are buoying Clinton's lead, supporting her nearly 2-to-1, according to the poll. Women support Clinton 59% to 32%, while men back Sanders 52% to 39%.

To me that sounds like a skewed poll, as in senior citizens or weird shut-ins or the proverbial something. These polls seem to only be tracking a certain kind of numbnut voter, one which might not represent more than 20% or anyone's guess of the real voting numbers.

Men are men and women are women?

Give me a break?

Get out of town?

That's the ticket?

I'm done?

It's a nine point game with six minutes left. The enemy Cavs are leading.

Lenny Fritos said...

What a vile and menacing game. I'm leaving early. Tommy Heinsohn is calling Cleveland for it all. He picks them over Golden State if they are healthy. He says they'll have three top guys who can score, so good luck beating that. The other announcer Mike Gorman was like, settle down, Francis. He says you could put GS, San Antonio, and the Cavs in a hat and pick for the winner.

The only slant I could see for caring if the C's don't make it to the Finals is to watch LeBron lose. I probably just jinxed it and he will win it all and do a chicken dance over the haters.

Tommy was on fire. "He thinks he's the king." That sort of thing.

Maybe LeBron is allegedly back on the steroids? He had some kind of rage going tonight. Isaiah Thomas made a look similar to Gorman's take, as in calm the triple f down.

Lenny Fritos said...

There was a Republican debate tonight. I did not watch it, nor do I think it matters. I still contend that the big match-up is Bernie-Hillary and nothing else matters. I will continue to report to the people any updates from donkeytale. It still seems to be 50-50 blah blah wake me up with Iowa and NH results.

Bernie still has a month or two to turn that fake Iowa polling system around. He could end up tied or down five points, then when young people and old hippies storm the caucauses, Bernie wins Iowa by ten and NH by 20. A kid can dream. A kid can take a guess based on intuition and an all in schtick intended not only for infotainment value, but for the kid's gravitas. Say maybe a blind squirrel is caught with hundreds of acorns. Maybe it's faking being blind. That's the goal. Some kind of result that triggers a lot of social media articles on say perhaps, why did the polls fail us?

Worst case scenario the polls are kind of accurate and I look like an idiot.

Lenny Fritos said...

Michael Keaton was very good at playing psychos. He took over the Anthony Perkins role in society. I'm not saying they were in the same acting league.

The reasons why most movies suck is that everything is basically a remake. The loud music and goofy sci-fi effects I could do without.

There's so much free stuff on youtube, if you're selective enough, it is t.v./movie heaven.

I've got a to-watch list and I'm nearing in on some Shemp Three Stooges. Like a Shemp festival.

Lenny Fritos said...

The King Bloggers of the Ring (2085 PBS documentary probably Frontline): As he slowly descended into blogging madness, Leonardo Doritos produced some of his it's so bad schtick material, it's good stuff.

LeBron is like Sugar Ray Leonard, all acting to fool judges. But I digress.

donkeytale said...

The difference with PFF and something like a Huffington site is that PFF was it's own distinct milieu. A social experiment and it wasn't circumscribed into taking sides and debating issues.

It was a free for all amongst people who had known priors at DKOS and descendent blogs. You could debate both sides, or three sides or no sides. You could tell whomever to lick your balls or c*nt for that matter.

Daily Kos still pulls relatively huge numbers, BTW.

Why, I have no idea. Nor do I go there. I just checked the Alexas..

I'm not sure where you got the idea that chicks can't come during regular dick-related sexual intercourse. Of course they can. Some can and do. Some can't and don't. Some do sometimes and not other times.

It all depends on many different elements.

There is no normal really. That's what makes it groovy when you can take the time to explore and get inside each other's desires and find the hot buttons. Everybody has them. It's just a matter of reaching out and reaching in. If she lets you, that is...LOL.

I'm done.

donkeytale said...

I did watch some of the debate until I couldn't stand any more. About 20 minutes.

Clearly, the GOP side is energized over the whole Terridsm foreign policy engagement.

They are energized like rabid bunnies.

But whatever, this is all about zeitgeist sniffing. I see Fat Hillary also came out with some tough talk yesterday too, so she is right in the middle of the neo-con pack there.

Here is the issue for Bernie: will this election be about the economy stupid or wil foreign affairs gain acendancy? Yes, Tin Foil Theory states that the PTB orchestrated Paris and San Berdoo to take Bernie out of the game and this is fair enough since one can't really debate tin foil....that's why it's tin foil in the first place...but the question still remains. And these ISIS guys aren't dumb. This is their way of controlling the zeitgeist too....which means tin foil could be based on this calculated reality on the part of the terridsts.

Evidence indicates Trump a big winner on the GOP side because of his close the borders schtick. But the debate seemed to feature a lot of Cruz and Rubio interaction as if they are the real players on the GOP side.

Trump-Carson could be the GOP ticket if the party insiders can't stop Donald.

Trump-Cruz also seems possible.

Yes, the GOP is unhinged. But that might be the zeitgeist reality that carries the day...and even if tough as fat knuckles Hillary wins then ISIS wins too.

We will become war obsessed all over again in the ME.

donkeytale said...

I might also add that the whole 9/11 conspiracy theory industrial complex also seems based on a coldly-calculated Al-Qaeda maneuver that enjoyed unfortunate success. In other words tin foil is wholly dependent upon and acting in concert with the terridsts.

Be careful, Tin Foilers, the Mind Police are always may be next.

Then again, the zeitgeist sniffers are somewhere in the queue also...

Now I'm really done.

donkeytale said...

Christie is also size 3F and he sucks too. Hillary and Christie are the vanguard of fat slobs in the White House unless we stand up for the grand Amerikkkan tradition of telegenic, thin leadership.

We had Nixon and we had Johnson as the exceptions that prove the rule.

Look what happened to them.

Lenny Fritos said...

You are forcing me to go down on the sexuality topic. It's called topic diving or a cunning linguist course for interaction.

Yes, women can get their rocks (ovaries?) off via old-school, stereotypical caveman versus butterfly human experiences.

My point was why shoot a lot of three pointers and pray they go in when you can get the ball inside to Shaq for an easy dunk?

Anyway, this is about a friend and not my own confusion. :/

Lenny Fritos said...

I've told you over and over again, my fren, that Alexis is the polling company for website prognosticators. I don't think it is very reliable.

Daily Kos used to be Huffington Post. That's all I meant. Obviously, DKos is still online. And you are correct to tell the newbies how both of us met in offshoot renegade blogs in battle with Moulitsas' tyranny.

I can't believe My Left Wing especially is no longer online. And even if it were still online, I remember reading some threads there in which people were complaining of so much junk being scrubbed.

DKos is a skeleton of what it once was. Their heyday was when Bill O'Reilly was hitting his schtick crescendo. That was another time and another place for online fake activism.

One rumor had Moulitsas receiving a million bucks for controlling the discourse at his website. That was never proven, though I played a part in exposing Democratic Underground having direct ties to the DLC. And now I suppose I've updated that acronym to DNC. Speaking of the DLC, I always found it annoying that the dude who was behind it all had the last name of From. It wasn't Fromme or Fromfock which would sound like a real name. It was From as in from, as in a regular guy word and not a real name.

It probably led to a lot of confusion, such as where is Al from and what is Al's last name?

Lenny Fritos said...

You seem too fixated on tinfoil theory which skews your analysis, imho.

Militarised alternate reality games depends on regular guy useful idiots.

Look at Rauhauser. He needed myself and Mike Stack to make his bullshite hoaxing work to the degree it did. He needed Aaron Walker perhaps especially. I was always the square piece being crunched into a circular pigeon-hole.

The paid fakes take what is real and fit it into their scripts. Look at yesterday's bomb scare which shut down all schools in Los Angeles covering many hundreds of thousands of people.

It doesn't matter that it was a hoax. The mainstream media runs with the idea that we are under siege. San Bernardino. Same shite. To repeat a clever line I posted in a previous comment, I am calling it a crime scene, period.

I forgot to mention above in my writing tutorial that folks also need to learn how to vet sources and understand the differences between primary and secondary sources and the proverbial op-ed blowhard approach. And prose.

I have a new idea today. I am seeing that fragmented sentences work very well for prose. Thus, in conclusion, the strict grammatical rules we had pounded into our noggins ultimately backfires. Only the anal retentive are fated to fake succeed.

Now, in retrospect to some of my dribbling, it wouldn't have killed me to throw in semi colons. That is the trick proper to adding on fragment sentences. As for run on sentences, I'm not grokking much debate there either. Sometimes they work. Often times they don't. It's all about a stream of consciousness. It's about free form. It's about freedom.

Lenny Fritos said...

One friend has decided on Christie. For those who don't look into his background, he appears to be quite sane, a regular guy so to speak, in comparison to the other Republicans.

You may or may not want to do an expose on him.

Yet, you are astute to notice that the fix seems to be in for Cruz and Rubio. The RINO's are definitely wetting their pants over Trump and Carson.

The best chance for Christie is New Hampshire.

Then again, if he breaks through there, then he becomes the new punching bag with no apparent ability to put together a 50 state competitive effort.

Cruz give off an aura of TeaNut. Rubio seems to be the most logical choice if I was a Republican and had to pick the best one. But even he could be a nutjob. I just don't know.

"Freedom. Yeah, right."


Lenny Fritos said...

I think I swallowed a bug? That's if Hillary beats Bernie. If Bernie wins, then it becomes Beatles' styled good day sunshine.

Lenny Fritos said...

You can piss and moan about Bernie sucks at such and such or why the f doesn't he say such and such. What does such and such mean?

You didn't like Nader, but now you are upset at Bernie for not completely destroying Hillary? What more can he do without looking desperate? Not in his last interview with Katie Couric, but a previous one, he admitted that it just might not be possible under the current conditions for himself to win.

It is a we shall see situation.

But this isn't Johnnie Boy Edwards or Howard Dean about to go down the tubes. This is Ali-Frazier. And Frazier did beat the snot product out of Ali, unless I'm mistaken. Well, I am not mistaken. He did beat Ali in the first one fair and square.

For crying out loud?

Bernie just did a Triple H body slam on corporate media. There was a wrestler Triple H. Maybe that is where you got the triple F idea.

Lenny Fritos said...

And don't forget that Bernie is piling up the celebrity endorsements. Killer Mike? Yeah, that name might turn off the older, crusty African American vote. But Nina Turner doesn't have any killer nickname. She is a prominent, smooth operating regular guy Black woman who has said enough is enough and I'm with Bernardo Saltines.

Maybe Hillary will be asking at the end of actual voting days, why did the polls saying I had the Black vote in my back pocket fail me. Hillary is absolutely the LeBron of politics. She thinks she's the king or queen in this gender defined analogy.

I think I'm done. I think I made my blog chess moves. Or maybe this is blog tennis.

donkeytale said...

Methinks we are saying much the same thing about the tin foil that it doesn't matter whether hoax or not. It has an impact.

Yes the media is part and parcel, as you like to say but the basis is someone is manipulating the media to manipulate the sheeple. It is the feedback loop thingie, the duality, the give and take, the yin and yang.

It takes two to tin foil.

donkeytale said...

We also agree there is not much Bernie can do as long as the focus is on terror, inc. The GOP finds their footing and they bash Obama, which is all effectively they are good for doing anyway.

Hillary talks tough as the former Secretary of Hate.

Bernie is left by hisself, taking essentially the only rational position in the entire field (not sure about OMalley) which is where Obama live....but the sheeple are not backing their Presidit on this one.

Another way of looking at it: Obama is leading by following the more correct path even though it is not the popular path.

donkeytale said...

I'm not sure what this comment means in relationship to me but it is interesting thought:

You didn't like Nader, but now you are upset at Bernie for not completely destroying Hillary?

I didn't "didn't like" Nader except as a third party candidate. His inability or ability to destroy the Clintons not sure why that matters. Have the world wants to destroy the Clintons. It is perhaps their only truly positive accomplishment that they have not been destroyed. Otherwise, I don't care about Nader (yesterday's looser) or Clinton (tomorrow's looser) and I would like Bernie to win.

If he doesn't I would hope his followers don't pull the usual fake lefty take their toys and go home and bash everybody while the GOP simply moves ahead and consolidates power.

If Bernie doesn't win, he still wins if he creates a sustainable movement on the leftier than thou side that obviously will need to continue working hard for the Black and Hispanis vote down the road, hopefully by integrating the Bernie movement with ore people of colour up and down the ranks. And also fielding and supporting candidates of colour wherever a leftier than thou can win a Demotardic victory at the state/local/congressional district level.

In other words, do the heavy lifting that The Teap Party did but most leftier than thous wont do (other than keyboard commanding) which makes them fake lefties in my view.

Lenny Fritos said...

It may boil down to waiting it out a few more decades for your browning of Amerikkka schtick to kick in. Politics in this way is looked at as a long-term struggle, not an Obama hope bus making it to its destination only to have the Democrats say, "Okay, guys, thanks. We can take it from here."

All two of us are in agreement.

I lifted that from a blog title I once write titled, All Four of Us Are in Agreement.

Here is what I meant.

Nader voters ushered in GW Bush. They are the equivalent of some of the Counterpunch writers and a great number of their kind of readers.

There is a battle going on within the leftier than thou movement between the authentic regular guy demographic and the blue dog Republican-lite who co-opt our greatness in regards to sincerity and our definition of the core roots of why we suck.

I am just bouncing off of some of your statements over the last month since the Paris terror attacks or even those before when you implied in Counterpunch fashion that Bernie was becoming a sheepherder.

You didn't like Nader sheep herding votes away from Gore. Bernie is a Ralph Nader styled agitator but doing it within the party. He doesn't eviscerate H. Face because he doesn't want to sheep herd votes to the GOP or to the apathetic not gonna vote gonna sit this one out crowd.

Basically Bernie Sanders is an older version of myself. He is the father I should have had.

And Jane Sanders. I forget her name. His wife Jennifer Sanders? Anyway, she is a fine granola imbibing, easy peaceful feeling of a woman. Who wouldn't want to live in Vermont as long as they can round up some nice Winter clothes?

But I digress.

Oh, since we are talking about the honourable senator from Vermont, shouldn't we be talking about maple syrup rather than molasses?

I was watching some more Shemp last night. That is another digression. What a funny guy. Very sophisticated. I think he saved The Three Stooges' legacy. He was the alpha dog, so to speak.

What I'm trying to say is that Bernie is Shemp. He is a beautiful, misunderstood man.

Hillary is Moe. She's simply a nasty sociopath. And I don't know who Larry was. Larry was the Ringo Starr of The Three Stooges. He was okay, but don't start telling me he could have filled in on drums for Black Sabbath.

This is where we are heading: Bernie or Bust

I see it emerging. There is even some petition out there apparently where people are pledging to vote for Bernie as a write-in in the general if Hillary wins the nomination.

It is a weird spot to be in, this being left with nowhere to go.

Al Gore versus GW Bush seemed like an easy call. Al was quite dry back then. We all know his wife Gloria or Janine Gore (I forget her name) put too much starch into his shirts.


Lenny Fritos said...

The conspiracy theorist leaves us with nowhere to go.

The Snowden documents mention "conspiracy stories" to go with all this psychological mumbo jumbo about herding and playing cyber tricks. I was prescient. Snowden basically stole my schtick. But then he basically sold out like Edward G. Robinson. Eddie G. said, "Guys, I need some acting roles. I'm sorry. I'm not a communist."

The point is Bernie's not going to go down on the DNC and sheep herd. He is one regular guy.

Bernie is hammering away with love towards Blacks, Muslims, Latinos, even right wing numbnuts who attend Liberty University. We may rather have someone like ourself who won't back away from asking the tough questions, such as does Hillary weigh 250 pounds?

I also notice that Bernie is spending a lot of time in Iowa. He is a smart f***.

I am torn. I go back and forth between hope and cynicism.

I completely agree with you on the limitations of the keyboard commando movement.

More and more I am leaning towards rewriting and posting more junk I am finding through sorting through three banana boxes of paperwork.

In a way, this is a very buddhist point in my life. For example, in addition to stuff I want to keep, there is a whole stack of crap paperwork I collected from the Kimberlin thingie. I am gonna shred it and throw it out.

I like social theory. I loved studying it. So I imagine a lot of my older stuff that I always wondered about could actually end up being worth something. It was my words. One of my specialties was the exegesis, which is basically take any chunk of writing by someone else, break it down and explain it in one's own words, then add something to it.

My question is why should I slave over writing new material when I have sincere stuff I already wrote that no one has ever seen except for individual professors?

I was rereading my bubble boy freak society blog entry. It was very good I imagine until towards the end when it started to drag on.

I've tried the original blogging in real time schtick. In fact, despite our typos and various other glitches found within the comment section, these posts have also represented free regular guys giving it their best, and yes, Just. Like. Bernie. Sanders.

A lot of our schticks are dependent on the reader using their sociological imaginations. Otherwise, they will miss out on what is satire. Though it might not always be satire. You raised a controversial issue several months back. Is it satire or is it a lampoon? I don't know. The beauty of mailing it in is one needn't obsess over making it perfect.

It's okay to be a blogger. If everyone is a fake leftist, that leaves us with nowhere to go.

And to come full circle, it is now emerging that the San Bernardino Bonnie/Clyde had zero zilcherino to do with ISIS or any of that.

It's called being instant prescient.

Not everything has to be defined in terms of molasses.

donkeytale said...

I don't think it wise to shred your Kimberlin schtick.

You need to consider future scholars before undertaking such rash action.

Those papers may someday be requested for inclusion in the Smithsonian.

Please sneak my Troll Wars series in there too.

donkeytale said...

As it happens I am stuck out of town tonight and the only good thing about that I have cable access. Spurs/Clips on ESPN. They're probably on a local broadcast too as I am somewhere in the wilds of South Texas.

This is a pretty cool place when you get right down to it. Very laid back, a bit like Southern Cali in the 60-70s before it became overcrowded.

Golden State needs to face the Spurs in the West finals. Both teams' legacy requires such an occurrence.

donkeytale said...

I saw that Bernie thingie but I had a busy week in which I could focus on little extraneous schtick. In a zone so to speak. It will not change during the holidays much except for the long weekends.

I agree that this is great for Bernie. Anything that detracts from Hillary, especially when it comes from hench woman Sergeant Schultz.

Bernie needs a few things to go his way here, it has been a dry patch for him.

This is the best worst thing that could happen to him. Totally poor decision by the DLC and it will reflect on MOR fat Hillary.

Lenny Fritos said...

Yes, it basically draws attention to Bernie versus Hillary when nothing else ever seemed to make a dent. It will be interesting to see how the dust settles.

The C's are in a war with Atlanta. The Hawks are not the same team as they were last year, nowhere as terrifying. Maybe the Celtics are better and I don't know what is up with them. Right now they seem to be evenly matched teams.

Yes on the Spurs. Hagler-Leonard was going to be one of those kind of bouts, but Leonard pussyfooted around for years waiting for Hagler to age.

With Arianna Huffington's approach, I should have written bad news is better than no news. Of course good news is better than bad.

The Democratic Party debates need to pick up the pace. Tomorrow is very important for Bernie. I bet Hillary makes sure her fat gut and butt are hidden from American t.v. eyes.